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SA Chapter 76 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: It has nothing to do with Mother

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He was wearing a black trench coat and long trousers that outlined his beautiful, slender legs. There was no expression on his handsome face. He glanced down with his slender and cold eyes at Ren Shuzhi with a calm and indifferent gaze. 

With a height difference of almost 30 centimeters, he was practically looking directly down at the woman in front of him. His slightly pursed thin lips and deep, dark eyes carried a aloof and powerful aura that quickly spread out along the hallway.


The air seemed to freeze in an instant. Ren Shuzhi stared in amazement at this man who had suddenly appeared here. Before she was able to recover, she saw the other person casually glance at herself and then turn his head to look at the youth next to him. He asked faintly: “She called you Rong Rong, are you two familiar?”

Rong Xu didn’t expect Qin Cheng to open the door so suddenly, but when he looked at Ren Shuzhi’s dumbfounded expression and Qin Cheng’s extremely cold attitude, the corners of his lips slowly raised. 

He said with a smile: “Sis’ Ren is the Female Lead of Maze City. We have been filming together these past few days.” 

Just filming together, not familiar.

Qin Cheng gave a soft “Oh” and turned to look at Ren Shuzhi: “Where is the phone?”

Ren Shuzhi reacted immediately. She curved up her red lips and looked at the handsome man in front of her with dazzling eyes as she said in a soft voice: “Mr. Qin, why are you here? I’m truly very surprised. I like your movie Disciples very much. It’s very good. I even went to the cinemas to watch it twice……”

“The phone is not with you?” The man calmly interrupted Ren Shuzhi.

Ren Shuzhi was stunned. From her purse, she took out the mobile phone that could have easily been stored with her assistant, and smiled: “I’m here to give Rong Xu his phone. Your[1] relationship with Rong Rong is really good, I didn’t know…..”

Her voice stopped suddenly, and Ren Shuzhi’s smile once again froze at the corners of her lips.

She watched as Qin Cheng directly reached out and grabbed the phone, placing it into Rong Xu’s hand. This action was so fast and sequentially smooth that even Rong Xu didn’t have time to react. Ren Shuzhi grew even more embarrassed. 

Who knew that in the next moment, Qin Cheng would casually ask: “Is there anything else?”

Ren Shuzhi squeezed her fingers tightly, but her face still sported a smile: “Mr. Qin, actually……”

“Did you forget to take anything else?” Qin Cheng turned his head to look at Rong Xu, seemingly as if he didn’t hear Ren Shuzhi’s words.

Holding back a smile, the youth replied with a serious face: “Nothing else.”

Qin Cheng turned his head back again: “Thank you, Miss Ren. It’s getting late, you should return to your room and rest early, good night.”

As soon as his voice fell, the front door closed with a “BANG–“, and Ren Shuzhi, this delicate and charming beauty, was left outside to dry just like that after receiving a single insincere “good night”.

Not mentioning the amount of fire Ren Shuzhi was holding in her heart, she had yet to leave before she suddenly heard Qin Cheng’s indifferent voice from across the door: “Didn’t you say she’s unfamiliar to you? Why does she call you Rong Rong? It’s not very good for strangers to speak so intimately.”

Ren Shuzhi: “!!!”

Ren Shuzhi stepped on the ground fiercely in her high heels, even making clacking sounds on the carpet as she left angrily. Hearing the sound of the footsteps leaving, Rong Xu finally couldn’t help but laugh, his beautiful eyes bending into a soft crescent shape that made Qin Cheng’s gaze grow a little deeper.

But after laughing, Rong Xu sighed slightly and said: “You are offending others like this, Qin Cheng.”

Hearing this, Qin Cheng raised an eyebrow lightly: “Offending who?”

Rong Xu said helplessly: “Ren Shuzhi must be very angry. Your dislike for her is so obvious. She even deliberately tried to please you, yet you ignored her…… This makes it very difficult for her to act. Moreover, the matter was already settled, yet you deliberately said in a loud voice that she spoke too intimately just for her to hear. She must hate you very much right now.”

Qin Cheng leaned back against the wall, listening patiently to the young man’s analysis and explanation. Perhaps, even Rong Xu didn’t notice that his tone was mixed with unconcealed concern, and the man liked his caring appearance very much so. Gentle and endearing, making those clean and clear eyes appear even brighter.

After Rong Xu’s analysis was over, Qin Cheng calmly said: “To offend is to make another feel unhappy, and would also affect oneself to a certain extent. She may be very upset, but I won’t be affected at all, so……” His voice paused, and Qin Cheng raised his eyes to look at the young man earnestly as he said word by word: “Xiao Xu, this is not being offensive.”

The man said “Xiao Xu” very gently, his voice low and soft, and as deep and mellow as a cello.

Rong Xu’s heart couldn’t help but tremble. He looked at Qin Cheng again, only to see Qin Cheng’s calm eyes looking seriously at himself. It was unknown what the other was thinking in his heart while staring at the other person. Rong Xu’s lips moved, but in the end, he didn’t manage to say a word.

Qin Cheng curled up the corners of his lips and said gently without giving anything away in his expression: “And she is not Han Yanghao, so she won’t trouble you.”

The most agonizing thing in the world is when you have no one to blame but yourself if you get slapped because you personally delivered your face up to be slapped, and can’t even show a bad expression.

To be able to mix into the entertainment industry to this extent and yet not have any major scandals with such a chaotic private life meant that Ren Shuzhi was still pretty clever. As long as she’s smart enough, she wouldn’t be so stupid as to offend Qin Cheng because of such a trivial matter, or to provoke Rongxu because of such a trivial matter.

The only thing Qin Cheng did today was not give her any face, and wouldn’t make her hate him to the extreme. When Ren Shuzhi had just switched to filming, she was once slapped 22 times on the face by a film queen who used ‘filming’ as an excuse to slap her until her face bled before letting her go.

At that time, Ren Shuzhi had a pretty good status within the music scene. But, in the eyes of a Queen, it was simply not enough. 

This was all because the Queen’s current husband had had a relationship with Ren Shuzhi in the past. It was obviously a pre-marital affair, but that Queen was still reluctant to behave nicely, almost beating Ren Shuzhi to death.

Although Ren Shuzhi had later gotten an opportunity to get photographed evidence of the film Queen’s husband’s frequenting of prostitutes and made the actress heavily lose face, Ren Shuzhi still endured it on the surface in the moment. So today, she would just assume that nothing happened. She might even pretend to be just as enthusiastic and generous the next day while heading to the crew to film.

Without thinking anymore into it, Rong Xu stretched out his hand to flip on the light switch. Bright light shone down immediately and illuminated the entranceway. While turning on the lights (in the room), he lifted the corners of his lips and asked with a smile in his voice: “Why’d you suddenly remember to visit me at work? You just finished up yesterday, and yet you return to the country to visit my work today. Aren’t you exhausted?”

After sending that woman away, the two walked into the room together.

Rong Xu took off his coat, and Qin Cheng helped him hang it into the closet. Qin Cheng untied his scarf, and Rong Xu helped him tidy up.

The two’s movements were very smooth and efficient, as if they’d practiced together countless numbers of times—— But, it was true. After all, Rong Xu had lived in Qin Cheng’s house for half a year now.

While finishing tidying up the scarf, Rong Xu’s smile deepened as he casually asked: “Was it Auntie Qin who asked you to visit me at work again?”

Qin Cheng: “……”

The bright smile made the youth’s pale and delicate face even more beautiful as it reflected a hint of his youthfulness. It was clearly only half of his face, but it was still so beautiful that it made people unable to glance away. 

Rong Xu grinned, deliberately suppressing a smile, and said serenely: “If I had known earlier, I would’ve called Auntie Qin. It’s bad to trouble you. Auntie Qin always asks you to visit my workplace, you can’t even have a good rest……”

“It has nothing to do with Mother,” the man’s low, magnetic voice sounded. “I wanted to come on my own.”

Silence suddenly permeated[2]. Rong Xu’s eyes opened wide, and he immediately turned his head around, only for his gaze to suddenly fall upon a pair of deep eyes.

Watching the young man’s surprised expression, Qin Cheng’s thin lips slightly twitched, and he repeated it word for word: “It was I, myself…… who wanted to come.”


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Your: formal ‘your’

[2] “Silence suddenly permeated”: original: all sound stopped

TL Corner: Baby Qin is all grown up now and can his own decisions! Can even go to the store by himself! ୧(๑•̀A•́)૭

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