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WDBKFMGB Chapter 18 – Tears to Pearls

Hi all! I’ve decided to change Xing Hai Orphanage into “Starry Sea Orphanage” to make it easier to remember. I will edit the previous chapters this week. I’m also making a list of all the cubs and their respective room numbers in the game. The list will also be up next week. So far, we only know of 5 specified cubs. This chapter hasn’t been edited yet. So, let me know if you see any errors. Thank you!

The Little White Tiger’s heart was like a needle in the sea[1].

He Ruge put the catnip away and clicked on [Touch Back] again. This time, Little White Tiger didn’t avoid it, but he didn’t enjoy it as much as last time, grumbling with a heavy heart.

No. 20 

[Roar “Touch lighter”][2]

He Ruge: “???”

This force, I can’t even control it.

 However, after Little White Tiger said this, the unblemished hand in the game visibly softened its touch. After the Little White Tiger was served comfortably, the number of little hearts rose with tide, becoming 20.

The brief happiness gained from owning a cat was short lived. Once it was 11:30, He Ruge was rolled into the black box under his close friend’s urging call.

He Ruge typed until 6 O’clock and added five thousand words to his draft box. Tomorrow is the day he will enter V (VIP status). He checked his draft box inventory and seeing the 40,000-word draft, he felt a bit more secure.

And so, He Ruge happily opened up the game. After feeding the cubs dinner, He Ruge received a new task.

  [Bath Day: I love taking baths, keep the body well. Under the directions of Huang You, please undertake the task of washing the experimental subjects]

Huang You pulled a cart that had a large iron cage on top. Huang You opened the room and tossed a few cubs into the iron cage.

When room No.20 was opened, the Little White Tiger was different from the other cubs that were in the corner. He stood generously at the door and roared once at Huang You.

The hand that originally wanted to grab the back of the Little White Tiger’s neck paused and Huang You subconsciously took a step backwards.

Little White Tiger sauntered aggressively into the cage with his short legs. His momentum was so amazing as he stood tall amongst the group of trembling cubs, and all the other cubs conscientiously shrank into a clump to give the little white tiger space.

Under He Ruge’s speechless gaze, the little white tiger calmly closed the door of the cage and occupied half the space within the iron cage like a bully, even turning his head towards the little rabbit opposite of him and baring his teeth.

The little rabbit chirped once and seemed like it would start crying in the next second.


Xiao Baihu returned his gaze contemptuously, and looked at everyone in the room, including He Ruge, with the same expression as if looking at spicy chicken (trash). 

  He Ruge: “……”

Huang Wei pushed the cart full of cubs towards the bathroom. He Ruge gazed lovingly at the pile of cubs and began to imagine the beautiful image of bathing them.

The bathroom was large, but its structure was strange. It wasn’t a big bathing tub. There was no pool, and even more-so no separate compartments. If it wasn’t marked with the three words ‘The Bathing Room’, then this large, empty room was similar to an unfurnished cement room.

Huang You opened the iron cage and pulled out four cubs at once, including a little rabbit. When Huang You’s hand reached in, the little white tiger had flexibly avoided him. He hid in the corner of the iron cage and calmly watched the proceedings before him through the iron bars.

The little rabbit’s two long ears were grabbed by Huang You’s hand, struggling to pull him out like pulling radish.

The terrified little rabbit and the three other cubs were thrown together into the middle of the open space. They were like four trembling quails, not even daring to move.

Huang You turned on the room’s devices. A transparent glass wall separated the four cubs from everyone else. On top of the glass wall was a portable water hose.

He Ruge suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. He watched as Huang You controlled the water hose, aimed at the cubs within the glass walls and sprayed a heavy stream of water at them. Immediately, the cubs were sprayed until they became drowned chickens. Additionally, because of the intense pressure impact, they pushed backwards many steps by the spray. The little rabbit was directly sprayed into the floor.

The other cubs reacted and started to flee desperately. Only the foolish little rabbit was shocked into huddling in place, trembling with tears, and let the intense water hit him.

Huang You grew tired of tormenting the little rabbit and began using the water to spray the other cubs. After the “bath” was over, the four cubs were all abnormally sluggish. The little rabbit was even more miserable looking, as if he would kick the bucket at any moment.

He Ruge’s eyebrows tightly furrowed. He looked intently at the little rabbit on the screen, wanting to stuff this crying ball a handful of candy to still his tears.

Huang You put these cold and shivering cubs into the drying area. The little rabbit noticed that the surrounding environment was becoming warmer, and the originally sobbing him stopped crying. The bunny carefully turned his belly towards the warmth of the warm-air outlet. After a while, he obediently rolled himself over and tried hard to dry his small wet bum.

Huang You

[Did you observe and understand? Next, you are responsible for washing.]  

Beginner’s guide:

[Press “↓” to bring out the reinforced glass wall
[Press “←”, “→” to control the water flow left and right direction
[Water Stream size, temperature can be freely controlled]  

When He Ruge saw the last line in the Beginner’s guide, the rock in his heart landed[3]. Since the size and temperature of the water flow were controllable, then he could adjust it to a trickle, and have the temperature be just right, not too hot nor too cold. 

In the beginning, He Ruge was really scared that the game’s washing mode was the kind of “abuse” mode displayed by Huang You. if there truly was only that option, then perhaps he would be stuck at this point or even drop the game completely. 

Fortunately, this game still remembered that it was a love game, not to force the player to become a pervert.

Huang You was about to pull out the five cubs left in the iron cage, but those cubs had witnessed the experience of their companions and refused to be pulled out. At this chaotic moment[4], it was again Little White Tiger who stood out alone and roared at Huang You fiercely. Before Huang You was able to respond, he rushed out and quickly ran into the center of the open space and sat down

Unlike the sitting, dignified and refined Little White Tiger, the other four cubs were thrown all over the place.


He Ruge pressed the down button “↓” and the glass wall automatically descended and closed the cubs inside. He Ruge then adjusted the bath water. Because he adjusted the intensity of the water flow to the minimum setting, the tiny stream of water couldn’t reach very far, let alone spray the cubs hiding a distance away.

At this moment, He Ruge suddenly understood why Huang You would adjust the water intensity to the maximum, because this way, no matter where the cub was hiding, they could still be sprayed.

When He Ruge’s bathing plan was disrupted, the little white tiger, who had been still as a mountain, once again walked out. He walked slowly towards the stream, first raising his small paw to test the water temperature before closing his eyes and standing under the stream to let the warm water wash his body.

He Ruge quickly controlled the water flow, letting the warm water pour onto the little white tiger’s back and sides, fearing that the water might splash into those tiger ears.

Fortunately, the white tiger’s ears were folded down earlier. His fluffy and soft hair was wetted and soggily stuck to his body. The originally round ball little white tiger suddenly lost a few sizes. 

Those tightly closed blue eyes slowly opened. A small drop of water slid down his pink nose, and the little white tiger wiped at his nose with his paws. After his back was completely wet, Little White Tiger laid down on the ground and exposed his soft, white belly towards He Ruge.

  He Ruge: “!!!”

If you round up, this could be considered putting his face on the belly! 

After his belly was also wetted, the little white tiger sat up, grabbed his tail and concentrated on rubbing it under the water.

He Ruge was menged [5] by the image in front of him until he lost his senses. Once the little white tiger was done washing, he walked towards the cubs behind him and AoAo roared them many times. Those cubs then obediently walked over to bathe with their tails between their legs.

With the help of the little white tiger’s godliness[6], the whole process of bathing became unbelievably smooth sailing. 


Xi Guican hated the Starry Sea Orphanage. Every second in the game, he would recall many disgusting memories.

For example, bathing.

Being chased with water around the building without dignity, cold water hitting and stinging the body. It was even more uncomfortable when they were hit on the stomach.

So, when Xi Guican saw the No. 19 little rabbit curled into a ball and being hit with water, a sense of admiration grew in his heart.

The seasoned individuals who had previous experience with bathing all knew that laying on the ground motionlessly with their back facing the water was the most energy-saving and safest method.

Similarly, after the bath, they had to immediately blow dry themselves because the drying time had a limited duration. If their fur wasn’t dried before returning to their room, it was easier for them to fall sick.

Xi Guican glanced at No.19 a few more times. The more he looked, the more interesting he felt it was. This little rabbit cub was quite different from the other cubs. His mental state was great. His eyes were bright, vibrant and lively, containing a youthful, strong vitality.

He was nothing like an experimental subject who had been impaired three times by the Mental Consciousness Stimulator

If he continued to maintain this mental state, then there was a high chance No. 19 would survive the Ice project. What was the factor that made No.19’s condition so good?

The contemplative Xi Guican was awakened by the chaotic movement beside him. It was better to walk on his own than be carried out. With that mindset, the little white tiger took the lead in entering the bathing area.

He lifted his head and looked towards He Ruge ahead.  

Although… I hate bathing in this environment, if the person is you, then this matter is not so hateful anymore.

Xi Guican walked forward step by step, his paws treading along the soaked ground. Behind him were the cubs’ continuous cries of horror and panic. His sense of touch and hearing made him feel as if his world was flipped upside down, and his surroundings turned into a life-consuming swamp. He was stuck in a quagmire, and the viscous filth clung to the bottom of his feet. Every step he took, the stickiness was like a lurking shadow. 

Everything here made him feel disgusted. Yes, everything in Starry Sea Orphanage was originally very disgusting.

Xi Guican stopped in front of the stream of water and watched the clear and warm beads of water droplets. The water droplets fell from high up, like a broken string of pearls strewn all over the floor. 

The steam from the heat obscured the glass, however, the blurriness actually couldn’t block out the youth’s beautiful face.

Xi Guican suddenly remembered a rumor regarding Merpeople.

According to legends, a Merperson’s tears would become pearls.

In the past, Xi Guican once thought that if he caught a Merperson, he would have the other shed tears, crying out a sea of pearls until they had no more tears to shed.

But now, within this span of water vapor, he quietly looked at He Ruge’s face and suddenly discarded his original idea.

Xi Guican wondered how dark his previous self was in order to desire for all the good in the world to sink with him.

The drops of water on top of his head finally dripped down onto his body. It was soft and warm. Xi Guican slowly closed his eyes. Coincidentally, a drop of water slid down from his eyelashes like a teardrop. 

He sensed it.  

At this moment, all the lingering, sticky filth on his body was finally washed off.

The author has something to say:

The water in the water hose is mixed with the appropriate amount of soap. In a few splashes, it can wash you nice and white.

This novel is set in an interstellar future. Even if the cubs took a bath every day, they will not get sick. Everyone, please do not compare to a pet’s recommended bathing frequency in real life.

Small Theater: 

Xi Guican: Look, wet body ♂ temptation
He Ruge: Ah ah ah ah. So meng so meng. I’m ded


[1]A play on the saying: A woman’s thoughts are impossible to grasp

[2] He’s afraid of becoming bald

[3] The pressure in his heart was released

[4] Original: chickens fly and dogs jump moment. Referring to ‘chaos’

[5] Overloaded by cuteness

[6] 神助攻: having a godly teammate

TL Corner: Phew. Another lengthy chapter. So much symbolism! ^v^ ~ Enjoy!

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    1. I mean, even in interstellar era, human experiments should be illegal right? So I assumed they named the orphanage that way as a disguise. “Hello, welcome to the Starry Sea Orphanage! Human experiments? Child abuse? Torture? Murder? You saw a man walking around carrying a chainsaw? What are you talking about? Did you even read the name of the orphanage? It’s obviously a family-friendly and wholesome place! As for the chainsaw guy, he’s probably one of the construction workers. Don’t think too much about it!”


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