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SA Chapter 77 (Part 3) – Qin Cheng, Do You Want to Sleep Over at My Place?

To our U.S.A friends, I hope this double release (part 2 and part 3) can help relieve even a bit of the stress from the elections currently ongoing. Remember to care for your mental health in addition to your physical health. Stay strong and positive!

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That’s right, in fact, ever since the million dollar donation incident, Rong Xu gave additional  “secret attention” to this extremely cold fan. In the last month, the other party didn’t give their three meals daily sign-in confession, so Rong Xu naturally forgot this person’s existence.

But now, the other party reappeared……

Rong Xu scrolled through the more than 20 Weibo posts from Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: “……”

Was this person really the same fan who never replied with more than five words during their private conversation, the same person who was as cold as the South Pole?!

It couldn’t be that they have multiple personalities right……

Time passed slowly while he was reading the various retweets and confessions from this multiple personality fan. Rong Xu was initially taken aback when he saw Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s first Weibo post tonight, but then he smiled helplessly.

All fans have their own private lives. The only thing he could do was set a good example so that every fan who liked him could get something in return from himself, whether it was through the roles he played, something he did, or his personal values. Celebrities not only had the responsibility of acting and singing, but also of being a good person.

After closing Weibo, Rong Xu again looked through the latest entertainment news. After 30 minutes passed, he finally felt that something was off: “……Qin Cheng?”

Half a minute later, the man walked out of the bathroom.


Acting as if nothing had happened just now, Rong Xu greeted the other party with a smile, and Qin Cheng naturally responded with a calm nod. The two sat opposite of each other on the sofa and chatted about the scenes Rong Xu was going to film the next day.

While chatting, the night grew late. When Qin Cheng raised his hand to turn off the light beside the bed, he heard the youth’s warm and soft come from behind him: “Good night.”

Qin Cheng turned around quickly. The moment the light was about to turn off, the only thing his eyes could see was the youth’s gentle and bright smiling face.

……En, good night.”

Early the next morning, before dawn, Rong Xu silently crept out of bed. Without disturbing Qin Cheng, he arrived early to the filming site. Today, they were going to shoot a few action scenes. Although most of the action scenes belonged to Bo Xiwen, Rong Xu also had to learn some simple movements.

The action scenes for each movie were always different. Even if it was the same actor and the action scenes were similar to another movie, they would never be exactly the same for each movie. Strictly speaking, martial arts scenes must take into account the weather, terrain, time and other factors. For example, if it was during nighttime, then lighting must be considered; for indoor action scenes, the surrounding props must be considered.

The action scene director Maze City was a well-known martial arts instructor within the entertainment circle, Yuan Laoba (‘Yuan Old Eight’). Coincidentally, he and Director Yuan were related.

Yuan Laoba handsomely led his martial arts team and designed various special action moves for Maze City. For today’s scene, they were filming the moment when Tan Yangxuan spies a human trafficker he had once caught near the square. He needed to cross through the crowd to catch that old bastard who was sneaking around again right after getting out of prison.

Additionally, Xue Jiazhe, who also came to investigate the scene with Tan Yangxuan, was so exhausted that he could only follow him to catch the little thief.

It was from this thief that Tan Yangxuan and Xue Jiazhe obtained an important clue: The sixth victim once had a daughter. That victim liked to gamble and actually sold off his 10-year-old daughter to this criminal eight years ago.

The daughter was sold to a remote mountain village by the human trafficker and gave birth to her first child when she was just twelve years old. She had four husbands who were four brothers. The dead father had stopped asking about his daughter’s whereabouts since long ago. The trafficker said indifferently: “Died long ago. After giving birth to the second child at the age of thirteen, she committed suicide by jumping into a well. Couldn’t be resuscitated.”

After hearing the words of this ex-human trafficker, Xue Jiazhe calmly drafted an initial profile detail of the criminal: had once been abandoned by his parents.

The plot for Maze City was quite cruel. 

Xue Jiazhe’s profiling and deductive, step-by-step reasoning, led to them finally finding a suspect.

This suspect was abandoned by his mother when he was young. His father was a drunkard who beat and scolded him at every turn. He had poor grades, a criminal record, and had once worked in a slaughterhouse. Afterwards, in order to escape from his previous lifestyle, he studied on his own and got a good job. In order to improve his status in life, he enrolled in music and painting classes. But a year ago, his girlfriend secretly aborted their child, and that should have been the igniter for serial murder cases.

Even when Tan Yangxuan caught the criminal, the criminal himself did not deny the crime, but instead frankly admitted that he did it all by himself. Thus, the case of the malicious serial murders closed.

On the surface, this seemed difficult to believe. Why would anyone be willing to commit crimes for Xue Jiazhe? However, after the movie is released, if the audience watched carefully, they would realize that the criminal had actually appeared before! The time when Tan Yangxuan went to Xue Jiazhe’s company to look for him, that criminal was leaving the room after having just finished his psychological treatment.

Everything was cleverly cast in a full circle, dropping the plot twist at the very end, but also leaving it suspenseful.

If Xue Jiazhe still wanted to kill, they could film a part two. If the box office performance wasn’t good enough, then the story would end there, leaving room for the audience’s imagination.

The scenes to be filmed today were mainly the outdoor scenes in the Square. Taking advantage of the good weather, Director Yuan specially advanced this scene and ensured that all the actors were ready.

As Qin Cheng said last night, when Rong Xu arrived at the set that day, Ren Shuzhi didn’t mention anything about the night before, and still greeted him with a smile. When she opened her mouth to speak again, her words were: “Rong Xu, good morning.”

The young man raised an eyebrow and smiled lightly: “Sis’ Ren, morning.”

No matter how much Ren Shuzhi couldn’t bear it, she still didn’t have the face to call out “Rong Rong”. That entire morning, Ren Shuzhi didn’t talk to Rong Xu much, and her attitude towards Rong Xu became very polite. She also no longer acted familiar with him.

Perhaps it was because her mind was set on the right path(?), that morning, Ren Shuzhi only NG’d twice, and her acting skills in two scenes were also highly praised by Director Yuan. After lunch, they would begin the most important action scene of the day.

Making these actions appear beautiful was a test for both the director and the actors. More so because there was also a certain degree of danger. 

While filming the first action scene, Bo Xiwen accidentally collided with an extra performer and fell to the ground, scratching his knees. After the action scenes were filmed and the exposition/drama scenes started, the members of the crew were able to relax.

If a drama scene was done poorly, the worst that could happen was being scolded by Director Yuan, but if something goes wrong with an action scene, the worst case scenario could be a loss of life!

And so, when Qin Cheng walked onto the set, he heard a cold and indifferent voice sound from the distance: “Between three and seven years old, he was abandoned by his parents. His hair isn’t too short, but also not too long. He has a high degree of education. He’s currently a white-collar worker with a car, a black one. It may be Volkswagen, or maybe……”

“Hey, Professor Xue, you can even determine the make of the car. Isn’t this too unscientific?”

A soft, low laugh sounded. Even if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you could still picture that the owner of this laugh wasn’t sporting a smile that reached his eyes, which were blocked by the lenses of his glasses. The corners of his lips raised into a cold smile. After laughing for a while, he gradually stopped, and his voice seemed to reverberate from the bottom of everyone’s heart as he said lightly: “Student Tan, he has more than one car. Rather, he should have two.”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



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  1. If there’ll be Maze City 2, then the MC for MC 1 would die in the second movie after he found out his villain friend’s secret. Then, Qin Cheng should act as the MC1’s MC’s senior officer and finally catch Rong Xiu the villain in this second movie. 😂😂 i hope this’d happen.


  2. I suddenly remembered that Lady ghost that was sold to a mountain village by human traffickersand was raped by four brothers in Ghost Knows What I Experienced. 😦


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