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SA Chapter 79 (Part 1) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

Note: to avoid subject confusion, I have replaced many pronouns with the actual names.

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The faintly warm sunset descended completely below the horizon at this moment.

The sky swiftly turned blue and a long, narrow and navy-colored ribbon spread through the sky from the south to the north, dotted with a few brilliant, red clouds. Not far away, the sound of the waterfall could still faintly reach the ears, and amidst the spectacular mountains and rivers, the beauty of all the things in the world was not comparable to the eyes of the young man with a serious gaze.

The air around them seemed to freeze instantly, condensing into ice.

Rong Xu raised his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng intensely, and Qin Cheng also looked down towards him.

There were no other sounds in the spacious area, only the breeze blowing across the leaves, creating swishing sounds.

One year ago, when Mrs. Qin flew back to Huaxia in exasperation and thoroughly gave her son a scolding with a dark face, she’d said: “Why don’t you care about your Rong family’s younger brother”, but she never would have thought that, one day, her son would be meticulously concerned to this degree.

That evening, in the Rong family’s living room, he saw the youth for the first time.

For some, love develops after a long time together, for others, love comes at first sight.

There will never be another, just him. 

No one else, only him.

So, that day, he gave him the keys to his apartment. The keys which even his mother didn’t have access to, he personally handed them over, and then watched the youth smile and curve his beautiful eyes. Rong Xu had said to him Qin Cheng in a clear and more melodic voice: “Thank you.”

Everything seemed to have happened just yesterday.

Time did not grind down this sudden love. Rather, with the precipitation of the years, it was like maturing red wine, becoming more and more mellow. It became harder to let go — reluctant, unwilling to let go.

But now, the young man who was swaddled on the cusp of his heart was standing in front of him, asking what he had just said.

Looking at the youth’s brilliant eyes that seemed to hide a whole starry sky, Qin Cheng raised his thin lips after a while and asked calmly, “If not that, then what?”

Someone in the industry once commented that Huaxia’s most suitable actor to act in romance movies used to be a high tier actor who had passed away in the last century. He wasn’t very handsome, but his smiles would make every woman feel moved and be willing to give up everything and elope with him to the end of the world. Right below this actor would be Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng’s voice was very nice.

He never needed voice dubbing, and all the voices of his characters were his own original voice. Whenever he lowered his voice and gently called out the female lead’s name, anyone sitting in the audience can’t help but be moved by him, understanding why the female lead would fall to pieces over loving this man.

However, when Qin Cheng deliberately lowered his voice, Rong Xu only curved up the corners of his lips and said meaningfully: “Yes, if not ‘Be Careful’, what else could it be…”. The end of his last syllable was stretched out with an unconcealed smile.

The two stared at each other for a long time before the man slowly closed his eyes, reopening them only a while later. He looked at the young man who was continuously smiling, helplessly curling up the corners of his mouth and revealing a shallow smile.

Rong Xu was the only one in this world who could push him to this level. Because he was willing to be forced by him like this, because he was willing to be questioned like this, did the situation from now come into existence. Only Rong Xu could do this. Because he was Rong Xu, the only person he had ever liked.

A pair of phoenix eyes looked up slightly. After what appeared to be a long time, it seemed he had finally come to a decision. Qin Cheng sighed softly and opened his mouth: “Perhaps those words might have been……”


Someone’s phone suddenly rang, interrupting Qin Cheng’s words.

Qin Cheng: “……”


The ambiguous and dense atmosphere vanished in an instant. Rong Xu widened his eyes in surprise as he took his phone out of his pocket. Seeing the name on the screen, he quickly pressed the answer button: “Sis’ Xiao Qian? What’s the matter……En, we’ll go back immediately, probably within ten minutes… Okay, wait for us first.”

After hanging up the phone, Rong Xu raised his head and said: “Because you came to observe, Director Yuan decided to end the shooting early today and have everyone go out for a meal together. Now, everyone is waiting for us on set. As soon as we arrive, we’ll immediately go eat.”

While talking, Rong Xu walked forward and directly bypassed Qin Cheng.

Rong Xu had always been a very punctual person, and Luo Qian sounded quite anxious on the phone, as if it was a spontaneous decision made by Director Yuan who was probably now rushing the crew without giving anyone time to prepare. It was impossible for Director Yuan to call and rush Qin Cheng, so he asked Luo Qian to call Rong Xu. Anyways, as long as one of them came back, the other would have to come back regardless.

A trace of regret flashed through his heart, and Rong Xu frowned slightly, unable to conceal the disappointment on his face.

This call came too untimely. If it was only a little later, even five minutes later, perhaps they would have……

His whole body suddenly froze!

Rong Xu stood locked in the same place. His eyes widened, and he looked forwards in disbelief.

A pair of sturdy arms embraced him tightly from behind and wrapped around his waist. Heat slowly spread from the place where the two’s bodies were closely in contact, burning like a raging inferno bursting into flames.

It was so tight that there was no gap. The hug had come suddenly and ambiguously.

On the path surrounded by an expanse of greenery, the tall and handsome man suddenly stretched out his hands and embraced the young man walking in front of him. He held the other tightly, as if the other would run away as soon as he let go. So, he firmly locked the other party in his arms, then….. He leaned down towards the person’s beautiful ears.

The next moment, a warm exhalation gently blew against the youth’s ear.

Rong Xu’s body suddenly softened, and he wanted to turn his head stiffly. But, he hadn’t moved yet before he heard a low laughter sound beside his ears. The breath landed on his earlobe and seemed to penetrate into his bones. A faint pink gradually rose on the youth’s white face, and his throat became dry.

He called hoarsely: “Qin Cheng……”

En.” The man let out a lazy hum from his nose.

Rong Xu tightened his fingers: “Qin Cheng, you……”

Xiao Xu.” A low, magnetic voice gently interrupted Rong Xu’s words.

Rong Xu’s pupils shrank slightly and his eyelashes fluttered, as if he suddenly realized what was going to happen next.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

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  2. “There will never be another, just him. No one else, only him.”

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