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SA Chapter 64 (Part 2) – Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I Love You, Truly, I Love You

I got feedback concerning the images for part 1. Most of them being that the text becomes really small. For part 2, I’m trying an option that should not impact reading accessibility, but will take me a teeny tiny bit longer to get a chapter up. Chapter 64 part 1 is back to normal. Thanks for your patience!


As a CD single, the unit price of “Lost Wings” was not expensive and cost far less than music albums. But, that the sales could reach 290,000 within 12 hours proved that “Lost Wings” had the potential to break millions!

By midnight, the first day’s sales statistics for “Lost Wings” was released: 320,000!

Once midnight struck, Huaxia Entertainment’s sales list was updated, and in the third place the two words “Lost Wings” were written in large font!

Love Music sales rankings was Huaxia’s most official album sales ranking list showing the weekly sales statistics of every music CD released in Huaxia. This list was updated every day at midnight and records the total number of sales for every CD per calendar week, ranking them according to specific sales figures.

Since this list is a weekly chart, assuming that an album was released on Sunday, even if its sales on that day far exceeded that of other albums on the same list, it still would not be ranked first since it only had one day’s worth of sales while other albums had seven days of cumulative sales. Only when all album sales are reset on Monday would it be ranked first.

This time, “Lost Wings” was officially released on Wednesday.

If you are not reading this TL at SurrealSkyTranslations, then it was copied. Thanks!

The single-day sales of 320,000 allowed it to reach third place in one fell swoop, only below the first place, “Road”, and the second, “Daylight Forest”. However, “Road” was released three days ago and “Daylight Forest” had been released for six days already.

Such good results made the fans cheer for joy. All over the internet, there were people discussing “Lost Wings”. It was also rare that Rong Xu did not go to bed early. Once he got the accurate sales data, he put down his phone. After coming out of the bath, he received one message after another, and he opened them while replying at the same time.

[Zhao Kun: Congratulations! Based on this momentum, it is likely to break through 10 billion! ]

——[Thank you, Brother Zhao, sharing the joy]

[Luo Zhentao: Hahaha Xiao Xu [1] , want to invite several producers for a party tomorrow? Really is too wonderful!]

——[Sure, it’s up to you to plan it, Brother Luo.] 



Many friends sent their congratulations to Rong Xu. Some of these blessings were sincere, but others would be mixed with traces of envy because 320,000 in sales also meant high profits. That Rong Xu’s first CD could attain such high profit was in large part due to Black Clouds and borrowing Ling Xiao’s fame. It could be said that luck was a major factor.

But, they did not know that Rong Xu would not get any income from this CD. It would all be donated. 

[Zhao Chuyun: 320,000 in sales is very good. I will continue to carry out simultaneous promotions. Rongyun Foundation’s specific account details will be sent to you within three days, and I will also make this matter public. Thank you, Rong Xu. ]

    ——[No need for thanks. Troubling you, Sis Zhao. ]

After replying to Zhao Chuyun, Rong Xu looked at the text sent by the other party for a long time.

The current him was just getting started. For him, this amount of profit was a huge number and would improve his status well. However, some money would be too hot to hold onto[2].

This was Ling Xiao’s legacy work in which he put in an endless amount of effort and feelings. It is a good key for Rong Xu to enter the music industry. With this stepping stone, if he desires to walk on the path of music in the future, it will be much smoother.

From this song, he gained popularity and also certain things that couldn’t be seen with eyes alone.

As for the missed profits……

Forget it. Anyways, in the future, he will also organize a foundation just like he did in his previous life. No matter how much money a person earns in their life, they can only spend so much. However much power one holds is however much responsibility they carry. Only in this way would he be able to uphold his conscience.

If you are not reading this TL at SurrealSkyTranslations, then it was copied. Thanks!

After completely putting aside the profit’s astronomical figure, Rong Xu was preparing to clean up and go rest but then his phone vibrated again. He glanced down. When he saw the Weibo notification, he became stunned.

[Qin Cheng: “Lost Wings”, 5·2·0, I love you. //Rong Xu: If. If you say there is a tomorrow, then tomorrow’s you…… will you still appear? “Lost Wings”, 5·2·0, I love you. //Huaxia Entertainment: ……]

His eyes widened slowly, and the young man’s eyes were strongly fixed on the phrase “I love you”. Only after a while later did he chuckle softly. At this exact moment, his phone received a text message. 

[Qin Cheng: Before, I was still on the plane. Just arrived in America. Congratulations, CD sold very well.]

The implication was: He reposted the Weibo so late because he had been on the plane and could not turn on his phone.

The youth smiled slightly and quickly replied: [Thank you, I saw your repost.]

A minute later, the phone suddenly began singing. Rong was surprised and picked up the phone.

“Not asleep yet? I remember it should be midnight back home[3]?” A low and mellow male voice sounded and was transmitted steadily through the phone.

On that side, Qin Cheng seemed to be walking, and there was the faint sound of wind drifting into the microphone, making his voice seem a little wispy. Rong Xu held his phone and slowly laid down on the bed, wearing thin pajamas. He smiled and replied: “En, waited for the CD sales statistics for a bit. It’s currently 00:22 in the country.”

Qin Cheng paused a little and asked: “How was the sales.”

Rong Xu laughed softly: “Quite good.”

Qin Cheng: “…… En.”

At this moment, they had nothing else to say. Qin Cheng was silent for a long time, seemingly unable to find a conversation topic. There was only the soft sound of breathing. But even so, he didn’t hang up the phone, and the awkward atmosphere spread instantly.

Listening to the silence on the other end of the phone, a trace of cunningness flashed across the youth’s eyes. He felt both helpless and amused. He waited quietly for another few minutes, his lips raised slightly further. When the other party seemed to be unable to hold up any longer, he finally asked: “How has your filming been going? I thought you were still in New Zealand.”

“Not too smooth. Female No. 2 recently decided to participate in this quarter’s Fashion Week Show. The director is considering a replacement.”

Rong Xu continued to lead the conversation: “That is indeed quite troublesome.”

Qin Cheng continued to answer: “I am fine, but the director has a headache.”

After saying this, Qin Cheng continued being silent. Rong Xu silently raised the corner of his lips again. Only after waiting a whole minute did he once again ask: “In a while, it will be time for the Golden Phoenix Awards’ Award ceremony. Will you come back to the country?”

Qin Cheng continued answering.

If you are not reading this TL at SurrealSkyTranslations, then it was copied. Thanks!

The two spent a long time in this state of you ask, I answer. Whenever Qin Cheng lacked a conversation topic, Rong Xu would wait again before stirring up the topic. 20 minutes later, this international call finally ended. The youth then got up as if nothing had happened and continued to clean up, turning off the lights to go sleep.

On the other side of the ocean, a handsome and tall man slowly stopped his footsteps and looked at his cell phone thoughtfully.

Xu Jin turned around and asked: ”Why aren’t you leaving? The Crew is still waiting for us.”

His gaze slowly moved away from the phone and the man frowned slightly, asking tentatively: “Is he chatting me up?”[4]

Xu Jin’s mouth twitched: “Huh?!”


[1] Xiao Xu: term of endearment, translating to “Little Xu”

[2] ‘Some money would be too hot to hold onto’: He’s referring to potential consequences of him making profit from something that became popular mainly due to factors other than himself. Ie: Black Clouds and Ling Xiao

[3]’back home’: original: in the country

[4]他是不是在撩我: popular slang referring to pursuing someone through conversing about topics two parties have in common

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