Thanksgiving Giveaway 2020 Event Poll

The poll is now closed! Thanks for voting! Please look forward to the participation instructions (Will post sometime between Nov. 13~15).

The Thanksgiving giveaway event items will be: MXTX themed merch and random cute artworks from the artists!

Dear Readers,

SurrealSky Translations will be collaborating with independent artists for a Thanksgiving Giveaway 2020 event as a Thank You to all the readers who have supported this site since its establishment. The following poll is designed to get a better understanding of the readers’ preferences so that the partnered artists have time to prepare. Thank you!

Please only vote once!

For December, I will host a Donation event, and the raised funds will go to an organization type chosen by poll. The funds will be ad revenue generated between thanksgiving and January, plus any amount that readers would like to add!

Event participation rules will be posted between November 13 ~ 15. Keep a look out for it!

ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ*:・゚ With much love, Surreal Sky.

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