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SA Chapter 95 (Part 4) – The Embroiderer, Complete

Part 4/4 of Chapter 95. Finally reached the end of this 10000+ character chapter!

Briefly edited

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   This scene was mentioned once before in the script. It was when Sheng Xiangjun already moved into Kong Chao’s residence. One night, she wanted to seek out Kong Chao, but the housekeeper told her: “His Lordship is currently receiving a distinguished guest. Tonight is inconvenient.”

     Through Sheng Xiangjun’s perspective, the audience learns that the distinguished guest is the Crown Prince, and that the prince quite admired Kong Chao. Earlier that same day, Kong Chao had a dispute with the East Faction’s people, leading to the East Faction not allowing him to enter the premises to conduct a search. So, that night, the Crown Prince personally arrived at the courtyard to give Kong Chao the Crown Prince’s personal order token.

     Consequently, Kong Chao used this token to continue his fight with the East Faction.

     This original plot scenario was mainly to give Kong Chao a legitimate excuse to compete with the East Faction. But now, at Old Liu’s whim, it became an event that shaped the friendship between Zhu Molang and Kong Chao.

     Coincidentally, a bright moon hung high in the sky that night, giving off a brilliant but gentle light.

     Under the focus of everyone in the crew, the crown prince in white brocades smiled and poured wine for the solemn and handsome Elite Guard Commander. 

     The latter immediately got up to decline this action. But, unexpectedly, the Crown Prince smiled, his features as bright as the moon’s rays, and said: “Why did Commander Kong decide to meet with This Prince? This Prince knows that the East Faction has always had an arrogant and domineering personality, and I have never seen anyone who dared confront them so blatantly as you do. This Prince admires Commander Kong’s bravery.”

     Kong Chao again declined his (drink) offer.

     The young Crown Prince frowned in embarrassment and sighed: “Does Commander Kong look down on This Prince?”

     Kong Chao deliberated for a while in silence before finally sitting back and conceding.

     The Crown Prince then waved his hand to dismiss his guards. The guards hesitated to leave at first, but the Crown Prince turned his head and smiled: “If there was a threat that even Lord Kong couldn’t deal with, what is the use of your presence?”

This statement was truly a showing of sincerity, and Kong Chao’s originally stiff straight spine slowly relaxed.

     Like so, the wine was poured and the atmosphere was built, and the noble Crown Prince flaunted no air of superiority, treating the Commander of the Elite Guards with honest friendship. In the end, people’s hearts are made of flesh and blood. No matter how cold and indifferent Kong Chao was, he couldn’t help but be drawn to the Crown Prince’s virtuous and earnest personality.

     Without the barrier (of rank), it became natural to chat about anything on their mind (1).

     The two discussed the East and West factions, the government’s system of honor, the cities to the farmlands, and they spoke of the current war situation.

     Kong Chao didn’t dare say too much, but the Crown Prince took his hand and smiled: “We’re merely chatting about it. There are good people all around, all determined to do their best for me. Only the Heavens and Earth, and you and I, know. Does Lord Kong not have faith in me?”

     (With the Crown Prince) no longer calling himself “This Prince (Ben Gong)”, the final hesitations in Kong Chao’s heart also gave way.

     When Kong Chao woke up the following day, the Crown Prince had already left for Morning Court. A white jade token with the character “Lang” written on it lay on the table beside (Kong Chao’s) bed. This was the Crown Prince’s personal order token, and Kong Chao was even more moved.

     Surprisingly, the filming of this scene didn’t go very smoothly initially.

     Old Liu never held doubts for Qin Cheng’s acting skills, and he also now completely trusted Rong Xu’s. However, even though the two’s acting skills were sufficient, Old Liu kept feeling that something was wrong during the first and second takes. It wasn’t until the third take where Zhu Molang used a warm and soft tone to repeatedly try and win over Kong Chao that Old Liu was finally satisfied.

     After this scene was completed, Rong Xu was finally well and truly done (with this film).

     Post makeup removal, Rong Xu didn’t immediately leave the set. Instead, he stayed with the crew to watch Qin Cheng and Huang Lei’s scenes because Old Liu was going to hold a final banquet for Rong Xu in a hotel near the Film and Television city after today’s work was over in another hour or two.

     It is definitely a pleasure to watch actors with top tier skills.

     Needless to say about Qin Cheng’s acting skills, when he was filming the ending fight scene with this man, Rong Xu had the illusion that the other party truly held a love-hate attitude towards himself. Love was formed from respect, while the hatred was pure disdain. When his sword pierced through the Crown Prince’s shoulder bone, Qin Cheng had truly held murderous intent and completely become one with Kong Chao.

     As for Huang Lei, the actress didn’t disappoint Old Liu either. Through her interpretation, Sheng Xiangjun’s unyielding strength was able to be vividly put on display.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     The scene they filmed today was one where Kong Chao finally found a clue, but East Faction spies came to assassinate him. Kong Chao asked Sheng Xiangjun to flee with an (important) object; and as soon as he finished speaking, Kong Chao’s woman turned around and departed without ever glancing back.

     Logically, this behavior would be deemed ruthless to the extreme. But through Huang Lei’s interpretation, one could see her calm-headedness, intellect, and the deep affection in her trembling eyes and determined expression. She loved Kong Chao, but she wouldn’t make reckless decisions for the sake of a relationship.

     Watching these two share a scene, Rong Xu gradually realized something.

     No good actor would dare say that their acting skills have peaked and didn’t need further improvement. People should focus on constantly studying and learning, and asking others for advice so that they can make progress and hone their skills.

     Rong Xu watched on, fascinated, and didn’t notice that his little assistant standing beside him had her brows furrowed, thinking about something with a troubled expression.

     Luo Qian pursed her lips and thought for a long time. After hesitating left and right, she finally couldn’t help but whisper to Rong Xu: “Xiao Xu…… Don’t you think the last scene Old Liu added seems a bit strange?”

     Hearing this, Rong Xu looked at her in surprise: “What’s wrong?”

     Luo Qian thought for a while before replying: “……The Crown Prince drank wine at his official’s courtyard all night, but then suddenly leaves without saying goodbye the next morning. It just feels strange.”

     Rong Xu raised an eyebrow slightly and said with a smile: “If you drink too much, you can only stay a while. Is there anything strange with that? Moreover, the Crown Prince has a responsibility of overseeing the country. He has morning court to hold, so of course he must return to the Palace early in the morning. “

     Luo Qian: “But, but…….”

     Rong Xu smiled at her.

     Luo Qian lowered her head silently: “Fine, nevermind……”

     After carefully confirming that his little assistant seemed to be okay with that closure, Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng. Not looking was still fine. But, as soon as he glanced over, it was truly a sight to behold! At this time, Qin Cheng was playing an injured person, lying in bed with his eyes closed and pretending to be dead while Huang Lei was taking care of him.

     Yet, as soon as the camera wasn’t on him, this man turned to (wink at Rong Xu)! ! !

     Rong Xu: “……”

     Rong Xu felt both amused and helpless at heart. He thought for a moment before stretching out a hand to wave back at Qin Cheng.

     This caused the other man’s eyes to brighten, and while his back was still turned to the camera, he rapidly winked a few more times at Rong Xu.

     Rong Xu: “……”

     Luo Qian, who was standing beside (Rong Xu), didn’t catch the small exchanges between the two people because she was completely immersed in her own world at this moment.

     Luo Qian was a Rong Fan (Rong “Powder”). Even before becoming Rong Xu’s assistant, she was already part of the community. However, she was a pure fan, not a CP fan. Although she had liked Qin Cheng since before, she wasn’t a ChengRong CP fan. But, today, with the scene of “drinking under the moonlit night” continuously replaying in front of her eyes, plus the ChengRong posts she accidentally saw in the forum the night before……

     Was there truly no ambiguity in that scene?!

    Coupled with the words that the Crown Prince said before he was hacked to death by Kong Chao in the finale…….How come the more she thought about it, the more they seemed to be words scolding a heartless man aaaaahhhhh! The emotionlessly ruthless kind aaaaahhhhhh! ! !

     [QianQian’s Big Adventure: I think my three views need to be reevaluated, begging the movie to be released soon aaaahhhh!!! 】

     After posting this Weibo, Luo Qian turned off her phone and felt more at ease, but she was completely ignorant of the potential impact of her Weibo post.

     Rong Fans (Rong Powders) have long known that the PO (post) owner of “Qian Qian’s Big Adventure” was Rong Xu’s assistant. Now that Luo Qian posted something, they immediately thought the other party was talking about “Maze City”. Why does “Maze City”’s three worldly views need to be reevaluated? Could it be that this movie was going to be particularly explosive, and that Rong Rong’s character would be particularly shocking?

     【Ooooooooooooooooooo! ! We also want “Maze City” to be released soon, we also want “Maze City” to be released soon! ! ! 】

     In this way, when the advertising crew for “Maze City” found out that they had inexplicably gained another wave of popularity, they happily reported the situation to Director Yuan. Director Yuan sighed: “When I looked for Rong Xu, I really found the right one. He’s simply a blessing, a blessing! Hahahaha!”

     At the same time, the blessing mentioned by Director Yuan was heading to the hotel with the crew of The Embroiderer.

     Probably because today’s filming went well, Old Liu was in a good mood. With a wave of his hand, he ordered a large private feast and a few cases of liquor, saying generously: “Our filming progress has been very smooth. If we continue like so, we could be finished a week in advance. Tomorrow morning, everyone can take a break. So let’s not dally any longer; no one goes home if they aren’t drunk tonight!”

     As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the crew was immediately enlivened.

     When they first gathered together, some of the staff members were still a bit restrained and uncertain what to do with their hands and feet. But, after hearing Old Liu’s rough and unrestrained laughter, they finally began to relax.

     When Old Liu was serious, he was extremely serious. But, when the director joked around, he was truly having fun.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     Since Old Liu said so, everyone could eat and drink with an easy heart.

     Given that the words “if you aren’t drunk, you can’t go home” has already been said, no one (in the crew) could be an exception. After three rounds of drinking, practically everyone was plastered, leaving only the designated staff members who were going to drive, as well as some of the actors’ assistants.

     Old Liu had also ruled: “None of the assistants are allowed to drink for you today. Drink everything by yourself!”

     During the banquet, the men all drank a lot of alcohol. Qin Cheng wasn’t too bad since except for Old Liu and the producer, no one else dared raise a toast to him (and make him down another glass). There was one person who, in his drunkenness, walked up to Qin Cheng to give a toast. But, just as he raised the glass, he saw Qin Cheng’s indifferent eyes and then turned and walked away.

     Rong Xu wasn’t as lucky.

     Old Liu was a very busy person, so he’d never watched Black Clouds and naturally didn’t know that Rong Xu had released a CD single. At this time, Rong Xu hadn’t truly transitioned into the music industry, and even if he did become a singer, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t drink at all. Thus, everyone toasted to Rong Xu one by one.

     From the start, that evening’s banquet was dedicated to Rong Xu, and starting from the makeup team, everyone came to bid Rong Xu farewell.

     Just as Old Liu was about to toast Rong Xu for the second time, he watched as the young man with flushed cheeks and drunkenly narrowed eyes raised his glass before suddenly(!) toppling over on his side.

     Qin Cheng rushed over just in time to catch him, but Old Liu was already drunk and retorting: “I already said, Xiao Qin, you are not allowed to help Xiao Rong drink. I know you two have a good relationship, but you are still not allowed to drink for him. If you drink for him, I’ll cut your screen time! Cut cut cut cut cut cut…… En, I’ll cut you down to only one minute HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

     Completely ignoring the words of the drunk man, Qin Cheng glanced over at Xu Jin, who was next to him. The latter immediately caught Old Liu’s attention and said with a smile: “Old Liu, look, Old Chen was just saying that if he didn’t get drunk with you, he won’t leave. You shouldn’t leave him hanging , that’s no good……”

     Meanwhile, Qin Cheng directly propped Rong Xu up and headed outside. However, the younger man leaned his entire body weight on him and couldn’t even walk. After debating for a moment, (Qin Cheng) opted to pick him up sideways and walk straight out of the banquet hall.

     Seeing this, Luo Qian followed along in a hurry, and Qin Cheng’s little assistant also chased after them. Before leaving, (Luo Qian) looked back at Xu Jin and watched as Xu Jin pulled Old Liu over for a drink. The latter was coaxed around and around by Xu Jin, and didn;t have time to notice Rong Xu and the others’ departure.

     Away from the noisy banquet hall, the handsome and beautiful young man lay obediently in Qin Cheng’s arms. Like a lazy cat, he rubbed against the man’s broad chest, causing the older man’s eyes to darken. After rubbing for a while, he seemed to have finally found a comfortable position, and the young man’s lips curled up a bit more.

     And then he fell back asleep.

     It was deep into the night when the group of four left the banquet hall and entered the parking lot, heading back to the hotel.

     The author has something to say: Orange Qin: Logically speaking, in most other novels, it would be the optimal time to drive (*winks).

     Fuwa: Let’s be reasonable, other people’s gong’s are all cool and arrogant, domineering kings. With a stomp of their shoes, the Earth would shake three times! You, a small orange, want to be treated like a domineering president, and drive whenever you want? Do you even have a driver’s license? [Picks nose]

     RongRong: …… I also want to know, when will we drive (*winks)……

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


1: Direct Chinese translation: “discuss the sky and lands”

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