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SA Chapter 77 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng, Do You Want to Sleep Over at My Place?

Chinese Refresh: Recall that “eating vinegar” means to ‘be jealous’ ^u^/

To our U.S.A friends, I hope this double release (part 2 and part 3) can help relieve even a bit of the stress from the elections currently ongoing. Remember to care for your mental health in addition to your physical health. Stay strong and positive!

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‘She’ frantically reposted various pictures and videos uploaded by Rong Xu’s leader fans on Weibo. Each Weibo re-post was dedicated to confessing to Rong Xu, and every post was standard of a diehard fan. The previous image of an esteemed, cold, wealthy fair maiden collapsed overnight!

However, after this image collapse, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing not only didn’t lose fans, but actually gained more than a thousand followers!

[Burning hot and in a daze, under Rong Rong’s beautiful face, even the iciest and fairest maidens must bend their waist (will give in)~ I can’t. I also want to go lick Rong Rong’s beautiful face. Tonight, before going to bed, I must like his photo a hundred times. Then, I will surely be able to able to dream about sleeping with Rong Rong ~\(≧▽≦)/~】

[Esteemed Rong Rong, I bow down to your beauty _(:3」∠)_]

[Actually, I just want to say, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing, did you forget that you only just confessed to your sweetheart? Hahahaha, just confessed to your male god (‘Marshal Huo’) and are already forwarding all kinds of Wuli Rong Rong’s beautiful photos~ You dried out radish[1], I will give you…… 32 likes~~~]

These fans’ comments were just posted casually, joking around as they discussed. But, they didn’t expect that Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing would actually reply!

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: replied to O’Han’er: He is Baby’s, he and RongRong are both Baby’s! 】

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to WillStillEatThisSauce: nonsense, Rong Rong doesn’t like to eat vinegar, I like to eat vinegar.】

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing replied to ChangeNamesAfterLeavingCiMu: The one who can sleep with Rong Rong at night is me, not you! 】

The tyrant actually came to dole out replies. … And this style of replying……no matter how you saw it, it was terribly idiotic.


Everyone was clearly joking, but Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing was 10/10 serious, and the more ‘she’ responded like this, the livelier the fans became as they chatted with ‘her’. In just a few moments time, that night,  Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing already received no less than a thousand comments. For such a big Leader Fan, this is definitely good popularity.

Of course, it was also worth mentioning that the individual at the top of the Weibo Celebrity Trending List that day was named Qin Cheng.

Coincidentally, that morning, Xu Jin used the actor’s official Weibo account to post publicity for his new movie, along with a picture. Therefore, under that Weibo post, fans were enthusiastically licking the screen and clicking Like. In just half a day, this Weibo received more than 1.5 million comments, was reposted close to 2 million times, and had more than 4 million Likes!

Three hundred million fans excitedly supported their male god. Some fans said emotionally: [One day if God Qin replies to my Weibo, how great would that be~ HAHAHA, just kidding. If God Qin were to respond to every single comment, he would be exhausted. My male god is just so mighty and cold, kiss kiss =3=]

However, at the exact same time that this fan was sighing regretfully, that said mighty, cold male god was currently interacting with Rong Xu’s fans.

‘People have many facets’[2], this was a term that well described this person.

However, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing couldn’t continue to interact with the fans. The sound of water in the bathroom gradually ceased. Qin Cheng put the phone back into his pocket, took out another phone, and turned it on in a calm manner. There were no fluctuations on his face, but he had been looking at the same page on his phone from beginning to end, without scrolling at all.

The bathroom door opened with a “Click–“, and the young man walked out in pajamas holding his hand-washed clothes as he hung them to dry on the hangers in the room.

Rong Xu didn’t speak, so Qin Cheng didn’t speak either. However, the latter kept surreptitiously glancing at the young man’s back.

With a tall, thin body and straight, thin calves, even in baggy pajamas, the snow white skin of his waist would occasionally peek out whenever he raised his arms.

Qin Cheng swallowed subconsciously. 

Such a beautiful image appeared before his eyes. But, before he could recover from such a beautiful scene, he saw the youth turn around and walk towards him with a faint smile. As he came over, Rong Xu said with a smile: “It’s already so late, there shouldn’t be any flight back to B City, right?

The man nodded subconsciously and said in a low voice: “En, there aren’t.”

This pair of pajamas was a typical design. There was nothing special about it, but when it was worn by this youth, it looked like a high-end, fashion show ready outfit, inexplicably beautiful. 

Rong Xu replied with a soft “Oh” and continued to approach quietly: “It’s not convenient to go to Ning City from here. It’s late out.”

Qin Cheng raised his head: “Hmm?”

At this point, Rong Xu had already walked up to Qin Cheng. He smiled slightly and slowly leaned over. He placed one hand by Qin Cheng’s side as he leaned further in. The distance between them grew shorter and shorter!

Each party’s warm breath blew onto the other’s cheeks. Qin Cheng’s eyes widened slightly, and the corner of Rong Xu’s lips curved upwards.

There were only ten short centimeters between himself and the man’s lips! 

But, Rong Xu suddenly paused. Bright light reflected in those clear and dazzling eyes, shining as brilliant as stars. Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. 

He approached as if to give a kiss, and his low, soft voice sounded lightly: “Qin Cheng, tonight……do you want to sleep here with me?”


The tip of his ears suddenly became burning hot. The waves in his heart surged, and the man’s eyes darkened.

The atmosphere became heavily ambiguous. 

The man was locked in place on the bed with the youth’s arm. At this extremely short distance, all he had to do was slightly lift his head in order to place a kiss on the youth’s soft, warm lips. However, Qin Cheng hadn’t decided whether or not he should make a move when, at that instance, Rong Xu lifted his body again and said with a smile: “Ah, as expected, It was right here. I didn’t see incorrectly.”

Qin Cheng froze. He looked up and only saw Rong Xu holding a cell phone in his hand. Rong Xu smiled and said to him: “I was just thinking about where my phone went. It turned out to be behind you. Qin Cheng, are you going to wash up?”

Qin Cheng: “……”

You…… were…… getting…… the…… phone……

The next moment, the man quickly got up and walked into the bathroom, immediately closing the door.

The situation from 20 minutes ago suddenly flipped around. This time, the youth was holding his cell phone outside the door and couldn’t help but laugh. Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, the man had his hands covering his face as he leaned against the door panel, seemingly disappointed. Yet, the corners of his lips were curled up to reveal an imperceptible smile.

Soon, the sound of water flowed through the bathroom. Rong Xu did not sit on the bed near the bathroom like a certain ♂ inappropriate ♂ man. Instead, he walked over to the sofa and sat down to read through the day’s trending news.

After scrolling through all the news, Rong Xu opened his Weibo. There weren’t many people he paid close attention to, and those he did were almost all people within the circle. As long as an actor or staff had worked with him prior, he would pay attention to them/their news. Those people didn’t post on Weibo daily, so he’d only flipped to the second page before he saw a familiar name.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Rongrongrongrongrongrong! ! ! //Rong Xu: Today’s weather is pretty good. Maze City’s second day of filming begins. [image]

Rong Xu: “……”

His name was Rong Xu. You could also call him Rong Rong. 

But, who was Rongrongrongrongrongrong?!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Dried out radish: internet slang for couples who are not focused on feelings in a relationship. In this case, the netizen is saying that QC’s posts make it seem like it’s a superficial relationship focused on looks. Slang origin: when radishes age, their ‘hearts’ (cores) hollow out.

[2] Original: 厚此薄彼. ‘Thick to one, Thin to another’. The overarching meaning is that people have double scripts and act differently with different people.

[3] QC exploded. Male Lead has malfunctioned. End of story. Thanks for reading.

OML The ‘fan Weibo posts’ for this chapter were so difficult to translate @_@

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