What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 40 (Part 2) – Acknowledge and Correct One’s Mistakes

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He Ruge went offline after delivering the candy, so he didn’t know that the little monster had put the fruit candy into his mouth, gnashing it with his teeth a few times, unskillfully tasting the first ever fruit candy of his life. 

Tears unknowingly started streaming down his face. 

It wasn’t because of pain, nor because of sadness. The little monster lay on the soft bedding, and his body felt like it was being stretched out on all sides by a pair of invisible hands, his bones making teeth-shattering cracking sounds and pain engulfed his entire being. No matter if it was his flesh or bones, his liver or brain, there was no place that wasn’t in pain. 

Tears wet the bedding thoroughly as the little monster said to the sleeping Xi Guican while holding the candy in his mouth: “I’m……” 


“So hateful.” 



After going offline, there was no pain coming from his hand at all. He Ruge looked at his uninjured right hand and let out a sigh of relief from the breath that he had been holding in. 

With a complete pair of hands, he typed more than 500 words for his manuscripts before turning off the computer and going to bed. 

When he woke up the next morning, He Ruge logged into the game and harvested an even bigger…… white tiger. 

When the little monster stood up, his head already reached He Ruge’s waist height, and his entire body length from head to tail was more than two meters. The sleek black stripes on the snow-white fur undulated with his muscle movements as he walked. 

The tiger’s body was fit and beautiful, the Zerg wings on its shoulders shone with clean edges, the sharp tiger claws and pointed teeth were murderous weapons, and the icy blue eyes were filled with a predator’s malice. 

His (He Ruge’s) sense of aversion became heavier. He Ruge had just managed to overcome his instinctual fear of the little monster, but at this moment his legs began to soften again. 

If he clashed with the little monster now, he would be thoroughly beaten[1]

The little monster wouldn’t hold grudges, right? 

He Ruge’s hand which was holding the nutrient solution trembled slightly, and he impelled himself to place the nutrient solution just one meter away from the little monster, not even daring to breathe too deeply. 

The little monster didn’t make a sound. When he realized He Ruge’s nervousness, he instead took a step back and stood in a corner of the wall. His stood silently with his head hung down like a child who knew he did something wrong. Such a large physique still carried a whisper of childishness in its every move. 

Goodness gracious, the little monster would actually feel like he did something wrong! 

He Ruge was even more shocked than when he was bitten by the little monster. He originally thought that educating the little monster would be a protracted battle and would take countless time and energy to pound (the idea of being morally right into) the little monster.

He didn’t expect it to be this effective right from the start. 

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The little monster who couldn’t tell right from wrong actually felt like he had done something wrong. This was a huge improvement. He needed to take advantage of this opportunity to thoroughly ingrain this into the little monster’s head and strike while the iron was hot to achieve the greatest effect. 

He Ruge leaned against the wall, forcibly putting on a valiant facade and not allowing his soft legs to expose him. He cleared his throat and said: “You…… are you still in pain now?” 

The preaching words had swirled around in his mouth, but what came out were words of concern. Suddenly growing this big would definitely hurt a lot. 

The little monster silently stared at his own paws (not responding to He Ruge), almost as if waiting for his paws to sprout flowers. 

“Don’t worry about today’s injection. As long as your performance is good, I have a way to relieve the pain.” He Ruge could only talk aloud to himself: “You suddenly became so big, your body has grown up, so your mentality must also mature. You can no longer think of yourself as a child, you must learn to be a little adult.” 

“In the future, you need to learn to control your emotions, do you understand? If you’re unhappy or angry, we must use words to communicate. This is the so-called gentlemen fight with words, not hands……” 

He Ruge stuttered for a moment, and then rejected the idea while looking at the little monster’s mouth[2].

“It’s not gentlemanly to bite. You are already this old now. If you bite me like you did when you were a child, then you’ll never see me again.” 

The little monster remained silent, not even lifting his head. 

“Us mature adults don’t hold grudges[3]. If you are obedient in the future, I will still like you very much.” He Ruge couldn’t continue on. The little monster’s low pressure was strong enough to bring the entire room’s pressure down. He Ruge dryly ended his tirade that wasn’t convincing at all and then supported his hand on the wall as he prepared to leave the room. 

When He Ruge was about to step out of the room, a hoarse voice suddenly came from behind him: “You……” 

“Does your hand still hurt?” 

The voice belonged to a teen in their voice changing period, and though it was less pleasant to hear compared to the milky voice of his childhood, He Ruge felt that it was the most beautiful voice in the world. The concern hidden behind his tone made the corners of He Ruge’s lips rise uncontrollably. 

Perhaps this was the gratification one felt when watching a child grow up.[4] 

He Ruge turned his head around to look at the little monster’s unnatural expression and said: “It hurts.” 

The little monster’s blue eyes were a little at a loss. 

“My hand hurts so much, yet I still came to deliver the nutrient solution to you. Therefore, you are not allowed to bite me again in the future, otherwise I’ll never deliver nutrient solutions to you anymore, got it?” 

The little monster nodded very slowly, and he saw the smile on the corner of the man’s lips grow bigger, as if he was glad to exit the room. 

He left again. 

The little monster picked up the nutrient solution from on the ground. When he recalled that person’s smile, the nutrient solution, which originally had no taste, became a few degrees sweeter in his mouth. 

When this man laughed, it was so nice. 

He now seemed to understand a little why Xi Guican liked this person so much. 

His chest felt both sore and stuffy. 

This emotion had sprouted the moment he saw the bandages, and should be Xi Guican’s emotions. When Xi Guican wakes up, he will definitely come pick a fight. 

Because …… he had bitten that man. 

And bitten till he bled. 

As soon as he thought of this, Xi Guican felt very distressed. 

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TL note: Oh, Little monster bby. That’s all you, love.


[1]Direct translation: hanged up and beaten around, meaning “no way to fight back”

[2]血盆: literally: blood basin. It refers to a beast’s maw and the saying originates from ancient rituals of blood letting/blood sacrifices

[3]AHHHAHAHA. YEA, MHHMM. Being an adult means no grudges ewe cuz you deal with them directly cough. I mean…should always be polite >_>

[4]Direct Translation: This must be the pleased feeling of watching one’s family’s child growing up.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 40 (Part 1) – Acknowledge and Correct One’s Mistakes

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The severe stinging pain caused by the ripped wound made He Ruge’s entire body tense up. He forcibly suppressed the pained scream in his throat and he gritted his teeth to hold strong. 

The little monster, this little broken child, really bit down so mercilessly. 

He Ruge suspected that (a chunk) flesh on his hands was about to be bitten off. For a writer like him, his hands were as equally important as his brain. Fortunately, this was just a game, so even if the pain was retained at a rate of 100%, it would not injure his real body. 

He Ruge didn’t have the guts to look at the wound, simply shifting his face to the side and gazing into the void. The wound on his hand was so painful that he practically entered a state of nothingness; not screaming and bawling in front of the child already took the last bit of his willpower. 

At the same time, He Ruge was also considering an issue. He was only bitten and the pain was already this unbearable. Then, what about the little monster? What about all the other experimental subjects in the orphanage? How much pain have these cubs suffered? 

They had experienced so much pain, a long and endless pain. Yet, when the pain finally disappears, it was at the moment of their death. 

What wrongs have these children committed? 


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The gurgling blood flowed out from the corner of the little monster’s mouth as he stared with bloodshot eyes at the side of He Ruge’s face. When the gaze from the crazed and belligerent eyes slammed into that pair of slightly narrowed dark eyes, he (the little monster) strangely calmed down. 

“If you really like someone, you wouldn’t be able to bear making them uncomfortable.” The (voice’s) tone was gentle and soothing[1]

The air was perfused with the heavily sweet scent of blood. It was an all-pervasive fragrance, an almost sinister sweet fragrance. The delicious blood coated his fur and flowed into his anger-fueled, dry throat, smoothing out his (rage-)constricted esophagus. 

“But, you must understand one thing.” 

The flowing blood was like a bright red fruit bred from a grafting of malice and rooted in the soil of sin. Thin skin and thick flesh, abundant with juice, outstanding in color, and alluring in smell. 

“I am willing to be hurt by you, not because I am weak” 

A steady stream of warm blood poured into his mouth, consequently also warming his entire body. The first place to heat up was his chest. Then, the warmth spread and continued to flow into his long desiccated spiritual sea, gushing into the lethal and unexplored depths of his soul. 

“But because I like you.” 

The original span of desolate soul wasteland actually received a blessing of nectar. An unnamed seed that landed on the malicious soil took root and sprouted, blooming into a field of unknown red flowers across the mountains and plains. 

What was ‘like’? 

The red slowly dissipated and a layer of confusion reappeared in those blue eyes. The little monster slowly opened his mouth. Due to the pain caused by the gene altering solution, it was difficult for him to even open his mouth. 

His line of sight fell on the other party’s bone-deep wound. This was a wound he bit out. The little monster knew that this person’s hand was very pretty before it was injured. 

The young man’s face and lips were both bloodless, no longer as rosy and full as before. 

He’d done something wrong again. 

…… Xi Guican liked this person, so he (the little monster) wasn’t allowed to hurt him. 

The little monster told this to himself as a way of explaining his own abnormal behavior of releasing his bite. It was clear that he had just been holding a ‘won’t relent till death’ determination against the other party. Yet, at this time, the flames of determination to die together were suddenly completely extinguished, and all the negativity in his heart was burned into ashes. 

I won’t bite him because Xi Guican likes him. 

The little monster kept feeling that this explanation was a little off, but he couldn’t understand what exactly was wrong about it. The little monster sat dazedly on the bedding, a sense of pain and confusion intense enough to drown him hit him all at once, and he carefully curled up into a ball as he closed his eyes and said to the person: “You, leave.” 

I don’t want to bite you again. 

Because when I bit you just then, the left side of my chest felt uncomfortable. 

That should have been Xi Guican’s emotions. When Xi Guican ripped out his Zerg wings in the past, his (the little monster’s) pain was also transmitted to Xi Guican. 

He Ruge let out a sigh of relief. He gave the wound a small glance before quickly looking away. Hearing the little monster’s tone of forcibly sending out a guest, He Ruge wasn’t annoyed. In fact, the little monster’s behavior of voluntarily letting go after a while was already beyond He Ruge’s expectations. 

He thought that the little monster, this type of selfish broken child, would not give up unless a piece of flesh was bitten off. If the little monster really did that, would he still be fond of the little monster? 

He Ruge didn’t know. 

In reality, the majority of his current affection towards the little monster was due to his love for the little white tiger. He Ruge felt extremely guilty that he had personally sent the little white tiger into the brainwashing room. Perhaps it was because of those feelings that he was more tolerant towards the little monster. 

Considering that the little monster hated the smell of the spray, He Ruge didn’t immediately use the universal medicine spray. When he was leaving, He Ruge also inquired into the little monster’s status. 


[Like]: The little monster likes you very much, although he, himself, doesn’t know it. Favorability 80.

Such a big gift of goodwill. It was practically bite one, get one favorability. 

He Ruge’s mood was a bit complicated. He slowly closed the door and squatted down to spray his wound and stop the bleeding. The medicine spray given by the medicine-seeking rat worked quite well, and although it couldn’t make a wound heal immediately, it had a strong analgesic effect. He Ruge also spent a little heart in the Love Mall to buy himself a medical-grade bandage. 

Though, he had never used a medical-grade bandage before, so he wrapped it all ugly and bulky. 

He Ruge put the remaining bandage back into the backpack. The backpack’s existence inside the holographic VR game was very special, and as long as he thought of the word “backpack” in his mind, the backpack’s inventory grid would appear in front of him. 

After putting the bandage into the backpack, He Ruge discovered that the fruit candy he’d specially bought for the little monster (previously) had yet to be used. 

And so, he pushed open the door again and gently placed a candy next to the little monster. 

“Strawberry flavor, I don’t know if you’d like it or not.”

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  1. Gentle and soothing: Directly translated, the original raws would mean: gentle words said to someone of close relationship, ie: lovers, family, bosom friends, etc. Overall a very caring and sincere tone.

I am going through and editing all the chapters of WDBKFMGB (starting from chapter 9) to fix any poor grammar, mistranslations, broken formatting, etc! I proofread the first WDBKFMGB chapter I translated today…… and gosh…… what a mess it was lolol.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 39 (Part 2) – Once you Get on A Tiger’s Back, it’s Difficult to Get Off

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It was wrong for the little monster to bite people, but he had also touched the little monster’s head and sprayed the little monster with the universal medical spray, which was even worse. 

But, to talk reason with the little monster, the other party would definitely not listen. 

He definitely had to figure out a solution to this issue, otherwise he couldn’t think about touching a tiger for the rest of this lifetime. 

He Ruge brainstormed until he was almost bald, but he still couldn’t come up with a perfect solution. You have to apologize if you did something wrong; acknowledging and making up for one’s sins was the right way. 

How should he apologize? 

The cotton nest that was tucked under two paws and used as a pillow floated into his mind. The little monster had grown much bigger, but the cotton nest had not been replaced. Thus, the little monster could only lie on the cold, hard ground. 

Maybe he could help the little monster replace it with a larger cotton bedding. 


Once an idea was hatched, it must be undertaken. He Ruge went into the Love Mall and purchased a new set of bedding. Initially, he was a little worried that the bedding’s uncertain origins would cause the game’s NPCs to think something was off. However, a line from the description in the Love Mall dispelled He Ruge’s worries: 

“All commodities in this mall are reasonable game existences, and the source of the products will be self-explanatory. May the players please rest assured and purchase without worry.” 

He Ruge held the brand new bedding set and stood in front of the door nervously. He thought back and forth and also bought a piece of fruit candy from the shop before putting his hand on the doorknob. 

Why was it so nerve wracking every time he had to open a door.

He Ruge couldn’t feel a hint of the heartwarming love from the beginning. If being attacked and being cursed out were signs of love, then he must have obtained the little monster’s deep love. Thinking of it like this was pretty good. 

The door opened ajar, and He Ruge, who was already experienced in open door surprise attacks, was not flustered when the little monster charged through. He took a deep breath, and before his brain reacted, his hands already captured the aggressive little monster in the thick lump of bedding. 

The quality of the bedding produced by Love Mall was comparatively better (than the ones originally in the game), and the lump of bedding was able to withstand the little monster’s crazed clawing attacks. Before the little monster could escape the bedding’s restraints, He Ruge sat down directly on the bedding and pinned the struggling little monster underneath. 

No matter how fierce the little monster was at this moment, he could only reach as high as He Ruge’s knees. The advantages of his claws and fangs were restricted by the quilt, and the difference in body size was infinitely enlarged. 

The tiger’s roars were muffled inside the bedding. 

At this moment, the little monster was being overwhelmed by Mount Tai, while He Ruge was also finding it difficult to get off a tiger’s back after mounting it. 

“AAAHHHHHH, I’m going to kill you!!!” The little monster discarded all logical reasoning. 

He Ruge used his entire strength to hold down the chaotically struggling little monster and checked on the little monster’s status. 

No. 20 

[Like]: The little monster thinks you are very delicious, Favorability 60

The favorability level hadn’t increased or decreased. 

Was the little monster’s affections towards him the same as the fondness shown for a reserve food source? 

He Ruge, who seemingly stumbled upon the truth, sighed again. Since the appearance of the little monster, the frequency of He Ruge’s sighs had increased exponentially. 

“Just then, I was in the wrong. I’m sorry.” He Ru Ge spoke in a soft voice, hoping to communicate with the little monster. 

The tiger’s roars were still filled with anger. The little monster refused to accept He Ruge’s apology. 

“Your cotton nest is too small. As compensation, I’m gifting you a set of new bedding.” He Ruge continued: “Do your eyes still hurt? I shouldn’t have sprayed you with the universal medicine spray, nor should I have touched your head casually.” 

Sharp claws tore through the bedding cover, but got tangled in the soft cotton. The claws that could scratch the hard ground were actually rendered useless in soft cotton. 

The little monster’s (mental) state was too bad, making it completely impossible to communicate (properly). 

Even if He Ruge spoke until flowers bloomed from his mouth[1], he wasn’t able to win the little monster’s forgiveness. The little monster had a broken “being generous to oneself and strict to others” character. He could bite He Ruge and act like he did nothing wrong. Yet, after being hurt by He Ruge, it was like he had a heaven defying, unresolvable enmity. 

This kind of character really gave people a headache. 

No heart, no lungs[3], no concept of right or wrong, using one’s own happiness as the criterion for considering everything.

Imagine if he treated the little monster with a patient tone and good temper, how would the little monster have reacted? 

This kind of small broken child won’t listen to simple persuasion, so the disconnect in his character couldn’t be changed. Whenever he wanted to take a bite out of He ruge, he would take a bite of He Ruge, regardless of He Ruge’s consent. 

No. 20 thinks you are delicious. 

Actually, the little monster had never placed or communicated with him on the same level. 

Therefore, he had to be stern in the moment. With such a perfectly timed scenario and setting, when he still had the capacity to teach the little monster a lesson, he must thoroughly give him a disciplinary lesson! 

Be courteous then strict, both soft and hard. If he continuously treated the little monster well, this little broken child would only take it for granted. Then, in the future, won’t he point his nose and face to the sky before ascending to the heavens?[2] 

After He Ruge understood the seriousness of the situation, he steeled his heart and said sternly:  “Yesterday, you bit me twice. Today, I touched your head and sprayed you with medicinal spray. Therefore, we are even.” 

He took out the syringe from the medicine box as he sat on the little monster’s back. He restrained the little monster firmly and then lifted a corner of the bedding, pointing (the syringe) at the little monster’s plump buttocks. Bracing himself and disregarding the little monster’s intense struggles, a shot on the butt descended. 

He Ruge paused and said one word at a time: “You wanted the injection, I gave you the injection. I am a person who has a clear definition of grievances. In my heart, this matter between the two of us has been canceled out.” 

Being injected with the gene altering solution, the little monster twisted and struggled even more as painful whimpering sounded from his mouth. 

“Does it hurt? I know the side effects of the genetic medicine induce extreme pain. You must be furious right now and think that I’m saying just spouting random apathetic words, right?” 

He Ruge lifted the bedding that was covering the little monster’s head, and before the little monster’s eyes could even turn red, he whispered: “I am also in pain.

“My heart is in pain.

“Maybe you don’t understand what it truly means to like someone. Your liking of me is the same like towards to a reserve food source.

“But, if you really like someone, you wouldn’t be able to bear making them uncomfortable.” 

He Ruge placed his own hand beside the little monster’s mouth. His dark-colored eyes drooped slightly, and his raven black eyelashes concealed the complex emotions swirling around in his eyes. His downcast eyes showed a hint of compassionate tenderness. Like this, He Ruge tenderly and lightly said in his uniquely tolerant tone: “Bite, ba.

“However much you hurt, you can bite equivalently.

“But, you must understand one thing. I am willing to be hurt by you, not because I am weak, but because I like you.” 

He Ruge didn’t use the pain nullifier that was in his backpack. It’s not that he chose to never use it, but rather that the timing was not right. The next time he injected the genetic medicine, he would use that rare prop (if necessary). 

There were some pains that need to be remembered

Whether it was his or the little monster’s. 


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[1]Spoke until flowers bloomed from his mouth: say flowery and beautiful words to placate him

[2]Point his nose and face to the sky before ascending to the heavens: being too proud and arrogant so as to believe he can go against the heavens

[3]No heart, no lungs: refers to being cruel and vicious, even to those close to you, without any hint of remorse. Lacking in emotion

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I translate each chapter directly from the raws and spend hours upon hours for each post QwQ. I generally use a voice reader app that reads the text to me while I translate it to English. Yes, some parts might sound choppy because the Chinese language tends to use “implied context” and omitted subjects/verbs/adverbs etc. I do try to include the implied context where applicable, as identified by (parentheses). On the bright side! The said MTL site has removed my translations per repeated request, so I am hoping that no further issues arise in the near future.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 39 (Part 1) – Once you Get on A Tiger’s Back, it’s Difficult to Get Off

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The little monster latched onto He Ruge’s foot and urged impatiently: “Forget it, if you must inject then inject quickly.” 

Although the injection will be painful, each injection will bring greater strength and allow him to become more powerful. Between being weak and being in pain, the little monster would rather choose pain. 

The randomly swinging small paws unintentionally lifted up He Ruge’s trousers, revealing the ankles that were entwined with red streaks. The cream colored skin that contrasted against the ribbons of red painted an almost enchanting beauty. 

A deep and intense red. 

Xi Guican’s favorite colors were white and pallid colors, but the little monster liked red the most. Red like blood, like a plump and juice-filled red strawberry. With one bite, you could taste the flesh of sweet fruit. 

The little monster lowered his head in a mesmerized state and licked the delicate and fragile red patterns.

The wet feeling from his feet awakened He Ruge from his thoughts. 

“You, you can’t randomly lick.” He Ruge sternly stopped the little monster. 

“It’s you who looks too delicious.” The little monster instead blamed He Ruge, “What is that red-ish thing on your feet?” 

Bear children were terrible existences with whom you could not speak reason nor communicate properly with. At this moment, He Ruge finally came to understand the true strength of a bear child. He half squatted helplessly on the ground, facing the pair of lingering blue eyes and said with a bit of pressure: “The red lines are a unique part of my body, you don’t need to care so much about it.” 

Tongue licking his nose, the little monster squinted his eyes and said: “Then, you are also a monster.” 


He Ruge, who was identified as a “monster” by the little monster, said with a headache: “Okay, okay, okay, then I am also a monster. Since we are all monsters, then we must all love each other, no one is allowed to bully another. I won’t give you the shot, you won’t bite me, okay?” 

The act of injecting the little monster with the gene altering solution was inconsistent with He Ruge’s three worldly views (his morals), and there was no one holding a knife to his neck forcing him to do this. Moreover, it was now a VR game, and he no longer had a lack of choice like before. If he really didn’t want to give the little monster an injection, could this game chop him to bits and pieces? 

…… After deliberation, it wasn’t impossible for this pi*s of a game. 

But, no matter how a game is, it couldn’t hurt the ‘him’ in reality. Isn’t playing a game just for entertainment? Playing a game happily and to the heart’s content was the most important thing. 

If, for the sake of completing a so-called “daily task”, he acted against his conscience, then he wasn’t playing a game, but rather was a puppet of the game. 

He Ruge was very serious and determined to take on all the consequences to settle this agreement with the little monster. 

Unexpectedly, he never thought that the little monster would refuse without hesitation in the next second. 

“Not okay.”

He Ruge: “? ? ?”

What was wrong with mutual care and mutual concern between people?

He Ruge felt like he was the brave knight who finally climbed through thorns and spikes and rushed into the dragon’s lair, preparing to rescue the princess who was taken hostage by the dragon. But, who would have thought that the princess would roll their eyes and kiss the dragon right in front of him. 

The little monster replied logically: “With the injection, I can become stronger. If it’s painful, then it’s painful. This kind of pain is only temporary. If I don’t get the injection, it will take an even longer time to become strong, and I have to endure even more pain.”

The main point was “long-term pain is worse than short-term pain”. 

Blue Eye glanced at the gene altering solution with contempt. The little monster at this moment was sporting a demeanor of ‘facing life’s difficulties without fear’. 

He Ruge was dumbfounded as he listened. It actually made a lot of sense, and he couldn’t find any words to rebut it. 

Since you could talk yourself out of your issues so easily[1], then was the initial phrase “I don’t want shots” little monster’s awkward attempt at acting spoiled? This proud tsundere appearance was simply from the exact same mold as Little White Tiger’s. 

What to do when you meet a little kitten that wants to be spoiled? 

Pet, pet once? 

He Ruge lightly stroked the little monster’s proud and contemptuous pie face, the palm of his hand sliding up from the wet nose to the “king” on top of the fluffy forehead. The movements were as soft as a light breeze, and only the fluffed up furs were evidence of the sudden action. 

Blue eyes became large circles in surprise. 

The little monster who finally reacted roared angrily and fiercely: “Not allowed to touch my head!” After roaring, he wanted to bite He Ruge again. 

He Ruge also didn’t know what to think at this moment, but the first thought that appeared in his head was that bear children must not be pampered. 

If the bad habit of biting people was left unchecked since the beginning, then in the future, he won’t be able to be controlled no matter what. Happy, give a bite. Unhappy, give another bite. He Ruge wasn’t a meat bun, and he wasn’t going to become a meat bun. 

He Ruge turned around and took out the universal medical spray and aimed the spray at the little monster. The bitter flavor and medicinal taste sprayed out, not only flying into the little monster’s open mouth, but also into the little monster’s eyes.[2]

The spray was quite spicy to the eyes and the little monster shrank into a ball with a cry, covering his teary eyes with his paws. 

He Ruge took advantage of the fact that the little monster’s had yet to react and quickly lifted the medical box, running out the door like his feet were on fire. When the door closed shut with a bang, He Ruge seemed to hear the little monster roaring angrily with an intent to kill. 

His heart beat, peng peng peng, rapidly, and He Ruge held the medical box as he leaned against the door with unsteady breathing, his expression dazed. 

Just then, he seemed to have done something outrageous. 

Towards that ‘cannot fluff up fur in reverse, can only pet correctly’, little monster, (He Ruge) aimed and sprayed the Universal Medicine Spray. In fact, He Ruge never would have thought the effects of spray would be this big. He just remembered that the little monster didn’t like the smell of the spray, and his brain had yet to react before his body had already acted subconsciously. 

Behind the door came the sound of claws scratching against the door panel in anger, as well as little monster’s almost cracking roar. He Ruge truly had no doubt that if there was no door acting as a barrier, he would’ve been torn to pieces in absolute anger by the little monster. 

He Ruge held the medicine box and tried to reduce his presence. The monster patterns (on his legs) also weren’t working as hard as they did in the beginning. Thus, He Ruge’s legs were only a little soft, and not soft to the extent that he couldn’t move.

Actually, he was the one in the wrong just then and acted first. He clearly knew that the little monster had a bad temper, so he shouldn’t have casually petted. 

The tiger butt can’t be touched, and the tiger head also can’t be touched, ah…… 

The reason why he was able to touch the little monster’s head last time had little to do with the favorability level. It was likely that the little monster was immersed in eating well and didn’t have time to care about him. 

Little monster’s and Little White Tiger’s appearances were exactly the same; it was easy for He Ruge to have the illusion that the little monster can also be touched, just like when he touched Little White Tiger, so he mistakenly thought he could handle the little monster in a similar way. 

This incident could actually be considered his fault. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Original translation: could so easily find a solution to your issues in this way

[2] Take note that it is a “Universal” Medicine Spray, so in theory, it can be used anywhere and is not harmful to the eyes. It might just make the eyes sting a little.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 38 – Don’t Want Shots

Trigger warnings: bites & very detailed descriptions of bite wounds, including blood(?)

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


The little monster bit He Ruge quite painfully. Although Little White Tiger had also scratched and wounded him before, the game at that time was not an immersive virtual reality, and He Ruge had no real feeling of being bitten. 

The pain inside the virtual reality game was reflected 100%, and He Ruge gritted his teeth to endure the pain. 

He wanted to retract his hand from the little monster’s mouth. However, the little monster bit very tightly, and He Ruge was afraid that if he pulled it out forcibly, the wound would rip even more. Blood wet the corners of the little monster’s mouth, and dark red vertical pupils appeared within his blue eyes due to the feeling of excitement. 

Devilish and violent, and filled densely with malice. 

It was at this time that He Ruge finally realized why this game called him a “little monster”. 

To the Little Monster, blood seemed to hold a strong attraction force. When the little monster was excited, dark red vertical pupils would appear in the blue eyes. 

Apart from these, were there other strange things about the little monster? 

He Ruge tried his best to think random thoughts in order to distract himself and lessen the pain. 

The little monster bit him for more than a minute before finally releasing his mouth reluctantly. The little monster looked at the wound on the back of He Ruge’s hand obsessively.  Because He Ruge’s hands were very white, even a slight bump would leave marks, not to mention the little monster had just bitten it so deeply. 

“You are mine~” The tip of his tongue lapped at the flowing blood. 

He Ruge took a cold, painful breath and pinched his own left wrist with his right hand. 

Two rows of deep teeth marks had pierced through his flesh. Although it wasn’t as horrible to the extent of mauled skin and mangled flesh, it was still bitten till there was blood. This wasn’t the same as cats and dogs biting their owners in play, but rather a desire to hurt. The other party had bitten without holding back. 

However, the little monster still sported an innocent and joyful expression. He was purely happy about the fact that he had “bitten He Ruge”, heartless and uncaring like he was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. 

He Ruge glanced at the wound and couldn’t help but look away quickly. 

What you don’t see, your heart won’t worry over. It won’t hurt so much if you don’t look at it. 

He Ruge forced himself to ignore the pain from his hands. He remembered that his backpack contained the prop “Universal Medical Spray”, and as soon as he thought of the prop’s name of in his mind, the spray automatically appeared in his arms. 

He Ruge picked up the bottle, aimed it at the wound, and sprayed. The medicinal spray was very effective. Although the pain from the wound didn’t immediately go away, the bleeding almost instantly stopped. 

Ao~ the stink of medicine.” The little monster covered his nose with his paws and took a step back in disgust. 

He Ruge subconsciously wanted to push up the frame of his glasses, but when his finger touched empty space, He Ruge suddenly recalled that he had taken his glasses off a while ago in the game, intending to test whether the presence of the glasses affected the little monster. 

So now, he didn’t wear glasses. 

He Ruge retreated and helplessly squeezed the bridge of his nose. Then, he sighed softly. 

Little monster, ah… really was a bear. Bear children needed to be educated. If children are not educated when they are young, what would they become when they grew up? 

He Ruge put on a straight face and wanted to properly discuss the seriousness of biting people with the little monster. However, when he and the little monster made eye contact, the physiological fear response overwhelmed the momentum He Ruge worked hard to create. 

“You can’t randomly bite people, if you bite my hand, I will hurt.” The reprimanding words were spoken lightly and softly, gentle to the point of being ridiculous (to the situation). 

The little monster stretched out his tongue and licked the blood on the corner of his mouth. He stared at He Ruge’s wound for a while before tilting his head: “But, when others bully me, it hurts me, too. Why are they allowed to randomly bully me?” 

He Ruge was frozen by this question. 

“The weak will be slaughtered at another’s will.” The little monster asked and answered by himself: “I am small and weak, so I am bullied. You are weaker than I, so I bully you.” His tone was calm and firm, as if he was only speaking an undeniable truth. 

Saying such cruel words with a voice that has yet to leave behind its childishness.

“You should leave quickly. If you don’t go, I won’t be able to resist taking a bite out of your throat.” The little monster said very sincerely: “I can’t bear you dying.” 

The little monster was being serious. 

He Ruge could feel the little monster’s serious attitude, so he directly went offline. Logging off the immersive virtual reality game was very convenient. As long the thought of going offline emerged in your mind, you could quickly exit the game. 

When he withdrew from the bizarre game world, He Ruge held the holographic game helmet in his arms for a long time, unable to recover his wits.

He stretched out the left hand that had been bitten inside the game and examined it carefully, but he found no wounds. However, the injury and pain he felt on his left hand while inside the game were extremely realistic. 

His fingers moved slightly, and the soft touch of the little monster seemed to remain on his fingertips. 

Was everything that just happened a dream? 

He Ruge did not use the holographic game helmet again, but rather used the computer to open up “Your Exclusive Lover”. The character he controlled was standing in front of the door of Room “104”. 

He Ruge had always known that the game’s specs were all high quality. When he saw the floor wet with nutrient solution and glass shards, he also recalled the appearance of the little monster licking his hand. 

So, what happened just then really wasn’t a dream?! 

He Ruge looked in shock at the relatively plain helmet in his arms. With 8888.88 RMB (~1368 USD), he’d potentially bought the only holographic gaming helmet in existence in the world. This price was simply a huge sale. 

Perhaps only by becoming a koi spirit could he have had such luck to encounter this mysterious virtual reality game. The impact of this situation was enormous and was comparable to the time when He Ruge discovered he wasn’t human, but rather a monster. From that moment onwards, the Earth was no longer so simple, and he even ended up secretly hiding a holographic virtual reality game behind his back from the entire world. 

He Ruge logged into Penguin and asked 8 Legs: “When a monster encounters their natural enemy, will there be some sort of response? Will the monster’s bloodline pattern exhibit a special reaction? 

8 Legs: “The monster bloodline pattern can induce two types of reactions. Either your legs will become too soft to run, or your legs will run on its own. This is actually a warning system because when a monster successfully overcomes their awakening period, they can choose to hide their own monster patterns. Without the monster pattern’s warning system, there’s a chance you won’t even know you’re in the other monster’s recipe book.” 

8 Legs: “The first time you encounter a natural enemy, the monster pattern will induce a stronger reaction. But, if you encounter them every day, the reaction will become much weaker.” 

Ruge: “……Do monsters eat other monsters?” 

8 Legs: “Just like how humans have good people and bad people, monsters also have good and bad. However, your luck value is so high, the ones you meet will all be good monsters, such as me. Why are you suddenly asking me about this? Could it be that you ran into other monsters?” 

Ruge: “I just suddenly remembered it, so I wanted to ask more. It’s good to have a better understanding about monster patterns.” 


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


He Ruge turned off Penguin, lifted his trouser legs, and carefully examined the monster patterns on his legs. Perhaps it was because the red streaks kept burning up while he was in close contact with the little monster inside the game and caused it to consume a lot of energy, the color was a little dim. 

After he passed the awakening period, what changes would the monster pattern bring to his physical body? Would he pop out a fish tail? 

This also seemed a little useless. 

It’s better to be a tentacled monster with eight hands, able to type at the speed of light. 

As of right now, He Ruge had yet to save his manuscript and tomorrow’s update had yet to be posted. He hadn’t typed a single word, but he mysteriously felt an overwhelming sense of calmness. 

He Ruge once again picked up the holographic game helmet. There was one hour of time allowed for the first day of gaming with the holographic game, so it couldn’t be wasted. He aimed to be a diligent and punctual individual. 

When the helmet was put on, the familiar feeling of dizziness came and dissipated quickly. He once again arrived in front of the door to Room “104”, and a floating ‘task’ dialogue box jumped out in front of him: 

【Daily Task: Inject Gene medication (unfinished)

Holding a small medicine box in his hand, He Ruge opened the medicine box and saw a purple medicine and syringe. The needle of the syringe shone with cold light that easily allowed people to recall the fear of being stabbed on the butt by needles. 

He Ruge fell into an inexplicable silence. 

It seems that the game didn’t specify the injection site, so could he give the little monster a butt injection?

……Forget it, staying alive is a good thing. 

He Ruge, who felt like he was cosplaying a nurse, opened the door and made eye contact with the little monster. 

“Why are you here again?” The little monster had a face of judgement, however his originally drooping tiger ears perked up in an instant, and his blue eyes shone brightly. 

It’s unknown if it was because he had previously experienced getting close to the little monster, or if the little monster’s expression was just too cute at this time, but He Ruge’s legs were not as soft as before. 

He Ruge thought: the little monster must have never liked someone before. Otherwise, he would understand that ‘like’ was one thing that couldn’t be hidden. 

With such a sweet reaction, the bite wound on his hand no longer felt painful. 

When the little monster saw the medicine box in He Ruge’s hand, the expression of disgust and hate on his face became more real. He muttered: “I don’t want shots.” 

He Ruge froze for a second and didn’t know how to respond. If the situation at the moment was that the little monster was ill and needed an injection to get better, then he has a basket full of words that he can use to convince the little monster. 

However, the little monster wasn’t ill. 

In this experiment, the disease-free little monster was still forced to get an injection every day. The pain he endured was ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more painful than the wound on his hand. 

“But, when others bully me, it hurts me, too. Why are they allowed to randomly bully me?” What the little monster said before echoed in (He Ruge’s) ears. 

Right now, was he…… bullying the little monster? 

Had he been bullying Little White Tiger, Little Rabbit, and all the other experimental subjects in Room B6 before? When the cubs were hurt, his silence was actually neglectfully aiding the abuse. 

When water breaks through a dam, single drops of water will not realize that they were part of the flood. 

If this wasn’t a game, if all of this was real, then what role did he actually play in these experiments? 

He Ruge was shocked. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


qwq I love the way the author applies figurative language, it just makes the context hit you in a whole different way. I also like the way 8Legs skirted the question “do monsters eat other monsters” LOL

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 37 – You Are Quite Tasty

Hi, all! So, I spent the last weeks going through all the previous chapters (of WDBKFMGB) and fixing the issue with the Easter eggs popping up in Reader view and Safari browser. They shooouuuuld no longer show up, but I may not have caught all of them! If you see one, let me know! Thanks!

Also, as a reminder, I am using the term Merfolk as the umbrella term. Sirens fall under this umbrella term. He Ruge is part of the Merfolk, and more specifically, a Siren.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Before, looking at the little monster through the screen, I didn’t think the little monster was scary, but it was cute. He Ruge tried hard to associate the terrifying and impactful eyes with the word cute. 

However, no matter how heavy his tinted filter was, his heart would start to beat faster whenever he thought of the little monster. 


The daily tasks had yet to be completed, so no matter how afraid he was, he couldn’t let children go hungry. 

He Ruge built up his courage and pushed open the door. But, the door was just barely ajar when he saw a pair of icy cold blue eyes through the small gap! 

A ferocious, round face was hidden under the door frame, and shocked He Ruge to death upon opening.. 

The sudden emergence of Little Monster frightened He Ruge so much that his heart leapt and sped up like a roller coaster, almost jumping into his throat and through his eyes and ears. The monster patterns on his legs started to burn and the patterns on his ankles were especially active, moving around as if they had attained a life of their own. He Ruge’s feet softened and he sat directly onto the ground feebly, supporting himself against the wall. 

The little white tiger was obviously so beautiful, with luxurious, shiny fur and long silver wings on its back, which added a dreamy fairytale-like flavor, just like a cute animal out of a cartoon. 

But, why did he, as soon as he saw the eyes of the little monster, become unable to control his hands and feet and even wanted to flee? 

8 Legs’s previous warnings suddenly appeared in his mind. Rat monsters will naturally be suppressed miserably by Cat monsters. So as a fish, he would exhibit physiological symptoms of fear when he encountered a large cat. 

……No, this was simply too cruel for a koi whose ultimate goal was to raise a cat. 

He Ruge’s two hands were so weak that he didn’t have any strength, and his arms fell weakly by his sides. The nutrient solution that was being held by his right hand ended up hitting the ground hard due to inertia. 


Just like the sound of the little monster’s heart breaking.  

Under the little monster’s incredibly distressed gaze, the nutrient solution bottle shattered from the middle and was completely drained out in one brief second. 

The young man’s tender, white hands were drenched in the nutrient solution. His fingers were thin and long, with a man’s distinct joints, but his skin was as flawless as a merfolk’s. 

Merfolk were water-born creatures who could only display the full extent of their ultimate beauty in water. With the viscous, clear nutrient solution laying on his skin like a light film, the hand could be called a work of art container. This was the so-called crystalline wine glass, “Wine in crystalline wine glasses would become beautiful without compare.” 

The originally colorless and tasteless nutrient solution, on this hand, suddenly added a seductive and enticing fragrance. 

The little monster who was previously burning with anger gazed at it dumbfoundedly. He even forgot to be angry and suddenly remembered the sweet nutrient solution Xi Guican drank when he (little monster) was still asleep. 

It was quite sweet. 

The nutrient solution in front of his eyes…… looked delicious; very sweet. 

The little monster who had a sudden increase in appetite walked up in a bewitched manner. He didn’t care about He Ruge’s scared stiff reaction, but rather slowly lowered his head, and placed his little pink nose close to He Ruge’s wrist, taking a deep breath. 

The fragrance that seeped through the skin pierced into his nose, enticingly misty and humid, sticking to the tip of his heart damply. 

His Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and the little monster tried hard to swallow his saliva. He stretched out his tongue carefully and used the tip of his tongue to lick across that wrist like a dragonfly gently gliding across water. 

So slippery. 

The hand drenched in the nutrient solution trembled, and the viscous, transparent liquid flowed through between the fingers. The originally meager nutrient solution was visibly reduced by another half. 

The little monster who was heartbroken over his food became enraged. He raised his head viciously and glared at the black-haired, dark-eyed man. However, the first thing he was met with was the skin that was as white as cow’s milk. 

The little monster hadn’t seen this person at such a close distance before. 

The skin is very moist and pale and held a hint of pink within the white; it looked like a sweet strawberry-flavored pink, seemingly delicious at first glance.

Perhaps because of fear, his mouth was subconsciously opened and those lips were beyond beautiful, like a piece of candy; maybe with a bit of sucking and licking, you could taste a sweet flavor. 

Those white teeth were also very cute. Unlike his own teeth, which were sharp and pointy, those had no edges and corners and were completely harmless. How would it feel to lick? 

The nose was also adorable, a bit uptilted, and the texture should feel like bouncy. 

He moved his gaze up again and fell upon those watery, black eyes. They were bright and gentle, like black pearls soaked in clear water, giving off a dazzling soft shine. 

There was so much water in these dark eyes. This water, would it taste sweet? I really want to…… lick it. 

This person truly looked so delicious. 


The little monster almost watched till he became silly, and it was his growling stomach that made him regain his sanity. The little monster lowered his head and saw a shallow red mark appear on the snow-white wrist. 

It was a trace made by his licking. 

Such a light lick could leave a tempting mark. 

He felt even hungrier, so hungry he was about to go insane. However, he was not irritable at all at this moment because the person in front of him was so, so delectable. One should always treat good food with extra patience. 

The little monster licked the nutrient solution off He Ruge’s palm, and the barbs on his tongue would scrape against the sensitive palm. Every time it was licked, the hand would tremble uncontrollably, and the nutrient solution would flow better. 

The little monster held down He Ruge’s trembling wrist with his paws and happily began to lick the left hand here and there. By the time the little monster no longer wanted to slowly enjoy the delicious appetizer, but wanted to quickly devour a good meal, the little bit of nutrient solution on He Ruge’s hand was simply not enough to lick. 

The rough tongue scratched against the surface of the palm while the little monster ate with relish, licking along the lines of the palm several times and not leaving a single drop of nutrient solution. After licking the palm, he began to lick the fingers. 

The tip of his tongue rolled across the soft fingertips and slid down the joints, not leaving anywhere unattended to. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

He Ruge’s fingers couldn’t help curling up completely. The wet and warm tongue felt like a snake, and every inch of skin that was licked had a tingling itch. 

The bloodline patterns on his legs became hotter and hotter, making his whole body burn. His body’s response mechanism was desperately urging him to flee, but it was unknown why He Ruge felt enveloped by a strange pressure. The physical fear he felt from encountering his natural predator made him unable to escape. 

He collapsed on the ground, crying without tears and watching as the little monster licked the sticky nutrient solution off his hand. 

This was licking it way too clean, okay? This darn child could wash dishes for a restaurant when he grows up. Wasn’t it just a bottle of nutrient solution? Was it worth putting his (He Ruge’s) fingers in his (Little Monster’s) mouth? 

His fingers could touch the little monster’s canines, so He Ruge didn’t dare to move at all for fear that his fingers would be bitten off by the little monster in the next second. 

The little monster licked more and more thoroughly. When there was no more nutrient solution left to lick, the little monster, who was still not full, was very unhappy. He had only tasted a little bit of sweetness. It wasn’t even enough for an appetizer, let alone the ‘feast’ he had been yearning for in his heart. 

As a result, even this tiny hint of sweetness was now gone. Did they fully intend to starve him to death? 

The fingers in his mouth were soft and slippery, and as delicate as a lollipop. A few licks might make it disappear. Small tiger teeth pressed down on the fingertips, and the little monster whispered in his heart: “Sorry, Xi Guican, I want to hold back. But, but, this person just looks so delicious.” 

“I’ll just take one soft bite.” 

Sharp tiger teeth pierced the fingertips, and blood flowed out of the tiny puncture wound, enticing the little monster’s taste buds in an instant. 

Fragrant and sweet, sweet enough to be devilish. The pervasive sweetness suffused through his five main and six sub internal organs [1] and four limbs, and the feeling of ultimate pleasure groaned through every cell in his body. 

This really is…… too delicious! ! ! 

[Like]: The little monster thinks you are very delicious, favorability 60 

He Ruge: “…” 

This wave of favorability was gifted too cruelly, but, well, being given so much with just one bit was still worth it. 

He Ruge surrendered himself and allowed the little monster lick at the wound. The little monster bite very cleanly, and he could just take it as going to the hospital for a blood draw. 

Yi, being bitten in the game, he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital to get a rabies shot, right? 

Also, he didn’t seem to have washed his hands. Would there be bacteria on his hands? The little monster wouldn’t get a stomach ache after eating, right? 

He Ruge wanted to take his fingers out. But, when he did so, the little monster who was sucking on his fingers immediately raised his head and warned fiercely: “Can’t move!” 

Suddenly being glared at in this manner, He Ruge was so frightened that his legs and arms became soft. This feeling of softness was an automatic physiological response by his body and could’t be controlled at He Ruge’s will. 

These days are now truly impossible to pass. From now on, it won’t be me who breathes on cats, but cats sucking on me[2].

The little person in He Ruge’s heart was already in tears. He looked at the little monster who was working hard at sucking and could see the little monster’s round head, bud-like tiger ears, and shaking tiger whiskers. 

So round, so cute. The desire to cuddle cats can bring about infinite amounts of courage in people. Thus, He Ruge acted like he had consumed a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall, and quietly stretched out his hand towards the little monster. 

Just as (He Ruge’s) fingertips were about to touch the soft fur on his (Little Monster’s) head, the little monster suddenly lifted his eyes and gave He Ruge a fierce glare. This gaze seemed to have a freezing ability, making the hand that He Ruge had stretched out towards (Little Monster’s) head stiffen in the air. 

“Humph.” The little monster snorted, domineeringly blowing his tiger whiskers upwards. He lowered his head in disdain and continued to lick the fingers. 

His previously startled heart slowly dropped back down, and He Ruge slyly continued to attempt to touch his head. The moment he was about to make contact, the little monster fiercely stared at him again. 

After going back and forth three to four times, He Ruge felt like he was playing “One, Two, Three Wooden Man” [3] with the little monster, competing on patience and heart rate. 

The Heavens do not wrong those with a good heart. Maybe it was because the little monster was currently immersed in eating, or perhaps with the comfort of food, he didn’t want to care about He Ruge’s actions, but He Ruge was finally able to touch the little monster’s head! 

It was fluffy and soft. The silky fur was patted back and forth with the palm of his hand. The “king” [4] on his forehead was covered by He Ruge’s palm, as if he had covered the emperor’s crown with his own hands.

Wuu wuu wuu. This inner sense of accomplishment wouldn’t be replicated with just any other cat. 

Was he petting a cat? He was petting the emperor amongst cats. Not only did he touch the other party’s forehead, but he also touched the beautiful “king” pattern on their fur. 

Even though his body was desperately issuing an escape response due to encountering a natural predator, He Ruge still bilt up all his courage to touch the cute little crown. 

The little monster held the finger in his mouth as he glanced at He Ruge, and then continued to ignore He Ruge. 

The experience of the virtual reality game was too awesome. He Ruge was completely won over by the detailed and excellent quality. At this moment, his mind was already outside the scope of life and death. He wasn’t satisfied with simply touching the head. He…… 

Very quietly squeezed a few strands of fur on the “king” pattern on his forehead. Taking advantage of the fact that the little monster was not paying attention, he quickly rubbed his fingers against the fur. The dense, elastic feeling made He Ruge feel as if his soul had been enriched. 

“Roar——!!!” The little monster’s patience finally reached its limit. He fiercely spat out the finger in his mouth and then pounced towards He Ruge like a tiger rushing down the mountain, chaotically throwing himself He Ruge’s hand that was on the ground. 

With a slight devilish uptilt of his mouth, the pointed tiger canines bit down on He Ruge’s hand in one bite—— 


[No. 20 is very angry] 

[He bites you] 

[No. 20 is no longer angry] 

[So fragrant] !


The author has something to say: 

Little White Tiger: The one I love is his soul 

Little monster: What Fart, you obviously like his body as much as I do! 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]“5 main”: liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney. “6 sub”: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, skin

[2]Sucking and breathing in can both be the same word in chinese. Due to the context, I figured it would be weird to have both as “Suck”. “Sucking/breathing on cats” is a popular description of people stuffing their face into a cat’s fur, including actions such as: hugging, kissing, cuddling pets. The closest English equivalent would be “cuddle”

[3] One two three wooden man : equivalent to the games: Red light, Green light/ Statues/ The Stoplight

[4]In chinese mythology, tigers usually have a symbolic fur pattern “王” or “king” on their foreheads.

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 36 – Immersive Virtual Reality Game

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Year of the Ox.

Lengthy chapter! I wanted to finish the entire chapter before posting since this one has multiple perspective shifts. Enjoy!

Chinese Refreshers: Spicy Chicken = ‘trash’/’trashy’/’bad’. “Scram” = the direct translation would be “Roll”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Writing took a full day and a half. Excluding the time spent eating and sleeping, all other time was spent on writing. After posting twelve new updates, He Ruge fell into a stupor. 

After using the profits he earned from all his manuscripts he wrote during this time to purchase the “Holographic Gaming Helmet”, He Ruge had already made psychological preparations. If this item had no use other than acting as a fancy display item, he would delete this swindling, spicy chicken (trash) game! 


[Yes/No Spend 8888.88 to purchase the “Holographic Game Helmet”? 】 

【Payment successful】

 [The item will be delivered by today, please wait patiently~

Now what? 

He Ruge was slightly at a loss when he saw the successful payment interface. Would there be any changes to the game? Don’t tell me that 8888.88 only bought a game side plot…… 

He closed the game and reopened it. Upon discovering that there were indeed no changes to the game, He Ruge seemed to hear a sharp crackling sound as his own strings of rationality snapped. 

This deceitful game deserving a thousand cuts with the sword! 

Deleted, deleted! 

The hand that moved the mouse pointer trembled slightly, and He Ruge didn’t delete the game in the end. He was practically in tears as he opened the door to Room 104, wanting to feed the little monster. 

Then, He Ruge suddenly discovered that the little monster was no longer a little monster and had grown about one size bigger. The cotton nest that could previously fit him perfectly could now only barely support his butt. 

He Ruge finally remembered that he didn’t log in to the game at all yesterday and missed the timing to inject the genetic solution for the little monster. It was previously mentioned in the experiment’s instructions that the genetic solution could accelerate the growth of the little monster, but this growth was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, the milk bun little white tiger turned into a big, round snowball. He (Little White Tiger) was already up to the knees of his (He Ruge) game character. 

No longer as cute as the smaller version. 

He Ruge, who originally wanted to look at the little monster’s cute appearance, let out a huge sigh. 

He clicked on [Feed] with the mouse, and the nutrient solution was placed one meter away from the little monster. 

The little monster didn’t move. 

He Ruge clicked on [Talk] without much hope. 

Little Monster 

Roar! “Scram”】

He Ruge smoothly scrammed, and then used Secret Observation like before. 

The little monster slowly walked towards the nutrient solution and started to eat. 


[No.20 is eating

[Due to physical pain, he has suddenly stopped] 

[No.20 is slightly anorexic] 

The little monster smashed the other half of the nutrient solution. 


[No. 20 criticizes that the nutrient solution has no taste] 

[He angrily throws away the nutrient solution] 

The little monster turned his body around and stared at the corner of the wall in a daze. After a while, he turned back in surrender and licked the nutrient solution off the ground several times. 


[No. 20 is hungry, in pain, and unhappy] 

[He avoids the broken glass on the ground and starts drinking the nutrient solution

[The more No.20 licks, the more angry he gets, he wants to kill someone] 

He Ruge: “……” 

This broken bear child[1] is strangely pitiful.

Thinking of the [pain nullifier] [2] he had drawn before, He Ruge opened the room (door) and prepared to use it on the little monster. However, as soon as he opened the door, the little monster, who was licking the ground like a little beggar, stiffened and became vicious, roaring at He Ruge in an untrusting manner ——

[Roar “Scram! ! !”】 

He Ruge: “……” 

Fine, I’ll scram. 

He Ruge exited the game with a blank expression, and after three seconds of silence, he suddenly laughed. 


After the little monster killed the staff member, he absorbed some nutrients from the other party’s Zerg wings so that he could make his own Zerg wings slightly more beautiful. 

The little monster treated his previously lost but now regained Zerg wings as a treasure. Although he didn’t understand what happened, such that he even returned to the place where he had been locked up, since his Zerg wings had returned, the little monster was satisfied. 

There was so much food here. Except for not being allowed to eat the person Xi Guican liked, he could eat the rest, finishing each in one bite. When he finished eating, he will become smarter and stronger. He was currently still in the period of malnourished growth and development, starved by Xi Guican. Xi Guican didn’t let him eat anything and even pulled out his Zerg wings. 

As soon as he thought of Xi Guican, the little monster’s teeth would itch with hatred. But, recalling the miserable experience of being taught a lesson in the past, he quietly calmed his anger. 

After the gene altering solution was injected, the little monster was in pain for a day and a half. Originally, he was already overloaded trying to forcefully support his taxed body. The pain from the gene altering solution was simply the final straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Why did he come out at this time? Why was it that every time he came out, he would suffer pain and hardship, but when Xi Guican came out, he could experience happiness. The extreme disparity almost made the little monster want to cry. He actually had to suffer this kind of pain twice. It was the same last time. Xi Guican fell into a deep sleep while he was awakened. He experienced endless days of bone-crushing pain, while Xi Guican didn’t need to do anything and would attain success laying down. 

He hated it.


The hungry and hurting little monster finally waited until lunch. Originally, he had planned to eat the person who delivered the lunch with his meal, but after discovering that the other party was the one with black hair and black eyes, the little monster could only give up his anticipated feast. For large meals, conceding to drink the nutrient solution. 

The nutrient solution still tasted like plain water. Ridiculous. Why did they treat him this way? Don’t think he didn’t know anything when he was asleep. Xi Guican clearly had sweet nutrient solution before. 

With a completely broken mental state, the little monster angrily smashed the nutrient solution 

However, impulse was a devil, and he regretted it as soon as it dropped. The little monster, who’s tummy was rumbling with hunger, turned around and stared at the pool of nutrient solution with an indescribable gaze. 

Unclean and unsanitary, but wouldn’t get sick after eating. 

The little monster lowered his noble head and quickly lapped up several mouthfuls. The more he licked, the more angry he became. Unexpectedly, even he would be reduced to such a point. Later, he would again chop up this bunch of spicy chicken. 


Just as the little monster, who was bloated with anger, was focused on licking, he suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open. He raised his head stiffly and locked gazes with a pair of black eyes. 

This person actually…… enters without knocking. 


The other scrammed immediately. 

This person actually…… scrammed without leaving the nutrient solution. 

The little monster almost cried from anger.


He Ruge didn’t write in the afternoon and lay in bed to watch a movie. After eating, he received a package from “Your Exclusive Lover”. 

This delivery speed was quite shocking. 

Such an expensive price was probably all used on this incredible express delivery. He Ruge opened the package calmly and revealed an unremarkable helmet with an instructions manual.

From an observer’s perspective, it didn’t look attractive and was even sold at such an expensive price. 

Spicy chicken game, return my blood and sweat earned money.

He Ruge coldly flipped open the official-looking instructions manual and followed the instructions for operation while carrying a “let’s see what sort of tricks you can scrounge up now” mentality before putting on the helmet. 

Suddenly, the sky turned and ground spun, and his scalp felt like it had been lightly electrified, causing an uncomfortable feeling of dizziness. However, this feeling only lasted briefly. 

A cold mechanical sound then rang through his ears: 

“Welcome to the Virtual Reality (VR) version of “Your Exclusive Lover”. Given that the player does into have prior virtual reality gaming experience, the first day of gaming should not exceed one hour and be kept within two hours on the second day. To reiterate, a normal day of gameplay should best not exceed ten hours in order to prevent confusion between VR and reality.” 

“For the players’ health, this game has a built-in, anti-addiction timing setting. Wishing you happy gaming!”

When He Ruge regained control of his consciousness, the first thing he saw was not the room he was familiar with, but rather a gloomy corridor that was cold and dark and void of human presence. 

He turned around in a daze and saw a number on the room with the closed door, “104”. 

He then lowered his head and saw the nutrient solution he was holding in his hand. It was a test tube-like bottle  The transparent nutrient solution was thick in texture, and the bottle felt icy cold to the touch. 

Even if it was summer, drinking cold three meals a day was definitely not good for the stomach. 

He Ruge thought foolishly. 

He looked down at the nutrient solution and then looked up at room number “104”. 

What happened? Was he dreaming? He Ruge pinched his own thigh and the pain calmed him down. 

The world was already so fantastical, you could even become a monster. A romance game sending you a holographic game helmet was very normal…… Like hell! ! ! 

Had he been under too much pressure recently and was now hallucinating? 

Or did Global Technology suddenly leap forward a huge step while he was unaware and squeezed out a quality virtual reality game? Was he too self-unaware and haven’t seen enough of the world? 

While his head was full of messy thoughts, a floating frame emerged in front of his eyes: 

Daily Task: 0/1 (Dinner)】 

He Ruge subconsciously walked to the door. A blue light on the door shone upon him, and a very light “Di” sounded. The door then opened automatically. 

His heart followed with a jump. 

He Ruge put his hand on the doorknob. He didn’t know when sweat appeared on the palm of his hand, but he held his breath and opened the door. When he entered the room, he smelled a very stuffy scent which was the unique unpleasant odor of a closed, airtight room. 

The room was void of decor except for an iron cage that could potentially fit a pet cat. The metal bars of the iron cage were bright, black and glistening. It looked very expensive. 

A little white tiger, four times the size of a regular pet cat, was sprawled out on the ground. He used the cotton nest as a pillow to support his two front paws. His forlorn and violent blue eyes were like sharp knives staring right at He Ruge. 

He Ruge had never come into contact with a real beast before and the most ferocious animal he’d ever seen was a large dog that looked ferocious but didn’t bite. 

He had never seen such a pair of cold and hostile eyes, which appeared to suck in all the world’s malice. It was the bloodthirsty eyes of a beast who ate people. Without the barrier of a screen, those eyes seemed to have enough presence to shoot out sharp thorns. His heart felt like it was gripped hard by a hand. The feeling of suffocation made his lower abdomen contract and sore, and the skin on the back of his neck tightened subconsciously. 

The stare air in the room seemed to have turned into a rag at this moment, covering He Ruge’s mouth and nose. After three seconds of blankness in his mind, He Ruge used all of his strength to maneuver his noodle-soft legs and walked out of the room strenuously, quickly closing the door behind him. 

When the door snapped shut with a Ka-da, He Ruge pressed his back against the door panel, panting rapidly like a dying fish. He practically slid to the ground feebly as his heart pounded and ached. 

……Too stimulating. 

He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time before he looked at the nutrient solution in his hand again. He thought that this daily task’s difficulty was a bit high. 

Too difficult, it was simply death’s level of difficulty. 

Could he just open the door and slide the nutrient solution through the crack of the door? 


The little monster had been hungry for a long, long time. He waited for dinner to appear. Even if it was the tasteless, disgusting nutrient solution, he still wanted to drink it now. 

While yearning long and hard in his heart, the door was finally pushed open, and the man with black hair and dark eyes walked into the room holding the nutrient solution. 

The little monster glared at the man with some resentment. 

Why didn’t you come earlier, I’m almost flattened from hunger. 

The next second, the other party suddenly closed the door and scrammed. 

Little Monster:”……?!” 

Leave the nutrient solution before scramming, Aaaahhhhhhh you bastard!

The author has something to say: I thought of a small theater: 

A fierce, bad, poisonous, naive and poor little monster: I just came back from committing murder, and I picked up a strand of hair off the corpse for you

He Ruge: ……Thanks

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[1]Bear child: wild temperament

[2]Refer to Chapter 30 link provided below

Chapter 30 Part 2 Pain Nullifier

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 35 – Let’s Start Some Trouble

Trigger warnings: Blood, graphic injuries, death (not for any major characters)

TL note: There were many instances of implied context in this chapter, so I included (—) to clarify

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The way the little monster cried also…… made one distressed. He Ruge had never seen Little White Tiger cry. The little monster looked exactly like Little White Tiger, and at this moment it looked like Little White Tiger was crying in front of him. 

Crying so much that He Ruge’s heart softened. 

He Ruge wanted to walk into the room to comfort the little monster, touch his head and feed him candy. However, the little monster was not the Little White Tiger, and walking into the room may be just adding fuel to the fire.

The self-knowledgeable He Ruge exited the game and wrote for a while before opening up the ‘backstage’ page (admin panel) to examine his profits. 

In fact, if he tried to maintain 20,000 words a day…… as long as he closed his eyes and stomped his feet hard, he could still purchase the “holographic gaming helmet”. 

He looked at his current 20,000-character manuscript, and he felt his heart move slightly. 

I must be insane. 

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frames, pained, and asked himself whether the self-inflicted agony would be worth it. In his mind, the little white tiger and the little black house appeared in turns as he considered it carefully. The game’s production was very conscientious, so the props being sold should not be too shady. If it’s expensive, it must be for a reason, and an RMB (paid) player’s experiences must definitely be different. 

If he bought the props, he could potentially let Little White Tiger out. 

As a human being, it isn’t easy to obtain a source of happiness. Since he could obtain full happiness, he shouldn’t just be satisfied with a third of the happiness. 

The hand that opened up the writing program’s Little Black Room trembled slightly as He Ruge entered the number “20,000” into the required character count box and directly clicked confirm before he could hesitate. 


In Room 104, the little monster cried silently for a while in his cotton nest. The tears on his face had yet to dry when he slowly stood up. The action of getting up seemed to be very difficult for him, and all four of his paws were trembling. 

He had suffered a very severe injury. He was supposed to be asleep for a long, long time in his spiritual consciousness, but he was forcibly awakened due to an accident. 

And he even lost one wing. 

The little monster didn’t really want to wake up and take over this body because he hadn’t completely healed yet, and Xi Guican had also told him that he hated him very, very much. 

Just the thought of sharing a body with him made Xi Guican feel sick.

 …….He had indeed done a lot of bad things (in the past), but he really couldn’t help it. 

The little monster was like a child who had caused trouble, as he muttered to himself in his heart: “I didn’t want to come out. I didn’t even come out with wings this time. You, you stop being so mean to me.” 

No one responded to him. 

The little monster plucked up the courage to continue muttering: “I will definitely take care of myself this time. Do you like that black-haired person? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt him.” 

Without receiving any response, the little monster cautiously said: “Can I take it as you agreed?” 

Then, he turned his head and looked at the beautiful Zerg wings behind him in confusion: “Strange, why do we have wings again? I’ll behave this time, so can you… not break the wings again?” 

His expression became dimmer and dimmer: “When you broke the wings that time, I really, really hurt. You like that black-haired person, I like my wings. You should understand the love I hold for the wings, right?” 

The originally wronged voice suddenly shifted to a strange tone, “If you break my wings again this time, then I will tear that black-haired person in half……”  (*TL: A WILD YANDERE HAS APPEARED??!!)

“However much blood the wings shed, I will make that person bleed just as much.” 

The little monster’s voice then became extremely soft, almost as if he was afraid of disturbing a sleeping individual: “You actually have a weakness, so this time, I don’t need to be afraid of you~” 

The end sound carried a cheerful uptilt. 

The little monster gave a small and innocent smile, but his azure blue eyes contained a maliciousness that refused to melt. 

Although his entire body hurt each time he moved, his joyful mood couldn’t be reined in, and the little monster reluctantly walked to the nutrient solution on the ground, grabbing the solution and downing it. 

Once he tasted it, the little monster smacked his lips strangely. 

This wasn’t right. When he fell asleep, he seemed to have tasted something sweet and strong. Why did it taste like plain water now? 

The emptied nutrient solution bottle was thrown to the ground angrily by the little monster, and it shattered all over the floor. The little monster who had been puffed up angrily saw the broken bottle and actually began to smile. 

Before the smile completely faded, the door of the room opened, and a new staff member walked in with the gene altering solution. The little monster examined the other’s face carefully. 

Not black hair, black eyes. 

Not the one Xi Guican liked. 

In his heart, he couldn’t recognize if he felt regret or relief. Since Xi Guican liked a person, he wanted to do something to them. Would that person’s blood be especially sweet, or meat especially tender? Why would Xi Guican like them? 

Hah, he was most afraid of yet most hated Xi Guican, just like how Xi Guican hated him the most. 

When Xi Guican broke the Zerg wing back then, he felt extremely, extremely pained. It was so painful that he cried for a very long time, yet Xi Guican didn’t shed a single tear. 

Just thinking about it made him unhappy. 

If he killed that person, would Xi Guican also cry? Would he cry until his face was streaming with snot and tears? Would Xi Guican cry and beg him like he (the little monster) cried and begged then? 

Sharp claws popped out and gouged into the ground. Because of this train of thought, the little monster shuddered with excitement, and the little claws strengthened by the power of the Zerg wings left deep scratch marks on the floor

No, he couldn’t do that. Xi Guican would wake up again. 

After the staff member saw the glass fragments on the ground, he glared at the little monster who was increasing his workload and said indignantly: “So, this is the so-called high-quality product? Here I was wondering exactly how perfect it was.” 

The staff felt it was a pity to use the priceless gene medicine in his hands, but according to his instructions, he still injected it into No.20’s body. 

The gene altering solution had extremely high efficacy speed. One injection could shorten the body’s natural development duration by one year. However, the side effect was an overdraft of life force and severe suffering. 


The needle was pierced into his flesh, and the purple gene altering solution was slowly injected into his body. It was cold, like a poisonous snake, slithering all the way from his paws to his shoulders, freezing his body with the iciness. 

The little monster squinted his eyes and stared at the vial of solution. In his mind, he tried hard to stretch out his claws and grab at the shards of memories fluttering about in his chaotic sea of shattered memories. 

He also seemed to have been injected with this medicine many years ago. 

He raised his head and looked left, then looked right. The more he looked, the more familiar this small room became. 

Wasn’t Xi Guican quite rich and powerful? Why did he take him back to this broken little house again? 

Like in his memories, the medicine solution changed from being icy cold to burning hot, and the pain seared into his skin. The little monster, who was already in pain, at this moment was suffering more pain on top of pain. 

A dark red, vertical slit appeared in the expanse of blue pupils, and the little monster who liked to be angry looked straight at the unsuspecting staff member. 

“This person is bullying me.” The little monster whispered in his heart to the sleeping Xi Guican, “I’m scared. In order to protect myself, I must drive him away.” 

“So this isn’t my fault.” The tip of his tongue licked sharp tiger teeth. 

Roar.” The brief tiger howl was filled with suffering. 

The little monster slumped to the ground pretending to be weakened, his limbs trembled convulsively, and his acting was good enough to turn a lie into truth. When the staff squatted down to check on the little monster’s situation and covered the camera (with his body), a dark shade of red appeared in the center of those azure blue eyes, like a drop of blood splashing onto the surface of water. The blood red color spread rapidly. 

Capillaries of red blood entangled the whites of his eyes, making his eyes look the veins on blood agate. 

Upon making contact with these pupils, the staff member’s eyes suddenly lost focus. He moved stiffly like a puppet, as he walked towards the broken glass on the ground in a daze and picked up the glass shards directly with his hands.

*Trigger warning start*

The palm of his hands held onto the sharp fragments tightly, as if he couldn’t feel any sense of pain. When the fragments gouged out wounds and pierced into the bones of his fingers, causing thick blood to drip from his fingertips, the staff still sported a dull and blank expression. 

The little monster rubbed his nose and turned his head away critically. 

The staff member brought away all the broken glass shards with his blood soaked hands and hobbled out of the room. Just as he stepped out of the room’s threshold, his ankle twisted in a strange bend, and his whole person suddenly collapsed. The glass shards in the palms of his hands scattered all across the floor. A triangular shard fell onto the ground upright, aimed directly towards the falling body, and plunged straight into his fragile throat. 

Warm blood gurgled out onto the gray flooring and bloomed a wet, bloody flower. 

From beginning to end, the little monster lay innocently and tenderly in his cotton nest, watching the staff member timidly. He was like a curious and scared cub as he trembled beside the corpse and stretched out his little paw to tentatively pat the other on the back—— 

This was the scenario captured by the cameras. 


Scorpion analyzed coldly: “This accidental death is full of strange areas.” 

“Why did the Zerg wings on his body suddenly shrink? The nutrients of the Zerg wings had been drained clean. Zerg wings, this kind of thing, could even live well if the host itself dies.” 

The Medicine-seeking rat sat on the robotic arm, took a sip of the hot milk tea, and said: “You should look for Zhu Yeqing (Green Bamboo) for this type of matter. I am only responsible for the aspect of Spiritual Mental Consciousness.” 

“Look for him?” Scorpion rolled his eyes, “I personally don’t want a pair of Zerg wings appearing on my body.” 

Taking another sip of hot milk tea, the Medicine-seeking rat let out a contented sigh, “If you are not willing, who can force you.” 

A small wheel emerged from the base of the robotic arm. When the Medicine-seeking rat controlled the robotic arm to leave, he turned around and took another look at the frozen shot of the little white tiger on the monitor screen. 

He said to Scorpion: “Sometimes, I feel like me being alive is a crime on its own.” 

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Gosh……. little monster is uh… something else…..

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 34 – Super Fierce Crybaby

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Xi Guican was imprisoned inside the icy cold machine, and a piercing white light shot into his eyes. In the brief moment before he lost consciousness, waves of spiritual energy poured into his spiritual sea of consciousness. 

This was…… 

The real brainwashing procedure! 

Because of this terrible realization, Xi Guican felt his whole body turn cold. He desperately and recklessly tried to break free, but the previous automatic ‘quit game’ function that worked with just a thought was now completely unresponsive.

A robotic voice then extinguished Xi Guican’s last hope. 


If you can read this, you are reading on an aggregator site that stole the translation. Please read on the original site. Thank you!

[Di–intense mood swings from the player has been detected

[Warm reminder, this game will not conduct any actions that will harm the player. Everything is done based upon your illness and in consideration of you. Wishing you happy gaming and good health! 】

 A whirlpool silently appeared above his spiritual sea, and it continuously emitted spiritual waves. 

A spiritual pulse that overturned oceans and lands rose up from his bone marrow, overlaying his white bones with a coat of fake flesh, and building layers upon layers of phantom images within his desolate spiritual sea.[1]

This was a terrifying brainwashing experiment that could even tamper with the depths of the soul.

Almost no one was immune from this brainwashing experiment, except Xi Guican. 

Because his body actually contained two souls. 

The memories belonging to Xi Guican began to blur and were wrapped up in layers of silk-like spiritual waves.With all the memories covered in a thick gauze, his world looked like it was painted with a heavy snowfall. The sky above, the Earth below, and encompassed in all four directions by snow-white surroundings, all was wrapped together in a silver lining as pale as a piece of white paper, willing others to blemish it.[2]

Just as everything was about to be rewritten, a small hole suddenly appeared amidst the thick snow. A little white tiger with red eyes popped his head out of the snow. He seemed to have just been awakened from a deep sleep, muddled and unaware of the situation.

A fine piece of snow drifted onto the tip of his nose, and the red-eyed little white tiger sneezed. This sneeze drove away his sleepiness, and the little white tiger, who finally realized what had happened, was surprisingly angry—— 

ROAR! Who was it? ! Froze me again! ! ! 

A childish tiger roar resounded through the lonely world of ice and snow. With great difficulty, he pulled his paws up from the snow and tried to get out. However, he seemed to be injured and every time he moved, he would feel a heart-piercing pain all over his body. 

The red agate-like eyes were angry enough that they were about to spew out flames. With a sudden burst out of strength and a loud bang, he lifted his whole body out of the snow——

A pair of very, very large Zerg wings suddenly popped out from the snow! The wings were beautiful and slender, but the only regrettable thing was that one wing was broken at the root, tattered and stained with flesh and blood. 

The little monster tried hard to fly upwards with his remaining Zerg wings. But, each time he tried, he would shake and stumble, as if he would fall from the air at any moment. 

His red eyes were full of violence and intent to kill. He desperately flapped the Zerg wing in mid-air. 

He flew halfway and fell. Then, he gritted his teeth and got up before taking off again while filled with murderous intent. Because of the broken wing, the little monster could not control the balance of his body, and every time he fell, the broken wing would bleed out. 

The pure white snowy field was covered with splatters of blood, like a painting of plum blossoms in the snow[3].

Numerous falls and numerous injuries, but the little monster became increasingly violent with each, and took to the air stubbornly even after repeated defeats. After a countless failures, he was finally able to control the broken wings and fly shakily towards the whirlpool in the sky—— 

He blocked the whirlpool with his own body. 


Under the impact of the violent waves of spiritual energy, the originally already severely damaged wing was ripped off from the roots and fell from his back. It floated gently like a fallen leaf onto the blanket of snow. 

The little monster who never cried no matter how much pain he was in, the moment he saw the wings break off, he finally broke down and cried loudly. 

He sat on the whirlpool in the sky, crying loudly. In the expansive world of ice and snow, the immature cries of the little monster echoed outwards over and over again.


For an entire day, whenever He Ruge opened the game, he couldn’t see Little White Tiger. Each time, (the game) showed that Little White Tiger was still in the middle of undergoing the brainwashing experiment. 

What will change after the brainwashing experiment is over? Would Little White Tiger completely…… forget about him?

And what was a little monster? 

When He Ruge thought about this, he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose a little irritably. Under these circumstances, he didn’t really have a choice. The game didn’t give him any other options, so he could only click to complete the task. 

It would be great if this was not a game. 

It would be great if he had the ability to act according to his own wishes in the game.

He Ruge once again remembered the holographic gaming helmet with the asking price of “8888.88 RMB”. What was the true role of that helmet? Would there be more available options? In this way, when faced with a situation similar to today’s, he will not be pushed towards a cliff with no choice but to bite the bullet and complete the task. 


Why so expensive? It must be expensive for a good reason. But, why was it so expensive?

He Ruge was uneasy while writing today and couldn’t concentrate at all. As soon as he thought about the little white tiger who was about to be brainwashed and lose his memory, his heart would instantly become numb, carrying a degree of anxiety and irritability.

This feeling wasn’t the same as the restlessness that came with “returning to the pre-liberation period”, but rather was an even more inexplicable self-blame as if having lost something very important. 

However, there was nothing he could do because it was just a game, and there was no second option available to him in the game. Thus, he could only helplessly choose to complete the task. 

From the very beginning of the experiments, he was never given the option to refuse. 

It was also impossible for him to jump into the game and pull Little White Tiger out of the brainwashing room.

He Ruge glanced at the picture of the little white tiger on the writing program’s interface, but his creases between his eyes didn’t relax. Decisively, he closed the document and opened up the game again. This time, Little White Tiger finally came out. 

The little white tiger who came out was not contained in an iron cage this time. He had completed the brainwashing process, and so his identity had undergone some subtle changes. 

Though he was still an experimental subject, he didn’t have as many constraints as before. However, Little White Tiger still took the initiative to walk himself into the cage and even sat down inside like a little master. But, the good habit of closing the door on his own initiative had disappeared. 

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or due to the brainwashing experiment, but He Ruge kept feeling like……

The Little White Tiger in front of his eyes was very unfamiliar. 

It’s not an unfamiliarity caused by a loss of memories, but rather an unfamiliarity of a whole different person. 

[“Rebirth” has been completed successfully! 

Total experiment time: 1*24 hours 

Survival rate: 100% 

Surviving subjects: No. 20, etc. 

Your performance in the experiment: satisfactory (sent the experimental subject to the brainwashing room)]

[Your performance in the first three experiments was overall excellent, and you have obtained the opportunity to participate in the fourth experiment “Accelerated Growth”: 

It is said that weeding out bad seedlings encourages growth, but the degenerate people of the Starry Sea Orphanage do not have the patience to wait for young experimental subjects to grow up slowly. The degenerates decide to inject gene altering solutions into No.20, allowing him to complete seven years of growth in one week. 】 

【Daily Task: 

Responsible for No. 20’s three meals a day, and injecting him with the gene altering solution on time] 

He Ruge clicked on the cage and walked towards the location of the new experiment on the first floor.

After arriving at Room 104, Little White Tiger himself opened the cage, dragged his small cotton nest out from the cage, dragged it to a corner in a daze, and sat down on the nest, staring at He Ru Ge indifferently. 

This was an aggressiveness displayed by a beast who was dissatisfied with the invasion of its territory. 

He Ruge had no doubt that if he took one more step forward, he would be attacked by Little White Tiger. 

Those blue eyes were as cold as ice, but it was different from the pure indifference and disgust when they first met. The gaze from those eyes, at this moment, carried a manic and scorching wildness, like a fire blazing beneath the surface of the ice, where the flame could melt through the ice at any time. 

He Ruge clicks on Little White Tiger’s status.


[Disgusted]: No.20 wishes to kill everyone in Starry Sea Orphanage, including you 

[Awakened]: The little monster is finally awake, he desires to carry out an act that will overturn the heavens and Earth. 

……It turns out that Little White Tiger was really gone, and what appeared now was the little monster that the game had been foreshadowing. 

He Ruge had always thought that the status of a sleeping “little monster” meant that the little white tiger would transform into a little monster, or that he would gradually become a little monster due the repetitive experiments, causing him to become physically and psychologically distorted into a little monster. 

However, He Ruge never would have thought that a little monster actually lived inside Little White Tiger’s body. If the little monster woke up, then where was his little white tiger? 

He use the mouse and randomly clicked all over the little monster at a loss. 

【Touch Head】(locked) 

【Touch Back】(locked) 

【Squeeze Paws】(locked)


All of the options for intimate interaction were locked and in a gray-colored state. 

The little monster’s initial affection level for him was lower than that of Little White Tiger’s. At least, when He Ruge interacted with Little White Tiger in the beginning, Little White Tiger would still let him touch his head, although he would be swiped at if he patted his head. 

Why didn’t Little White Tiger continue to scratch at him then? 

He Ruge reached deep into his memories. If he recalled correctly, it seems to be when his glasses had fallen off? 

……Did the glasses have some sort of special settings?

He Ruge clicked on his outfit, took off his black glasses, and looked back at the little monster expectantly. The little monster in the cotton nest appeared indifferent and gave He Ruge a vicious glare. 

When the little monster, who looked exactly like Little White Tiger, made such a fierce expression, He Ruge really felt hurt. It was a heartbreaking feeling. 

He clicked on [Talk] with his mouse. 


【Roar! “Roll!” 】 

He Ruge: “……” 

He Ruge then clicked on [Feed], and the game automatically placed the solution one meter away from the little monster by default. Thus, He Ruge wasn’t even given a chance to interact with the little monster.

The game arranging everything automatically was probably for players’ sake. If one finally managed to fill up their favorability levels, but then ended up being attacked by the other in the next second, even if they had a heart of steel, it would still be shattered into pieces under this huge change. 

Although he understood the logic behind this, when he saw the little monster full of hostility and separated by a whole diagonal length of the room, saying that He Ruge wasn’t sad would be a lie. 

He doesn’t want a little monster, he only wanted Little White Tiger. But, he also doesn’t want to be hated by the little monster because the little monsters looked exactly like Little White Tigers.

He Ruge felt like he was a scumbag. His White Moonlight (lover) had left him, so he found a perfect substitute. Yet, while complaining that the substitute was not the same as the White Moonlight, he was saddened that the substitute did not love him.

Depressedly, He Ruge moved the character to leave the room. After leaving the room, He Ruge wanted to walk back into the room to look at the little monster. 

However, the little monster had made it very clear he did not want to see He Ruge. 

Thus, the witty He Ruge held down the space bar and used the Secret Observation skill. 

In the old, black-and-white camera-like lens, the little monster turned its head laboriously, licking his right Zerg wing cherishingly. He licked it in solitude for a while before he began to cry silently. 

Crying pitifully.

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[1]Original: 铺天盖地的精神波翻尸捣骨而来,将森森白骨覆上虚假的皮肉, 在荒芜的灵魂原野上建起一座座海市蜃楼. Trying to translate this paragraph caused my brain to ascend lmao. If anyone has a different translation for this, do let me know and I’ll update this version. Meaning: the brainwashing experiment is rewriting his entire being

[2] White Paper: symbolizing that the brainwashing made him easier to influence

[3] Painting of plum blossoms: Direct translation: Trekking in search of red plum blossoms in the snow, a common Chinese art motif

The previous chapter was a bit short, but that gave me enough time to finish translating the entirety of chapter 34 in one go ^^

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What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 33 (Part 2) – Brainwashing Experiment

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Xi Guican was sent to the familiar brainwashing room and saw the machine that he would never forget in his lifetime. The only weapon against humanity, brainwashing machine manufactured in violation of the Federation’s regulations.

This machine had the most advanced technology in relation to the spiritual sea of consciousness that allowed it to block and rewrite memories through manipulation of one’s spiritual awareness.

There was almost no one invulnerable to this type of high-level brainwashing, as the intensity of this type far exceeded the mass-brainwashing type experienced by Crow.

The only drawback was that the energy cost was enormous, and only the most precious experimental subjects were eligible to be brainwashed by this machine. 

Unfortunately, Xi Guican was one such precious experimental subject. 

He knew what he was about to face next, but also didn’t care much for it. This brainwashing machine was extremely rare and expensive to build, and it violated the Federation’s regulations. Only rich and frantic lunatics could bring such a brainwashing machine into existence. 

Moreover, when he destroyed the Starry Sea Orphanage, he had placed a lot of attention on completely obliterating this brainwashing machine without leaving even the slightest residue in order to prevent anyone from restoring the machine to do more unscrupulous things.

It was just a game. No matter how much information was collected, it was impossible to recreate the brainwashing machine. 

It was even more impossible for the brainwashing effect to carry through the virtual network via virtual holographic games, without any physical contact and just through mental waves. 

If they had this type of strength, they could directly trick the people in power within the Federation to play this game, and then control the entire Federation with just a little brainwashing. 

With this perfect train of logic, Xi Guican entered the brainwashing capsule with confidence. Just as the door was about to close, he even turned around and gave He Ruge, who was outside the door, another glance. 

The set brainwashing duration was one day and one night. If this game perfectly reflected reality, then Xi Guican should not be able to see the youth he liked for one day and night. 

Yes, like.

With a sense of indescribable throbbing, vines of pale pink branches bloomed on the tip of his heart and, step by step, enveloped his whole heart with emotion. It was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge, which was why he immersed himself in the game from morning to night, which was why he was always happy with that person’s arrival and anxious with that person’s disappearance. 

In this lifetime, he had never liked anyone before. Thus, in the beginning, he didn’t realize that he had come to like this person. Even if the other party was just a virtual character, even if they couldn’t embrace each other in reality in this lifetime. But, ‘like’ was ‘like’. 

He liked He Ruge.

Maybe this like could not be given in the same amount as others, could not be given as gently as others, nor as skillfully as others…. 

But, he was willing to give all of his love and tenderness to this person. 

Yesterday, when Xi Guican raised his head and looked towards the sky, he saw the white petals float away, but he also saw the gentle smile of the young man from when they first met. 

The youth was dressed in all white. Behind him was a halo that dispersed the endless darkness, and the depths of his eyes carried a brilliance greater than the starry skies during wartime. 

His previously silent heart suddenly began beating, and the indescribable throbbings of his heart could now all be named at this moment. They were bathed in light as they all whispered simultaneously, “like”.



The door of the brainwashing capsule closed abruptly, and He Ruge, who was sitting in front of the computer blankly, was stiff to the point of being motionless. 

It was because he saw Little White Tiger’s Status


[Love]: No.20 loves you, a love deeper than chasing light1, because even if the world was an expanse of darkness, you will always be the pure light in his heart. Favorability: 100 

[Awakening]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you. Now, the little monster in his body was about to wake from deep sleep.

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The author has something to say: 

Little theater: 

Little White Tiger: Yi, I am officially going offline 


Author: Is it exciting, is it stimulating, is it unique enough?


1. ‘Love deeper than chasing light’: multiple connotations. 1)XGC’s love for HRG is more intense than his desire for ‘light’. 2)The love he feels is stronger than a need for anything else)

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