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SA Chapter 82 (Part 1) – [Hidden Title]

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Of course, the fans wouldn’t know about the resentment in a certain man’s heart. When they saw on the TV that Ye Qiao was the award presenter for the Best Supporting Actor in a weekly drama, they all cheered happily.

As everyone knew, Ambush was the weekly drama with the highest viewer ratings in the past year. Before the Best Supporting Actor Award, Ambush was also the biggest weekly TV drama winner. With the exception of Best Supporting Actress, it won almost all its other nominations.

Yi Lan failing to win the Best Supporting Actress Award was most likely due her character’s personability. However, it was different for Rong Xu. Huo Xi’s popularity as a character was definitely a huge leverage. Throughout the TV series, he had repeatedly become a trending topic on the Internet. Even at the Peony Awards today, there were many fans holding light signs with the two words “Huo Xi”, excitedly waving their arms around beneath the stage.

And so, when Ye Qiao stood in front of the microphone and called out the name with a smile, the audience members in front of the TV completely exploded. 

LanYao CP


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After half a year, they were standing in the same frame again! Moreover, Ye Qiao actually personally handed the award over to Rong Xu! 

On the Internet, you could see numerous posts and Weibo updates brushing the topic “LanYao CP” everywhere. Although many fans didn’t usually consume this CP, this time, the sugar content was too high and too sweet. Occasionally eating such dog food was no issue. 

Even after Rong Xu gave his award speech and stepped off the stage, the cheers of the fans echoed throughout the venue for a long time. 

Rong Xu and Ye Qiao walked off the stage together. Ye Qiao smiled and said: “Are you surprised?” 

The youth raised an eyebrow and smiled: “You were the award presenter for tonight, why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…   

Ye Qiao had been formally invited by the organizing committee as early as three days ago to become the presenter for Best Supporting Actor of a weekly drama for the Peony Awards. However, since meeting up with Rong Xu this evening till he appeared on the stage, he never gave Rong Xu prior notice. 

Ye Qiao laughed: “Isn’t this giving you a wonderful surprise, Xiao Xu? Congratulations on winning the first trophy cup of your life. When I debuted, I was also nominated for this award. But, it’s a pity that I didn’t win the award that year. The winner of that year……” After recalling for a bit, Ye Qiao suddenly widened his eyes: “Hey, the winner that year was Han Yanghao!” 

Rong Xu was startled, and then laughed helplessly. 

The two chatted for a while and then returned to their seats.

When Ye Qiao first debuted many years ago, he did indeed get nominated for this award, but unfortunately, he had lost to Han Yanghao, who’s popularity was in full swing at the time. However, the feng shui had turned, and now Ye Qiao was qualified to be the Presenter for this award while Han Yanghao wasn’t even qualified to participate in the award ceremony. He had long since become washed up, and there was no news on him at all. 

However, there were rumors in the industry that the Han Yanghao of now seemed to have been kicked out by President Li. He searched for a long time before he found a new gold master. The other party had a handful of tricks, and it’s said that he had even tortured a tender, new model into something that no longer looked human. Also, as a side note, this new owner…… was a rich old man in his sixties.

Once Rong Xu returned to his seat, he put Ye Qiao’s words behind him. 

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream

He had just sat down when he heard Director Zheng say with a smile: “Congratulations, Rong Xu. This time, the organizing committee should’ve deliberately asked Ye Qiao to present the award to you. The Peony Awards is different from the Golden Bell Awards. Asking Ye Qiao to present the awards would definitely increase the ratings and popularity.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu curled the corner of his lips and said not, knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Director Zheng, aren’t you being too blunt?” 

Director Zheng waved his hand indifferently: “I’m only forty years old this year, and I’m not much older than you. Isn’t it because you and Ye Qiao filmed Vie for Supremacy together and have some sort of CP going on? I know about this. So, you just see, maybe in an hour, your and Ye Qiao’s names will be together on the trending searches list.” 

Sure enough, Director Zheng’s words became true, but they were also a bit inaccurate.

Where would it take an hour? In just a short forty minutes, these two tags, #RongXu# and #LanYao#, one was bumped up to 4th on the trending list, and the other was bumped up to 47th! Rong Xu was already on the trending list, but ‘Lanyao CP’ was boosted up by this small move made by the organizing committee.

Clicking on this topic, countless fans were reminiscing the scenes in Vie for Supremacy

[The kingly path of LanYao! I didn’t expect to be able to see LanYao on the same stage again during my lifetime. This candy, I’ve swallowed it! 】

 [The officials are forced to die together! The officials are forced to die together! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I will obediently open my mouth and eat dog food, OK? ovo] 

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Among Rong Xu’s three released works, although numerous CPs had been formed over the year, the most popular ones were still LanYao and ChengRong. Although the ChengRong CP fans didn’t get to eat candy at the awards ceremony tonight, they really couldn’t say anything. After all, the relationship between Rong Xu and Ye Qiao was truly very good. When “Lost Wings’” CD was released, Ye Qiao had also forwarded his support. 

Although the hearts of the Cheng Rong CP fans couldn’t accept this, their mouths stayed silent. After all, this was Rong Xu’s happy day for getting an award. However, there was still one big fan who actually stood up and spoke out——

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# Today’s Rong Rong is as good-looking as ever. Congratulations on your win, Kiss Kiss =3= [Image]] 

As soon as this Weibo post appeared, many ChengRong CP fans immediately liked and supported it. 

However, under the large wave of “LanYao Kingly Path” posts, this voice was too weak. After Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing quietly posted this Weibo, they no longer replied to other fans. The Netizens only thought that this Godly tyrant wealthy fair maiden was posting on Weibo to express their devoted, loyal CP fan position. What they didn’t know was that the other party had already begun to act secretly. 

On the other side, the Peony Awards ceremony was still ongoing.

Unsurprisingly, Ambush was the biggest winner among the weekly broadcasted dramas tonight. They won numerous awards, such as Best TV Series of the Year, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor. In total, Ambush won seven awards! When Ambush’s theme song sounded through the venue, all the crew members stood on the stage and joyously showed off their trophies to the audience. 

At this point, the award ceremony for the Weekly TV dramas was over, and the award ceremony for the Daily TV dramas officially began. 

Next was Vie for Supremacy’s stage, and the first award to be announced was the Best Newcomer Award. 

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.

This time, the award Presenter who took to the stage was an old, respected celebrity. 

The popularity of this old celebrity might not be as high as the current trending Little Flowers and Little Fresh Meat, but he had filmed countless TV dramas before. This old man had never won any TV Show Emperor awards in his lifetime, but he had won many, many Best Supporting Actor awards. He had dedicated his life to TV dramas, and when he appeared, he received heated applause from everyone present.

Looking down from this stage, the old celebrity smiled kindly: “Fresh blood will always be the most important thing within this circle, and I am very happy to be able to stand up here on this stage today and present the Best Newcomer Award……” 

Rong Xu sat beneath the stage and looked up at the elderly man with a smile. The eyes of countless media reporters were now focused on him, and there are even many fellow celebrities who were quietly observing him. Their eyes desired to see through this youth, but no matter how long they watched, they only saw the young man’s gentle and polite smile. 

On stage, the old celebrity opened the envelope in his hand. When he saw the name on the card, he smiled slightly and looked gently towards the direction of Ambush’s crew, and then said slowly: “The winner of the Best Newcomer Award for a Weekly TV drama series of the Peony Awards is……” 

Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu!”


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I hid the title because it spoils the fun part of this chapter ^u^ (You will find out in part 2)

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 3) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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While the Peony Award’s criteria for “Best Newcomer Award” was based upon an actor’s first ever work, the “Best Newcomer Award” for the Feitian Awards was based upon an actor’s first official broadcasted TV drama series. The first TV series Rong Xu filmed was Vie for Supremacy but his first broadcasted TV series was Ambush.[1]

The actress probably didn’t expect that she would actually win this award, so she started to cry as she spoke, and it took her five minutes to leave the stage. Next came Best Supporting Actress of which Yi Lan had received a nomination. However, hearing the name “Feng Yuxin” when the results were announced, Yi Lan sighed and gave a helpless laugh.

Rong Xu was keenly aware of the other party’s sense of disappointment, and he smiled: “There is still the Feitian Awards.”


Yi Lan immediately understood that Rong Xu was reminding her that she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a weekly TV series for the Feitian Awards. Thus, the sadness in her heart dissipated a little bit. Yi Lan wanted to make a joke with Rong Xu, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of the brilliant light cards in the auditorium.

In the end, Yi Lan shook her head and said in a polite tone: “Thank you, Rong Xu.”

The change in Yi Lan’s attitude was observed clearly by Rong Xu. He glanced at the other person and didn’t say anything more.

The actress named Feng Yuxin was very clearly prepared. After saying her words of thanks, she walked straight off the stage. 

The event’s host immediately walked back to the front of the stage and began his own commentary: “Yuxin’s role of a female hitman won the admiration of many viewers. Among the viewers’ votes, she had more than 70% of the votes.”

Listening to the host’s compliments of the actress, the audience members in front of the TV all felt it was a bit superfluous.

In fact, Feng Yuxin was long past being a newcomer. That she could obtain the award this time around was also not without reason. Out of all the nominated supporting actresses starring in weekly dramas, only Feng Yuxin’s role was relatively lovable. Although Ambush was the most popular TV series with the highest ratings, Yilan’s role was that of a villain, how could she be liked by the audience.

Yilan might be able to win the Feitian Awards, but the Peony Award was also known as the “Audience’s Popularity Award”, so it was only natural that she couldn’t win.

Just when the audience was beginning to feel bored, they heard the host shift the topic of the conversation as he laughed: “Since the best supporting actress has been announced, then……next up is the results for Best Supporting Actor. Over the past year, there had been many outstanding weekly broadcasted dramas, and there had also many outstanding roles. It’s said that the Male Lead is made for the Female Lead to like while the supporting male actor is reserved for the audience. So, tonight, who will receive the award for the Best Supporting Actor  of a weekly broadcasted drama?”

“Please welcome the guest Award Presenter!”


Loud music blasted from the surround-sound, and the large screen was expanded to both sides as a tall and suave man walked out from the darkness.

When this person’s face appeared completely beneath the light, the audience was momentarily taken aback, and many of Rong Xu’s fans who were in front of the TV slowly widened their eyes. After a minute, they frantically began brushing on the Internet——

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! King Lanyao has arrived! LanYao LanYao LanYao LanYao! ! ! ! #DongLiLanWanQiYao# #RongXu# #YeQiao#】[2]

As for the man who had been silently watching the TV the whole night: “……” 

One minute later, a certain Xu Da [3] manager, who was having dinner with his wife at home, suddenly received a phone call. When he saw the name on the phone screen, Xu Jin was taken aback before quickly glancing at his wife. Only when he realized that the latter hadn’t noticed at all did he heave a sigh of relief and take the phone to the balcony: “I’m going to take a call.” [4]

Hastily answering the phone, Xu Jin whispered: “……I always feel that there’s never anything good whenever you look for me..” 

A man’s deep voice sounded over: “I want to participate in the Peony Awards.” 

Xu Jin: “……” 

After a while, the gold-tier manager who no longer had a temper calmly replied: “With what qualifications do you have to go?” 

Qin Cheng, who never expected he would one day be told “You are not qualified”: “……”

Xu Jin ruthlessly pointed out the facts: “The Peony Award is a TV drama award. Master Qin, what TV dramas have you filmed? What TV drama awards have you won? Or is it that I never knew you were a screenwriter. What TV drama scripts have you written? Give me a reason. Just like this, you are not eligible to participate in the Peony Awards. Of course, it’s also too late. The Peony Awards ceremony is already tonight.”

After deliberating for a while, Qin Cheng raised his eyes to look at the TV.

It’s unknown if the organizing committee asked Ye Qiao to present this award on purpose, or if the camera constantly switching between Ye Qiao and Rong Xu was also on purpose, but the more they did this, the more crazily the fans on the scene screamed. At the same time, on Qin Cheng’s phone screen, fans had already started brushing madly on Rong Xu’s fan forum page.

All the posts only had one keyword–

Lan Yao CP

Hands covering his eyes, Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and said lightly: “Peony Award……Forget it, I want to participate in the Feitian Awards.”

Xu Jin’s mouth twitched as he felt the cool breeze outside on the balcony. He said emotionally: “What provoked you, Master Qin? You really aren’t qualified to participate in the Feitian Awards, I’m not speaking nonsense. Xia Muyan and Wen Xuan, although they don’t act in TV dramas anymore, they have before, which is why they have a reason to go. You, who haven’t acted in a single TV drama, what reason will you use to attend? You have absolutely no relation with that circle.”

 “Are there any recent TV dramas that need a investor?”

“……” Xu Jin said bluntly: “I want to remind you that the Feitian Awards is coming up next week.”

Qin Cheng let out a soft “Oh”: “Then what TV dramas this week need……”

The man’s voice suddenly stopped, and Xu Jin heard the sound of applause and cheers from the other end of the phone. Xu Jin listened confusedly. He didn’t understand what was going on, but Qin Cheng’s voice became even colder. He said word-by-word: “Next week, I will be going to the Feitian Awards. You think of a way.”

Xu Jin: “……Can I refuse?”

Qin Cheng: “Thank you for your hard work.” 

Xu Jin: “……” Don’t think that if you give him a few praises, he will naturally become obedient!!! 

Having said that, after Xu Jin hung up the phone and went back into the house, he didn’t go back to dinner, but rather started frantically making calls non-stop. 

Generally speaking, the task of an agent/manager was to find resources for their artists, but Xu Jin was different. He only had one artist, Qin Cheng, under him. But, even though there was only one, he was equivalent to one hundred other artists, and his ability to cause trouble…… was also equivalent to one hundred others.

While calling to solicit his connections, Xu Jin complained: “Why won’t the heavens open their eyes so that this guy can also have a taste of being oppressed by others?” 

In the dining room, Mrs. Xu calmly said: “It is your honor to help my family’s God Qin.” 

Xu Jin: “……” These days really are difficult! I am “your family” okay?! ! ! 

On the other side, Qin Cheng put down his phone and looked at the TV. On the TV screen, Ye Qiao was calling out the name everyone was expecting. Amidst the fanatical shouts from the audience, a young man walked onto the stage step by step, and then…… gave Ye Qiao a brief hug.

Ye Qiao personally handed the Award to Rong Xu. 

Qin Cheng: “…..” Your hand bumped into his finger! Bumped

Ye Qiao smiled and gave Rong Xu his blessings. 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Blessings are blessings, but why are you so close! 

Looking down at his phone screen again, he only saw everyone in Rong Xu’s fan forum all brushing the same phrase —

[No more regrets in this life with LanYao, Martial Brothers sharing deep kingly affection! 】 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

This morning, you guys were still brushing “No Regrets in This Life with ChengRong”! Just this morning! This morning! ! !

The author has something to say: 

Fans: His Royal Highness personally gave YaoYao the award, so warm, LanYao is tossing out candy, so sweet~~~

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: This group of fans with no morals! ChengRong is the one that’s kingly! ChengRong!

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[1]’Broadcast vs normal show’: uh. I’m not too clear what the difference is, but I’m assuming one is recorded for multiple media platform viewings while the broadcast is solely through the TV. For example: the difference between an actual TV show vs a Ne*flix show.

[2] Dong Lilan is the character played by Ye Qiao in Vie for Supremacy – refer to chapters 40 and prior

[3]Da: short for Da Da (‘big big’) a modern phrase that represents a certain party is an expert or super skilled at a specific thing

[4] Remember that XJ’s wife is a huge fan of Qin Cheng’s LOL

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 2) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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On Weibo, if you scrolled through the page under the topic #PeonyAwards#, it was filled with news on the cast of Vie for Supremacy.

Among them, the fans were pretty equally divided between Rong Xu and Tang Menglan, with both sides frantically brushing to express their love for their gods and goddesses.

Although the time since Rong Xu’s debut was short, his popularity couldn’t be doubted. Before long, #RongXuPeonyAwards# rose up to 20th rank in the trending searches, becoming the sixth celebrity tonight to trend due to the Peony Awards.

When the crew of Vie for Supremacy officially entered the venue, the fans in front of the TV sighed, unable to hide their sense of loss. Meanwhile, among the lucky audience members at the scene, Zhong Siyu and the other Rong fans quickly stood up and waved the light cards they purchased and/or handmade, shouting loudly and sharply towards the people beneath the stage.


“Rong Rong! Rong Rong!!!” 

“AAHH AHHHHH, Rong Rong, look at me. I’m over here! I really like you!!!” 

“Rong Rong!!!” 

The first to enter the venue was Director Guo, followed by Tang Menglan and Dong Zheng. Rong Xu entered the crew with Ye Qiao, as Ye Qiao pulled him along to talk about a film he (Ye Qiao) was filming recently. It was a war film, and Ye Qiao wanted to change up his image, working towards gaining a tough guy reputation. 

Listening to what he said, Rong Xu nodded slightly and stated his own opinion: “But, your appearance really doesn’t seem to suit that.”

Ye Qiao directly showed off his muscles: “People can always change. Xiao Xu, you also don’t look like a tough guy. Are you really not gonna try out some kind of war film or action movie in the future?”

Rong Xu was slightly taken aback, as if he didn’t expect Ye Qiao to say such a thing. He couldn’t help but lift the corner of his mouth as he said: “What Brother Ye says makes sense. I did seem to accidentally limit myself……” 

“Rong Rong!!!”

The crazy shouting suddenly interrupted Rong Xu’s words, and he and Ye Qiao turned to look towards the audience. His line of sight stopped when he saw the light cards, and the youth’s clear, beautiful eyes slowly widened. A while late, he couldn’t resist chuckling as he stared out at the brilliant lights.

Ye Qiao said emotionally: “Look at your fans. There’s so many. In the entire auditorium, your fans’ shouts are the loudest.”

Tang Menglan also turned her head and said with a smile: “No, this truly is the back wave of the Yangtze River pushing the front. We are all shot dead on the beach by Xiao Xu.” (*1)

Ye Qiao immediately joked: “Sister Tang, stop trying to outcompete me. I’m the one who’s shot dead on the beach. Look over there and see how many fans are holding your light signs while shouting your name. You don’t have any fewer fans than Rong Xu.” 

They laughed as they talked, and didn’t notice that Rong Xu had stopped walking as he smiled and waved to the fans. 

The young ladies became more excited: “Rong Rong!!!” 

However, it was a pity that Rong Xu just walked to the Vie for Supremacy seating area and said a few words to Director Guo and others, when he turned and left the venue again three minutes later. The young ladies all felt a sense of loss, but soon, Rong Xu appeared once more on the big screen. This time, he walked down the red carpet with the crew of Ambush.

[ I can see Rong Rong walk down the red carpet twice tonight. I’M SO HAPPY. This life was worth it! 】

 [The screen is too dirty, it must be licked! ! ! 】

 [Wuli Rong is honestly so good-looking, I really like his image tonight, like a noble and cute young master, isn’t it alike?! 】 

[Alike alike alike alike alike! ! ! Seeing Rong Rong walking down with the crew of Ambush, he’s even more like one of the country’s young masters. This kind of Rong Rong, if he stood next to Handsome Marshall Huo……Huh, how come it seems to be ‘Seeing the pleasures of my heart’ _(:3」∠)_ oh self-aimed attack, maybe I am broken……]

Everyone was talking enthusiastically with eyes focused on Rong Xu. When Rong Xu was still filming Ambush, no one would have thought that he would grow to be this popular in just half a year’s time. As for the Ambush crew, though the male lead did not appear, everyone ignored it and didn’t think too much about the existence of the actor who enjoyed throwing his weight around.

Rong Xu himself naturally didn’t know about the online comments. After he sat down with the Ambush crew, he could only hear the excited screams from the fans behind him as they chanted his name over and over again. Rong Xu couldn’t help but turn his head around a few times and wave to them, making them shout even louder.

After deliberating for a moment, Rong Xu sighed softly and stopped turning around.

The voices of these young ladies had already become slightly hoarse. Although he wasn’t attracted to women, he still couldn’t bear to let his fans go hoarse.

There was a common saying within this industry. At the “Popularity Contest” Peony Awards, whomever received the loudest name shouts would have the most face because it was equivalent to having the highest degree of current popularity. As long as Rong Xu turned around and looked back, he could arouse the fans’ enthusiasm to shout louder, but he didn’t really want to do it that way.

Zhang Tongtong sat on Rong Xu’s left, and seeing him with his head lowered in contemplation, she smiled and started up a conversation with him. As Rong Xu was hesitating about whether or not to turn around and greet the fans, the Peony Awards officially kicked off while he was chatting with Zhang Tongtong.

The voices in the audience gradually settled down, and when the well-known Huaxia host appeared, the year’s three TV dramas awards officially started with the Peony Awards.

As in the years past, the first awards announced were the technical awards for weekly TV dramas. Best Picture, Best Music, Best Props…… the awards were announced one by one, and the crew of Ambush walked up to the stage individually to receive awards. Their nominations were transformed into heavy trophies.

Rong Xu remained seated and applauded every crew member.


After the technical awards for the weekly dramas are given out, next came the awards for the daily dramas. Of course, now it was the crew of Vie for Supremacy’s turn to repeatedly walk up to the stage to receive awards. 

In the end, among the technical awards, Ambush won Best Costume, Best Prop and Best Original Music. Meanwhile, in addition to the three awards similarly won by Ambush, Vie for Supremacy also won Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Costume Make-up.

By the time the technical awards were done, the atmosphere on scene had already been fired up to a climax.

The awards that were already presented were those that rewarded the staff members who silently dedicated themselves to the TV series behind the scenes. They weren’t celebrities, but their work couldn’t be disregarded. Without them, there would be no good products; they were the cornerstones of the entire film and television industry.

The awards to be announced following the technical awards were tonight’s main focus, and they included Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Male/Female Actor, Best Male/Female Lead Actor, Best Director, and Best TV Series of the Year.

Thus, in this order, the next to be announced was the Best Newcomer of the weekly drama category.

The one announcing the awards on stage was now a second-tier little flower. They smiled and called out the name of an actress who then walked onto the stage excitedly with a surprised look and began her speech of gratitude.

Amidst the Ambush crew, Director Zheng applauded and laughed: “Unfortunately, the Peony Awards is calculated based on the actor’s first work. Otherwise, the Best Newcomer award would belong to you, to our Huo Xi.” 

Rong Xu smiled faintly: “Director Zheng, Huo Xi also has a nomination for Best Newcomer in the coming Feitian Awards.” 

Director Zheng chuckled.

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1. Referring to the idea that new generation is overtaking the current generation

Not much happens in these chapters, but it’s the build-up to the intense storm of emotions coming in later lolol. IT’S COMING

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 81 (Part 1) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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Zhong Siyu had flown in from South City to B city yesterday to attend Huaxia’s annual Peony Awards Ceremony. 

Every year, the Peony Awards would randomly select five hundred lucky spectators across the country and invite them to participate as audience members for the entire ceremony. One would be able to see numerous celebrities here; it truly could be described as shining and unparalleled. Being able to participate in such an event and see one’s favorite celebrities was naturally a glorious and joyful occasion. 

Thus, Zhong Siyu was super excited and even arrived (to B city) in advance in order to prepare herself. In the afternoon, she also specially and carefully applied makeup and wore her newly purchased skirt, but it wasn’t just to go see celebrities. 

She came for Rong Xu. 

When the Peony Awards announced the nomination list for that year, Rong Xu’s fan circle boiled over.


As everyone knew, the Peony Awards, Golden Bell Awards and Feitian Awards were the three most important TV drama awards ceremonies in Huaxia. These weren’t ordinary, small awards. Participating in these three awards ceremonies would help participants gain a high degree of exposure, and was a guaranteed no-loss scenario for celebrities. 

Of course, not every nominated star would be there. After all, many things were beyond human control. Just that morning, there was a celebrity who regretted to announce that he couldn’t attend because the British Airlines were under strict regulations the past few days and couldn’t fly in the foggy weather. Thus, he really couldn’t return to the country. 

However, Rong Xu was definitely going.

Rong Xu had only debuted for one year till now, and his qualifications could still be considered relatively low. This was his first nomination and would be the first Awards Ceremony he participated in. Based on all these factors, he should definitely show up. As a matter of fact, he had already arrived. Rong Xu’s National Fan Support Association informed all his fans three days prior: [Rong Rong will definitely attend, and he even took time off from Maze City! 】 

The fans who heard the news became even fanatical. They excitedly went onto Peony Awards’ official website to register, hoping to become a lucky audience winner. 

They could register once with their own ID, and then use their husband’s or boyfriend’s, brothers’ and sisters’, relatives’ and friends’……Anyways, anyone they were familiar with, they would borrow their ID to register. What if they won? Then they could go see Rong Rong! ! !

Similarly, Zhong Siyu had used her boyfriend’s, brother’s and parents’ IDs to sign up, and was lucky enough to be selected. Don’t think that using five IDs was terrifying. Her best friend, who was also a hardcore fan, used least 50 IDs!

That best friend’s husband was a company CEO. To him, his wife wanted to attend the awards ceremony regardless of life or death. Although this usually strict husband felt that his head was being painted a field of green (being cheated on), he still asked everyone in his company to sign up, and If they were selected, to give the opportunity to his wife. If they were selected, they would be compensated 10,000 RMB (~$1,500 USD)!

However, it is a pity that even after all this, her girlfriend did not get selected as a lucky audience participant.

Zhong Siyu was shouldering the heavy responsibility of the entire Rong Xu fan club, as she was the only lucky audience member selected in South City. Therefore, she must take a good look at Rong Rong with her eyes wide open, and then report back to the fan group. There were many mother fans waiting to be fed.

The fortunate audience members were seated before the celebrities. Sitting in the venue, Zhong Siyu stared at the enormous screen. Although her heart was filled with disappointment, since she couldn’t see Rong Rong walking on the red carpet in person, she was still super excited.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the sun gradually set into the west while a crescent moon rose from the east sky. The dim and gray moonlight was offset by the brilliant neon city lights and appeared as if it had lost all color. Near B City’s Grand Auditorium, most of the freeways were blocked, and dozens of high-end luxury cars could be seen slowly crawling along the road, one by one heading towards the red carpet.

The speed wasn’t slow, but it definitely wasn’t fast.

Before long, the first celebrity arrived at the scene. The reception host introduced the celebrity with a smile, and the media reporters by the red carpet took continuous pictures of them. Soon, more and more celebrities followed up; some celebrities came alone and other came with others from their crew.

However, twenty minutes had passed since the walk down the red carpet had begun, but Rong Xu was yet to be seen.

Zhong Siyu pursed her lips. She bowed her head down to face her live broadcast stream to a group of friends, and muttered softly: “Talk to Rong Rong? I can’t even catch a glimpse of Rong Rong’s face, how can I talk to him……” 


As soon as those words were said, a young, glasses wearing girl beside her was taken aback and asked in a timid voice: “Are you…… a Rong Powder?”

Zhong Siyu looked up at her in surprise: “You too?!” 

The young girl chuckled: “Meeting Marshall Huo is a once in a lifetime encounter” 

Zhong Siyu laughed boisterously: “But begging to sleep with Wan Qiyao!” 

The young girl: “Comrade!”

Zhong Siyu said excitedly: “Comrade! This counts as meeting someone from the same organization! In our South City Fan Club, only I was selected, and I only received the news yesterday morning. I didn’t know if other fans would be here, too.”

The young girl grinned: “Other fans? There’s a bunch, let me introduce you!” 

The two lost track of time as they talked, and Zhong Siyu finally got in touch with other Rong fans. They were happily engrossed in discussion about Black Clouds and “Lost Wings” when, suddenly, they heard a shout from the audience: “Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!”


In the entire auditorium, at least seventy or eighty young ladies turned their heads around at the same time to look at the big screen.



When the handsome and dazzling young man walked in from the right side of the screen, all the young ladies screamed with excitement. The atmosphere of the entire venue was bustling and upbeat, invigorating music flowed from the stereos non-stop. But, at this time, even the loudness of the music was unable to overwhelm the young ladies’ screams, causing many of the celebrities who had already entered the venue turned their heads in surprise. 

When they saw the light-up signs that the young ladies were holding in their hands, they were taken aback only momentarily before nodding as if it was a matter of course: “So, it turned out to be Rong Xu. That’s normal. It’s not impossible that, out of the five hundred lucky audience members, most would be his fans.”

The reason why the Peony Award invited lucky audience members was not only to incite audience reactions and interactions, but also to let them rouse the atmosphere. If there were only celebrities, directors, and media reporters in the entire venue, it would definitely be difficult to get the place stirred up. The Peony Awards were originally a sort of popularity award for TV dramas and its required professionalism was the lowest among the three major awards. Thus, it naturally put a lot of emphasis on the audience’s opinions.

On the big screen, the crew of Vie for Supremacy was currently walking towards the reception desk. 

Today, Rong Xu was nominated for two awards. Huo Xi from Ambush was nominated for Best Actor, and Wan Qiyao from Vie for Supremacy was nominated for Best Newcomer. Thus, Rong Xu needed to enter the stage with two crews.

Vie for Supremacy was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night with a whooping 13 nominations and reigning as the Ratings King of the past year, making this drama the star of tonight’s show. The media reporters continuously took pictures with excitement. Their cameras panned across Director Guo Long and the male and female protagonists before finally focusing on Rong Xu, cameras snapping frantically.

He was dressed in a simple and refreshing black suit. His slightly long hair was clipped back with an invisible hairpin on the right side, revealing his tender and handsome face. There is no doubt that this youth was very suited to wear this type of clean and elegant clothing. The black jacket and white shirt complemented each other, giving him an inexplicable elegant and noble temperament, just like a gentleman from the olden times. Serene, gentle and polite. 

Very quickly, the crew of Vie for Supremacy arrived at the reception desk, and everyone picked up their signing pens to sign their names on the signature wall.

Rong Xu stood beside Tang Menglan, and the two swiftly signed their beautiful signatures. Then, everyone watched as Tang Menglan leaned in towards Rong Xu’s ear and said something unknown to others. Then, Rong Xu suddenly curled up his lips and gave a helpless smile.

This smile was captured perfectly by the cameras. The youth’s sparkling eyes were like stars, containing a resplendent light. He smiled softly, but he didn’t know that this smile made the lucky audience members in the venue so excited that they almost overturned the roof and also made the audience in front of the TV so excited that they were speechless.

[AAAAAOOOOOO my little prince! My little Prince Rongrong! ! ! 】 

[This is the first time seeing Rong Rong in such a formal outfit. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Rongrong is beautiful in everything, how can he be so beautiful! 】

[AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Why can’t I meet Rongrong, why is he be so beautiful! How can he be this good-looking! Wuwuwuwu, I really want to hug Rong Rong, really want to squeeze his cheeks, I want Rong Rong cry cry cry cry cry, I also want to see Rongrong with my own eyes.】

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 80 (Part 3) – Abstinent Temperament

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In what was originally a boring theory class, the women sitting in the audience were staring at their professor obsessively. When they heard his declaration, everyone became energetic. Xue Jiazhe’s thin lips slowly curved up and an icy smile bloomed. He was smiling, but it gave people an inexplicable feeling of coldness.

He said softly: “No one knows exactly what the person is like behind the scenes. Astrology cannot discern everyone’s individual essence, and only divides people into twelve categories which, generally speak, is naturally unscientific. In contrast, Huaxia’s fortune-telling includes birth date, face reading, palmistry, in relativity to their personal and ancestral feng shui. If any single method was more likely to hold scientific evidence, Huaxia’s fortune-telling has the greatest possibility. Meanwhile, it is impossible for Constellation readings.” 

Immediately, there were some students who raised their hands: “Teacher! That’s feudal superstition!”

A psychology professor could actually say in class that fortune-telling held a possibility of being accurate? This was simply hitting his PhD in psychology in the face!


However, Xue Jiazhe only raised an eyebrow and looked at the student: “Did I say that it’s definitely accurate?”

The student was taken aback: “Huh?” 

Xue Jiazhe curled his lips and smiled even deeper: “You oppose me and say that I believe in feudal superstitions, yet you, yourself, believe in constellations. You didn’t ride your bike to school today, and were going to walk back to your dormitory. Whenever you were free today, you were always hanging around the girls’ dormitory. You are also planning to hang around there tomorrow.”

That student’s eyes widened: “Teacher, you…how did you know? Can you do fortune-telling?!” 

The audience was in an uproar. 

At the back of the classroom, Tan Yangxuan suddenly laughed. He had been frowning all day, and watching this group of students being played around by Xue Jiazhe, he was finally teased into laughter.

Xue Jiazhe turned his eyes to look at Tan Yangxuan, and said coldly: “The student who came to freeload class, please keep quiet.” 

Tan Yangxuan: “……”

In the end, Xue Jiazhe spent the entire class period talking about the Barnum effect without answering the student’s question. However, the student couldn’t restrain his curiosity and rushed over to ask after class. A crowd of classmates gathered around them, but Xue Jiazhe said indifferently: “I said it before. It’s because you believe in Horoscope readings.”

The student was even more confused. …

What does this have to do with Horoscope readings? ! ! !

Under the high-tech camera, even Rong Xu’s cold eyebrows were filmed very clearly. His temperament made him appear to be a lone individual separate from the crowds and is beyond the scope of this world. He donned a light-colored suit and a pair of stern glasses. He spoke objectively and impartially with thin lips, and his high intellect made others wary of approaching him.

This was the Xue Jiazhe played by Rong Xu.

During Qin Cheng’s three days in the crew, he saw Rong Xu only twice. Rong Xu would change into different suits and costumes daily, but no matter what kind of clothes he wore, he would always button the shirt buttons to the very top, showing only his slender neck. He seldom laughed, but when he did, he only appeared colder and more otherworldly. Only when he was with Tan Yangxuan did he occasionally show a sincere smile.

Such a person seemed gentle and polite on the outside, but was actually the most aloof. 

When the camera captured the close-up scene of Rong Xu raising his eyes and sweeping his gaze towards the camera, Director Yuan slapped his thigh and nodded excitedly: “I knew this since long ago. Rong Xu, this child, has a perfect abstinent temperament. I didn’t choose the wrong person, didn’t choose wrong, Hahaha!”

Yes, from the beginning, Director Yuan invited Rong Xu without consulting anyone else mainly because he reckoned that Rong Xu could play Xue Jiazhe well. 

There was naturally no need to talk about his looks, and there was also no need to consider his popularity. The most important thing was that, looking at the role of Ling Xiao who was gentle and kind, Director Yuan actually perceived a cold and merciless temperament underneath. 


Watching until his excitement boiled over, Director Yuan couldn’t help but day to Qin Cheng next to him: “Is he good-looking or not? Must be good-looking! Do you know what type the young maidens like these days? It’s this kind of ascetic, handsome man!”

Speaking to here, on screen, a clip of Xue Jiazhe and Tan Yangxuan reminiscing about their university life happened to appear. The handsome young man gave a slight smile. A hint of true happiness finally appeared on his tender face. Director Yuan became even more emotional: “I say. Our drama, although the plot is simple, the box office value will definitely not be low, do you believe it?”

From beginning to end, Director Yuan never noticed that he was the only one speaking. 

Qin Cheng was staring at the youth on the set from beginning to end. His eyes traced down from the young man’s thin phoenix eyes to his high nose bridge and pale lips. Because he was drinking with his old classmates, after going for three rounds, Professor Xue finally unbuttoned a shirt button, revealing a sliver of his delicate collarbone.

The man pursed his lips and looked at those delicate, white collarbones intently. He recalled the young man’s faint scent and warm body temperature from when he hugged him. 

At this moment, Director Yuan said with a smile: “I may not be able to shoot a large-scale commercial film like Lao Liu does, but I still know how to attract an audience to watch a movie. The plot itself will attract a male audience. And look, with Rong Xu’s great acting and outstanding looks, it will definitely attract a huge female audience. Such a good-looking yet perverted Professor Xue, Qin Cheng, don’t you think this setting is trendy?” 

Qin Cheng replied in a low voice: “En.” 

This youth will not only attract a female audience, but also a male audience……such as himself. 

In the afternoon, Xu Jin rushed over from the airport and hauled Qin Cheng away from the crew.

Originally, the man was still reluctant. But, his own agent personally came, so he couldn’t continue to shamelessly refuse to leave.

Xu Jin smiled and pushed at his glasses, saying: “I was supposed to arrive yesterday, but there was a storm in B city, and the plane was delayed. I only arrived today. Thank you for taking care of Qin Cheng, Director Yuan. If we have a chance inthe future, let’s have a meal together.”

Director Yuan laughed: “No need to mention it, we really did take care of him. Remember to invite me to a meal in the future.” 

Xu Jin smiled calmly: “Of course, or course.” As he was talking, he simultaneously dragged a certain man out of the crew.

Qin Cheng had wanted to say goodbye to Rong Xu, but Rong Xu, for the sake of attending the Peony Awards the day after tomorrow, had too many scenes to rush through in the span of 2 days. He could only give him a simple goodbye before turning around to rush back into the studio. 

The man furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly reached out to grasp the young man’s hand, directly yanking him into his arms.

The staff members passing by all widened their eyes in surprise. Xu Jin also opened his mouth, watching the scene in shock. As the person directly involved, Rong Xu’s pupils also slightly contracted as he was held by the other man dazedly. Rong Xu heard the other’s low and deep voice ring in his ears: “Then, I’m heading out first, goodbye.”

Rong Xu thought for a while before silently raising his hand to give the other person a gentle hug: “……goodbye.” 

Saying it like this, there was nothing wrong about it, right?

The staff members immediately realized: Oh, after all, God Qin’s grandmother was a foreigner and therefore was relatively more open. Perhaps for him, it was considered normal to give a hug when saying hello and goodbye. 

This time, Qin Cheng really left.

Maze City’s crew was back on track. Without the interruption of “outsiders”, the staff member could finally concentrate wholeheartedly on their work without distraction. For many female staff members, without Qin Cheng, they were indeed more able to concentrate. However, they also felt a sense of loss.

Even Rong Xu’s make-up artist, Sister Wang, said pitifully: “This is my first time meeting God Qin. The real person is so handsome. In the past, I heard others say that God Qin has a cold temper. Although he isn’t a bad person and never throws his weight around, it’s not easy to get close to him. From my first impression, it turned out to be a rumor. God Qin even willingly sat down with us to eat 20-yuan (~$3 USD) box lunches and didn’t complain at all.” 

Rong Xu couldn’t help but smile and reminded: “Sis’ Wang, those box lunches belong to our crew. He didn’t pay a penny for them.” 

Sister Wang stuck out her elbow and explained on behalf of Qin Cheng: “Rong Rong, how can you say that, that’s Qin Cheng!” 

Rong Xu: “……”

However, during mealtime, Sister Wang still deliberately asked the little brother who was in charge of the box lunches to give Rong Xu an extra chicken leg. When he learned of this matter, Rong Xu asked Sister Wang in surprise, and Sister Wang smiled in reply: “You are young and are still growing. Filming is hard. It’s better to eat more.”

On the side, Luo Qian interrupted: “Sister Wang, why didn’t you give more chicken legs to God Qin?”

Sister Wang said as a matter of fact: “Qin Cheng is Qin Cheng, and Rong Rong is Rong Rong. How can they be the same?”

Luo Qian: “…… That makes sense. Even though it’s God Qin, in my heart, Rong Rong is still more important.”

After listening to these two people, Rong Xu didn’t know whether he should feel honored or helpless. 

What he didn’t know was that a certain man who had just arrived in B city was listening to his agent bragging with a calm expression: “Before, I got a glimpse of Rong Xu’s image, say, Qin Cheng, doesn’t it look familiar?”

Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at his agent: “Familiar?” 

Xu Jin laughed, paused his footsteps, and turned around: “Doesn’t it look like me?” 

Qin Cheng: “……”

Xu Jin analyzed it with a serious face: “See, glasses and a suit. The hair is fixed fashionably with hairspray. Smart, wise, knowledgeable and trustworthy…… isn’t it very similar to me. After having a meal with Director Yuan last year, did he acquire inspiration from me to write the script of Maze City……Hey, Qin Cheng! Wait for me, why are you walking so fast?”

The man glanced back at him and asked: “When did you start raising a horse?”

Xu Jin was taken aback: “Horse? What horse?”

Qin Cheng said lightly: “The one running on your face.” 

After saying that, he walked away without giving his agent time to react.

By the time Qin Cheng had walked tens of meters away, Xu Jin finally reacted and said in anger: “You actually dare say I have a big face (arrogant)?! No, wait, where did you even learn these kinds of words? I only just learned of this phrase from my wife, how could you possibly know it, too?” 

The man ignored Xu Jin. His family’s Rong Rong looks like you? This thick-skin was thicker than the city walls. 

As for where he learned this phrase? 

It was probably the influence of the smart and knowledgeable netizens——

[Qingxiao Yunzhou replied to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Hahahaha, you actually dare say only you can sleep Rong Rong, and that Rong Rong is yours? Where did the diehard ChengRong cp fan go, where did the one who said they already had a lover but still doled out affection everyday go? Tyrant Deity Orange is shameless, scornful, and has a big face, come and see, everyone ~233333333] 

Two days later, Rong Xu took two days off and flew back to B city from Xiangshan with Luo Qian. 

The silver colored airplane landed steadily at Capital Airport. Luo Zhentao had already been waiting there, and due to the time crunch, the three of them exited directly from the VIP tunnel. As he walked, Luo Zhentao said quickly: “Right now, we’ll go try on outfits and do the styling. Then, we’ll participate in the awards ceremony in the evening. Xiao Xu, it’s a close call this time. You should’ve come back yesterday so that we didn’t have to be in such a hurry.” 

Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “En, the filming schedule was a bit rushed. Next time, I will come back a day earlier.” 

On this day, many celebrities flew over from around the world, and the entirety of Huaxia’s Media was focused on B city. They were awaiting the Peony Awards ceremony scheduled for that evening, the opening banquet for the three major TV drama awards of the year!


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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 80 (Part 2) – Abstinent Temperament

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Among the people present, only Ren Shuzhi knew that Qin Cheng had slept in Rong Xu’s room last night. She looked at the two people suspiciously, opening her mouth a few times but then finally deciding to keep her mouth shut.

It was better not to interfere with this strange turn of events. Who knows how the relationship between these two became antagonistic[2]. It was still okay for her to offend Rong Xu, but she definitely couldn’t afford to offend Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng was not like the Film Empress Ren Shuzhi had secretly dealt with a long time ago. After that Empress became a washed up figure, Ren Shuzhi found someone to expose her husband’s scandals to make her lose face[3].

Resultingly, Director Yuan took the lead and made a call to book a room while Rong Xu just looked at Qin Cheng innocently, sporting a grin on his face.


Everyone walked to the hotel together, but no one noticed that a certain man had his lips pursed tightly while walking unhappily beside Rong Xu. The joviality and laughter from the people around them formed a sharp contrast with Qin Cheng’s bleak appearance. It was truly ‘within the brilliant and beautiful spring day, there comes an icy wind howling like winter’.

After arriving at the hotel, Qin Cheng once again tried to petition to room with Rong Xu: “I came over in a hurry, and I seem to have forgotten to bring my wallet.”

The middle-aged Director Yuan looked at Qin Cheng incredulously as he asked in astonishment: “You actually don’t use online banking?”

The 27 year old Qin Cheng: “……”

Rong Xu: “^_^”

Qin Cheng lived on the top floor while Rong Xu was on a middle floor, so the two parted ways in the elevator. The man had frowned his handsome eyebrows, seemingly wanting to say something, but Director Yuan and the other staff were watching in the elevator, so he just took a glance back at the youth before turning to leave.

When Rong Xu returned to his room, he received a text message before he could even take off his jacket.

[Qin Cheng: I will come down to find you.】

Looking at this text message, Rong Xu lay back on the big, soft bed and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips: [No need. I really do need to get up early to film tomorrow. The request for leave today had already delayed progress, and we must speed up the shooting process】

It was only after a long time did he receive a simple one-word reply from the man: [Oh……]

It was just one word, but the deep sense of loss was thoroughly presented and directly poured through the phone screen.

The smile on the young man’s lips grew a bit wider. Looking at his phone, he could guess that the man must be staring coldly at his phone screen with an expression of facial paralysis. It might appear like he didn’t really don’t care on the outside, but in reality……

[Rong Xu: Good night, the waterfall from today was very beautiful. 】

Seeing the text message, Qin Cheng was taken aback. After a while, he curved up his thin lips into a smile.

The waterfall was beautiful……

Qin Cheng then calmly pressed the voice record button and gently said into the phone in a low voice: “You are more beautiful.”

When Rong Xu tapped on the recording, a magnetic male voice echoed throughout the quiet room. The voice was soft and deep, like a gentle cello vibrato. Rong Xu’s body trembled slightly, and a flush appeared on his cheeks. He subconsciously flipped the phone over onto the bed and covered it with his hand. Then, Rong Xu got up and went into the bathroom to wash up.

On Qin Cheng’s side, after waiting for a long time, he still didn’t receive a reply. He raised an eyebrow and seemed to have come to an understanding. The youth was very smart, but he was also very shy.

His waist was thin and soft and a refreshing fragrance emitted from his body. When you hugged him tightly from behind, his face would flush from shyness, and his ears would turn red enough to drip blood. It made others want to bite down on his soft earlobes.

He was ten thousand times more beautiful than the waterfall.

Once confessed to, he would be too shy to look at you. If you say it again, he would raise his face and look at you with a calm facade, oblivious to the fact that his eyes were filled with glistening water, beautiful and…… seductive.

That scene reverberated through his mind once again, causing the man’s eyes to become deeper and darker. He pursed his lips tightly. The next moment, his whole body suddenly stiffened and he placed down his phone in a calm manner as he got up without a change in his expression and went into the bathroom…… to take a cold shower.

Qin Cheng’s second day at Xiangshan Film and Television City, and first day of observing the crew of Maze City, ended just like that.

When Director Yuan saw a specific man again in the crew the next day, his mouth hung open in surprise, and it took a while before he accepted this reality, asking: “…… come to observe again?”

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes and said with a serene expression: “The set location has yet to be determined.”

Director Yuan hurriedly said: “Rong Xu can’t go with you today, Qin Cheng, you have to go by yourself. At most, I can send a staff member to accompany you, lest you get lost.”

Upon hearing this, many staff members on the scene pricked up their ears excitedly as each one looked at Director Yuan with the same large words practically written on their face——

Please, let me serve this male god!

However, to their disappointment, Qin Cheng gently shook his head: “No hurry, we can talk about it later this afternoon.”

As a result, the Maze City crew formally ushered in a Film Emperor tier member.

Director Yuan had been in this industry for many years now and maintained a good reputation, but he rarely had the chance to cooperate with big-name Film Emperors and Empresses. Director Yuan preferred to use newcomers, just like for the cast of Maze City, except for Bo Xiwen who was once nominated for Film Emperor, almost all the other actors were newcomers.

Besides Rong Xu, Ren Shuzhi was a singer-turned-actor. She had appeared in TV shows before but Maze City was only the second film she has ever filmed.[1]


Initially, everyone thought that Qin Cheng was only here to take a casual look. But, unexpectedly, his observation lasted for a full three days.

Director Yuan was not worried that Qin Cheng would leak information on Maze City’s current progress. After all, this is the most basic of this industry’s ethics. If they couldn’t even do that, then that actor must not want to continue on in this industry.

It was just that, with Qin Cheng staying here, he kept feeling that something was a little out of place……

This situation didn’t turn better till the third day.

Director Yuan directly decided to regard this man just another ordinary person: Qin Cheng was only here to determine the set location, and it just so happened that he and Qin Cheng were familiar with one another, and Qin Cheng and Rong Xu had also worked together before. The other party had nowhere to go, so he came to hang out with the crew.

When he thought about it this way, everything became inconsequential.

However, as Director Yuan devoted himself to filming the movie, he naturally didn’t notice that a certain man sitting next to him and looking at the monitor was staring at the young man in the screen with an unnatural gaze.

Rong Xu in a suit, Rong Xu in glasses, Rong Xu with a poisonous tongue, yet clever words that just made others admire him…… Qin Cheng had previously experienced Rong Xu’s mature side before. Though he was still quite young, when Rong Xu played Ling Xiao in his 30s and 40s, he didn’t lose out to anyone.

When he narrows his eyes and looks at you seriously, it would appear as though the years had quietly settled upon him. His eyes would no longer be simple and pure, but rather mixed with a depth gained from experiencing the vicissitudes of life.

However, what never changed was that he always looked great.

Qin Cheng had long gotten a good grasp of Maze City’s plot. When he helped Rong Xu analyze the script, he came to understand a majority of it. But, nothing was as shocking as seeing it in person.

The scene they were filming this time was a night time scene.

The case exploded into something big. The city was covered in wind and rain, and there were only three days left of the time limit mandated from the higher ups to close the case. Xue Jiazhe gave Tan Yangxuan a lot of in-depth analysis, and they were getting closer and closer to the answer. However, as the ancestors said, one who traveled a hundred miles was really only halfway to ninety. They came closer to the truth, but also felt that they were getting further and further away from the truth.

With increasing numbers of media exposure on the case, Tan Yangxuan was under a lot of pressure, so he went to the university where Xue Jiazhe taught and listened to his lectures.

Even though it was an evening class, the classroom was still fully crowded by students. A young, handsome professor with high credentials and an icy temperament, even if the other’s tongue was poisonous and every student was terrified of being called on to answer questions, the students would still plead for Professor Xue to attend class every day.

Xue Jiazhe stood at the podium and lectured with an indifferent tone about the Barnum effect to the students below.

“As far as this psychological aspect is concerned, most of the astrology, divination and ancient Chinese fortune-telling can be explained through the Barnum effect. The fortunes derived from the astrological signs can basically be applied to everyone, and more than 90% of them will always be applicable.”

The young professor raised his eyes and a flash of darkness passed through his phoenix eyes as he looked towards the policeman sitting at the back of the classroom.

“But, I hope all of you understand that in this world…… there is no single theory that can explain every little thing or analyze any one person completely.”

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[1]Many hotels have their check-in lobby at the top most floor

[2] Antagonistic: She doesn’t know why RX is being mean to QC right now XD LOL

[3] Recall that Ren Shuzhi had a previously antagonistic relationship with a past Film Empress because RSZ was romantically involved with the Empress’s husband before they married. It wasn’t an affair but the Film Empress didn’t like it and decided to make RSZ’s career difficult

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 80 (Part 1) – Abstinent Temperament

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On the Internet, Qin Cheng’s Weibo post rapidly gathered steam and received comments from many fans. At a glance, you’d know that this type of Weibo post must be posted by the celebrity themselves and was a fan favorite. Even if there was no selfie included, they were always excited to have a chance to get closer to their male god.

[This is Wuli God Qin’s style. No expression, elite indifference ~2333333] 


As for Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s Weibo, there were also many fan comments under the posts.

After the last “image collapse” incident, the fans who originally only paid attention to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing because they wanted to spectate divine happenings now felt that this diety’s ‘bones were unique and temperament was otherworldly’! 

Just like now, this godly tyrant was confessing their affections again; the entire post revealed a sense of cute and silly from the inside out.

Fans couldn’t resist poking fun at this silly god, and as expected, the other party still replied! 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to Begonia: He’s just cute, I’m not publicly showing affection.】

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing reply to InHeZhiZhou: I am not silly. 】 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to the LostStars: Rong Rong and him (Marshall Huo)…… are both cute, there is no superior or inferior! 】

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing only replied to a few people before disappearing again. But after all, ‘she’ was a tyrant, so fans didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Instead, they took it for granted: [The original silly godly tyrant poster probably went home for dinner, hahahaha, rationally speaking, how big do you think Orange Stuffing’s house is? I bet a pack of spicy sticks that you must drive in order to get from the gate to the main building! 】

Notwithstanding the situation on the internet, in Xiangshan Film and Television City, the hotel that Director Yuan booked was within the city where many other crews would also often gather together for meals. Their prices weren’t particularly expensive, and the dishes weren’t particularly delicious, but it was a very convenient place. The environment was quiet and compelling. Ren Shuzhi had also treated everyone to dinner here yesterday.

When Rong Xu and Qin Cheng arrived at the hotel, the crew had already ordered the dishes. 


The director, producer, screenwriters, and main actors sat at the same table, while the other staff members and crew sat according to their respective departments. As a guest, Qin Cheng naturally had to sit at a table with Director Yuan. Seeing him walk over, Director Yuan happily  waved his hand and patted the empty seat next to him: “You are late, Qin Cheng. I specifically saved — ” …… a seat for you. Sit next to me.

Before he could complete his sentence, Qin Cheng interrupted him: “We accidentally got lost.”

Director Yuan laughed boisterously: “Yes, since your debut, it seems you’ve yet to film here before. It’s normal to get lost. Qin Cheng, you can sit……” 

“I’ll sit with Rong Xu.” The man’s indifferent and deep voice sounded lightly[1].

Director Yuan was taken aback for a bit as he thought for a moment. Then, he slowly retracted his hand, and said with a smile: “Alright. You guys are here, now we can start the meal.”

The person Qin Cheng was most familiar with in the crew was probably Rong Xu, and he also specially came to visit Rong Xu’s work. Sitting next to Rong Xu wasn’t abnormal. 

Having said that, with Qin Cheng present, the atmosphere of the dinner party was stiff the entire time.

The crew also had dinner here together yesterday, but because they were filming the next day, no one drank much as they conversed and laughed. It was still quite lively. But today, everyone only ate earnestly, and even some of the props crew who usually joked around were sitting upright.

However, the person involved didn’t feel anything wrong at all. Under the bright lights, the man had his head lowered as he peeled shrimp in a serious manner. 

Qin Cheng had a pair of beautiful hands, fingers slender and thin. Like many men’s, his knuckles were somewhat prominent, and his nails were round and smooth. These hands, when used to wipe away the heroine’s tears, appeared moving and pleasing. But now, even though they were being used to…… peel shrimp, they still appeared highly elegant.

After peeling a whole shrimp, Qin Cheng subconsciously wanted to put the shrimp into Rong Xu’s bowl. He had contemplated this action countless times before. When the two of them ate at home, he always wanted to help the young man grab food whenever he picked up his chopsticks. But, because it couldn’t be realized, he could only dream about it in his heart. 

Today, just his hand slid over to the side a little, he froze.

His long and thin fingers froze in midair for a moment before Qin Cheng expressionlessly put the tender and white shrimp meat into his own bowl. 

This subtle action was not noticed by others. 

Director Yuan was currently chatting with the screenwriter and producer about the scenes recorded today, and Ren Shuzhi also led Ma Qi and the others in discussions. Rong Xu was asking the psychology professor for some professional knowledge to enhance his own professionalism. 

In the large banquet hall, Qin Cheng was the only one earnestly peeling shrimp. With graceful movements, he peeled one and then another, putting all of them into his own bowl. However, he didn’t eat them, just peeled them one by one. After his whole bowl was filled with peeled shrimps did he frown and say softly: “Accidentally peeled too many.”

As soon as his words fell, everyone around him turned to look at him. 

Qin Cheng pursed his lips and looked calmly at the youth beside him, asking: “Do you like shrimp?” 

Rong Xu was startled, and he momentarily couldn’t react: “……Huh?”

The man picked up the chopsticks and calmly moved more than half of the shrimp from his bowl into Rong Xu’s bowl, leaving only one for himself. 

Qin Cheng’s face was the picture of calm indifference as he sighed softly and said with a casual tone: “Help me finish them, there’s too much.” 

Rong Xu: “……” 

Everyone else: “……” 

You peeled so many but only ate two. What were you looking for? ! ! !

As if hearing the voices in their hearts, Qin Cheng lifted his gaze and curled the corners of his lips calmly. He then said with a faint smile: “Peeling shrimp is quite interesting.” 

Everyone, even more this time: “……” 

Speak, where is it interesting! ! !

But this time, Rong Xu looked at his bowl which was filled to the brim with shrimp meat and his pupils trembled slightly as he seemed to have realized something. He turned his head to look at the man beside him, and saw that Qin Cheng had started quietly and seriously peeling a crab since who knows when. 

Crab meat was much harder to deal with than shrimp meat, so Qin Cheng’s actions were quite a bit slower. A while later, one crab was peeled, but it could only be considered half peeled and couldn’t be eaten wholly like shrimp meat. However, after he finished peeling it, he put it into his bowl and didn’t eat it.

Instead, he picked up a second crab.

After peeling four of them, the man frowned once more: “Peeled too much again……”

The people who noticed early on: “……” 

Director Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said: “Xiao Qin, you even have this…… hobby?” 

Qin Cheng raised his head: “I just accidentally didn’t realize.” After speaking, he turned his head again and looked at Rong Xu: “Do you like crab?” 

The young man smiled: “I like it.” 

Without a change in his expression, Qin Cheng divided more than half of the crab meat over.

This is just a small incident during the meal. Director Yuan and others were still more interested in the film that Qin Cheng was shooting recently. The movie was filmed in New Zealand and Los Angeles and was a commercial blockbuster. People within the country didn’t have much information on it, but it’s release was very likely to collide with Maze City

Director Yuan presented a pleasant face and carefully tried to pry some information out of Qin Cheng. The other seemed completely unaware of the intentions, and he answered whatever Director Yuan asked. 

The smile on Director Yuan’s face grew deeper and deeper throughout dinner, but only once the dinner ended was he taken aback, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He secretly said to the producer next to him: “Qin Cheng is such a sly lad. Everything he said were things that were already announced at the launch conference. It’s like he didn’t say anything at all, truly mischievous.”

That evening, when they returned to the hotel, Director Yuan helped Qin Cheng open another room, but Qin Cheng narrowed his eyes and said: “It’s fine, I’ll just stay with Rong Xu.” 

Hearing this, Director Yuan immediately thought that the other party was helping the crew save money: “Haha, you’re overthinking. You’re paying for your own room. Qin Cheng, Rong Xu needs to film the next day. You observing his work is fine, but how can you even freeload in someone else’s home. Aren’t you afraid you’ll disturb our Rong Xu’s rest and make him unable to film well the next day? You’ll pay for the room yourself. Our staff will help you book a room. Don’t even think about not paying later on.” [2]

Qin Cheng: “There’s really no need……”

“What Director Yuan said makes sense,” a young and clear voice interrupted Qin Cheng’s words. Rong Xu grinned and looked at Qin Cheng: “Although we are quite familiar, Mr. Qin, I still need to film tomorrow. It’s not too convenient.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

The man silently turned his head to look at the youth, only to see Rong Xu’s face lit up with a brilliant smile, looking at Qin Cheng with clear eyes. His smile was very sincere, as if he was merely stating a fact. Director Yuan also nodded in agreement.


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[1]I’m not sure if I missed 2 or 3 words in this sentence. My computer showed them as boxes.

[2]Director yuan thinks QC is being humble and doesn’t want to trouble the crew.

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SA Chapter 79 (Part 2) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

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The next moment, he heard the man who suddenly hugged him speak in the most sincere and solemn tone. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, but his tone was very firm as he whispered four words to him using the most lingering, magnetic voice.

When these words landed, the youth’s eyes widened. His clear pupils flashed with shock and a hint of unconcealable happiness. After a while, he couldn’t help but lift the corners of his lips and give a helpless but gentle smile.


The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?

Luo Qian finally saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng thirty minutes later.

They’d said they would be back within ten minutes, but no one expected that these two people would only return after half an hour.

Luo Qian and a makeup artist were waiting together at the gate of the set. Upon seeing Rong Xu and Qin Cheng, the two hurried forward, and Luo Qian said aggrievedly: “Director Yuan and everyone else went to the hotel first. Director Yuan criticized me saying that I shouldn’t have let you and Mr. Qin leave alone, and I should’ve followed after you just in case.”

What Director Yuan said was indeed correct. As an assistant, Luo Qian was responsible for ensuring Rong Xu’s safety at all times and shouldn’t have let Rong Xu leave by himself. However, Rong Xu also needed his own personal space. If he didn’t want Luo Qian to follow, the latter naturally would’t follow.

Therefore, Director Yuan’s words only had one meaning: See, if you had followed, they would have come back long ago, right?

After all, Luo Qian was still quite young, and she complained to Rong Xu with an aggrieved look. Rong Xu could tell at a glance that the young girl was only joking, and wasn’t really throwing a tantrum. So, he smiled and said: “Didn’t we come back? We just got a little lost halfway.”

Luo Qian nodded: “It’s not that late. Let’s go to the hotel and meet up with Director Yuan and the others.”

The four of them then headed towards the hotel. Luo Qian and the makeup artist walked in front, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walked behind.

The sky grew darker, but there were plentiful street lights on both sides of the roads in the studio area, so it was still very bright. The makeup artist had a good relationship with Luo Qian, so she had stayed behind this time to accompany her in waiting for Rong Xu. She and Luo Qian were walking ahead, and as they walked, the makeup artist couldn’t help but turn her head and peer backwards furtively.

Once or twice was fine, but after the other party repeated the action several times, Luo Qian asked in bewilderment: “Qi Qi, what are you looking at? Is there something to see behind us?”

Hush!!!” The young makeup artist quickly covered Luo Qian’s mouth. When she realized that the two behind them didn’t seem to have overheard, she breathed a sigh of relief and leaned to Luo QIan’s side, whispering: “Qian Qian, don’t you feel like something’s weird? I keep feeling like there’s something…… abnormal between Mr. Qin and Rong Rong. Something’s different from the afternoon.”

Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return.

Luo Qian was stunned for a moment, and then she also secretly peeked backwards. But, she only saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walking in harmony behind them. Neither of them spoke nor interacted with one another, but the picture they painted was truly pleasing to the eye. Both were male gods whom she liked. One was handsome, and the other……in comparison, was even more beautiful.

Ah, Rong Rong really is good looking……

“Qian Qian!” Makeup artist Qi Qi interrupted her friend’s fantasies once again and whispered quietly: “You really don’t feel like anything’s changed?”

Luo Qian quickly observed them again carefully. Mr. Qin had always been very handsome and that hadn’t changed in more than ten years. As for Rong Rong…… huh, Rong Rong actually took out his phone to play with? ! Was this really okay? Mr. Qin was right next to him, but Rong Rong was actually playing on his phone? ! ! !

Luo Qian finally faintly perceived that something was wrong. Her family’s Rong Rong had always been smart and had extremely high emotional intelligence. Everyone in the crew liked him. So, how could Rong Rong disrespect Qin Cheng so much by playing on his phone right now?

At this time, Qi Qi again whispered in a low voice: “Is there really nothing wrong……”

Luo Qian then nodded with deep understanding: “There is! I’ll have a talk with Rong Rong when we get back tonight. How can he play on the phone right in front of God Qin. Even God Qin’s not playing on his phone, yet Rong Rong is actually playing. If God Qin got angry, what would I do?”

Qi Qi: “……”

They weren’t talking about the same thing at all! ! !

Happy thanksgiving holiday yall!

Though, having said that, the makeup artist still couldn’t point out anything wrong in particular. She just felt that something was weird, but couldn’t actually explain how. 

In the end, she was angered by Luo Qian’s implied “Qi Qi, don’t tell me your vision has worsened again?” look and stopped thinking too much into the situation

However, Luo Qian didn’t know that, behind them, the youth was carefully scrolling through his phone with his right hand while his left hand brushed against the man’s right hand from time to time. When Qin Cheng found that the two in front had stopped looking backwards and seemed to be discussing makeup, the man decisively stretched out his hand and tightly clasped the youth’s soft, smaller hand.

Rong Xu’s steps suddenly paused, and his gaze moved away from the phone screen to look at Qin Cheng.

The cold and noble man lifted his head indifferently, and said in a calm manner: “It’s a bit cold.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “……”

After a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he asked: “If I remember right, it’s almost June. The temperature today was close to 20 degrees C?” And your hands are still burning hot!


Heat radiated from the man’s warm palms. Rong Xu was born with naturally cold hands and feet, and it was difficult for him to warm up even in summer. But today, he and Qin Cheng were both a bit overdressed. Holding hands like this, not to mention the possibility of being discovered by the two in front of them, Rong Xu also felt a bit too warm.

He whispered softly: “It’s a bit hot.”

Qin Cheng was momentarily taken aback. A trace of loss flashed across his eyes, and he let go of the youth’s hand with a low “En“. However, the next moment, the young man’s fingers brushed against his, and then ten fingers were intertwined, their palms clinging to each other without a single gap.

Qin Cheng turned his head in surprise and saw that the young man’s eyebrows were slightly curved. A bright and soft smile appeared on his face: “However, it’s better to be a bit hot.”

The tips of his ears suddenly became burning hot. Qin Cheng gave a soft “En” before quickly turning away from him, never glancing at the youth again.

However, he was overthinking it. 

Rong Xu again took out his cell phone, and sent a text message to Luo Zhentao with one hand, discussing the matter of attending the Peony Award ceremony in two days. He didn’t notice Qin Cheng at all.

Only after walking for a while did Qin Cheng realize that this young man actually ran away after he finished teasing. There was no follow up at all!

Qin Cheng: “……”

A minute later, the man lowered his head calmly, took out his cell phone, and sent a few Weibo posts.

[Qin Cheng: The weather is really nice today, I like this waterfall very much [Picture]]

One moment later, the number of comments on this Weibo post exceeded 5,000, and the number of likes broke past 20,000 very quickly. Fans excitedly liked and commented on their Male God’s Weibo, endlessly asking for ‘selfies, selfies’ in unison!

At the same time, within Rongxu’s fan circle, the famous Godly Wealthy Fair Maiden also posted a Weibo post.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: He is so cute, he is so gentle, he likes me (·w·)! ! !

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The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: RongRong runs after teasing, not taking responsibility!!!

RongRong: Then, I won’t tease anymore in the future, okay?

Orange Qin: Not okay!!!!!

What did he say?! The world may never know. BUT “I like you” “Be my lover” “Be mine” are all 4 words in Chinese. “I love you” is 3 words, but “I love Rong Rong” is 4 words!! Let your imagination run wild.

TL Corner: Chinese fun fact. The ‘Qian’ in Luo Qian can also be read as Xi (“She”)! I chose to go with Qian even though Xi is more common as a name because “Qian” is associated with the connotations “brilliance, ruby, outstanding” ^w^

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SA Chapter 79 (Part 1) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

Note: to avoid subject confusion, I have replaced many pronouns with the actual names.

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The faintly warm sunset descended completely below the horizon at this moment.

The sky swiftly turned blue and a long, narrow and navy-colored ribbon spread through the sky from the south to the north, dotted with a few brilliant, red clouds. Not far away, the sound of the waterfall could still faintly reach the ears, and amidst the spectacular mountains and rivers, the beauty of all the things in the world was not comparable to the eyes of the young man with a serious gaze.

The air around them seemed to freeze instantly, condensing into ice.

Rong Xu raised his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng intensely, and Qin Cheng also looked down towards him.

There were no other sounds in the spacious area, only the breeze blowing across the leaves, creating swishing sounds.

One year ago, when Mrs. Qin flew back to Huaxia in exasperation and thoroughly gave her son a scolding with a dark face, she’d said: “Why don’t you care about your Rong family’s younger brother”, but she never would have thought that, one day, her son would be meticulously concerned to this degree.

That evening, in the Rong family’s living room, he saw the youth for the first time.

For some, love develops after a long time together, for others, love comes at first sight.

There will never be another, just him. 

No one else, only him.

So, that day, he gave him the keys to his apartment. The keys which even his mother didn’t have access to, he personally handed them over, and then watched the youth smile and curve his beautiful eyes. Rong Xu had said to him Qin Cheng in a clear and more melodic voice: “Thank you.”

Everything seemed to have happened just yesterday.

Time did not grind down this sudden love. Rather, with the precipitation of the years, it was like maturing red wine, becoming more and more mellow. It became harder to let go — reluctant, unwilling to let go.

But now, the young man who was swaddled on the cusp of his heart was standing in front of him, asking what he had just said.

Looking at the youth’s brilliant eyes that seemed to hide a whole starry sky, Qin Cheng raised his thin lips after a while and asked calmly, “If not that, then what?”

Someone in the industry once commented that Huaxia’s most suitable actor to act in romance movies used to be a high tier actor who had passed away in the last century. He wasn’t very handsome, but his smiles would make every woman feel moved and be willing to give up everything and elope with him to the end of the world. Right below this actor would be Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng’s voice was very nice.

He never needed voice dubbing, and all the voices of his characters were his own original voice. Whenever he lowered his voice and gently called out the female lead’s name, anyone sitting in the audience can’t help but be moved by him, understanding why the female lead would fall to pieces over loving this man.

However, when Qin Cheng deliberately lowered his voice, Rong Xu only curved up the corners of his lips and said meaningfully: “Yes, if not ‘Be Careful’, what else could it be…”. The end of his last syllable was stretched out with an unconcealed smile.

The two stared at each other for a long time before the man slowly closed his eyes, reopening them only a while later. He looked at the young man who was continuously smiling, helplessly curling up the corners of his mouth and revealing a shallow smile.

Rong Xu was the only one in this world who could push him to this level. Because he was willing to be forced by him like this, because he was willing to be questioned like this, did the situation from now come into existence. Only Rong Xu could do this. Because he was Rong Xu, the only person he had ever liked.

A pair of phoenix eyes looked up slightly. After what appeared to be a long time, it seemed he had finally come to a decision. Qin Cheng sighed softly and opened his mouth: “Perhaps those words might have been……”


Someone’s phone suddenly rang, interrupting Qin Cheng’s words.

Qin Cheng: “……”


The ambiguous and dense atmosphere vanished in an instant. Rong Xu widened his eyes in surprise as he took his phone out of his pocket. Seeing the name on the screen, he quickly pressed the answer button: “Sis’ Xiao Qian? What’s the matter……En, we’ll go back immediately, probably within ten minutes… Okay, wait for us first.”

After hanging up the phone, Rong Xu raised his head and said: “Because you came to observe, Director Yuan decided to end the shooting early today and have everyone go out for a meal together. Now, everyone is waiting for us on set. As soon as we arrive, we’ll immediately go eat.”

While talking, Rong Xu walked forward and directly bypassed Qin Cheng.

Rong Xu had always been a very punctual person, and Luo Qian sounded quite anxious on the phone, as if it was a spontaneous decision made by Director Yuan who was probably now rushing the crew without giving anyone time to prepare. It was impossible for Director Yuan to call and rush Qin Cheng, so he asked Luo Qian to call Rong Xu. Anyways, as long as one of them came back, the other would have to come back regardless.

A trace of regret flashed through his heart, and Rong Xu frowned slightly, unable to conceal the disappointment on his face.

This call came too untimely. If it was only a little later, even five minutes later, perhaps they would have……

His whole body suddenly froze!

Rong Xu stood locked in the same place. His eyes widened, and he looked forwards in disbelief.

A pair of sturdy arms embraced him tightly from behind and wrapped around his waist. Heat slowly spread from the place where the two’s bodies were closely in contact, burning like a raging inferno bursting into flames.

It was so tight that there was no gap. The hug had come suddenly and ambiguously.

On the path surrounded by an expanse of greenery, the tall and handsome man suddenly stretched out his hands and embraced the young man walking in front of him. He held the other tightly, as if the other would run away as soon as he let go. So, he firmly locked the other party in his arms, then….. He leaned down towards the person’s beautiful ears.

The next moment, a warm exhalation gently blew against the youth’s ear.

Rong Xu’s body suddenly softened, and he wanted to turn his head stiffly. But, he hadn’t moved yet before he heard a low laughter sound beside his ears. The breath landed on his earlobe and seemed to penetrate into his bones. A faint pink gradually rose on the youth’s white face, and his throat became dry.

He called hoarsely: “Qin Cheng……”

En.” The man let out a lazy hum from his nose.

Rong Xu tightened his fingers: “Qin Cheng, you……”

Xiao Xu.” A low, magnetic voice gently interrupted Rong Xu’s words.

Rong Xu’s pupils shrank slightly and his eyelashes fluttered, as if he suddenly realized what was going to happen next.

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SA Chapter 78 (Part 2) – To You, I Speak These Three Words

Part 2 of the sponsored chapter! Enjoy!

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As the day approached the evening, the round sunset fell from the western sky, and weaved between the mountains.

Rong Xu changed out of his stage costume and into normal casual clothes before taking off his glasses. He didn’t notice that after he removed his glasses, a certain man’s face showed an  imperceptible sense of loss.

Rong Xu smiled as he said: “Actually, I’m not very familiar with the Film and Television City. Director Yuan asking me to take you around has truly stumped me. If we get lost later, what will we do.”

Qin Cheng calmly replied: “I have a cell phone.”


The boy purposely pretended to give a surprised “Oh”, and the smile on his lips deepened: “Isn’t your phone out of power?”

The man’s steps paused briefly, but a moment later, he continued forwards: “I didn’t want to exchange friend contacts with her.”

Although Qin Cheng’s reason was actually quite childish, but so long as he said so, Ren Shuzhi couldn’t do anything about it.

Rong Xu looked at the man quietly, only to see the latter lower his gaze and look forward indifferently. His words were clearly bullying another, but there was still no change in expression on his cold and noble face.

Either he pretended to be very courteous, or he didn’t care about the other party at all.

The corners of his mouth subconsciously curled up, and Rong Xu changed the subject: “Speaking of which, you came here suddenly. Is there really no problem? I didn’t see Xu Jin. Does he know that you’re in Xiang Shan?”

Qin Cheng nodded without hesitation: “He knows.”

At this moment, in the distant Capital Airport.

A gentle and elegant looking man was pulling along two large suitcases, walking quickly and angrily through the airport. His face was so gloomy that you could squeeze water out of it. Beside him, a little assistant was also carrying three suitcases and hurriedly following.

Halfway through, Xu Jin stopped and turned his head to look at the assistant next to him: “Exactly when did he leave? It was just a single night’s effort and he actually disappeared! Is this normal? Where did he go? You, tell me honestly! Don’t hide it from me!”

The little assistant whispered: “Brother Xu, how would I know where Qin Cheng went……”

 “All farts! His passport’s with you, how else did he return to Huaxia. If you don’t know then who knows?”

Hearing this, the little assistant finally bowed his head aggrievedly: “Qin Cheng asked me for it. I couldn’t not give it, Brother Xu……”

Xu Jin: “……”

Good bastard, finally talking, huh!

With a twitch of his mouth, Xu Jin said icyly: “Exactly where did he go? Won’t answer the phone, not even returning my calls!”

The little assistant replied meekly: “Ning city…”

Xu Jin: “……”

Ning City. Xiang Shan Film and Television City. Which film was being filmed there recently? It seems to be Maze City. Who was starring in Maze City

Who else could it be!

This was simply called ‘dropping all sense of shame in the face of love’! Was there such a person who vanishes as soon as he cuts all ties? Absolutely not![1]

In B city, Xu Jin already processed a ticket to Ning City for the next day, whereas, here, under the guidance of the global cell phone map, Rong Xu finally found the waterfall scenery that was currently under construction.

Probably because the development wasn’t yet complete, there was no security guard overseeing the place. There was only a majestic, glistening stream crashing down from the cliff more than 30 meters high, fiercely and violently hitting the rocks below it and creating white foam.

This waterfall wasn’t considered very high, but the water flowed rapidly. Standing under the cliff, their ears were surrounded by the thunderous sound of crashing water, unable to hear any other sounds except the noise of rumbling water.

The two stopped once they approached the water source.

Qin Cheng took out his phone and planned to take a photo, but in order to find a better angle, he walked a few steps closer. When he got to his desired position, he was already very close to the waterfall, and the spray of water dampened his hair.

He held the cell phone with both hands and stood atop a water slickened boulder. Qin Cheng didn’t find anything strange until the moment he raised the phone, and his arms were suddenly tugged back.

The man turned his head in surprise, and saw the boy frowning slightly as he said seriously: “Be careful, don’t fall in.”

A hint of warmth spread through his heart. Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and soon finished taking all the photos.

Rong Xu asked, “Are you only taking photos from here? Do you want to walk around and take more shots from different angles?”

Qin Cheng shook his head: “It’s too dangerous, no need.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “So, you also know it’s dangerous. Before, you just walked up casually like that, almost scared me to death.”

Looking at the youth’s handsome eyebrows for a while, Qin Cheng curved his thin lips and revealed a faint smile: “You’re here.”

Rong Xu was momentarily stunned. Looking at the man’s deep phoenix eyes, he opened his mouth a few times but in the end said nothing.

Just as the two were about to leave the waterfall set, and had walked halfway back, they ran into one of the set’s staff members. When the staff member saw Qin Cheng and Rong Xu, they excitedly asked for an autograph and a group photo.

When he heard about their intentions, the staff laughed and said: “The place from before is not the best place to view the waterfall. To facilitate the best viewing for the waterfall, a viewing platform was repaired just a few days ago. It’s over there. I’ll take you. “

Rong Xu hesitated briefly before agreeing to the proposal.

The viewing platform wasn’t very far away, only around a hundred meters off, but because it was hidden by dense branches, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng didn’t see it at the time. The observation deck was made of wood and was close to the waterfall, though the high fending effectively prevented the possibility of falling into the water. Overall, it was an excellent sight seeing location.

The staff member left soon because he had something to do. As he was leaving, he took out his cell phone and wrote a few words to Rong Xu: [The noise is very loud here, and it’s hard to hear when you talk 】

After seeing this line of text, Rong Xu tried to call Qin Cheng’s name several times. However, the man continued to obviously take pictures beside him, never turning around, as if he hadn’t heard him.

After discovering this little secret, Rong Xu also typed out a line and told Qin Cheng about this matter.

The man raised his eyebrows in surprise. He tried saying something, but Rong Xu could only see his lips open and close, and couldn’t hear what he was saying at all.

After taking pictures for a while, the two decided to leave. Rong Xu walked in front and Qin Cheng walked behind him. The wooden observation deck floor was still a bit damp, and although it was impossible to fall down the waterfall, it might still cause a very bad slip.

As they walked, Rong Xu slowed down and was just about to lift his feet to go up the steps when one of his hands was suddenly caught. His whole person was suddenly pulled back and turned around. Rong Xu looked at the man in surprise, only to see that cold faced man raise his gaze and stare at him with a serious expression.

Behind this person, the constant stream of water and the foaming, snow-white water sprays dampened his hair and collected in droplets as they rested on those deep and dark phoenix eyes. His gaze was frighteningly quiet and heavy, hiding many inexplicable emotions as he stared fixedly at Rong Xu.

Time seemed to stretch on for a hundred years at this moment.

Rong Xu clearly saw the man open his mouth and said three words to him softly.

The violent roar of the rushing water concealed all other sounds, but the youth’s pupils slowly widened.

Three minutes later, the two of them left the waterfall set, and the thunderous roaring of water became further and further away. As Qin Cheng walked, he sent the photos he had just taken to Old Liu. He had just finished uploading all the photos when he heard the youth’s slightly hoarse voice ask softly: “Qin Cheng, did say something to me just now?”

His steps paused for an instant. The man slipped the phone back into his pocket and said calmly: “I wanted you to be careful, the floor is slippery.”

When those words fell, the youth suddenly stopped moving, and the man turned back to look at him.

Qin Cheng saw the young man bathed in a brilliant golden light under the afterglow of the setting sun. His eyes were slightly curved, and he carried a hint of helplessness on his delicate and beautiful face. The tilted corners of his lips were like the softest leaves[2] in the spring breeze, gently swaying across the rippling lake water.

“Was that……really what you said?”

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[1]见色忘义. XJ is so dramatic lmao. And stressed lol.

[2] Leaves: the direct translation would be ‘catkin flowers’

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