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WDBKFMGB Chapter 28 (Part 1) – Sweet, not Bitter

The title can also be translated as “Sweet Things do not Beget Suffering”

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He Ruge was a bit dumbfounded. 

He watched as Golden Python soared into the sky on the screen, scrambling towards the expanse recklessly, flying over Floor E, into the area forbidden by Crow, and rushing straight towards the highest point!


“No! Stop, quickly!” He Ruge yelled out instinctively. However, Golden Python didn’t turn around. He shot straight up to the sky, to a place so high even the flashlight couldn’t illuminate, into a field of darkness so thick it couldn’t be dispersed.

In the next moment, the sound of shattering was heard and a small hole appeared amidst the darkness as countless transparent glass shards sprinkled down from overhead. They rained down from somewhere far above, swirling and descending like crystal snowflakes falling in succession

No. 19

[Chirp “The big snake……flew away”]

The previously still defense system started to operate, and dazzling lasers formed a crisscrossed net. The shrill alarm blared rapidly, and accompanied by the noise of the weapon system operations, multiple cold-energy cannons appeared from the walls!

The descending glass shards were hit by the laser rays, and cobweb-like cracked lines spread out from the center of the shards such that the originally palm-sized shards disintegrated into smaller fragments that reflected the rays like glittering stars.

Shimmering shards sprinkled down. 

Amidst the dazzling rays of silted light, they laughed and danced, colliding into each other gaily and sparking a sound of jingling bells.

Two rows of energy cannons rotated silently, adjusting to a precise angle before firing a terrifying energy beam. Blinding white energy bombs cut through the darkness, like celebration fireworks being launched into the sky, and loud explosions followed——


Dazzling energy light-waves shone through the night sky. The outermost ring of light waves rippled out like water and momentary turned the night sky into day.

The little rabbit was frightened into trembling from the sound of the energy cannons, but when he saw the light above his head, his expression of fear was replaced by amazement.

Chirp~ “Waaa~ It’s so bright~”】

With such a brilliant light, the difference between the light beams and the flashlight was like fireflies compared to the moonlight.

The radiance shone down from a thousand miles away. When the rain of blood and scattered light fell onto the top of the carriage, He Ruge suddenly came to an understanding.

What the golden python flew towards was not darkness, but rather a dream of eternal splendor. Just like a moth drawn to flames, even if they were blinded, their wings burned, and bodies shattered, they were willing.

For the golden python, flying into the stars was his desired ending.


He Ruge controlled his character, and when the carriage passed Floor E, he jumped down with Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit in his arms. The door to Floor E was slightly hidden and unlocked. This door must have been purposefully left open by Crow for He Ruge.

[Countdown: 00:26:37]

The shrill, blaring sirens never stopped. He Ruge didn’t have time to deliberate. He opened the door and entered Floor E. 

He Ruge had previous experience of being on Floor E, as the medicine-seeking rat’s infirmary was on this floor.

Room E15 was the room at the end of the corridor of Floor E. He Ruge saw E15 immediately when he came through the door. Because he didn’t know what measures Crow took to evade surveillance, to be on the safe side, He Ruge used x1 Little Heart to block the monitors before taking the cubs to open Room E15.

Room at E15 was empty, containing nothing but four medical beds. He Ruge remembered that E13 was the medicine-seeking rat’s infirmary. Thus, he guessed that Room E15 is dedicated to patient care.

Room E15’s color is very similar to that of the infirmary’s, and at first glance, it’s easy to tell it was designed by the medicine-seeking rat. The architectural design of Starry Sea Orphanage was mostly based on cold colors, making one feel gloomy even across the screen. Meanwhile,  the medicine-seeking rat’s infirmary was one of the few warm colored places.

He Ruge’s tensed-up nerves relaxed slightly. The little rabbit in his arms also looked relieved, but Little White Tiger carried a complicated and somber expression from beginning to end.

There was a window in Room E15. He Ruge didn’t open the window, but rather put Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit on the window sill and clicked on the curtain with the mouse, opening a small gap.

The light waves from the energy bomb hadn’t completely dissipated yet, and the extremely faint ripple-like waves floated in the night sky like flowing clouds.

Little Rabbit dragged his heavy Zerg wings behind him as he stood up laboriously and raised his little head high. The tip of his nose was pressed to the window glass, and the beautiful starry sky was reflected in his ruby red eyes.


[Chirp~ “That’s Dad~”]

One little paw pointed to a star, and the other little paw followed, pointing to a star next to the first.


[Chirp~ “That’s mom!”】

[The stars are mom and dad’s eyes, blinking and smiling at me~]

The little rabbit smiled happily. Then, he pointed to the brightest star in the night sky and said cheerfully:

[That’s the big snake! 】

[He is the brightest and best-looking star~]

Little White Tiger, who had been sitting in silence on the window sill, followed in the direction of Little Rabbit’s pointing and saw the brightest star in the sky.


【……Yes. 】

[He is the brightest star. 】

[The side mission “Watch the Stars Together” is complete. Completion rate is 100%. Reward: “Xi Xing’s Blessing”]

[Name]: Xi Xing’s Blessing

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: The happiest moment in Xi Xing’s life was the moment he flew into the stars. He wishes to share his boundless happiness and contentment. When you are blessed by Xi Xing, you will recall good memories.

[Limitations]: Can only be used once

The outer appearance of this rare item was a gold star, reminiscent of Golden Python’s gold scales.

He Ruge tapped on the screen frame. The tears building in the black eyes had yet to fall before they were swept away by the sudden appearance of a new side mission.

[The side mission “Hide-and-Seek” is unlocked! Xi Xing’s behavior alarmed the people in Starry Sea Orphanage. The return passage via the carriage has been blocked. You must avoid all security and return to Room 214 within the time specified by Crow! 】

[Countdown: 00:23:21]

He Ruge: “……” I think this is purposefully making things difficult for people.

He doesn’t even have permission to go downstairs, how can he reach Room 214?! Is this broken game a devil?!

There was only 23 minutes left. It was a race against time to return. 

He Ruge frowned as he tried to find a way to beat the game. All assets and characters that he could use quickly flashed through his mind before he finally thought of the medicine-seeking rat in the infirmary.

If he had to choose one good and helpful person from Starry Sea Orphanage, then He Ruge could only choose the medicine-seeking rat. Besides, the medicine-seeking rat had helped Little White Tiger do a check up for free last time. Compared with the other staff members in Starry Sea Orphanage, the medicine-seeking rat was the only one in the muck who was not fully stained. 

Sure enough, everything must be compared in order to appear beautiful1.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



  1. Only when two things are compared can you consider one to be ‘better’

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