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WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 1) – Acting Cute

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[Is to bomb this laboratory.】

He Ruge was startled when he saw Crow words and suspected that his sight was blurry.

……b, bomb?

The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?


Will you go with me?

[The memory-restored Crow is filled with resentment towards Starry Sea Orphanage’s laboratories. Golden Python’s rebellion became the fuse that sparked Crow’s desperate decision to seek revenge. He invites you to join him before taking action. Your options are:

A. Join Crow

B. Reject to protect oneself]


Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return. 

He wasn’t alone. He had to consider Little White Tiger and Little Goblin Ruan Ruan. If he went off with Crow, what would happen to Little White Tiger?

He Ruge ended up rejecting the exhilarating plan.

Crow took a long inhalation of his cigarette. He coughed a little uncomfortably before tossing it away. The cigarette butt was accurately thrown into the trash can. 

He then slipped off the energy cannon and mounted all the weapons onto himself- onto his arms, back, legs, and even his head.

Crow, who had turned himself into a turret in the blink of an eye, also carried a large-scale energy cannon on his back. From the back, he gave off a majestic and tragic image of a valiant man who pursued a route of no return. He was still as quiet as before but was no longer comparable to a ghost that shuffled through the dark. No ghost could carry such a murderous intent and brave aura.

Crow kicked the door open with one foot and waved back to He Ruge without turning his head.

He opened the cages of all the experimental subjects on Basement Level two, and asked the experimental subjects who were close to successful transplant integration if they wanted to join him in bombing the lab.

Little White Tiger’s iron cage was also opened.

Little White Tiger squatted on the ground and observed Crow for a long time. He watched as more and more experimental subjects gathered in a row behind Crow. He snorted slightly, and instead of joining the group out to seek retribution, he turned around and ran towards He Ruge.

He Ruge held the little white tiger and stood at the far end of the corridor, watching as Crow gradually walked away. The last he saw of Crow was when a pair of dark Zerg wings broke through his clothes and opened up slowly.

Shrill sirens sounded throughout the orphanage. The roar of explosions obliterated everything in its wake, and the corridor of Basement floor two almost completely collapsed.


Crow is dead.

The experimental subjects who followed after Crow also died. 

They dragged the demons (scientists) of Basement Level Three with them into hell, but unlike those devilish monsters, each of them has Zerg wings, so they could fly. Fly from hell all the way up to the heavens.

[Crow has blown up the laboratory on Basement Level Three and personally admitted that Golden Python’s escape was related to him. It was he who opened the door of the carriage channel and let Golden Python break through the ceiling. You have gotten rid of your suspicions and pretend that nothing is wrong.

He Ruge didn’t see the image of Crow’s death, but the game’s narration allowed his imagination to fill in the blanks.

…… Crow, really was a person who repaid gratitude with favor and grudges with vengeance. He said that he would bomb the laboratory and so he did. But, he didn’t even forget to help him resolve some of his suspicions before he died.

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frame. A pang of soreness accumulated in his chest. He knew he should be happy for Crow. For someone like Crow who was clear about his grievances and never went back on his words, being able to reap his vengeance on the spot was his most desired ending. If you wanted him to just tolerate it, even if he survived, he would never be happy.

However, He Ruge felt terribly uncomfortable in his heart, to the point where he didn’t even want to continue playing the game. He checked the time and found that it was already very late. Thus, He Ruge turned off the game. 

He tossed and turned on the bed for a long time, unable to sleep. 

The grievances he held in his heart was like a breath caught in his throat. He Ruge got up and walked to the window. He pulled open the curtains and looked up at the starry sky.

When people die, can they really become stars? Will the deceased meet again as stars? Then, which stars were the deceased Crow and Golden Python on?

Clearly, this was just a game. But, He Ruge kept feeling that all the NPCs in the game had once existed in real life.  

Becoming immersed in a game to this extent also wasn’t good and caused him to feel anxious.

Since he couldn’t sleep, then let’s write!

It’s sexy for authors to write late into the night. After He Ruge entered V, he had continuously been above ten thousand words. Although he spent a significant amount of time typing every day, he actually didn’t have many saved manuscripts (as backlogs).

With a speed of 1,500 words per hour, it actually took eight to nine hours each day. He Ruge was not a typing machine. Continuously typing for long hours would give him an illusory sense of emptyheadedness.

Everyday, other than writing, his daily life consisted of Little White Tiger. But, based on his current daily, ten thousand word speed, he estimated this book would be complete in another two months time, and he wanted to give himself a vacation after it was over.

Thinking of Little White Tiger, He Ruge remembered the screenshots he had taken in the game. He found the screenshots and made them into the background of the typing program so that whenever he was typing up manuscripts, it would be like Little White Tiger was accompanying him.

Looking at the typing interface’s background, He Ruge’s heart felt warm. He finally thought of a word to describe Little White Tiger’s smile.

It was healing.

He hoped that Little White Tiger could laugh this happily every day.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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