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SA Chapter 76 (Part 1) – Qin Cheng: It has nothing to do with Mother

Note: the asterisks in the translation reflect the censorship in the raws.

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In the narrow and cramped entrance area, Rong Xu’s left hand was holding down Qin Cheng’s right hand, but his eyes were locked onto the door.

The lights in the room were not turned on. Only the dim moonlight projected through the glass windows and cast hazy shadows in the room. There was no response from the inside, but the person knocking outside the door was very patient. She didn’t feel any sense of embarrassment at all. After a long period of silence, she actually smiled again and said: “Rong Rong, are you busy?”

Only Little White Tiger was as still as a mountain, nestled in He Ruge’s arms and looking at He Ruge with his blue eyes. There were a plethora of complex emotions swirling in his eyes.

The man frowned slightly, and he lightly moved his right hand. The youth’s left hand that was being held moved along with it. Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng, only to see the latter staring at him deeply, his eyes narrowed as if inquiring: Ren Shuzhi?

Rong Xu nodded lightly.

At this time, they heard Ren Shuzhi chuckled again and say: “Rong Rong, did someone enter the room with you just now? I didn’t see it clearly. Is it someone from our crew?”

Hearing this, Rong Xu slowly raised the corners of his lips and released the hand that was holding down Qin Cheng. He smiled faintly and said: “Sis’ Ren, I happen to have something going on just now. If it’s my phone, I will have my assistant go to your room to retrieve it.” From his words, he avoided answering Ren Shuzhi’s question.

Qin Cheng narrowed his eyes and pursed his thin lips.

He Ruge didn’t pay too much attention to Little White Tiger because Crow had warned that they must jump off the carriage when they reached Floor E.

As if perceiving the man’s down-heartedness, Rong Xu turned his eyes to look at Qin Cheng, face full of helplessness. He lowered his voice and said softly: “You came so suddenly. I’m not prepared. If Ren Shuzhi sees you, I wouldn’t know how to explain it. It’s also not good for you.”

The implication was that he didn’t want to disclose Qin Cheng’s presence to Ren Shuzhi.

Just then, Rong Xu was surprised from suddenly seeing Qin Cheng. Then, he saw Ren Shuzhi and instinctually pulled Qin Cheng into the room to ensure the two didn’t meet. This behavior was purely a subconscious action, but after rethinking it, his actions were not without reason.

As far as everyone knew, the movie Qin Cheng was currently filming was set in the United States and had nothing to do with Xiangshan Film and Television City. If he suddenly appeared here and even more so in Rong Xu’s room, then naturally it could only be because he was visiting Rong Xu.

Qin Cheng and Rong Xu had only collaborated once in Black Clouds. The two may be familiar with each other, but there were no rumors on the outside that they are friends. 

Now that Qin Cheng had suddenly appeared in Rong Xu’s room… it would still be easy to explain if they were seen by another, but being seen by Ren Shuzhi……

He Ruge was mainly afraid of running into people. All of them were combat inept.

Though Rong Xu didn’t know this woman well, he knew that the other party was not exactly considered a good person.

It’s true that there aren’t many good people within the circle, but there are still some. However, Ren Shuzhi is definitely not among them. 

It’s unpredictable as to what she would say. Maybe she’ll quietly spread false news, and…… Ren Shuzhi, this person, is actually quite beautiful, has a good body, and is open and proactive about her feelings. When a man looks at her, he was afraid that the news would not be treated as air[1].

Inexplicably, there was a strange feeling emerging in his heart. Although Rong Xu was still calm on the surface, his pupils were shining with a deep light.

But, if Ren Shuzhi really was this easy to deal with, she wouldn’t have come knocking on the door again. The sound of a woman’s soft laughter through the door. As a titled Sexy Empress, Ren Shuzhi’s voice was very nice and sounded quite moving. Though, Rong Xu felt it was a bit harsh on the ears.

Ren Shuzhi said softly: “It’s just a small effort of opening the door, Rong Rong. I won’t even go in. I won’t discuss the script with you today.”

There are certain types of people in this world who, regardless of men or women, they are very open about romance and have low requirements for love. They just want to enjoy the present, and savor sex/love. Throughout the ages, there have been countless numbers of such people. 

Since there were people like Plato, who only pursued the art of spiritual communication, then naturally, there were also people who didn’t care too much about love and only wanted to pursue whatever they liked.

The Golden Python talked like he’d been injected with chicken blood (energetically), directly replacing the chatterbox Little Rabbit and chittered endlessly.

In his last life, Rong Xu knew a young American pop king who was super into American sweethearts. He never had a girlfriend, but he’d had numerous lovers. Everyone did what they needed to receive se*ual and emotional bliss. 

It’s said that [that American pop king] once chased after a female French singer. The other party rejected him several times, but he was not discouraged and instead became more persistent.

Rong Xu was not this kind of person, but he also didn’t really hate these kinds of people. It’s just that if this sort of messy thing fell on his head ……En, did indeed make him feel a bit stuffy and irritable.

Rong Xu thought for a while, and was about to open his mouth to refuse again, but Qin Cheng intercepted and asked in a low voice: “Can’t open the door?”

Rong Xu was startled and subconsciously replied: “……What about you hide first, then I’ll open the door?”

When he finished speaking, the youth raised his head and his gaze suddenly met a pair of smiling eyes. Qin Cheng rarely made his pleasure so obvious like this, and it surprised Rong Xu. Before he could react, he heard the man’s low, magnetic voice ring in his ears: “Don’t worry about me, she just wants to drop off the cell phone, it’s okay.”

At the next moment, they heard Ren Shuzhi say again: “Rong Rong, are you this afraid of me? I’m just here to give you your cell phone. If you continue to not open the door, Sis’ Ren is going to get angry. Is it that the one who entered your room just now was also I know……”


The crisp sound of the door opening directly interrupted Ren Shuzhi’s words.

A shrewd light flashed from those beautiful eyes, and Ren Shuzhi pinched her fingers calmly as she gradually became more vigilant in her heart.

Someone who could make Rong Xu pull them into his room immediately and not allow her to meet them absolutely must not be a man. They must be a woman! Exactly who on earth is this woman to be treated by Rong Xu with such care, to not even want them to meet herself?

When speaking through the door just now, Ren Shuzhi’s tone had been pleasant, but her face was green.

This piece of fresh meat that she’d been fond of for so long yet couldn’t hook in after all kinds of ways was suddenly snatched by another! She wanted to see who had such charms to be able to directly hook in with a man who even Ren Shuzhi herself couldn’t hook up!

Ren Shuzhi clenched her teeth. Her face maintained a smile, but in an instant, the smile on her lips suddenly froze. Her eyes widened involuntarily as an expression of disbelief appeared on this beautiful and moving face. Ren Shuzhi opened her mouth, but even shock or horror were simply not enough to describe her current expression.

When the door slowly opened, a tall and handsome figure gradually appeared at the door.

What was behind that door?


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[1]RX is afraid that people will believe her just because of her appearance.

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SA Chapter 75 (Part 3) – Kabedon~

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He Ruge wasn’t good at mixing into crowds, so he just quietly watched from behind the screen for a while before exiting the group chat to go write. Inside the small black room, he managed to write 2,000 words in one go,

In any group scene, there will always be a main focus. In this scene, Xue Jiazhe is definitely the protagonist through and through. Therefore, Rong Xu’s performance is the most important – whether he could employ the atmosphere and immerse the audience.

Bo Xiwen’s and Ren Shuzhi‘s performances were not as important. Rong Xu was the key.

And so, after the scene ended, the makeup artist immediately entered the set to help with makeup touch ups, and Director Yuan replayed the recording without saying a word.

He watched it a full five times before he finally gave a soft sigh. He then raised his head and said: “Ren Shuzhi needs to redo one shot, then this scene passes!”

When this sentence reached Rong Xu’s ears, he raised his head in surprise and looked at Director Yuan. At the same time, Bo Xiwen and Ma Qi also looked at Director Yuan in surprise, while Ren Shuzhi nodded helplessly as she prepared to retake the shot.

After cooperating with Director Yuan for only three days, Rong Xu already knew that this director was very keen on using long shots.

Compared with many other artistry obsessed directors, Director Yuan’s long shots were not considered that long, the longest being only four to five minutes, unlike some other artistry obsessed directors whose long shots could reach forty to fifty minutes and never pause. 

However, Director Yuan was very principled. The long shots were still definitely long shots. Although they weren’t the standard long shots taken with only one camera in the strictest sense, he wouldn’t break the scene as long as the actors were still acting ,and would even make them start over from the very beginning.

But this time, Director Yuan made an exception. He didn’t have anyone accompany Ren Shuzhi for her retake, but rather made Ren Shuzhi retake the scene by herself.

Suddenly, a thought popped into his mind. Originally, he didn’t want to think too deep into it. However, that thought lingered in his mind and finally drove him to reopen “Family of 5 Lakes and 4 Seas” and say: “I have a question. Do monsters have parents?”


After Ren Shuzhi re-dripped the eye drops and finished the retake, Director Yuan spat out a mouthful of complaints: “Cry, do you know how to cry? Not borrowing the eye drops to cry, but actually really cry! Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen did such a good job. Yet, you somehow can’t even cry right, almost wasted a spectacular shot!”

And so Rong Xu finally came to understand that when they took the close-up shot for Ren Shuzhi the second time, there were practically no tears in her eyes!

Because the eye drops had run out, Ren Shuzhi was just plain howling in the second close-up take. Most people might not be able to see it well from a distance – after all, her face was already fully stained with eye drops, so one wouldn’t be able to tell whether there were tears in her eyes – but the camera can catch it all clearly.

After being reprimanded so many times by Director Yuan, Ren Shuzhi’s face was a bit ugly. But, after all, the director had the most power, so she accepted Director Yuan’s suggestions with a dry smile.

In the evening, Ren Shuzhi even proposed to have a dinner gathering.

He Ruge’s emotions shifted only for the briefest of moments. His fingertips which were placed on the keyboard twitched as he slowly replied

“It was a bit late by the time I joined the crew, and we haven’t had a single meal with everyone yet. Today, I will treat, inviting everyone to have a meal in the neighboring restaurant[1]. Please don’t be polite.”

Within the crew, Ren Shuzhi had always been enthusiastic and generous. After she said that, she directly booked tables for them, and everyone walked over happily.

Because she’s a singer, Ren Shuzhi didn’t drink alcohol, only juice. At the table, everyone except her had tasted some alcohol. Though they didn’t drink much, they could be considered to have “drank”. Even Rong Xu had poured himself a glass of red wine.[2]

After three rounds of drinking, Luo Qian walked over from the assistant’s table and asked Rong Xu quietly: “Xiao Xu, exactly what kind of medicine is Ren Shuzhi selling in her gourd[3]? Suddenly inviting everyone to dinner…… I keep feeling it’s kinda weird.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu was startled for a second. After deliberating it for a moment, he smiled: “Perhaps she wants to make up for it, for constantly NGing these past few days?”

Although it is uncommon for celebrities to treat others to meals on a large scale, even Rong Xu had done it several times before. It was normal, there was nothing suspicious about. It was nothing more than building a good relationship with the crew.

However, Luo Qian frowned and said softly: “I keep feeling that something is off……”

But, though she’d said that, Luo Qian’s ‘woman’s sixth sense’ didn’t appear to have a miraculous effect this time around.

After the crew members finished their meal, they walked back to the hotel together. The hotel was right next to the Film and Television City, so the security was pretty decent. Rong Xu and Luo Qian walked to the forefront of the team, and Ren Shuzhi and Director Yuan could be heard talking and laughing in the distance.

The little white tiger was sleeping. He Ruge’s gaze wandered along the outline of the little white tiger bit by bit, from his bud-like ears and delicate pink nose, to his thin and long snow-white tiger whiskers and his two overlapping small paws.


Director Yuan hahahah’d constantly. At this moment, there was no trace of the man who’d scolded Ren Shuzhi in the morning.

Listening to their laughter, the youth’s mouth curled up thoughtfully, coming to understand the purpose behind Ren Shuzhi’s actions.

Eat food, shorten words. Receive things, soften hands[4]. Huaxia’s idioms always make sense.

 Very soon, Rong Xu got on the elevator with the first group of crew members. After saying goodbye to Luo Qian, he walked to his room alone.

The bright and dazzling lights illuminated the entire length of the long and narrow corridor. Thick carpets blanketed the ground, making the sound of people’s footsteps barely audible. The doors on both sides were closed tightly, and Rong Xu could only hear his own breathing and extremely light footsteps.

Da Da, Da Da——

His room was next to a corner. It was originally at the end of the corridor, but the superstitious[5] Luo Qian insisted on changing Rong Xu’s room to not be at the end of the corridor. Thus, she switched it to this one.

As he walked, Rong Xu took out the door card from his pocket. His mind was filled with the scenes he will be acting out the next day. It was still an indoor scene, performed in Xue Jiazhe’s office. There, Tan Yangxuan will bring Xue Jiazhe the latest photos taken of the crime scene, and Xue Jiazhe will finally decide to go visit the square where the victim was hung to investigate.

This scene seemed very simple, but in fact, from beginning to end, Rong Xu must act out Xue Jiazhe’s duality.

Everything this person analyzed was directed at himself. He knew very well that it was he, himself, who killed those people. But, he never felt emotionally moved. He always seemed to be standing to the side, looking at the whole thing from an outsider’s perspective. Looking at the victims he killed. Looking at his own cold-blooded self.

Therefore, for the most important scene tomorrow, Rong Xu needed to be able to show Xue Jiazhe’s indifference deep within his bones. It could be reflected through small details, but also in his speaking tone with Tan Yangxuan.

For example, he could purposefully not pour a cup of hot water for Tan Yangxuan from beginning to end, or……


The sound of footsteps stopped abruptly.

The youth turned the corner and finally saw the man leaning against the door of his room, waiting quietly.

The youth’s clear eyes slowly widened as the handsome young man was reflected in his gaze. With his hands in the pockets of the black windbreaker, the man’s figure was pure and straight, like a perfect statue, waiting quietly and collectedly at the door, and leaning gently against the wall. When he heard footsteps, he tilted his head slightly and looked towards the suddenly-appearing youth with calm eyes.

White light poured down from the top of the man’s head (from the overhead lighting), causing his scattered hair to leave a faint shadow and hide those deep phoenix eyes as they stared at the young man without a noise, watching carefully.

Silence hung in the corridor. Rong Xu looked at Qin Cheng in shock, while Qin Cheng similarly looked down towards him.

Both of them stared at each other, and neither of them spoke first. One was frightened into silence, the other seemed to be enjoying this state of being. 

Qin Cheng stared at the youth in front of him with a blank expression. Only the raised corners of his lips reveal his secretly happy mood at the moment.

It was only after a long time that Rong Xu finally recovered. He subconsciously wanted to ask why the other party suddenly appeared here, but just as he said the word “you”…

All of a sudden! 

Very light footsteps sounded out from behind him.

The sound of high heels stepping on the carpet was really too easy for people to ignore. Rong Xu only noticed the other party when they had neared the corner. He turned around quickly, and his eyes suddenly widened.

Qin Cheng raised an eyebrow and asked softly: “What……”


Without giving the man a chance to speak at all, Rong Xu directly grabbed his hand, swiped the key card speedily, and pressed Qin Cheng to the wall with one violent stroke. With a hook on his left foot, there was a loud bang, and the door was closed behind him.

Qin Cheng looked at the young man in surprise and saw Rong Xu holding down his arm with one hand, pressing him (Qin Cheng) between him (Rong Xu) and the wall. He was obviously half a head shorter than himself, but this young man looked solemn at the moment as he turned his head and looked in the direction of the door without blinking.

Qin Cheng: “……”

After a moment of contemplation, Qin Cheng silently moved his hand down and clasped the youth’s hand.

Just like that.

Rong Xu didn’t seem to notice the sensation and was still staring intently at the door.

Qin Cheng’s gaze flicked across the youth’s face and finally also looked in the direction of the door. He narrowed his eyes slightly. A slight darkness flashed through deep eyes, only to hear, in the next second, a crisp knock on the door.

A soft female voice sounded over with a smile and flowed across the thin door: “Rong Rong, did you forget to grab your phone when we were eating just now? I brought it here for you. Open the door for a bit.”

He Ruge’s birthday is next month. He had once thought that when he’d saved some money, he would buy himself a cat for his own birthday gift.


The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: Eh, RongRong Kabedon’d Baby, Shy Shy  ?(///>w<///)?

RongRong: (Someone’s outside the door, watching)

Orange Qin: Eh, RongRong hasn’t realized Baby is grasping his hand ~ \ (≧ ∇ ≦) / ~

RongRong: (Someone’s outside the door, watching!)

[1]original: 得越居. There’s no suitable translation for this term in English, so I went with “restaurant”

[2] The legal age for the purchase and consumption of alcohol in China is 18 Years old

[3] Medicine in her gourd means: “what is she trying to do?” or “What is she trying to sell?”

[4] Meaning: ‘If you obtain benefits from someone, you must treat them better and ask for less later on’. Might be a typo on author’s part. The saying should be 吃人嘴软 , 拿人手短 ‘Eat food, soften words. Receive things, shorten arms’

[5]Superstition: It’s not good to have one door directly lead to another door under the belief that your luck and fortune will flow in and directly flow out.

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SA Chapter 75 (Part 2) – Kabedon~

Part 2 of the lengthy sponsored chapter! It’s a bit short because this was the only logical place to cut it off. On the plus side, part 3 will be longer~ Enjoy!

I included imperial system measurements in (parentheses).

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He Ruge wasn’t good at mixing into crowds, so he just quietly watched from behind the screen for a while before exiting the group chat to go write. Inside the small black room, he managed to write 2,000 words in one go, looking at the plump and full document in a daze.

Knowing how to say lines is a compulsory course for every actor.

Reading a script seems to be a very simple task, just words flowing from the mouth, but in fact, it is a vital aspect of every actor’s skills. As for Ren Shuzhi, her acting skills greatly disappointed Director Yuan. So, yesterday, Director Yuan specially found the screenwriter to significantly reduce Ren Shuzhi’s lines. Now, she only had a role with practically no lines.

An actor with a good command of line reading could make the audience feel immersed when they speak; an actor with a bad command of line reading would make it feel like they were reading a book when they spoke, simply reciting the text on the table and make the audience feel removed from the work.

In order to salvage these kinds of actors, the value of voice dubbers were increased. Although the need to dub lines isn’t necessarily due to an actors’ poor skills, actors with poor line reading skills must be dubbed.

For today’s scene, Rong Xu’s lines already added up to nearly a thousand words. Whether or not so many lines could be memorized is a test of an actor’s skills. Usually, these types of scenes are shot in separate parts, divided into small segments and filmed continuously.

However, Director Yuan was a director who loved to utilize long shots. Last night, he specifically went to look for Rong Xu to ask if he could memorize the 1,000-word lines. Rong Xu smiled and said without hesitation: “Yes.”

And so, there was today’s scene.

That didn’t seem to be the case. Life still goes on, and words still have to be written.

The young man’s cold, almost freezing, voice sounded through the silent set. His words were clear and concise, and his voice carried a mysterious undertone.

To say that Rong Xu’s spoken lines were emotionally moving and enticing is impossible. This was simply because Xue Jiazhe is not a passionate person. He is cold by nature and was just a superficial gentleman. So, Rong Xu’s tone was actually relatively plain, as if he were just stating facts. Yet, as he was talking, many onlooking staff members became slowly immersed in the scene as they also began to deliberate the situation after his questions.

Why did he say that the criminal definitely doesn’t know the victim?

Why is the criminal between 25 and 35 years old, with a height of 1.8 to 1.85 meters (5’9″ ~ 6’0″), a weight of 60 to 75 kg (132~165lbs). Why does the criminal have a bachelor degree or higher, wear glasses, is left-handed, and likes music and painting?

Even if you know the height, weight and age of the criminal, how could you be so sure that the criminal wears glasses, is left-handed, and likes music and painting?! This wasn’t scientific at all! Moreover, he also said that the criminal despised the victim from the bottom of their heart. In the criminal’s mind, the victim is a sinner and committed an enormous mistake.

This lump stayed hidden in his heart and would always leave a dull pain when touched, an undesirable and unexpected pain.

According to the script, the victim’s sister finally finally couldn’t withstand the anger in her heart anymore and rushed forward, pushing Xue Jiazhe hard. This occurred very suddenly and Xue Jiazhe took two steps back off-guard and collided with the sink with a loud “BANG–“.

Tan Yangxuan was stunned, and Xue Jiazhe also supported the sink with one hand, not responding.

Now, it was Ren Shuzhi’s scene. She was crying once again as she shouted loudly: “Don’t speak nonsense! My brother had never done anything wrong. He kept to himself, and his colleagues always said that he is a good person. He’s honest. He provided for me to go to college and study. He’s never had a girlfriend, never made a family nor started a business! What do you know!”

Director Yuan looked at the scene on the monitor and frowned with dissatisfaction. He was about to call CUT, but unexpectedly, at this moment, Rong Xu showed a soft smile. 

All the spectators immediately turned their heads towards him and saw him lift his hand to gently remove his glasses from the bridge of his nose. He slowly raised his eyes, his gaze as sharp as a searchlight as he smiled and watched Ren Shuzhi. Under his gaze, everything seemed to be transparent. 

There was nowhere to hide.

He Ruge’s emotions shifted only for the briefest of moments. His fingertips which were placed on the keyboard twitched as he slowly replied, his body similar to a block of frozen ice slowly being defrosted: “Okay, thank you.”

A pair of thin lips parted slightly to clarify the reality straightforwardly and sarcastically: “There’s two different ring marks on the ring finger of his right hand, one darker and one lighter. There’s also a chain-like mark on his neck similar to one of the ring marks.”

The genteel and elegant professor lifted his legs and walked towards the grieving young lady step by step.

“His upper body sported a plain black, cotton jacket, and his pants were the most common style. However, his belt is one of the latest models within the last two months. Though the price is not high, the style is unique. This belt’s selection shows a woman’s hands, but although this woman believes herself to be quite stylish, her vision is only average. The traces on the victim’s neck and right ring finger are similar and must be related to this woman. They are a couple’s ring and necklace of the same style.”

Ren Shuzhi slowly widened her eyes, as if she suddenly saw something impossible to believe.

However, it wasn’t over yet.

“There’s also a hickey on his back and a hickey on the backside of his neck. In terms of coloration, the one on the neck was made within a week. The hickeys have the same imprints and thus show the same habits, meaning they were left by the same woman. A call girl wouldn’t give a belt, so it is not a call girl. It could only be a girlfriend.”

Speaking up to here, this handsome and cold professor smiled slightly. His words were soft but cruel: “Your brother has a girlfriend and was involved in marriage talks. The other party is over thirty years old and was anxious to get married. Blue-collar work class. Your brother and her had broken up with each other in the past week. The two should have parted on a bad note.”

At the end, he turned his head and looked to the side, his smile even more profound: “Student Tan, am I right?”

Tan Yangxuan dumbfoundedly looked at his own old classmate, and only after a long while did he nod continuously: “Yes! I just found out this morning that Li Zhong had an ex-girlfriend who works in a nearby factory. She’s 31 years old this year, and they had almost reached talks about marriage. They broke up five days ago because……”

“Because Li Zhong wanted that woman to have an abortion.” Xue Jiazhe pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled. His eyes were calm and his face was gentle, but the eyes hidden behind the frame carried no warmth at all. He casually examined that dazed woman with the most indifferent eyes.

At this point, the scene was completed!

He rapidly blinked his dry eyes a few times before closing the group chat. A strong sense of exhaustion flooded over him like a tide, and He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time.

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SA Chapter 75 (Part 1) – Kabedon~

Hi all! A little disclaimer about the translation for this chapter. The wordings for this chapter’s raws were more formal and strict compared to the previous chapters. Thus, I took a bit of creative liberty to adjust the punctuation and wordings of the translation to better match the overall tone of the original raws. That being said, my choice of certain adjectives in this chapter might not be exactly the same as the ones used in the raw’s because the English and Chinese usages of some words may not carry the same underlying implications and tone. However, the translation still reflects the implications of the context overall.

Thanks for your support, everyone! This is Part 1/3 of the lengthy sponsored chapter. Enjoy!

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He Ruge giggled a little. After laughing, he opened his still-hot bento lunch box. Regardless if he was hungry or not, the lunch box must be eaten. He specially bought the most expensive bento. If he wasted it, his conscience would hurt.

Dazzling lights illuminated the studio, and the props staff were conducting a final tools inspection. The actor who was playing the corpse had long taken his place lying down on the dissection table with a cyan colored special effect film plastered directly onto his right hand. During the post-compositing process, the effects staff will directly crop out his hand to create the effect of “the right hand has been cut by the murderer”.

This was a group scene, and Rong Xu, Bo Xiwen, Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi all had roles.

Faced with the tragic death of her brother, Li Xiao, the younger sister played by Ren Shuzhi, naturally had to weep bitterly and wish desperately to catch the criminal immediately. In contrast, Rong Xu was to portray the image of a composed and rational professor. He’d analyze the criminal’s behavior calmly and draw a preliminary criminal profile.

So, in this scene, Li Xiao’s grief and Xue Jiazhe’s distinct indifference created a sharp contrast and carried a strong impact.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Have you prepared the liver exploding (stressful) update for after you enter V? Don’t forget that you said that after entering V, you would do 10,000 a day!”


Eight cameras were set up in various locations. Once Director Yuan shouted “ACTION”, Ren Shuzhi, who was standing in the center of the set, suddenly burst into tears. In the midst of those beautiful eyes, tear drops flowed down continuously. The eye drops specially used for crying scenes made her eyes a bit red and created a sad and desperate appearance.

She approached the dissection table step by step from the door of the autopsy room. As a family member of the victim, this was the first time she’d seen her brother who had died a tragic death. Ren Shuzhi’s acting skills were definitely not very good, but for such a strongly emotional scene, her acting could be considered on-point: after all, she just needed to present a show of crying and running. As long as she cried and howled, she could be considered to have passed.

The true protagonists of this scene were Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “…… Damn, what Ji Ji. Who’s a Ji Ji, Are you that stimulated (from shock of entering V) or are you drunk?”

Xue Jiazhe and Tan Yangxuan had arrived at the autopsy room long ago. The criminal psychologist wore white gloves and looked at the victim’s severed hand and knife wounds on his chest with an indifferent face. His expression was almost ruthless, as if he was not looking at a human being, but rather a stage prop.

A white light flashed across his cold eyes, and Xue Jiazhe raised his eyes to look at Tan Yangxuan.

Tan Yangxuan immediately asked in a serious manner: “Did you find anything?”

However, the next moment, Xue Jiazhe smiled and lifted the corners of his lips. He said in a steady tone: “Help me push up my glasses.” 

His voice was cold and clean, and accompanied by Ren Shuzhi’s howling cries, he appeared even more genteel and collected.

Tan Yangxuan was a bit taken aback when he heard those words, but then he looked down at Xue Jiazhe’s hands that had touched the corpse. He suddenly realized the issue and quickly helped his old classmate straighten out his glasses.

Then, Xue Jiazhe continued to observe the corpse.

After a while, just as Li Xiao was on the side crying, he (Xue Jiazhe) took off his gloves, and said indifferently while walking towards the sink in the dissection room: “The knife wound on his chest was the fatal wound. Evidently, I am not a forensic doctor, but I speculate his right hand should have been cut off before his death.”

Tan Yangxuan immediately replied: “Yes, his hand was cut off first, and then he received the fatal injury to the heart.” After a pause, Tan Yangxuan quickly added: “There was no trace of anesthesia found in his blood test.”

The sound of splashing water resonated throughout the autopsy room then, and Xue Jiazhe suddenly chuckled.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah——all drunks say they are not drunk. Listen up, go to bed and take a nap right now.”

This laughter stopped Li Xiao’s crying abruptly as everyone turned to look at him. They saw the tall and thin young man standing in a shadowed blind spot, leaning over slightly and carefully washing his fingers. Clearly, he had put on gloves when he touched the corpse just before, but now, he was still carefully washing every nook and cranny of his fingers, as if even the little specks of invisible dust in his nails had to be washed away. 

His thin lips curled up in an imperceptible arc. Behind him was a cold-bodied corpse without a hint of warmth, but he seemed to be unaware that anything was off. Instead, he was calm and peaceful, as if he was attending a party instead.

When the script reached this point, Li Xiao, played by Ren Shuzhi, was triggered by this strange person’s behaviour. Her brother had died innocently and tragically, yet, this person who’d been examining her brother’s wound wasn’t even a forensic scientist. He held no respect for the deceased at all and was now even laughing!

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ancestor, you are already drunk to this extent, yet still want to play games ah.

However, Xue Jiazhe’s following words made her angrier. While washing his hands, this criminal psychologist said, “Since his right hand was chopped off before his death and anesthesia was not administered, it must have been extremely painful and the victim would definitely have struggled. However, this incision wound is so straight, it’s obvious that the criminal must be good at this —— chopping off someone’s right hand, they must have a certain degree of medical knowledge and be highly familiar with the bone structure of the human body to know how to remove someone’s hand with the fastest speed and the least possible effort.”

When those words fell, Xue Jiazhe turned off the faucet, and as if suddenly thinking of something he said: “Oh, yes. Also, this corpse weighs at least 100 kilograms (220 pounds), yet they could find the gaps between the bones through such a thick layer of fat. Very intriguing.”

Li Xiao slowly quieted down, but Tan Yangxuan asked: “What else?”

Xue Jiazhe turned around: “One stab to kill, no second wound needed. What can that prove?”

Tan Yangxuan deliberated for a moment: “The criminal knows exactly how to kill, just like he could cut off a right hand precisely. He has a certain degree of medical knowledge. Of course, he might also be a butcher.”

Xue Jiazhe actually shook his head, his lips perking up slightly: “Not only that, but it also proves that he wasn’t familiar with the deceased victim.”

Tan Yangxuan was stunned for a second. But, in the next moment, he suddenly recalled: “Isn’t that already certain? We’ve checked the information of the six previous victims, and they have nothing in common. Their social networks also hardly overlap. This prisoner probably doesn’t know any of the deceased victims.”

Xue Jiazhe raised his line of sight, his gaze piercing through the cold glasses lens as he stared straight at Tan Yangxuan.

“Human social networks are a very strange thing. No one can say clearly exactly how many people they know, and even they, themselves, cannot explain it (their social networks).” After a brief pause, Xue Jiazhe continued: “The reason why I say the criminal isn’t familiar with the deceased is because as long as it’s not a performance based crime[1], it is not likely to end it with just one stab. With one stab, it takes at least ten seconds for the victim to die. In that ten seconds, they could undertake another twenty to thirty more stabbings. Yet, the criminal did not do that.”[2]

Tan Yangxuan was still a little at a loss: “Can’t this possibly prove that the criminal is highly confident in knowing that he can kill the victim with just a single blow?”

Xue Jiazhe laughed helplessly: “Has your IQ been packaged and distributed to the development of your limbs, classmate Tan? There is no trace of previous bindings on the corpse’s face, which shows that the deceased saw the criminal come after him with his own eyes. If one were to face someone they are familiar with, psychologically speaking, it would produce a feeling of nervousness and fear. The victim would struggle with the first blow, and the criminal, being nervous, would strike another blow. Based on past cases, there are very, very few victims who only have one wound on their body. It’s usually accompanied by many more wounds and one fatal wound.”

The door to room No.20 opened. When his blurred drunken vision saw Little White Tiger, his eyes immediately widened. He Ruge looked closely at the little white tiger


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[1]Performance based crime: an illegal act committed with the intention of having it be witnessed by an audience or seeking an audience

[2]Basically, the criminal didn’t act in a way that showed it was a personal vendetta or emotion driven crime. If it was a crime in hate or vengeance, usually the criminal would stab multiple times to ensure death or injure the victim multiple times to relieve their emotions.

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SA Chapter 74 (Part 2) – Tease, Tease, Teasing the Orange~

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It appeared that he could complete the side mission by tonight. After He Ruge finished reading through Crow’s dialogue, he became curious about the mysterious door Crow had been talking about

The discussions from the ‘outside world’ had yet to reach the Maze City crew. Now that they have been filming for 2 days, the crew’s shooting progress finally fell onto the right track.

There was nothing more to say about the acting skills of the two male protagonists. Director Yuan had selected Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen as the male protagonists mainly due to their acting skills, preceding their popularity. Before his formal cooperation with Bo Xiwen began, Rong Xu never expected that the other party didn’t know how to study scripts but still had good acting skills.

Opposite of Bo Xiwen, the female lead, Ren Shuzhi’s script was done up beautifully with colorful markings. Yet, when she began acting, she constantly NG’d. Director Yuan spent the majority of the morning instructing Ren Shuzhi, and in the evening, when Ren Shuzhi finally entered her role, Director Yuan reluctantly nodded his approval.

After all, Ren Shuzhi’s main line of work was singing. Thus, it was understandable that her acting skills were not up to par.


I apologize. I was writing. Could you send me a picture of the red streaks

However, during the break, Luo Qian quietly told Rong Xu a secret: “Actually, this Ren Shuzhi seems to have bought her way in. She desperately wanted a role as Female Number One in a high-grossing commercial film, so she invested in Maze City.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu suddenly came to a realization. He smiled and turned towards her: “Sis’ Xiao Qian, how do you know so much gossip?”

Luo Qian smiled shyly and whispered: “When I was talking to Sister Li from the props team, I heard her say it.”

Hearing this, Rong Xu finally understood why many celebrities would specifically look for female assistants instead of looking for male assistants who were strong and could carry luggage. Just as Luo Zhentao once said, girls are more detail-oriented. Not only were they better at managing fans, but they also had an easier time mingling with other people after arriving in a new crew. Who knows…… perhaps they could also dig up a little unknown gossip.

That day, except for Ren Shuzhi’s continuous NG’s, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen’s shooting went smoothly. After returning to the hotel at night, Rong Xu just finished taking a shower when he suddenly received a call from Qin Cheng…… En, another video call.

Ruge: “Thank you for your scientific explanations. I haven’t introduced myself yet. You can call me Ruge.”

This time, Rong Xu didn’t answer, but rather hung up. Then, he made an ordinary phone call and said with a smile: “There’s no need for a video call. Qin Cheng, did you remember what you wanted to tell me yesterday?”

Qin Cheng: “……En, are you in the room alone right now?”

Rong Xu held his phone in one hand as he leaned back and fell directly onto the soft bed. He chuckled and said, “En, I’m alone in the room.” 

After a brief pause, he asked again: “What exactly is so private that I must not have anyone in the room before you’re willing to tell me?”

Qin Cheng: “……”

Listening to the silence on the other end of the phone, a hint of amusement flashed through the youth’s clear eyes. However, his tone was solemn, and at the moment the other party couldn’t hear the smile in his words at all: “Qin Cheng, if there is something, you absolutely must say it. Don’t hide it from me. Such a private matter must be quite serious.”

Qin Cheng: “……Actually, it’s not that private.”

The smile on his face gre a few degrees brighter, but Rong Xu’s voice became even more serious: “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Qin Cheng: “……”

Before I came into contact with online writing, I had always felt inferior because my outer appearance was not as good as that of my friends around me.

The man’s silence made the young man unable to hold back from smiling until his eyes crinkled. He asked again, one word at a time. 

Only after a long time did Qin Cheng reply in a soft voice: “…… It’s my birthday soon. Do you want to go out and eat together?”

This time, it’s Rong Xu’s turn: “……”

Holding back his laughter, Rong Xu asked in surprise, “Just this? I remember that your birthday is still more than four months away?”

Qin Cheng replied in a calm manner: “En, it’s less than five months away.”

Rong Xu thought for a bit: “Don’t you think it’s too early?”

Qin Cheng: “There is only less than half a year to go.” 

Rong Xu finally couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to cover his mouth. Only then did he barely manage to suppress the laughter in his throat. 

The two continued to chat, and Rong Xu never asked “why are birthdays so private?” because he was worried that if this man gave an inexplicable answer with a serious face, he was likely to burst out laughing uncontrollably.

This time, they only talked on the phone for an hour before hanging up.

Welcome, welcome, it’s been so long since I saw a new person.”

With yesterday’s lesson, Ren Shuzhi never came over to call up again, and Rong Xu also received news from Luo Qian halfway through the night: [I saw her go into Ma Qi’s room when I was outside just now.】

With this, it is definitely impossible for Ren Shuzhi to go to Rong Xu to talk about the script today.

When hanging up the phone, Rong Xu overheard a strange sound from the receiver. It was familiar to the ears, but the background was too noisy to hear clearly. The two finally ended the call and the youth fell asleep early. 

He didn’t know that the familiar sound was the sound of the airport announcement speakers.

An hour later, it was late at night in Mainland Huaxia, but a plane had just taken off from the Los Angeles Airport in the United States, passing over the vast expanse of the Pacific, and heading towards the distant eastern continent.

Early the next morning, Ren Shuzhi and Ma Qi arrived at the crew together. Rong Xu raised his eyes to give them a glance, and then looked away.

Not long after, it was Rong Xu’s scene.

Today, they were going to film a scene in the dissection room. Xue Jiazhe, as a psychologist invited to help in the case, studied criminal psychology when he was in college and was good at crafting criminal psychology profiles. If one wanted to craft a criminal profile, they couldn’t just go to the scene and interview witnesses, but they’d also need to analyze the body of the victim because it was the point of closest contact to the criminal.

ho said I have no talent. My speed is 10,000 words per hour. If you could squeeze out a hundred words in an hour that’d already be amazing


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The author has something to say:

Rong Rong: Did you forget something?

Orange Qin: Baby is back! RongRong, Baby is here. (*>∇<)/

TL corner: >w> Qin Cheng on the day of his birthday: “My next birthday is only less than 365 days away. Let’s plan ahead”

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SA Chapter 74 (Part 1) – Tease, Tease, Teasing the Orange~

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The higher the quality of the Zerg wings, the lighter the color and the longer the length. High-quality Zerg wings not only have the ability to fly long distances in high altitudes, but also have sharp bones covered in spikes that maintain extremely terrifying lethality.

In this world, movie award ceremonies liked to stagger times and present different awards separately. However, Huaxia’s three major TV series Awards were very strange and preferred to be presented together. Each June, the Peony Award would take the lead and publicize the results early in the month, followed by the Feitian Award, and then the Golden Bell Award.

Among the three awards, Peony Award’s selection process was based on the audience’s choice, with professionalism being the weakest factor. The Feitian Award was based on both comprehensive professional analysis and audience votes. The Golden Bell Award had the strongest focus on professional opinion, where the results of audience votes would only be counted as one total vote. The majority of the weight was still on expert evaluation.

In any case, these three awards are Huaxia’s most heavyweight TV series awards. When their nominations were announced, there had been no doubt that Vie for Supremacy and Ambush would be the big winners of the year.

For the Peony Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 13 nominations, and “Ambush” received 10 nominations.

For the Feitian Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 9 nominations, and “Ambush” received 5 nominations.

For the Golden Bell Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 7 nominations, and “Ambush” received 4 nominations!

Although, in regards to the most professional Golden Bell Award, the advantages of these two TV series were not as obvious as it was for the Peony Award and Feitian Award, they were still far ahead of the other TV shows from the same time period. This was especially so for “Vie for Supremacy”. Best Director, Best TV Series, Best Actor and Actress…… this TV series received nominations for all of them!

Even the Male Number Four could be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Bell Awards! 


[YaoYao was nominated for Golden Bell Award’s Best Actor~!!! AAAHHHHHHHH I heavily support this nomination! YaoYao is really too beautiful, RongRong also played him very well!]

[#BeggingToSleepWithWanQiYao# I post a Weibo with this tag every day, really want to sleep YaoYao!]

[YaoYao I definitely cannot sleep with, so I will take a step back and compromise, I will sleep RongRong instead XD

[A shameless LS! RongRong is mine! My Rong is the best, nominated for 2 Best Supporting Actors awards, and nominated for 2 Best Newcomer awards! AAAAHHHHH, Marshall Huo is great, YaoYao is great, they are ALL GREAT. RongRong is the best! #RongXu]

The success of Vie for Supremacy and Ambush equated to Rong Xu’s success.

He looked forwards, through the iron cage, at He Ruge in the distance and saw the worry and pity that were about to overflow from his deep, black eyes.

This situation was not particularly obvious in Vie for Supremacy because Tang Menglan’s and Dong Zheng’s interpretations were also spectacular, and both had been nominated for TV Emperor and TV Empress. Compared to them, Rong Xu’s Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer were not particularly eye-catching. However, for Ambush, no one expected that the actor Han Yanghao didn’t even get a single Emperor nomination, while Rong Xu got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer for the role of Huo Xi.

Of course, after the incident half a year ago where he flaunted his celebrity status, Han Yanghao had already fallen out of popularity. Not to mention comparing with Rong Xu, even compared with ordinary first-line newcomers and second-line newcomers, he was already out of his league! In recent months, Han Yanghao had completely disappeared from public notice- all endorsements had been changed, and no new works had appeared.

When Ambush received the nominations for the three major TV series awards this time, some netizens even jokingly said: [Do you think that shameless Han Yanghao’s skin will be thick enough to follow the cast onto the red carpet? 】

An outraged netizen immediately replied: [Back when we asked him to roll out of the entertainment circle, he kept playing dead and shut off his Weibo! Maybe he really will go benefit off the red carpet this time. Clearly, he even wanted to drive our Rong Xu out of the crew in the beginning. If he wants even a smidgen of face, he shouldn’t go. Of course, if he really dares attend the awards ceremony, then I dare to brush his black materials onto social media a hundred times! 】

Ordinary quality Zerg wings are like a bird’s wings, being generally gray or light brown in color, and have the ability to fly short distances.

Just news pertaining to Han Yanghao, there was already this much, but most netizens regarded this protagonist of Ambush as invisible. Anyways, this person didn’t have a single nomination for any award. Even by casually discussing him, it would be giving him publicity traffic for nothing! 

 Coincidentally, Rong Xu’s endorsement advertisement for Luck Potato Chips just began airing on TV the day before yesterday. Deng Yiwen’s scenes had accidentally been cut out in the ad, and only the scene of Rong Xu’s seizing the treasure was shown. Coupled with this time’s nominations, Rong Xu’s popularity reached a new high, and he rose to eighth place on Weibo’s trending celebrities list! 

Weibo’s trending celebrities list includes all of Huaxia’s celebrities. This list didn’t rank celebrities according to their position, work or seniority, but rather on the amount of Weibo discussions held about each celebrity within a week’s time. It was a simple and crude ranking system. So, in theory, as long as one was popular enough, even if they’d only debuted for a month, they could still surpass other celebrities and become number one on the list.

It was also worth mentioning that the Number One position on this list had not changed in the past six years.

It was always Qin Cheng.

The experience of Zerg wings transplantation was a layer of murky gray ash in Xi Guican’s memories. He initially thought that if he experienced this pain again in the game, he might lose control of his emotions.


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SA Chapter 73 (Part 2) – Rong Xu: Truly Very Handsome

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Ren Shuzhi didn’t know whether Rong Xu was calling his parents or other relatives. But, having this kind of thing overheard by a third party, and even more so by the other’s relatives……really was a huge loss of face. Ren Shuzhi awkwardly said a few more words to Rong Xu, and then tried to leave. Before leaving, she still remembered to look at Rong Xu and wave the script in her hand: “Let’s find time to talk…… about the script later.”

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow without refuting. He just smiled and nodded to the other party.

Finally, Ren Shuzhi left Rong Xu’s room reluctantly, and Rong Xu closed the door. Before he even walked back to the bed, he heard the man’s low and magnetic voice flow over: “She has a bad reputation, doesn’t really want to discuss the script.”

Rong Xu picked up the phone, lay down on the bed, and smiled: “I know.”

Qin Cheng froze for a moment, and then heard a smile in the youth’s voice: “Maybe tonight was really just to talk about the script. But, coming tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…… then, maybe it won’t be something as simple as script discussing in the future. No one would deliberately come to someone else’s room in the middle of the night to talk about a script. While discussing the script, they can also do other things.”

Following that, Rong Xu then revealed Ren Shuzhi’s behaviors during the day. At the end, he frowned and said with confusion: “I heard Sis’ Xiao Qian say that she really likes to be with male actors of the same crew and do …… those kinds of things. But those kinds of things have always been ‘You ask, I’m willing’ (mutually consensual). She was already walking with Ma Qi during the day, why would she come to my room at night?”

Qin Cheng: “……”

Why? If it were him, he wouldn’t want any Ma Qi or Niu Qi. He also wanted to carry a script book and knock on your door!


In the end, Rong Xu never came to a conclusion on this matter because Qin Cheng very quickly diverted the topic. The two chatted about each other’s filming, and later, they talked about Rong Xu’s desire to raise a cat at home. Like this, they chatted until eleven o’clock in the evening[1] and Qin Cheng had to go film. It was only then that Rong Xu suddenly remembered: “By the way, exactly what did you need to talk to me about?”

Qin Cheng looked on calmly: “I forgot.”

Rong Xu: “……”

Seeing the man’s indifferent and mild expression, Rong Xu couldn’t help but slowly curve up his lips. A thought suddenly flashed through his heart. He smiled and looked at the man on the phone and saw that Qin Cheng had already thrown on his coat and seemed to be heading out.

“The dark blue tie might suit you better.”

Qin Cheng’s hand, which was holding onto the crimson tie, suddenly froze. He swiveled his head to look at the phone and saw the delicate and genteel youth on the screen curl his lips in a smile. He suddenly felt as if the spring flowers were in full bloom, dazzling and soft. 

Rong Xu said seriously: “That tie is very nice and suits you quite well.”

Qin Cheng silently put down the crimson tie, picked up the dark blue tie, and tied it up.

When he finished this, he saw Rong Xu nod and say with a smile: “Very handsome.”

Qin Cheng: “……En.”

The smile on Rong Xu’s lips deepened a few degrees: “Then, good night?”

Qin Cheng looked down at the phone: “Good night.”

Just before hanging up, the youth smiled again and repeated: “Really, very handsome.”

Qin Cheng’s ear tips turned a bit red: “……En.”

This international video call lasted a full three hours before it finally ended. Qin Cheng put his cell phone into his suit pocket, walked silently to the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room, and inspected the dark blue tie carefully. Without blinking, he looked at it coolly for one minute, two minutes……

At this moment, Xu Jin’s voice came from outside the door: “Why haven’t you come out yet? Qin Cheng, you’ll be filming your final scenes this afternoon. Didn’t you ask for an early return to China yesterday? You’re still not coming out yet?”

The man immediately retracted his gaze and walked over to open the door. Unexpectedly, the other party suddenly opened the door first. 

Xu Jin was stunned, and his eyes were drawn to the other party’s tie: “Huh, when you all were deciding on the image for the final scene yesterday, didn’t you say that the crimson colored one is better? Why did you choose this one?”

Qin Cheng gave him a light glance: “You remembered wrong. This one is better.”

Xu Jin: “…… Do you think I’m dumb?”

Qin Cheng stopped and looked at Xu Jin, his eyes were full of the implication “oh, you found out”, and then he resumed walking.

Xu Jin: “……” It’s so hard to live well these days! ! !

At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Huaxia was in its midnight hours.

After 1:00 AM on May 23, the three major TV drama awards in Huaxia, the Peony Award, Feitian Award and Golden Bell Award, all simultaneously announced their nominees for the year. This list of nominations considered all the TV series broadcasted on TV stations at the Huaxia prefectural level (widespread showings) and also web series broadcasted on major video websites in the past year. In the end, each technical award had eight nominees, and each major award had five nominees.

Among all the award nominees, the biggest weekly drama benefactor was Ambush, which was launched in November of last year, and the biggest daily drama benefactor was, of course, the most-viewed major production film in the past year, Vie for Supremacy.

When Rong Xu woke up and turned on his phone, he received a bunch of congratulatory text messages.

[Luo Zhentao: Xiao Xu, congratulations! Huo Xi was nominated for the Best Male Supporting Actor for the Peony Award, Wan Qiyao was nominated for Best Male Supporting Actor for the Golden Bell Award, and you were also nominated for Best Newcomer for both the Peony Award and Feitian Awards! 】

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[1]In the Evening: where Rong Xu is (Huaxia). Remember that QC is in the USA at this time. 11PM in Huaxia would be 7 or 8 AM depending on daylight savings.

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SA Chapter 73 (Part 1) – Rong Xu: Truly Very Handsome

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This visual blessing that fell from the heavens only lasted for three minutes before it came to an abrupt end.

Rong Xu reached out and retrieved the clothes from under the phone, and without the support of the clothes, the phone laid flat on the smooth sink. And so, on the other side of the ocean, remaining on the man’s phone screen, there was only a span of blurry, white…… ceiling.

Qin Cheng: “……”

Rong Xu put on his clothes quickly and also wiped down his hair. Only after he had everything in order did he pick up the phone on the sink again to see Qin Cheng looking through a script with a calm expression, not looking at his phone.

Rong Xu smiled and said: “I’m done, Qin Cheng. Is there something you’re looking for me for tonight?”

Hearing Rong Xu’s voice, the man sported a blank face and put aside the script in his hands that he’d turned over hundreds of times already and looked into the phone screen. When he looked over, he only saw that the fair-skinned, handsome young man was wiping his hair with one hand. The white towel was contrasted against his slightly flushed cheeks. His skin was slightly translucent, and his eyes were black and shiny while carrying a faint, moist glow.

Qin Cheng pursed his lips slightly and asked: “Did you get hurt from the fall just now?”

Not realizing that the other party was avoiding his question, Rong Xu smiled and said: “It’s nothing, I just wasn’t standing balanced in that moment.”

Qin Cheng nodded curtly and continued: “I remember that there is a hospital near Xiangshan. If you are hurt anywhere from the fall, you should go get it examined. Today is the launch ceremony for Maze City?”

Rong Xu walked into the bedroom with his mobile phone while simultaneously nodding his head in reply: “En, yeah, just started filming today.”

“Are there any actors I know?”

Rong Xu put his phone on the bed and leaned over to search for band-aids. He replied thoughtfully: “Actors you know? Then, I’m not sure. Do you know Bo Xiwen…… Oh yes, and Ren Shuzhi, Ma Qi.”

The entertainment industry looked harmonious on the surface, but there was a strict hierarchy of power on the inside. The so-called big celebrities could crush people, and those with higher tiers have higher status, their words also carried more weight than those of smaller celebrities. For example, Qin Cheng. He had never filmed a TV series, so the only stars he had been in contact with are those in the movie circle, and the stars who could co-star with him must be at least at Xia Muyan’s level.


At any and all awards ceremonies, these kinds of movie emperors and movie empresses would generally make appearances near the end for the important finale.

Of course, there were also some popular newcomers who, relying on their current heat and ability to throw around their name, would deliberately postpone their appearances until the end as a way to show off in the entertainment circle. But in fact, this kind of mindless celebrity won’t get far. Though Rong Xu had been hot on the trending searches twice now, he still didn’t think himself to be better than Xia Muyan, Chu Qi, and the others.

If you don’t convert popularity into works and awards, there is no true stability.

After searching for a while, Rong Xu finally found the hotel’s band-aids in the drawer. He tore the seal and gently attached it to his right index finger. There was a small piece of skin that was torn there. Although it wasn’t bleeding, whenever he touched water, he would feel a slight tingling sensation.

At this moment, the man’s low and calm voice sounded: “Ren Shuzhi, I know.”

Rong Xu was taken aback as he swiveled his head around to look at the phone screen. He asked: “You know her?”

Ren Shuzhi is the current popular Sexy Empress, but compared with the whole world, she could only be regarded as a somewhat popular female singer. Even if Huaxia didn’t have ten female singers on the same level as her, there was at least five, and this wasn’t even including empresses with a higher ranking than her. 

Qin Cheng supported his chin with one hand. His eyes were indifferent, and his tone of voice seemed calm. But, every word was emphasized as he said seriously: “Ren Shuzhi’s reputation within the inner circle is not very good, you should be careful.” After a pause, Qin Cheng added: “If Mother knew that you are in contact with her, she may be very worried.”

Rong Xu immediately understood the other party’s meaning. He smiled slightly and was just about to tell the other party what happened today when he heard a knock on the door.

Rong Xu said softly: “I’m going to go take a look, it might be Sis’ Xiao Qian.”

Qin Cheng hummed softly and continued to look down at his script while Rong Xu got up and walked to the door. The man heard the squeak of the door opening as he was boredly reading the script for the nth time, when suddenly he heard a strange voice through the phone: “Miss Ren?!”


The script was closed abruptly by the man, and Qin Cheng turned his head very swiftly to look straight into the phone screen.

It was unfortunate though that the cell phone was tossed on the bed by the youth and not carried with him. So, all Qin Cheng could see was the unchanging and unforgiving ceiling. From the other side of the phone came steady voices.

There was a hint of a smile carried in the youth’s voice, but he was a little cautious: “Miss Ren, is something the matter?”

A feminine voice rang over: “Rong Rong, I have scenes tomorrow, and I don’t quite understand them…… Can you teach me?”

Qin Cheng: “!”

Rong Rong?! Is Rong Rong a name you can casually call? ! !

Rong Xu gave a low laugh: “It’s a bit late today. I can study the script with you tomorrow morning?”

Ren Shuzhi’s voice carried a bit of grievance: “But, I’m worried that it will be too late tomorrow……”

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

Asking someone to help you, yet you have so many conditions! ! !

Silence rang out on the other side of the phone for a moment before Rong Xu’s helpless voice finally sounded: “Miss Ren, it’s a bit late now. A single man and a single woman alone in the same room studying the script, I’m afraid……”

The intention of sending off the guests (wanting her to leave) was very obvious. This was implying to the other that if the paparazzi caught onto a weakness, it wouldn’t be good.

But, unexpectedly, Ren Shuzhi gave a sweet laugh: “It’s fine, Rong Rong, we’ll just be studying the script, it’s nothing much.”

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

Although he couldn’t see the other two’s expressions, the man was actually heavily scrunching up his eyebrows. Seeing that the youth didn’t speak up for a while now, Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and narrowed his phoenix eyes. He then threw the script directly on the table next to him and coughed calmly.

At the door, Ren Shuzhi suddenly heard a sound and was taken aback. After a bit, the smile on her face stiffened, and she smiled at Rong Xu dryly: “Are you on the phone with someone else?”

A sly glint flashed through the youth’s bright eyes, and he said lightly: “En, I’m currently on the phone with a family member.”

Ren Shuzhi: “……”

The door-to-door hookup was overheard by family members! ! !

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TL Corner: Ohho. I wonder how Family Member Qin feels about this.

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 72 (Part 2) – Live ♂ Video ♂ Call ♂

Part (2/2) of the Sponsored Chapter! Enjoy!

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As if not hearing the students’ wailing, Xue Jiazhe walked out of the classroom holding his laptop. The moment he left the classroom, he suddenly side-stepped and the man who was prepared to throw a punch at him only struck air.

Xue Jiazhe raised his eyebrows to look at the man. The camera lens obscured the expression in his eyes, but the corners of his lips were slightly raised: “This male student, trying to beat up a teacher, is going to be expelled from school.”

Tan Yangxuan asked indifferently: “Then, if I want to ask the teacher for a favor, how else do I go about it?”

Xue Jiazhe replied casually: “What kind of favor?”

The smile on Tan Yangxuan’s face immediately sank: “A serial murder case. Brother Xue, my true brother, please save me.”

The smile on Xue Jiazhe’s lips deepened a bit more, completely unlike the one he showed during class that made him feel otherworldly[1]: “Save you? Wants to kill you? Which murderer can kill you who works out 8 hours every day and has an eight pack at the age of 18, won the Sanda World Cup (SWC) at 20, shut down a drug den in Myanmar at 23, fought off 16 gangsters alone at 25, and at 27……”

“……Why do you remember my life better than me?”

Xue Jiazhe turned around and walked off: “Because smart people can remember these sorts of little things.”


Tan Yangxuan was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately chased after him: “Xue Jiazhe! Speak clearly. Are you saying that I am stupid? Okay, I haven’t seen you in a year, yet you treat your old classmate and friend like this? You, don’t leave……”

The two people’s figures gradually disappeared down the end of the corridor. When Bo Xiwen’s silhouette also vanished, Yuan Tao shouted “CUT” and ended this long-focus shoot.

Daring to use a long-focus lens to shoot the first scene showed just how bold Director Yuan was, and that he also had bold spending capabilities.[2]

In the scene playback and analysis, Xue Jiazhe’s indifference and coldness contrasted against the changes when faced with his old classmate, and Tan Yangxuan’s toughness and righteousness were all portrayed vividly. Although the acting skills of those extras were very ordinary, even if they were the ones specially selected to have lines, it was still difficult to please Director Yuan. But, as far as the two lead actors were concerned, their scenes were already fantastic.

Director Yuan thought for a while: “Let’s do another take of the extras’ scene, one more time!”

At this time, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen just walked back from the corridor together, and hearing this, Rong Xu smiled towards Bo Xiwen. Even though it was hidden by the lens (during filming), this face that belonged to both Rong Xu and Xue Jiazhe was still outstandingly dazzling.

Bo Xiwen was stunned when he saw it. A moment later, he nodded to Rong Xu awkwardly and immediately walked away. The handsome, sunny disposition of Tan Yangxuan from just now was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing his reaction, Rong Xu raised an eyebrow. Luo Qian had just walked over, and she said strangely: “Bo Xiwen……seems a bit weird? How come as soon as the camera leaves him, he suddenly becomes so shy and soft spoken. When he was in front of the camera, he was clearly so bold.”

Rong Xu received the glass of water, took a sip, and smiled: “You think his change was big?”

Luo Qian nodded.

Rong Xu said, “That shows that he has good acting skills. For Director Yuan to choose him, it is not without reason.” That he could become a first-tier film newcomer, there is naturally a reason.

Rong Xu didn’t say the later part of that sentence out loud. He stared at Bo Xiwen’s back for a brief moment before turning his gaze away, and going to prepare for the next scene. Thus, he naturally didn’t notice that, beside the set, there was always someone staring at him, a gaze that contained curiosity and scrutiny.

The gorgeous and sexy queen rubbed her red lips and whispered to herself: “Rong Rong, Rong Rong, ah……”

On the first day of the shoot, the crew only filmed until 8 o’clock in the evening before ending for the day, letting everyone return to rest early and prepare for the long battle ahead.

Since Rong Xu received Qin Cheng’s text message that afternoon, he never replied, and Qin Cheng also didn’t send another message.

Originally, Rong Xu thought that Qin Cheng was only joking around with him. After all, the other party would be filming until four or five o’clock in the morning, without even taking a break. So, why would he (QC) want to call him (RX)? No matter how he thought about it, it would be weird. Thus, when he returned to the hotel, he only sent Qin Cheng a brief “I’m back at my room” and started taking a bath.

Unexpectedly, right after he’d finished washing his hair, his phone suddenly rang. Rong Xu was caught by surprise, and he immediately reached out to answer the phone on the sink: “Qin Cheng?”


The moment the youth pressed the answer button, the sound of water splashed into the man’s ears through the speaker. There was a few seconds of delay on the phone before an image suddenly appeared on screen, and both Qin Cheng and Rong Xu froze.

Rong Xu had answered the phone in a flurry and didn’t notice that the other party was actually making a video call. Whereas, Qin Cheng never would have expected that as soon as the call went through, he would see the youth’s naked upper body!

Water droplets dripped slowly from his wet hair, sliding across that beautiful jawline, across those fragile collarbones, and passing across that white chest like a stream, moving along that thin and slender waist to the area below that was hidden by the screen.

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

The jade white skin and pink nubs on the boy’s chest caused Qin Cheng to look away immediately, but in the next moment, he turned back silently.

Now, it was Rong Xu’s turn: “……”

He directly tossed the phone face up onto the sink onto a pile of clothes and turned on the hands-free option.

The image instantly changed. Qin Cheng opened his eyes wide as he saw something seemingly flash across his eyes, but, the image changed so fast that he didn’t have time to see anything clearly. When he finally took a closer look, all he was able to see was a fixed ceiling and a small glass sliding door.

 The bathroom was filled with silence, and only the sound of dripping water broke the quietness.

Qin Cheng carefully examined the screen, and when he realized that he could truly only see the ceiling and the sliding glass door, he retracted his line of sight with what seemed to be regret as he asked in a solemn voice: “……You are taking a bath?”

Rong Xu silently picked up the soap, and while doing the final procedure (soaping and washing), he replied calmly: “En.” 

After a while, he said again: “I didn’t expect you to make a video call. Is something the matter?”

The rustling sound of rubbing soap made Qin Cheng scrunch up his brows slightly, and his eyes darkened a few degrees. He said in a seemingly casual tone: “There is indeed something I need to tell you. There is no one else in your room, right?”

Hearing these words, Rong Xu’s mind instantly returned to the text message sent by the other party in the afternoon.

……What is it, so private, why did Qin Cheng continuously insist that no one else be present?

Caught deep in his train of thought, Rong Xu wasn’t paying attention, and the soap suddenly slipped out from his hands. His eyes widened in surprise, and hurriedly wanted to grab the soap, but he was caught off guard and stepped directly onto the slippery soap, causing his whole body to suddenly fall on the side.[3]


“Rong Rong…… Rong Xu!”

The man’s flustered voice immediately sounded. But, before Qin Cheng even had time to worry, he suddenly saw an arm propped onto the sliding glass door of the bathroom. Consequently, the young man’s naked upper body once again appeared on the phone screen. This time, he was a little embarrassed. His black hair was messy scattered across his cheeks, and his arms were resting on the sliding door as if barely keeping him from falling again.

This picture was shockingly beautiful, a chaotic beauty which was even more charming, and that delicate, beautiful face was still painted with a hint of flush caused by panic.

Coughing once, Rong Xu shook his head: “Nothing’s wrong……”

Qin Cheng staring at the phone screen intently: “En, nothing’s wrong……nothing’s wrong is good.”

Rong Xu used the sliding door as support and slowly stood up straight, finally completely avoiding the ending of another fall. He picked up the soap and put it back in the soap box with lingering fear in his heart. Then, he turned on the shower and started to rinse the foam off his body.

Therefore, at this moment, Qin Cheng’s mobile phone screen was divided into two halves. One half was the ceiling, while the other half…… was the image of the youth’s chest. From time to time, it would reveal a tiny bit of pink that could stimulate another’s imagination. Qin Cheng said nothing as he listened to the sound of water and watched the unguarded Rong Xu take a shower.

Over the phone, Rong Xu’s voice also sounded through the noise of water: “Give me a minute, I’ll finish soon.”

Qin Cheng: “……En.” He knows that you will be finished soon.

After watching for half a minute, even Qin Cheng himself felt that his behavior was too shameless and quietly turned away his gaze. But, after only turning away for a few seconds, he involuntarily turned back again and continued to stare at the phone screen. Look righteously and openly!

The video call continued, and the youth on the screen was still completely unguarded.

This was the night 2 days before Qin Cheng was set to return from the United States. It was 8:30 in the evening, and the night had just begun.

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: [Turns gaze away] Baby is an honest and good baby, cannot peep!

[Three seconds later]

Orange Qin: [Turns back] Baby…… Baby is not peeping. Baby is looking openly and righteously ?(? ???w??? ?)?

RongRong: You Rogue!!!

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[1]“Otherworldly”- Original: a thousand miles away

[2] Idk why long-focus camera lenses make him bold, but high quality long focus lenses are indeed insanely expensive.

[3] Hmmm. Another example of why ‘picking up the soap’ is dangerous.

TL corner: //Bends down. Here you go, Qin Cheng. I picked up the face you seemed to have dropped along with Rong Rong’s soap >_>

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Superstar Aspirations

SA Chapter 72 (Part 1) – Live ♂ Video ♂ Call ♂

Part (1/2) of Sponsored Chapter! Enjoy! Part (2/2) will be posted very soon.

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There was no time to ask the other party what was wrong before the scene manager called on Rong Xu to start filming.

The confusion in his heart was temporarily suppressed, and Rong Xu handed his cell phone over to Luo Qian, walking towards the set up scene. Before walking away though, he thought for a moment and said solemnly to Luo Qian: “No matter what messages I receive later on my cell phone, Sis Xiao Qian, don’t look at it.”

Luo Qian was taken aback for a moment, but immediately put the phone in her small personal bag and answered earnestly: “Okay, Xiao Xu, don’t worry, I will definitely not look at it!”

Like this, Rong Xu left without worry.

With Luo Qian’s character, since she made a promise, then she definitely wouldn’t peek. Although Luo Qian didn’t have the password for Rong Xu’s phone, as long as a message came in, she would be able to see the message sent by the other party just by looking at the lock screen interface without even unlocking the phone — at least a good half of it.

Although Rong Xu didn’t know what Qin Cheng was going to discuss with him… En, private matters, but in any case, it was best not to let anyone else know about such matters.

Even until now, Luo Zhentao hadn’t told Rosie about “Rong Xu and Qin Cheng living together”. This matter, If one less person could know about it, then one less person should know about it. If this is actually exposed, it will cause both Rong Xu and Qin Cheng trouble.


Thinking of this, the youth paused briefly, and a thought suddenly flashed through his mind: Is it time to buy a house and move out?

However, this thought only briefly flashed in his mind for the moment, and even Rong Xu himself didn’t put much importance on it. He gently lifted the corners of his lips, and a helpless smile appeared on his face.

And so, this matter was once again thrown to the back of his mind by said person.

The crew of Maze City first shot the indoor scenes at Xiangshan Film and Television City. The prop team had set up all the indoor scenes a month and a half ago, and was currently working on setting up the outdoor scenes. After all, this was a modern drama, so there were not too many requirements in the creation of the scenes’ settings. The first scene being shot was the scene where Tan Yangxuan (Bo Xiwen) went to find his college classmate, so naturally, they also needed to film Xue Jiazhe’s (Rong Xu) teaching scenes.

The vice director had hired more than fifty extras to play Xue Jiazhe’s students.

These extras would wait every day near the Film City for job opportunities, and upon seeing celebrities, they weren’t overly excited. Only a few of them who were obviously newcomers couldn’t help but be curious, coming forwards excitedly to ask Rong Xu, Bo Xiwen and Ren Shuzhi for autographs and a group photo.

Rong Xu had only made his debut one year ago, and most of the temporary actors had been in the industry far longer than him. However, this circle was a harsh place. Many people have dreams of becoming so-called “horizontal drifters” or “drifters on a tailwind”[1], but end up having neither a good face nor a talent for acting. Thus, they could only become a temporary actor first and strive to improve their acting skills, hoping to mix deeper into the entertainment circle.

Ren Shuzhi only signed two names before retracting her smile from impatience and asking her assistant to dismiss these new extras. Meanwhile, Bo Xiwen dazedly autographed for every new extra and also took a group photo.

From a distance, Ren Shuzhi watched the two male protagonists in the crew and covered her lips, chuckling softly to her assistant: “See, I didn’t misjudge Rong Xu, he has good looks and also a good temper. His attitude towards the group is good, and he’s a much better person than I am.”

Her assistant smiled and said: “Sister Ren, he’s just ignorant. Since he came out with the “Lost Wings” album, then that means he wants to take on the music scene. If he builds a good relationship with you, it would only benefit him, not harm him.”

Ren Shuzhi retorted disapprovingly: “Are you so short-sighted?”

The assistant was stunned.

Ren Shuzhi curled up her red lips and tapped her fingers upon her beautiful face twice while examining Rong Xu’s body. She said meaningfully: “This is my favorite type. Compared to him, Ma Qi is really far away…”

Perceiving Ren Shuzhi’s gaze, Rong Xu raised his head to look at the other party. He nodded slightly, revealing a calm and genteel smile.

Ren Shuzhi immediately waved at him, blinked, and made a finger-heart gesture.

Before long, the lighting group and camera group were both ready, and the group of extras all sat in their seats. Director Yuan brought Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen over to discuss the details of filming the next scene, and then he sat back in his seat and raised his hand—


In that instance, the set quickly quieted down.

Bright lights illuminated the entire classroom. The extras began whispering softly to each other, imitating the scene of college students goofing off and laughing before class, and making it seem like they really had come to a youthful classroom. Eight cameras shot this scene from various directions until faint footsteps sounded from the corridor outside the door.

The sound was calm and unhurried, and it didn’t speed up. If you listened carefully, you would find that the interval between each footstep was exactly the same!

When the door creaked upon being pushed open, the classroom fell silent in an instant. Everyone’s eyes were on the man who opened the door and they all froze the moment they saw him. He was wearing a light-colored suit, holding a thin laptop in his right hand, and stepping into the classroom.

Close-fitting suit trousers outlined his slender and straight legs as he walked to the podium step by step. He placed down his laptop and raised his eyes to look at the group of students below the podium. All of his hair was fixed to perfection with hairspray, not even a single piece of loose hair could be found. It was as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder. His clothes were ironed neatly, and his narrow, beautiful eyes were hidden behind silver glasses, while his lips were pursed slightly, and his eyes were indifferent.

Suddenly, no student in the audience dared to speak nonsense, and the extra actor closest to him actually involuntarily opened the book in front of him and looked down in a very serious manner.

A strong and cold aura instantly diffused into the scene, and Luo Qian, who was observing next to the set while holding a towel and thermos, couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. She even wanted to take out her phone and secretly take a photo, but she quickly cut off that idea.

Not far away, Ren Shuzhi handed her water glass to her assistant, surprise flashing through her eyes, and she couldn’t help taking a few steps forward.

At this moment, a cold and noble voice sounded in the spacious classroom: “Who believes in horoscopes?”

One sentence broke the silence. Director Yuan sat enthusiastically behind the eight monitors, carefully examining the images on the screen. Ren Shuzhi had already walked over to the side of the set and stood beside Luo Qian. Her red lips curled up as she looked at Rong Xu who was standing very seriously in the center of the set.

No one had thought that when Rong Xu began acting, he would change completely.

When Director Yuan first decided to choose Rong Xu to play Xue Jiazhe, the screenwriter and producer were actually both opposed to it.

Rong Xu is too young and has very little filming experience. 


Xue Jiazhe is the *oss (final boss) of “Maze City”. A 27-year-old, young associate professor. Xue Jiazhe is deep and introverted, indifferent in appearance, but possessing outstanding self-cultivation and wisdom. Not to mention whether or not Rong Xu could bring out Xue Jiazhe’s ‘duality’, but even the screenwriters found it very difficult to simply act as a university professor.

However, Director Yuan rejected all their opinions and just directly sent the script to Rong Xu.

When he’d tried on the makeup a few days ago, Rong Xu’s screen image was quite good and the styling effect was also very good, which satisfied the screenwriter and producer. Even until just then, the producer had quietly said to Director Yuan: “If he doesn’t perform well, there is still time to change actors.”

But now, a seemingly insignificant sentence fully captured the attention of the entire crew that was watching.

He was gentle and elegant, incomparable to anyone else. Rong Xu’s Xue Jiazhe was handsome and cool, unlike a rookie actor who was only barely 18 years old. His every action was sophisticated and restrained, and even his expressions had been slightly adjusted, making him appear more mature.

After he spoke, not few students raised their hands. As arranged in the script, Rong Xu looked towards the extra actor who was sitting closest to him, and the latter automatically and subconsciously stood up as she heard Rong Xu say lightly: “What is your zodiac sign?”

That female student looked at Rong Xu’s side profile as if she was in a daze. She looked exactly like a little child who was afraid of a professor’s majestic presence. Even She herself didn’t know what was going on. Just hearing Rong Xu’s words and looking at his expression, she subconsciously replied in a low voice: “Xue……Professor Xue, I am a Sagittarius.”

“Sagittarius?” The young professor reached out and pushed at the glasses frame on the bridge of his nose. “You desire to gain others’ attention, but tend to find fault with yourself. You appear cheerful and optimistic, but sometimes feel lonely that no one can understand you. Some of your ideas may be unrealistic, but even if you know this yourself, you would occasionally suddenly want to try realizing them.”

The student’s eyes opened wide and they nodded: “Yes! Professor, do you also study constellations?”

Without answering the female student’s words, Xue Jiazhe turned to look at a male student sitting next to her: “What zodiac sign are you?”

The classroom immediately boiled over.

A professor who would actually chat about horoscopes with the students! And it was even such a handsome professor!

At this moment, the back door of the classroom was quietly opened, and a young policeman in a black jacket sneakily entered the classroom. He had just sat down in a seat when he heard the man’s cold voice say: “Fourth seat in the third to last row. Wearing a black jacket and blue jeans, with hair that is sticking out randomly and not neatly combed that……male student, what is your zodiac sign?”

Tan Yangxuan, who had just entered the set, immediately laughed, and said to Xue Jiazhe in a joking manner: “Teacher, I don’t believe in horoscopes.”

Xue Jiazhe raised an eyebrow: “What is your zodiac sign?”

Tan Yangxuan said with a cheeky smile: “I am a Cancer.”

Xue Jiazhe gave him a deep look, and after a while, he calmly replied: “You believe that everyone can have their own secrets and should not be overly frank with others. You know you have shortcomings, but you also know how to make up for them……”

After this other phrase, Tan Yangxuan smiled and said: “Teacher, you are correct. That is quite similar to myself.”

The students in the classroom began discussing even more fervently. At some point, a few students asked “Professor, do you like constellations, too?”, but Xue Jiazhe never answered their questions from beginning to end. After he took the last student’s attendance, he calmly looked down at every person in the audience and said with a casual tone: “Just then, everything I said was just made up nonsense.”

“Ah?!!!” The students instantly wailed, only the young policeman sitting in the back sported an expression of “I knew it”.

At this moment, the bell signaling the end of class rang, and the young, handsome professor said gently: “The lesson from just then was about the Barnum effect[2]. For the next class, you must research on the Barnum effect and turn on an essay discussing your thoughts on it.” 

A pause, “Not less than a thousand words.”


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[1]Having a smooth life

[2] The tendency to accept things as true/fact even when they are vague and prone to various ways of perception, like horoscope readings

[3] Psh, complaining about an essay? Wait till you get a group project, dear students. Then, you will know true agony.

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