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SA Chapter 95 (Part 3) – The Embroiderer, Complete

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     The scene ended here.

     The old actor who was playing the Emperor held onto Rong Xu tightly while bitterly crying. After all, as a veteran actor with acting ingrained into his bones, his enactment of the crying scenes gouged painfully at the audience’s heart and presented such pain that could be felt even with closed eyes.

     Speaking of the “crying while embracing a corpse” type of scene, Rong Xu had also filmed it once before. That time, in “Vie for Supremacy”, Dong Lilan was directed to cry while holding onto Wan SiYao’s corpse. Rong Xu remembered very clearly that Ye Qiao had NG’d many times (for that scene), frustrating Director Guo.

     However, while this type of crying scene was considered difficult for newcomers like Ye Qiao, for an old veteran actor, it could be completed in one simple take.

     Once Old Liu decided that the scene didn’t need to be re-shot, Rong Xu could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and Luo Qian also whispered excitedly: “It’s done!”

     Rong Xu turned to look at her and nodded with a smile: “En, it’s done.”

     Hearing those words, Luo Qian nodded happily, but after her excitement subsided, she looked at Rong Xu’s blood-stained body and said with heartache: “Rong Rong, let’s get you changed quickly…”

     The last few scenes were filmed in one continuous shot, and although Zhu Molang’s martial arts wasn’t superior in the plot, resulting in fewer action scenes for Rong Xu, he had still been tossed back and forth for quite a while. An arrow pierced through his hand, a sword slashed across his shoulder bone, and finally, a knife pierced through his heart.

     Naturally, these scenes weren’t real but rather crafted through special effects make-up. But even then, (all of the make-up) was starting to suffocate Rong Rong. The originally gorgeous Python Brocade had been sliced into mere strips of cloth, and his previously well groomed and tied-up long hair was also scattered messily about his shoulders. His face and his clothes were both covered in artificial blood. Out of all his works, this was the most extreme his appearance had ever been.

     Moreover, the arrow that pierced his hand…… Um, Qin Cheng shot it.

    The sword that sliced across his shoulder, Qin Cheng slashed it.

     The knife that pierced his heart… that’s right, Qin Cheng stabbed it.

     Thus, when Qin Cheng walked over quickly and carefully inspected Rong Xu’s fingers only to find a tiny scratch on it, he frowned and asked in a deep voice: “How did you get scratched?”

     At this point, the prop arrows in Rong Xu’s hands had already been removed, but the special effect makeup for the penetration wound had yet to be dealt with. The young man raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled from his throat: “It’s just a small injury. When I hit the ground with my hand, I accidentally slammed it a bit hard.” After a pause, he added: “Don’t you think …my injury from being shot through the palm of the hand by an arrow is more serious?”

     Qin Cheng who was suddenly taken aback: “……?”

     He only saw the young man sporting a very serious expression, his clear eyes full of sincerity as he said word by word: “And look at my shoulder, it’s been slashed in half. My heart was pierced through by someone, too. It hurts so much.” Rong Xu looked at Qin Cheng earnestly for a moment before repeating solemnly: “It hurts.”

     Qin Cheng: “……”

     Seeing the expression on the young man’s face which was screaming “I’m really in excruciating pain, if you don’t believe me, look at these wounds”, the man slowly lifted the corners of his lips. He felt something warming in his heart and quietly melting. He looked down at Rong Xu and then gave a considering look at the “wounds” being spouted from Rong Xu’s mouth before landing the gaze on his eyes.

     Qin Cheng stoutly resisted the desire to lower his head and kiss the younger man. Under the gaze of the entire crew, he could only open his arms to embrace the other party, and say in a soft voice: “Congratulations on this completion, Rong Xu.”

     His voice when saying this wasn’t too quiet so it was overheard by many crew members, who all averted their eyes knowingly.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     Rong Xu was stunned, and after a while, he also smiled and opened his arms to return the man’s hug tightly.

     There are some words that don’t always need to be said aloud. Simply holding each other like this and feeling one another’s heart beat could communicate everything.

     However, it wasn’t until the afternoon that Qin Cheng realized his words weren’t entirely accurate.

     In the afternoon, Old Liu, the producer, and the screenwriter held a short meeting. After they ended the meeting, Old Liu personally looked for Rong Xu. (Old Liu) stared at (Rong Xu) seriously, and after a while, he said: “Actually……after reviewing all the ending scenes we filmed today, Rong Xu, I want to add another scene for you. What do you think?”

     Rong Xu, who has already removed his makeup and changed out of his costume: “……”

     Of course, for such a big-budget movie like The Embroiderer, the more scenes, the better (it was for him).

     As the last boss, Zhu Molang could only be regarded as the third male lead because the second male lead was technically the minor villain, Eunuch Li. Although Eunuch Li didn’t hold an impactful villain role, except in revealing the truth at the end, the entirety of the movie had basically cast him as the ‘main antagonist’. Compared to (Eunuch Li’s) many scenes, Rong Xu’s scenes probably only added up to less than 20 minutes. It was a short but impressive role.

     Although his plane tickets for the next afternoon had already been booked, Rong Xu still agreed without hesitation: “Okay, Old Liu, I’m fine with anything.”

     This kind of pie falling out of the sky was truly hard to come by.

     LIkely because he also knew Rong Xu had a flight to catch the next day, Old Liu waved his hand and said with a smile: “It’s not a long scene, don’t worry. You’ll definitely be able to catch your flight tomorrow afternoon. I was only planning on taking advantage of this evening to complete it. It’s a scene between you and Qin Cheng.”

     Rong Xu smiled and said: “Is it an action scene?”

     Old Liu shook his head: “Dialogue scene.”

     Hearing this, the young man looked at (the director) in surprise. He considered this for a moment before asking: “Is there a need for more dialogue between Zhu Molang and Kong Chao?”

     Old Liu laughed and said: “Do you remember what you said when you were filming at noon today? Drinking under the full moon night sky. I plan on incorporating this scene into the story. In actuality, Kong Chao respected the Crown Prince quite a bit, and the Crown Prince also admired Kong Chao. However, I think the relationship between monarch and official can be strengthened a little more…… Mutual appreciation, sympathy and friendship. Rong Xu, what do you think?”

     After speaking, Old Liu looked at Rong Xu, awaiting his response.

     Under the bright lights, Rong Xu opened his eyes wide and murmured in a low voice, “Mutual appreciation……”

     The next moment, he smiled and nodded: “Old Liu, I think it’s amazing.”

     Old Liu laughed loudly: “Then, I shall take it as your agreement.”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

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