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SA Chapter 76 (Part 1) – Qin Cheng: It has nothing to do with Mother

Note: the asterisks in the translation reflect the censorship in the raws.

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In the narrow and cramped entrance area, Rong Xu’s left hand was holding down Qin Cheng’s right hand, but his eyes were locked onto the door.

The lights in the room were not turned on. Only the dim moonlight projected through the glass windows and cast hazy shadows in the room. There was no response from the inside, but the person knocking outside the door was very patient. She didn’t feel any sense of embarrassment at all. After a long period of silence, she actually smiled again and said: “Rong Rong, are you busy?”

Only Little White Tiger was as still as a mountain, nestled in He Ruge’s arms and looking at He Ruge with his blue eyes. There were a plethora of complex emotions swirling in his eyes.

The man frowned slightly, and he lightly moved his right hand. The youth’s left hand that was being held moved along with it. Rong Xu turned his head to look at Qin Cheng, only to see the latter staring at him deeply, his eyes narrowed as if inquiring: Ren Shuzhi?

Rong Xu nodded lightly.

At this time, they heard Ren Shuzhi chuckled again and say: “Rong Rong, did someone enter the room with you just now? I didn’t see it clearly. Is it someone from our crew?”

Hearing this, Rong Xu slowly raised the corners of his lips and released the hand that was holding down Qin Cheng. He smiled faintly and said: “Sis’ Ren, I happen to have something going on just now. If it’s my phone, I will have my assistant go to your room to retrieve it.” From his words, he avoided answering Ren Shuzhi’s question.

Qin Cheng narrowed his eyes and pursed his thin lips.

He Ruge didn’t pay too much attention to Little White Tiger because Crow had warned that they must jump off the carriage when they reached Floor E.

As if perceiving the man’s down-heartedness, Rong Xu turned his eyes to look at Qin Cheng, face full of helplessness. He lowered his voice and said softly: “You came so suddenly. I’m not prepared. If Ren Shuzhi sees you, I wouldn’t know how to explain it. It’s also not good for you.”

The implication was that he didn’t want to disclose Qin Cheng’s presence to Ren Shuzhi.

Just then, Rong Xu was surprised from suddenly seeing Qin Cheng. Then, he saw Ren Shuzhi and instinctually pulled Qin Cheng into the room to ensure the two didn’t meet. This behavior was purely a subconscious action, but after rethinking it, his actions were not without reason.

As far as everyone knew, the movie Qin Cheng was currently filming was set in the United States and had nothing to do with Xiangshan Film and Television City. If he suddenly appeared here and even more so in Rong Xu’s room, then naturally it could only be because he was visiting Rong Xu.

Qin Cheng and Rong Xu had only collaborated once in Black Clouds. The two may be familiar with each other, but there were no rumors on the outside that they are friends. 

Now that Qin Cheng had suddenly appeared in Rong Xu’s room… it would still be easy to explain if they were seen by another, but being seen by Ren Shuzhi……

He Ruge was mainly afraid of running into people. All of them were combat inept.

Though Rong Xu didn’t know this woman well, he knew that the other party was not exactly considered a good person.

It’s true that there aren’t many good people within the circle, but there are still some. However, Ren Shuzhi is definitely not among them. 

It’s unpredictable as to what she would say. Maybe she’ll quietly spread false news, and…… Ren Shuzhi, this person, is actually quite beautiful, has a good body, and is open and proactive about her feelings. When a man looks at her, he was afraid that the news would not be treated as air[1].

Inexplicably, there was a strange feeling emerging in his heart. Although Rong Xu was still calm on the surface, his pupils were shining with a deep light.

But, if Ren Shuzhi really was this easy to deal with, she wouldn’t have come knocking on the door again. The sound of a woman’s soft laughter through the door. As a titled Sexy Empress, Ren Shuzhi’s voice was very nice and sounded quite moving. Though, Rong Xu felt it was a bit harsh on the ears.

Ren Shuzhi said softly: “It’s just a small effort of opening the door, Rong Rong. I won’t even go in. I won’t discuss the script with you today.”

There are certain types of people in this world who, regardless of men or women, they are very open about romance and have low requirements for love. They just want to enjoy the present, and savor sex/love. Throughout the ages, there have been countless numbers of such people. 

Since there were people like Plato, who only pursued the art of spiritual communication, then naturally, there were also people who didn’t care too much about love and only wanted to pursue whatever they liked.

The Golden Python talked like he’d been injected with chicken blood (energetically), directly replacing the chatterbox Little Rabbit and chittered endlessly.

In his last life, Rong Xu knew a young American pop king who was super into American sweethearts. He never had a girlfriend, but he’d had numerous lovers. Everyone did what they needed to receive se*ual and emotional bliss. 

It’s said that [that American pop king] once chased after a female French singer. The other party rejected him several times, but he was not discouraged and instead became more persistent.

Rong Xu was not this kind of person, but he also didn’t really hate these kinds of people. It’s just that if this sort of messy thing fell on his head ……En, did indeed make him feel a bit stuffy and irritable.

Rong Xu thought for a while, and was about to open his mouth to refuse again, but Qin Cheng intercepted and asked in a low voice: “Can’t open the door?”

Rong Xu was startled and subconsciously replied: “……What about you hide first, then I’ll open the door?”

When he finished speaking, the youth raised his head and his gaze suddenly met a pair of smiling eyes. Qin Cheng rarely made his pleasure so obvious like this, and it surprised Rong Xu. Before he could react, he heard the man’s low, magnetic voice ring in his ears: “Don’t worry about me, she just wants to drop off the cell phone, it’s okay.”

At the next moment, they heard Ren Shuzhi say again: “Rong Rong, are you this afraid of me? I’m just here to give you your cell phone. If you continue to not open the door, Sis’ Ren is going to get angry. Is it that the one who entered your room just now was also I know……”


The crisp sound of the door opening directly interrupted Ren Shuzhi’s words.

A shrewd light flashed from those beautiful eyes, and Ren Shuzhi pinched her fingers calmly as she gradually became more vigilant in her heart.

Someone who could make Rong Xu pull them into his room immediately and not allow her to meet them absolutely must not be a man. They must be a woman! Exactly who on earth is this woman to be treated by Rong Xu with such care, to not even want them to meet herself?

When speaking through the door just now, Ren Shuzhi’s tone had been pleasant, but her face was green.

This piece of fresh meat that she’d been fond of for so long yet couldn’t hook in after all kinds of ways was suddenly snatched by another! She wanted to see who had such charms to be able to directly hook in with a man who even Ren Shuzhi herself couldn’t hook up!

Ren Shuzhi clenched her teeth. Her face maintained a smile, but in an instant, the smile on her lips suddenly froze. Her eyes widened involuntarily as an expression of disbelief appeared on this beautiful and moving face. Ren Shuzhi opened her mouth, but even shock or horror were simply not enough to describe her current expression.

When the door slowly opened, a tall and handsome figure gradually appeared at the door.

What was behind that door?


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]RX is afraid that people will believe her just because of her appearance.

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