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SA Chapter 78 (Part 2) – To You, I Speak These Three Words

Part 2 of the sponsored chapter! Enjoy!

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As the day approached the evening, the round sunset fell from the western sky, and weaved between the mountains.

Rong Xu changed out of his stage costume and into normal casual clothes before taking off his glasses. He didn’t notice that after he removed his glasses, a certain man’s face showed an  imperceptible sense of loss.

Rong Xu smiled as he said: “Actually, I’m not very familiar with the Film and Television City. Director Yuan asking me to take you around has truly stumped me. If we get lost later, what will we do.”

Qin Cheng calmly replied: “I have a cell phone.”


The boy purposely pretended to give a surprised “Oh”, and the smile on his lips deepened: “Isn’t your phone out of power?”

The man’s steps paused briefly, but a moment later, he continued forwards: “I didn’t want to exchange friend contacts with her.”

Although Qin Cheng’s reason was actually quite childish, but so long as he said so, Ren Shuzhi couldn’t do anything about it.

Rong Xu looked at the man quietly, only to see the latter lower his gaze and look forward indifferently. His words were clearly bullying another, but there was still no change in expression on his cold and noble face.

Either he pretended to be very courteous, or he didn’t care about the other party at all.

The corners of his mouth subconsciously curled up, and Rong Xu changed the subject: “Speaking of which, you came here suddenly. Is there really no problem? I didn’t see Xu Jin. Does he know that you’re in Xiang Shan?”

Qin Cheng nodded without hesitation: “He knows.”

At this moment, in the distant Capital Airport.

A gentle and elegant looking man was pulling along two large suitcases, walking quickly and angrily through the airport. His face was so gloomy that you could squeeze water out of it. Beside him, a little assistant was also carrying three suitcases and hurriedly following.

Halfway through, Xu Jin stopped and turned his head to look at the assistant next to him: “Exactly when did he leave? It was just a single night’s effort and he actually disappeared! Is this normal? Where did he go? You, tell me honestly! Don’t hide it from me!”

The little assistant whispered: “Brother Xu, how would I know where Qin Cheng went……”

 “All farts! His passport’s with you, how else did he return to Huaxia. If you don’t know then who knows?”

Hearing this, the little assistant finally bowed his head aggrievedly: “Qin Cheng asked me for it. I couldn’t not give it, Brother Xu……”

Xu Jin: “……”

Good bastard, finally talking, huh!

With a twitch of his mouth, Xu Jin said icyly: “Exactly where did he go? Won’t answer the phone, not even returning my calls!”

The little assistant replied meekly: “Ning city…”

Xu Jin: “……”

Ning City. Xiang Shan Film and Television City. Which film was being filmed there recently? It seems to be Maze City. Who was starring in Maze City

Who else could it be!

This was simply called ‘dropping all sense of shame in the face of love’! Was there such a person who vanishes as soon as he cuts all ties? Absolutely not![1]

In B city, Xu Jin already processed a ticket to Ning City for the next day, whereas, here, under the guidance of the global cell phone map, Rong Xu finally found the waterfall scenery that was currently under construction.

Probably because the development wasn’t yet complete, there was no security guard overseeing the place. There was only a majestic, glistening stream crashing down from the cliff more than 30 meters high, fiercely and violently hitting the rocks below it and creating white foam.

This waterfall wasn’t considered very high, but the water flowed rapidly. Standing under the cliff, their ears were surrounded by the thunderous sound of crashing water, unable to hear any other sounds except the noise of rumbling water.

The two stopped once they approached the water source.

Qin Cheng took out his phone and planned to take a photo, but in order to find a better angle, he walked a few steps closer. When he got to his desired position, he was already very close to the waterfall, and the spray of water dampened his hair.

He held the cell phone with both hands and stood atop a water slickened boulder. Qin Cheng didn’t find anything strange until the moment he raised the phone, and his arms were suddenly tugged back.

The man turned his head in surprise, and saw the boy frowning slightly as he said seriously: “Be careful, don’t fall in.”

A hint of warmth spread through his heart. Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and soon finished taking all the photos.

Rong Xu asked, “Are you only taking photos from here? Do you want to walk around and take more shots from different angles?”

Qin Cheng shook his head: “It’s too dangerous, no need.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “So, you also know it’s dangerous. Before, you just walked up casually like that, almost scared me to death.”

Looking at the youth’s handsome eyebrows for a while, Qin Cheng curved his thin lips and revealed a faint smile: “You’re here.”

Rong Xu was momentarily stunned. Looking at the man’s deep phoenix eyes, he opened his mouth a few times but in the end said nothing.

Just as the two were about to leave the waterfall set, and had walked halfway back, they ran into one of the set’s staff members. When the staff member saw Qin Cheng and Rong Xu, they excitedly asked for an autograph and a group photo.

When he heard about their intentions, the staff laughed and said: “The place from before is not the best place to view the waterfall. To facilitate the best viewing for the waterfall, a viewing platform was repaired just a few days ago. It’s over there. I’ll take you. “

Rong Xu hesitated briefly before agreeing to the proposal.

The viewing platform wasn’t very far away, only around a hundred meters off, but because it was hidden by dense branches, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng didn’t see it at the time. The observation deck was made of wood and was close to the waterfall, though the high fending effectively prevented the possibility of falling into the water. Overall, it was an excellent sight seeing location.

The staff member left soon because he had something to do. As he was leaving, he took out his cell phone and wrote a few words to Rong Xu: [The noise is very loud here, and it’s hard to hear when you talk 】

After seeing this line of text, Rong Xu tried to call Qin Cheng’s name several times. However, the man continued to obviously take pictures beside him, never turning around, as if he hadn’t heard him.

After discovering this little secret, Rong Xu also typed out a line and told Qin Cheng about this matter.

The man raised his eyebrows in surprise. He tried saying something, but Rong Xu could only see his lips open and close, and couldn’t hear what he was saying at all.

After taking pictures for a while, the two decided to leave. Rong Xu walked in front and Qin Cheng walked behind him. The wooden observation deck floor was still a bit damp, and although it was impossible to fall down the waterfall, it might still cause a very bad slip.

As they walked, Rong Xu slowed down and was just about to lift his feet to go up the steps when one of his hands was suddenly caught. His whole person was suddenly pulled back and turned around. Rong Xu looked at the man in surprise, only to see that cold faced man raise his gaze and stare at him with a serious expression.

Behind this person, the constant stream of water and the foaming, snow-white water sprays dampened his hair and collected in droplets as they rested on those deep and dark phoenix eyes. His gaze was frighteningly quiet and heavy, hiding many inexplicable emotions as he stared fixedly at Rong Xu.

Time seemed to stretch on for a hundred years at this moment.

Rong Xu clearly saw the man open his mouth and said three words to him softly.

The violent roar of the rushing water concealed all other sounds, but the youth’s pupils slowly widened.

Three minutes later, the two of them left the waterfall set, and the thunderous roaring of water became further and further away. As Qin Cheng walked, he sent the photos he had just taken to Old Liu. He had just finished uploading all the photos when he heard the youth’s slightly hoarse voice ask softly: “Qin Cheng, did say something to me just now?”

His steps paused for an instant. The man slipped the phone back into his pocket and said calmly: “I wanted you to be careful, the floor is slippery.”

When those words fell, the youth suddenly stopped moving, and the man turned back to look at him.

Qin Cheng saw the young man bathed in a brilliant golden light under the afterglow of the setting sun. His eyes were slightly curved, and he carried a hint of helplessness on his delicate and beautiful face. The tilted corners of his lips were like the softest leaves[2] in the spring breeze, gently swaying across the rippling lake water.

“Was that……really what you said?”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]见色忘义. XJ is so dramatic lmao. And stressed lol.

[2] Leaves: the direct translation would be ‘catkin flowers’

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  1. Just searched. ‘I like you’ is three words in english but four words in chinese, ‘wo xi huan ni’ while ‘i love you’ is three words in english and ALSO in chinese ‘wo ai ni’.

    Qin Cheng’s behavior… he is absolutely in love with Rong Xu and not just like 😍😍😍

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