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SA Chapter 78 (Part 1) – To You, I Speak These Three Words

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Note: Film and Television City and Xiang Shan are the same place. The translation just depends on the context.

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A crowd of people surrounded the filming location, and through the gaps that occasionally appeared between them, a gentle yet stern man could be seen. He donned a pair of silver eye glasses and a light-colored windbreaker as he stood calmly in the center of the set and recited his lines.

The color of his thin lips was very pale, seemingly as if the original coloration of his lips had been deliberately covered up to make it appear pallid. His eyes were blocked by the lenses, and one couldn’t make out his actual expression clearly. But, the slight tilt at the corners of his lips formed a smile that didn’t seem like a smile, making others feel as though this individual was cold by nature.

Mature, restrained, deep, and elite.

Qin Cheng’s footsteps slowly came to a stop. From across the three layers of the crowd, he looked at Rong Xu in the center of the filming location.

“Mr. Qin?” The staff member who led Qin Cheng into the set inquired in a low voice.

Qin Cheng turned to look at him and nodded lightly: “Thank you.”

The staff member immediately shook his head: “No need, no need. It was on the way. That……can I get your autograph?”

Very soon, the scene ended.

The makeup artist hurriedly walked onto the set to touch up the actors’ makeup. Rong Xu asked the makeup artist to fix his eyes and lips while he read his script. Although he had already memorized all the lines, he never dared to be arrogant. Whenever he was on set, he would review the script whenever he could so as to ensure he would not make mistakes.

Just as he was looking at the script in concentration, he suddenly heard a commotion not far away. Rong Xu raised his eyes and saw seven or eight female staff members run in one direction rapidly, and there were even several male staff members who were excited and chattering with their heads down.

They were slightly far away so Rong Xu couldn’t overhear their conversation. He frowned in contemplation, but Luo Qian suddenly came over and said excitedly: “Xiao Xu, Qin Cheng’s here! He seems to be currently talking with Director Yuan.”

Rong Xu’s eyes widened minutely for a second before he collected himself and smiled: “Qin Cheng is here?”

Luo Qian suddenly recalled: “Ah, yes. Xiao Xu, didn’t you work with God Qin in Black Clouds? You two should be familiar. Do you want me to go greet him for you?”

The scenes to be shot that afternoon were all Rong Xu’s scenes, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that after Director Yuan, he was the busiest person in the crew.

Hearing Luo Qian’s words, Rong Xu nodded slightly, and Luo Qian then hurried away with a look of excitement— as for whether she simply wanted to help Rong Xu greet an acquaintance, or if she wanted to see her idol…. Only she knew.

The makeup artists nearby smiled and said: “Even Qian Qian is this excited, she must have wanted to go see her male god.”

“Exactly. That’s Qin Cheng, which girl doesn’t like him?”

Hearing that, Rong Xu smiled and said: “Does Sis’ Xiao Qian like Qin Cheng that much?”

Among the crew, Rong Xu had always been quite popular. He had a good temper, was easy to talk to, and wasn’t pretentious when getting along with the staff members. So, the makeup artist looked at Rong Xu and said: “Are there any girls who don’t like Qin Cheng? Haha, Rong Rong, we like you very much, too. You are also very handsome.”

Rong Xu curled his lips and said with a serious face: “But Sis’ Xiao Qian said that the number one male god in her heart is me.”

All of the makeup artists in the crew were older than Rong Xu, and the youngest could even be his aunt. They looked at his serious and solemn appearance and one-by-one couldn’t help chuckle. They only thought his serious appearance was interesting and adorable.

Not long after, the next scene began.

The entire crew was humongous, so Rong Xu didn’t see Qin Cheng. He didn’t even know if he was still on set.

Originally, Rong Xu thought that Qin Cheng would leave Xiang Shan without revealing his own whereabouts after visiting his workplace yesterday. But now, Qin Cheng directly went to the set of Maze City. Although Qin Cheng never spoke to him and acted as though he didn’t come to visit his work, he still caused a commotion amongst the crew.

It wasn’t until Rong Xu was filming the indoor scene did he finally meet the man.

Qin Cheng was wearing a dark black windbreaker, the one from yesterday, and was talking to Director Yuan. Director Yuan saw Rong Xu walk over and beckoned to him happily. Qin Cheng also turned around, his deep black eyes precipitated with incomprehensible colors. He tilted the corners of his lips and gave Rong Xu a light nod.

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow: Huh, did this means……he wasn’t here to visit his work?

The next moment, Director Yuan used his loud booming voice to expose a certain man’s deep and serious expression: “Qin Cheng, ah Rong Xu is also here. He has a lot of scenes today, but for the sake of your face, I’ll give him a vacation and let him leave with you to go tour around the Film and Television city and take some scenic photos?”

Hearing this, Rong Xu was slightly surprised. Before he had time to inquire about the situation, he heard the man’s low and magnetic voice sound: “No need, I’m just here to observe.”

 Director Yuan laughed: “With you standing here, the little maidens in our crew have absolutely no mood to work. Just look at Ren Shuzhi. Even she might not have the heart to film later, isn’t that so, Xiao Ren?”

It was unknown when Ren Shuzhi walked over. She covered her lips and smiled: “Director Yuan is making a joke of me again.”

Hearing this, Director Yuan laughed some more, seemingly as if he was in a good mood.

Ren Shuzhi’s expression was very normal, and there was no sign of awkwardness when facing Qin Cheng. It appeared as though they’d never come across each other last night. She acted generously and even wanted to exchange contact information with Qin Cheng and add him as a friend. However, Qin Cheng said indifferently: “My phone is out of power, it is not very convenient.”

Ren Shuzhi smiled with fake indifference: “Then, sometime in the future.”

One handsome and tall, the other glamorous and slim. When those two people stood together, they appeared even more pleasing to the eye. 

Watching this scene, the young man slowly narrowed his eyes. A moment later, he curled up his lips and stepped forward, saying: “If you truly happen to be in the Film and Television City to sight-see, Qin Cheng, then let’s go explore.”

Five minutes later, the two left the crew of Maze City.

Before leaving, Rong Xu had overheard a few words from Director Yuan and realized that Qin Cheng had indeed come with the intention of observing his work. But then, he and Director Yuan went on to talk about a movie he was going to film soon, and Director Yuan suddenly patted his thigh and said: “Old Liu wants a waterfall scene? Say that earlier! The Film and Television City has just recently developed a waterfall area. It’s pretty good. Do you want to help him inspect it first?”

In preparation of any film or television work, in addition to the most basic script writing and actor selections, the scenic framing was also very important. In Huaxia, there are many film and television sets with various buildings and natural ecological landscapes that can be used by a crew for filming.

At the same time, some crews will also build their own structures, which, although time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly, would fit more in line with the requirements of the script.


In addition to these, crews would also film scenes in natural settings from around the world. For example, a few years back, there was a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster that was set in a mountain range in Huaxia and later integrated CG technology to create a fantasy floating land setting.

However, no matter how much future technology develops, the real life setting is also indispensable. Artificially created beauty would never surpass natural beauty. 

Qin Cheng will be collaborating with Huaxia’s top director Liu Yongzheng on a blockbuster period film and they were looking into unique and mystical waterfall scenery settings.

But those were all things for later, so let’s leave it be for now.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

TL corner: LMAO No need, Luo Qian. They greeted each other enough last night.

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