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SA Chapter 64 (Part 1) – Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I Love You, Truly, I Love You

We’ve reached the super long chapter (~6500+ characters)! This chapter will be broken down into 3 parts.

Also! I am testing out some options to prevent copy/paste in this chapter because bots and other sites have been stealing content. Orz. Please let me know if this option impacts this site’s accessibility for anyone (might impact mobile reading mode). If it does, I will try a different method! Thank You ^u^/

Zhao Kun’s Weibo once again aroused heated discussions between fans and music enthusiasts.

Throughout the screening of Black Clouds, this movie occupied the netizens’ attention. Everyday, on all the major media platforms and movie review sites, you could see the praises and discussions of movie enthusiasts.

However, it wasn’t like there was no one criticizing this movie. After all, there was no single movie that could cater to everyone’s preferences. There were some fans who thought that the movie Black Clouds was too mainstream and overly commercialized. When you should be low-key, you should be low-key. When there should be a climax, then put in a climax. The artistry was weak and could not give the audience any aesthetic or value improvement.

However, Black Clouds was indeed a successful commercial film.

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On May 19, the film was finally taken off screen and only a few theaters still had occasional screenings. Due to the high box office value, the screening duration of Black Clouds had been extended by half a year. If movie enthusiasts still wanted to go watch it, they could go relive it in theaters. However, these purchases no longer had any major impact on the box office numbers.

As soon as Black Clouds was taken off screen, “Lost Wings” was officially released.

This gives movie enthusiasts the feeling that “Lot Wings” is the sequel of Black Clouds and would inspire purchasing.

So on May 20th, when Rong Xu opened his cell phone and looked at his private forum, he saw a pinned note.

“A butterfly that had lost its wings, let it fly once more!”

Upon opening the post to see, it turned out to be the Rosie United Fan Forum’s moderator urging fans to purchase the “Lost Wings” CD single. In this post, Rosie publicized a few of the main selling times and locations, and at the same time, released some news about the single: there are Rong Xu’s CD posters, photos, and promotional videos for the variety shows that Rong Xu had participated in before. 

They did not pressure every fan to go buy singles, but rather gave fans who wanted to buy singles a purchasing method and channel.

This post was done beautifully, a combination of various tags and pictures with the information being concise and clear. Scrolling down, Rong Xu froze slightly. After examining it for a while, the corner of his lips involuntarily hooked up and he shook his head helplessly. 

[Places where you can purchase the “Lost Wings” single in Ning city, Z Province include 318 ChunHua Road’s RongJia Records Store, 71 MingZhao Road’s nearby newstands, 8 GuangHua Road’s ZhaoDe Bookstore……]

[I went searching for a bit this morning. Friends in S City, People’s Square’s TianQi Bookstore, Lu Qing Records Store…… you can also purchase “Lost Wings” at these places. I haven’t had time to look into other places yet. Everyone, if you want to buy, you can go take a look! ]

[Huaxia Entertainment’s official web link has already been released, but other than Alimama’s purchasing channels given by LZ[1], there is also this place……]  

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If it could be said that Weibo was a highly public platform where anyone, regardless if you were a sunspot or a passer-by, could comment, then a celebrity’s personal fan forum was a fan’s haven. For example, stars under Huaxia Entertainment’s flag could all create private fan forums hosted by Huaxia Entertainment’s official website.

If you wanted to join the fan forum, in addition to paying a specific amount of membership fee each year, you also had to answer fifty questions about the celebrity. The allotted answering time was limited to one hour and the questions were decided by the moderator. Once the number of wrong answers reached a certain percentage then you could not enter the forum.

This method of auditing greatly improved the quality of the forum fans. Fans who were able to enter were all basically a celebrity’s die-hard fans. Although there were still sunspots who infiltrated the fan forums after spending a lot of hard work, they were ultimately a minority.

In this sort of fan forum, it was rare to see any trace of sunspots. Throughout the forum, there were resource posts and confession posts.

The post by Rosie also received enthusiastic responses from the fans. Not only were there a mountain of “Buy, Buy, Buy” shouts, but also many fans who went out in search of their own city’s selling locations.

The purchase locations divulged by Rosie were all very large stores. Huaxia was huge, and the CDs were all circulated from distributors to retailers around the world for sale. There was no way for her to list all of them. However, with the help of fans, the selling information of “Lost Wings” was better detailed, and fans who were unable to buy the CDs gained more sources to purchase from.

Throughout the entire morning, Rong Xu laid on the sofa and constantly read the fan messages.

After Rong Xu finished the commercial shooting for Luck Potato Chips last month, he also participated in several music related programs to promote “Lost Wings”. Then, he returned to B City to rest and prepare for this month’s filming of Maze City.

During this time, Rong Xu always stayed alone in B City, occasionally meeting up with Tang Menglan, Ye Qiao and others for a meal. But, most of the time, he still stayed at home to rest. In this empty apartment, he was the only person. Thus, he caught up on many movies in the theater room by himself; cooked by himself; cleaned the house by himself; and silently browsed through his phone for a month.

After reading the more than 5,000 comments on this post, it was already noon. Rong Xu cooked some noodles casually and ate while opening up his Weibo, reposting a post.

[Rong Xu: If. If you say there is a tomorrow, then tomorrow’s you…… will you still appear? “Lost Wings”, 5·2·0, I love you. [Smile][Smile][Smile]// Huaxia Entertainment Music Station: “Lost Wings” is coming to meet you, May 20 (05/20), The meeting is decided. Purchase locations: official website [link], Alimama [link], Music station [link]]

Before long, fans exploded this Weibo post, crazily brushing comments.

[Rong Rong! I love you! Look at the CD I just bought! [image]]

[Love Love Love Love Love, I also love you, Rong Rong! Come see my “Lost Wings” [image]]

[I can’t wait any longer Aaaahhhhh, I just placed an order on the official website but it won’t be delivered till the day after tomorrow. No, I’m going out right now to a physical store to buy, buy, buy! I like Ling Xiao the most, like Rong Rong the most, like “Lost Wing” the most! ]

Somehow, below Rong Xu’s Weibo, fans all started to share pictures of their own “Lost Wings” CD. Some pictures only had one CD, some pictures included a fan’s notes to Rong Xu, and some pictures had more than one CD, there were two, three …… even 10 CDs!

[Tang Menglan: Meeting, Meeting, Meeting, Sounds good~//Rong Xu: If. If you say there is a tomorrow……]

[Yeqiao: Haha, I also bought a CD~[image]//Rong Xu: If…]

[Zhang Tongtong: I just had my assistant go fight for one. It’s terrifying. It was a sea of people, so many people, ah [2] ~ [Image]//RongXu: If……]

[Director Liang Chao: I have employee benefits, don’t need to fight for it~[image]//Rong Xu: If…]

If you are not reading this TL at SurrealSkyTranslations, then it was copied. Thanks!

After Rong Xu reposted this Weibo, many celebrities, including his friends, crew members of Black Clouds, and even some of Black Clouds’ big-name guest stars, also reposted his Weibo, lending free publicity for “Lost Wings”.

This was a matter of mutual benefit. For example, Tang Menglan helped Rong Xu repost his Weibo to promote “Lost Wings” now. Whereas, last week, Rong Xu also helped Tang Menglan repost her Weibo to promote her new drama.

With these people’s promotion, more and more netizens came to know about “Lost Wings”’s release news and purchasing information. Some netizens have long known that “Lost Wings” was going to be released. However, they didn’t know that it was going to be released today and could be purchased online. So after they saw the Weibo posts, they would click on the link and conveniently buy it.

By eight o’clock that night, the cumulative sale of “Lost Wings” had reached 290,000.

[1]LZ: Original floor owner/original poster

[2] Sea of people: original: people mountain, people sea

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