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WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 3) – Invisible Wings

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The carriage moved along slowly, and everything was a very novel experience. With the light from the flashlight, the little rabbit was no longer afraid. 

Little Rabbit looked about excitedly just like the time they finally left Room B6. His listless expression was thoroughly swept away.


[Chirp Chirp~ “Looking at stars~ Are there really moms and dads on the stars? “】

[Chirp~ “I will introduce you to my mom and dad”]

 Even Golden Python felt revitalized, as if newly awakening from a long hibernation.

Only Little White Tiger was as still as a mountain, nestled in He Ruge’s arms and looking at He Ruge with his blue eyes. There were a plethora of complex emotions swirling in his eyes.

He Ruge didn’t pay too much attention to Little White Tiger because Crow had warned that they must jump off the carriage when they reached Floor E. Thus, He Ruge was busy nervously counting the floors that the carriage passed, for fear of missing the floor number. He’s afraid that if they jumped to the wrong floor, he wouldn’t be able to cry even if he wanted to. 

While trying to keep track of the floor number, He Ruge recalled Crow’s words. 

Crow told them to see the stars in Room E15. Did that mean there was no one present in Room E15, and no surveillance? Though, He Ruge wasn’t afraid of surveillance cameras since he could block the monitors with Little Hearts.

He Ruge was mainly afraid of running into people. All of them were combat inept. Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger were cubs, Golden Python was a terminally ill patient, and he himself…… well, let’s not to mention that.

They hitched a ride from Basement Level 2 and had to pass six floors before reaching Floor E.

While He Ruge was busy remembering the number of floors passed, Golden Python suddenly spoke.

Golden Python

[I am very happy]

【Thank You】

[…..It would be so nice if I could just fly to the stars myself]

The Golden Python talked like he’d been injected with chicken blood (energetically), directly replacing the chatterbox Little Rabbit and chittered endlessly. His mental state was overly excited, almost as if he was overdrawing his bit of life energy and burning it to fuel his final brilliance.

He Ruge realized that this was Golden Python’s return to youth before death. Even if this was obviously just a game, He Ruge still felt sorrowful.

He had no relatives, had never participated in a relative’s funeral, and had never experienced the death of another. But, at this moment, He Ruge saw an illusion–

In the expansive, bright and starry sky, he wanted to hold a funeral under the stars for the golden python.

Silent grief filled the air as He Ruge listened carefully to Golden Python’s last words in this lifetime.

……If you could fly to the stars yourself?

He Ruge suddenly had a flash of inspiration. He immediately pulled out the “Invisible Wings” prop from his backpack and checked the restrictions/limitations on the use of the “Invisible Wings”. There were no other restrictions except “the weight carried by the wings cannot exceed four hundred jin.”

If he gives this item to Golden Python, does that mean Golden Python can fly by himself?

[Give “Invisible Wings” to Golden Python, Yes/No]



Although this was a rare prop, He Ruge still clicked [Yes] without hesitation.

[The prop has taken effect]


At first, Xi Xing faced the prospect of death with utmost fear. He was still so young, his life had just begun, there were so many things he hadn’t tried yet. So, he was reluctant to leave the world. 

It didn’t matter if he lived in torment. As long as he could live, what were the Zerg wings considered? He had already endured so much suffering prior, which of them was not as painful as the process of transplanting Zerg wings?

However, destiny always liked to play jokes on him. His Zerg wings had been removed and replaced with higher-quality wings. But, as a result, the fusion failed. He was replaced with the worst-quality wings and still ended up a failed experiment.

He had been abandoned.

Xi Xing suddenly understood that the most painful thing in the world was not suffering in endless darkness, but rather having seen the light once before.

He despised his weakness and helplessness, and he despised the injustice of fate. However, the moment he heard the gentle and bewitching voice say “I’ll take you to go watch the stars”, all of his grievances suddenly collapsed like a punctured balloon.

Xi Xing heard the muffled mechanical noise of the carriage rising slowly, and in the long, dark passageway, the only source of light came from the flashlight as he was shrouded within its glow. It was a cold light, completely lacking in warmth. It could even be considered a bit piercing to the eyes.

The light from the flashlight shone carelessly on his face and seared itself into his sight.

Xi Xing once thought that he was among the group of people thoroughly abandoned by fate to fall into the endless abyss. 

He had Zerg wings, yet experienced “Struggling, but unable to escape.”

He was named “Star” (Xing).

Yet, his life is not a burning new star, but rather a falling comet, fleeting and vanishing into the endless darkness.

He kept falling, and falling, and falling. From the sky into the abyss, from the light into darkness, from a sea of stars into the muddy ground.

He thought he would die resentfully in Room 214 with only the insects under his skin excitedly throwing a feast.

However…… he was plucked up by fate from the silt and dust just when the curtain of death was looming overhead, and this falling star was once again sent up to the starry skies.

His soul became lighter. He couldn’t wait to leave this broken and rotten body, and a surreal joy enveloped him like a bubble.

“It would be so nice if I could fly to the stars myself.” After saying this, Xi Xing suddenly felt a mysterious power building around him, as if two hands were supporting his heavy body and lifting him up. Lifting higher and higher. Lifting him into the sky——

He was flying.

But he wasn’t using the Zerg wings on the body, but rather a pair of invisible wings. Those wings were extremely powerful and vigorous, with each flap sending him higher and higher into the sky.

A muddled call came from behind him, like someone was telling him to stop. But, he had been trapped here for far too long. He didn’t want to look back, let alone stay. So, he flapped his wings harder and rushed towards the sky.

He flew past Floors A, B, C, D, E…… He flew towards the top of the building and then used those mysterious and powerful wings to break through the glass roof, causing the alarms to blare crazily. However, Xi Xing didn’t pay it any mind. 

When shards of glass sprinkled onto the ground, he finally escaped that giant prison.

The night air poured into his lungs as Xi Xing took a deep breath and looked up at the starry sky above his head. At this moment, his originally cloudy eyes were extremely clear.

Look, what a beautiful starry sky. It’s as if a jewelry box was spilled out onto a black velvet blanket.

Behind him came the heavy sounds of energy cannons being fired, Deng——Deng——Deng——

The sounds behind him gradually became indistinct, while the starry sky above his head became brighter and brighter. 

At this time, an energy beam penetrated his body and shattered his flesh and bones to pieces. 

One particularly bright star was shining in the night sky and illuminated his gray eyes.

That pair of invisible wings continued to flap, flying through the blurred boundaries of life and death. He suddenly recalled many things, and the things he experienced in this short life rapidly replayed in his mind.

It appears……

That the happiest moment in his life was now

Because he was able to reach the starry sky he longed for, flying towards his endless happiness and joy.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



Happiness and joy: English is limited on words that differentiate between different types of happiness. Here, the author chose to use one that characterized personal happiness and one that characterized satisfaction in life.

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16 thoughts on “WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 3) – Invisible Wings”

  1. Hi, I am confused. Why are there bits of tv/movie awards and acting interspersed in-between some of the past couple of chapters? I don’t understand how they relate to the story. What did I miss?


  2. Hi, I am confused. Why are there bits of tv/movie awards and acting interspersed in-between some of the past couple of chapters? I don’t understand how they relate to the story. What did I miss?


      1. Hi, I did read directly on the surreal sky site, but I guess using safari’s reader view counts as being an aggregator site. Will keep that in mind. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.


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