What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 34 – Super Fierce Crybaby

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Xi Guican was imprisoned inside the icy cold machine, and a piercing white light shot into his eyes. In the brief moment before he lost consciousness, waves of spiritual energy poured into his spiritual sea of consciousness. 

This was…… 

The real brainwashing procedure! 

Because of this terrible realization, Xi Guican felt his whole body turn cold. He desperately and recklessly tried to break free, but the previous automatic ‘quit game’ function that worked with just a thought was now completely unresponsive.

A robotic voice then extinguished Xi Guican’s last hope. 


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[Di–intense mood swings from the player has been detected

[Warm reminder, this game will not conduct any actions that will harm the player. Everything is done based upon your illness and in consideration of you. Wishing you happy gaming and good health! 】

 A whirlpool silently appeared above his spiritual sea, and it continuously emitted spiritual waves. 

A spiritual pulse that overturned oceans and lands rose up from his bone marrow, overlaying his white bones with a coat of fake flesh, and building layers upon layers of phantom images within his desolate spiritual sea.[1]

This was a terrifying brainwashing experiment that could even tamper with the depths of the soul.

Almost no one was immune from this brainwashing experiment, except Xi Guican. 

Because his body actually contained two souls. 

The memories belonging to Xi Guican began to blur and were wrapped up in layers of silk-like spiritual waves.With all the memories covered in a thick gauze, his world looked like it was painted with a heavy snowfall. The sky above, the Earth below, and encompassed in all four directions by snow-white surroundings, all was wrapped together in a silver lining as pale as a piece of white paper, willing others to blemish it.[2]

Just as everything was about to be rewritten, a small hole suddenly appeared amidst the thick snow. A little white tiger with red eyes popped his head out of the snow. He seemed to have just been awakened from a deep sleep, muddled and unaware of the situation.

A fine piece of snow drifted onto the tip of his nose, and the red-eyed little white tiger sneezed. This sneeze drove away his sleepiness, and the little white tiger, who finally realized what had happened, was surprisingly angry—— 

ROAR! Who was it? ! Froze me again! ! ! 

A childish tiger roar resounded through the lonely world of ice and snow. With great difficulty, he pulled his paws up from the snow and tried to get out. However, he seemed to be injured and every time he moved, he would feel a heart-piercing pain all over his body. 

The red agate-like eyes were angry enough that they were about to spew out flames. With a sudden burst out of strength and a loud bang, he lifted his whole body out of the snow——

A pair of very, very large Zerg wings suddenly popped out from the snow! The wings were beautiful and slender, but the only regrettable thing was that one wing was broken at the root, tattered and stained with flesh and blood. 

The little monster tried hard to fly upwards with his remaining Zerg wings. But, each time he tried, he would shake and stumble, as if he would fall from the air at any moment. 

His red eyes were full of violence and intent to kill. He desperately flapped the Zerg wing in mid-air. 

He flew halfway and fell. Then, he gritted his teeth and got up before taking off again while filled with murderous intent. Because of the broken wing, the little monster could not control the balance of his body, and every time he fell, the broken wing would bleed out. 

The pure white snowy field was covered with splatters of blood, like a painting of plum blossoms in the snow[3].

Numerous falls and numerous injuries, but the little monster became increasingly violent with each, and took to the air stubbornly even after repeated defeats. After a countless failures, he was finally able to control the broken wings and fly shakily towards the whirlpool in the sky—— 

He blocked the whirlpool with his own body. 


Under the impact of the violent waves of spiritual energy, the originally already severely damaged wing was ripped off from the roots and fell from his back. It floated gently like a fallen leaf onto the blanket of snow. 

The little monster who never cried no matter how much pain he was in, the moment he saw the wings break off, he finally broke down and cried loudly. 

He sat on the whirlpool in the sky, crying loudly. In the expansive world of ice and snow, the immature cries of the little monster echoed outwards over and over again.


For an entire day, whenever He Ruge opened the game, he couldn’t see Little White Tiger. Each time, (the game) showed that Little White Tiger was still in the middle of undergoing the brainwashing experiment. 

What will change after the brainwashing experiment is over? Would Little White Tiger completely…… forget about him?

And what was a little monster? 

When He Ruge thought about this, he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose a little irritably. Under these circumstances, he didn’t really have a choice. The game didn’t give him any other options, so he could only click to complete the task. 

It would be great if this was not a game. 

It would be great if he had the ability to act according to his own wishes in the game.

He Ruge once again remembered the holographic gaming helmet with the asking price of “8888.88 RMB”. What was the true role of that helmet? Would there be more available options? In this way, when faced with a situation similar to today’s, he will not be pushed towards a cliff with no choice but to bite the bullet and complete the task. 


Why so expensive? It must be expensive for a good reason. But, why was it so expensive?

He Ruge was uneasy while writing today and couldn’t concentrate at all. As soon as he thought about the little white tiger who was about to be brainwashed and lose his memory, his heart would instantly become numb, carrying a degree of anxiety and irritability.

This feeling wasn’t the same as the restlessness that came with “returning to the pre-liberation period”, but rather was an even more inexplicable self-blame as if having lost something very important. 

However, there was nothing he could do because it was just a game, and there was no second option available to him in the game. Thus, he could only helplessly choose to complete the task. 

From the very beginning of the experiments, he was never given the option to refuse. 

It was also impossible for him to jump into the game and pull Little White Tiger out of the brainwashing room.

He Ruge glanced at the picture of the little white tiger on the writing program’s interface, but his creases between his eyes didn’t relax. Decisively, he closed the document and opened up the game again. This time, Little White Tiger finally came out. 

The little white tiger who came out was not contained in an iron cage this time. He had completed the brainwashing process, and so his identity had undergone some subtle changes. 

Though he was still an experimental subject, he didn’t have as many constraints as before. However, Little White Tiger still took the initiative to walk himself into the cage and even sat down inside like a little master. But, the good habit of closing the door on his own initiative had disappeared. 

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or due to the brainwashing experiment, but He Ruge kept feeling like……

The Little White Tiger in front of his eyes was very unfamiliar. 

It’s not an unfamiliarity caused by a loss of memories, but rather an unfamiliarity of a whole different person. 

[“Rebirth” has been completed successfully! 

Total experiment time: 1*24 hours 

Survival rate: 100% 

Surviving subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your performance in the experiment: satisfactory (sent the experimental subject to the brainwashing room)]

[Your performance in the first three experiments was overall excellent, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the fourth experiment “Accelerated Growth”: 

It is said that weeding out bad seedlings encourages growth, but the degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage do not have the patience to wait for young experimental subjects to grow up slowly. The degenerates decide to inject gene altering solutions into No.20, allowing him to complete seven years of growth in one week. 】 

【Daily Task: 

Responsible for No. 20’s three meals a day, and injecting him with the gene altering solution on time] 

He Ruge clicked on the cage and walked towards the location of the new experiment on the first floor.

After arriving at Room 104, Little White Tiger himself opened the cage, dragged his small cotton nest out from the cage, dragged it to a corner in a daze, and sat down on the nest, staring at He Ru Ge indifferently. 

This was an aggressiveness displayed by a beast who was dissatisfied with the invasion of its territory. 

He Ruge had no doubt that if he took one more step forward, he would be attacked by Little White Tiger. 

Those blue eyes were as cold as ice, but it was different from the pure indifference and disgust when they first met. The gaze from those eyes, at this moment, carried a manic and scorching wildness, like a fire blazing beneath the surface of the ice, where the flame could melt through the ice at any time. 

He Ruge clicks on Little White Tiger’s status.


[Disgusted]: No.20 wishes to kill everyone in Starry Sea Orphanage, including you 

[Awakened]: The little monster is finally awake, he desires to carry out an act that will overturn the heavens and Earth. 

……It turns out that Little White Tiger was really gone, and what appeared now was the little monster that the game had been foreshadowing. 

He Ruge had always thought that the status of a sleeping “little monster” meant that the little white tiger would transform into a little monster, or that he would gradually become a little monster due the repetitive experiments, causing him to become physically and psychologically distorted into a little monster. 

However, He Ruge never would have thought that a little monster actually lived inside Little White Tiger’s body. If the little monster woke up, then where was his little white tiger? 

He use the mouse and randomly clicked all over the little monster at a loss. 

【Touch Head】(locked) 

【Touch Back】(locked) 

【Squeeze Paws】(locked)


All of the options for intimate interaction were locked and in a gray-colored state. 

The little monster’s initial affection level for him was lower than that of Little White Tiger’s. At least, when He Ruge interacted with Little White Tiger in the beginning, Little White Tiger would still let him touch his head, although he would be swiped at if he patted his head. 

Why didn’t Little White Tiger continue to scratch at him then? 

He Ruge reached deep into his memories. If he recalled correctly, it seems to be when his glasses had fallen off? 

……Did the glasses have some sort of special settings?

He Ruge clicked on his outfit, took off his black glasses, and looked back at the little monster expectantly. The little monster in the cotton nest appeared indifferent and gave He Ruge a vicious glare. 

When the little monster, who looked exactly like Little White Tiger, made such a fierce expression, He Ruge really felt hurt. It was a heartbreaking feeling. 

He clicked on [Talk] with his mouse. 


【Roar! “Roll!” 】 

He Ruge: “……” 

He Ruge then clicked on [Feed], and the game automatically placed the solution one meter away from the little monster by default. Thus, He Ruge wasn’t even given a chance to interact with the little monster.

The game arranging everything automatically was probably for players’ sake. If one finally managed to fill up their favorability levels, but then ended up being attacked by the other in the next second, even if they had a heart of steel, it would still be shattered into pieces under this huge change. 

Although he understood the logic behind this, when he saw the little monster full of hostility and separated by a whole diagonal length of the room, saying that He Ruge wasn’t sad would be a lie. 

He doesn’t want a little monster, he only wanted Little White Tiger. But, he also doesn’t want to be hated by the little monster because the little monsters looked exactly like Little White Tigers.

He Ruge felt like he was a scumbag. His White Moonlight (lover) had left him, so he found a perfect substitute. Yet, while complaining that the substitute was not the same as the White Moonlight, he was saddened that the substitute did not love him.

Depressedly, He Ruge moved the character to leave the room. After leaving the room, He Ruge wanted to walk back into the room to look at the little monster. 

However, the little monster had made it very clear he did not want to see He Ruge. 

Thus, the witty He Ruge held down the space bar and used the Secret Observation skill. 

In the old, black-and-white camera-like lens, the little monster turned its head laboriously, licking his right Zerg wing cherishingly. He licked it in solitude for a while before he began to cry silently. 

Crying pitifully.

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[1]Original: 铺天盖地的精神波翻尸捣骨而来,将森森白骨覆上虚假的皮肉, 在荒芜的灵魂原野上建起一座座海市蜃楼. Trying to translate this paragraph caused my brain to ascend lmao. If anyone has a different translation for this, do let me know and I’ll update this version. Meaning: the brainwashing experiment is rewriting his entire being

[2] White Paper: symbolizing that the brainwashing made him easier to influence

[3] Painting of plum blossoms: Direct translation: Trekking in search of red plum blossoms in the snow, a common Chinese art motif

The previous chapter was a bit short, but that gave me enough time to finish translating the entirety of chapter 34 in one go ^^

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 2) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Xi Guican was sent to the familiar brainwashing room and saw the machine that he would never forget in his lifetime. The only weapon against humanity, brainwashing machine manufactured in violation of the Federation’s regulations.

This machine had the most advanced technology in relation to the spiritual sea of consciousness that allowed it to block and rewrite memories through manipulation of one’s spiritual awareness.

There was almost no one invulnerable to this type of high-level brainwashing, as the intensity of this type far exceeded the mass-brainwashing type experienced by Crow.

The only drawback was that the energy cost was enormous, and only the most precious experimental subjects were eligible to be brainwashed by this machine. 

Unfortunately, Xi Guican was one such precious experimental subject. 

He knew what he was about to face next, but also didn’t care much for it. This brainwashing machine was extremely rare and expensive to build, and it violated the Federation’s regulations. Only rich and frantic lunatics could bring such a brainwashing machine into existence. 

Moreover, when he destroyed the Starry Sea Orphanage, he had placed a lot of attention on completely obliterating this brainwashing machine without leaving even the slightest residue in order to prevent anyone from restoring the machine to do more unscrupulous things.

It was just a game. No matter how much information was collected, it was impossible to recreate the brainwashing machine. 

It was even more impossible for the brainwashing effect to carry through the virtual network via virtual holographic games, without any physical contact and just through mental waves. 

If they had this type of strength, they could directly trick the people in power within the Federation to play this game, and then control the entire Federation with just a little brainwashing. 

With this perfect train of logic, Xi Guican entered the brainwashing capsule with confidence. Just as the door was about to close, he even turned around and gave He Ruge, who was outside the door, another glance. 

The set brainwashing duration was one day and one night. If this game perfectly reflected reality, then Xi Guican should not be able to see the youth he liked for one day and night. 

Yes, like.

With a sense of indescribable throbbing, vines of pale pink branches bloomed on the tip of his heart and, step by step, enveloped his whole heart with emotion. It was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge, which was why he immersed himself in the game from morning to night, which was why he was always happy with that person’s arrival and anxious with that person’s disappearance. 

In this lifetime, he had never liked anyone before. Thus, in the beginning, he didn’t realize that he had come to like this person. Even if the other party was just a virtual character, even if they couldn’t embrace each other in reality in this lifetime. But, ‘like’ was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge.

Maybe this like could not be given in the same amount as others, could not be given as gently as others, nor as skillfully as others…. 

But, he was willing to give all of his love and tenderness to this person. 

Yesterday, when Xi Guican raised his head and looked towards the sky, he saw the white petals float away, but he also saw the gentle smile of the young man from when they first met. 

The youth was dressed in all white. Behind him was a halo that dispersed the endless darkness, and the depths of his eyes carried a brilliance greater than the starry skies during wartime. 

His previously silent heart suddenly began beating, and the indescribable throbbings of his heart could now all be named at this moment. They were bathed in light as they all whispered simultaneously, “like”.



The door of the brainwashing capsule closed abruptly, and He Ruge, who was sitting in front of the computer blankly, was stiff to the point of being motionless. 

It was because he saw Little White Tiger’s Status


[Love]: No.20 loves you, a love deeper than chasing light1, because even if the world was an expanse of darkness, you will always be the pure light in his heart. Favorability: 100 

[Awakening]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you. Now, the little monster in his body was about to wake from deep sleep.

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The author has something to say: 

Little theater: 

Little White Tiger: Yi, I am officially going offline 


Author: Is it exciting, is it stimulating, is it unique enough?


1. ‘Love deeper than chasing light’: multiple connotations. 1)XGC’s love for HRG is more intense than his desire for ‘light’. 2)The love he feels is stronger than a need for anything else)

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 1) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Trigger warnings: side character killings, depictions of death and implied brutality

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When He Ruge logged into the game again, the time inside the game showed that one and a half days had passed since Crow’s death. As soon as he went online, he found that the “Death God’s Wings” experiment had come to an end.

New staff members came and took away the other experimental subjects while He Ruge carried Little White Tiger’s iron cage and followed behind the staff. They walked all the way from the second floor to the top floor. 

The traces on the rooftop that were left behind by Golden Python had already been cleaned up. On the empty top floor, there was an eggshell-shaped military-grade reinforced glass ceiling cover, like an upside down glass bowl cupped onto the building.

There was a large area on the top floor that was crafted with all metal, and dense, complex lines were carved on that metallic space. From that metallic area, a metal lump gradually emerged and turned into an iron square, and then, in the center of that cube, there was a circular opening.

A strong air current continuously streamed out from the opening.


The staff placed the experimental subjects into the airflow in turns. Though inferior Zerg wings provided no flying ability, with the assistance of the airflow, they could float short distances as long as they could control the Zerg wings.

This test simulated a flight environment, and the test subjects capable of controlling their Zerg wings would all be considered successful products with a high degree of integration. If they couldn’t even flap their wings and were just barely hanging on to stay alive, then they were only the most useless of failed products.

The subjects awkwardly and anxiously tried to “learn to fly” in the airflow. The subjects with a higher degree of integration experienced an initial helplessness, but quickly found their own rhythm.

For example, Little White Tiger.

Little White Tiger was the most conspicuous out of all the experimental subjects. His Zerg wings were longer than all the experimental subjects’, and was a dazzling white amidst a field of black. His flying posture was also the most skillful, elegant, and collected among all the experimental subjects, as if he was born with those wings.

While the silver-white Zerg wings were in flight, the golden patterns on the wings reflected brilliantly in the sunlight.

Then, under everyone’s astonished gaze, Little White Tiger flew out of the airflow range. Carrying the sunlight behind him, he flapped his wings and flew towards He Ruge and soared directly into He Ruge’s arms. 

No. 20 

[Rawr “I waited for you for a long time”] 

A little paw rested on He Ruge’s shoulder. The rotund tiger face was full of unhappiness, but when the little white tiger flew into He Ruge’s embrace, the bad expression on his face was visibly relaxed.

It was so obvious that he couldn’t hold in his happiness anymore, but he still tried to put on a look of “I’m very angry and need you to coax me”. 

He Ruge: “……” 

This game was too sly. He only just didn’t show up yesterday, but (the game) made Little White Tiger sell meng this shamelessly! 

Selling meng is super effective. 

I was wrong, I will come to see you every day QAQ

He Ruge held the Little White Tiger and watched the other experimental subjects’ tests from one side of the top floor. The main intention of this small test was to check the integration level of each subject’s Zerg wings. The failed experimental subjects needed to be cleaned up. 

Little White Tiger has already been identified as a successful product, and his staying in He Ruge’s arms was just an unexpected situation. The busy staff members didn’t care about the trivial details. They were fully occupied with cleaning up the failed products. 

Experimental subjects with low integration levels were waste products with extremely weak combat effectiveness, and neither their deformed appearance provide them with a compensatory increase in power. 

It was troublesome to keep the failed products, so the most time-saving method of action was to clean them up. A butcher’s knife was currently aimed towards these unsuspecting failed products.

Those cubs might not be able to understand why, although everyone here had transplanted wings, everyone had experienced the same pain, and everyone had survived the same torture, the end results were a world of difference, a polarity of life and death. 

They were stuck in the torrential updraft, unable to tell where the boundary of life and death lay. 

The scene became chaotic, and the failed subjects scurried about like headless flies. They flew upwards but couldn’t fly over the glass window cover. Some flew downwards, but experienced staff members were guarding the stairs with sharp, chainsaw-like cutting machines in their hands. 

He Ruge suddenly recalled the bat-like monster he saw when he was completing the “Mysterious Infirmary” side mission. 

…That should have been an experimental subject who escaped from the Destruction Plan.

When the cutter swung down, blood splattered and the still warm Zerg wings were removed from the body of the failed test subject. At this moment, these experimental subjects were deemed to have absolutely no left-over value and became waste products. 

They were all caged birds. Even in the last moments of their lives, they could never escape from the cage.

[“Death God’s Wings” completed successfully! 

Total experiment duration: 4*24 hours (4 days)

Survival rate: 7% (Crow’s actions lowered the overall survival rate of the experimental subjects) 

Survived Subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your Performance in the Experiment: excellent (did not violate experiment regulations, successfully took care of the subject with highly-integrated Zerg Wings, No. 20)] 

[Your excellent performance in “Death God’s Wings” has been validated, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the third experiment: “Rebirth”: 

This is a cold-blooded and horrific brainwashing experiment. The degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage need a fighting machine who would risk their life to work hard for the organization. The memories of the successful experimental subjects will be completely locked, and only thoughts beneficial to the organization will be instilled. Be loyal to the organization, the organization is supreme. 

As the first subject with perfectly integrated higher-tier Zerg wings, No. 20 will not receive the same simple brainwashing experiment as the inferior products, such as Crow, but will receive the most costly, and complex brainwashing experiment. 

[“Even when I forget everything, will I still remember that I love you”] 

He Ruge: “!!!”

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I just knew this stupid game wouldn’t give praise for nothing! ! ! This colossal measure is too ruthless! ! ! 

The staff members carried the cages of the successful experimental subjects and signaled He Ruge to follow. However, Little White Tiger refused to get back into the cage. Perhaps because he was about to undergo the brainwashing experiment, at this time, no one interfered with his wishful behavior. 

No one would care about an individual who was about to lose their memory, nor care about their current emotional status. 

Because it was meaningless. 

He would soon usher in a new life, and all the dust of the past will return to dust, dirt will return to the ground. The things they liked, disliked, cared about and disregarded would all be rewritten. 

What He Ruge was tasked to do was to personally send Little White Tiger to the brainwashing location and wash away all the love Little White Tiger held for him. 

Little White Tiger nestled quietly in He Ruge’s arms, and his head pressed against He Ruge’s chest while he looked at the person in front of him with fondness. 

No. 20 

[Hou~ “I never understand before, the emotions I held in my heart for you”

[But now, I understand a bit

[It should be……

A pair of blue eyes overflowed with a soft smile. 


[Should be affection1. 】

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1. “Should be affection”: the more direct translation would be “”should be like” but that doesn’t exactly reflect the emotions that Little White Tiger wanted to present. Thus, i went with ‘affection‘

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 2) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

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Xi Guican walked into the cockpit and examined the familiar objects. A stale, metallic smell lingered on the tip of his nose for a while. He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled the stagnant breath built up in his chest.    

“The point of departure is ‘Central Star’, the target location is ‘Seventeenth Star’, departing now.  Estimated travel time is 6 intergalactic hours. Confirm departure?”    

“No. 20, depart!”    

A high-level mecha quietly set off from the special mecha passage reserved for General level officers. It shuttled through the silent sea of stars and residual smoke, arriving at the occupied territory of the Seventeenth Star…    

The Seventeen star was currently occupied by the Zerg.


The mecha landed on the Seventeenth Star. Xi Guican stepped out of the mecha and directly onto the deadly still land. There was not a single sound to be heard on the Seventeenth Star overtaken by the Zerg, not even a single noise from the Zerg.    

Xi Guican walked through the overtaken territory, which all other interstellar people avoided, as naturally and calmly as if strolling through his own courtyard.    

There was no other interstellar person who could casually walk through an infested area like Xi Guican did. Once the Zerg discover the presence of outsiders, they would berserkly eliminate any foreign enemies at all costs.

However, Xi Guican never cared about that. This was because of the existence of the monster inside himself. The Zerg actually felt a degree of fear towards him- it was the admiration of those stronger than themselves on the hierarchy of power.    

In regards to this, some people in the Federation already harbored a vague guess of the reason, but they had no specific nor detailed hypotheses, let alone think that—    

“He”……and “they” were one of the same origins.    

That monster sleeping in his body was such a powerfully exceptional yet degenerate existence.

Xi Guican could feel that as soon as he arrived at the Seventeenth Star, the originally weakened state of the monster slumbering in his body had improved slightly and seemed to be awaking from a long dream.

And was then coldly ignored by Xi Guican.    

Xi Guican silently walked on the road. The sunshine that day was very nice. Bright and dazzling sunlight penetrated the clouds and fell from the sky, casting surreal pillars of light onto the ground.    

The only thing left in this place was the rustling sounds of leather boots scraping against the ground. Every step the man took was as precise as if measured by a ruler.

Then, his calculated footsteps abruptly stopped. Xi Guican lowered his head and looked towards a patch of unknown, white, wildflowers on the side of the road. Its snow-white petals were soft and fragile, and the slender stalks looked as if they could hardly support the five petals. 

Suddenly, one small, wildflower fell off and floated onto the shiny surface of the leather boots.    

That little white wildflower was so fragile, perhaps it would be crushed into the mud by the leather boots in the next second, or maybe blown away by a sudden breeze.   

A cupped hand lightly picked up the flower, and Xi Guican pinned the flower to his chest pocket before continuing walking along the road. 

His memory was superior. As long as he had walked a road once, Xi Guican could remember the route clearly, no matter if it was ten or even twenty years in the past.

This is the way to Starry Sea Orphanage.    

Although he had blasted the Starry Sea Orphanage to ashes, leaving nothing behind, and the original buildings had already disappeared and turned into flat ground, he still knew the way.

in all these years, he had never come back to this land of sorrow and humiliation. But, he suddenly wanted to go there today.

Under the guidance of the beams of sunlight cast from the sky, Xi Guican came to a patch of patchy land.   

He found three stones and carved three names on the stones, “Ruan Ruan”, “Xi Xing”, and “Wu Yunlan”. 

Xi Guican looked at the three stones solemnly.


He thought of Wu Yunlan. Perhaps everyone will develop a little affection for like-minded people. Wu Yunlan’s decision of bombing the laboratory in the game yesterday completely reversed Xi Guican’s impression of Wu Yunlan in his heart.    

It turned out that it wasn’t only himself who had such a strong desire and put it into action. Wu Yunlan, as well as the experimental subjects who volunteered to follow behind Wu Yunlan to take part in the revolt, had once had the same desire.    

Everyone liked cleanliness.    

That’s why they blew up the vile things in the world, to try and clean up the filth.

This was good.

He heard that when attending a funeral, one must wear black, and it was best to place a white flower by the chest.    

Xi Guican took off the unknown white flower pinned on his chest pocket and placed it gently in the middle of the three stones.    

A light wind gradually scattered the five petals of the little white flower, and the soft petals were lifted away into the distance by the breeze.    

Xi Guican raised his head silently and stared at the blue sky above him. His blue eyes seemed to reflect the silhouettes of the white petals.    

The blue hue of his eyes turned into a tender sadness.   

He traveled across the sea of stars from the other end of the distant galaxy to send a small, white flower to the people now in the starry skies.    

This was good enough.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 32 (Part 1) – Travel Across the Sea of Stars

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He Ruge, who had just come to the realization that he might be a Koi, fell into a strange mood. He refused 8 Leg’s joking invitation for an in-person meet up and turned off Penguin with a headache.

He’d exposed quite a bit of information. At first, he discovered that 8 Legs might have been the same kind as he was, so he shared his Bloodline pattern without much caution.

8 legs said that Koi spirits were very rare. Because the luck of a koi spirit was insanely high, a powerful koi spirit’s Chi could even affect the luck of others. Lucky Chi was invisible and intangible but was vital to every creature.

The requirements for a Koi spirit to mature were highly demanding. 8 Legs knew that there used to be a koi spirit who lived in the wishing pool of an ancient temple. Because the wishing pool was bathed in the faith of devout believers all the year round and the land was rich in Feng Shui, it was easy to cultivate faith. 

It was due to the compilation of all these various coincidences that a Koi Spirit was cultivated.

After that koi spirit went into society, it generated great influence within the monster circle. Those who were wealthy paid money; everyone worked hard, hoping to rub off some good luck from the Koi spirit.

Then, that koi spirit vanished. 


There were rumors that say a big-shot monster wanted to complete the medicine of life and death and made the medicine using the Koi Spirit’s flesh. Others say that a big-shot who wanted to change his fate used the Koi Spirit to ascend to the Heavens. Either way, the Koi Spirit always met a miserable end.

Knowing the tragic ending of his predecessor, He Ruge was afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Although 8 Legs promised to never reveal He Ruge’s identity, He Ruge was still a little uneasy.

After eating dinner, he saw the increasing number of bookmarks for his work and became happy again. After reading through the reader’s comments, He Ruge lay down to sleep.

He had a dream. 

He dreamt that when his work reached the pinnacle of its popularity, he crossed through the dimensions and landed in Little White Tiger’s world. Little White Tiger turned into a male god wearing a military uniform and they ended up in a romantic relationship. The male god was a cat and he was a fish; whenever he saw his male god, his legs would grow weak. As the male god walked domineeringly towards him with the intention to do something indescribable, the sky suddenly rained down knives.

A splattering of knives slammed into the ground and shaved the thick hair on the male god’s head clean off.

Following that, a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up on the ground, and a man wielding a blade emerged and asked darkly: “Who is Ruge?”

The countless people who had fallen into the pit gritted their teeth and said: “This author isn’t human. He’s too conniving!!!”

“If you dig a hole and don’t fill it, it’s better for you to be hacked to death.”

He Ruge was scared awake. From the beginning of his career as a writer till now, as an honest pigeon who had never gone on hiatus, why did he end up with this strange dream? Sure enough, dreams reflected the opposite of reality.

Did he forget something?


Xi Guican waited a whole day in the game, but He Ruge never appeared. The three daily meals were all brought over by a staff member, but the other party was never the He Ruge that Xi Guican was yearning for. Was there another bug in this damn game?

Xi Guican, who regarded the game as his daily spiritual nourishment, was very angry. He came out of the game cabin unhappily and stared at the strawberry-flavored nutrient solution in his hand.

After Xi Guican tipped his head back and downed the nutrient solution, he shifted into his true form and went to the bathroom to take a bath. The hair growth bath solution had worked quickly. A short layer of fine hair had already appeared on a good part of the originally bald areas. But this kind of big white tiger…

Appeared even uglier.

Some hair here, no hair there. Being uniformly bald was more natural looking.

The ugly and fierce white tiger soaked in the bathtub as he turned on his light brain to watch the live broadcast. The Seventeenth Star had completely fallen, and the Sixteenth Star was mostly gone. The people of the Federation weren’t too optimistic about the future of this war.    

The Zerg were too skilled at combat. It’s unknown what happened, but the Zerg with only brawn and no brains from the First Star War had suddenly developed a lot of brain.    

Their combat effectiveness dropped…. No, it can’t be said that their combat effectiveness has dropped, but rather that their way of fighting has changed.

The Zerg now had a sense of reason and measure, and could now……think for themselves.

This terrifying discovery was disclosed only to the Federation officials of the General level and higher. Although the Federal Army suppressed this information and hid it from the public so as to not shake the army’s morale, the soldiers fighting on the front lines all had an intuition built upon experience.   

A rumor about the Zerg secretly and quietly spread from the army:    

“They’ve escaped ignorance through violence, and obtained new life amidst killing.”

However, such news weren’t of much interest to Xi Guican. Nothing was truly interesting. He usually watched the Star Wars Frontline live broadcast just because he was bored and only occasionally watched it to pass time.    

The him from before was indeed a boring person.    

He didn’t pursue entertainment, nor dramas, nor chased stars, nor went out, nor socialized, nor played games. He’d finally found a source of happiness, and actively logged in to play the game every day. But, he didn’t expect there to be bugs in the spicy chicken (trash) game. 

The Big White Tiger expressionlessly turned off the live broadcast as he calmly finished his medicated bath and turned back into human form. The handsome man with silver hair and blue eyes opened the closet and grabbed a black military uniform. He roughly tore off the golden military rank and tassels. Only when the sole color that could be seen on the uniform was “black”, did Xi Guican satisfactorily drop his hands.    

He didn’t wear a military cap, only the pure black military uniform set and pitch-black leather boots. The man covered from head to toe in a serious, abyssal black walked into the dusty mecha room.    

Ever since he developed Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency years ago, he hadn’t touched a single mecha. 

Mechas needed to establish a stable spiritual link with the operator’s spiritual sea of consciousness. Since Xi Guican’s spiritual consciousness was full of cracks and holes, spiritual vortexes and storms would appear whenever he was emotionally unstable.

If he established a link with the mecha in such a bad state of spiritual consciousness, it would end with either the mecha exploding or him self-exploding. Or, he might die upon crashing landing.    

He was warned by his doctor to not touch a mecha before his condition had improved.    

Thus, Xi Guican had sealed the mecha room and hadn’t visited the mecha room for a long time. When he looked at the closed door in front of him, he suddenly felt like the past was a world away.    

Beep —ID verification passed!” 

The door to the mecha room opened, and inside, there was only a single silver-white mecha in the empty room. The mecha sported golden designs which were made of rare, memory-retaining metals. Even a small gram was worth a thousand gold, and it wasn’t available on the market because these precious metals needed to be supplied to the military first and foremost.

Adding memory-retaining metal to a mecha could allow the mecha to have an automatic self-repair function. The more that was applied, the faster the repair speed and the more perfect the repair results would be.    

This specific mecha was the magnum opus of one of the most outstanding mecha mechanic masters within the Federation, and it was gifted to Xi Guican by the Federal Army as a way to win his loyalty. 

Xi Guican had always cherished this mecha. It wasn’t because of how precious it was, but rather because the appearance of the mecha was very similar to his past Zerg wings.

The Zerg wing that had accompanied him through the most helpless years of his life, and the Zerg wings that were finally ripped off by his own hands. That pair of Zerg wings was clearly implanted violently into his body without his permission, but when Xi Guican truly bid farewell to the Zerg wings, his heart felt hollow.    

The perfectly fused Zerg wings allowed his body to function equivalently to an advanced mecha. After losing the Zerg wings, this mecha became the wings’ replacement.   

High-level mechas all had a name, such as The Apocalypse, The God of Destruction, and other such domineering names.    

However, this specific mecha was named “No. 20”.

Xi Guican hid his unmentionable past, his desire for strength, and his previous code name that once represented his suffering and humiliation into this one mecha.    

During the time when he had first fallen ill, Xi Guican never dared to look at this mecha because he was afraid to see his own vulnerability and helplessness in the world. But now, because of the impact of “Your Exclusive Lover”, his condition had improved significantly, and even half of his Spiritual Sea of Consciousness had been repaired. As of now, he could just barely establish a stable connection with the mecha.    

The palm of his hand lightly fell upon the cold metallic surface, and Xi Guican inserted a bit of internal spiritual power into the mecha.

“I’m back,” he whispered.

A sequence of bright lights suddenly appeared on the surface of the metallic gray mecha, and the cockpit door opened towards Xi Guican——    

“Welcome back, Major General Xi.”

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 31 – I, This Koi Fish

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He Ruge placed the prop back into the backpack with a complicated mood. When he turned off the game, using his amazing self-control, to go work on writing he saw a huge number of unread messages jumping up and down on the Penguin App. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Congratulations on making it onto the Shelf!” 

“Shelf” is Jinjiang’s (JJWXC) ‘thousand views trending list’, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Bookshelf page. Each official V work only had one chance to make it onto the list- that is, from the early morning to the evening of the fourth day upon entering V. They can then stay on it for a full 24 hours, which was practically equivalent to being ‘published’.

The Shelf covered all genres, and the top six could be seen on the first page of the Shelf. On JinJiang, there was no other listing that allowed more exposure than the Shelf.

There is even a saying in the writer’s circle, which was ‘The Shelf determined life or death’.

He Ruge has been so obsessed with the game until late into the night that he even forgot he’d made it onto the Shelf. 

Sure enough, games are the cause of many troubles.


He scrolled through the chat log in a calm manner, but when he saw the following messages, his calm facade was utterly shattered. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Third on the Shelf! You are on the first page! You’re Set! Set! You’re gonna soar!!!” 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Picture jpg.” 

It was a screenshot of the Shelf which had just refreshed at midnight exact. He Ruge’s work was ranked third, and the first and second placers were both well-received authors. His hand which was holding the screen trembled slightly, and He Ruge cautiously continued to read the following news.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, ah, ahhhh a counterattack! You’ve usurped the second placer! CHARGE!! I won’t allow you to stop!!!” 

That message was sent at three in the morning. 

The rankings on the thousand views trending list was ever changing. When a work’s views became higher than the work ranked above it, it will advance one place. However, usurping positions was very uncommon. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, watching you grow is also making me so excited and anxious. Yet, you, this stinky pigeon, why haven’t you replied to me? It can’t be that you forgot you were going to be Shelved, right?!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Good night! I’m exhausted! I’m going to sleep first!” 

The chat records ended there. He Ruge opened JinJiang in a daze, and when he first looked at the thousand views trending list, he found —-

Hmm, why was the cover of the first place work so familiar? ……It seemed to be a cover he made himself. 

He, He Ruge, a common, everyday street writer, at 9 o’clock this morning, usurped first place in the thousand views trending list. 

The number of searches for this work was increasing every second, every minute. Last night, the number of bookmarks was only a 4-digit number, but now it had already skyrocketed to a 5-digit number. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Soon, I will have a close friend who is world-renowned for a popular work!”

At noon, 15,000 bookmarked. 

At 10:30 in the evening, 19,000 bookmarked. 

In the last minute before twelve o’clock midnight, 20,000 total bookmarked. 

Thus far, his single-day bookmarks had increased by more than 10,000. In recent years, with the explosion in popularity of online literature, the first work that garnered more than 10,000 single-day bookmarks while on the Shelf appeared and caused a sensation in the author’s forums. Although it wasn’t uncommon for a Shelved work to earn more than 10,000 bookmarks in the current times, it was still by no means a common occurrence. 

He Ruge was truly soaring.


This was the first year since he had graduated that he experienced a smooth take-off. 

New lines suddenly appeared on his legs. Now, in addition to red lines, there were also silver-white lines. 

Was this the change brought about by “collecting the power of faith” during the “awakening period” which 8 Legs had originally talked about? 

He Ruge also discovered that his hair was growing longer.

In the past, He Ruge’s hair had never exceeded his ears, but now it had already reached the sides of his shoulders. He Ruge wanted to use scissors to snip his own hair, but when the blade was aligned at his hair, He Ruge hesitated. 

After all, it was his first time being a monster, he shouldn’t be too reckless. 

What if there was something special about a monster’s hair? What if it was taboo, like “One cannot cut their hair in the first month of life, once cut an uncle will die.” 

The scissor that was lifted up was once again placed down silently. 

He Ruge looked at himself in the mirror and also noticed that his ears had become slightly pointy, reminiscent of elves from fantasy worlds. 

It was a very strange feeling. Although his own appearance hadn’t changed much, his hair only changed slightly and his ears became slightly pointy, but it was as if his entire temperament had suddenly transformed. 

Carrying the mentality of ‘if you don’t understand, then ask’, He Ruge went onto Penguin to reach out to 8 Legs. 

Ruge: “I have some questions. Do Bloodline patterns only have one color, or do they have multiple colors? After becoming a monster, will one’s hair suddenly grow longer and denser?” 

8 Legs: “…”

8 Legs: “If after becoming a monster, my hair will become denser and longer, then I wouldn’t have to worry that I’ll go bald from stress writing late into the night. We are monsters, not hair spirits. Since you are asking this, is it possible you can make hair grow longer denser? (Suddenly excited.jpg.)”

He Ruge subconsciously touched his lush hair in the next moment then glanced at the couldn’t-wait-to-jump-on-this-opportunity 8 Legs’ comment on the screen. His eyes landed on 8 Leg’s head. The big and round head was as bright as a light bulb, like the head of an octopus.

If his original form was like this, then 8 Leg’s excitement can indeed be understood.

Ruge: “I’m not sure, but my own hair has become denser. Oh yes, and my ears have also become pointy.”

Worried that his text description wasn’t clear enough, He Ruge sent over a photo of his ears and long hair. 

8 Legs: “These ears……Where have I seen this kind of ear before…… Are you a very good looking person?” 

Ruge: “……En.” 

8 Legs: “Then, you might belong to the Merfolk/Siren race. But, the Merfolk/Siren race haven’t been seen for a long time now. The conditions for Merfolk/Sirens to become adults are very harsh. I’ve never seen any remaining information on the Merfolk/Siren race, so I am unsure of the specificities.”

8 Legs: “But, I do know that for Sirens, one is even better looking than the other. Their average face value could crush any fox spirit. They have pointed ears and long hair……Damn, I really want to run over to see what you look like to personally determine if you are indeed a Siren.” 


Fish people? 


He Ruge looked down at the lines on his ankles. The red and white stripes were indeed similar to the appearance of fish scales, like using paint to outline the edges of fish scales in an artwork, but not yet filling them in with color.

8 Legs: “Also, the first question you asked me. Bloodline patterns do have different colors, but whatever colorations you have on your true form will reflect the colors of your Bloodline pattern. This is also why I said to not casually tell outsiders about your Bloodline pattern. Bloodline patterns are a very private and personal thing, comparable to personal account books. If someone sees your Bloodline pattern and understands the information exposed by them, it is very easy to guess your race.” 

8 Legs: “One’s true form can’t be exposed casually. For example, if there was a rat monster and a cat monster, even if they were equal in pure strength, the cat monster will still easily win. If one of the weak, aquatic races like us goes out randomly, what would they do if they were locked on by a cat or tiger race?” 

The amount of information in those words was a bit heavy, and He Ruge looked at his red and white lines in contemplation.

What kind of fish has both red and white colors, and has the natural skill of luck? 

The answer was practically glaring — 

Isn’t it a koi?! 

8 Legs: “I just scrolled through the chat records. You told me previously that you become lucky every time the Bloodline pattern glows, right?” 

8 Legs: “I’ve thought about it, and I think your true form might be a koi fish.” 

8 Legs: “When can we have a face-to-face meet up.  I want to shake hands with a Koi race to exchange some luck QAQ.”

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 2) – Acting Cute

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In fact, Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit would often secretly compete to see who ate faster. The tiny game secret was discovered by He Ruge very early on. Since the beginning, He Ruge had always felt that this game was very realistic and detailed. As long as one observed closely, even if it was just watching the cubs drink milk, they would be able to find all sorts of Easter eggs.

But at this moment, when He Ruge saw Little White Tiger turn his head subconsciously, the once intriguing Easter egg he had found was cracked open. The egg shell broke and revealed a knife. He Ruge felt distressed.

Little White Tiger stiffened for a moment before turning his head back around as if nothing had happened. .


It would be best if Little White Tiger could see the Goblin Ball. Thus, He Ruge clicked on the little Goblin Ball in his backpack and wanted to place the ball in front of Little White Tiger, but it was useless. Little White Tiger seemed unable to see the prop.

He lay quietly on the cotton nest, his tiger ears drooped down without much energy. He appeared pitiful and in need of comfort.

He Ruge quickly clicked on [Touch Head].

Every time he patted Little White Tiger’s small head, the dullness in his blue eyes would diminish minutely.


[Roar “It’s warm and comfortable”]

[No. 20’s mood becomes gradually better]

[Roar~ “Touch back, too”]

He Ruge: “……!”

Was this ‘acting cute to beg for pats’? Is it? Is it? It must be!

During his lifetime, he could actually see the image of Little White Tiger actively begging to be petted. He really wanted to bawl (in happiness) on the spot. He Ruge excitedly clicked [Touch Back].

The palm of his hand brushed across Little White Tiger’s back. But, because of the Zerg wings, there were many places on his back that couldn’t be reached, making Little White Tiger unhappy.


[Rawr “The Zerg wings are really hateful”]

[No.20 looks at you]

[……Ao “Do you truly like these Zerg wings?”】

The originally unhappy Little White Tiger became more cautious at this moment, like a little hedgehog just starting school and sitting in his seat nervously, for fear that his spikes would hurt his own deskmate.

He Ruge couldn’t help sighing.

My little white tiger, ah, in what way can I make you understand and believe that you are the cutest little kitten in my whole world, that I like everything about you?

Because this was a game, He Ruge used the game’s method to express himself. He clicked on [Touch Wings], and under Little White Tiger’s calm facade, he gently touched the silver-white Zerg wings.

It was a very gentle touch, as if he regarded the Zerg wings as a precious and fragile existence. Every action reflected cherishment.



[No. 20 has not spoken in a long time]

[No. 20’s stiff body begins to relax]

[……Ao “Except for the wing tips, the other parts of the wings……I also allow you to touch them”]

He Ruge almost shed fatherly tears. After so many years, his rebellious son was finally willing to get close to him, even if it was just awkwardly calling him father, it could make him teary.

Too soft, too cute. How could such a meng Little White Tiger really exist? He Ruge was almost floating. It was only his remaining reason that prevented him from clicking on [Breath on Belly] and the other selectable options,too.

Because it had been a while since he’d checked Little White Tiger’s favorability, He Ruge clicked on Little White Tiger’s status.

[Favorability]: Maybe it’s the love of a friend, or the love of a lover, or the love of a family member. You are an inseparable existence to No.20. Favorability level 93

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

Even though He Ruge had mentally prepared himself a while back, he was still a little surprised at Little White Tiger’s favorability level. He always felt that this game gave out favorability points too willy-nilly, so much that it was comparable to something as unscientific as pie falling from the sky.

…… But, he had indeed become super lucky…….

He Ruge, who became a European1, began to deeply contemplate the possibility of receiving pie from the sky. 

Then, he suddenly remembered that he still had five unopened pink Gacha eggs. Today was a new day, so he could harvest some new rare items.

He Ruge clicked on the pink Gacha button. After the red streaks on his legs glowed and burned, two new, rare items were obtained.

[Name]: Pain Nullifier 

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: If you turn yourself into a robot, would you be able to adjust the stats of your own body? Then, just reduce the pain to the minimum setting, zero! I am now a brave baby who is unafraid of shots~ Hmm? Robots don’t seem to feel pain……

[Name]: Miniature Energy Bomb

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: Have you never seen such a tiny energy bomb? You can even put it in your pocket~ But, it’s not a child’s toy, BANG BANG BANG ~ It’s a weapon that can kill people~

[Limitations]: Only three energy bombs

He Ruge fell silent.

He had been playing this broken game for a while now, so he discovered some hidden contingencies, such as: every time he gets a new rare prop from a pink Gacha egg, it wouldn’t even have time to warm up in his backpack before it would have to be taken out and used.

An analgesic prop, an energy bomb.

What kinda insane crap did this spicy chicken game want to make him do next? Was it going to throw him into a duel? !

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  1. IDK what pie in the sky has to do with being European, but that’s how the raws had it.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 30 (Part 1) – Acting Cute

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[Is to bomb this laboratory.】

He Ruge was startled when he saw Crow words and suspected that his sight was blurry.

……b, bomb?

The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?


Will you go with me?

[The memory-restored Crow is filled with resentment towards Starry Sea Orphanage’s laboratories. Golden Python’s rebellion became the fuse that sparked Crow’s desperate decision to seek revenge. He invites you to join him before taking action. Your options are:

A. Join Crow

B. Reject to protect oneself]


Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return. 

He wasn’t alone. He had to consider Little White Tiger and Little Goblin Ruan Ruan. If he went off with Crow, what would happen to Little White Tiger?

He Ruge ended up rejecting the exhilarating plan.

Crow took a long inhalation of his cigarette. He coughed a little uncomfortably before tossing it away. The cigarette butt was accurately thrown into the trash can. 

He then slipped off the energy cannon and mounted all the weapons onto himself- onto his arms, back, legs, and even his head.

Crow, who had turned himself into a turret in the blink of an eye, also carried a large-scale energy cannon on his back. From the back, he gave off a majestic and tragic image of a valiant man who pursued a route of no return. He was still as quiet as before but was no longer comparable to a ghost that shuffled through the dark. No ghost could carry such a murderous intent and brave aura.

Crow kicked the door open with one foot and waved back to He Ruge without turning his head.

He opened the cages of all the experimental subjects on Basement Level two, and asked the experimental subjects who were close to successful transplant integration if they wanted to join him in bombing the lab.

Little White Tiger’s iron cage was also opened.

Little White Tiger squatted on the ground and observed Crow for a long time. He watched as more and more experimental subjects gathered in a row behind Crow. He snorted slightly, and instead of joining the group out to seek retribution, he turned around and ran towards He Ruge.

He Ruge held the little white tiger and stood at the far end of the corridor, watching as Crow gradually walked away. The last he saw of Crow was when a pair of dark Zerg wings broke through his clothes and opened up slowly.

Shrill sirens sounded throughout the orphanage. The roar of explosions obliterated everything in its wake, and the corridor of Basement floor two almost completely collapsed.


Crow is dead.

The experimental subjects who followed after Crow also died. 

They dragged the demons (scientists) of Basement Level Three with them into hell, but unlike those devilish monsters, each of them has Zerg wings, so they could fly. Fly from hell all the way up to the heavens.

[Crow has blown up the laboratory on Basement Level Three and personally admitted that Golden Python’s escape was related to him. It was he who opened the door of the carriage channel and let Golden Python break through the ceiling. You have gotten rid of your suspicions and pretend that nothing is wrong.

He Ruge didn’t see the image of Crow’s death, but the game’s narration allowed his imagination to fill in the blanks.

…… Crow, really was a person who repaid gratitude with favor and grudges with vengeance. He said that he would bomb the laboratory and so he did. But, he didn’t even forget to help him resolve some of his suspicions before he died.

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frame. A pang of soreness accumulated in his chest. He knew he should be happy for Crow. For someone like Crow who was clear about his grievances and never went back on his words, being able to reap his vengeance on the spot was his most desired ending. If you wanted him to just tolerate it, even if he survived, he would never be happy.

However, He Ruge felt terribly uncomfortable in his heart, to the point where he didn’t even want to continue playing the game. He checked the time and found that it was already very late. Thus, He Ruge turned off the game. 

He tossed and turned on the bed for a long time, unable to sleep. 

The grievances he held in his heart was like a breath caught in his throat. He Ruge got up and walked to the window. He pulled open the curtains and looked up at the starry sky.

When people die, can they really become stars? Will the deceased meet again as stars? Then, which stars were the deceased Crow and Golden Python on?

Clearly, this was just a game. But, He Ruge kept feeling that all the NPCs in the game had once existed in real life.  

Becoming immersed in a game to this extent also wasn’t good and caused him to feel anxious.

Since he couldn’t sleep, then let’s write!

It’s sexy for authors to write late into the night. After He Ruge entered V, he had continuously been above ten thousand words. Although he spent a significant amount of time typing every day, he actually didn’t have many saved manuscripts (as backlogs).

With a speed of 1,500 words per hour, it actually took eight to nine hours each day. He Ruge was not a typing machine. Continuously typing for long hours would give him an illusory sense of emptyheadedness.

Everyday, other than writing, his daily life consisted of Little White Tiger. But, based on his current daily, ten thousand word speed, he estimated this book would be complete in another two months time, and he wanted to give himself a vacation after it was over.

Thinking of Little White Tiger, He Ruge remembered the screenshots he had taken in the game. He found the screenshots and made them into the background of the typing program so that whenever he was typing up manuscripts, it would be like Little White Tiger was accompanying him.

Looking at the typing interface’s background, He Ruge’s heart felt warm. He finally thought of a word to describe Little White Tiger’s smile.

It was healing.

He hoped that Little White Tiger could laugh this happily every day.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 29 – Blowing up the Laboratory

Chapter 29 is a sponsored chapter!! Thank you, Nebulae, for your support!

Trigger warnings: descriptions of suffering and depression.

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The little rabbit was curled up in the iron cage, his silver Zerg wings hung down feebly. However, his expression was peaceful and content, as if having a good dream.


【Is Deceased】

Having long prepared the “Little Goblin Ball” in the backpack, He Ruge’s heart trembled. He immediately activated the Goblin Ball on the little rabbit for fear of missing the three-second capture timeframe.

[Yes/No. Use “Little Goblin Ball” for No.19]



Was this person really the same fan who never replied with more than five words during their private conversation, the same person who was as cold as the South Pole?!

The red and white little goblin ball was suspended in mid-air, casting a gentle halo that enveloped the little rabbit.

[A high degree of favorability from the capture target had been detected! 】

[Capture successful! 】

The red cap from the top half of the goblin ball then vanished, leaving only the white hemisphere half of the ball. In the center of the white hemisphere was a small carrot symbol.

A miniature little rabbit laid in the white hemisphere. The little rabbit was sleeping soundly with his eyes closed, its two small paws grasping the edge of the hemisphere. It had silver wings that were too long to fit in the hemisphere, so the tip of the wings hung outside the Goblin Ball .

Time passed slowly while he was reading the various retweets and confessions from this multiple personality fan. Rong Xu was initially taken aback when he saw Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s first Weibo post tonight, but then he smiled helplessly.

[Name]: Little Goblin Ball

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: What’s in the Goblin ball? A cute little rabbit! Whenever you are in danger, just shout “Go, Pikachu,” and you can wake Ruan Ruan and let him come out to help you~ When you are in mortal danger, you don’t need to summon the Goblin Ball and Ruan Ruan will come out automatically~

[Ruan Ruan’s Abilities]: “Attracts 100% attention” When the cute Ruan Ruan appears, regardless of man or woman, old or young, good or bad, their attention will be fully attracted by Ruan Ruan~

[Limitations]: Ruan Ruan has fallen asleep in the Goblin Ball. He is dreaming of his parents. Don’t wake him too often, let him have a peaceful and beautiful sleep~

After closing Weibo, Rong Xu again looked through the latest entertainment news.

The Goblin ball was returned to the backpack, but Little Rabbit’s corpse still lay in the iron cage. He Ruge suddenly experienced a surreal sense of dissociation, and he reopened the backpack to make sure that Ruan Ruan was still inside the Goblin Ball.

Being able to see mother and father in his dream, that should be the best ending for Ruan Ruan.

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frame in a complicated mood.

He still remembered the excitement of being surrounded by twenty little cuties when he first started this game. Unexpectedly…… there was only one cutie left.

He Ruge looked at the little white tiger in the cage, his feeling particularly complicated. Little White Tiger looked silently at the little rabbit in the cage. His blue eyes were filled with complex emotions that did not match his age. There was grief and depressions, but amongst these negative emotions, there was also a softness that had never appeared before.

A gentle and sad hue of blue.

Reminiscent of the sky above a church, or the waters of a solemn, still lake.

When He Ruge was faced with such a pair of blue eyes, it was no longer possible to describe the little white tiger as childishly fierce, because at this moment, the sharpness of his whole being had melted away like ice and snow.

He used the mouse to click on [Talk].


[He has also become a star. All of us will eventually become a star. I seem to have never told you what my name is.】

[Please always remember it.】

[My name is Xi Guican. If I die one day, it means that I have finally become a star and have returned to brilliance.】

Little White Tiger smiled at He Ruge.


The way Little White Tiger smiled was truly too cute, and He Ruge couldn’t help but take a screenshot.

Because Crow needed him for something, He Ruge left Room 214 and walked to the staff dormitory. As soon as he opened the door, he froze——

The dormitory was stuffed full of various laser weapons and energy bombs. Crow took off his mask and revealed a face that hadn’t seen the sun in so long that it was a ghastly pale. He sat on a large energy cannon and smoked. The smoke lingered in the room, and the scarlet ember light from the cigarette butt flashed in the dimness.


【You came. 】

[The higher-ups have already begun to check Golden Python’s identity. I was responsible for the search target who was on the second floor, and I must give an explanation. 】

[My explanation……]

He blew out a ring of smoke and said hoarsely:

[Is to bomb this laboratory. 】


Xi Guican was lying in the cotton nest and looking at No.19 through the bars of the iron cage. The little rabbit was sipping milk tea. From his perspective, he could see tears falling from the little rabbit’s eyes and splashing into the milk tea. Drop by drop, the small water beads created tiny ripples.

They were like the energy bombs that blew up Golden Python in the night sky, when the outermost energy waves had not yet dissipated, and made ripples of light that remained suspended in the atmosphere.

When he looked up at the sky at that time, he suddenly remembered Golden Python’s wish, “To Fly high and far into the sky and become a star.” 

He really became a star.


Acting as if nothing had happened just now, Rong Xu greeted the other party with a smile, and Qin Cheng naturally responded with a calm nod.

There were many people who would never be able to achieve their dreams their entire lives. So, it was good. The moment he rushed out of the cage, Xi Xing should have been extremely happy.

His heart that had previously been frozen solid suddenly showed signs of cracks. Within his spiritual soul that had long since dried up, seemingly trivial amounts of foreign emotions poured in. 

They were others’ joys. Unreal joys.

But, Xi Guican felt moved by it.

Xi Guican had always believed that joy was a luxury only others could have and had nothing to do with himself. He lacked the ability to empathize, lacked the ability to perceive emotion, and the joys, sorrows, anger and emotions of outsiders were always covered with a veil, making them vague and surreal.

But at this moment, through that thin veil, Xi Guican was able to feel the soft and warm touch of joy.

Not fear, not disgust, not indifference. 

Nor was it the sense of despair he had previously experienced. 

That day, back then, the golden python had died in front of him. When his cloudy eyes lost their light and his large body suddenly collapsed, a suffocating despair spread out and enveloped his entire being.

For so many years, he seemed to have only experienced negative emotions. Despair, madness, collapse and suppression. 

Now, he was experiencing so, so many different emotions that it practically overwhelmed his perception.

It turns out that the golden python could leave the world this happily?

Obviously, this was just a game, but Xi Guican couldn’t help but take it seriously. Everything was too realistic, and he felt that he needed some sense of false comfort to numb himself.

Little White Tiger turned his head to look at He Ruge who was holding him. The young man’s eyes nervously looked upwards. His black eyes were unblinking, and bright, dazzling light reflected in those dark eyes like a starry night sky.

They looked so nice.

Little White Tiger quietly watched him for a long time.

He wanted to tell He Ruge that for people like them, death as an ending wasn’t the most terrifying thing. Rather, lingering aimlessly in the world until dying an unknown death was the most terrifying. That kid of quiet death gave people the illusion–

That maybe they never existed in the first place.

He wanted to comfort the person in front of him, but when Xi Guican recalled the moment he destroyed the Starry Sea Orphanage and broke through the cage, he realized that he wasn’t even happy at that time.

…because that day, the monster slumbering in his body had been released. It wasn’t him who broke through the cage that day. It was that monster. 

It was that monster who broke free from the restraints of reason, ruined everything, and also ruined himself.

That horrifying, slumbering monster was him, yet wasn’t him.

Xi Guican could feel that the monster in his body had become extremely weak, so weak that it only remained on its last breath as it lingered in his body. If there was a knife that could cross through the body, Xi Guican was wholly willing to gouge out the monster himself, just like cutting out rotten flesh from a wound, and separate the monster from his body.


That monster was not rotten flesh. It was part of his heart, and every pulse of his left atrium, every breath that he took, was proof of the monster’s existence.

In fact, Xi Guican always felt that he was immersed in a swamp bog, with a dark night sky looming above his head. He meandered in the swamp for a long, long time, and when he was tired, the monster would appear, dominating his body and continue to wander aimlessly.

Clearly, he and the monster had lived mutually dependent on each other for so many years, yet when he finally left the swamp, he immediately wanted to cull the monster from his body, to rip the Zerg wings from his body.

He had walked out of Starry Sea Orphanage and walked to the Federation, only to find that the Federation was just another swamp. The sky above his head was still the same darkness. 

He was a wanderer who struggled in life. He had never belonged to any place, and no place welcomed him.

How did Xi Guican come to have this disease? In fact, Xi Guican had already vaguely guessed the truth.

But, so what if he guessed the truth. He understood these people. Even he wanted to destroy himself with his own two hands — he who was rotten from the roots, from the bones.

He knew, and only he knew, that he was never a monster created by the Starry Sea Orphanage. He was……

Born a monster.

Early the next morning, before dawn, Rong Xu silently crept out of bed. Without disturbing Qin Cheng, he arrived early to the filming site.

No matter if he tried his best to be a normal person, no matter if he ripped out the Zerg wings with his own hands, the wounds on his body would still exist and never disappear.

Before encountering this game, Xi Guican had already been determined to die. He allowed himself to drown in the swamp, feeling the silt suffocate him as it filled his mouth and nose.

But, one day, in the hollow darkness, a ray of light suddenly penetrated the thick, dark clouds and landed on his face. He yearned for, loved, and desired to get close to this ray of light, but he knew that the light was only illusory, like a flower in the mirror, or a moon in the water. He can’t hold it with his grasp.

The beam of light shone on his face, his body, and the swamp. Following the light’s path, he reached out from the muck and plucked one star, and then another star……

Those stars then flew into the sky, and the dark night sky that had loomed over his head for so long was suddenly lit up by a plethora of shining stars.

They twinkled and shined like the song He Ruge was singing.

Twinkling and sparkling, a sky filled with stars hanging in the sky to shine. The faint starlight broke through the clouds, and sprinkled onto him from up high.

This was light. 

He Ruge was the light in his life, illuminating his dark world, illuminating the beauty hidden in the darkness that he has never discovered in the past.

Before meeting He Ruge, he always thought he would never be favored by fate. However, at this moment, when he looked up at the starry skies, Xi Guican realized that the stars above his head had always been there. But, they were blocked by the dark clouds that blinded his eyes, so he had never discovered the beauty of the world he lived in.

The first half of his life was spent sunken in the muck, so he also believed that the people and things around him were “debris in the same river”, “corrupted in filth”, and “unsightly.”1 But now, fate was telling him that it isn’t like that. 

Those people were just stars that had fallen from the sky.

The golden python was like this.

The little rabbit was also like this.

So, did that mean…… he was the same?

Did that mean he was not rotten to the bone? That the filth on his body was just silt and dust, such that when he washed them away, he would also become a star in the sky?

Xi Guican looked on quietly at the young man in front of him. After a long time passed, he whispered: “All of us will eventually become a star.”

So, I will also become a star.

“I seem to have never told you my name.”

It used to be the name of despair and death.

“Please always remember it.”

Now that he had regained his emotions.

“My name is Xi Guican. If I die one day, it means that I have finally become a star and have returned to brilliance.”

It was you who picked me up from the swampy muck and sent me to the skies.

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同流合污, 污秽不堪, 不堪入目: 3 separate idioms that describe the idea that those in the same circumstance behave similarly. In this case, it would be “those stuck in the swamp have the same filth”

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 28 (Part 3) – Sweet, not Bitter

I wanted to at least get chapter 29 done before I released part 3, but also didn’t want to delay all the posts. Hence, I still ended up posting this now. A warning though QAQ This chapter made me tear up a little. If you don’t want to end on a sad note, I’d suggest waiting till chapter 29 is up (sometime within 2 or 3 days). 

Trigger warnings: prepare to be sad T^T

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


Rong Xu scrolled through the more than 20 Weibo posts from Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: “……”

The Medicine-Seeking Rat coughed a few times before he leaned in and whispered to He Ruge in a low voice.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[Ruan Ruan …… doesn’t have much time left. I have some milk tea powder here. Use it as a placebo and make some for Ruan Ruan to drink. Children like to drink sweet things. 】

【Name】: Milk tea powder

[Quality]: Normal

[Evaluation]: This is a sweet milk tea powder, after drinking it, one’s mood will improve~

In front of the screen, He Ruge was shell-shocked.

What did he mean ‘Ruan Ruan’s time is running out’? He had just learned Little Rabbit’s name, had just watched the stars together with Little Rabbit. There were many, many things they had left to do together. Nothing had started yet. How could it be already ending?

Time passed slowly while he was reading the various retweets and confessions from this multiple personality fan. Rong Xu was initially taken aback when he saw Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s first Weibo post tonight, but then he smiled helplessly.

【Countdown: 00:15:01 Seconds】

A bright red countdown timer hung from the upper right corner, refusing He Ruge the luxury of further contemplation. He grabbed the Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit and put them into the medicine basket, and then followed behind the Medicine-Seeking Rat with a mask on.

Medicine-Seeking Rat was a very, very old man. He walked extremely slowly, but steadily in every step. Many old people at that age would have a hunchback, but the Medicine-Seeking Rat did not; he stood with his back straight and his steps were also stable and precise. He was an old man who, if standing with his back towards you, would give you the image of “strict and decent”.

It was especially so with the white coat and gray hair, giving off an aura of a highly respected elderly doctor who otherwise looked out of place in the Starry Sea Orphanage. He should be at home surrounded by grandchildren in a living room decorated with “The Benevolence of a Doctor” and “Hands of Miracles” on the wall.

Why would the Medicine-Seeking Rat appear in Starry Sea Orphanage? He Ruge recalled back to the “Mysterious Infirmary” side mission. Since the last time, he had only made a bit of progress on the mission’s overall completion.

What was the Medicine-Seeking Rat’s secret? It was still all a mystery.

With Medicine-Seeking Rat’s lead, He Ruge made it back to Room 214 practically at the last second of the specified time.

Crow, who was guarding Room 214, looked at He Ruge in surprise.

While chatting, the night grew late. When Qin Cheng raised his hand to turn off the light beside the bed, he heard the youth’s warm and soft come from behind him: “Good night.”


[Go to the staff dormitory later, I have something to discuss with you.】

When Crow finished speaking, he turned and left.

He Ruge put Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit back into their cages. He initially wanted to express his gratitude to the Medicine-seeking rat, but at this time, the Medicine-seeking rat had already left without a sound.

The scenes to be filmed today were mainly the outdoor scenes in the Square. Taking advantage of the good weather, Director Yuan specially advanced this scene and ensured that all the actors were ready.

[The side mission “Hide and Seek” is complete, you have receive the reward “Universal Door Card”]

[Name]: Universal door card

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: This is a universal door card that can open any of the doors in Starry Sea Orphanage

Such a useful prop! He Ruge, who was filled with worry and anxiety all night, finally obtained some sense of comfort.

The action scenes for each movie were always different. Even if it was the same actor and the action scenes were similar to another movie, they would never be exactly the same for each movie. Strictly speaking, martial arts scenes must take into account the weather, terrain, time and other factors.

However, the moment He Ruge looked at the little rabbit, his mood which had finally been lifted rapidly fell all the way back down. Little Rabbit had lost a lot of weight. He Ruge hadn’t noticed it before, but now, when he examined the little rabbit carefully, he found Little Rabbit’s appearance was no longer a plump jade. The silver Zerg wings on Little Rabbit’s body were like gluttonous parasites, robbing the little rabbit of his nutrients.

If one removed his fluffy fur, it was estimated that he’d become stick thin.

Indescribable sadness permeated his heart, such that if it gained substance, it would condense into a dark cloud and let down a pattering of rain in He Ruge’s heart.

To He Ruge, Little Rabbit was still special.

His existence was more important to him than the golden python’s. In He Ruge’s heart, the little white tiger was ranked first, and the little rabbit was second. Although the golden python death caused He Ruge to be sad for a while, after grieving, he was still able to be happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

Because he knew that the golden python’s wish was to fly amongst the stars, and death was his best ending.

However, the little rabbit was different.

What he yearned for most was never the starry skies. It might be a rain of candy falling from the sky- One, two, all his favorite lemon flavor.

He Ruge’s mood was a little depressed. He wanted to hug the little rabbit and speak softly to him, but this was only a game. He was in front of the screen while the little rabbit was inside the screen. The only thing he could do was open his backpack and make a cup of warm milk tea for the little rabbit.

The scent of milk tea floated into the little rabbit’s nose. Little Rabbit sniffed and then looked at the milk tea in He Ruge’s hands with sparkling eyes.

Yuan Laoba handsomely led his martial arts team and designed various special action moves for Maze City. For today’s scene, they were filming the moment when Tan Yangxuan spies a human trafficker he had once caught near the square


[Chi “Is this the medicine Grandpa Doctor gave me? It smells so good~”】

The little rabbit happily held the milk tea in his paws and drank it without blowing on it, resulting in him burning his tongue. The little rabbit stuck out his tongue pitifully. However, no worries ever stayed with Little Rabbit for too long, and pain seemed to be the same. The pain on his tongue soon flew away, and the little rabbit bowed his head again to drink the milk tea.

The warm steam blurred the little rabbit’s expression, and He Ruge could only hear the gulping sounds of the little rabbit drinking the milk tea.

When the little rabbit raised his head again, he had already finished off all the milk tea.

If Xue Jiazhe still wanted to kill, they could film a part two. If the box office performance wasn’t good enough, then the story would end there, leaving room for the audience’s imagination.


Chi “”It’s sweet, not bitter”】

His ruby-like eyes shone with a film of water. The little rabbit looked at the empty cup reluctantly, and then reluctantly looked up at He Ruge and Little White Tiger.


[It’s sweet, I’m not bitter】

The little rabbit was fully curled up on the cotton nest. He watched He Ruge with his ruby-red eyes and said with a sweet, milky voice:

[I want to hear you sing a song.】

It was as if they’d returned to Room B6, He Ruge singing a song for that silly Little Rabbit who was overawed by something as simple as sunshine. 

He Ruge sang naively to the screen.

Silliness was contagious, and He Ruge had been infected by the little rabbit and also become a fool.


Even knowing that the bunny in the game can’t hear anything, He Ruge still sang a nursery rhyme to the screen: “Twinkle and twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky~” 

“Twinkle and twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the sky so high, like a diamond in the sky~“ 1


im not crying, you’re crying D:

Ruan Ruan was a little rabbit. He wasn’t the fastest at learning to speak, but he was definitely the most diligent! Because once he learned a phrase, he would repeat it all day long.

For example, Mom, I love you~

For example, Dad, I love you~

During those times, Mother Rabbit would say that Ruan Ruan is a silly, bubbling little rabbit. But, Ruan Ruan never felt that he was silly. He believed he is very smart, because how else would he know that the day his parents said “we’ll be back soon” was a lie.

Otherwise, why would Mother’s eyes swell up?

But, Ruan Ruan was a considerate and understanding little rabbit. He tried hard to convince himself of what his parents had said and waited long for them to come back. He waited and waited for a long time, but his parents never came back.

But, it’s okay. He would change locations and wait for his parents to come back. However, this new place was dark and made him scared. Ruan Ruan was a little rabbit who was afraid of the dark.

Back then, when he still slept with his parents, there was always a night light by the bedside specially reserved for him.

It was a dazzling light, like a little star in the dark night.

He had been really scared, but fortunately, he met a beautiful siren. That siren would give him delicious fruit candies and would sing songs to him. Once he listened to the songs sung by the siren, his head would no longer hurt.

Ruan Ruan really liked the siren. He liked the siren as much as he liked his mom and dad. 

And if you like someone, you have to tell them.

So, the little rabbit told the youth before him very seriously, “I like you very much~”

“I also like candy~ Do you have any candy?”

He really liked Siren, and he also really liked candy. Yet, the young man in front of him showed an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He treated it as listening to a child’s joking words.

There were always so many uncanny situations in the world, such as how He Ruge ended up treating the Little Rabbit’s sincerity as childish words.

However, He Ruge was better than other adults because he never lied to children.

Ruan Ruan had asked He Ruge, will you come again?

The young man had smiled and said, he will.

Ah, he continued to come back the entire time. Siren truly was a very gentle and promise-keeping adult. He never promised something he didn’t keep, but rather only talked about it after doing it.

For example, taking Ruan Ruan to see the stars. 

Looking at the bright starry skies through the glass window, he spotted two small, shining stars. Though they were not the brightest nor conspicuous, their light was soft and gentle, like the light from the night light beside his bed in the past.

The two little stars flickered slightly, as if they were mom and dad’s eyes smiling at Ruan Ruan.

Do people really become stars after they die? Ruan Ruan had once asked Little White Tiger about this.

Then, Ruan Ruan discovered that not only do adults like to lie, but children also liked to lie. How could people become stars when they die? But, Little Rabbit was an empathetic little rabbit, and he always cooperated with everyone’s lies.

Sometimes, if you believed in certain lies for a long time, they would become a truth. For example, that Mom and Dad would come back soon, that people will turn into stars after death, that medicine is naturally sweet.

Ruan Ruan hated hardship. At first, when Siren fed him medicine, he believed Siren was a bad person. Later that night, he recovered from the illness and Siren fed him candy. Then, he believed that Siren was a good person.

“Bitter medicine can treat illnesses, silly little fool.”

He even said he was a silly little fool; even a little fool knew that medicine was bitter. Now, they’re using sweet milk tea to trick him into thinking it’s medicine. Then who exactly was the bigger fool?

But, the empathetic Ruan Ruan never revealed anyone’s lies. He was just really hungry, so, so hungry. After transplanting his Zerg wings, his stomach kept telling him he was hungry.

Thus, drinking a cup of sweet, hot milk tea was indeed a very joyous thing.

Ruan Ruan couldn’t wait to take a sip of the milk tea, and ended up scalding his tongue. The pain made tears come out, but Siren was still in a daze and didn’t come up to comfort him. Yes, Siren was Siren, not mom nor dad. Only moms and dads would say to him, “Pain, pain fly away”.

He lowered his head and drank milk tea in big gulps while secretly shedding a few tears under the cover of the steam. His salty tears fell into the sweet, hot milk tea, and it all tasted sweet.

And so, Ruan Ruan’s mood improved again. He drank the milk tea, and then looked up Siren and No.20.

It’s sweet, and he wasn’t bitter. But, he was very tired and wanted to have a good sleep. Maybe, when he wakes up from his nap, there will be no more worries.

Siren was singing to him in a soft voice. It was as if his mother was beside him singing him a lullaby.

The twinkling little stars were father and mother. This time, he believed it.

The little rabbit slowly closed his eyes and fell into a permanent dream.

Damn onion ninjas

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Original: Twinkle and twinkle, sparkle and shine, the sky is full of little stars, hanging in the sky to shine, like many little shining eyes~ Twinkle and twinkle, sparkle and shine, the sky is full of little stars, the sun is sinking slowly westward, the crows are going home in flocks, the stars blink their little eyes, twinkling and shining until dawn~”

Oh, my poor heart QAQ. I promise it gets better, though. Also, don’t forget the Goblin Ball that keeps making appearances in the earlier chapters!

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