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WDBKFMGB Chapter 19 – A Beautiful Future

After the bathing task was completed, He Ruge bought a fruit candy for the little rabbit to comfort the rabbit’s broken heart.

As a person, one shouldn’t treat others discriminately. He Ruge also fed Little White Tiger a piece of fruit candy and conveniently checked his status.

[Intimate]: In No.20’s heart, you are considered a more important existence, Goodwill 73

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you  

He Ruge’s eyes stayed a while on the Goodwill 73. Unknowingly, his relationship with Little White Tiger was already at intimate. If emotions could really be measured by statistics, what sort of existence does Little White Tiger have in his own heart?

It should also be a special and important existence.

His fingers touching the smooth screen, He Ruge suddenly wished this game would never have an ending so that he could always continue playing.

This way, Little White Tiger could always be beside him.

Although, currently, there are many readers who like him, there is a saying that “Authors are struck by iron, readers are flowing water”. Many readers, when their emotions are stimulated by words will honestly say “DaDa [1] I will always support you” and other similar things.

When He Ruge wrote the first article, he believed these words. He remembered the ID names of those readers. One day the readers disappeared, He Ruge waited until the last chapter, but even when his next work began, those readers still did not return.

No sort of like is everlasting. Even being liked for a brief moment is already a very fortunate thing.

His fingertips that were touching the screen slowly retracted. He Ruge turned off the game and prepared to go to bed after washing up. In the bathroom, He Ruge found that the red lines on his legs had once again become a brilliant red and the area of the red lines had also expanded a bit. It seemed that new lines would appear automatically on his skin.

Exactly what is this disease?

He Ruge washed his face in front of the mirror. The young man in the mirror was brought into a blurry focus, skin without flaws, white with a tinge of red.

His appearance was fine, not like one who had a disease. Since it seemed like he wouldn’t die for a while, then he should just work hard to earn money. After saving enough money, go see a doctor. He shouldn’t think about it regularly so as to not scare himself.

After motivating himself, He Ruge laid down flat to sleep. But, when he recalled that he was going to enter V (VIP status) tomorrow, he turned back and forth and couldn’t fall asleep. Will there be many readers who will read the pirated text? If this book only had high bookmarks and poor income [2], what would he do in the future?

What about the rent for next month? Was his decision to do full-time correct? What should he do if he couldn’t save enough for medical expenses? If his illness suddenly flared up and he died alone at home, what would happen? 

With a stomach full of unease, He Ruge didn’t even know when he fell asleep, and because he was worried about entering V, he woke up at six in the morning.

The timer had already been set for the draft box and the V chapter would be posted at noon exact.

He Ruge pushed his glasses once, but then couldn’t help pushing it a second time. The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. The ratings for this text was very good prior to entering V, good to the point that he began suffering from panic.  He seemed to have returned to the day when the college entrance examination scores came out, and his heart was about to burst through his throat. Even a slight breeze or swaying grass would burst open his unease. 

Without the company of his family, He Ruge learned early on how to swallow these emotions by himself.  

He took a deep breath and opened up “Your Exclusive Lovers”. On the game screen appeared a prompt that popped out:

[Your waking time today was early. Your exclusive lover isn’t ready to welcome the new day yet. Therefore, intimate interaction will not increase goodwill.]

He Ruge almost choked on the breath he just took. He suspected that this game was intentionally bullying players. Since he couldn’t brush goodwill right now, He Ruge chose to fast forward time. After fast forwarding seven days, No. 10 and No.14 had passed away. Once again, He Ruge completed the seventh day check in and received another pink Gacha egg.

Before twisting open the egg, He Ruge remembered the phenomenon of the red lines burning from last time. He specifically rolled up his trousers and revealed the red stripes.

When his mouse clicked to twist open the egg, He Ruge stared firmly at the red lines. One second passed and it seemed that there was no change. It seems he had become quite paranoid [6]. But, just as He Ruge was about to look away, the originally deep-red, red lines became many times more brilliant, both red and bright like slowly flowing magma.

The skin where the red lines were became hot again.

His eyes which were behind the glasses lenses turned  very round. He Ruge blinked hard, suspecting that his vision had blurred.

Dang Dang Dang~” sounded from the game, but He Ruge didn’t look up to check which prop he had drawn. He held his breath and stared at the red streaks.

Then, the bright red line dimmed, as if its energy had been drained all at once.  

The glowing and burning was only momentary, but that short time frame had already broken down He Ruge’s worldly views.

This is unscientific!

Who am I, Where am I, What did I just see?!

He Ruge raised his head in a trance, and a brand-new rare prop came into his view.

It was a shiny helmet.

[Name]: holographic gaming helmet


[Evaluation]: This is a holographic gaming helmet from the intergalactic plane. Although it is an obsolete style, it is still ahead of the existing technology level of the Blue Planet

[Limitations: Only you can use it]

[May the player please fill out their address and contact information and pay the express delivery fee of 8888.88 RMB (~1257 USD).]


【Method of Contact:__】  

He Ruge: “…!!!”

Damn, has this broken game gone crazy from thinking about money?!

More than 8000. Right now, on his entire person he didn’t even have eight hundred. He Ruge quickly turned off the payment interface, and the rare item appeared in his backpack, marked with three small words “to be paid”.

Within He Ruge’s heart, there was not an ounce of hope. He even wanted to laugh a bit. Game scams always started with small monetary amounts. Asking players to pay so much money at the beginning, unless the player was silly and rich… 

The poor him would never pay an IQ tax. 

Laughing at the ridiculous game, He Ruge looked at the two rare props in his backpack and fell into contemplation. 

Logically, rare props should be quite difficult to obtain. Why can he draw two in a row? When clicking to open the Gacha egg, why would the lines glow and burn? Perhaps, is there a mysterious connection between the two? 

…… Maybe the glowing of the red lines could increase his luck?

He Ruge suspected that he had written too many webnovels, such that his problem solving reasoning had also been led astray. This was not a novel, nor was he, himself, the protagonist. The red lines were even more so not a golden finger[3] that fell from the sky.

But, once the seed of suspicion are planted in the heart, it’s hard to prevent it from growing into a towering tree. Actually, it was very easy to confirm his guess ——

Just buy a lottery ticket!

He Ruge remembered that there was a lottery shop near his residential area. He won’t get takeout today. When he’s downstairs buying lunch, he can conveniently buy a lottery ticket.

However, there is still some time before the number draw for the lottery ticket. In order to verify his hypothesis as fast as possible, He Ruge again fast-forwarded 7*24 hours (7 days) in game time. No. 9 and No.15 had passed away, and He Ruge obtained a new pink Gacha egg.

After He Ruge clicked to open the Gacha egg, he focused on the red lines. The dim red streaks shimmered slightly. At this moment, the twinkling glow compared to last time was like fireflies contending with a brilliant moonlight. The dim light shone for a moment and then vanished like a candle in the wind.

The red lines that were originally dull in color were now almost invisible. Perhaps if this was repeated a few more times, the lines might disappear completely.

Dang Dang Dang~” The pink gacha egg opened and inside was a strawberry-flavored fruit candy.

He Ruge pushed up his glasses. He had a faint guess in his heart. If the red lines was a golden finger that could increase his luck, then it could only be used once a day.

He Ruge was uncertain about the exact extent of its impact on his luck. Buying a lottery ticket might be a good testing method. He Ruge can study the red lines’ impact on his luck according to the amount of money won.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Good morning, are you up yet? You can start writing!”

The Di Di Penguin notification sound brought He Ruge back to reality. He looked silently at his close friend and suddenly felt that he, who had just treated the red lines as a golden finger, was a fool who had written until he’d lost his way in life[4].

He Ruge pushed up his glasses expressionlessly. He had a stomach full of fire with no place to expel it, so he opened the author’s forum page and updated a post.

#I caught a never-before-seen illness, but I think this is a golden finger granted to me by God#


There are red streaks on my legs, and every time I click on a game lottery, the streaks will glow and burn. Even more amazing is that, as an Asian floor owner[5], when the lines glowed, I drew 2 rare props in a row. 


Someone, come. Another one has gone crazy, quickly drag the floor owner out.


Consecutively drawing 2 rare props QAQ reasonably suspecting this is the Emperor showing off! Trying to beat the Europeans!


Hahahaha The source of today’s happiness 


Floor owner, have you finished writing? Quit dreaming, quickly go write.


Glowing and burning. This post is really green. Floor owner, you need to be more strict in testing the waters. This is too fake, I don’t even know how to answer you sincerely.


Growing lines? Stretch marks?


The publicly ridiculed He Ruge actually felt better in his heart. He shook his head and laughed self-deprecatingly: “What were you thinking just then. Writing novels until you’ve become silly.”

He Ruge turned off the game and went to go write with his close friend. He shut himself into the little black room of the writing software and wrote six thousand words in one breath, only exiting at noon.

The timed V chapter in the draft box had already been published. He Ruge took a deep breath and opened the admin page to see the viewing statistics. When he saw the string of numbers, his whole person froze.

So high.

It was higher than what he had expected.

The view rate was very stable. Compared to the view rate of his usual new posts, this rate was not much different, meaning that the readers who were following the novel were mostly not part of the group that supported pirated-text.

Turns out…… most of them were genuine angels who had subscribed to the text.

It felt like he was dreaming.

He Ruge floated as he walked out of the room and went downstairs to buy a bento box – the most expensive box. Then, he meandered around and bought a lottery ticket. When he passed by a convenience store, he couldn’t resist buying a bottle of alcohol.

He moved a chair beside the window. The lunch was yet to be opened, but the alcohol was opened first. Outside the window was the twelve O’clock sun that shone brightly, so bright that He Ruge couldn’t keep his eyes open.

He closed his eyes and took a sip of the alcohol, and the bitter taste of beer permeated his mouth. He Ruge was a little bit unaccustomed to the taste on his tongue. It was obviously a slightly bitter alcohol flavor, but under the warm sunlight, he was able to taste a hint of sweetness.

He Ruge can’t hold his alcohol. His only drinking experience was during the graduation party on the day the college entrance examination ended. He had one sip.

A toast to his teachers, a toast to his hard-fought youth.

A beautiful youth.

His closed eyes opened again, looking straight at the high noon sun (TL Public Announcement: please do not ever do this. It will burn your retinas.)  

He Ruge smiled and, in large mouthfuls, finished the beer. Due to prolonged staring at the sun, his eyes shed some physiological tears.

However, the tear-moistened black eyes still glanced towards the bright, sunny sky.

This is my future,


An expanse of brightness.

The author has something to say:

Actually, the red streaks were also working diligently the second time. Yes. The fruit candy is Little White Tiger’s favorite strawberry flavor. This is the outcome of the red lines’ efforts!

There is also another point I forgot to mention. If the Little White Tiger is online but He Ruge isn’t online, the little white tiger can only drink milk through the feeding hole of the room and will not interact intimately with He Ruge, nor increase goodwill. (Basically, HRG will not be an interactable character. Maybe he won’t even be present.)

Small Theater: 

He Ruge: HA, I will not pay for the express delivery.

He Ruge: Oh, the holographic game is so fun. A blast.

[1]Da Da: “Big big”, a slang term showing respect to someone who is an expert in a certain field

[2] He’s afraid that readers are bookmarking it, but are less likely to purchase chapters since interest has not been garnered yet. Or, readers could be reading pirated versions from other sites

[3] golden finger: a cheat system

[4]Original: 写文走火入魔: Writing jumped from its original pathway and become a demon

[5]I’m not quite sure what this is trying to imply

[6] Original: 草木皆兵: took the trees and grass to be his enemies

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