Donation Event – June 2021

To celebrate SurrealSky Translation’s 1 year anniversary, the site is hosting a donation event as a way to give back to the community.

Dear All,

Thank You to everyone who supported the June donation event for Doctors Without Borders!! With everyone’s amazing and beautiful support, we have achieved $105 USD in donation funds. Including the $50 matched by SurrealSky, the total donation amount is $155 USD!

The donation has been sent out!!!

June donation 210% of $50

SurrealSky will match the donations up to $50, and for every $10 exceeding $100 total, there will be a sponsored chapter scheduled!

The donations will primarily go through Ko-fi/Paypal! If you wish to contribute/donate using another platform, please contact me for potential alternatives.

It was decided through a poll during March~May 2021 that the donation recipient organization will be: Doctors Without Borders

Event ended July 01, 2021

Here’s the results for the donation event poll! (All repeat IP address were filtered out!)

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