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SurrealSky TL 1 Year Anniversary

SurrealSky TL has reached its 1st year anniversary! Woohoo! To celebrate, we will be hosting a donation event. Be on the look out for more information! ✿ヽ( ゜v ゜)ノ*:・゚

June Donation Event!!!

The June Donation Event has ended! Thank You to all the wonderful and amazing readers and donors who supported the Doctors Without Borders donation event!! With everyone’s beautiful support, we achieved $105 USD in donation funds. Including the $50 matched by SurrealSky, the total donation amount is $155 USD! The donation has been sent out and processed. Screenshots of the receipts can be viewed on the event page!!

Artist Spotlight

SurrealSky Translations is honored to collaborate with these amazing artists!!

Translating Chinese novels as a hobby. If any mistakes were made in translation, grammar, or formatting, please comment below the post itself! I will get to them as soon as I can.

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