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WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 2) – Acting Cute

Chapter is unedited. I will come back and edit this soon!

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In fact, Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit would often secretly compete to see who ate faster. The tiny game secret was discovered by He Ruge very early on. Since the beginning, He Ruge had always felt that this game was very realistic and detailed. As long as one observed closely, even if it was just watching the cubs drink milk, they would be able to find all sorts of Easter eggs.

But at this moment, when He Ruge saw Little White Tiger turn his head subconsciously, the once intriguing Easter egg he had found was cracked open. The egg shell broke and revealed a knife. He Ruge felt distressed.

Little White Tiger stiffened for a moment before turning his head back around as if nothing had happened. .


It would be best if Little White Tiger could see the Goblin Ball. Thus, He Ruge clicked on the little Goblin Ball in his backpack and wanted to place the ball in front of Little White Tiger, but it was useless. Little White Tiger seemed unable to see the prop.

He lay quietly on the cotton nest, his tiger ears drooped down without much energy. He appeared pitiful and in need of comfort.

He Ruge quickly clicked on [Touch Head].

Every time he patted Little White Tiger’s small head, the dullness in his blue eyes would diminish minutely.


[Roar “It’s warm and comfortable”]

[No. 20’s mood becomes gradually better]

[Roar~ “Touch back, too”]

He Ruge: “……!”

Was this ‘acting cute to beg for pats’? Is it? Is it? It must be!

During his lifetime, he could actually see the image of Little White Tiger actively begging to be petted. He really wanted to bawl (in happiness) on the spot. He Ruge excitedly clicked [Touch Back].

The palm of his hand brushed across Little White Tiger’s back. But, because of the Zerg wings, there were many places on his back that couldn’t be reached, making Little White Tiger unhappy.


[Rawr “The Zerg wings are really hateful”]

[No.20 looks at you]

[……Ao “Do you truly like these Zerg wings?”】

The originally unhappy Little White Tiger became more cautious at this moment, like a little hedgehog just starting school and sitting in his seat nervously, for fear that his spikes would hurt his own deskmate.

He Ruge couldn’t help sighing.

My little white tiger, ah, in what way can I make you understand and believe that you are the cutest little kitten in my whole world, that I like everything about you?

Because this was a game, He Ruge used the game’s method to express himself. He clicked on [Touch Wings], and under Little White Tiger’s calm facade, he gently touched the silver-white Zerg wings.

It was a very gentle touch, as if he regarded the Zerg wings as a precious and fragile existence. Every action reflected cherishment.



[No. 20 has not spoken in a long time]

[No. 20’s stiff body begins to relax]

[……Ao “Except for the wing tips, the other parts of the wings……I also allow you to touch them”]

He Ruge almost shed fatherly tears. After so many years, his rebellious son was finally willing to get close to him, even if it was just awkwardly calling him father, it could make him teary.

Too soft, too cute. How could such a meng Little White Tiger really exist? He Ruge was almost floating. It was only his remaining reason that prevented him from clicking on [Breath on Belly] and the other selectable options,too.

Because it had been a while since he’d checked Little White Tiger’s favorability, He Ruge clicked on Little White Tiger’s status.

[Favorability]: Maybe it’s the love of a friend, or the love of a lover, or the love of a family member. You are an inseparable existence to No.20. Favorability level 93

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

Even though He Ruge had mentally prepared himself a while back, he was still a little surprised at Little White Tiger’s favorability level. He always felt that this game gave out favorability points too willy-nilly, so much that it was comparable to something as unscientific as pie falling from the sky.

…… But, he had indeed become super lucky…….

He Ruge, who became a European1, began to deeply contemplate the possibility of receiving pie from the sky. 

Then, he suddenly remembered that he still had five unopened pink Gacha eggs. Today was a new day, so he could harvest some new rare items.

He Ruge clicked on the pink Gacha button. After the red streaks on his legs glowed and burned, two new, rare items were obtained.

[Name]: Pain Nullifier 

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: If you turn yourself into a robot, would you be able to adjust the stats of your own body? Then, just reduce the pain to the minimum setting, zero! I am now a brave baby who is unafraid of shots~ Hmm? Robots don’t seem to feel pain……

[Name]: Miniature Energy Bomb

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: Have you never seen such a tiny energy bomb? You can even put it in your pocket~ But, it’s not a child’s toy, BANG BANG BANG ~ It’s a weapon that can kill people~

[Limitations]: Only three energy bombs

He Ruge fell silent.

He had been playing this broken game for a while now, so he discovered some hidden contingencies, such as: every time he gets a new rare prop from a pink Gacha egg, it wouldn’t even have time to warm up in his backpack before it would have to be taken out and used.

An analgesic prop, an energy bomb.

What kinda insane crap did this spicy chicken game want to make him do next? Was it going to throw him into a duel? !

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



  1. IDK what pie in the sky has to do with being European, but that’s how the raws had it.

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  1. This is my third time encountering the “european” slang so I’m not too sure about this but apparently, “european” means lucky and “african” means unlucky. The translator of that novel (where I first learned about it) explained why but it’s too damn long so I didn’t read it. It’s probably a gaming slang.


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