What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 34 – Super Fierce Crybaby

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Xi Guican was imprisoned inside the icy cold machine, and a piercing white light shot into his eyes. In the brief moment before he lost consciousness, waves of spiritual energy poured into his spiritual sea of consciousness. 

This was…… 

The real brainwashing procedure! 

Because of this terrible realization, Xi Guican felt his whole body turn cold. He desperately and recklessly tried to break free, but the previous automatic ‘quit game’ function that worked with just a thought was now completely unresponsive.

A robotic voice then extinguished Xi Guican’s last hope. 


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[Di–intense mood swings from the player has been detected

[Warm reminder, this game will not conduct any actions that will harm the player. Everything is done based upon your illness and in consideration of you. Wishing you happy gaming and good health! 】

 A whirlpool silently appeared above his spiritual sea, and it continuously emitted spiritual waves. 

A spiritual pulse that overturned oceans and lands rose up from his bone marrow, overlaying his white bones with a coat of fake flesh, and building layers upon layers of phantom images within his desolate spiritual sea.[1]

This was a terrifying brainwashing experiment that could even tamper with the depths of the soul.

Almost no one was immune from this brainwashing experiment, except Xi Guican. 

Because his body actually contained two souls. 

The memories belonging to Xi Guican began to blur and were wrapped up in layers of silk-like spiritual waves.With all the memories covered in a thick gauze, his world looked like it was painted with a heavy snowfall. The sky above, the Earth below, and encompassed in all four directions by snow-white surroundings, all was wrapped together in a silver lining as pale as a piece of white paper, willing others to blemish it.[2]

Just as everything was about to be rewritten, a small hole suddenly appeared amidst the thick snow. A little white tiger with red eyes popped his head out of the snow. He seemed to have just been awakened from a deep sleep, muddled and unaware of the situation.

A fine piece of snow drifted onto the tip of his nose, and the red-eyed little white tiger sneezed. This sneeze drove away his sleepiness, and the little white tiger, who finally realized what had happened, was surprisingly angry—— 

ROAR! Who was it? ! Froze me again! ! ! 

A childish tiger roar resounded through the lonely world of ice and snow. With great difficulty, he pulled his paws up from the snow and tried to get out. However, he seemed to be injured and every time he moved, he would feel a heart-piercing pain all over his body. 

The red agate-like eyes were angry enough that they were about to spew out flames. With a sudden burst out of strength and a loud bang, he lifted his whole body out of the snow——

A pair of very, very large Zerg wings suddenly popped out from the snow! The wings were beautiful and slender, but the only regrettable thing was that one wing was broken at the root, tattered and stained with flesh and blood. 

The little monster tried hard to fly upwards with his remaining Zerg wings. But, each time he tried, he would shake and stumble, as if he would fall from the air at any moment. 

His red eyes were full of violence and intent to kill. He desperately flapped the Zerg wing in mid-air. 

He flew halfway and fell. Then, he gritted his teeth and got up before taking off again while filled with murderous intent. Because of the broken wing, the little monster could not control the balance of his body, and every time he fell, the broken wing would bleed out. 

The pure white snowy field was covered with splatters of blood, like a painting of plum blossoms in the snow[3].

Numerous falls and numerous injuries, but the little monster became increasingly violent with each, and took to the air stubbornly even after repeated defeats. After a countless failures, he was finally able to control the broken wings and fly shakily towards the whirlpool in the sky—— 

He blocked the whirlpool with his own body. 


Under the impact of the violent waves of spiritual energy, the originally already severely damaged wing was ripped off from the roots and fell from his back. It floated gently like a fallen leaf onto the blanket of snow. 

The little monster who never cried no matter how much pain he was in, the moment he saw the wings break off, he finally broke down and cried loudly. 

He sat on the whirlpool in the sky, crying loudly. In the expansive world of ice and snow, the immature cries of the little monster echoed outwards over and over again.


For an entire day, whenever He Ruge opened the game, he couldn’t see Little White Tiger. Each time, (the game) showed that Little White Tiger was still in the middle of undergoing the brainwashing experiment. 

What will change after the brainwashing experiment is over? Would Little White Tiger completely…… forget about him?

And what was a little monster? 

When He Ruge thought about this, he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose a little irritably. Under these circumstances, he didn’t really have a choice. The game didn’t give him any other options, so he could only click to complete the task. 

It would be great if this was not a game. 

It would be great if he had the ability to act according to his own wishes in the game.

He Ruge once again remembered the holographic gaming helmet with the asking price of “8888.88 RMB”. What was the true role of that helmet? Would there be more available options? In this way, when faced with a situation similar to today’s, he will not be pushed towards a cliff with no choice but to bite the bullet and complete the task. 


Why so expensive? It must be expensive for a good reason. But, why was it so expensive?

He Ruge was uneasy while writing today and couldn’t concentrate at all. As soon as he thought about the little white tiger who was about to be brainwashed and lose his memory, his heart would instantly become numb, carrying a degree of anxiety and irritability.

This feeling wasn’t the same as the restlessness that came with “returning to the pre-liberation period”, but rather was an even more inexplicable self-blame as if having lost something very important. 

However, there was nothing he could do because it was just a game, and there was no second option available to him in the game. Thus, he could only helplessly choose to complete the task. 

From the very beginning of the experiments, he was never given the option to refuse. 

It was also impossible for him to jump into the game and pull Little White Tiger out of the brainwashing room.

He Ruge glanced at the picture of the little white tiger on the writing program’s interface, but his creases between his eyes didn’t relax. Decisively, he closed the document and opened up the game again. This time, Little White Tiger finally came out. 

The little white tiger who came out was not contained in an iron cage this time. He had completed the brainwashing process, and so his identity had undergone some subtle changes. 

Though he was still an experimental subject, he didn’t have as many constraints as before. However, Little White Tiger still took the initiative to walk himself into the cage and even sat down inside like a little master. But, the good habit of closing the door on his own initiative had disappeared. 

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or due to the brainwashing experiment, but He Ruge kept feeling like……

The Little White Tiger in front of his eyes was very unfamiliar. 

It’s not an unfamiliarity caused by a loss of memories, but rather an unfamiliarity of a whole different person. 

[“Rebirth” has been completed successfully! 

Total experiment time: 1*24 hours 

Survival rate: 100% 

Surviving subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your performance in the experiment: satisfactory (sent the experimental subject to the brainwashing room)]

[Your performance in the first three experiments was overall excellent, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the fourth experiment “Accelerated Growth”: 

It is said that weeding out bad seedlings encourages growth, but the degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage do not have the patience to wait for young experimental subjects to grow up slowly. The degenerates decide to inject gene altering solutions into No.20, allowing him to complete seven years of growth in one week. 】 

【Daily Task: 

Responsible for No. 20’s three meals a day, and injecting him with the gene altering solution on time] 

He Ruge clicked on the cage and walked towards the location of the new experiment on the first floor.

After arriving at Room 104, Little White Tiger himself opened the cage, dragged his small cotton nest out from the cage, dragged it to a corner in a daze, and sat down on the nest, staring at He Ru Ge indifferently. 

This was an aggressiveness displayed by a beast who was dissatisfied with the invasion of its territory. 

He Ruge had no doubt that if he took one more step forward, he would be attacked by Little White Tiger. 

Those blue eyes were as cold as ice, but it was different from the pure indifference and disgust when they first met. The gaze from those eyes, at this moment, carried a manic and scorching wildness, like a fire blazing beneath the surface of the ice, where the flame could melt through the ice at any time. 

He Ruge clicks on Little White Tiger’s status.


[Disgusted]: No.20 wishes to kill everyone in Starry Sea Orphanage, including you 

[Awakened]: The little monster is finally awake, he desires to carry out an act that will overturn the heavens and Earth. 

……It turns out that Little White Tiger was really gone, and what appeared now was the little monster that the game had been foreshadowing. 

He Ruge had always thought that the status of a sleeping “little monster” meant that the little white tiger would transform into a little monster, or that he would gradually become a little monster due the repetitive experiments, causing him to become physically and psychologically distorted into a little monster. 

However, He Ruge never would have thought that a little monster actually lived inside Little White Tiger’s body. If the little monster woke up, then where was his little white tiger? 

He use the mouse and randomly clicked all over the little monster at a loss. 

【Touch Head】(locked) 

【Touch Back】(locked) 

【Squeeze Paws】(locked)


All of the options for intimate interaction were locked and in a gray-colored state. 

The little monster’s initial affection level for him was lower than that of Little White Tiger’s. At least, when He Ruge interacted with Little White Tiger in the beginning, Little White Tiger would still let him touch his head, although he would be swiped at if he patted his head. 

Why didn’t Little White Tiger continue to scratch at him then? 

He Ruge reached deep into his memories. If he recalled correctly, it seems to be when his glasses had fallen off? 

……Did the glasses have some sort of special settings?

He Ruge clicked on his outfit, took off his black glasses, and looked back at the little monster expectantly. The little monster in the cotton nest appeared indifferent and gave He Ruge a vicious glare. 

When the little monster, who looked exactly like Little White Tiger, made such a fierce expression, He Ruge really felt hurt. It was a heartbreaking feeling. 

He clicked on [Talk] with his mouse. 


【Roar! “Roll!” 】 

He Ruge: “……” 

He Ruge then clicked on [Feed], and the game automatically placed the solution one meter away from the little monster by default. Thus, He Ruge wasn’t even given a chance to interact with the little monster.

The game arranging everything automatically was probably for players’ sake. If one finally managed to fill up their favorability levels, but then ended up being attacked by the other in the next second, even if they had a heart of steel, it would still be shattered into pieces under this huge change. 

Although he understood the logic behind this, when he saw the little monster full of hostility and separated by a whole diagonal length of the room, saying that He Ruge wasn’t sad would be a lie. 

He doesn’t want a little monster, he only wanted Little White Tiger. But, he also doesn’t want to be hated by the little monster because the little monsters looked exactly like Little White Tigers.

He Ruge felt like he was a scumbag. His White Moonlight (lover) had left him, so he found a perfect substitute. Yet, while complaining that the substitute was not the same as the White Moonlight, he was saddened that the substitute did not love him.

Depressedly, He Ruge moved the character to leave the room. After leaving the room, He Ruge wanted to walk back into the room to look at the little monster. 

However, the little monster had made it very clear he did not want to see He Ruge. 

Thus, the witty He Ruge held down the space bar and used the Secret Observation skill. 

In the old, black-and-white camera-like lens, the little monster turned its head laboriously, licking his right Zerg wing cherishingly. He licked it in solitude for a while before he began to cry silently. 

Crying pitifully.

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[1]Original: 铺天盖地的精神波翻尸捣骨而来,将森森白骨覆上虚假的皮肉, 在荒芜的灵魂原野上建起一座座海市蜃楼. Trying to translate this paragraph caused my brain to ascend lmao. If anyone has a different translation for this, do let me know and I’ll update this version. Meaning: the brainwashing experiment is rewriting his entire being

[2] White Paper: symbolizing that the brainwashing made him easier to influence

[3] Painting of plum blossoms: Direct translation: Trekking in search of red plum blossoms in the snow, a common Chinese art motif

The previous chapter was a bit short, but that gave me enough time to finish translating the entirety of chapter 34 in one go ^^

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 82 (Part 1) – [Hidden Title]

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Of course, the fans wouldn’t know about the resentment in a certain man’s heart. When they saw on the TV that Ye Qiao was the award presenter for the Best Supporting Actor in a weekly drama, they all cheered happily.

As everyone knew, Ambush was the weekly drama with the highest viewer ratings in the past year. Before the Best Supporting Actor Award, Ambush was also the biggest weekly TV drama winner. With the exception of Best Supporting Actress, it won almost all its other nominations.

Yi Lan failing to win the Best Supporting Actress Award was most likely due her character’s personability. However, it was different for Rong Xu. Huo Xi’s popularity as a character was definitely a huge leverage. Throughout the TV series, he had repeatedly become a trending topic on the Internet. Even at the Peony Awards today, there were many fans holding light signs with the two words “Huo Xi”, excitedly waving their arms around beneath the stage.

And so, when Ye Qiao stood in front of the microphone and called out the name with a smile, the audience members in front of the TV completely exploded. 

LanYao CP


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After half a year, they were standing in the same frame again! Moreover, Ye Qiao actually personally handed the award over to Rong Xu! 

On the Internet, you could see numerous posts and Weibo updates brushing the topic “LanYao CP” everywhere. Although many fans didn’t usually consume this CP, this time, the sugar content was too high and too sweet. Occasionally eating such dog food was no issue. 

Even after Rong Xu gave his award speech and stepped off the stage, the cheers of the fans echoed throughout the venue for a long time. 

Rong Xu and Ye Qiao walked off the stage together. Ye Qiao smiled and said: “Are you surprised?” 

The youth raised an eyebrow and smiled: “You were the award presenter for tonight, why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…   

Ye Qiao had been formally invited by the organizing committee as early as three days ago to become the presenter for Best Supporting Actor of a weekly drama for the Peony Awards. However, since meeting up with Rong Xu this evening till he appeared on the stage, he never gave Rong Xu prior notice. 

Ye Qiao laughed: “Isn’t this giving you a wonderful surprise, Xiao Xu? Congratulations on winning the first trophy cup of your life. When I debuted, I was also nominated for this award. But, it’s a pity that I didn’t win the award that year. The winner of that year……” After recalling for a bit, Ye Qiao suddenly widened his eyes: “Hey, the winner that year was Han Yanghao!” 

Rong Xu was startled, and then laughed helplessly. 

The two chatted for a while and then returned to their seats.

When Ye Qiao first debuted many years ago, he did indeed get nominated for this award, but unfortunately, he had lost to Han Yanghao, who’s popularity was in full swing at the time. However, the feng shui had turned, and now Ye Qiao was qualified to be the Presenter for this award while Han Yanghao wasn’t even qualified to participate in the award ceremony. He had long since become washed up, and there was no news on him at all. 

However, there were rumors in the industry that the Han Yanghao of now seemed to have been kicked out by President Li. He searched for a long time before he found a new gold master. The other party had a handful of tricks, and it’s said that he had even tortured a tender, new model into something that no longer looked human. Also, as a side note, this new owner…… was a rich old man in his sixties.

Once Rong Xu returned to his seat, he put Ye Qiao’s words behind him. 

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream

He had just sat down when he heard Director Zheng say with a smile: “Congratulations, Rong Xu. This time, the organizing committee should’ve deliberately asked Ye Qiao to present the award to you. The Peony Awards is different from the Golden Bell Awards. Asking Ye Qiao to present the awards would definitely increase the ratings and popularity.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu curled the corner of his lips and said not, knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Director Zheng, aren’t you being too blunt?” 

Director Zheng waved his hand indifferently: “I’m only forty years old this year, and I’m not much older than you. Isn’t it because you and Ye Qiao filmed Vie for Supremacy together and have some sort of CP going on? I know about this. So, you just see, maybe in an hour, your and Ye Qiao’s names will be together on the trending searches list.” 

Sure enough, Director Zheng’s words became true, but they were also a bit inaccurate.

Where would it take an hour? In just a short forty minutes, these two tags, #RongXu# and #LanYao#, one was bumped up to 4th on the trending list, and the other was bumped up to 47th! Rong Xu was already on the trending list, but ‘Lanyao CP’ was boosted up by this small move made by the organizing committee.

Clicking on this topic, countless fans were reminiscing the scenes in Vie for Supremacy

[The kingly path of LanYao! I didn’t expect to be able to see LanYao on the same stage again during my lifetime. This candy, I’ve swallowed it! 】

 [The officials are forced to die together! The officials are forced to die together! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I will obediently open my mouth and eat dog food, OK? ovo] 

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Among Rong Xu’s three released works, although numerous CPs had been formed over the year, the most popular ones were still LanYao and ChengRong. Although the ChengRong CP fans didn’t get to eat candy at the awards ceremony tonight, they really couldn’t say anything. After all, the relationship between Rong Xu and Ye Qiao was truly very good. When “Lost Wings’” CD was released, Ye Qiao had also forwarded his support. 

Although the hearts of the Cheng Rong CP fans couldn’t accept this, their mouths stayed silent. After all, this was Rong Xu’s happy day for getting an award. However, there was still one big fan who actually stood up and spoke out——

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# Today’s Rong Rong is as good-looking as ever. Congratulations on your win, Kiss Kiss =3= [Image]] 

As soon as this Weibo post appeared, many ChengRong CP fans immediately liked and supported it. 

However, under the large wave of “LanYao Kingly Path” posts, this voice was too weak. After Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing quietly posted this Weibo, they no longer replied to other fans. The Netizens only thought that this Godly tyrant wealthy fair maiden was posting on Weibo to express their devoted, loyal CP fan position. What they didn’t know was that the other party had already begun to act secretly. 

On the other side, the Peony Awards ceremony was still ongoing.

Unsurprisingly, Ambush was the biggest winner among the weekly broadcasted dramas tonight. They won numerous awards, such as Best TV Series of the Year, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor. In total, Ambush won seven awards! When Ambush’s theme song sounded through the venue, all the crew members stood on the stage and joyously showed off their trophies to the audience. 

At this point, the award ceremony for the Weekly TV dramas was over, and the award ceremony for the Daily TV dramas officially began. 

Next was Vie for Supremacy’s stage, and the first award to be announced was the Best Newcomer Award. 

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.

This time, the award Presenter who took to the stage was an old, respected celebrity. 

The popularity of this old celebrity might not be as high as the current trending Little Flowers and Little Fresh Meat, but he had filmed countless TV dramas before. This old man had never won any TV Show Emperor awards in his lifetime, but he had won many, many Best Supporting Actor awards. He had dedicated his life to TV dramas, and when he appeared, he received heated applause from everyone present.

Looking down from this stage, the old celebrity smiled kindly: “Fresh blood will always be the most important thing within this circle, and I am very happy to be able to stand up here on this stage today and present the Best Newcomer Award……” 

Rong Xu sat beneath the stage and looked up at the elderly man with a smile. The eyes of countless media reporters were now focused on him, and there are even many fellow celebrities who were quietly observing him. Their eyes desired to see through this youth, but no matter how long they watched, they only saw the young man’s gentle and polite smile. 

On stage, the old celebrity opened the envelope in his hand. When he saw the name on the card, he smiled slightly and looked gently towards the direction of Ambush’s crew, and then said slowly: “The winner of the Best Newcomer Award for a Weekly TV drama series of the Peony Awards is……” 

Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu!”


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I hid the title because it spoils the fun part of this chapter ^u^ (You will find out in part 2)

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 2) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Xi Guican was sent to the familiar brainwashing room and saw the machine that he would never forget in his lifetime. The only weapon against humanity, brainwashing machine manufactured in violation of the Federation’s regulations.

This machine had the most advanced technology in relation to the spiritual sea of consciousness that allowed it to block and rewrite memories through manipulation of one’s spiritual awareness.

There was almost no one invulnerable to this type of high-level brainwashing, as the intensity of this type far exceeded the mass-brainwashing type experienced by Crow.

The only drawback was that the energy cost was enormous, and only the most precious experimental subjects were eligible to be brainwashed by this machine. 

Unfortunately, Xi Guican was one such precious experimental subject. 

He knew what he was about to face next, but also didn’t care much for it. This brainwashing machine was extremely rare and expensive to build, and it violated the Federation’s regulations. Only rich and frantic lunatics could bring such a brainwashing machine into existence. 

Moreover, when he destroyed the Starry Sea Orphanage, he had placed a lot of attention on completely obliterating this brainwashing machine without leaving even the slightest residue in order to prevent anyone from restoring the machine to do more unscrupulous things.

It was just a game. No matter how much information was collected, it was impossible to recreate the brainwashing machine. 

It was even more impossible for the brainwashing effect to carry through the virtual network via virtual holographic games, without any physical contact and just through mental waves. 

If they had this type of strength, they could directly trick the people in power within the Federation to play this game, and then control the entire Federation with just a little brainwashing. 

With this perfect train of logic, Xi Guican entered the brainwashing capsule with confidence. Just as the door was about to close, he even turned around and gave He Ruge, who was outside the door, another glance. 

The set brainwashing duration was one day and one night. If this game perfectly reflected reality, then Xi Guican should not be able to see the youth he liked for one day and night. 

Yes, like.

With a sense of indescribable throbbing, vines of pale pink branches bloomed on the tip of his heart and, step by step, enveloped his whole heart with emotion. It was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge, which was why he immersed himself in the game from morning to night, which was why he was always happy with that person’s arrival and anxious with that person’s disappearance. 

In this lifetime, he had never liked anyone before. Thus, in the beginning, he didn’t realize that he had come to like this person. Even if the other party was just a virtual character, even if they couldn’t embrace each other in reality in this lifetime. But, ‘like’ was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge.

Maybe this like could not be given in the same amount as others, could not be given as gently as others, nor as skillfully as others…. 

But, he was willing to give all of his love and tenderness to this person. 

Yesterday, when Xi Guican raised his head and looked towards the sky, he saw the white petals float away, but he also saw the gentle smile of the young man from when they first met. 

The youth was dressed in all white. Behind him was a halo that dispersed the endless darkness, and the depths of his eyes carried a brilliance greater than the starry skies during wartime. 

His previously silent heart suddenly began beating, and the indescribable throbbings of his heart could now all be named at this moment. They were bathed in light as they all whispered simultaneously, “like”.



The door of the brainwashing capsule closed abruptly, and He Ruge, who was sitting in front of the computer blankly, was stiff to the point of being motionless. 

It was because he saw Little White Tiger’s Status


[Love]: No.20 loves you, a love deeper than chasing light1, because even if the world was an expanse of darkness, you will always be the pure light in his heart. Favorability: 100 

[Awakening]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you. Now, the little monster in his body was about to wake from deep sleep.

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The author has something to say: 

Little theater: 

Little White Tiger: Yi, I am officially going offline 


Author: Is it exciting, is it stimulating, is it unique enough?


1. ‘Love deeper than chasing light’: multiple connotations. 1)XGC’s love for HRG is more intense than his desire for ‘light’. 2)The love he feels is stronger than a need for anything else)

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 3) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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While the Peony Award’s criteria for “Best Newcomer Award” was based upon an actor’s first ever work, the “Best Newcomer Award” for the Feitian Awards was based upon an actor’s first official broadcasted TV drama series. The first TV series Rong Xu filmed was Vie for Supremacy but his first broadcasted TV series was Ambush.[1]

The actress probably didn’t expect that she would actually win this award, so she started to cry as she spoke, and it took her five minutes to leave the stage. Next came Best Supporting Actress of which Yi Lan had received a nomination. However, hearing the name “Feng Yuxin” when the results were announced, Yi Lan sighed and gave a helpless laugh.

Rong Xu was keenly aware of the other party’s sense of disappointment, and he smiled: “There is still the Feitian Awards.”


Yi Lan immediately understood that Rong Xu was reminding her that she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a weekly TV series for the Feitian Awards. Thus, the sadness in her heart dissipated a little bit. Yi Lan wanted to make a joke with Rong Xu, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of the brilliant light cards in the auditorium.

In the end, Yi Lan shook her head and said in a polite tone: “Thank you, Rong Xu.”

The change in Yi Lan’s attitude was observed clearly by Rong Xu. He glanced at the other person and didn’t say anything more.

The actress named Feng Yuxin was very clearly prepared. After saying her words of thanks, she walked straight off the stage. 

The event’s host immediately walked back to the front of the stage and began his own commentary: “Yuxin’s role of a female hitman won the admiration of many viewers. Among the viewers’ votes, she had more than 70% of the votes.”

Listening to the host’s compliments of the actress, the audience members in front of the TV all felt it was a bit superfluous.

In fact, Feng Yuxin was long past being a newcomer. That she could obtain the award this time around was also not without reason. Out of all the nominated supporting actresses starring in weekly dramas, only Feng Yuxin’s role was relatively lovable. Although Ambush was the most popular TV series with the highest ratings, Yilan’s role was that of a villain, how could she be liked by the audience.

Yilan might be able to win the Feitian Awards, but the Peony Award was also known as the “Audience’s Popularity Award”, so it was only natural that she couldn’t win.

Just when the audience was beginning to feel bored, they heard the host shift the topic of the conversation as he laughed: “Since the best supporting actress has been announced, then……next up is the results for Best Supporting Actor. Over the past year, there had been many outstanding weekly broadcasted dramas, and there had also many outstanding roles. It’s said that the Male Lead is made for the Female Lead to like while the supporting male actor is reserved for the audience. So, tonight, who will receive the award for the Best Supporting Actor  of a weekly broadcasted drama?”

“Please welcome the guest Award Presenter!”


Loud music blasted from the surround-sound, and the large screen was expanded to both sides as a tall and suave man walked out from the darkness.

When this person’s face appeared completely beneath the light, the audience was momentarily taken aback, and many of Rong Xu’s fans who were in front of the TV slowly widened their eyes. After a minute, they frantically began brushing on the Internet——

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! King Lanyao has arrived! LanYao LanYao LanYao LanYao! ! ! ! #DongLiLanWanQiYao# #RongXu# #YeQiao#】[2]

As for the man who had been silently watching the TV the whole night: “……” 

One minute later, a certain Xu Da [3] manager, who was having dinner with his wife at home, suddenly received a phone call. When he saw the name on the phone screen, Xu Jin was taken aback before quickly glancing at his wife. Only when he realized that the latter hadn’t noticed at all did he heave a sigh of relief and take the phone to the balcony: “I’m going to take a call.” [4]

Hastily answering the phone, Xu Jin whispered: “……I always feel that there’s never anything good whenever you look for me..” 

A man’s deep voice sounded over: “I want to participate in the Peony Awards.” 

Xu Jin: “……” 

After a while, the gold-tier manager who no longer had a temper calmly replied: “With what qualifications do you have to go?” 

Qin Cheng, who never expected he would one day be told “You are not qualified”: “……”

Xu Jin ruthlessly pointed out the facts: “The Peony Award is a TV drama award. Master Qin, what TV dramas have you filmed? What TV drama awards have you won? Or is it that I never knew you were a screenwriter. What TV drama scripts have you written? Give me a reason. Just like this, you are not eligible to participate in the Peony Awards. Of course, it’s also too late. The Peony Awards ceremony is already tonight.”

After deliberating for a while, Qin Cheng raised his eyes to look at the TV.

It’s unknown if the organizing committee asked Ye Qiao to present this award on purpose, or if the camera constantly switching between Ye Qiao and Rong Xu was also on purpose, but the more they did this, the more crazily the fans on the scene screamed. At the same time, on Qin Cheng’s phone screen, fans had already started brushing madly on Rong Xu’s fan forum page.

All the posts only had one keyword–

Lan Yao CP

Hands covering his eyes, Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and said lightly: “Peony Award……Forget it, I want to participate in the Feitian Awards.”

Xu Jin’s mouth twitched as he felt the cool breeze outside on the balcony. He said emotionally: “What provoked you, Master Qin? You really aren’t qualified to participate in the Feitian Awards, I’m not speaking nonsense. Xia Muyan and Wen Xuan, although they don’t act in TV dramas anymore, they have before, which is why they have a reason to go. You, who haven’t acted in a single TV drama, what reason will you use to attend? You have absolutely no relation with that circle.”

 “Are there any recent TV dramas that need a investor?”

“……” Xu Jin said bluntly: “I want to remind you that the Feitian Awards is coming up next week.”

Qin Cheng let out a soft “Oh”: “Then what TV dramas this week need……”

The man’s voice suddenly stopped, and Xu Jin heard the sound of applause and cheers from the other end of the phone. Xu Jin listened confusedly. He didn’t understand what was going on, but Qin Cheng’s voice became even colder. He said word-by-word: “Next week, I will be going to the Feitian Awards. You think of a way.”

Xu Jin: “……Can I refuse?”

Qin Cheng: “Thank you for your hard work.” 

Xu Jin: “……” Don’t think that if you give him a few praises, he will naturally become obedient!!! 

Having said that, after Xu Jin hung up the phone and went back into the house, he didn’t go back to dinner, but rather started frantically making calls non-stop. 

Generally speaking, the task of an agent/manager was to find resources for their artists, but Xu Jin was different. He only had one artist, Qin Cheng, under him. But, even though there was only one, he was equivalent to one hundred other artists, and his ability to cause trouble…… was also equivalent to one hundred others.

While calling to solicit his connections, Xu Jin complained: “Why won’t the heavens open their eyes so that this guy can also have a taste of being oppressed by others?” 

In the dining room, Mrs. Xu calmly said: “It is your honor to help my family’s God Qin.” 

Xu Jin: “……” These days really are difficult! I am “your family” okay?! ! ! 

On the other side, Qin Cheng put down his phone and looked at the TV. On the TV screen, Ye Qiao was calling out the name everyone was expecting. Amidst the fanatical shouts from the audience, a young man walked onto the stage step by step, and then…… gave Ye Qiao a brief hug.

Ye Qiao personally handed the Award to Rong Xu. 

Qin Cheng: “…..” Your hand bumped into his finger! Bumped

Ye Qiao smiled and gave Rong Xu his blessings. 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Blessings are blessings, but why are you so close! 

Looking down at his phone screen again, he only saw everyone in Rong Xu’s fan forum all brushing the same phrase —

[No more regrets in this life with LanYao, Martial Brothers sharing deep kingly affection! 】 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

This morning, you guys were still brushing “No Regrets in This Life with ChengRong”! Just this morning! This morning! ! !

The author has something to say: 

Fans: His Royal Highness personally gave YaoYao the award, so warm, LanYao is tossing out candy, so sweet~~~

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: This group of fans with no morals! ChengRong is the one that’s kingly! ChengRong!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



[1]’Broadcast vs normal show’: uh. I’m not too clear what the difference is, but I’m assuming one is recorded for multiple media platform viewings while the broadcast is solely through the TV. For example: the difference between an actual TV show vs a Ne*flix show.

[2] Dong Lilan is the character played by Ye Qiao in Vie for Supremacy – refer to chapters 40 and prior

[3]Da: short for Da Da (‘big big’) a modern phrase that represents a certain party is an expert or super skilled at a specific thing

[4] Remember that XJ’s wife is a huge fan of Qin Cheng’s LOL

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 1) – Brainwashing Experiment

Took a small break to recover from the holidays. The chapter releases should be regular again! ^^

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Trigger warnings: side character killings, depictions of death and implied brutality

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

When He Ruge logged into the game again, the time inside the game showed that one and a half days had passed since Crow’s death. As soon as he went online, he found that the “Death God’s Wings” experiment had come to an end.

New staff members came and took away the other experimental subjects while He Ruge carried Little White Tiger’s iron cage and followed behind the staff. They walked all the way from the second floor to the top floor. 

The traces on the rooftop that were left behind by Golden Python had already been cleaned up. On the empty top floor, there was an eggshell-shaped military-grade reinforced glass ceiling cover, like an upside down glass bowl cupped onto the building.

There was a large area on the top floor that was crafted with all metal, and dense, complex lines were carved on that metallic space. From that metallic area, a metal lump gradually emerged and turned into an iron square, and then, in the center of that cube, there was a circular opening.

A strong air current continuously streamed out from the opening.


The staff placed the experimental subjects into the airflow in turns. Though inferior Zerg wings provided no flying ability, with the assistance of the airflow, they could float short distances as long as they could control the Zerg wings.

This test simulated a flight environment, and the test subjects capable of controlling their Zerg wings would all be considered successful products with a high degree of integration. If they couldn’t even flap their wings and were just barely hanging on to stay alive, then they were only the most useless of failed products.

The subjects awkwardly and anxiously tried to “learn to fly” in the airflow. The subjects with a higher degree of integration experienced an initial helplessness, but quickly found their own rhythm.

For example, Little White Tiger.

Little White Tiger was the most conspicuous out of all the experimental subjects. His Zerg wings were longer than all the experimental subjects’, and was a dazzling white amidst a field of black. His flying posture was also the most skillful, elegant, and collected among all the experimental subjects, as if he was born with those wings.

While the silver-white Zerg wings were in flight, the golden patterns on the wings reflected brilliantly in the sunlight.

Then, under everyone’s astonished gaze, Little White Tiger flew out of the airflow range. Carrying the sunlight behind him, he flapped his wings and flew towards He Ruge and soared directly into He Ruge’s arms. 

No. 20 

[Rawr “I waited for you for a long time”] 

A little paw rested on He Ruge’s shoulder. The rotund tiger face was full of unhappiness, but when the little white tiger flew into He Ruge’s embrace, the bad expression on his face was visibly relaxed.

It was so obvious that he couldn’t hold in his happiness anymore, but he still tried to put on a look of “I’m very angry and need you to coax me”. 

He Ruge: “……” 

This game was too sly. He only just didn’t show up yesterday, but (the game) made Little White Tiger sell meng this shamelessly! 

Selling meng is super effective. 

I was wrong, I will come to see you every day QAQ

He Ruge held the Little White Tiger and watched the other experimental subjects’ tests from one side of the top floor. The main intention of this small test was to check the integration level of each subject’s Zerg wings. The failed experimental subjects needed to be cleaned up. 

Little White Tiger has already been identified as a successful product, and his staying in He Ruge’s arms was just an unexpected situation. The busy staff members didn’t care about the trivial details. They were fully occupied with cleaning up the failed products. 

Experimental subjects with low integration levels were waste products with extremely weak combat effectiveness, and neither their deformed appearance provide them with a compensatory increase in power. 

It was troublesome to keep the failed products, so the most time-saving method of action was to clean them up. A butcher’s knife was currently aimed towards these unsuspecting failed products.

Those cubs might not be able to understand why, although everyone here had transplanted wings, everyone had experienced the same pain, and everyone had survived the same torture, the end results were a world of difference, a polarity of life and death. 

They were stuck in the torrential updraft, unable to tell where the boundary of life and death lay. 

The scene became chaotic, and the failed subjects scurried about like headless flies. They flew upwards but couldn’t fly over the glass window cover. Some flew downwards, but experienced staff members were guarding the stairs with sharp, chainsaw-like cutting machines in their hands. 

He Ruge suddenly recalled the bat-like monster he saw when he was completing the “Mysterious Infirmary” side mission. 

…That should have been an experimental subject who escaped from the Destruction Plan.

When the cutter swung down, blood splattered and the still warm Zerg wings were removed from the body of the failed test subject. At this moment, these experimental subjects were deemed to have absolutely no left-over value and became waste products. 

They were all caged birds. Even in the last moments of their lives, they could never escape from the cage.

[“Death God’s Wings” completed successfully! 

Total experiment duration: 4*24 hours (4 days)

Survival rate: 7% (Crow’s actions lowered the overall survival rate of the experimental subjects) 

Survived Subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your Performance in the Experiment: excellent (did not violate experiment regulations, successfully took care of the subject with highly-integrated Zerg Wings, No. 20)] 

[Your excellent performance in “Death God’s Wings” has been validated, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the third experiment: “Rebirth”: 

This is a cold-blooded and horrific brainwashing experiment. The degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage need a fighting machine who would risk their life to work hard for the organization. The memories of the successful experimental subjects will be completely locked, and only thoughts beneficial to the organization will be instilled. Be loyal to the organization, the organization is supreme. 

As the first subject with perfectly integrated higher-tier Zerg wings, No. 20 will not receive the same simple brainwashing experiment as the inferior products, such as Crow, but will receive the most costly, and complex brainwashing experiment. 

[“Even when I forget everything, will I still remember that I love you”] 

He Ruge: “!!!”

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I just knew this stupid game wouldn’t give praise for nothing! ! ! This colossal measure is too ruthless! ! ! 

The staff members carried the cages of the successful experimental subjects and signaled He Ruge to follow. However, Little White Tiger refused to get back into the cage. Perhaps because he was about to undergo the brainwashing experiment, at this time, no one interfered with his wishful behavior. 

No one would care about an individual who was about to lose their memory, nor care about their current emotional status. 

Because it was meaningless. 

He would soon usher in a new life, and all the dust of the past will return to dust, dirt will return to the ground. The things they liked, disliked, cared about and disregarded would all be rewritten. 

What He Ruge was tasked to do was to personally send Little White Tiger to the brainwashing location and wash away all the love Little White Tiger held for him. 

Little White Tiger nestled quietly in He Ruge’s arms, and his head pressed against He Ruge’s chest while he looked at the person in front of him with fondness. 

No. 20 

[Hou~ “I never understand before, the emotions I held in my heart for you”

[But now, I understand a bit

[It should be……

A pair of blue eyes overflowed with a soft smile. 


[Should be affection1. 】

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



1. “Should be affection”: the more direct translation would be “”should be like” but that doesn’t exactly reflect the emotions that Little White Tiger wanted to present. Thus, i went with ‘affection‘

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 2) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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On Weibo, if you scrolled through the page under the topic #PeonyAwards#, it was filled with news on the cast of Vie for Supremacy.

Among them, the fans were pretty equally divided between Rong Xu and Tang Menglan, with both sides frantically brushing to express their love for their gods and goddesses.

Although the time since Rong Xu’s debut was short, his popularity couldn’t be doubted. Before long, #RongXuPeonyAwards# rose up to 20th rank in the trending searches, becoming the sixth celebrity tonight to trend due to the Peony Awards.

When the crew of Vie for Supremacy officially entered the venue, the fans in front of the TV sighed, unable to hide their sense of loss. Meanwhile, among the lucky audience members at the scene, Zhong Siyu and the other Rong fans quickly stood up and waved the light cards they purchased and/or handmade, shouting loudly and sharply towards the people beneath the stage.


“Rong Rong! Rong Rong!!!” 

“AAHH AHHHHH, Rong Rong, look at me. I’m over here! I really like you!!!” 

“Rong Rong!!!” 

The first to enter the venue was Director Guo, followed by Tang Menglan and Dong Zheng. Rong Xu entered the crew with Ye Qiao, as Ye Qiao pulled him along to talk about a film he (Ye Qiao) was filming recently. It was a war film, and Ye Qiao wanted to change up his image, working towards gaining a tough guy reputation. 

Listening to what he said, Rong Xu nodded slightly and stated his own opinion: “But, your appearance really doesn’t seem to suit that.”

Ye Qiao directly showed off his muscles: “People can always change. Xiao Xu, you also don’t look like a tough guy. Are you really not gonna try out some kind of war film or action movie in the future?”

Rong Xu was slightly taken aback, as if he didn’t expect Ye Qiao to say such a thing. He couldn’t help but lift the corner of his mouth as he said: “What Brother Ye says makes sense. I did seem to accidentally limit myself……” 

“Rong Rong!!!”

The crazy shouting suddenly interrupted Rong Xu’s words, and he and Ye Qiao turned to look towards the audience. His line of sight stopped when he saw the light cards, and the youth’s clear, beautiful eyes slowly widened. A while late, he couldn’t resist chuckling as he stared out at the brilliant lights.

Ye Qiao said emotionally: “Look at your fans. There’s so many. In the entire auditorium, your fans’ shouts are the loudest.”

Tang Menglan also turned her head and said with a smile: “No, this truly is the back wave of the Yangtze River pushing the front. We are all shot dead on the beach by Xiao Xu.” (*1)

Ye Qiao immediately joked: “Sister Tang, stop trying to outcompete me. I’m the one who’s shot dead on the beach. Look over there and see how many fans are holding your light signs while shouting your name. You don’t have any fewer fans than Rong Xu.” 

They laughed as they talked, and didn’t notice that Rong Xu had stopped walking as he smiled and waved to the fans. 

The young ladies became more excited: “Rong Rong!!!” 

However, it was a pity that Rong Xu just walked to the Vie for Supremacy seating area and said a few words to Director Guo and others, when he turned and left the venue again three minutes later. The young ladies all felt a sense of loss, but soon, Rong Xu appeared once more on the big screen. This time, he walked down the red carpet with the crew of Ambush.

[ I can see Rong Rong walk down the red carpet twice tonight. I’M SO HAPPY. This life was worth it! 】

 [The screen is too dirty, it must be licked! ! ! 】

 [Wuli Rong is honestly so good-looking, I really like his image tonight, like a noble and cute young master, isn’t it alike?! 】 

[Alike alike alike alike alike! ! ! Seeing Rong Rong walking down with the crew of Ambush, he’s even more like one of the country’s young masters. This kind of Rong Rong, if he stood next to Handsome Marshall Huo……Huh, how come it seems to be ‘Seeing the pleasures of my heart’ _(:3」∠)_ oh self-aimed attack, maybe I am broken……]

Everyone was talking enthusiastically with eyes focused on Rong Xu. When Rong Xu was still filming Ambush, no one would have thought that he would grow to be this popular in just half a year’s time. As for the Ambush crew, though the male lead did not appear, everyone ignored it and didn’t think too much about the existence of the actor who enjoyed throwing his weight around.

Rong Xu himself naturally didn’t know about the online comments. After he sat down with the Ambush crew, he could only hear the excited screams from the fans behind him as they chanted his name over and over again. Rong Xu couldn’t help but turn his head around a few times and wave to them, making them shout even louder.

After deliberating for a moment, Rong Xu sighed softly and stopped turning around.

The voices of these young ladies had already become slightly hoarse. Although he wasn’t attracted to women, he still couldn’t bear to let his fans go hoarse.

There was a common saying within this industry. At the “Popularity Contest” Peony Awards, whomever received the loudest name shouts would have the most face because it was equivalent to having the highest degree of current popularity. As long as Rong Xu turned around and looked back, he could arouse the fans’ enthusiasm to shout louder, but he didn’t really want to do it that way.

Zhang Tongtong sat on Rong Xu’s left, and seeing him with his head lowered in contemplation, she smiled and started up a conversation with him. As Rong Xu was hesitating about whether or not to turn around and greet the fans, the Peony Awards officially kicked off while he was chatting with Zhang Tongtong.

The voices in the audience gradually settled down, and when the well-known Huaxia host appeared, the year’s three TV dramas awards officially started with the Peony Awards.

As in the years past, the first awards announced were the technical awards for weekly TV dramas. Best Picture, Best Music, Best Props…… the awards were announced one by one, and the crew of Ambush walked up to the stage individually to receive awards. Their nominations were transformed into heavy trophies.

Rong Xu remained seated and applauded every crew member.


After the technical awards for the weekly dramas are given out, next came the awards for the daily dramas. Of course, now it was the crew of Vie for Supremacy’s turn to repeatedly walk up to the stage to receive awards. 

In the end, among the technical awards, Ambush won Best Costume, Best Prop and Best Original Music. Meanwhile, in addition to the three awards similarly won by Ambush, Vie for Supremacy also won Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Costume Make-up.

By the time the technical awards were done, the atmosphere on scene had already been fired up to a climax.

The awards that were already presented were those that rewarded the staff members who silently dedicated themselves to the TV series behind the scenes. They weren’t celebrities, but their work couldn’t be disregarded. Without them, there would be no good products; they were the cornerstones of the entire film and television industry.

The awards to be announced following the technical awards were tonight’s main focus, and they included Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Male/Female Actor, Best Male/Female Lead Actor, Best Director, and Best TV Series of the Year.

Thus, in this order, the next to be announced was the Best Newcomer of the weekly drama category.

The one announcing the awards on stage was now a second-tier little flower. They smiled and called out the name of an actress who then walked onto the stage excitedly with a surprised look and began her speech of gratitude.

Amidst the Ambush crew, Director Zheng applauded and laughed: “Unfortunately, the Peony Awards is calculated based on the actor’s first work. Otherwise, the Best Newcomer award would belong to you, to our Huo Xi.” 

Rong Xu smiled faintly: “Director Zheng, Huo Xi also has a nomination for Best Newcomer in the coming Feitian Awards.” 

Director Zheng chuckled.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


1. Referring to the idea that new generation is overtaking the current generation

Not much happens in these chapters, but it’s the build-up to the intense storm of emotions coming in later lolol. IT’S COMING

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 1) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

Hi all! Phew! The holidays season is so busy. I finally found time to finish chapter 81. This chapter has 3 parts (super long!) and will be posted within this week, hopefully. Enjoy!

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Zhong Siyu had flown in from South City to B city yesterday to attend Huaxia’s annual Peony Awards Ceremony. 

Every year, the Peony Awards would randomly select five hundred lucky spectators across the country and invite them to participate as audience members for the entire ceremony. One would be able to see numerous celebrities here; it truly could be described as shining and unparalleled. Being able to participate in such an event and see one’s favorite celebrities was naturally a glorious and joyful occasion. 

Thus, Zhong Siyu was super excited and even arrived (to B city) in advance in order to prepare herself. In the afternoon, she also specially and carefully applied makeup and wore her newly purchased skirt, but it wasn’t just to go see celebrities. 

She came for Rong Xu. 

When the Peony Awards announced the nomination list for that year, Rong Xu’s fan circle boiled over.


As everyone knew, the Peony Awards, Golden Bell Awards and Feitian Awards were the three most important TV drama awards ceremonies in Huaxia. These weren’t ordinary, small awards. Participating in these three awards ceremonies would help participants gain a high degree of exposure, and was a guaranteed no-loss scenario for celebrities. 

Of course, not every nominated star would be there. After all, many things were beyond human control. Just that morning, there was a celebrity who regretted to announce that he couldn’t attend because the British Airlines were under strict regulations the past few days and couldn’t fly in the foggy weather. Thus, he really couldn’t return to the country. 

However, Rong Xu was definitely going.

Rong Xu had only debuted for one year till now, and his qualifications could still be considered relatively low. This was his first nomination and would be the first Awards Ceremony he participated in. Based on all these factors, he should definitely show up. As a matter of fact, he had already arrived. Rong Xu’s National Fan Support Association informed all his fans three days prior: [Rong Rong will definitely attend, and he even took time off from Maze City! 】 

The fans who heard the news became even fanatical. They excitedly went onto Peony Awards’ official website to register, hoping to become a lucky audience winner. 

They could register once with their own ID, and then use their husband’s or boyfriend’s, brothers’ and sisters’, relatives’ and friends’……Anyways, anyone they were familiar with, they would borrow their ID to register. What if they won? Then they could go see Rong Rong! ! !

Similarly, Zhong Siyu had used her boyfriend’s, brother’s and parents’ IDs to sign up, and was lucky enough to be selected. Don’t think that using five IDs was terrifying. Her best friend, who was also a hardcore fan, used least 50 IDs!

That best friend’s husband was a company CEO. To him, his wife wanted to attend the awards ceremony regardless of life or death. Although this usually strict husband felt that his head was being painted a field of green (being cheated on), he still asked everyone in his company to sign up, and If they were selected, to give the opportunity to his wife. If they were selected, they would be compensated 10,000 RMB (~$1,500 USD)!

However, it is a pity that even after all this, her girlfriend did not get selected as a lucky audience participant.

Zhong Siyu was shouldering the heavy responsibility of the entire Rong Xu fan club, as she was the only lucky audience member selected in South City. Therefore, she must take a good look at Rong Rong with her eyes wide open, and then report back to the fan group. There were many mother fans waiting to be fed.

The fortunate audience members were seated before the celebrities. Sitting in the venue, Zhong Siyu stared at the enormous screen. Although her heart was filled with disappointment, since she couldn’t see Rong Rong walking on the red carpet in person, she was still super excited.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the sun gradually set into the west while a crescent moon rose from the east sky. The dim and gray moonlight was offset by the brilliant neon city lights and appeared as if it had lost all color. Near B City’s Grand Auditorium, most of the freeways were blocked, and dozens of high-end luxury cars could be seen slowly crawling along the road, one by one heading towards the red carpet.

The speed wasn’t slow, but it definitely wasn’t fast.

Before long, the first celebrity arrived at the scene. The reception host introduced the celebrity with a smile, and the media reporters by the red carpet took continuous pictures of them. Soon, more and more celebrities followed up; some celebrities came alone and other came with others from their crew.

However, twenty minutes had passed since the walk down the red carpet had begun, but Rong Xu was yet to be seen.

Zhong Siyu pursed her lips. She bowed her head down to face her live broadcast stream to a group of friends, and muttered softly: “Talk to Rong Rong? I can’t even catch a glimpse of Rong Rong’s face, how can I talk to him……” 


As soon as those words were said, a young, glasses wearing girl beside her was taken aback and asked in a timid voice: “Are you…… a Rong Powder?”

Zhong Siyu looked up at her in surprise: “You too?!” 

The young girl chuckled: “Meeting Marshall Huo is a once in a lifetime encounter” 

Zhong Siyu laughed boisterously: “But begging to sleep with Wan Qiyao!” 

The young girl: “Comrade!”

Zhong Siyu said excitedly: “Comrade! This counts as meeting someone from the same organization! In our South City Fan Club, only I was selected, and I only received the news yesterday morning. I didn’t know if other fans would be here, too.”

The young girl grinned: “Other fans? There’s a bunch, let me introduce you!” 

The two lost track of time as they talked, and Zhong Siyu finally got in touch with other Rong fans. They were happily engrossed in discussion about Black Clouds and “Lost Wings” when, suddenly, they heard a shout from the audience: “Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!”


In the entire auditorium, at least seventy or eighty young ladies turned their heads around at the same time to look at the big screen.



When the handsome and dazzling young man walked in from the right side of the screen, all the young ladies screamed with excitement. The atmosphere of the entire venue was bustling and upbeat, invigorating music flowed from the stereos non-stop. But, at this time, even the loudness of the music was unable to overwhelm the young ladies’ screams, causing many of the celebrities who had already entered the venue turned their heads in surprise. 

When they saw the light-up signs that the young ladies were holding in their hands, they were taken aback only momentarily before nodding as if it was a matter of course: “So, it turned out to be Rong Xu. That’s normal. It’s not impossible that, out of the five hundred lucky audience members, most would be his fans.”

The reason why the Peony Award invited lucky audience members was not only to incite audience reactions and interactions, but also to let them rouse the atmosphere. If there were only celebrities, directors, and media reporters in the entire venue, it would definitely be difficult to get the place stirred up. The Peony Awards were originally a sort of popularity award for TV dramas and its required professionalism was the lowest among the three major awards. Thus, it naturally put a lot of emphasis on the audience’s opinions.

On the big screen, the crew of Vie for Supremacy was currently walking towards the reception desk. 

Today, Rong Xu was nominated for two awards. Huo Xi from Ambush was nominated for Best Actor, and Wan Qiyao from Vie for Supremacy was nominated for Best Newcomer. Thus, Rong Xu needed to enter the stage with two crews.

Vie for Supremacy was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night with a whooping 13 nominations and reigning as the Ratings King of the past year, making this drama the star of tonight’s show. The media reporters continuously took pictures with excitement. Their cameras panned across Director Guo Long and the male and female protagonists before finally focusing on Rong Xu, cameras snapping frantically.

He was dressed in a simple and refreshing black suit. His slightly long hair was clipped back with an invisible hairpin on the right side, revealing his tender and handsome face. There is no doubt that this youth was very suited to wear this type of clean and elegant clothing. The black jacket and white shirt complemented each other, giving him an inexplicable elegant and noble temperament, just like a gentleman from the olden times. Serene, gentle and polite. 

Very quickly, the crew of Vie for Supremacy arrived at the reception desk, and everyone picked up their signing pens to sign their names on the signature wall.

Rong Xu stood beside Tang Menglan, and the two swiftly signed their beautiful signatures. Then, everyone watched as Tang Menglan leaned in towards Rong Xu’s ear and said something unknown to others. Then, Rong Xu suddenly curled up his lips and gave a helpless smile.

This smile was captured perfectly by the cameras. The youth’s sparkling eyes were like stars, containing a resplendent light. He smiled softly, but he didn’t know that this smile made the lucky audience members in the venue so excited that they almost overturned the roof and also made the audience in front of the TV so excited that they were speechless.

[AAAAAOOOOOO my little prince! My little Prince Rongrong! ! ! 】 

[This is the first time seeing Rong Rong in such a formal outfit. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Rongrong is beautiful in everything, how can he be so beautiful! 】

[AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Why can’t I meet Rongrong, why is he be so beautiful! How can he be this good-looking! Wuwuwuwu, I really want to hug Rong Rong, really want to squeeze his cheeks, I want Rong Rong cry cry cry cry cry, I also want to see Rongrong with my own eyes.】

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 2) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

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Xi Guican walked into the cockpit and examined the familiar objects. A stale, metallic smell lingered on the tip of his nose for a while. He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled the stagnant breath built up in his chest.    

“The point of departure is ‘Central Star’, the target location is ‘Seventeenth Star’, departing now.  Estimated travel time is 6 intergalactic hours. Confirm departure?”    

“No. 20, depart!”    

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…    

The Seventeen star was currently occupied by the Zerg.


The mecha landed on the Seventeenth Star. Xi Guican stepped out of the mecha and directly onto the deadly still land. There was not a single sound to be heard on the Seventeenth Star overtaken by the Zerg, not even a single noise from the Zerg.    

Xi Guican walked through the overtaken territory, which all other interstellar people avoided, as naturally and calmly as if strolling through his own courtyard.    

There was no other interstellar person who could casually walk through an infested area like Xi Guican did. Once the Zerg discover the presence of outsiders, they would berserkly eliminate any foreign enemies at all costs.

However, Xi Guican never cared about that. This was because of the existence of the monster inside himself. The Zerg actually felt a degree of fear towards him- it was the admiration of those stronger than themselves on the hierarchy of power.    

In regards to this, some people in the Federation already harbored a vague guess of the reason, but they had no specific nor detailed hypotheses, let alone think that—    

“He”……and “they” were one of the same origins.    

That monster sleeping in his body was such a powerfully exceptional yet degenerate existence.

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream.

And was then coldly ignored by Xi Guican.    

Xi Guican silently walked on the road. The sunshine that day was very nice. Bright and dazzling sunlight penetrated the clouds and fell from the sky, casting surreal pillars of light onto the ground.    

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Then, his calculated footsteps abruptly stopped. Xi Guican lowered his head and looked towards a patch of unknown, white, wildflowers on the side of the road. Its snow-white petals were soft and fragile, and the slender stalks looked as if they could hardly support the five petals. 

Suddenly, one small, wildflower fell off and floated onto the shiny surface of the leather boots.    

That little white wildflower was so fragile, perhaps it would be crushed into the mud by the leather boots in the next second, or maybe blown away by a sudden breeze.   

A cupped hand lightly picked up the flower, and Xi Guican pinned the flower to his chest pocket before continuing walking along the road. 

His memory was superior. As long as he had walked a road once, Xi Guican could remember the route clearly, no matter if it was ten or even twenty years in the past.

This is the way to Starry Sea Orphanage.    

Although he had blasted the Starry Sea Orphanage to ashes, leaving nothing behind, and the original buildings had already disappeared and turned into flat ground, he still knew the way.

in all these years, he had never come back to this land of sorrow and humiliation. But, he suddenly wanted to go there today.

Under the guidance of the beams of sunlight cast from the sky, Xi Guican came to a patch of patchy land.   

He found three stones and carved three names on the stones, “Ruan Ruan”, “Xi Xing”, and “Wu Yunlan”. 

Xi Guican looked at the three stones solemnly.


He thought of Wu Yunlan. Perhaps everyone will develop a little affection for like-minded people. Wu Yunlan’s decision of bombing the laboratory in the game yesterday completely reversed Xi Guican’s impression of Wu Yunlan in his heart.    

It turned out that it wasn’t only himself who had such a strong desire and put it into action. Wu Yunlan, as well as the experimental subjects who volunteered to follow behind Wu Yunlan to take part in the revolt, had once had the same desire.    

Everyone liked cleanliness.    

That’s why they blew up the vile things in the world, to try and clean up the filth.

This was good.

He heard that when attending a funeral, one must wear black, and it was best to place a white flower by the chest.    

Xi Guican took off the unknown white flower pinned on his chest pocket and placed it gently in the middle of the three stones.    

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.    

Xi Guican raised his head silently and stared at the blue sky above him. His blue eyes seemed to reflect the silhouettes of the white petals.    

The blue hue of his eyes turned into a tender sadness.   

He traveled across the sea of stars from the other end of the distant galaxy to send a small, white flower to the people now in the starry skies.    

This was good enough.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 1) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

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He Ruge, who had just come to the realization that he might be a Koi, fell into a strange mood. He refused 8 Leg’s joking invitation for an in-person meet up and turned off Penguin with a headache.

He’d exposed quite a bit of information. At first, he discovered that 8 Legs might have been the same kind as he was, so he shared his Bloodline pattern without much caution.

8 legs said that Koi spirits were very rare. Because the luck of a koi spirit was insanely high, a powerful koi spirit’s Chi could even affect the luck of others. Lucky Chi was invisible and intangible but was vital to every creature.

The requirements for a Koi spirit to mature were highly demanding. 8 Legs knew that there used to be a koi spirit who lived in the wishing pool of an ancient temple. Because the wishing pool was bathed in the faith of devout believers all the year round and the land was rich in Feng Shui, it was easy to cultivate faith. 

It was due to the compilation of all these various coincidences that a Koi Spirit was cultivated.

After that koi spirit went into society, it generated great influence within the monster circle. Those who were wealthy paid money; everyone worked hard, hoping to rub off some good luck from the Koi spirit.

Then, that koi spirit vanished. 


There were rumors that say a big-shot monster wanted to complete the medicine of life and death and made the medicine using the Koi Spirit’s flesh. Others say that a big-shot who wanted to change his fate used the Koi Spirit to ascend to the Heavens. Either way, the Koi Spirit always met a miserable end.

Knowing the tragic ending of his predecessor, He Ruge was afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Although 8 Legs promised to never reveal He Ruge’s identity, He Ruge was still a little uneasy.

After eating dinner, he saw the increasing number of bookmarks for his work and became happy again. After reading through the reader’s comments, He Ruge lay down to sleep.

He had a dream. 

He dreamt that when his work reached the pinnacle of its popularity, he crossed through the dimensions and landed in Little White Tiger’s world. Little White Tiger turned into a male god wearing a military uniform and they ended up in a romantic relationship. The male god was a cat and he was a fish; whenever he saw his male god, his legs would grow weak. As the male god walked domineeringly towards him with the intention to do something indescribable, the sky suddenly rained down knives.

A splattering of knives slammed into the ground and shaved the thick hair on the male god’s head clean off.

Following that, a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up on the ground, and a man wielding a blade emerged and asked darkly: “Who is Ruge?”

The countless people who had fallen into the pit gritted their teeth and said: “This author isn’t human. He’s too conniving!!!”

“If you dig a hole and don’t fill it, it’s better for you to be hacked to death.”

He Ruge was scared awake. From the beginning of his career as a writer till now, as an honest pigeon who had never gone on hiatus, why did he end up with this strange dream? Sure enough, dreams reflected the opposite of reality.

Did he forget something?


Xi Guican waited a whole day in the game, but He Ruge never appeared. The three daily meals were all brought over by a staff member, but the other party was never the He Ruge that Xi Guican was yearning for. Was there another bug in this damn game?

Xi Guican, who regarded the game as his daily spiritual nourishment, was very angry. He came out of the game cabin unhappily and stared at the strawberry-flavored nutrient solution in his hand.

After Xi Guican tipped his head back and downed the nutrient solution, he shifted into his true form and went to the bathroom to take a bath. The hair growth bath solution had worked quickly. A short layer of fine hair had already appeared on a good part of the originally bald areas. But this kind of big white tiger…

Appeared even uglier.

Some hair here, no hair there. Being uniformly bald was more natural looking.

The ugly and fierce white tiger soaked in the bathtub as he turned on his light brain to watch the live broadcast. The Seventeenth Star had completely fallen, and the Sixteenth Star was mostly gone. The people of the Federation weren’t too optimistic about the future of this war.    

The Zerg were too skilled at combat. It’s unknown what happened, but the Zerg with only brawn and no brains from the First Star War had suddenly developed a lot of brain.    

Their combat effectiveness dropped…. No, it can’t be said that their combat effectiveness has dropped, but rather that their way of fighting has changed.

The Zerg now had a sense of reason and measure, and could now……think for themselves.

This terrifying discovery was disclosed only to the Federation officials of the General level and higher. Although the Federal Army suppressed this information and hid it from the public so as to not shake the army’s morale, the soldiers fighting on the front lines all had an intuition built upon experience.   

A rumor about the Zerg secretly and quietly spread from the army:    

“They’ve escaped ignorance through violence, and obtained new life amidst killing.”

However, such news weren’t of much interest to Xi Guican. Nothing was truly interesting. He usually watched the Star Wars Frontline live broadcast just because he was bored and only occasionally watched it to pass time.    

The him from before was indeed a boring person.    

He didn’t pursue entertainment, nor dramas, nor chased stars, nor went out, nor socialized, nor played games. He’d finally found a source of happiness, and actively logged in to play the game every day. But, he didn’t expect there to be bugs in the spicy chicken (trash) game. 

The Big White Tiger expressionlessly turned off the live broadcast as he calmly finished his medicated bath and turned back into human form. The handsome man with silver hair and blue eyes opened the closet and grabbed a black military uniform. He roughly tore off the golden military rank and tassels. Only when the sole color that could be seen on the uniform was “black”, did Xi Guican satisfactorily drop his hands.    

He didn’t wear a military cap, only the pure black military uniform set and pitch-black leather boots. The man covered from head to toe in a serious, abyssal black walked into the dusty mecha room.    

Ever since he developed Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency years ago, he hadn’t touched a single mecha. 

Mechas needed to establish a stable spiritual link with the operator’s spiritual sea of consciousness. Since Xi Guican’s spiritual consciousness was full of cracks and holes, spiritual vortexes and storms would appear whenever he was emotionally unstable.

If he established a link with the mecha in such a bad state of spiritual consciousness, it would end with either the mecha exploding or him self-exploding. Or, he might die upon crashing landing.    

He was warned by his doctor to not touch a mecha before his condition had improved.    

Thus, Xi Guican had sealed the mecha room and hadn’t visited the mecha room for a long time. When he looked at the closed door in front of him, he suddenly felt like the past was a world away.    

Beep —ID verification passed!” 

The door to the mecha room opened, and inside, there was only a single silver-white mecha in the empty room. The mecha sported golden designs which were made of rare, memory-retaining metals. Even a small gram was worth a thousand gold, and it wasn’t available on the market because these precious metals needed to be supplied to the military first and foremost.

Adding memory-retaining metal to a mecha could allow the mecha to have an automatic self-repair function. The more that was applied, the faster the repair speed and the more perfect the repair results would be.    

This specific mecha was the magnum opus of one of the most outstanding mecha mechanic masters within the Federation, and it was gifted to Xi Guican by the Federal Army as a way to win his loyalty. 

Xi Guican had always cherished this mecha. It wasn’t because of how precious it was, but rather because the appearance of the mecha was very similar to his past Zerg wings.

The Zerg wing that had accompanied him through the most helpless years of his life, and the Zerg wings that were finally ripped off by his own hands. That pair of Zerg wings was clearly implanted violently into his body without his permission, but when Xi Guican truly bid farewell to the Zerg wings, his heart felt hollow.    

The perfectly fused Zerg wings allowed his body to function equivalently to an advanced mecha. After losing the Zerg wings, this mecha became the wings’ replacement.   

High-level mechas all had a name, such as The Apocalypse, The God of Destruction, and other such domineering names.    

However, this specific mecha was named “No. 20”.

Xi Guican hid his unmentionable past, his desire for strength, and his previous code name that once represented his suffering and humiliation into this one mecha.    

During the time when he had first fallen ill, Xi Guican never dared to look at this mecha because he was afraid to see his own vulnerability and helplessness in the world. But now, because of the impact of “Your Exclusive Lover”, his condition had improved significantly, and even half of his Spiritual Sea of Consciousness had been repaired. As of now, he could just barely establish a stable connection with the mecha.    

The palm of his hand lightly fell upon the cold metallic surface, and Xi Guican inserted a bit of internal spiritual power into the mecha.

“I’m back,” he whispered.

A sequence of bright lights suddenly appeared on the surface of the metallic gray mecha, and the cockpit door opened towards Xi Guican——    

“Welcome back, Major General Xi.”

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 80 (Part 3) – Abstinent Temperament

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In what was originally a boring theory class, the women sitting in the audience were staring at their professor obsessively. When they heard his declaration, everyone became energetic. Xue Jiazhe’s thin lips slowly curved up and an icy smile bloomed. He was smiling, but it gave people an inexplicable feeling of coldness.

He said softly: “No one knows exactly what the person is like behind the scenes. Astrology cannot discern everyone’s individual essence, and only divides people into twelve categories which, generally speak, is naturally unscientific. In contrast, Huaxia’s fortune-telling includes birth date, face reading, palmistry, in relativity to their personal and ancestral feng shui. If any single method was more likely to hold scientific evidence, Huaxia’s fortune-telling has the greatest possibility. Meanwhile, it is impossible for Constellation readings.” 

Immediately, there were some students who raised their hands: “Teacher! That’s feudal superstition!”

A psychology professor could actually say in class that fortune-telling held a possibility of being accurate? This was simply hitting his PhD in psychology in the face!


However, Xue Jiazhe only raised an eyebrow and looked at the student: “Did I say that it’s definitely accurate?”

The student was taken aback: “Huh?” 

Xue Jiazhe curled his lips and smiled even deeper: “You oppose me and say that I believe in feudal superstitions, yet you, yourself, believe in constellations. You didn’t ride your bike to school today, and were going to walk back to your dormitory. Whenever you were free today, you were always hanging around the girls’ dormitory. You are also planning to hang around there tomorrow.”

That student’s eyes widened: “Teacher, you…how did you know? Can you do fortune-telling?!” 

The audience was in an uproar. 

At the back of the classroom, Tan Yangxuan suddenly laughed. He had been frowning all day, and watching this group of students being played around by Xue Jiazhe, he was finally teased into laughter.

Xue Jiazhe turned his eyes to look at Tan Yangxuan, and said coldly: “The student who came to freeload class, please keep quiet.” 

Tan Yangxuan: “……”

In the end, Xue Jiazhe spent the entire class period talking about the Barnum effect without answering the student’s question. However, the student couldn’t restrain his curiosity and rushed over to ask after class. A crowd of classmates gathered around them, but Xue Jiazhe said indifferently: “I said it before. It’s because you believe in Horoscope readings.”

The student was even more confused. …

What does this have to do with Horoscope readings? ! ! !

Under the high-tech camera, even Rong Xu’s cold eyebrows were filmed very clearly. His temperament made him appear to be a lone individual separate from the crowds and is beyond the scope of this world. He donned a light-colored suit and a pair of stern glasses. He spoke objectively and impartially with thin lips, and his high intellect made others wary of approaching him.

This was the Xue Jiazhe played by Rong Xu.

During Qin Cheng’s three days in the crew, he saw Rong Xu only twice. Rong Xu would change into different suits and costumes daily, but no matter what kind of clothes he wore, he would always button the shirt buttons to the very top, showing only his slender neck. He seldom laughed, but when he did, he only appeared colder and more otherworldly. Only when he was with Tan Yangxuan did he occasionally show a sincere smile.

Such a person seemed gentle and polite on the outside, but was actually the most aloof. 

When the camera captured the close-up scene of Rong Xu raising his eyes and sweeping his gaze towards the camera, Director Yuan slapped his thigh and nodded excitedly: “I knew this since long ago. Rong Xu, this child, has a perfect abstinent temperament. I didn’t choose the wrong person, didn’t choose wrong, Hahaha!”

Yes, from the beginning, Director Yuan invited Rong Xu without consulting anyone else mainly because he reckoned that Rong Xu could play Xue Jiazhe well. 

There was naturally no need to talk about his looks, and there was also no need to consider his popularity. The most important thing was that, looking at the role of Ling Xiao who was gentle and kind, Director Yuan actually perceived a cold and merciless temperament underneath. 


Watching until his excitement boiled over, Director Yuan couldn’t help but day to Qin Cheng next to him: “Is he good-looking or not? Must be good-looking! Do you know what type the young maidens like these days? It’s this kind of ascetic, handsome man!”

Speaking to here, on screen, a clip of Xue Jiazhe and Tan Yangxuan reminiscing about their university life happened to appear. The handsome young man gave a slight smile. A hint of true happiness finally appeared on his tender face. Director Yuan became even more emotional: “I say. Our drama, although the plot is simple, the box office value will definitely not be low, do you believe it?”

From beginning to end, Director Yuan never noticed that he was the only one speaking. 

Qin Cheng was staring at the youth on the set from beginning to end. His eyes traced down from the young man’s thin phoenix eyes to his high nose bridge and pale lips. Because he was drinking with his old classmates, after going for three rounds, Professor Xue finally unbuttoned a shirt button, revealing a sliver of his delicate collarbone.

The man pursed his lips and looked at those delicate, white collarbones intently. He recalled the young man’s faint scent and warm body temperature from when he hugged him. 

At this moment, Director Yuan said with a smile: “I may not be able to shoot a large-scale commercial film like Lao Liu does, but I still know how to attract an audience to watch a movie. The plot itself will attract a male audience. And look, with Rong Xu’s great acting and outstanding looks, it will definitely attract a huge female audience. Such a good-looking yet perverted Professor Xue, Qin Cheng, don’t you think this setting is trendy?” 

Qin Cheng replied in a low voice: “En.” 

This youth will not only attract a female audience, but also a male audience……such as himself. 

In the afternoon, Xu Jin rushed over from the airport and hauled Qin Cheng away from the crew.

Originally, the man was still reluctant. But, his own agent personally came, so he couldn’t continue to shamelessly refuse to leave.

Xu Jin smiled and pushed at his glasses, saying: “I was supposed to arrive yesterday, but there was a storm in B city, and the plane was delayed. I only arrived today. Thank you for taking care of Qin Cheng, Director Yuan. If we have a chance inthe future, let’s have a meal together.”

Director Yuan laughed: “No need to mention it, we really did take care of him. Remember to invite me to a meal in the future.” 

Xu Jin smiled calmly: “Of course, or course.” As he was talking, he simultaneously dragged a certain man out of the crew.

Qin Cheng had wanted to say goodbye to Rong Xu, but Rong Xu, for the sake of attending the Peony Awards the day after tomorrow, had too many scenes to rush through in the span of 2 days. He could only give him a simple goodbye before turning around to rush back into the studio. 

The man furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly reached out to grasp the young man’s hand, directly yanking him into his arms.

The staff members passing by all widened their eyes in surprise. Xu Jin also opened his mouth, watching the scene in shock. As the person directly involved, Rong Xu’s pupils also slightly contracted as he was held by the other man dazedly. Rong Xu heard the other’s low and deep voice ring in his ears: “Then, I’m heading out first, goodbye.”

Rong Xu thought for a while before silently raising his hand to give the other person a gentle hug: “……goodbye.” 

Saying it like this, there was nothing wrong about it, right?

The staff members immediately realized: Oh, after all, God Qin’s grandmother was a foreigner and therefore was relatively more open. Perhaps for him, it was considered normal to give a hug when saying hello and goodbye. 

This time, Qin Cheng really left.

Maze City’s crew was back on track. Without the interruption of “outsiders”, the staff member could finally concentrate wholeheartedly on their work without distraction. For many female staff members, without Qin Cheng, they were indeed more able to concentrate. However, they also felt a sense of loss.

Even Rong Xu’s make-up artist, Sister Wang, said pitifully: “This is my first time meeting God Qin. The real person is so handsome. In the past, I heard others say that God Qin has a cold temper. Although he isn’t a bad person and never throws his weight around, it’s not easy to get close to him. From my first impression, it turned out to be a rumor. God Qin even willingly sat down with us to eat 20-yuan (~$3 USD) box lunches and didn’t complain at all.” 

Rong Xu couldn’t help but smile and reminded: “Sis’ Wang, those box lunches belong to our crew. He didn’t pay a penny for them.” 

Sister Wang stuck out her elbow and explained on behalf of Qin Cheng: “Rong Rong, how can you say that, that’s Qin Cheng!” 

Rong Xu: “……”

However, during mealtime, Sister Wang still deliberately asked the little brother who was in charge of the box lunches to give Rong Xu an extra chicken leg. When he learned of this matter, Rong Xu asked Sister Wang in surprise, and Sister Wang smiled in reply: “You are young and are still growing. Filming is hard. It’s better to eat more.”

On the side, Luo Qian interrupted: “Sister Wang, why didn’t you give more chicken legs to God Qin?”

Sister Wang said as a matter of fact: “Qin Cheng is Qin Cheng, and Rong Rong is Rong Rong. How can they be the same?”

Luo Qian: “…… That makes sense. Even though it’s God Qin, in my heart, Rong Rong is still more important.”

After listening to these two people, Rong Xu didn’t know whether he should feel honored or helpless. 

What he didn’t know was that a certain man who had just arrived in B city was listening to his agent bragging with a calm expression: “Before, I got a glimpse of Rong Xu’s image, say, Qin Cheng, doesn’t it look familiar?”

Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at his agent: “Familiar?” 

Xu Jin laughed, paused his footsteps, and turned around: “Doesn’t it look like me?” 

Qin Cheng: “……”

Xu Jin analyzed it with a serious face: “See, glasses and a suit. The hair is fixed fashionably with hairspray. Smart, wise, knowledgeable and trustworthy…… isn’t it very similar to me. After having a meal with Director Yuan last year, did he acquire inspiration from me to write the script of Maze City……Hey, Qin Cheng! Wait for me, why are you walking so fast?”

The man glanced back at him and asked: “When did you start raising a horse?”

Xu Jin was taken aback: “Horse? What horse?”

Qin Cheng said lightly: “The one running on your face.” 

After saying that, he walked away without giving his agent time to react.

By the time Qin Cheng had walked tens of meters away, Xu Jin finally reacted and said in anger: “You actually dare say I have a big face (arrogant)?! No, wait, where did you even learn these kinds of words? I only just learned of this phrase from my wife, how could you possibly know it, too?” 

The man ignored Xu Jin. His family’s Rong Rong looks like you? This thick-skin was thicker than the city walls. 

As for where he learned this phrase? 

It was probably the influence of the smart and knowledgeable netizens——

[Qingxiao Yunzhou replied to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Hahahaha, you actually dare say only you can sleep Rong Rong, and that Rong Rong is yours? Where did the diehard ChengRong cp fan go, where did the one who said they already had a lover but still doled out affection everyday go? Tyrant Deity Orange is shameless, scornful, and has a big face, come and see, everyone ~233333333] 

Two days later, Rong Xu took two days off and flew back to B city from Xiangshan with Luo Qian. 

The silver colored airplane landed steadily at Capital Airport. Luo Zhentao had already been waiting there, and due to the time crunch, the three of them exited directly from the VIP tunnel. As he walked, Luo Zhentao said quickly: “Right now, we’ll go try on outfits and do the styling. Then, we’ll participate in the awards ceremony in the evening. Xiao Xu, it’s a close call this time. You should’ve come back yesterday so that we didn’t have to be in such a hurry.” 

Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “En, the filming schedule was a bit rushed. Next time, I will come back a day earlier.” 

On this day, many celebrities flew over from around the world, and the entirety of Huaxia’s Media was focused on B city. They were awaiting the Peony Awards ceremony scheduled for that evening, the opening banquet for the three major TV drama awards of the year!


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