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WDBKFMGB Chapter 50 – I’m Back

Update! Translator is currently studying for a credentials test. All updates will be postponed till end of February!! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Trigger Warnings: depictions of gore 

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     In the snow-covered spiritual sea, a large, injured, red-eyed monster appeared suddenly. It was an enormous white tiger with a pair of broken wings. Gradually, it shrank and became smaller and smaller, changing from a big monster into a small monster, and then from a small monster into a blood-red wisp the size of a thumb.

     This tiny soul fragment flew shakily like a firefly towards the area covered in ice and snow. Like a flame, the red light melted all the snow in its path.

     After the ice and snow melted, a small, curled-up white tiger was unveiled, and it slowly opened his eyes, revealing an azure-blue color as innocent as a newborn’s.

     The red fragment fluttered sporadically around the azure-eyed little white tiger twice before finally landing on the pair of azure eyes like a moth drawn into the flames.

     Two beams of light, one red and one blue, surged out and contorted into two complex bloodline patterns in the air, similarly blood red and deep blue. They intertwined like twin lotus flowers and finally resulted in a deep purple bloodline pattern.


     This was a bloodline pattern only borne by the ancient great monsters, for which every pattern exuded a terrifying aura. The moment the bloodline pattern merged, the Zerg Queen on the Seventeenth Star was shaken, while a great monster on a distant planet was stunned.

     This burst of power from the bloodline pattern was only a momentary leak. When the deep purple streaks submerged into the skin, a voice resonated throughout the spiritual sea:

     “The bloodline pattern is complete, inheritance unlocked—”


     [File Read Successful]

     Every living being and object in the world flowed like water in the river of time. The universe in the game became an ocean, inverting black and white, darkness and light, night and day, death and life. Everything fell into reverse——

     The energy cannon bombs returned to their original positions along the same trajectory from where they came, the setting sun rose once again, and the path he previously tred started to rewind. He returned to room 104, and Yellow Ferret stood in front of him, not daring to meet his eyes. (Chapter 46)

     “I thought it would take a while before you would use the three opportunities to participate in the Ice Project. I didn’t expect that you would have already used it twice by now.”

     A familiar dialogue.

     “When are you planning to come for the third time?”

     A familiar gaze.

     He Ruge expressionlessly retrieved the rare item “Miniature Energy Bomb“, and before Yellow Ferret could react from his astonished reaction, shot the other with a single fire.

     A red dot appeared between his eyebrows, and a muffled explosion vibrated on the inside of his skull, leaving only the front of his face barely intact. A pair of yellow-brown eyes were opened unbelievably wide in a reflection of confusion over his own death.

     “Weren’t you waiting for someone?” He Ruge’s voice was icy cold and without fluctuations. “It’s faster to wait in hell. Everyone will meet there eventually, no need to thank me.”

     His chest was rising and falling violently, and He Ruge closed his eyes for a long while before he could regain control of his trembling hands.

     Miao Miao.

     His little monster.

     He Ruge opened his eyes suddenly. He had to go see his little monster. He had told the little monster that he would be back soon; this time, he didn’t want to break his faith. However, he had to deal with some issues beforehand.

     To deal with Yellow Ferret’s corpse, he could possibly ask the Medicine-seeking rat for help. He Ruge went into the Love Mall and purchased a large sack, stuffing Yellow Ferret’s body in with a pale face before sealing the opening of the sack. He Ruge then suddenly recalled the rare prop [Who is the Murderer].

     There were no limitations on its number of uses, so (this prop) was a reusable item.

     He Ruge used the prop on Yellow Ferret’s corpse and asked quietly: “Is he the one behind the scenes of the Starry Sea Orphanage?”

     Writers always had a big brain; once they started doubting something, they could come up with all kinds of dramatic, messy scenarios. For example, ‘the person Yellow Ferret liked had died, so he created this organization to carry out inhumane experiments in retaliation……’


     Okay, he thought too much.

     He Ruge dragged the sack all the way into the infirmary with a blank expression.

     The medicine seeking rat was sitting on the desk working on his light brain. He casually glanced up at He Ruge but found no cubs in He Ruge’s arms. The medicine-seeking rat then lowered his head again, and his nose twitched three or four times before he suddenly asked, “Who died?”

     The source of the stench of death originated from the sack.

     He Ruge dropped the sack on the ground and answered coldly: “Yellow Ferret.”

     While the Medicine-seeking rat was frozen in shock, he continued to say: “I killed him.”

     The Medicine-seeking rat almost wanted to tear out his beard, “You, why did you kill him? Are you crazy?!”

     He Ruge replied expressionlessly: “Yes, I’m crazy.”

     “I don’t cure crazy here.” The Medicine-seeking Rat was still stunned. His expression was shaken, and he couldn’t return to his senses for a while.


     “I know you don’t cure crazy, and I don’t want to cure it. You specialize in understanding the field of Spiritual mental consciousness,  so you must know how high the mortality rate for the Ice Project is. Meanwhile, I have a way to let all the experimental subjects of the Ice Project survive.” He Ruge threw out this heavy bomb, blowing up the Medicine-seeking rat to the point where the other was stammering for words: “You, you, you, what did you say?”

     “I participated in the last Ice Project and used my own methods to save Ruan Ruan and…… No. 20.”

     “I need a partner (who will help me) save the victims of the Starry Sea Orphanage. I looked for Yellow Ferret before, but unfortunately, our paths and thoughts were too different. Yellow Ferret was going to betray the plan, so I dealt with the traitor myself.” When He Ruge mentioned Yellow Ferret, the watery softness that previously exuded from his brows and eyes vanished completely, replaced with a layer of gloom.

     The Medicine-seeking rat had yet to recover from this sudden huge amount of information. He looked at the young man before him who had seemingly changed overnight. He hesitated for a while, before finally saying: “Don’t stand there, come sit down for a bit. I’ll go make you a cup of hot milk tea.”

     He Ruge sat down on the chair silently, his lips pallid.

     The Medicine-seeking rat’s hot milk tea was brewed quickly, and soon, He Ruge was looking into his steaming cup of milk tea while asking softly: “Have you poisoned the milk tea?”

     Was the Medicine-seeking rat the hand puppeteering behind the scenes? The side quest “The Mysterious Infirmary” was not yet complete. Perhaps, the Medicine-seeking rat was an unethical medical demon. In order to study the Spiritual Sea, he created this terrible organization to conduct experiments that could potentially exterminate humanity……

     He Ruge used “Who is the murderer” on the Medicine-seeking rat .


     The Medicine-seeking rat who was drinking milk tea was so shocked when he heard this question that he almost choked to death on a mouthful of milk tea.

     “Cough, cough, cough, what do you mean by this?! If you don’t want to drink my milk tea, that’s fine! Yet, you drink and then spout so much bullshit!” The Medicine-seeking rat was so angry that he was huffing and puffing with wide eyes, almost jumping up and directly snatching the milk tea.

     He Ruge glanced down and took a sip of the hot milk tea. His cold heart finally felt a strand of warmth.

     Any discerning person could see that He Ruge’s current state wasn’t quite right, and the Medicine-seeking rat didn’t want to argue with a madman. He sighed and asked: “Why did you seek me out for cooperation? Aren’t you afraid I’m the same as Yellow Ferret?”

     Because you helped me before the save file loaded.

     Obviously, this explanation couldn’t be said aloud. 

     He Ruge took another sip of milk tea: “I have energy bombs.”

     “In the worst case scenario, we can die together.”

     The Medicine-seeking rat couldn’t bear He Ruge’s madman attitude anymore. He stomped his back feet angrily before falling into deep thought, “You……can you really save the experimental subjects of the Ice Project?”

     “I lied.” He Ruge raised his eyes and looked at the frozen Medicine-seeking rat, “Just kidding.”

     He seemed to now understand the little monster’s mentality when he cracked a joke before his death. Before the great sadness, one would sometimes don a smiling mask, like a clown with a painted face sitting beneath the stage, with tears streaming down and distorting the happy-go-lucky makeup.


     He felt so distressed that he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to go see the little monster right now; he wanted to deal with all of these insignificant matters immediately. He wanted to fly to Room 104 and hug his little monster.

     The tiny bit of humor was but a flash in the pan, and He Ruge returned to an indifferent expression. He tried hard to adjust his facial muscles and relax his stiff expression, “It’s true, time shall prove everything.”

     The Medicine-seeking rat gave He Ruge a deep, “I believe you. But, I hope you will not let down my faith in you. If you deceive me, even if I die fighting, I will make sure you pay the price.”

     He Ruge wanted to squeeze out a smile in response, but the unsuccessful smile was even uglier than a crying face.

     “I will help you deal with Yellow Ferret’s death. If you need me for the Ice Project, I will also try my best to help.” The Medicine-seeking rat looked at He Ruge, “Your complexion right now is atrocious. Return and have a good rest. Don’t think too much about it.”

     “Thank you.” He Ruge stood up and thanked him.

     The Medicine-seeking rat waved his hand quickly: “Go, go, go. Next time, don’t come see me with a corpse, I’m old. A bag of brittle old bones doesn’t have the strength to clean up all your messes.”

     When He Ruge left the infirmary, he was going to head back to see the little monster right away. However, after he walked out of the infirmary, he was at a loss of how he should proceed.

     With every step of the stairs, he seemed to be stuck in tar. It was like having a terrible nightmare and being covered with cold sweat after the dream. He wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t come out.

     He Ruge meandered along in a trance and arrived at the door of Room 104. Holding the door knob in his hand, he was afraid to open the door. If he pushed the door open, would there be a little monster crouched behind, ready to carry out a jump scare?

     He was afraid that he would cry on the spot.

     Cry from sheer happiness.

     He opened the door with a trembling hand. 

     He Ruge held his breath and saw a big white tiger sleeping beside the door. The big white tiger was sleeping deeply and soundly, as if all the suffering and sorrows from before had nothing to do with him.

     [Love]: Although No.20 will not remember the memories with you until long after, his love for you has become instinctual. Favorability 200

     [Complete Awakening]: Xi Guican and the little monster are currently fusing. Please wait patiently for the return of the king to conquer the four cardinal points and whisk you away into the starry skies.

     The sharp eyebrows that had seemingly been frozen by ice and snow finally softened subconsciously when he saw the big white tiger. He Ruge lay down beside the big white tiger and carefully stretched out his hand, gently hugging the warm tiger.

     His actions were feather light, as if he were afraid of waking a light-sleeper from a hard-won beautiful dream. However, the emotions in his black eyes were deep and heavy enough to be an existence of its own.

     This wasn’t a cold, bloody, and bruised corpse, but rather the living No.20.

     Sleeping here was the little white tiger and the little monster, the two cuties he owed the most to. Because of him, one cutie lost his memory, while the other cutie lost his life.

     He Ruge buried his face in the soft fur. As tears moistened his eyelashes and the white fur, he whispered softly as if sleeptalking: “I’m back.”

     I’m sorry, I will not hurt you again this time.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


     The author has something to say:

     Small Theater:

     No. 20: I am Sleeping Beauty and need a prince to kiss me awake

     He Ruge: Muah~

HRG returns to Chapter 46 p2 and rewrites everything that happened afterwards by killing off Yellow Ferret.

Mini energy bomb appearance: Chapter 30 p2

Post is unedited. Please let me know if there are any glaring errors! Thanks!

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