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WDBKFMGB Chapter 28 (Part 2) – Sweet, not Bitter

Note: For this chapter, I had removed a few sentences in translation because they would not have translated over well, and would instead bring down the overall quality of reading for the readers. The omitted phrases are all parts that would be considered redundant in English, so I felt that it was okay for me to omit them since the implications are still exactly the same. In Chinese, redundancy is common and still allows a passage to flow well because Chinese syntax is less strict in terms of punctuation usage. An entire paragraph in English might just be one sentence in Chinese, with independent clauses separated by commas. Thanks! Enjoy!

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Once He Ruge made up his mind, he picked up the little rabbit and the little white tiger who were standing on the windowsill.


[Chirp? “Are we going back?”]

[Chi “But, I want to sleep here”]


[There is danger here, we must return quickly, cannot stay here.】

Hearing He Ruge’s explanation, the little rabbit nodded like a small adult and obediently slipped into his arms.

The little white tiger was also nestled in He Ruge’s arms, and he looked at He Ruge with an expression of worry.

No. 20

[Roar “It’s dangerous outside”]

【I, I……】

[No.20 is worried about your safety]

He Ruge clicked on the dialog box. After Little White Tiger’s dialog box disappeared, a reply given by the game popped out for He Ruge.


[We are just playing Hide and Seek with the bad guys, don’t worry.】

Hearing this, the little rabbit nodded in mock understanding.


He Ruge opened the door of Room E15. Before going outside, he held down the space bar and used the secret observation skill. After confirming that no one was present, He Ruge spent one Little Heart and blocked the surveillance monitors in the corridor.

He then sneaked over and opened the door to the infirmary. The room was bathed in familiar warmth from the welcoming decor, and at the warm, yellow-light illuminated desk, the medicine-seeking rat was sitting on a book and reading with his head down. When he heard the sound of the door being pushed open, he raised his head and looked at He Ruge who had just entered the room.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[Why are you here again? 】

He Ruge hadn’t spoken yet when the Medicine-Seeking Rat saw Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger in He Ruge’s arms and had a 180 degrees shift in attitude.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[The little ones are sick again, ah. Bring them over so I can take a look. 】

The Medicine-Seeking Rat didn’t make a single fuss over the Zerg wings on Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger’s back as he gave them a thorough check up like usual.

Time was slipping by bit by bit, and although He Ruge was growing more and more anxious, he didn’t know what to do. Should he beg the Medicine-Seeking Rat, and let him bring them out of trouble?

Although it’s said a man’s knees are made of gold, if the Medicine-Seeking Rat was willing to help them, then it wasn’t impossible for He Ruge to kneel down and call him Father. Besides, it was just a game. 

It’s unfortunate though that there was no kneeling-down option built into the game. After all, a game is a game and there were too many restrictions, too few options, and little flexibility. If this were real life, He Ruge could utilize empathy and reason to convince the Medicine-Seeking Rat. He would promise to repay a favor ten times over. Or, he could make a scene (until the Medicine-Seeking Rat agreed to help). Even if he lost all his face, he’d do anything to achieve his goal.

If only he could enter the game and talk to the NPC.

Suddenly, He Ruge recalled the “Holographic Gaming Helmet” that he pulled out from the Pink Gacha ball – the item that was quoted at 8888.88 dollars.

He clicked on the backpack inventory and found the “Holographic Gaming Helmet” which was still awaiting payment.

Before, He Ruge had absolutely no intention of buying this item. The first reason was because the item was way too expensive! If it was 8 yuan, he would have gone for it without hesitation. 88 yuan, he could still buy it through gritted teeth. 888 yuan, if he closed his eyes and steeled his heart, he might still buy it.

But with 8888.88 yuan, He Ruge had discarded all thoughts about obtaining it. Therefore, he never thought about the practical purpose of the “Holographic Gaming Helmet”.

He initially believed that the helmet was definitely just a money-earning gimmick. He thought that it would only be used to unlock more interactions and strengthen the sense of game immersion, or increase ‘options A and B’ to ‘options ABCDE’, spending money to unlock alternate endings.

Now, He Ruge took a deep breath and asked himself:

You, this poor writer, are you going to be moved by this money extorting gimmick?

——Nonsense! Of course my heart is moved! ! !

——If I wasn’t moved, why would I consider the price! ! !

He calmly pushed up his glasses frames and expressionlessly closed the payment interface . Yes, purchasing was impossible. 8888.88 yuan, even if he sold himself he wouldn’t be able to afford it.……If he became filthy rich in the future, maybe he would consider it.

Poverty made him rational as He Ruge turned to look at the game screen again.

The Medicine-Seeking Rat in the game was fondly caressing Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit’s head. While the little white tiger avoided it with a look of disgust, Little Rabbit didn’t avoid it and instead allowed the Medicine-Seeking Rat to pat his head.

The Medicine-Seeking Rat was too short and even had to jump up to touch the little rabbit’s head. Thus, the little rabbit, who easily became familiar with anyone, lowered his head understandingly and allowed the Medicine-Seeking Rat to touch his rabbit ears.

In just a short amount of time, the little rabbit had already completely won over the Medicine-Seeking Rat.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[Child, what is your name? 】

The Medicine-Seeking Rat sat between Little Rabbit’s paws and asked the little rabbit’s name in a loving manner.


[My name is Ruan Ruan. 】

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[Ruan Ruan is such a good child. Has Ruan Ruan been easily hungry recently? Always wanting to eat, but can’t seem to be full? 】

The little rabbit nodded vigorously.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[It’s okay, don’t be afraid, Ruan Ruan. Grandpa will prescribe Ruan Ruan some medicine. When you take the medicine on time, Ruan Ruan will get better. 】

Hearing this, the little rabbit was very happy. He sweetly called the Medicine-Seeking Rat ‘grandpa’ and coaxed the Medicine-Seeking Rat into a smile.


[Grandpa, we are playing hide and seek right now. Can you play with us and help us? 】

Medicine-Seeking Rat was silent for a while. He looked at the naive little rabbit before finally nodding.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[Okay, Grandpa will play with you. 】

The Medicine-Seeking Rat pressed a button on the light brain hanging around his neck and initiated the operations for a robotic arm. He sat on the palm of the robotic arm and two small wheels emerged from the bottom of the arm. It swiftly carried the Medicine-Seeking Rat to a separate room.

When the Medicine-Seeking Rat came out again, he had already transformed into a human form.

The Medicine-Seeking Rat’s human form was a chubby old man with white hair, gentle eyebrows, and a long beard. He wore a white coat and walked out unsteadily on crutches while carrying a mask and two baskets full of medicinal ingredients in his hands.

Medicine-Seeking Rat

[We’ll put the children in the medicinal baskets, and you will put on the mask. If someone asks who you are, don’t speak, just stay behind me. 】


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

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  1. It makes me sad that this little rabbit only exists in a sim. That the real #19 died a long time ago…
    Or maybe not since time and space are gonna have to be bent for our MC to meet his real ML?


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