Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 87 (Part 2)

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After returning home, Rong Xu packed his luggage and prepared for his departure the next day. He took off his suit and put on his usual pajamas, then he removed the light layer of makeup on his face before tidying up a bit around the house. When he had finished all this, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening, but Qin Cheng had yet to return. 

Rong Xu contemplated for a while and chose to sit on the sofa to watch TV. The TV continuously broadcasted content related to the Feitian Awards that night, and no matter which entertainment program it was, one would be able to see the clip of him and Qin Cheng together. 


A little star who just debuted may not be able to adapt to seeing themselves on TV at first. However, Rong Xu watched (the TV programs) without any fluctuations in his expression. After watching for a while, he changed the channel and found a random movie to watch. 

The movie was a trending film showcasing some popular and good-looking newcomers who have never filmed before. It was an ordinary chick flick, some romance here and there with lighthearted comedy. The fact that this movie could achieve a high box office rating meant that it naturally had its merits, and Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing along as he watched. At the conclusion, when the protagonist proposed to the heroine with 9,999 balloons, Rong Xu stared at the TV screen in a serious manner and pressed pause. 

He walked up close to the TV screen and started counting the balloons one by one. After counting about one-tenth of them, he shook his head and sighed: “How is there possibly 9,999…… directors nowadays are too dishonest[1]. Having 2,000 is already good enough.” 

The director who inexplicably got shot : “……” 

Speaking logically, who would really use 9,999 balloons to film a movie! ! ! 

After watching this movie, it was already almost one o’clock in the morning, yet Qin Cheng still hadn’t returned. The slender young man hugged his legs as he curled up completely on the sofa, watching a TV drama quietly. Watching and watching, his eyes became a little dazed, and a few minutes later, only the noise from the TV sounded continuously from the living room. 

When Qin Cheng returned at three in the morning, this was the scene he saw. 

The fair and beautiful youth wore a pair of light-colored pajamas, hugging his knees as he leaned against the sofa fast asleep. He was quietly asleep in a well-behaved manner, his lightly fluttering eyelashes cast a faint shadow upon his long, closed eyes, his lips were pink, his skin was fair, and the warm yellow light cast upon him made it so that others couldn’t help but hold their breaths, afraid to disturb this beautiful picture. 

Rong Xu’s face was very suitable for makeup. He had a tall nose bridge and a small nose, large eyes and three-dimensional features. He was suited for any style of makeup, but when he didn’t have any on, he appeared quiet and obedient, reflecting his age. 

With gentle hands and feet, Qin Cheng took off his coat. He walked to the sofa and subconsciously wanted to reach out, pick up the youth, and bring him into the bedroom. However, as soon as his hand touched Rong Xu’s pajamas, he suddenly stopped. 

As if he were recalling something, the man’s eyes darkened. He fell silent for a moment. Then, acting like he was super experienced, he unhesitantly leaned down and prepared to plant a kiss on those soft-looking lips. 

But, just as the two lips were about to touch each other! 

Rong Xu abruptly opened his eyes and gazed at Qin Cheng in surprise. 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Rong Xu: “……” 

At such a close distance, the two people’s breaths blew onto each other’s face, both warm and numbing. 

After staring for a long time, Rong Xu finally coughed awkwardly, and said: “…… I was already awakened the moment you walked through the door. I was just too sleepy and didn’t say anything.” 

Yes, when Qin Cheng opened the door, Rong Xu was actually already awake. But many times, although awakened, most people wouldn’t want to move. Their eyelids would be too tired and heavy, and they wouldn’t even have much strength to speak. If it weren’t for Rong Xu’s sudden sense that something was wrong, he’s afraid Qin Cheng would’ve kidnapped him into the bedroom. 

But now…… 

Qin Cheng was silent for a while before finally whispered: “I’ll carry you to the bedroom.” 

As soon as his words fell, the man stretched out his hand, planning to carry the youth. But, just as he touched Rong Xu’s arm, his waist was suddenly pulled forward. Qin Cheng opened his eyes in surprise, but the next moment, a scorching hot temperature suddenly pressed against his lips! 

His phoenix eyes gradually widened. Qin Cheng’s body still carried a faint smell of wine and perfume from when a bunch of actresses inexplicably brushed against him during the dinner party. But now, there was only the youth’s fresh and fruity scent lingering in his nose. 

……He used fruit flavored toothpaste? 

This sentence flashed across his mind. 

In the next second, Qin Cheng’s eyes darkened, and he suddenly turned over and pressed the younger man under him, holding Rong Xu’s right hand while pressing him onto the sofa. 

Those lips were as soft as the man had imagined them to be, and merely a simple, static kiss was enough to cause his body temperature to rise. A flexible tongue hurriedly pried open the gap between his teeth. Rong Xu was startled, and he widened his eyes in surprise as he looked at Qin Cheng. However, the tip of that red wine-scented tongue had already penetrated deep into his mouth, desperately grasping at the sweet, sweet fluid. 

En, Qin Cheng…” 

Whispy and fragmented noises sounded throughout the quiet living room. The man’s hands held down the youth’s hands as the temperature (between them) gradually rose, and an ambiguous and sensual atmosphere slowly diffused through the room.

Gradually, Rong Xu also closed his eyes and immersed himself in this kiss. In his previous life, he had suffered a fatal plane crash before he could experience falling in love. 

He had indeed filmed kiss scenes before, but they were mostly either body doubles or simply a peck on the lips[2]. In the past, he didn’t understand why he never held an interest towards those beautiful actresses before, and merely thought he was born with a cold temperament. But now, feeling the heat slowly rising up from his lower body, Rong Xu breathed out soft, alluring moans and responded enthusiastically. 

But no matter how he responded, it was still a bit awkward. The man bit the reddened lips, the tip of his tongue sweeping across every inch of the youth’s mouth, sucking and licking, almost kissing Rong Xu until his scalp tingled. The numb and tingling pleasure was transmitted to his brain, and he could only respond unconsciously. 

When the kiss ended, the youth’s lips were already red and swollen, and a film of water misted across his clear eyes, making them shine. Rong Xu gasped roughly, and there was also a faint layer of moisture on his lips. He knew that he was gasping (for breath), but he didn’t know just how seductive his appearance was in the eyes of the other man. 

Qin Cheng’s eyes grew a few degrees darker and he pursed his lips slightly. In the next moment, he couldn’t resist planting another kiss. 

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[1]The raws had it written as “城市”, meaning “city”, which has the same chinese pin yin as 诚实, meaning “honest”. It should be a typo in the raws

[2]“Peck on the lips” Direct Translation: a sample taste

TL corner: If it were me, I’d title this chapter “Fruit Flavored Toothpaste” owo

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 87 (Part 1)

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On the Feitian Award’s award presentation stage, Rong Xu stood in front of the microphone and smiled as he gave his acceptance speech. 

Generally during this time, many Award-presenting guests would directly walk off (the stage), leaving the stage entirely to the winner. However, there were also some award presenters who would wait for the winners to give their speech before walking down together. Today, Qin Cheng was the latter. 

Dazzling lights shone on the two of them and made them appear as if they were covered with a faint silver halo. The handsome and cold man wore a clean black suit and stood calmly beside the youth. The latter had a face full of smiles, and the burgundy-colored suit made his skin appear even fairer and more beautiful. 

This image was captured by the eyes of countless viewers, and even if they weren’t CP fans, they still couldn’t resist complementing: “Truly good-looking (together).” 

Humans are all visual animals; beautiful things are favored and people are willing to pursue them. Thus, if even the passers-by felt this way, the CP fans were even more passionate, crazed until they were about to ascend to the Heavens. They frantically expressed their opinions on their Weibo and also continuously posted in the CP page of Rong Xu’s private fan forum, completely occupying the forum’s front page! 

#ChengRong# No one stop me, I will stan ChengRong for a lifetime! ! ! 】 

[Wuli God Qin actually came to present the award for Rong Rong! This candy is too sweet, so sweet, so sweet! God Qin must have specially come to hand the award to Rong Rong, otherwise why would he have come for a (simple) TV drama award! I don’t care. This candy, I will eat it! 】

 [I love ChengRong, ChengRong is my happiness~


The fans stared excitedly at the TV screen, not wanting to miss even a second. However, time passed quickly, and two minutes later, Rong Xu had already finished his short acceptance speech. He turned towards Qin Cheng, and Qin Cheng also looked at him with a lowered gaze before leaving the stage in harmony. The Feitian Award’s stage allowed (people) to directly descend the stage (from the front) instead of going backstage. Thus, they went straight down and sat in their respective seats. 

During this brief duration, the two didn’t have much communication, and it appeared as though Qin Cheng really was only there to present the award, and Rong Xu really was only there to receive the award. 

However, just as Qin Cheng was about to reach his seat in the first row, he suddenly turned his head to look at Rong Xu, smiling and laughing softly. What he said was unknown. In the next second, the camera panned away from the two of them and returned to the host. 

Audience members:”……” 

Excuse me! They just saw God Qin begin talking to Rong Rong, but they already turned the camera!?

Who was the cameraman, did they still want chicken legs[1]? Do they? ! ! ! 

Of course, it was naturally impossible for the directing team to hear the frustrations of the audience. On screen, the Feitian Awards had already progressed to announcing the next award. This award was for Best Supporting Actor and had nothing to do with Rong Xu. Today, his (Rong Xu’s) agenda at the Feitian Awards have all come to a close, and all that was left was to sit in his seat and applaud the other winners. 

In fact, what Qin Cheng had said to Rong Xu just then was merely a simple question of concern. After all, they had already walked off stage, and in front of so many other celebrities, it was inconvenient to say much. But even so, when Rong Xu sat back with the crew of Ambush, Director Zheng looked at him with a face full of astonishment, staring for a long time before nodding thoughtfully.

Director Zheng’s reaction was observed by Rong Xu, and he couldn’t help but smile: “Director Zheng, what is it?”[2]

Director Zheng smiled and said upfront: “Your and Qin Cheng’s relationship seems to be pretty good. I remember that he once came to the crew to visit you at work when you were filming.” After a pause, he sighed and said again: “Truly pretty good……” 

Rong Xu didn’t think too much about it, only curving his lips and chuckling. 

However, he naturally didn’t know that Director Zheng’s abundant emotions weren’t only caused by Qin Cheng’s work visits or award presentation, but rather, a few months ago, a certain famous gold-tier agent within the industry had also specially approached him and put in a good word for Rong Xu, thoroughly pitting Han Yanghao into a death sentence and unable to recover. 

Back when Qin Cheng first visited him at work, Rong Xu had yet to film Black Clouds and the two had yet to work together. Reasonably speaking, they shouldn’t have known each other (then). But friendship was something no one could explain. Director Zheng knew that Rong Xu was actually the young master of B City’s Rong family, so it wasn’t impossible that he and Qin Cheng already knew each other. 

It’s just…… this relationship really was a bit too good. So good, that one even specially arrived to present an award to the other. 

There were many people who thought in the same line as Director Zheng[3]. The so-called “Honorary Member” might be able to deceive those outside the industry, but as for the well-informed insiders, they understood instantly: ‘Honorary Member’ was a cover. 

Everyone knew that amongst the Feitian Award nominees for that year’s Best Newcomer, Rong Xu was more than 90% likely to win, close to certainty. Qin Cheng said that he came to award the Best Newcomer Award, but in fact was here to present the award to Rong Xu. 

For a time, some gazes lingered on the two of them. However, no one knew much. They only thought that after collaborating in Black Clouds, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng became quite familiar with each other and developed a good relationship. But, they didn’t know that they already knew each other beforehand. 

Unsurprisingly, during the Feitian Awards, Vie for Supremacy again became the biggest overall winner. 

The year’s Best TV Series and Best Director all went to Vie for Supremacy. TV Empress still belonged to Tang Menglan, but unfortunately Dong Zheng did not win TV Emperor again. Tonight’s TV Emperor went to Li Yao. 

Compared to the Peony Awards, Ambush only won the Best Props Award and Best Newcomer Award (at the Feitian Awards tonight). However, under the overwhelming strength of Vie for Supremacy, this result already made Director Zheng quite satisfied, and he smiled from ear to ear. 

After the award ceremony ended, the audience members had no more programs to watch, but the celebration party for the celebrities had just begun. 

The organizing committee had specially set up a dinner party, and every guest present was allowed to participate. At these types of dinner events, actors could get to know directors, and directors could also (utilize this time to) invite actors. Many celebrities and directors who had no prior interactions met on this occasion, and certain shady, under-the-table transactions within the circle could also occur in this kind of place. 

Rong Xu politely declined the organizing committee’s invitation and did not attend the dinner event. The other party understood that Rong Xu was currently filming Maze City and had to fly out of B City the next day and truly had no time to celebrate. Thus, they didn’t retain him. 

So that night, some directors and actors, including Rong Xu, left the venue first. However, there were considerably more people who stayed. Among them was Qin Cheng. He was dragged in by Old Man Cao to participate in the dinner and had no chance to refuse. 

A sleek black car rolled through the lit and bustling city. Rong Xu slowly opened the window, and the cool night breeze of May rushed in, blowing away the scattered hair on his forehead. Next to Rong Xu was a trophy, the little crystal person flying towards the sky in a dancing motion. It was exquisitely and dazzlingly crafted. 

As he stared at the extravagant and lively night scene, Rong Xu narrowed his eyes, but in the next second, he felt his cell phone suddenly vibrate. 

[Qin Cheng: I will head back soon. 】 

Rong Xu was slightly surprised at these words and couldn’t help but chuckle. 

[Rong Xu: Okay. 】 

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[1]Want chicken legs: to be successful

[2]“What is it”: Direct translation: “what are you (polite) looking at?” But, I figured that sounds very accusatory, while the tone for the raws is supposed to be polite inquiry

[3] Direct translation: “Those who thought differently from Director Zheng were not few” but that sounded slightly confusing, so I changed the syntax to direct, with the same overall meaning.

There is no title for this chapter

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 86 (Part 2) – Rong Xu: Qin Cheng, I Seem to Like You Even More, What Should I Do?

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‘Old man Cao’ referred to the chairman of the Feitian Awards Organizing Committee, Cao Guping. The old man was a well-known director in the industry who already retired[1] in the past ten years, but his reputation within the circle was still very strong. 

He had an apprentice, Guo Long, who was the director for Vie for Supremacy, thus representative of Old Man Cao’s status[2]

Qin Cheng being able to participate in this time’s Feitian Awards was time because of his relationship with Cao Guping. Cao Guping and Qin Cheng met a long time ago at a dinner party and formed a good relationship. Although it was a little troublesome this time, Cao Guping still thought of a method (to get Qin Cheng in), which was granting Qin Cheng the title of an ‘honorary member’. 

And now, the man donned this particular reason and started to generously and grandiosely con others. 


“I watched Legends of Heaven and Earth, a fantastical drama depicting a primitive and pure ancient society, (created with) superb imagination and outstanding expression.”

This was the beginning of the deception. 

The second step continued on: “Sound of the Wind, was an exceptional spy drama filled with complex intertwined plots and a thrilling, unexpected conclusion.” 

The two named crews were both teams that were nominated for the Best Newcomer Award. Hearing Qin Cheng’s comments, they were all very astonished, but when the cameras panned over to them, they all applauded and smiled happily. 

They didn’t believe that Qin Cheng really watched their TV series. After all, every celebrity was busy, how could it be possible for them to watch that many TV series. However, being able to give these evaluations (showed that they did) research in advance, so the award presenter was already giving (them) a lot of face, not to mention that the award-presenter was Qin Cheng. 

Following that, Qin Cheng also commented on another few dramas. Then, he began to talk about Ambush

“The plot of “Ambush” is very simple, but the characters it presents create a spectacular and colorful world. Captivating character personalities and complicated character relationships, this drama is very outstanding and was definitely worth watching.” 

This evaluation was quite simple and seemed to be no different from all the previous ones, but no one noticed that the small smile on Qin Cheng’s lips had become a few degrees deeper, and his eyes had been aimed in the direction of Ambush’s crew from beginning to end. 

Only the individual concerned knew that he was looking at himself. 

In front of the camera, Rong Xu applauded along with the other crew members  as he raised his gaze and responded with a smile. 

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Next up, there were some more common introductions. In the past, if any other award presenter had so much “nonsense” to say and refused to present the award, instead continuously praising the nominees, the audience would become quite dissatisfied. Yet now, the viewer ratings for the Feitian Awards were rising steadily, and the directing group was so happy that they were unable to close their mouths and couldn’t wait for Qin Cheng to say more. 

However, the award still had to be presented. 

Only after a certain man once again praised Ambush in a serious manner did he gently open the envelope.

The area beneath the stage gradually quieted down, and in front of the TV, the viewers also held their breath, waiting for the moment the result was announced. 

The ChengRong CP fans clenched their teeth even harder, clasped their fists, and stared at their TVs without blinking. They repetitively chanted that name in their hearts. If it wasn’t that name, they would go and hit someone! Truly go and beat someone up! ! ! 

Under everyone’s fervent attention, Qin Cheng lifted the microphone with one hand and gave a small smile: “Congratulations…… Rong Xu.” 

In an instant, tense music sounded, and the theme song of Ambush echoed throughout the immense venue. The crew members of Ambush all stood up one by one and embraced Rong Xu, giving their congratulations. The viewers in front of the TV likewise widened their eyes. After a while, they realized that their eyes were also a little moist. 

[#ChengRong# wuu wuu wuu, I really want to cry……] 

【#ChengRong# My ChengRong can actually have such a day! This day! I have no regrets in this life! 】 

【#ChengRong# Someone come, bring Zhen’s [3]royal dog food! This dog food, I will eat, will eat, will eat! Now let God Qin quickly present the award to Rong Rong! Hurry! ! ! 】

#ChengRong# This hashtag once again began brushing furtively across the screen under Rong Xu and Qin Cheng’s respective Weibo main topics. Ordinary fans watching the festivities of those CP fans felt quite helpless, but when they looked up at the TV again, some couldn’t help but nod in agreement: “Really is pleasing to the eyes……” 

On the TV screen, one could see that Rong Xu had already walked onto the stage. 

The light shone upon the two individuals and the screen was locked onto them. This image was truly so beautiful that people couldn’t look away. Everything seemed to return to (the time of) Black Clouds. When Rong Xu stepped onto the stage, Qin Cheng seemingly turned and looked at him tacitly. The two stared at each other firmly before hugging each other gently. 

Many award presenters would often give a congratulatory hug when presenting the award to the winners.

A week ago, the hug that Ye Qiao gave Rong Xu when he presented the award was snipped into a small video by the LanYao CP fans, and its number of views had already exceeded 500,000. Now, a week later, the fans watched Qin Cheng and Rong Xu’s embrace and were already too excited to speak. 

【#ChengRong# I have clear skies above my ChengRong Party! ! ! 】 

The fans were already immensely satisfied with this scene, but they naturally didn’t know that when the man hugged the youth tightly, he lowered his head slightly and his lips touched the small tips of those ears. Rong Xu’s body stiffened as a warm exhalation blew against his ears, making his heart tremble. He heard a low voice that was suppressing a smile, sounding softly: “Congratulations……my Xiao Xu.” 

At this moment, all the voices (in the audience) below the stage became white noise. Rong Xu raised his head subconsciously and saw that the man was looking back at him with lowered eyes, his gaze firm and serious, as if he was looking at the most precious thing in the world. His eyes were as deep as the sea, it’s depths immeasurable. 

His heart beat violently. After a minute, the corner of Rong Xu’s lips curved up, and he said in a low voice: “I suddenly feel like…… something changed.” [4]

Qin Cheng was surprised: “What is it?” 

On the stage, no one knew exactly what the two men were saying. Everything (usually) happened very quickly, the hug and then a few brief words. According to logic, the presenter should be blessing the winner, and the winner would express their gratitude. 

However, in fact– 

Under the dazzling bright lights, the handsome young man smiled gently, like a flower blooming in the spring: “Qin Cheng…… I seem to, like you even more, what should I do?” 

Qin Cheng: “! ! !” 

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[1] Retired: original “faded into the shadows/background”

[2]Guo Long is an award winning director and is Mr. Cao’s apprentice, thus showing how great Mr. Cao is within the industry

[3]“Zhen” is a term used by emperors to refer to themselves

[4]In the raws, a comma is in the place of the …… to reflect the slight pause. Since it doesn’t apply the same way in English, I chose to substitute it out with …… instead.

Hi all! I would just like to make a quick PSA. Due to a recent situation regarding my translations being posted onto an MTL site (why? I have no clue. Readers caught it because of my Easter eggs MWAHHAHA //evil cackles), I would like to clarify that the chapters I translate are NOT machine translated.

I translate each chapter directly from the raws and spend hours upon hours for each post QwQ. I generally use a voice reader app that reads the text to me while I translate it to English. Yes, some parts might sound choppy because the Chinese language tends to use “implied context” and omit many subjects/verbs/adverbs etc. I do try to include the implied context where applicable, as identified by (parentheses). On the bright side! The said MTL site has removed my translations per repeated request, so I am hoping that no further related issues arise in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued support! Stay healthy.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 86 (Part 1) – Rong Xu: Qin Cheng, I Seem to Like You Even More, What Should I Do?

Trigger warning: brief figurative language involving ‘atomic bomb’. Paragraph start and end are marked. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please skip the isolated section. Section is not necessary for plot understanding.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

During last week’s Peony Awards, in Rong Xu’s private fan forum, Lanyao’s CP fan dominated the entire page. 

During the Feitian Awards a week later, when the entire audience saw that handsome and charismatic man standing on the awards stage, the entire fan forum page actually died for a whole minute! 

All of the ChengRong CP fans were going crazy! ! ! 


Rong Xu was nominated for the Feitian Awards’ Best Newcomer and Qin Cheng was the presenter! What was this? What was going on? Did they not wake up yet? This, this, this, this…… this was simply compelling all palace officials to die together, all must die at the same time! ! ![1]

【Am I dreaming……】

【God Qin! God Qin! God Qin! AAAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! 】

 【QAQ this piece of candy came too sudden. I keep feeling a little uncertain, it’s impossible that there’s gonna be a huge plot twist, right. God Qin came to present the Best Newcomer Award, and Rong Rong was nominated for Best Newcomer. If in the end you tell me that Rong Rong didn’t win the award…… I really will hit someone. When I hit someone, it hurts very, very, very much!】

**Trigger warning start**

If it can be said that LanYao CP’s candy award was equivalent to an ordinary missile, smashing heavily into the fan circle, then this ChengRong CP’s piece of candy was like an atomic bomb, smashing the entire fan circle with a forceful and thunderous ring! 

**Trigger warning end**

Ye Qiao was a first-tier young man who has just grown to popularity in recent years. If it wasn’t for Vie for Supremacy, whether he could’ve risen to first-tier is uncertain. However, Qin Cheng was different. There may be people in Huaxia who didn’t know of Ye Qiao, but for anyone in the world who paid even a little attention to the entertainment circle, it was impossible not to know Qin Cheng! 

Since his debut seven years ago, Qin Cheng has starred in more than a dozen movies and won dozens of trophies. He will have at least one movie every year, and this movie tends to be the box office champion of the year, even if it is not the champion, it will definitely rank in the top ten on the box office charts, and it will get him various nominations. 

Yet, since Qin Cheng’s debut, he had won countless awards but had only ever presented an award once. 

It was at the Berlin Awards Ceremony where he presented the heavy trophy to a French director. It was the Lifetime Honor Award. That director had just finished a film collaboration with Qin Cheng, and it was a huge success. The organizing committee asking him to present the award was definitely understandable. 

But, this was the Feitian Award! 

Huaxia’s Feitian Awards was a TV drama award (ceremony). Qin Cheng had never acted in any TV series before, but he actually came to present this award? ! 

Just as Qin Cheng’s all fans flocked over after hearing the and excitedly turned on the TV, what they saw was a line of small text gradually appear beside Qin Cheng—— 

“Feitian Award Honorary Member: Qin Cheng” 

Fans: “……” 

[Honorary member? ! What is an honorary member? This is the first I’ve ever heard that my family’s God Qin is an honorary member of the Feitian Awards. I kinda can’t help but want to laugh a little, what to do……. Is it possible God Qin had invested in some kind of TV series before and none of us knew about it~]

In just one short minute, the topic #QinChengFeitianAwards# was brushed to third place on the trending search list, followed by the word “EXPLOSIVE” (news). At the same time, countless fans turned on their TVs and made the ratings of the Feitian Awards Ceremony soar, directly breaking 2.0! (Avg viewership rating)

The affairs of the outside had yet to reach the scene of the Feitian Awards. By the time the celebrities below the stage had recovered from their wits, they all hurriedly began to applaud. It’s unknown if it was an illusion, but Rong Xu felt that this applause seemed a bit many degrees more enthusiastic than the ones before. Even looking around, there were several actors who were so stirred that their eyes were red. 

Ye Qiao also sported a surprised appearance, and almost stood up to applaud. 

Seeing Ye Qiao’s behavior, Rong Xu remembered that back when he was filming Vie for Supremacy, the other party seemed to have said it was because of Qin Cheng that he entered the entertainment industry. Then, perhaps in the audience, there were numerous celebrities who really were Qin Cheng fans, and truly had heartfelt excitement. 

Slowly, Rong Xu turned away his gaze and looked towards the man on the stage. 

When anyone was standing on the stage, it was a bit difficult to see the situation below the stage. The lights on the stage were too bright, and at first glance they could only see a patch of darkness below the stage. 

The well-postured and tall man was wearing a seemingly ordinary black suit, without any accessories at all- no tie, no watch, no necklace. He was only wearing a clean suit shirt. Merely loosening a few collar buttons could arouse screams and cheers from the audience in the back. 

Handsome to the extent where others willingly submitted.

Rong Xu knew in his heart that Qin Cheng should not be able to see him clearly, but he inexplicably felt that (Qin Cheng) was looking straight at him. 

There was a slight smile hanging upon that sharp, sculpture-like face, his thin lips slightly hooked. His eyes were as dark as a deep pool, condensed with an abundance of emotions. His 190cm height made it so that he had to bend down a little to speak into the microphone, but his subtle bowing motion made him appear even more elegant and composed, as if he was merely on a leisurely stroll in the courtyard, exuding a sense of indifferent calmness. 

Rong Xu’s stiff body slowly relaxed as he leaned back on his seat. His lips curled up, and he looked towards the stage with a smile. 

He didn’t know how to describe the feeling in his heart, but …… it felt nice. 

Qin Cheng’s deep, mellow, and elegant voice sounded through the speakers: “I am deeply honored to have been invited by Old Man Cao to attend the Feitian Awards today. I also feel a little flustered.” His voice carried a hint of laughter that sounded like a well-aged red wine[2], “I have known Old Man Cao for many years. It’s my first time being on the stage of the Feitian Awards and am already presenting such an award, I am a bit nervous.” 

Qin Cheng’s voice was simply a weapon of deception. When he spoke, you would never imagine that this person actually had facial paralysis in private. His voice was magnetic and deep, bewitching the audience members in front of the TV into blush one by one, unknown if it was due to excitement or shyness. 

Standing in the backstage area of the Feitian Awards, Xu Jin twitched his mouth when he heard Qin Cheng’s words, and he muttered a few words of complaint: “Conning people again.” 

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[1]Giving the CP ships no way out. Also similar to saying “I’m ded” when you’ve have reached an epitome of happiness, satisfaction, stress, etc.

[2] Like a well-aged red wine: nice and smooth 😉

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 85 (Part 2) – I Won’t Even Support the Wall, Just Support You!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Zhuang Xiaoliu quickly joined the group chat and discussed animatedly with everyone else. Suddenly, at this moment, she heard the host who had been cracking jokes and building up the atmosphere abruptly change the topic of the conversation and say with a smile: “…… Whether it’s Ambush or Vie for Supremacy, during the past year, many new stars shone through to become dazzling and outstanding elements of each work. The following award to be presented is naturally related to newcomers. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a need to pause to consider this, but who is the winner of this award? It must be……” 

The host took a deep breath, and the camera panned across the faces of the several nominees in the audience. However, he actually laughed and said: “It must be me!” 

A burst of laughter rang through the scene. 


Yi, I don’t seem to have a nomination? Director, what happened, was there some sort of a mistake?” 

This host had also made a cameo appearance on a TV show six months prior. Strictly speaking, he really was eligible for a best newcomer nomination. However, even if you exclude the fact that his role had no special features, he only acted for a total of fifteen seconds, and his lines didn’t even exceed ten words. If he could be nominated, the Feitian Awards would be scolded to death by the audience. 

Though, this kind of joke naturally enlivened the atmosphere, and even Zhuang Xiaoliu was amused by him. Her originally nervous mood slightly relaxed. 

At this moment, the host took two steps to the side with a heavy look of disappointment, saying helplessly: “I don’t have a nomination, there must be something wrong with today’s show. Forget it, forget it, I’ll just get TV emperor next time. Right, Li Yao?” 

The directing team immediately gave Li Yao a shot. 

Li Yao was a popular first-tier youth in Huaxia. He’d won the TV Emperor Feitian Award last year and was nominated for TV Emperor again this year. He was Dong Zheng’s strongest competitor tonight. The host suddenly gave him camera time; he naturally didn’t let this opportunity go and showed a perfect, handsome smile towards the camera, which aroused screaming cheers from the fans in the back. 

Beneath the stage, Rong Xu watched all this play out and slowly narrowed his eyes, seemingly noticing something was off. 

In the crew of Vie for Supremacy, Director Guo also looked at the host thoughtfully, as he pondered for a moment and whispered: “He’s delaying time.”

The host continued to delay time and didn’t continue onto the next award. If he wanted to whet the audience’s appetite and increase the show’s ratings, he would’ve delayed the awards for the TV emperor, Best Director and Best TV Drama awards. But right now, it was just the Best Newcomer award, and the  host was already whetting appetite — this was a bit unusual. 

Rong Xu curled his lips and didn’t say anything. 

Director Guo said to Tang Menglan: “A problem should have arised.” 

However, this situation naturally couldn’t be clarified. After a few more entertaining banters, the host suddenly returned to the topic. He touched the earphone on his right ear a few times and said with a smile: “The following (award) to be presented is the Best Newcomer Award. Which new star will obtain this honor? Let’s ask, tonight’s award presenter!” 

In front of the TV screens, Rong Xu’s fans clenched their fists in excitement, waiting nervously for the award winner to be announced. 

The LanYao CP fans were carefully scanning for Ye Qiao’s figure on the TV screen. When they discovered that Ye Qiao was still sitting among the crew of Vie for Supremacy and applauding with the others, they sighed in disappointment: “His Royal Highness didn’t get to be the award presenter this time, ah……” 

The heated applause gradually slowly, and the sound of familiar music gently flowed out of the overhead stereos. At the scene of the awards ceremony, the audience looked towards the back of the stage and saw the curtains slowly being pulled open to the sides. The light towards the back of the stage was dim and, separated by the length of the stage, it was difficult to see anything clearly.

Meanwhile, the audience in front of the TV had a slightly clearer view. The camera zoomed in directly, and a tall, clear-cut figure walked out slowly from the darkness. Zhuang Xiaoliu only gave it one glance before lowering her head to continue chatting on her phone. She had no interest in this guest award-presenter. It was anticipated that the person will be the winner of last year’s Best Newcomer Award. 

However, just as Zhuang Xiaoliu lowered her head to swipe through Weibo, she suddenly saw group chat notification boxes appearing one by one at the top of her screen! 

【Clean Water Meter: ! 】 

【There are fish in the North: ! ! 】 

【Flamers: ! ! ! 】 


Zhuang Xiaoliu: “……???” 

She opened the group chats to take a quick look and found that everyone was using exclamation marks, with each having more exclamation marks than the last. 

” ‘I’m so excited that I can’t even speak’? What’s so exciting……” Casually throwing out these words, Zhuang Xiaoliu raised her head a step later, and when she saw the man on the TV screen, her eyes suddenly widened: ” ! ! !” 

At the scene of the Feitian Awards, there was an absolute moment of silence. 

The audience was still okay. After being shocked briefly, they returned to normal, expressing their delighted astonishment with enthusiastic and crazy applause. However, all the celebrities and industry insiders who were invited to the scene were stunned silly and frozen in place. Even Director Guo and several other directors looked at the man standing in the center of the stage in shock, as if they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

Amidst the film crew of Ambush, the elegant and beautiful young man widened his eyes slightly, his clear pupils lightly trembling. He sat upright and stared intently at the man on stage. (He) watched the handsome and aloof man walk straight up to the microphone in a composed manner. Then, (the man) raised one hand and gently supported the microphone, calmly sweeping his gaze across the area below the stage.

His gaze paused briefly on the crew of Ambush, but quickly moved away. 

In the next second, a deep, magnetic male voice resounded throughout the entire venue: “It is an honor to be a guest award presenter on the stage of the Feitian Awards……” 

“I am Qin Cheng.” 

Almost instantly, on the Internet, a single phrase was being crazily brushed —

【AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I won’t even support the wall, I’ll just support you! Feitian Awards knows how to play! Knows how play! Really knows how to play! ! ! 】 

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Ahhaha! The title was referring to the fans supporting the Feitian awards for getting Qin Cheng to show up! ^^

I translated this chapter late at night. If there are any errors, please let me know. Thanks!

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 85 (Part 1) – I Won’t Even Support the Wall, Just Support You!

Note: The title can be interpreted in many ways. There’s numerous words for “fú” in Chinese. In this case, the title can also mean “If the walls collapse, I won’t hold it up, just support you” OR “I won’t even help the walls, I’ll just serve you” OR “I won’t go help strengthen the walls, I’ll only submit to you” ^^

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Unlike the Peony Awards, the Feitian Awards didn’t specifically separate weekly and daily broadcasts. All TV dramas were counted as a single category and nominations were given together. At the same time, the Feitian Award for Best Newcomer was based upon TV series’s premiere date, so this time, Rong Xu was nominated for this award through Ambush

The first few awards were the various technical awards. Amongst the weekly drama series’ Ambush was considered the leader of that year’s weekly TV dramas. However, when compared with Vie for Supremacy, there still existed a certain gap. 

In the event that both works were nominated, Vie for Supremacy naturally became the final big winner and received numerous awards. 

At the scene of the Feitian Awards, the theme song of Vie for Supremacy sounded almost continuously, and the crew joyously walked up the stage to receive the awards. The majestic music sounded even more magnificent added on by the applause of the audience. By the end of the technical awards, Ambush had won only one award for Best Props, while Vie for Supremacy won four awards. 

The entire crew of Vie for Supremacy was full of excitement. Although Director Guo was generally very prideful, even he couldn’t hide his happiness at that moment. 

Looking at the dazzling and boisterous scene on that side, Director Zheng smiled softly and whispered to Rong Xu: “I had once been Director Guo’s assistant before. Not long, only for one month.”

Rong Xu was slightly surprised: “Director Zheng, I’ve never heard of this before.” 


Director Zheng smiled and said: “The time was very short. I was young then, and it was just one month, so many people in the industry don’t know. I heard, Rong Xu, that Director Guo sent you an invitation in hopes that you will play the lead role for his next film, but you refused?” 

Rong Xu never thought that even Director Zheng would come to know about this, but these kinds of things were originally open secrets within the circle. Director Guo’s films had always been the focus of everyone’s attention within the TV drama circle. There were so many celebrities who squeezed their brains trying to get in. People paying attention to this matter was a matter of course. 

“Since I saw another good movie script first, I didn’t take on Director Guo’s film. I’m also very regretful.” The youth’s voice was low and gentle, his tone neither humble nor overbearing. His tender face showed a smile and his eyes were calm, serene. 

Rong Xu’s words were said without a drop of water leaking1, and he also expressed his regret and stance. The reason why he didn’t accept Director Guo’s film was not because Director Guo’s film wasn’t good, but rather because before he received it, he had already announced a decision, and the schedules collided. 

These words were seventy percent true and thirty percent false. But, paired with Rong Xu’s sullen gaze, they appeared to be absolutely true. 

Director Zheng laughed and said: “That’s certainly a pity.” 

The two chatted for a while and time passed quickly. The singing program on stage also slowly came to a close. 

When the female singer slowly walked off the stage, the phone in Rong Xu’s pocket suddenly vibrated once. He took out his cell phone, looked at the text, and was slightly startled. Then he smiled and replied: [Actually not that nervous.】 

Ye Qiao’s message relied quickly: [This time, I’m not the one giving you the award. Really not nervous? Haha, if you get another award, you must treat us to a meal! This time, I didn’t even get a nomination. I’ve become a professional escort. You, Sister Menglan and Brother Dong all have to treat! 】 

At today’s Feitian Awards, the crew of Vie for Supremacy once again wrapped up the awards for Best TV Series, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. However, there was no Best Supporting Actor. Ye Qiao was not nominated. As he said, this time, he truly was just an escort 

It had already been almost a full year since he arrived in this world, but Rong Xu didn’t yet have many close friends. The crew members of Ambush, because of Han Yanghao’s affairs, were more kept to themselves and didn’t develop any deep friendships. However, in Vie for Supremacy, Rong Xu was still a newcomer at the time and all the actors and staff members took good care of him. Even up to now, everyone maintained a good relationship and had frequent contact in private. 

As for Black Clouds and Maze City…… 

Amongst the cast of Maze City, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen had a pretty good relationship, but they didn’t have no much contact with Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi. Also, although there were many big celebrities in the Black Clouds crew, they were mostly all guest appearances. Rong Xu and them were at best passing acquaintances. He hadn’t even met many of the big name celebrities. 

It’s just, he and male number two of Black Clouds…… had a pretty good relationship.

The corners of his lips curled up involuntarily. Rong Xu’s eyes drooped down, and the figure of a certain man appeared in his mind. 

The relationship between him and that person was really quite good…… 

Very good. 

On stage, the host once again stood in front of the microphone, smiling and recounting to the audience the various TV series of the past year. This host was well-known in the circle for his skills in rhetoric. His words were witty, humorous and outgoing, and often amused the audience into laughter. 

However, in front of the TV, Zhuang Xiaoliu couldn’t laugh at all. 

As a loyal fan of Rong Xu’s, Zhuang Xiaoliu had been a follower of this shining star since Vie for Supremacy and had watched Rong Xu’s journey as he walked all the way to his current position.

When the Peony Awards were presented, Zhuang Xiaoliu was also very nervous, but still relatively relaxed. After all, there was no question about Rong Xu’s popularity. He had attended the awards ceremony in person, and the Peony Awards prioritized popularity. Thus, as long as there were no unforeseen incidents, Rong Xu was sure to win some awards. 

However, the Feitian Awards also focused on the reviews of professional judges, not just popularity…… 

“Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!” 

On the TV screen, Rong Xu smiled slightly and waved towards the camera. His beautiful eyebrows were like two crescent moons, handsome and elegant. 

Zhuang Xiaoliu quickly entered the fan base forum. As expected! All the fans were heatedly discussing the scene from just now. 

[RongRong! My Rong Rong! So gud lookin’ so gud lookin’! Today’s little dark red suit is even better lookin’ ain’t it! Skin be so, so white! So, so white!! ! ! 】 

[Just then, Rong Rong smiled at me XD] 

[Smiled at me, alright? The way Rong Rong waved his little hand is so cute~ So meng! 】 

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  1. Without a drop of water leaking: “perfectly”

Just one more chapter and we’ll get to the spicy scenes! If the author has more content on their social media, please let me know so I can add those, too!

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 84 (Part 2) – Feitian Awards

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Before the child left the crew, he specially ran over with his little legs and gave Rong Xu a piece of chocolate and also gave everyone else in the crew some candy. Rong Xu didn’t know if this was the child’s own thoughts or the thoughts of his manager mother, but looking at such a cute and delicate child, he couldn’t help but smile and pat his soft hair. 

After Lele departed from the crew, Rong Xu had already finished his makeup and was prepared to shoot the final indoor scene. 

Looking at the child’s back figure, Luo Qian said emotionally: “Generally speaking, roles with complex characters like this are the easiest to win awards. Xiao Xu, you’ve acted in two movies already. But, it seems that you haven’t filmed any emotional roles. Have you thought about acting them?” 

Most emotional films were predominantly literary and artistic films. The focus of such movies was generally on character development rather than the plot; thus, they highlighted a actor’s skills better and made it easier to win related awards. 


Rong Xu had made many such films in his previous life. Qin Cheng’s Song of the Night was also primarily cast to portray the character Lu Musheng, and gave him the opportunity to win many acting awards. 

Hearing this, the young man considered for a moment and smiled: “Is there news from Brother Luo?” 

Luo Qian was stunned: “Xiao Xu, how did you know?” 

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow slightly: “Otherwise, why would Sis’ Xiao Qian suddenly say this?” 

Luo Qian hehe’d with laughter: “Brother Luo told me yesterday that he has a pretty good script and was considering whether to accept it.” 

After listening to Luo Qian’s words, Rong Xu was slightly taken aback and finally understood the whole story.

After Rong Xu won the double trophies at the Peony Awards the day before, three TV series and two film crews all sent him participation invitations. The roles for the three TV series were all male protagonists, and one TV series was even directed by the director of Vie for Supremacy, Director Guo, himself. The old man didn’t hint anything to Rong Xu at the awards ceremony yesterday, but instead reached out directly in private. 

These three TV series were all large-scale productions this year that could help Rong Xu raise his national popularity. However, Luo Zhentao had his eyes set on the two films. One of the films was a war film which told of a spy’s story during a civil war in the nineteenth century and was based on a true story. 

Ambush’s success had been noticed by many producers. Though this TV series didn’t have much investment and the plot was full of dog blood, it is very successful in developing characters. The director of the spy movie who invited Rong Xu wanted him to play a role similar to Huo Xi: presenting himself as a senior official of the National Party, but a member of an underground party in the shadows.

Having known Rong Xu for more than a year by now, Luo Zhentao could be considered to understand him well and knew that his own artist would probably not want to pick up repetitive roles within short time frames. So, he didn’t mention this script at all. 

The script that Luo Zhentao was more concerned about was another one. The director was Xu Sheng, an internationally renowned literary film director who had been nominated for the Golden Phoenix Awards and Oscar awards several times, and had also won the Berlin Awards for Best Director twice. 

Old Xu’s position in the industry was much higher than that of Director Yuan’s. Although Director Yuan has a nickname of “Director Yuan Award” because he could win Best Director every time, he would only get second-tier and third-tier awards. Moreover, he had only been nominated once for Best Director in the Golden Phoenix Awards. However, Xu Lao was an acclaimed academy awards representative. 

With Old Xu, this movie basically already won an admission ticket to the world’s top three awards. Whether it will win was one thing, but it could definitely get at least one or two nominations. 

Rong Xu thought for a moment, and said: “Sis’ Xiao Qian, have Brother Luo send me the script. I’ll take a look.” 

Luo Qian stunned for a moment: “But Xiao Xu, that movie will start filming at the end of next month. If we pick it up, you won’t have any time to rest.” 

Rong Xu smiled and lifted his eyes: “A good script never waits for anyone.” 

Just one sentence left Luo Qian speechless. It wasn’t until Rong Xu got up to film that she patted her hot cheeks and murmured in a trance-like manner: “I am Rong Rong’s assistant, his assistant, assistant, assistant. I must be calm, I can’t be fantasizing about others. I can’t……AAAHHHHH so beautiful, so cute, how can i not fantasize QAQ !”

With that, Luo Qian held a water bottle and hurried towards the direction of the set, waiting to pass water to Rong Xu. 

Time passed in a flurry, and the crew of Maze City left Xiangshan Film and Television City and went to Hengdian to continue filming some of the outdoor scenes. The following week, they moved to S city again and borrowed an area of the CBD (central business district) to shoot the final location scene. 

 At the same time, the Feitian Awards finally approached. Rong Xu left S city one day in advance to fly to B city and prepare for his second awards ceremony. When he returned to the apartment that night, he opened the door and was surprised to see a span of darkness– 

Qin Cheng wasn’t home. 

His heart momentarily fell. His clear brows slowly furrowed, and Rong Xu sighed softly. 

“It seems that The Embroiderer 1 had begun filming these last two days?”

Old Liu’s new film was called The Embroiderer, which was Qin Cheng’s next film. There were many outdoor scenes for this movie, and the waterfall Qin Cheng went to check out before was also a scene needed in the movie. Although he wasn’t satisfied with the newly developed waterfall set in Xiangshan Film and Television City, according to Qin Cheng, Old Liu had already selected Nine Dragons Waterfall a few days ago and decided to film there. 

The Embroiderer’s launching ceremony was not announced publicly, so no major media knew that this large-scale production movie with an investment of over 400 million yuan had commenced silently.

Uncertain if his heart was filled with regret or loss, Rong Xu made some dinner on his own, and after washing up, he arrived in the theater room. Opening the cabinets, Rong Xu looked at the neatly organized trophies inside. He stared for a long time and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to stroke the brilliant yet delicate trophies, laughing softly. 

Early the next day, Luo Zhentao picked up Rong Xu  and brought him to Huaxia Entertainment for his styling. At six o’clock in the evening, a black car drove out of the Huaxia Entertainment Building and arrived at the venue steadily after twenty minutes. 

Rong Xu quickly merged with the crew of Ambush. It was no different from last week’s Peony Awards; there were still Director Zheng, Zhang Tongtong, and Yi Lan. But this time, Rong Xu didn’t need to enter the venue with Vie for Supremacy because tonight he was only nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, and the nominated role was for Huo Xi. 

However, at this moment, no one knew that a plane that was delayed for six hours finally arrived at Capital Airport. A tall and handsome man walked hastily into the parking lot from the VIP walkway and got into the car. Along the way, the little assistant who was sitting in the front row and driving while holding back his breathing didn’t dare say a single word, and the agent sitting in the right back also bowed his head honestly, pretending not to exist.

After five minutes, Xu Jin said very softly: “……Actually, this is also something uncontrollable. I think the Heavens itself may not want you to participate in the Feitian Awards……”

Speaking to here, the gold-tier agent suddenly realized that he may have said the wrong thing, and his face changed as he quickly altered his words: “No, no, no, you see, Qin Cheng, we just don’t have time to participate in the red carpet event. If you arrive now, it will just be in time for the awards ceremony! Arriving early is not necessarily better than arriving at the perfect time. We will be just……” 

Dudu—” (/horn sfx)

The car stopped abruptly and became a member of the stuck in heavy traffic club. 

Xu Jin: “……” 

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes, and said lightly: “What if we can’t make it.” 

Xu Jin only thought that the other party was concerned about the awards ceremony, so he explained: “When the plane was delayed this morning, I confirmed with the organizing committee that if you can’t make it, there will be another actor there to present the award for you.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Xu Jin: “……?” Why does the air seem a bit cold? 

At the same time, Rong Xu was sitting in his seat, smiling and looking at the stage. 

The Feitian Awards, officially kicks off. 

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The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: Baby is going to present awards! Present awards. Present awards, Present awards! ! ! 

Rong Rong: AttendING the awards ceremony. 



  1. For now, the title of QC’s new film will be translated as “The Embroiderer” (Zhuang Hua Luo), but is subject to change if it doesn’t match the plot well enough.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 84 (Part 1) – Feitian Awards

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Maze City had been in filming for a month now, and all the indoor scenes have already been completed. 

When Rong Xu returned from the Peony Awards this time, the staff members in the crew had already begun to dismantle parts of the props and set decor used for the indoor shoots. The next day, they will be leaving Xiangshan Film and Television City and heading to Hengdian to continue shooting parts of the outdoor scenes. 

By the time Rong Xu returned to the crew, it was already in the afternoon. The new, young actor entered the crew yesterday and will play the role of Xue Jiazhe in his childhood. This kid was a very popular child star in recent years. He looked like pure and bright jade, 10 points cute. He was only five years old this year and didn’t act rough and obtuse like other little boys at all, but was as quiet as a young girl. 

Seeing Rong Xu’s return, Director Yuan laughed and introduced the child to him: “Later, when Lele is filming, can you give him some guidance, Rong Xu? (You) just returned with a trophy and should give the kid a role model. This is what you (Xue Jiazhe) looked like as a kid, so you should guide Lele in understanding the script.” 

Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “Okay.” 


Then, Rong Xu lowered his head again and saw a tender little dumpling shrunken beside Director Yuan, blinking a pair of big eyes as he tilted his small head and looked at him seriously. 

Child stars who could mix into the entertainment circle long term usually all had parents who were good at management. Most of them were insiders in the industry, and Lele was no exception. Last year, this kid played a little prince. Debuting with that role, he had been acting in the industry for a year now, and although he was very young, he was by no means a completely innocent newbie. 

The child gently called out “Big Brother Rong Rong”, and looking at the soft, white dough-like smiling face, Rong Xu smiled gently as he squatted down and softly said: “We will start filming very soon, let’s take a look at the script, okay?” 

Not far away, the child’s mother was looking at her son and nodding in satisfaction. 

In the evening, when the sky turned dark, Lele’s scenes officially began. 

Rong Xu stood next to the set, watching the prop crew move a big boulder over and place onto Lele and another actress. This actress joined the crew on the same day as Lele. The two of them only had today’s single scene that portrayed Xue Jiazhe’s childhood events. 

Tan Yangxuan knew that his college classmate had experienced an earthquake when he was a child and had almost died then. He also knew that his parents divorced when he was a child, but he didn’t know that Xue Jiazhe’s parents had divorced because of the earthquake. His father had abandoned them, mother and son, and escaped alone. 

That night, an earthquake had struck very suddenly. The ground trembled and the mountains shook, causing the small town to fall into chaos. 

That morning, Xue Jiazhe had even played and laughed with his parents, talking like a little adult and saying that he would become a policeman in the future and become an indomitable man. But in just a short ten hours later, they were awakened by a violent shaking. His mother rushed into his room frantically and embraced him in her arms while his father ran next to them. 

Just as they were about to leave the house, the ceiling suddenly collapsed. His mother was crushed by a few large rocks and could just barely provide enough space for her son to hide in. At that time, his father was standing at the door, hurriedly reaching out to try to rescue them. 

He shouted in disorientation: “Dad!” 

His mother also yelled loudly: “Take JiaJia!” 

His mother tried her best to support him upwards, and his father also quickly stretched out his right hand to pull. However, exactly at the moment when success was imminent[1], another large boulder fell and hit the side of his father’s feet. Xue Jiazhe was about to touch his father’s hand, but the next moment, his father immediately retracted his hand as he turned and ran. 

The little child was too young and didn’t understand what that meant, but his mother’s eyes widened. She looked desperately at the image of her husband’s back, appearing as if she had only come to truly understand this man today. 

Then, they were trapped for three days and three nights under the pile of rocks.

Xue Jiazhe was hidden in his mother’s arms. There was no water or food. When his mother was so thirsty that she couldn’t even secrete saliva, the woman took broken rock shards and cut her arm to let her son drink her blood. 

They were rescued three days later. It wasn’t a big problem if an adult didn’t eat or drink for three days, but a child couldn’t endure it. 

His mother’s left leg had been pressed under a boulder, and it finally had to be sawn off before they could come out. Since then, she’s had one missing leg. Meanwhile, the man called father had stood beside the rescue crew member, watching anxiously as both of them were rescued. Finally, his parents divorced peacefully, and the man left the house, quietly sending money to the mother and son every month. 

Xue Jiazhe’s mother never touched this sum of money. It was all stored in the bank. She gave the money to her son before she died and told her son: “You had never owed him, and I have never owed him. If you want, you can use it. If you don’t want to use this money, you can also return it to him.” 

Xue Jiazhe’s mother died of illness a year ago, and it was then that the serial killings in Haicheng appeared. 

This scene was filmed six times before Director Yuan was finally satisfied. After all, he was still a child, and no matter how good his acting was, there will always be difficult to prevent situations that could appear. The actress who played Xue Jiazhe’s mother was also NG’d by Director Yuan twice in the crying scenes. 

In the script, Mother Xue personally didn’t care that she was abandoned by her husband, and she didn’t care that her husband had abandoned her, but she cared very much that the man she once loved could even abandon their child. It didn’t matter whether she lived or died, but her child couldn’t die. 

Thus, this strong-willed mother had cried helplessly for a few minutes before she stopped her tears and faced the reality of being crushed under the rubble. 

In movies, this type of family relationship drama was usually a time bomb[2], and was also one of the rare emotional moments in Maze City. Director Yuan strived for a sensational effect. By the time the scene was filmed for the sixth time, even the members of the crew looked on with heartache, and he finally smiled with satisfaction and passed the scene. 

Soon, the prop group began to clean up, and the child’s and actress’s scenes came to a close.

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[1] Success was imminent: original: ‘when sparks will fly’

[2] Time bomb: it could be hit or miss

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 83 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: I Also Like You

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This sudden loud sound woke Rong Xu abruptly. It wasn’t until (he woke up that) he realized that he was so tired he didn’t even know when he fell asleep. Rong Xu had just opened his eyes to look around and hadn’t even had time to open his mouth when he suddenly saw……

Qin Cheng sitting on the coffee table. A white porcelain vase had slowly rolled off the coffee table and landed on the soft carpet. The loud noise had come from the vase colliding with the top of the glass coffee table (when it fell over). 

Rong Xu: “……” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

After a second, the young man smiled helplessly and asked: “Qin Cheng, why are you sitting here?” 

Qin Cheng: “……playing on my phone.” 

Rong Xu was taken aback: “You’re sitting on the coffee table……playing with your phone?!” 

Qin Cheng nodded calmly, “En.” 

Rong Xu: “……” 


Although Rong Xu felt something was wrong in his heart, there was no way he could have known that only half a second later and a certain man would have succeeded! But, just a small murmur from (Rong Xu) caused someone to have a guilty conscience, making them suddenly fall backwards directly on the coffee table and cause the white porcelain vase to be knocked onto the ground. 

Not falling onto the ground was already considered very good. If he really sat on the floor, he’s afraid that a certain man would answer like this without a single change in his expression and heart rate ——

“I’m trying to see if, without heated flooring, whether or not the carpet……would be warm.” 

However, Rong Xu didn’t think too much. He just got up and began to organize things with the help of Qin Cheng. 

This time, Rong Xu only came back for one day. He would take the plane back to Xiangshan the next morning, so he didn’t bring much luggage. The only things he had to organize right now were the two trophies from the Peony Awards. 

Looking at the two crystal Peony Awards trophies, Qin Cheng thought for a while and said: “Putting it there would be good.” 

Rong Xu followed behind Qin Cheng and entered the theater room, standing in front of the cabinet with the DVDs. Qin Cheng had opened this cabinet many times before, and Rong Xu had also opened it in the past. There were numerous classic movie DVDs inside. However, this time, Qin Cheng took another step to the side and opened the cabinet next to it. 

When he saw the contents of the cabinet clearly, Rong Xu was taken aback and turned his head to look at Qin Cheng in surprise. 

Qin Cheng only directly received the two crystal trophies from Rong Xu’s hands and placed them on the top shelf of the cabinet. On the two sides of the two crystal trophies, an exquisitely carved and lifelike golden phoenix was on the left; on the right was a little golden figure with one hand above the other and one on its heart, its body lines smooth and sleek, and appearing to be in the midst of singing.

The one on the left was Huaxia’s Golden Phoenix Award trophy, and the one on the right was the Oscar Awards trophy. 

Rong Xu, who was watching this scenario: “……”

The two Peony Award trophies that were sandwiched between two of the world’s top three golden trophies: “……” 

The man’s deep magnetic voice sounded out: “This cabinet is very large, and the two cabinets next to it are empty. You can put things in here directly.” 

The youth asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You really don’t feel like something’s a little weird?” 

Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and looked calmly at Rong Xu, asking: “Is something wrong? These cabinets are specially for placing trophies. One of the cabinets is already full. You’ll put them here in the future, too, Xiao Xu.” 

Your trophy and mine are next to each other, next to each other~ 

Hearing this, the smile on Rong Xu’s lips couldn’t help but deepen. He knew that Qin Cheng had misunderstood what he meant. Placing the Peony Award trophies for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor together with the Golden Phoenix Awards Film Emperor and Oscar Film Emperor trophies, isn’t that too inappropriate? 

Rong Xu didn’t say anything more, but instead just smiled: “Okay.” 

In this man’s heart, every trophy was equal. The Golden Phoenix Award trophies and the Oscar trophies were not any more noble than the Peony Award trophies, and there was no distinction of high and low. Perhaps some would have a higher gold content, but for the winners, each trophy was an affirmation of themselves. 

This was probably Qin Cheng’s gentleness. 

That night, after settling the trophies, the two went to the living room to watch the latest entertainment shows for a while. Because he had to rest early in the evening to catch an early plane the next day, Rong Xu finished washing up first. 

Standing in front of Rong Xu’s room, Qin Cheng stared blankly as the youth made his bed, preparing to go to bed. Rong Xu turned around and saw Qin Cheng standing in front of his door. He smiled lightly, stepped forward, and said: “You also need to rest early. Didn’t you mention that you will accompany Old Liu to select set locations the day after tomorrow?” 

Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and his gaze slowly fell to the young man’s pale lips. 

Rong Xu smiled and said: “After I am done with everything next month, can I go observe your work?” 

Qin Cheng’s gaze remained silently glued on those thin, full lips, as he said in a quiet voice: “We will have started filming by next month. Okay.” 

Rong Xu smiled gently: “Qin Cheng.” 

Suddenly hearing his name, the man raised his head. But, before he could make a sound, the youth suddenly opened his arms and gently embraced him. Qin Cheng’s eyes slowly widened, and a hint of surprise and joy flashed across his dark eyes.

Time seemed to stretch infinitely at this moment. Rong Xu exhaled warmly by his ears, and he (Qin Cheng) could hear a clear voice softly ringing through his ears: “Your words……I never replied. But, I believe you already know the answer.” 

“Qin Cheng, I like you, too.” 

The next day, Rong Xu left the apartment and rushed to Xiangshan by plane before the sky was even lit. When he left at four in the morning, he had hesitated a bit, but finally decided to not knock on Qin Cheng’s door. Little did he know that after that after the confession, a certain man didn’t sleep at all the entire night. 

When they were in Xiangshan Film and Television City, the two had basically confirmed their relationship already. However, that day, when Qin Cheng uttered those four words, Rong Xu had just held his hand and did not give an answer.  

But now, his Rong Rong had personally said the word “like”. 

After a night of insomnia, Qin Cheng sported two large panda eyes and drove to find his agent to again determine his itinerary for the following week. 

The corner of Xu Jin’s mouth twitched, and he said helplessly: “You can definitely participate in the Feitian Awards. Definitely can, definitely can! Important things must be said three times, so please stop asking me, okay, big, young master?” 

The plane landed steadily at Shuoshe Airport, and by noon that day, Rong Xu returned to the crew to continue filming Maze City

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YASSSSS. PROGRESS. LET’S GOOOOOO. Rong Xu has given Qin Cheng permission to be openly shameless now. UwU

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 83 (Part 1) – Qin Cheng: I Also Like You

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As soon as the Peony Awards ended, an overwhelming number of news reports appeared as expected. 

Vie for Supremacy  and Ambush both won big at the Peony Awards, and Rong Xu also gained a lot of attention through these two TV drama series. Moreover, he was also the sole double award winner at this year’s Peony Awards: he won Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor. 

There was a lot of commotion on the Internet, but the parties involved left one after another from the golden stage of the awards ceremony that captured the attention of numerous people around the world and went home. Originally, the crews of Vie for Supremacy and Ambush had both invited Rong Xu to attend the nighttime celebrations, but considering that Rong Xu had to fly back to Xiangshan the next day to film, Luo Zhentao politely refused the invites for him. 

When Rong Xu returned to the apartment, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Qin Cheng standing on the balcony making a call. 

After a brief pause, Rong Xu didn’t go disturb him, but rather hung his coat on the hanger. When he stepped into the living room, he immediately saw the supper on the table. 



Bird’s nest? 


Shark fin? 

……Wake up, that’s impossible. 

The corner of the youth’s lips curled up. He walked to the dining table, looked at the steamy bowl of noodles, and silently pulled out the chair to sit down. 

Although a certain man had promised in the text message, carrying a temperament of “I can cook any delicacy from the mountains to the seas”, Rong Xu knew that Qin Cheng and his own cooking skills…… well, they were quite well matched. 

Of course, this ‘well-matched’ didn’t mean that the two of them were equally good, but rather that they are both only so-so and could only count as being edible. Both of them could cook a few simple dishes, such as tomato scrambled eggs, stir-fry shredded pork, and Kung Pao chicken. Anything more difficult…… 

Well, actually, braised pork was really difficult to make. 

Rong Xu sat at the dining table and played with his phone, not eating the noodles immediately. However, Qin Cheng continued to be on the phone for a long time, and the noodles were about to turn into mush. The young man could only sigh softly and silently pick up his chopsticks to eat. 

After Rong Xu finished the noodles, Qin Cheng was still on the phone. Standing on the balcony with his back to Rong Xu, Qin Cheng didn’t even seem to have realized that the young man was home. Instead, he was facing the splendid and bustling night view of the city, speaking in a low voice. 

Early that morning, he had rushed back to B City from Xiangshan Film and Television City and directly went to participate in the awards ceremony. After such a busy day, the youth couldn’t help but feel a little exhausted. Rong Xu stood in the middle of the living room and stared at Qin Cheng’s back image. He pondered for a while, but finally decided to not go back to his room, opting to sit on the sofa and play on his cell phone instead. 

Ten minutes later, after Qin Cheng finished his call with Xu Jin and finalized the matter regarding his attendance at the Feitian Awards, he turned around and saw the scene of the sleeping youth. Beyond the high and spotless glass windows, in the simply decorated living room, a handsome and beautiful young man lay unsuspecting on the sofa, sleeping peacefully. 

A warm and welcoming yellow light was scattered upon his body, making him appear very gentle, and his fluttering eyelashes cast a faint shadow over his eyes. This painting was so beautiful that it made one unable to bear destroying it. 

The man strode into the living room with light steps to the youth, and then squatted down slowly in front of him. 

The two hadn’t seen each other for three days. They had just confessed their feelings and confirmed their relationship before they were forced to separate. 

The entertainment industry was just like this. Lovers often couldn’t see each other for days on end. Unless they worked together on the same drama, in the same crew, it was unknown whether they could even be together for 6 out of 12 months. 

Some feelings would gradually fade over time with separation, but other feelings could become stronger because of distance. 

The man’s deep eyes reflected the youth’s peaceful sleeping face. After staring for a long time, Qin Cheng stretched out a hand and gently brushed aside the scattered hair on Rong Xu’s forehead, revealing his entire beautiful and delicate face. He watched the young man calmly. 

After staring for another while, he silently stood up, found a blanket to cover Rong Xu with before going over to the dining table. 

Once he put the dishes into the dishwasher, Qin Cheng went back to the living room and sat on the single sofa next to Rong Xu. He then sent a message to Xu Jin to confirm the final processes. 

He would look at the young man after looking at his phone for a bit. 

Look at the phone for one second, and look at Rong Xu for three seconds; look at the phone for one second, and look at Rong Xu for three seconds. 

Ten minutes later, Qin Cheng suddenly put down his phone and walked up to the young man. He was prepared to bend over, but then abruptly halted before turning around to sit back down. 

He absent-mindedly flipped through some of the latest news and watched the media blow up Rong Xu sky-high. Qin Cheng’s thin lips slightly pursed as these exaggerated words crossed his gaze.

 “Super Rookie King, the brightest star in the entertainment industry”, 

“Soaring popularity, amazing feat in one fell swoop”

The media loved to use such exaggerated vocabulary to attract the readers’ attention and gain traffic. In the past, when Han Yanghao won Best Newcomer, they once said that he was going to be the strongest dark horse in the next three years. But what now? There wasn’t even his shadow left. 

Though, in his heart, he knew that the media was deliberately exaggerating the facts, but at hand, the man still calmly posted discussions under these news articles—— 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Well said. 】 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Absolutely right. Rong Rong is the best. 】 

Like this, another ten minutes passed. Seeing Rong Xu still sleeping peacefully, Qin Cheng gradually tightened the fingers holding his phone. A minute later, Qin Cheng finally got up and walked in front of Rong Xu again. He leaned his body downwards and stared at the person he had missed for three days. 

Fingers gently brushed the hair on the sides of the youth’s face. The slender eyebrows, tall nose, and…….full lips. The light-colored lips were thin, but at a glance they appeared very soft. 

Qin Cheng’s eyes darkened, and he pursed his lips as he leaned down little by little. 

The distance between them was getting smaller and smaller, getting closer and closer, so close that he could hear the young man’s faint breathing and see the fine hairs on the other’s face. He found that there was actually a light brown mole-like dot at the corner of the youth’s left eye, and he felt his own heart beating faster and faster…… 

Just three centimeters, two centimeters, one centimeter, half a centimeter…… 




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