What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 3) – Invisible Wings

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The carriage moved along slowly, and everything was a very novel experience. With the light from the flashlight, the little rabbit was no longer afraid. 

Little Rabbit looked about excitedly just like the time they finally left Room B6. His listless expression was thoroughly swept away.

Xue Jiazhe is definitely the protagonist through and through. Therefore, Rong Xu’s performance is the most important – whether he could employ the atmosphere and immerse the audience.


[Chirp Chirp~ “Looking at stars~ Are there really moms and dads on the stars? “】

[Chirp~ “I will introduce you to my mom and dad”]

 Even Golden Python felt revitalized, as if newly awakening from a long hibernation.

Only Little White Tiger was as still as a mountain, nestled in He Ruge’s arms and looking at He Ruge with his blue eyes. There were a plethora of complex emotions swirling in his eyes.

When this sentence reached Rong Xu’s ears, he raised his head in surprise and looked at Director Yuan. At the same time, Bo Xiwen and Ma Qi also looked at Director Yuan in surprise, while Ren Shuzhi nodded helplessly as she prepared to retake the shot.

He Ruge didn’t pay too much attention to Little White Tiger because Crow had warned that they must jump off the carriage when they reached Floor E. Thus, He Ruge was busy nervously counting the floors that the carriage passed, for fear of missing the floor number. He’s afraid that if they jumped to the wrong floor, he wouldn’t be able to cry even if he wanted to. 

While trying to keep track of the floor number, He Ruge recalled Crow’s words. 

Crow told them to see the stars in Room E15. Did that mean there was no one present in Room E15, and no surveillance? Though, He Ruge wasn’t afraid of surveillance cameras since he could block the monitors with Little Hearts.

He Ruge was mainly afraid of running into people. All of them were combat inept. Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger were cubs, Golden Python was a terminally ill patient, and he himself…… well, let’s not to mention that.

They hitched a ride from Basement Level 2 and had to pass six floors before reaching Floor E.

While He Ruge was busy remembering the number of floors passed, Golden Python suddenly spoke.

Director Yuan was very principled. The long shots were still definitely long shots. Although they weren’t the standard long shots taken with only one camera in the strictest sense

Golden Python

[I am very happy]

【Thank You】

[…..It would be so nice if I could just fly to the stars myself]

The Golden Python talked like he’d been injected with chicken blood (energetically), directly replacing the chatterbox Little Rabbit and chittered endlessly. His mental state was overly excited, almost as if he was overdrawing his bit of life energy and burning it to fuel his final brilliance.

He Ruge realized that this was Golden Python’s return to youth before death. Even if this was obviously just a game, He Ruge still felt sorrowful.

He had no relatives, had never participated in a relative’s funeral, and had never experienced the death of another. But, at this moment, He Ruge saw an illusion–

In the expansive, bright and starry sky, he wanted to hold a funeral under the stars for the golden python.

Silent grief filled the air as He Ruge listened carefully to Golden Python’s last words in this lifetime.

……If you could fly to the stars yourself?

He Ruge suddenly had a flash of inspiration. He immediately pulled out the “Invisible Wings” prop from his backpack and checked the restrictions/limitations on the use of the “Invisible Wings”. There were no other restrictions except “the weight carried by the wings cannot exceed four hundred jin.”

If he gives this item to Golden Python, does that mean Golden Python can fly by himself?

[Give “Invisible Wings” to Golden Python, Yes/No]



Although this was a rare prop, He Ruge still clicked [Yes] without hesitation.

[The prop has taken effect]


Director Yuan made an exception. He didn’t have anyone accompany Ren Shuzhi for her retake, but rather made Ren Shuzhi retake the scene by herself.

At first, Xi Xing faced the prospect of death with utmost fear. He was still so young, his life had just begun, there were so many things he hadn’t tried yet. So, he was reluctant to leave the world. 

It didn’t matter if he lived in torment. As long as he could live, what were the Zerg wings considered? He had already endured so much suffering prior, which of them was not as painful as the process of transplanting Zerg wings?

However, destiny always liked to play jokes on him. His Zerg wings had been removed and replaced with higher-quality wings. But, as a result, the fusion failed. He was replaced with the worst-quality wings and still ended up a failed experiment.

He had been abandoned.

Xi Xing suddenly understood that the most painful thing in the world was not suffering in endless darkness, but rather having seen the light once before.

He despised his weakness and helplessness, and he despised the injustice of fate. However, the moment he heard the gentle and bewitching voice say “I’ll take you to go watch the stars”, all of his grievances suddenly collapsed like a punctured balloon.

Xi Xing heard the muffled mechanical noise of the carriage rising slowly, and in the long, dark passageway, the only source of light came from the flashlight as he was shrouded within its glow. It was a cold light, completely lacking in warmth. It could even be considered a bit piercing to the eyes.

The light from the flashlight shone carelessly on his face and seared itself into his sight.

Xi Xing once thought that he was among the group of people thoroughly abandoned by fate to fall into the endless abyss. 

He had Zerg wings, yet experienced “Struggling, but unable to escape.”

He was named “Star” (Xing).

Yet, his life is not a burning new star, but rather a falling comet, fleeting and vanishing into the endless darkness.

He kept falling, and falling, and falling. From the sky into the abyss, from the light into darkness, from a sea of stars into the muddy ground.

He thought he would die resentfully in Room 214 with only the insects under his skin excitedly throwing a feast.

However…… he was plucked up by fate from the silt and dust just when the curtain of death was looming overhead, and this falling star was once again sent up to the starry skies.

His soul became lighter. He couldn’t wait to leave this broken and rotten body, and a surreal joy enveloped him like a bubble.

“It would be so nice if I could fly to the stars myself.” After saying this, Xi Xing suddenly felt a mysterious power building around him, as if two hands were supporting his heavy body and lifting him up. Lifting higher and higher. Lifting him into the sky——

He was flying.

But he wasn’t using the Zerg wings on the body, but rather a pair of invisible wings. Those wings were extremely powerful and vigorous, with each flap sending him higher and higher into the sky.

A muddled call came from behind him, like someone was telling him to stop. But, he had been trapped here for far too long. He didn’t want to look back, let alone stay. So, he flapped his wings harder and rushed towards the sky.

He flew past Floors A, B, C, D, E…… He flew towards the top of the building and then used those mysterious and powerful wings to break through the glass roof, causing the alarms to blare crazily. However, Xi Xing didn’t pay it any mind. 

When shards of glass sprinkled onto the ground, he finally escaped that giant prison.

The night air poured into his lungs as Xi Xing took a deep breath and looked up at the starry sky above his head. At this moment, his originally cloudy eyes were extremely clear.

Look, what a beautiful starry sky. It’s as if a jewelry box was spilled out onto a black velvet blanket.

Behind him came the heavy sounds of energy cannons being fired, Deng——Deng——Deng——

The sounds behind him gradually became indistinct, while the starry sky above his head became brighter and brighter. 

At this time, an energy beam penetrated his body and shattered his flesh and bones to pieces. 

One particularly bright star was shining in the night sky and illuminated his gray eyes.

That pair of invisible wings continued to flap, flying through the blurred boundaries of life and death. He suddenly recalled many things, and the things he experienced in this short life rapidly replayed in his mind.

It appears……

That the happiest moment in his life was now

Because he was able to reach the starry sky he longed for, flying towards his endless happiness and joy.

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Without giving the man a chance to speak at all, Rong Xu directly grabbed his hand, swiped the key card speedily, and pressed Qin Cheng to the wall with one violent stroke. With a hook on his left foot, there was a loud bang, and the door was closed behind him.



Happiness and joy: English is limited on words that differentiate between different types of happiness. Here, the author chose to use one that characterized personal happiness and one that characterized satisfaction in life.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 2) – Invisible Wings

Chinese Phrases Refresher: “Spicy chicken” is a Chinese homonym for “trashy” or “garbage”

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In this world, movie award ceremonies liked to stagger times and present different awards separately. However, Huaxia’s three major TV series Awards were very strange and preferred to be presented together.


He Ruge wasn’t good at mixing into crowds, so he just quietly watched from behind the screen for a while before exiting the group chat to go write. Inside the small black room, he managed to write 2,000 words in one go, looking at the plump and full document in a daze.

Coming upon the realization that you were a monster, would your life change significantly?

That didn’t seem to be the case. Life still goes on, and words still have to be written.

Suddenly, a thought popped into his mind. Originally, he didn’t want to think too deep into it. However, that thought lingered in his mind and finally drove him to reopen “Family of 5 Lakes and 4 Seas” and say: “I have a question. Do monsters have parents?”

He Ruge had always had a lump in his heart. 

Why was he orphaned? 

This lump stayed hidden in his heart and would always leave a dull pain when touched, an undesirable and unexpected pain.

But, at this moment, he looked at the screen and suddenly held his breath. Countless unspecified anxieties appeared in his heart, both long and short:

If he was a monster, then did it mean that……

Did it mean……

He had never been abandoned.

Among the three awards, Peony Award’s selection process was based on the audience’s choice, with professionalism being the weakest factor.

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “A monster without parents, did they perhaps pop out of a rock? I am the second generation Interstellar.”

He Ruge’s emotions shifted only for the briefest of moments. His fingertips which were placed on the keyboard twitched as he slowly replied, his body similar to a block of frozen ice slowly being defrosted: “Okay, thank you.”

He rapidly blinked his dry eyes a few times before closing the group chat. A strong sense of exhaustion flooded over him like a tide, and He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time.

A long time later, he reopened the game and entered Room 214.

The little white tiger was sleeping. He Ruge’s gaze wandered along the outline of the little white tiger bit by bit, from his bud-like ears and delicate pink nose, to his thin and long snow-white tiger whiskers and his two overlapping small paws.

His heavy heart seemed to have been immersed in warm water, bubbling water from a hot springs, such that each time the little white tiger exhaled, a small bubble would emerge from the water.

He Ruge’s birthday is next month. He had once thought that when he’d saved some money, he would buy himself a cat for his own birthday gift.

However, He Ruge didn’t want that anymore. He wanted to raise Little White Tiger. He only wanted to raise Little White Tiger.

Why did he constantly desire to keep a cat? It’s because he is lonely. He didn’t want to live an ordinary and quiet life on his lonesome. It would be good even if just to hear a cat’s random meows.

But now, Little White Tiger was here to accompany him. Little White Tiger is very obedient. Whenever he was writing, Little White Tiger would just sit inside the game, not making any trouble. He also never got angry because of his (HRG’s) tardiness, and was even willing to hand him his own little tail when He Ruge is sad. Such a warm-hearted Little White Tiger.

Although this was just a game…. Fortunately, this was just a game.

For the Peony Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 13 nominations, and “Ambush” received 10 nominations.

He Ruge didn’t dare imagine the possibility that Little White Tiger was a real existence, that he was a creature that could age and grow old, experiencing sickness and eventually death. How sad he’d be if and when Little White Tiger died.

Just having it be a game is wonderful. He could grow slowly with Little White Tiger and watch him grow up but not see the appearance of Little White Tiger in decrepit old age. 

One day, when the game was over, he could close the game and click “Restart”.

And so, a milky Little White Tiger would once again appear on screen in room B6. This Little White Tiger was so terribly fierce and would bite everyone he saw, but wouldn’t bite the him who had removed his glasses.

They would return to the day they first met.

The corners of the originally drooping lips rose slightly. He Ruge pushed at his glasses frame. He became happy again, and He Ruge opened up the document to write with that contented expression. He unknowingly typed until late into the evening before finishing his takeout and logging into the game.

Little White Tiger had already woken up. He was holding the nutrient solution and chugged it down wontanly, but compared to the little rabbit who was gorging on the side, Little White Tiger still appeared elegant.

During the feedings back in Room B6, every time Little White Tiger drank milk, it’s like he was fighting a war, always afraid that someone would come and snatch it away from him. However, at this moment when Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit were eating together side-by-side, He Ruge suddenly had a thought:

Only those who’d been starved before would eat so quickly.

It was an inexplicable idea. Little White Tiger had never been starved by him before, so his thinking must be too far fetched. Perhaps, the speed at which Little White Tiger eats was determined by the game’s setting for the character, wanting to portray the momentum of “Swallowing Mountains and Rivers” and “Tiger Descending the Mountain” (reflection of being powerful).

Although, in regards to the most professional Golden Bell Award, the advantages of these two TV series were not as obvious as it was for the Peony Award and Feitian Award, they were still far ahead of the other TV shows from the same time period.

Because of Little White Tiger’s previous impediment, He Ruge didn’t give Little Rabbit a second bottle of nutrient solution. Little Rabbit found it difficult to boost his energy. He didn’t cry or make trouble, and was instead curled up inside the cage languidly.

His quiet disposition was exactly the same as Golden Python’s.

He Ruge didn’t like such a quiet Little Rabbit. He would rather the little rabbit howl and cry and yell for sweets, not wanting those ruby eyes to lose their original luster.

What worried He Ruge even more was that even candy couldn’t lift up Little Rabbit’s spirits anymore.

Will watching the stars together make the family happy again?

He Ruge clicked on the floating button next to Little White Tiger and selected [Touch Head]. A youthful and slender hand appeared on screen and stroked Little White Tiger’s head gently.

Seeing Little White Tiger being petted in the game, He Ruge’s anxiety was alleviated significantly. The time agreed on by Crow and himself was tonight. However, they didn’t set a specific time, and He Ruge didn’t know when exactly Crow would arrive.

The time when Crow will show up was undetermined, but the side missions of ‘watching the stars’ must be completed during the time when stars can actually be seen.

It was eight o’clock in the evening, and the sky outside He Ruge’s window was already dark. The Crow inside the game may appear at any second, maybe within the next half an hour. He Ruge didn’t want to miss it because he wasn’t sure if by chance he missed Crow’s arrival, this spicy chicken game would arrange for Crow to appear a second time.

Thus, He Ruge left the game open on the computer and used his cell phone to write. He would look back up at the computer every now and then after just writing a tiny bit, making his work highly inefficient.

The little white tiger and little rabbit in the game seemed to feel He Ruge’s anxious state and also watched the unopened door.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open and Crow hurried in.


[Quickly, I tampered with this floor’s electrical power, but it will only last for one minute! 】

Crow opened Golden Python’s cage, and bursting with a huge inexplicable force completely incompatible with his thin frame, easily wrapped the nine-meter-long golden python around his body while carrying Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit, and ran away quickly.

He Ruge was momentarily stunned and when he finally reacted, he hastily maneuvered his game character to follow Crow.

Crow’s speed was so fast that he almost created afterimages. He rushed to the end of the corridor almost instantaneously and opened the mysterious door using his authority.

He Ruge, Little Rabbit, Little White Tiger, and Golden Python were all pushed beyond the door by Crow.


[When you see the “Delivery Carriage”, you must climb onto its roof and when it passes Floor E, jump off the carriage! Then, go to E15! You must come back within half an hour! 】

As soon as his voice fell, the door suddenly closed.

[Countdown: 00:30:00] (30 minutes)

All traces of light vanished. The world on the other side of the door was pitch black, een one’s own fingers could not be seen. Through the computer came the sound of wind whistling through a tunnel, and the Little Rabbit was chirping from fear.


【Chirp Chirp “So dark”.】

Golden Python

[Hiss “I don’t seem to have enough space”]

He Ruge bought a “flashlight” using x5 Small Hearts in the Love Mall.

The light from the flashlight dissipated the darkness within a one metre radius. What they didn’t see, they didn’t know. But, when they did see, they were startled. He Ruge found that the little rabbit nestled in his left arm, the little white tiger was nestled in his right arm, and the golden python was lying beside his feet..

They were standing on the only piece of flat ground. Just one step away was a bottomless abyss.

This was a tunnel perpendicular to and penetrating through the entire building, similar to a passage meant for elevators to travel up and down. The flashlight shone into the black square shaped tunnel, and the light that pierced through the dark was as thin as a thread in the deep darkness.

Even if the huge golden python was coiled into a mosquito coil, it still took up a lot of space. One-third of its body was suspended in the air, almost falling into the tunnel.

He Ruge hurriedly made way for the golden python, and the golden python carefully coiled into himself tightly. His coiling skills were superb, like a master of packaging (master of packaging: implying Golden Python coiled himself really tightly and optimized space. Think of tetris, or being very good at packing luggage). Only a sliver of his snake tail was left hanging in the air.

Golden python

[Where is this, why did you bring us here? 】


[I am taking you all to see the stars. 】

After hearing He Ruge’s response, Golden Python froze on the spot.


From the bottom of the tunnel came the delayed sound of unloading goods, followed by the dull sound of running machinery. Using the light from the flashlight, He Ruge saw a huge iron block slowly moving upward.

This should be the “Delivery Carriage” Crow was talking about.

He Ruge prepared himself, and when the carriage was about to rise, he pulled the golden python with him and jumped onto the roof together.

Just news pertaining to Han Yanghao, there was already this much, but most netizens regarded this protagonist of Ambush as invisible. Anyways, this person didn’t have a single nomination for any award. Even by casually discussing him, it would be giving him publicity traffic for nothing! 


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TL Corner: Oh dear. This chapter wasn’t supposed to take this long. Not sure what happened, but my document had deleted itself from existence and I had to start all over QwQ

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 1) – Invisible Wings

Don’t worry too much about the appearance of the new characters yet. Everything will explain itself later on.

A double release week! Enjoy!

At this moment, Xu Jin’s voice came from outside the door: “Why haven’t you come out yet? Qin Cheng, you’ll be filming your final scenes this afternoon. Didn’t you ask for an early return to China yesterday? You’re still not coming out yet?

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It appeared that he could complete the side mission by tonight. After He Ruge finished reading through Crow’s dialogue, he became curious about the mysterious door Crow had been talking about.

What was behind that door?

As today’s playing time had exceeded his daily average game time, He Ruge turned off the game and prepared to go find his close friend and do some writing.

When he opened up Penguin, he found that there was a friend request from “Kraken”.

He Ruge’s mood turned a bit strange. The head of the Kraken was a gray-purple Q octopus. Before today, he had never thought that there would be real monsters in this world, nor did he ever think that he might also be a monster.

“You are now friends with Kraken, you can now start chatting.”

Ruge: “Hello.”

Kraken: “I apologize. I was writing. Could you send me a picture of the red streaks?”

He Ruge took a picture of the red streaks on his ankle.

Kraken: “This is a bloodline pattern[1] of our water tribe, but I’ve never seen this type of bloodline pattern.”

Kraken: “Picture .jpg.”


and his eyes were drawn to the other party’s tie: “Huh, when you all were deciding on the image for the final scene yesterday, didn’t you say that the crimson colored one is better? Why did you choose this one?

From the other party came a picture of a hand with light grayish-purple lines on the wrist. The purple lines twisted and turned, detailed with small circles.

When he saw the familiar lines, all the doubts in He Ruge’s heart dissipated. No scammer would so leisurely get this kind of tattoo on their hand. 

Kraken: “Your bloodline pattern is very dark, are you using a picture filter?”

Ruge: “No, what does the color darkness of the bloodline pattern symbolize?”

Kraken: “…The darker the color of the bloodline pattern, the stronger the strength. I feel like I was originally fishing around in the forum for a small fry, but ended up scooping up a big boss.”

He Ruge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this metaphor.

Kraken: “Are you also a JinJiang (JJWXC) writer?”

Ruge: “Yes, I have been writing for a year already.”

Kraken: “It should be due to you absorbing the power of faith[2] from your writing that caused you to awaken. You said before that the bloodline pattern gives you good luck. This may be your natural ability. You haven’t fully awakened yet, so don’t use your abilities casually. The power of faith that you’ve absorbed must be slowly accumulated in order to fully awaken you.”

Kraken: “Every monster has a different awakening period. For example, the awakening period of the cicada type is very long and can be up to seventeen years. The awakening period is extremely important and most monsters only have one awakening period in their entire life.”

Kraken: “The more faith you accumulate during the awakening period, the greater the changes you will experience on the day of your awakening, like flushing your tendons and transforming your marrow[3]. Accumulating faith during the awakening period is twice as effective as accumulating faith after.”

He swiveled his head to look at the phone and saw the delicate and genteel youth on the screen curl his lips in a smile.

Kraken’s words seemed to have parted the clouds and revealed the light, and He Ruge, who was “on the verge of experimenting through mass buying lottery tickets”, was pulled back. It seems that the only way he could make money and support the family [4] was to obediently write more words.

Ruge: “Thank you for your scientific explanations. I haven’t introduced myself yet. You can call me Ruge.”

Kraken: “Hahaha, no thanks, just call me 8 Legs [5]. You can ask me if you don’t understand something in the future. I’ll add you into a small communication group chat for aquatic type monsters later. By the way, you don’t want to reveal your bloodline patterns to other people casually because bloodline patterns can reveal a lot of information.”

Kraken: “If you anytime you wanna write, you can also look for me.” [6]

He Ruge thought about his own writing speed. Under normal circumstances, his speed was 1,500 characters per hour. If he used himself as a unit of measurement and counted as 1 Ge, then “Emotionless Coding Machine” was approximately equal to 3 Ge’s, and “Kraken” was 7 Ge’s.

He Ruge revealed an awkward but polite smile.

Ruge: “Okay, I hope we have a chance to write together in the future.” No, there never be this chance. Even a crumb has its own stubbornness![9]

You remembered wrong. This one is better.

The group that Kraken pulled He Ruge into was called “Family of 5 Lakes and 4 Seas”. There were a total of seven members in the group. When He Ru Ge entered the group, the online members all bubbled up boisterously.

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “Welcome, welcome, it’s been so long since I saw a new person.”

Virtuous Tortoise: “Welcome.”

Your Old Mother: “Welcome Newcomer @Ruge”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “8 Legs, come and introduce the Newcomer!”

8 Legs: “My colleague Ruge. He is still in the awakening period. Don’t bully him.”

Ruge: “Hello everyone.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “So, RuGe is also a writer. Recently, I don’t want to stay in the entertainment industry anymore. I heard that the Webnovel industry is quite relaxing, is it true @8Legs”

8 Legs: “False.”

8 Legs: “If you don’t have the talent, you will die. The Webnovel circle does not rely on one’s face to eat, but rather on talent.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “But you also don’t have the talent. You’ve been on the streets for seven or eight years now.”[7]

8 Legs: “Who said I have no talent. My speed is 10,000 words per hour. If you could squeeze out a hundred words in an hour that’d already be amazing.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “Hey.”

8 Legs: “Jiao’er [8], be good for me. Isn’t it good to just quietly be a flower vase?”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “……Hey.”



{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]“Bloodline pattern” can also be “demonic patterns”, “monster pattern”, “creature pattern”, “devil pattern”. I went with bloodline because it made more sense in English. If one of the other translations sounds better to you, let me know and I can change it. Thanks!

[2] Faith: can also be considered “worship” or “fame”

[3] Flushing your tendons and transforming your marrow: A complete transformation from the inside-out

[4] Make money and support the family: figuratively

[5] 8 Legs: technically….“8 tentacles”…. But I felt like that would lead to some inapropos and misleading translations later on down the road. Hahahaha ╮(>_<)╭

[6] Write together: To accompany him as he works, or as a helper.

[7] “On the streets”: not literally. It refers to being destitute or unsuccessful

[8] ‘Er’ is a term of endearment

[9] Every crumb has its own stubbornness: HRG knows he can’t write that fast, so he rejects Kraken’s offer to write together.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 3) – You are Mine

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Suddenly, Little White Tiger raised his head. His blue eyes were shining and his expression was firm as he walked resolutely towards He Ruge. A small paw hung onto He Ruge’s hand and the little white tiger turned sideways, letting his fluffy tiger tail gently land in He Ruge’s palm.

After interacting with Xiaobaihu, He Ruge is full of love for this game again


[Hou “If I let you touch my tail, will you be a little happier?”】

[Play with tail] (unlocked)

He Ruge’s eyes softened for an instant, he looked at the uncomfortable Little White Tiger, and whispered, “I will.”

Click [Play with Tail] with the mouse.


A slender hand touched the tail carefully. Unlike He Ruge’s hands and feet, the little tail was much more expressive and enthusiastic. The snow-white tail tip wagged and took the initiative to hook onto the young man’s index finger, and simultaneously hooked onto He Ruge’s heart.


[Number 20’s tail entangles with your fingers]

[Roar “You are mine”]

He Ruge’s heart trembled.

En, you are mine, too. You are my family’s little cutie.

After interacting with Little White Tiger, He Ruge was once again filled with love towards this game. The game abused him thousands of times, yet he still treated the game like a first love.

He Ruge remembered that he hadn’t had time to carefully examine the rare items he had drawn before, so he pulled out the “Fate’s Calling Card” from his backpack.

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[Name]: Fate Calling Card

Limitations: Although it can only be used once, the predicted destiny can be changed.”

This card is a predictive type prop. At first glance, one could already tell that this was a very precious item, and there was no restriction on the user candidate. He could use the Fate’s Calling Card to predict the future of Little Rabbit, Little White Tiger, Golden Python or even Crow.

It was just that he didn’t know exactly how detailed the card’s prediction would be. Will it detail even the reason for the character’s fated death?

The plot line of this game was complicated and confusing. If he could know the fate of one of the game characters ahead of time, he may be able to avoid some unfortunate events. Thus, he needed to carefully consider who to use the prediction card on and the timing of the use.

Should he use it now? And on whom?

The Little White Tiger was the game’s main focus, and his fate was actually mentioned briefly at the beginning of the game. Growing from a small monster into a big monster, destroying everything in Starry Sea Orphanage.

Little White Tiger will ultimately encounter difficulties, but those difficulties will definitely not defeat him.

The golden python’s outcome was most likely perishing from illness. There was no need to waste the prop on this type of easily guessed outcome. As for the little rabbit, even if the little rabbit died, he could still keep the little rabbit in the Goblin Ball.

As for Crow……After Crow repaid his favor, there would be no lingering bonds left between them. Crow’s future fate would therefore have nothing to do with him.

At present, no one seemed to require the use of the “Fate’s Calling Card.” However, He Ruge was afraid that he may have missed someone, and he used his fingers to count off the characters that have appeared in the game so far.

Yellow Ferret, Little White Tiger, Little Rabbit, Scorpion, Medicine-seeking Rat, Crow, Golden Python…



[Siren[1], come out for a second, I have something to tell you. 】(Please read the [Footnotes]!)

Opening the door to Room 214, Crow shouted to He Ruge.

He Ruge, who suddenly recalled his own character, was startled. Yes, he’d missed one character. That character was his game self ——


There were no restrictions for the Fate Card’s target. Since anyone could use it, then naturally “siren” could also use it

There was no fate more important than “siren’s”. This game had arranged a destined fate for each of the game’s characters, so what was “siren’s” fate?

He Ruge found it difficult to contain his excitement. Like researching who the “culprit of the crime” was [2], he typed “Siren” into the name column, and used his mouse to click confirm.

The dark violet Fate Card began to spin, and a mysterious and bright light enveloped the card.

[Identity]: Siren

[Fate]: A Koi’s fate, divine luck and profound fortune

Those who have this type of luck can change misfortune to good luck, find auspiciousness in times of distress, are blessed with long fortune, are sound and virtuous, have a good temperament, are dynamic and ambitious, can become famous when they seek fame, become wealthy when they seek wealth, and bring prosperity to their family.[3]

[Plotline]: What you have lost is unimportant, only what you gain is the future[4]

He Ruge: “???”

How did it become a pile of formal literary things? It was quite different from what he imagined it would be.

He Ruge exited the Fate Card’s interface and walked out of Room 214. The game character followed behind Crow.

Crow brought He Ruge over to the staff accommodations area with a solemn expression.



[I told you before that the door at the end of the corridor cannot be opened. Tonight, I will help you open that door. However, the world behind that door is very inscrutable. If you keep climbing upwards, it takes you to a place where you can see the stars. I can only give you half an hour. You must come back within half an hour. 】

[If you don’t make it back, then you can only stay there forever. 】

Xi Guican looked at the sallow golden python and then turned to look at the little rabbit who had a bulging stomach. He closed his eyes and took in the scent of death in the air.

After tonight, the golden python and the little rabbit might pass.

The death of the golden python was expected. His body had hosted three kinds of Zerg wing energies. The wings were the core of power for the Zerg. Before the transplant was fully integrated, [the wings] would show no mercy on the new host and would madly absorb the nutrients in the host’s body. Only after the transplant was fully integrated would [the wings] begin to worry about the new host’s health and restrain themselves.

With the energy of three different Zerg wings gathered together, they would compete fiercely, eating frantically so as to not allow themselves to get the least amount of nutrients.

Thus, the death of the golden python had already been set in stone early on.

A dead experimental subject was deemed worthless. However, a subject with a successful transplant, even if it was Crow with his inferior Zerg wings, had the fighting power comparable to the Federation’s intermediate level fighters.

An intermediate level fighter who could activate mecha and fight alone.

It takes the Federation more than ten years to train up an excellent intermediate fighter, during which significant funds and faculty must be invested.

However, the mass-produced, transplanted experimental subjects were different. They had low investment costs and a high return value. The biggest cost for these experiments was actually for the transportation of the raw materials because the Intergalactic Wars already provided almost everything that was needed ——

The corpses of the Zerg on the battlefield, and homeless orphans resulting from the Wars.

Zergs had high strength but low intelligence. Their Zerg wings could easily rip through hard mecha armor, and the wings were their core of strength. Even if 99 subjects perished in the “Death God’s Wings” experiment, as long as just one survived, this experiment could be considered to have earned everything back.

Because Zerg wings could be used multiple times

Because there was a steady stream of orphans

In times of war, human lives were always the least valuable. [5]

Little White Tiger was a bit tired, so he lay down on the cotton nest in the iron cage, quietly watching He Ruge.

The young man was squatting in front of Little Rabbit, frowning slightly in helplessness and wondering whether he should feed him a third bottle of nutrient solution.

“Can’t give him another. Drinking too much nutrient solution, he will die.” Xi Guican stopped him.

Higher level Zerg wings required too much nutrients, making their appetites a bottomless pit and instigating the host to frantically take in food. It was a hunger that engraved itself into the marrow and will continue to exist and torment the host until the Zerg wings became fully integrated.

Xi Guican was also hungry at this time. He had clearly consumed a bottle of nutrient solution, but his stomach was still hollow, as if he had been starved for three days and three nights. This hunger was like a blunt knife, slowly cutting away at the string of reason.


When he saw the person in front of him and saw those gentle and compassionate black eyes, the pervasive feeling of hunger suddenly disappeared.

Don’t worry, don’t feel sad.

Little White Tiger wanted to smooth out He Ruge’s tightly furrowed eyebrows.

“I’m fine.” I’m fine, so you don’t have to worry about me.

Ah, but what you are more worried about right now seems to be No.19’s Little Rabbit.

Little White Tiger said dryly: “Don’t worry too much, sometimes death is a release.”

The person in front of him was still unhappy.

Little White Tiger was irritated and blamed himself. He knew how to hurt others, but he didn’t know how to comfort a wounded person. Life had always taught him to hurt, to use violence to control violence rather than be gentle.

He is like an ant on a hot pot, anxious to run circles around the person in front of him. 

What does He Ruge like?

Little White Tiger thought hard.

——Seems to like me.

——Like my paws.

——Like my tail.

Little White Tiger took the initiative to place his tail into the hands of the person in front of him and asked with uncertainty: “If I let you touch my tail, will you be a little happier?”

The young man in front of him laughed, the smile blooming from the corners of his eyes.

Little White Tiger stared at the young man’s smiling eyes dazedly and couldn’t help hooking onto the man with his tail. It was as if he was simultaneously hooking onto a piece of happiness.

“You are mine.”

His hollowed soul seemed to have gained a sense of fulfillment.

A feeling of finally being satiated baptized his entire body and mind.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



[1]Siren, here, is representative of the medieval (and post-medieval) era usage of the word as related to mermaids. Originally, Sirens in mythology are half-bird creatures. I’m choosing to translate the word “鲛/Jiao” into “siren” instead of “merman/mermaid” because it reads better in the context. Just note that in this novel, “siren” is referencing Merfolk. Thanks!

[2] “Culprit of the Crime”: reference to something I haven’t figured out yet. Possibly a game or TV show

[3] The direct translation is: Those who have this kind of luck will turn bad luck to good times, meet fortune in distress, have long blessings, sound and virtuosity, have a good temper, dynamic but calm, can become famous when they seek fame, can be wealthy when they seek wealth, bring prosperity to family

[4] “Plotline”: There are many ways to translate this phrase. For now, I will leave it at “plotline”, but other possible translations are “dramatical saying”, “Joke”, “Fun fact”, “Play context”…

[5] spending lives in exchange for winning the war

TL Corner: AHHHH I love the comparison between XGC’s and HRG’s perspectives. Both used the hooking tail as a simile for their emotions and growing relationship. \(>///w///<)/

Don’t forget, though, that for HRG, this is still just a game, whereas for XGC this is a reliving of his traumas. Some were frustrated that HRG wasn’t doing anything to help and was just watching as the cubs were harmed. But, for HRG, this is just a RPG game on his phone. He isn’t really able to help more than he is doing right now.

Chapter 27 part 1 will also be up soon. A double release week! Also, I left Easter Eggs for the humans and bots stealing translations lol. If you can see them, plz don’t pilfer. Thanks!

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 2) – You are Mine

Part 2 is connected directly to Kraken’s original post. In case anyone needed a reacap, I included the post.

Original poster


Wuwuwuwu~ I’m so excited right now, I can’t help but want to upload a post to celebrate. Everyone should just treat my later words as a fart. 

You can call me Kraken/Octopus, taken literally. My speed is 10,000. This speed doesn’t represent that the limit of my typing is 10,000 words, but rather that my brain speed is 10,000 words. I’ve been writing for ten years now, from the beginning confusing bullshit to the now barely readable content.

Before I came into contact with online writing, I had always felt inferior because my outer appearance was not as good as that of my friends around me. Most of my friends had entered the entertainment industry, but my appearance was mediocre and my acting skills were poor. Practically forcing my way in, after the show was broadcasted, I was scolded bloody by the audience.

I can’t afford to eat this bowl of rice called the entertainment industry. The heavens don’t deliver rice. I thought this might be fate, so I left the circle tragically and was abandoned for a long, long time.

One day, I accidentally came into contact with online writing. At the time, I just found it interesting and started it on a whim. But, what I didn’t expect, was that it was the turning point of my life.

I gained the love of my first ever reader.

It was a pure like, nothing to do with how sexy one was, nothing to do with gaining benefits. This is what we monsters have been pursuing our entire lives, the most pure and clean power of faith.

I was stunned silly at the time. 

I am not afraid of becoming the butt of a joke. Although I am a Kraken monster, only four of my tentacles were capable of moving at the beginning, and the other four were always treated as decorations because of my insufficient energy. However, after getting that additional tiny amount of faith, my fifth tentacle actually showed a slight reaction.

I hugged my four chubby tentacles and cried, cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I have no talent, no acting skill, no writing skill, and no one hit wonder. I had written seven million words before unlocking my skills. What I am most thankful for is my racial talent which allows me to easily break through ten thousand characters per hour.

I’d been wandering the streets for eight years and changed countless vests. This year, I suddenly became popular! Now, even if I didn’t write everyday, there is still a steady flow of faith. It turns out that God really does reward hard work. That’s all, I’m really excited, I’m going to celebrate!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



I thought it was a sexy original poster who was writing.


You can be anything you want in a dream. Being a tentacle monster is quite good.


Inserting a level, 649/6000, does the original poster take shortcuts?


Hahaha is this post so stupid


Original poster, which TV series did you perform in, speak, let’s hear it


Unlike everyone who was laughing, He Ruge read the post carefully, and the hand that was pushing at his glasses frames almost failed to hold the frame steady.

I think I believe this post is actually true?

He Ruge thought of the mysterious red streaks that were appearing on his body. Those red streaks had already shattered his worldview into pieces, thus, He Ruge readily accepted the setting of “monsters” and “obtaining faith through writing”.

He included his Penguin username into the post, and left a message: “Floor Owner, I recently experienced mysterious red lines appearing on my thighs and ankles. These red lines can increase my luck. For example, when rolling game items, I can always draw rare props. Whenever it starts working, it will glow and heat up. I am confused about these red lines. Can I  add your Penguin to discuss it in detail?”

After He Ruge replied, he waited a little nervously. 

The original poster didn’t show up. He/she might really be partying it up one hundred thousand days in the wild. However, there were many sunflower seed eaters who replied to He Ruge’s posts, such as:

“Really surprising. Back then, didn’t you upload a post where you thought that the strange disease was a golden finger?! It’s already been so long, haven’t you taken any medicine?”

“Green posts[1] are green from beginning to end, admirable.”

“Hahahaha, this floor owner, are you trying to claim a koi spirit?”

Kiss Kiss, our suggestion here is to take medicine early. Posting Penguin accounts won’t make you better.”

He Ruge: “……”

I’m not sick, really not sick.

He Ruge, who was being ridiculed by the group, left the forums silently. He logged into the game after lunch and fed the game’s experimental subjects with nutrient solution.

Little White Tiger’s condition could be considered quite good, but Little Rabbit and Golden Python were both in very bad condition.

Golden python refused to eat.

Golden python

[For me, intaking food is a huge burden. If I don’t eat, perhaps I may even live a little longer.】

Golden python was feeble when speaking, and his breath was as weak as floating air. 

He Ruge suddenly remembered that when he was doing the side mission “The Mysterious Infirmary”, there was a blood-red colored 15-minute countdown timer floating on the screen.

When the side mission “Watch The Starry Skies Together” appeared, He Ruge was a slightly relieved that there was no specific time limit for that mission.

Now, he found himself wrong, ridiculously wrong.

The unknown was the most terrifying. Having a side mission without a definite deadline was like having the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. Perhaps, the sword could fall at any second and sever the last hope.

He Ruge used the [Universal Medicine Spray] to spray Golden Python’s wound again. He wanted to at least give the python a slightly better quality life before his death.

Golden python

[Thank you, but there’s no need to waste such precious medicine on the dying person, it’s not worth it.】

Opposite of the golden python who refused to eat, the little rabbit was actually overeating. He drank one bottle of nutrient solution and then glug glug glug drank a second. But, after downing two bottles of solution, he was still shouting in hunger.


[Hungry, hungry…… So hungry, I want more.】

He Ruge was a little hesitant. Inside the game, the little rabbit’s abdomen was bulging obviously. If he drank another bottle, He Ruge was worried that his little belly would explode.


[Can’t give him another. Drinking too much nutrient solution, he will die. 】

Little White Tiger stopped He Ruge.

Although the little rabbit was a small crying bag, he was still quite sensible. Little White Tiger and He Ruge didn’t let him drink more nutrient solution. So, instead of crying nonstop, he hugged his long rabbit ears and licked away at his own fur.

The little rabbit who had finished licking his fur looked dismally at his bulging belly, muttering that he was hungry.

Looking at the uncomfortable Little Rabbit, He Ruge suddenly understood what was meant by ‘when a child gets sick, the parents feel heartache’. He used a piece of fruit candy to temporarily coax Little Rabbit.

Why do you feel hungry? Is it a consequence of transplanting Zerg wings? But, why didn’t Little White Tiger exhibit these symptoms?

He Ruge was puzzled, and he clicked on Little White Tiger’s status.

[Like]: No. 20 likes you very much, Goodwill 82

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

A little monster.

Since the beginning, this game clearly stated that Little White Tiger was a little monster. But now, the second experiment had already passed, and He Ruge only found that the little white tiger was abnormally cute.[2]

There was also this goodwill/favorability level. It’s only the second experiment, but the favorability had actually reached 82. It’s strange. The main task required a high goodwill level of 90. There were only 8 points left from the required favorability rating. This is totally illogical.

Was it really this easy to brush up to 90 plus goodwill?

He Ruge faintly felt that this game was hiding some big plan.

It had been a long time since he’d had a conversation with Little White Tiger, so he used his mouse to click on the intimate interactions option, [Talk].


[Roar, Roar “I’m fine”]

[Hou “Don’t worry too much, sometimes death is a release”]

[No. 20 wants to comfort you, but he is not that good at comforting people]

[No. 20 is upset at his own clumsy attempt at comforting]

Little White Tiger’s blue eyes dimmed. His tail circled around his four paws as he stared at his paws in silence.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Green posts: scamming posts will try to cheat you from start to end.

[2] “Strangely cute”: In Chinese, ‘monster’ is directly translated as ‘strange creature’ or ‘abnormal creature’. Thus, HRG says he doesn’t think Little White Tiger is an abnormal creature, but rather is abnormally cute

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 1) – You are Mine

Thank you all for waiting! I hurt my wrist and had to take a few days break until it healed, and then…. I translated the WRONG CHAPTER, which is why this took a bit longer. Oops. On the bright side, Chapter 27 is already translated and I can probably do a double release in a week. 😀

If you can, please do support the author on JJWXC! This is the 2nd VIP chapter (also very lengthy). Enjoy!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Crow was able to calm down from his madness, and he stared forward blankly, his pupils out of focus.


[……I remember now, I am Wu Yunlan. 】

A trail of tears fell down and wet Crow’s black feathers.


[Thank you for awakening me. In return, I can do one thing for you that is within my ability.】

[You have awakened Wu Yunlan’s memory and received the reward “Crow’s Repayment]

[Name]: Crow’s Repayment

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: Kill a person, open a door…… There are many things that Crow can do.

Usage Instructions: Type your wish in the dialog box

Limitations: The human heart is incapable of swallowing an elephant [1], you can only mention a wish that is within the range of Crow’s ability.』

 A dialog box emerged.

He Ruge had initially looked for Crow only hoping to get his permission to open the door, but now that this great opportunity had landed in front of him, it would be too wasteful for him to make such a simple request.

Gotta learn more about the god of side missions!

Worried that the game’s intelligence was not too high and could not understand complex content, He Ruge tried to express his wish as concisely as possible. After typing the wish in the dialog box, he used the mouse to click confirm.


[I wish to take No. 19, No. 20th, and Golden Python to go see the stars.]

Crow seemed to have heard something absolutely incredible, and he rattled his head, looking at He Ruge in surprise.


【……As you wish. 】

Once He Ruge received Crow’s promise, he let out a long sigh of relief. 

Then, he took a look at the time and found that he had been immersed in gaming for more than an hour already, almost exceeding his daily allocated game time.

Good times are always short lived…


He Ruge quit the game and locked himself in the writing software’s little black room, securing two thousand words before coming out of the room. He Ruge then opened up the writer’s forum to browse casually and saw that a mysterious post was floating about in the forum homepage.


Original poster


Wuwuwuwu~ I’m so excited right now, I can’t help but want to upload a post to celebrate. Everyone should just treat my later words as a fart. 

You can call me Kraken/Octopus, taken literally. My speed is 10,000. This speed doesn’t represent that the limit of my typing is 10,000 words, but rather that my brain speed is 10,000 words. I’ve been writing for ten years now, from the beginning confusing bullshit to the now barely readable content.

Before I came into contact with online writing, I had always felt inferior because my outer appearance was not as good as that of my friends around me. Most of my friends had entered the entertainment industry, but my appearance was mediocre and my acting skills were poor. Practically forcing my way in, after the show was broadcasted, I was scolded bloody by the audience.

I can’t afford to eat this bowl of rice called the entertainment industry. The heavens don’t deliver rice[2]. I thought this might be fate, so I left the circle tragically and was abandoned for a long, long time.

One day, I accidentally came into contact with online writing. At the time, I just found it interesting and started it on a whim. But, what I didn’t expect, was that it was the turning point of my life.

I gained the love of my first ever reader.

It was a pure like, nothing to do with how sexy one was, nothing to do with gaining benefits. This is what we monsters have been pursuing our entire lives, the most pure and clean power of faith.

I was stunned silly at the time. 

I am not afraid of becoming the butt of a joke. Although I am a Kraken monster, only four of my tentacles were capable of moving at the beginning, and the other four were always treated as decorations because of my insufficient energy. However, after getting that additional tiny amount of faith, my fifth tentacle actually showed a slight reaction.

I hugged my four chubby tentacles and cried, cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I have no talent, no acting skill, no writing skill, and no one hit wonder. I had written seven million words before unlocking my skills. What I am most thankful for is my racial talent which allows me to easily break through ten thousand characters per hour.

I’d been wandering the streets for eight years and changed countless vests[3]. This year, I suddenly became popular! Now, even if I didn’t write everyday, there is still a steady flow of faith. It turns out that God really does reward hard work. That’s all, I’m really excited, I’m going to celebrate!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]“The human heart is incapable of swallowing an elephant”: There is only so much within a person’s capability, don’t be greedy

[2] If you don’t do anything, you cannot earn money to live

[3] Vests: symbolism for changing many paths in life.

A new character has appeared! Kraken/Octopus can also be translated as “tentacle monster”. I decided to stick with “kraken” to avoid potential misunderstandings (థ u థ) in the future.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 5) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Trigger warning: Feelings of anxiety and helplessness (spread throughout passage).  

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

He Ruge manipulated the game character to walk towards the stairs, but the stairs leading to the Basement Level 1 were blocked by a door. He could only leave if he earned enough authority, and He Ruge currently had insufficient authority.

Most of the doorways in Starry Sea Orphanage had specific restrictions. At the beginning, it was Crow who brought He Ruge from the second floor to Basement Level 2. It was also Crow who led He Ruge to Basement Level 3 to take Little White Tiger and the others in for the transplantation process.

Thus, Crow must have permission to get from Basement Level 3 to Basement Level 2.

He Ruge had a bold idea. He wanted to overthrow Crow. This game had specially arranged the staff dormitory in such a way that increased the time he spent with Crow, and also allowed him to discover the memories that even Crow himself had forgotten.

No game would design heavy but meaningless characters and maps, and so Crow, this NPC, must be very important and may even be the key to completing the game.

He Ruge understood this and immediately went to the staff accommodations area to find Crow.

When he opened the door of the staff dorm, upon first glance, he didn’t see Crow, but rather the work clothes spread out on Crow’s bed. When He Ruge took a closer look, he noticed that there was another indistinct bulge by the work clothes.


With the experience accumulated from dealing with the medicine-seeking rat, He Ruge became keenly aware of the abnormality, so he used his mouse to click the small bulge.


[Caw “What’s wrong?“】

A small ink colored head popped out from under the white work clothes. It was a crow’s sleek body, but the wings were not that of a bird’s.

He Ruge had seen similar wings many times today. The surface of the wings was a dark color. Zerg wings densely packed with short fur spikes. This was actually an enlarged version of the Zerg wings seen on Golden Python’s back.

[You woke Crow up, wanting to talk to him about something, your choices are:

A. Directly ask how to go upstairs

B. Tell him about Wu Yunlan’s story]

So, it was like this.

He Ruge decisively chose B. Wu Yunlan’s story was exchanged with a rare prop; it was time to realize the value of that rare item!


[There was once an experimental subject who participated in “Death God’s Wings”……]

[He was firmly dedicated to the belief that he would one day eliminate all of those people. 】

[However, it was a pity that he had now forgotten everything. Becoming a ghost who lures others in to share the same fate is sad, but what is even more tragic is if that ghost had forgotten everything, all of his torment and abuse, and instead lives like a walking dead. 】[1]

[Do you remember who this experimental subject is, Wu Yunlan? 】

When the name Wu Yunlan appeared, the originally inattentive Crow was suddenly struck by thunder, shocking him as if he’d been hit with a bucket of water. Crow froze on the spot, then he opened his mouth and screamed in pain.

A crow’s cry was already normally unpleasant, like the sound of gravel being stuck in one’s throat, tearing at the vocal cords to make a long, stern cry. He curled up in agony as his head felt like it was bursting, and he couldn’t help but slam his head into the bed to try and relieve the pain.

One knock, followed by a second knock, as the bird’s beak also rattled the bed board during the slamming and made knocking sounds. Hearing this, He Ruge’s heart pounded. He was worried that Crow would knock himself stupid, but also afraid that Crow’s beak would peck a hole into the headboard.


Wu Yunlan is a crow, a small crow from the Seventeenth Star. The Seventeenth Star is the poorest and most backward planet within the Intergalactic Federation, and the people from the Seventeenth Star were always looked down upon by the other planets.

Barbaric. Violent. Poor.

In Intergalactic year 218, the Zerg invaded the Federation, and the first planet targeted was the Seventeenth Star. The barbaric and violent Seventeenth Star sacrificed more than 70% of its young and middle-aged population in order to survive until the Federation came to the rescue.

That year, countless Seventeenth Star cubs lost their parents.

Wu Yunlan is such a little crow without parents. His father was a crow (Wu Ya), and his mother was a skylark (Yun Que). His parents had told him that they existed within Wu Yunlan’s name.

As long as someone called Little Crow’s name, the first word is “Wu”, that was Dad, the second word is “Yun”, that was Mother, and the third word is “Lan”, that was himself .

That year, Little Crow had no parents, no home, and no belongings. With nothing left, the most important thing to him was his name. The only thing that could accompany him for his entire life, except for his shadow, is his own name.

Little Crow and the other cubs without parents were taken to a large orphanage. That orphanage had a very nice sounding name called “Starry Sea Orphanage”.

But, the people in this orphanage were very strange. They would put a metal helmet on Little Crow, and his head would hurt terribly while wearing it. The little crow missed his parents so much. He wanted to go home. He didn’t want to stay in this orphanage anymore.

When Wu Yunlan was a child, his parents had him cultivate the good habit of keeping a diary and being studious. They hoped Little Crow could attend the best college in the Federation when he grew up.

So, the little crow would usually use his claws to write on the iron cage, though they were all broken sentences.

Little crow grew to hate the people in Starry Sea Orphanage more and more. This was especially so when his wings were cut off and replaced with Zerg wings. 

Little Crow had cried grievously. He viciously hated Starry Sea Orphanage. Once upon a time, Little Crow’s wish was to be admitted into the University of the Federation, but now his wish has to commit murder.

——I will definitely kill them all.

Little crow thought this firmly.

The transplant operation was highly successful, and the little crow gained the mysterious power. He became stronger and stronger, which made the little crow more confident in pursuing the fulfillment of his wishes.

That was until he overheard those people’s conversations. “Brainwashing”, “the next experiment”……

The strengthened Wu Yunlan used all of his strength to carve like crazy the most important thing in his life into the cage, his name.

His closest relatives were no longer with him, and the only thing left that could accompany him for life, except for his shadow, was his name. He didn’t know how terrible brainwashing would be, nor whether the memories in his brain could really be washed away.

But, there are certain things that are so important that he absolutely wouldn’t give up while he lived. For example, the name “Wu Yunlan” that had been carved into his soul. 

The first word was father, the second word was mother, and the third was himself.

As long as someone called his name, as long as he saw his own name, he would surely recall everything.

An ethereal and gentle voice passed through his blank memories and echoed throughout his empty mind——

“Do you remember who this experimental subject is, Wu Yunlan?”

Wu is father.

Yun is mother.

Lan, is……

A strong sense of vertigo swept through his mind, accompanied by a loud explosion. The pain he felt was was like being bombarded with the shrapnels of thousands of exploding energy bombs, blasting apart the whitewashed, false world into pieces——

He remembered. Wu is his father, Yun is his mother, and Lan is him.

He is Wu Yunlan.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]为虎作伥: Idiom: being a ghost who feeds the tiger. This idiom originates from a story that people who were eaten by tigers become ghosts who lead others in to feed the tiger. It holds the same connotation as “misery loves company” and “becoming an accomplice to the aggressor (psychology: Identification with the aggressor)”

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 4) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The Goblin Ball can only be used on deceased cubs, and the golden python was very clearly not a cub. So, from the beginning, the possibility of using the Goblin Ball was already decided by default.

The character in the game simmered in the same silence as the He Ruge in front of the screen. No one spoke. Within the silence, only Golden Python’s occasional sigh-like hisses could be heard.


[You can become a star. 】

The sound of Little White Tiger’s voice suddenly broke the silence.


[After an individual dies, their soul becomes a star in the sky. 】

Golden python

【…… is that so】

Little White Tiger affirmed this idea firmly. His attitude was so decisive that even He Ruge, who was in front of the screen, suspected that “becoming a star after death” was part of the settings programmed into the game.

Hearing those words, Little Rabbit also raised his spirits. He looked at Little White Tiger with eyes full of hope; his careful attitude made it seem as if he was afraid of puncturing through a beautiful dream.



[I miss my parents, are they also in the sky? 】

Little White Tiger turned his head and looked quietly at the little rabbit. Just like when he replied to the question “Will is really not hurt”, he slowly and unwaveringly spat out his answer. 


【Are. 】

The little rabbit was very ecstatic to get an affirmative answer, and he extended an invitation to the Golden Python.


[When we all become stars, I will take you to the sky to see my parents, okay? 】

Golden python

【……Okay. 】


[I really want to see the stars right now. 】

[No.19, No.20, and Golden Python all yearn for the starry skies. As a bystander, you are very moved, but you know it is impossible to see the starry skies in Basement floor three of the Starry Sea Orphanage. Your choices are:

A. Verbal comfort

B. Take action. Strive to help them realize their wish]

Only then did He Ruge discover that the little white tiger in the game also wanted to see the starry skies, but Little White Tiger didn’t say anything.

Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger had two completely different personalities. Little Rabbit had all of his emotions written on his face, and could straightforwardly indicate what he liked, even acting coquettishly to beg for it.

Little White Tiger was very different. What he hated, he would show it straightforwardly; if he held a grudge, he would dole out vengeance on the spot. However, what he liked would forever be muffled within his heart. If it weren’t for the game’s narration, He Ruge wouldn’t even have known that Little White Tiger yearned to see the stars.

Likewise, if it weren’t for the 80-plus goodwill rating, He Ruge couldn’t even be sure that Little White Tiger liked him.

He Ruge looked at the stiff lil’ gourd that was the Little White Tiger and his gaze suddenly softened as he used the mouse to click on B without hesitation.

His Little White Tiger rarely liked something. Thus, no matter how difficult the process, he wanted to realize the little white tiger’s wish. He could even buy one get three free[1], helping fulfill the wishes of the two other cuties, too. 

[“Watch The Starry Skies Together” side mission has been initiated. It is required to bring No.19 and No.20 to see the starry skies together with the golden python. The golden python doesn’t have much time left. If the Player does not complete the task before the golden pythons passes, this task will automatically close! 】

[Operation tips: press “↑” “↓” “←” “→←” keys to move the game characters, press the spacebar to use Secret Observation]

[This game does not provide a map, may the player please find the route by themself]

A new side mission was unlocked.

He Ruge suddenly realized a big problem. The key to this side mission was not only to find a place where they could see stars, but also bring the little white tiger, little rabbit and golden python along.

If it was just the little white tiger and the little rabbit, it would still be alright. However, the golden python was so huge, could He Ruge possibly wrap the golden python around his waist, and majestically run out to go see the starry skies?

He felt himself balding[2].

Why does he even have to lose hair while playing a game? He picked up this game because of writer’s block. But, he didn’t expect this game to continuously make him feel distressed and balding.

He Ruge touched his own lush black hair and pushed at his glasses frame sadly. His eyes fell on the fluffy Little White Tiger——

Very well, decided on you!

Touching[3] Lil’ Tiger briefly gives a brief moment of satisfaction. Touching lil’ Tigers forever gives satisfaction forever. With wings, another option was added to touching the lil’ Tiger: [Touch Wings].

He Ruge first clicked on [Touch Head] and made Little White Tiger’s fur-style all messed up. Little White Tiger stared at He Ruge blankly. Although he looked a bit upset, he still indulged and nudged He Ruge.

This silently tolerant attitude made He Ruge want to sing “Grateful Heart”[4]. Before, he who had been scratched by Little White Tiger hadn’t thought that one day Little White Tiger would willingly put away his claws for him.

The day when he could unlock the three options [Poke Butt], [Play with Tail], [Breath on Belly] would be wonderful.

After He Ruge finished touching his head, he clicked on the newly-appeared option [Touch Wings].

His fingertips fell on the transparent wing surface, tracing gently along the veins. Little White Tiger suddenly shook his wings, avoiding He Ruge’s hand like the time He Ruge touched his ears.


[Roar~ “Don’t touch, itchy”]

Little White Tiger took a few steps backwards. He wanted to see where his wings were touched, but no matter how his little head turned, he couldn’t turn it 180 degrees and could only see part of the Zerg wings.

No feathers.

Not soft nor warm.

Such Zerg wings……where was it worthy of being liked by others?

Blue eyes blinking slightly in confusion, Little White Tiger’s actions carried a sense of caution even he wasn’t aware of as his eyes flickered around, not daring to look directly at He Ruge.


[Don’t you think…… it’s deformed]

Deformed? Where was it deformed? This pair of silver wings was clearly so beautiful, as beautiful as a work of art!

He Ruge shook his head subconsciously.



[No. 20 finds it a little difficult to believe what he heard]


If this wasn’t a game, He Ruge would have even liked to hug and kiss the cute Little White Tiger, and then praise the Little White Tiger ten times: “You are so super duper cute”.



[No. 20 is slightly happy]

Little White Tiger crawled over and placed the tip of his wing onto He Ruge’s hand.


[Roar ~ “Then, touch”]

[But only touch the tip of the wings]

He Ruge was menged by Little White Tiger until his HP bar was emptied. He was so moved as he pinched the tip of the wing. In fact, what he wanted to pinch most in his heart was Little White Tiger’s small butt.


[Chirp~ “I can also let you touch my wings”]

[Not only the tip of the wings, but the entire wing can be touched at will!

The little rabbit was enthusiastic and generous. Not only did he say this, but he also tried hard to put it into action. He stuffed his wings out from between two iron bars and looked at He Ruge with shiny eyes.

He Ruge hadn’t even had time to feel moved yet before Little White Tiger retracted his own wing tip and stared at He Ruge stingily. Then he turned and roared at the little rabbit fiercely.

Little Rabbit quickly shrank into a ball and pretended nothing happened.

Only He Ruge was left at a loss.

What happened, why did he feel the same sense of embarrassment as being caught eating and running?

He Ruge slightly pushed at his glasses frame helplessly. Why hadn’t he discovered before that Little White Tiger was a small jar of vinegar that would turn over at the slightest touch.

The feeding task had been completed, but the daily task of checking up on the conditions of the subjects in the other rooms had yet to be done. He Ruge left room 214 and opened the other rooms one by one. There was a total of forty rooms on both sides of the corridor, and each room had two to three experimental subjects.

He Ruge noticed that most of the other subjects’ wings were ugly black Zerg wings, like those of golden python’s. A small number of wings on the subjects were gray or brown.

Beautiful Zerg wings like those on Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit, He Ruge had yet to see any.

There were three subjects that had died. After He Ruge brought those iron cages to the main lobby, he explored the routes on Basement Level 2. The corridor by the right-side exit of the lobby was the corridor where Room 214 was located. The exit on the left-side of the lobby was locked.

The doors leading to Basement Level 1 and Basement Level 3 were also tightly blocked.

This was equivalent to saying that He Ruge was thoroughly trapped on the second floor. In terms of his range of activity, there were only the 40 closed experimental subjects’ rooms, staff accommodations area and the lobby 

There was no window in the corridors of Basement Level 2. Even if there was a window, you wouldn’t be able to see the starry skies if you opened it since these rooms were built underground.

What should he do to complete the side mission? Not to mention how he’d take the golden python out, finding a place to look at the stars was already a big problem.

To see the starry skies, he must at least leave Basement Level 2 and head to Level A. 

He needed to go upstairs.


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Buy one get three free: raise one, earn three

[2] Balding: from stress. Well, at least then both HRG and XGC can be bald together ^u^. Don’t worry, little pigeon.

[3] “Touching”, original “sucking on” For anyone who’s head is in the gutters~ sucking on the lil’ white tiger means something like smashing your face into a pet’s fur and rubbing your face on it. Basically, it’s equivalent to “taking advantage of”

[4] Grateful heart:《感恩的心》Search it up if you want to listen to the song

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 3) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Again. Buggos OTL
Trigger warnings: Vermiphobia and Septophobia (I will include a warning at the beginning and end of each potential trigger.) (2 warning sections)

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

He Ruge took Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit back to Room 214. When he opened the door, he saw the golden python that had shrunk itself into the corner of the large iron cage.

Golden Python’s condition today was more than twice as bad as yesterday. Its wounds had extensively rotted, and all of the scales on its body had become even duller.

He Ruge still remembered that the little rabbit was very terrified of this golden python, so he specially moved the little rabbit’s cage to the position farthest from the large iron cage.

【Daily Task: Feed the experimental subjects (0/3)]

The previous feeding bottle was replaced with a nutrient solution held in a glass bottle, similar to a test tube with a transparent liquid inside.

He Ruge was able to get the keys to the iron cages. Since the “Wings of Death” project didn’t prohibit physical contact with the experimental subjects, He Ruge opened the iron cages with the keys.

However, though the locked door of Little White Tiger’s iron cage opened, Little White Tiger didn’t make any movements. Perhaps because the Zerg wings made it difficult for the little white tiger to move, he just lay quietly in his cage.

Many option boxes popped up next to Little White Tiger’s body, and He Ruge realized that he hadn’t checked Little White Tiger’s status for a long time. Thus, he clicked on [Status].

[Like]: No. 20 likes you, Goodwill 80

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

It was unknown when the goodwill level had secretly increased. Even the balance of little hearts which had been wiped clean before had now become Little Hearts x 7

It was 10 points away from the 90-points Goodwill level required by the main mission. Yet, the six experiments weren’t over yet.


However, an increase in the game’s goodwill isn’t a bad thing. It was this [Unawakened] state that truly puzzled He Ruge. He Ruge had previously thought that once he obtained the Zerg Wings, the status would change to [Awakened].

Little monster, Little monster. Already been fitted with Zerg wings, isn’t that monstrous enough? Does this ‘little monster’ have some sort of special meaning?

Although he had many doubts, the purpose of playing this game was to happily raise cubs. Thus, He Ruge didn’t think too much about anything else

He clicked on [Feed] with his mouse.

The nutrient solution was delivered to the corner of Little White Tiger’s mouth. Little White Tiger’s old problem of eating as if he were fighting a war each time remained the same, like he was afraid that someone would snatch it away from him. .

A few drops of nutrient solution hung on the corners of his mouth.

 Seeing Little White Tiger drinking the nutrient solution with vigor, He Ruge was able to put down his heart a bit. Little White Tiger’s previous appearance of a lowered head and drooping ears almost made He Ruge think there was something wrong with Little White Tiger’s body.

However, since the problem on Little White Tiger’s side was resolved, Little Rabbit, who had curled up into a silent ball, became the most troublesome issue at present.

He Ruge opened the little rabbit’s iron cage, and the little rabbit opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing He Ruge, tears slowly emerged in his reddened eyes.


【Feels…… uncomfortable……】

He Ruge tried clicking on the little rabbit. Inside the game, he reached in and lifted the little rabbit out of the cage.


【Hurts so much……】

A teardrop slid down his face, and the little rabbit hugged He Ruge’s hand helplessly, wetting the back of He Ruge’s with tears.

Damn, what can he do?

 A deep sense of powerlessness struck his heart again as He Ruge could only watch as the little rabbit cried. Little Rabbit didn’t have much strength, and after crying for a while, he became tired, only able to pitifully say he was hungry.

But after He Ruge fed the nutrient solution to the little rabbit, the little rabbit didn’t become happy.


[Chirp “……no taste”]

[No. 19 smacks his lips sadly]

[Wants to eat candy]

He Ruge solemnly consumed one little heart, and in front of Little White Tiger’s face, stuffed a lemon-flavored fruit candy into Little Rabbit’s mouth.

Once he ate the sweet, the little rabbit’s emotion stabilized somewhat. Because he was afraid of putting pressure onto the transplanted wings, Little Rabbit laid faced down and pressed his body onto the iron cage bottom, as if he would kick the bucket at any time.

Perhaps the hard bottom of the iron cage was too uncomfortable, the little rabbit got up again and pulled the small cotton nest over from the corner of the cage, planting himself into it.

Seeing Little Rabbi’s bustling movements, He Ruge breathed a sigh of relief. He went over to the Golden Python and clicked to [feed] it. The golden python was truly too big and its size was terrifying. He Ruge didn’t dare open the iron cage at all. The ‘him’ in the game passed the nutrient solution through the gap of the iron bars, pouring it in and then quickly retracting his hand.

Hearing the movement of the nutrient solution drips, the golden python moved towards it slowly, his actions as if waking up from a long hibernation. He bit the lid off the nutrient solution box with his mouth and ate it slowly.

—- Trigger Warning: Vermiphobia and Septophobia 

Because the golden python had moved closer, He Ruge could now clearly see the rotting flesh wounds on his body that were twisting with maggots.

The impact of this scene was too great, shocking He Ru Ge as goosebumps rose on his back.

—- Trigger Warning End

After the horror passed, there was a hint of pity in his heart looking at the slow-moving Golden Python. Although the golden python looked terrifying, it was still also a victim of these experiments. In essence, it was no different from Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit.

He clicked on the [universal medical spray] in his backpack, and carrying the mentality of ‘let’s just try it’, he clicked on the golden python’s wound through the cage.

The spray enveloped the wound, but the golden python was extremely frightened by this sudden spray mist. He lifted up half of his body in an instant and suddenly opened his mouth. The corners of his jaws were stretched and slightly torn, dense fangs popped out from his pale gold mouth and saliva dripped from the fangs.

Golden Python

HISS——”Roll! I will eat you!“】

He Ruge was taken aback by the golden python’s sudden change.

Little White Tiger stood up immediately upon hearing Golden Python’s words. The heavy Zerg wings made him unsteady on his feet, and he trembled slightly. However, Little White Tiger’s roaring momentum did not lose at all. He also opened his mouth wide, revealing his young tiger teeth.


Roar–! ! ! “You Idiot, this is medicine!”】

It was the scene of a tiger and a snake confronting each other. Even though the little white tiger was not even one-tenth the size of the golden python, he didn’t lose out in terms of presence.

The little rabbit lying in the iron cage trembled and wanted to stand up, but the Zerg wings were too heavy, and he didn’t have the strength to stand and curse like Little White Tiger did.

Little Rabbit was slumped on the ground, but he raised his head with difficulty and looked at the angry golden python in fear. 

His red eyes were tearing up as he followed with a chirp.


[Chirp——”Id…, idiot, this is medicine”]

The medicine began to take effect, and the maggots on the golden python’s wound pachi pachi fell to the ground one by one, and the original horrific wound condition became slightly relieved.

Evidence spoke louder than words, and the golden python’s momentum plummeted.  The outburst just then seemed to have exhausted his last bit of energy, and the golden python collapsed to the ground.

Golden Python

[……Apologies. It was I who misunderstood you]

—- Trigger Warning: Vermiphobia and Septophobia 

The snake’s reddish-brown eyes were cloudy and dim.

Golden Python

[The effect of this medicine is quite good. I can feel all the parasites on my body have stopped. In addition to the visible parasites, there were still many small parasites moving under my skin. I haven’t been this comfortable in a long time. 】

[It’s just, this medicine was wasted on me. I’m dying. The little parasites in my body also knew I am close to death, and they worked desperately to make me bite open my skin. 】

—- Trigger Warning End

[Thank you, you are a good person. 】

[I didn’t expect to meet a good person before I died. Perhaps one always likes to nag before they die. I haven’t spoken to another for a long time, and I suddenly have a lot to say. 】

[I…… am called Xi Xing. 】


[I thought I could live on – Live to one day leave this cursed place and fly free using those transplanted Zerg Wings……]

[……Fly high and far into the sky and become a star.]

At this moment, those muddled pupils suddenly burst out with an extreme brilliance. It was a brilliance equivalent to the light of the stars. 

The brilliance was only for an instance. After the golden python finished speaking, he collapsed. Only the occasional hissing sounds proved that he was still alive.

He Ruge’s chest was so tight that he felt he was suffocating. He opened his thermos and took a sip of the Gojiberry rock sugar water. The heat that rose up blurred his glasses lenses.

Why was this game so cruel. Giving Crow an abusive background, and still arranging another for the Golden Python. Doesn’t the game developers’ conscience hurt?!

He Ruge thought back to the goblin ball in his backpack.

There was only one goblin ball. If he gave it to the golden python, then he couldn’t give it to Little Rabbit. If he had to choose one, He Ruge would still choose Little Rabbit.

Recalling that his two lucky chances for the day haven’t been used yet, He Ruge retrieved the pink Gacha egg from the backpack and clicked to open the Gacha.

The red streaks on his legs glowed and burned, and two rare items were drawn out in succession.

[Name]: Fate’s Calling Card

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: The desires of your soul is the prophet of your destiny

[“Limitations: Although it can only be used once, the predicted destiny can be changed.”]

[Name]: Invisible wings

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: I have a pair of invisible wings, which can fly me through despair

[Limitations: the weight carried by the wings cannot exceed four hundred jin”]

Both were rare props, but neither were the goblin ball that He Ruge wanted the most.

He Ruge opened his backpack sadly and clicked on [Goblin Ball].

[Note: Little goblin, This game believes that, after death, the cubs are not lonely ghosts, they are actually cute little goblins]


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


Chap 16 goblin ball

Fate’s Calling Card/Destiny Card: recall that XGC got one in chap 10

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 2) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Trigger warnings: depictions of blood, self-harm, and surgical procedures

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

When the Zerg Wings were truly unrooted from his body, Xi Guican’s face showed no significant expression. He blankly held the Zerg wings that he’d broken with his own hands, looking at the mirror in a daze. Hazily, Xi Guican seemed to see a hedgehog who’d had all of it’s spines broken off.

“Although No. 20’s mental state during the Ice Project was not as stable as No.19’s, the development rate of his spiritual consciousness is the highest……” 

The sound of discussion pulled Xi Guican out from his memories and back into reality.

The Little White Tiger who was pulled out of his daydreaming state blinked a few times before making eye contact with the tearful little rabbit inside the cage.

“I’m so scared,” Little Rabbit choked up.

Even if he didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next, the innate instincts of small animals made the little rabbit sense danger.

There was indeed incoming danger. 


Xi Guican overheard that those people were planning to transplant the highest quality Zerg wings onto him and the little rabbit. The higher the level of Zerg Wings, the greater the risk of a rejection reaction. Even if one were to survive the rejection reaction, there would also be the possibility of sudden death in the process of providing nutrients.

“Don’t cry, it won’t hurt,” Xi Guican said to Little Rabbit. The weeping little rabbit’s tears paused briefly and he looked at Xi Guican somewhat naively, “Really?”

Little White Tiger nodded.

Perhaps the only kindness offered by this experiment was that anesthetics were used before the operation. The use of anesthetics on experimental subjects was proposed by the medicine-seeking rat, Mao Zhengyong, from the medical office.

Although the medicine-seeking rat was usually cold-blooded and prioritized utilitarian ideals, for things that wouldn’t affect the outcome of an experiment, he still retained a sense of humanity.

Probably because his conscience hadn’t been completely wiped out, he’d deceived himself into thinking he’d done “good things” in order to achieve a sense of self-comforting.

Mask-wearing staff members separated the little rabbit from the little white tiger and fixed them both onto operating tables. Before the operation began, they were injected with anesthesia.

Although the pain was gone, Xi Guican could still feel the cold knife tip slicing into his back and twisting in his shoulder blades, making it seem like the cold Zerg wings that he had thrown away by his own hands had come back.

The flying organs he had despised yet also attached to.

It was a deformed and bizarre existence that took root on his body. The young No. 20 at the time didn’t know what significance the Zerg wings held. The little one had turned his head to glance at those silver wings, even thinking that those two Zerg wings looked pretty good.

If he snuck into an area that was well lit, regardless if it was from natural or artificial lighting, as long as he was underneath a source of light, those Zerg Wings would give off a faint glowing shimmer, and the thin wings would turn as clear as glass.

No. 20 had always liked shiny and crystal clear things since he was young.

Before his death, Golden Python had told the young No. 20 that if he had wings, he could fly out of this cursed place.

Therefore, No.20 always really cherished his little wings. He wished his little wings would quickly grow bigger and bigger, so big that even the entire Starry Sea Orphanage couldn’t fit it. Such that if he flapped his wings, he would be able to set off a hurricane and blow away all the bad guys.

When did he begin hating Zerg wings?

His pupils shrink slightly.

Those memories that he didn’t want to recall…… it’s best to not think about them again.

After the transplantation procedure was over, the little white tiger and the little rabbit now fitted with wings were replaced into their cages. The Little Rabbit was so uncomfortable that he didn’t even have the strength to cry.

Surviving the rejection reaction relied on oneself to conquer. Zerg wings are a very special existence, and all drugs were ineffective against it. Starry Sea Orphanage used the results of countless dead experimental subjects to come to the conclusion that Zerg wings are related to the Spiritual Consciousness Sea.

The more advanced one’s spiritual consciousness was, the stronger their ability to withstand the rejection reaction of the transplanted Zerg wings.

There’s a huge difference between the spiritual consciousness of Zergs and those of Interstellars. The Zerg had low intelligence, and the basic instinct of most Zergs was to kill. Only a few high-level Zergs could attain the level of an ordinary Interstellar.

The only Zerg with a high IQ is the Zerg Queen.

A race based on killing, their spiritual consciousness is full of violent and negative energy. Due to this fact, in addition to developing one’s spiritual consciousness sea, the Ice Project also aimed to make normal spiritual consciousnesses gain a similar negative energy.

At the beginning, Xi Guican was regarded as the most successful sample of the Ice Project, and motivated the perverted scientists of Starry Sea Orphanage to vigorously promote the Ice Project. Unexpectedly, after more than 50 consecutive Ice Projects, more than 1,000 subjects died and none survived.

Because the death rate was too high, the effort and investment were not proportional. Thus, the Ice Project was finally suspended, and No.20 became the sole successful product that couldn’t be replicated.

Little White Tiger recalled the past coldly, his gloom and disgust almost overwhelmed himself until his cage was passed over to He Ruge’s hands.

As long as he raised his head, he would crash into those gentle, black eyes.

    ——It turns out that you were waiting for me.

    ——I’m back.


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