Thanksgiving Event!

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Dear Readers!

SurrealSky Translations is hosting a Thanksgiving Giveaway 2020 event to show appreciation for all the support fans and readers have given since its first post in March 2020.

The event is a collaboration with independent artists where up to 20 random participants will be selected as winners to receive a Thank You gift.

Hi all! Thank You for participating in the Thanksgiving Giveaway Event 2020! The event is officially closed for submission. Since there were fewer than 20 entrants, all who participated will receive a giveaway item! UwU) To all those who commented above, please PRIVATE MESSAGE/CONTACT ME to receive further instructions (provide an email to contact you back with). All information is completely confidential and will ONLY be shared with the artist who will be mailing you the items! Best, Surreal Sky

Participation Rules — TLDR Version

  1. Follow SurrealSkyTranslations through WordPress or Email!
  2. Leave a comment on THIS page: Two (2) or more things you are most grateful for in the year of 2020. (Cannot be harmful, cannot be vague. More info below.)
  3. Include the type of giveaway item you prefer (Just ONE):
    • Any cute artwork
    • MXTX theme

*Last day to enter: November 30, 2020. 11:59 p.m (BIT)

**Winners will be announced December 1, 2020

Rules for Participation (Full)

  1. Participant must be following this site either through WordPress or email
  2. On this page, leave a comment on Two (2) or more things you are grateful for in the year of 2020.
    • It can be anything as long as it is not harmful to any other person.
    • They must not be too vague (ie: “I am grateful for music” will not work. But, “I am grateful that music has kept me motivated through these times” does work!!)
    • Keep in mind that everyone can see this!
  3. In the same comment, write down your choice of gift!
  4. The gift choices are listed below:
    • Any cute artwork
    • MXTX themed merch
  5. Participant may only leave ONE comment. Please do not spam! >_< If you made a mistake in the comments, leave a ‘reply’ below it to let me know, so I can delete it! Then, you can post another one!

*Last day to enter: November 30, 2020
11:59 p.m (BIT)

**Winners will be announced December 1, 2020

All gift options are made by collaborating independent artists!!

Those who do not follow the rules for participation shall have their posts deleted.

Important Note: Due to current mailing restrictions, specific countries listed in the USPS international mail suspension list will not be able to receive items from the USA. Please check your country’s mailing restrictions for more info.

To start us off (also as an example):

  1. SurrealSky is immensely grateful for all the warm support readers have shown since its first post!
  2. I am also thankful that even though many things have changed this past year, many have also stayed the same – such as being able to enjoy a good book (^u^)/
  3. (optional) Last but not least, I am thankful for all my friends and family, for being there for me even though we may not be able to meet up physically.
    • Any Cute Artwork

Please check out the Artist Spotlight!! page for more information on the amazing artists participating in this event! The page can also be found under EVENTS.

EVENT IS CLOSED!! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING. Please look forward to the December donation event!

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Event!”

  1. During this whole Pandemic, I’ve truly been grateful for my family. I still live with my Mother and she was diagnosed with a rare late stage, but highly treatable, cancer last December, just before this all started. Somehow, through risky surgery, some chemo, and a whole lot of recovery, she’s now seems to be cancer free. But we’ve all been in self imposed hard quarentine because Covid probably will kill her since March. We’ve been our only source of physical socialization for 8-9 months and we’re all the closer for it. We rarely even feel like killing each other. Lots of Sunday drives with 50-90’s rock song alongs to get some sunshine and get out of the house and loosing terribly to my Mum at Rummy in the evenings.

    I’m also ridiculously grateful for Art. I know that seems broad, but hear me out. At the beginning of all this, I lost my dream job as a Manager of a little art co-op when the non-essential businesses shut down mandate in our state shut our doors for good. Our profit margin was too small to survive closing our doors for 2-3 months. That and mum’s cancer had left me at loose ends. So I’ve been doing Art. Not for sale, or for commission, or even for my portfolio, but just for me. I’ve gone back to studying art. Watching YouTube tutorials, trying the Inktober challenge, etc. It’s kept me sane and not quite so depressed. Between my own efforts and appreciating other’s efforts during all this, (such as these lovely novels you translate) Art has let me feel like I’m not trapped in a house with no job and no prospects as the world burns around me. Instead I can explore the world and life through a different medium.

    And on the note, some cute art to brighten the next 6-8 months of quarantine until the vaccine is readily available would be nice. 🙂

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  2. I’m extremely grateful for people providing content during these hard times without art and novels I would’ve gone crazy inside the house, these amazing content creators-especially you!
    have left me with something to look forward to everyday and also help me maintain a positive mindset despite all the stress accumulated from working from home.
    I am also thankful for my friendS and family who have supported me, especially the ones that occasionally pop up to give me zoom call or text, these little bits of contact all felt really special in my heart as it just feels warm to know that people care about you enough to seek you out especially with my ongoing insecurity issues.
    MXTX theme

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  3. 1. My mom passed away this month, and I’ve been terribly sad and numb, but I’m immensely thankful for the time I was able to spend with her! My mom’s the best mom in the world to me, and I wouldn’t have her be anybody else!
    2. After she passed away, people have been so supportive! They gave us food, flowers, prayers, well wishes, and even helped me stay motivated! It’s not easy having her pass away in my senior year of high school… I’m supposed to be applying for colleges right now! I even thought of giving up my intended major of piano performance, but my best friend, colleagues and church people have helped me decide that I should go through with it, so thank you to all of them!
    3. Thank you to Surreal Sky Translations for holding this! It’s nice to have somewhere to thank people or things! I’ll surely remember to send my thanks to others personally now! Thank you again!
    MXTX themed merch is my goal!!!

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  4. 1. I’m extremely grateful to the fact my parent has a stable job during these difficult time, and the fact there seems to be a normal in the crazy world right now.
    2. I’m very grateful to the youtube channel simplynailogical and her podcast for helping me during these times. I appreciate the humor from her channel and the advice that come from her podcast.
    3. Thank you for hosting such a even, and this was a nice time to reflect on things I’m grateful for this year. Thank you for translating this novel as well! Happy Early Thanksgiving!
    Cute Artwork would be nice.

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  5. 1) I live alone and have been separated from my bffs and my partner – I don’t know what I would do without my cat! I adopted him last October and he has been great to hug and cuddle this past year when I can’t have people to visit. I am very grateful for his tolerance of me bothering him all the time haha.

    2) I am SUPER EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for video apps and a good internet connection. I have streamed so many shows to watch along with friends (like Scum Villain!!!) and gotten together to do art jams with friends and family. Once we had four generations on one call doing some coloring books and that would’ve been rare even without quarantine, since we all live so far apart. Thanks technology~

    – MXTX themed would be nice, I love their novels!

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  6. 1. I’m extremely thankful to two very special friends who have stuck around with me and made time to have video and voice chats together once in a while. And they even stay to listen to me ramble about gacha games and dumb story ideas I come up with! To shorten things, they really helped me with taking my mind off of school and some other things that I won’t be going into details. Don’t think I would’ve lasted this long without them, haha.

    2. Very grateful to one of my teachers who let me just vent and complain to him for a whole hour. Patience of a saint, that man. You know when things stack up to the point that any little thing might set you off? So that happened, and that teacher just unfortunately happened to be there, so he’s the one who ended up taking the brunt of it. We talked for a while and got some things sorted out. Still have a lot to work on, but just talking about it to somebody about it felt really… uh, liberating? It felt good. Also very happy he wasn’t fazed by me suddenly bursting into tears >.>

    Artwork would be nice ^_^

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  7. 1) The hose to our washer machine broke a few weeks ago, so I’m thankful it didn’t flood the house. I’m also thankful that we can finally get a new washer and dryer, the ones we have were twice my age!

    2) Something I’m greatful for is being done will college. No more test, no more homework, and no more paying for tuition! Now that we don’t have to pay tuition and hoising, my family can start saving up money again.

    – MXTX themed art would be nice, all the art I see for it is both cute and beuatiful.

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    1. Hi Halphas,
      I noticed that you haven’t posted a new comment yet. Because you posted the first one within the designated time frame I will extend your post deadline to December 1 at 6PM (PST). If you would still like to participate, please post before then! Best, SurreakSky


  8. 1. One of the things I’m extremely thankful for this year is the fact that I’ve successfully entered university (since I failed my exam the last time I took it (._.)) and I can finally fulfill my parent’s dream, and that is to finish my studies ~
    2. It’s pandemic, and what I’m most thankful for is that my family is complete. That we’re surviving even though our country – the whole world, actually – is currently facing numerous dilemmas.
    A MXTX themed artwork would be great since I’m a fan! Thank you~ ^^

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  9. Hi, I’m a first year uni student this year. To me, the thing I am most grateful for is the education I have been able to recieve over remote learning; and the effort my teachers and support staff have put in to ensure everyone is able to learn to the same standard regardless of their circumstances.

    I am also grateful the online communities we’ve built on discord and twitter; its helped me so much to destress myself and get rid of the constant dread I have about growing up, and reminds me that everyone is also in the same position.

    Thanks so much to SurrealSky translations for giving us more reason to be thankful this thanksgiving with their translations (super excited for the upcoming chapters of sa!

    Hoping for the mxtx themed merch!😊😊

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  10. 1. I’m extremely grateful to my friends who have kept in contact and stay with me for all these years. I’m glad that we’re both making efforts to keep our relationship close even when we have our own path to tread.

    2. I’m thankful to my family who has always support me unconditionally, especially when I’m at my lowest in last September.

    3. I’m thankful to my cat too. I realised that I’m always busy and rarely got a chance to really play with her, I would really like to thank her for still trusting me and loving me.

    4. Last but not least, I’m grateful to the people who have provided entertainment in this hard time. To SurrealSky for sure, and to authors, translators, musician, and every content creators out there! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

    – MXTX Themed Merch

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  11. Hi all! Thank You for participating in the Thanksgiving Giveaway Event 2020! The event is officially closed for submission. Since there were fewer than 20 entrants, all who participated will receive a giveaway item! UwU) To all those who commented above, please **PRIVATE MESSAGE/CONTACT ME** to receive further instructions (provide an email to contact you back with). All information is completely confidential and will ONLY be shared with the artist who will be mailing you the items! Best, Surreal Sky


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