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WDBKFMGB Chapter 17 – Sweetheart

Hi all! Thank you for your patience. Chapters 16 to 19 are longer than usual, so it took a bit longer to translate. Chapter 25 (where VIP chapters begin) is also a whooping 10K characters long, so it might be broken down into 4 parts.

Chapter Note: This chapter uses the term “brush” multiple times (brush goodwill, brush favorability, brushing). Meanings and uses include: ‘to increase’, ‘make known’, ‘advance’, ‘leave a mark’. For the most part, if you read it as “increasing”, the passage will make sense.

After the Pink Gacha image disappeared, three game announcements popped up on the screen.

[Considering the player’s gaming experience, this game supports the fast forward option. However, please pay attention to one particular aspect, players cannot increase the goodwill of the target during fast forward modes. There are only three opportunities to brush the target’s goodwill per day, respectively from 6 ~ 9 am , 11 ~ 12 noon, and 5 ~ 8 pm]

[Reminder: During the fast forwarding of 7 x 24 hours (7 days), the player consumed a total of little hearts x 21, the current balance is 31 little hearts]

【Attention! There are ten minutes before 11 o’clock Beijing time. Players are requested to quickly forward the game time to 11 o’clock. The game is not responsible for missed brushing opportunities! 】

He Ruge turned off the game announcement in a daze, the palm of hands supporting his head in grief. This broken game must be doing this intentionally. Only after his more than 20 little hearts had floated away did the game stingily come out and notify him that he couldn’t brush goodwill while fast forwarding. Spending little hearts to try and bypass the game’s surveillance was all useless effort, would this be considered …… the punishment for utilizing plug-ins that throw the game off balance? (ie: ‘cheating the game’)

He couldn’t bear to think about it anymore. Just consider it spending 21 little hearts to buy a rare prop.

No matter how much it hurt his heart[1], He Ruge still honestly adjusted the game time from 8 am to 11 am.

By now, the feeding task was already very familiar to He Ruge. When feeding the little rabbit in room no.19, He Ruge hesitated for a moment, recalling the goblin ball he had won.

The hearts of all people were biased. Although every cub in here was adorable, there would still be a ranking. First place was given to the Little White Tiger, and in second place was the little rabbit.

Although the little rabbit was very weak, not having the cleverness of the fox in room no.2, nor the fierceness of the little wolf in room no.15, moreover with it being stupid and loving to cry, if in the end it met with danger in the future, having the little rabbit stay in the goblin ball would be the best outcome.

However, when He Ruge spent a little heart to open room no. 19 and saw the surprised little rabbit bouncing up, his heart softened even without him realizing.

It’s just a game. It’s okay to act on one’s emotions once in a while.

The little rabbit came up and hugged He Ruge’s thigh, cuddling him sweetly and swiftly several times, and staring at He Ruge with bright red eyes.

No. 19

[chirp chirp[2] “I like you~” ]
[chirp chirp “I also like candy~”]
[chirp chirp “Do you have candy”]

He Ruge: “…”

I suspect you only love my candy.

Those ruby red eyes were full of trust and admiration, and those soft rabbit ears swayed casually. He Ruge was eventually defeated by this kind of meng selling attack, and he consumed a little heart to buy a lemon-flavored fruit candy.


The little rabbit was so excited that its two small paws spread out happily to take the fruit candy, and it couldn’t wait to put it in its mouth. Its three-petal rabbit mouth moved faster than anyone else.

No. 19

[Chirp ~ “Delicious~”]
[Chi “Also want to listen to you sing”]

He Ruge was almost amused into laughter by this innocent, dumbdumb, easily startled, and greedy little rabbit. Why didn’t he realize earlier that if you give this rabbit a cookie, he would want some milk too. (Original: If you give it some dye, it’ll open a dye shop. I alluded to the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” ^w^ general meaning: if you give it something insignificant, it thinks it can aim higher)

“Good Little bunny, open the door~”[4] He Ruge hummed at the screen but then shook. He really was dumb. Singing here, the little rabbit in the game couldn’t even hear it.

Staying with a fool for a long time, one would naturally be infected and turn into a fool. He Ruge shook his head and exited room No.19. When the door of room No.19 was about to close, the rabbit suddenly squeezed by the door frame and raised his head to look up carefully at He Ruge.

No. 19

[……Chirp ~”Will you come again?”]
[Chi Chirp “I, I am always thinking of you”]

Clearly knowing that the little rabbit couldn’t hear anything, He Ruge still couldn’t help but relax his tone and say softly: “I will.”

A small smile appeared on the little rabbit’s face, and he bounced back into his cotton nest.

The corner of He Ruge’s mouth rose slightly. He carried this indescribably good mood and went to open room No.20, but saw round face so dark and gloomy it could almost leak water[5].

No. 20

[Roar! “I’m angry!”]
[No. 20 is very disappointed in you, goodwill -10]

He Ruge: “……?!”

No, no way, goodwill can actually be deducted?!

He Ruge was stunned, and he trembled a bit while he opened the little white tiger’s status.

[Friendly]: Although the No.20 does not want to treat you favorably at this moment, goodwill is 55

He Ruge’s left hand shook again, and he opened the Love Mall to check the balance of Little Hearts:

Little hearts x18

Crack, this was the sound of his heart breaking. He Ruge wore a crying face and clicked on [Talk]. The little white tiger on the screen coldly turned away.

No. 20

[Humph] [No. 20 ignores you]

Cries. He really will cry. He Ruge held onto his last hint of hope and clicked on [Touch Back]. He remembered that Little White Tiger loved to have his back stroked.

No. 20

[No. 20 agilely avoids your hand]

Ah! Exactly how does one coax a little white tiger with his fur puffed up. Waiting (for answers) online, super urgent! 

He Ruge quickly went into the Love Mall and spent 10 little hearts to purchase catnip. His mouse clicked on the catnip in his ‘backpack’, dragging it out and placing the catnip next to the little white tiger’s feet.

Little White Tiger looked down at the Catnip with an indifferent face, his little pink nose moving around.

Did he smell the aroma? He Ruge stared nervously at the screen. Then, he saw the little white tiger raise his paws and ruthlessly step on the catnip that held all of He Ruge’s hopes under his feet. 

No. 20

[No. 20 rejects your catnip]

  The final attempt at redemption was also a failure. He Ruge wiped at his face and looked at Little White Tiger, muttering to himself: “Why did you suddenly get angry?”

Other than feeding the little rabbit some candy, he didn’t do anything else…… Yi, could it be that the Little White Tiger also wants to eat candy?

He Ruge, who thought he had discovered the reason, quickly fed the little white tiger fruit candy, but was ignored again.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” He Ruge said helplessly: “Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

As soon as he spoke, the little white tiger on the screen shook his tiger ears. One bud-shape tiger ear folded down softly like it was tickled, and the other sensitively turned towards He Ruge.

The gloom of the blue eyes dispersed, like dark clouds in the sky that were slashed open by sunlight to reveal a span of blue sky.

No. 20 

[Ao “Do you think I am not angry anymore?”]
[No. 20 is very happy]
[Friendly → Attached][6]:  No. 20 enjoys being with you. Goodwill is 65



Xi Guican felt that there was a bug in this broken game. 

He had laid himself in the game cabin, and in only ten short minutes, he was fed milk three times by He Ruge and then patted on the head ten times. Xi Guican suspected that his head was going to go bald from all the patting.

  【Di——A time imbalance was detected in the game, may the player please quit the game and log back into the game after three minutes】

Xi Guican got up from the game cabin and felt about his head in doubt. After confirming that his hair was still there did he secretly release a sigh of relief.

He fished out the strawberry flavored nutrient solution he purchased yesterday, preparing to deal with the issue of lunch.

Although the game cabin was equipped with nutrient solutions to ensure that players addicted to playing the game without eating or sleeping would not starve to death, Xi Guican now actually preferred to consume nutrient solutions before entering the game cabin.

The reason was that the nutrient solution provided by the game cabin was tasteless, and Xi Guican had recently developed a liking for strawberry flavors.

The man opened the lid and then, like drinking fine wine, took a few small sips of the pink nutrient solution, staining his pale lips with a light pink. His furrowed brows relaxed and Xi Guican raised his head, gulp gulp, downing the nutrient solution. At the curve of his jaw down to his neck, his throat rolled slightly up and down.

It’s sweet.

It was the same flavor as the fruit candy in the game.

After lunch, Xi Guican laid back into the game cabin. At this time, he found that the game’s bug was even worse. 

In the game, he became a bystander, watching He Ruge interacting with a little white tiger.

That little white tiger was obviously not himself, yet still allowed He Ruge to warmly touch his head and pinch his paws. The game actually explained that the bug was already fixed.

Xi Guican felt a little unhappy. He watched He Ruge’s interaction with the “Little White Tiger” coldly. The strawberry taste on his tongue began to deteriorate and taste sour.

Fortunately, before the sour taste began to flood over, the fake “Little White Tiger” vanished, and Xi Guican once again became the little white tiger.

Xi Guican inspected the dimly lit compartment in satisfaction. He sat on the cotton nest, but appeared as though he were an emperor sitting on his throne, surveying his territory. After making sure that he was really back, and that there were no more annoying moths in the game, Xi Guican was happy again.

He smelled the scent of milk that pervaded in the air. Perhaps next time, he could buy milk powder flavor nutrient solution, Xi Guican thought seriously.

Then, his snow-white tiger ears trembled. Xi Guican heard He Ruge’s footsteps walking around the room and his mood became better.

    —— After knowing that you are feeding the cub in front, I, who am last, would already become uncontrollably happy.

His little tail shook left and shook right. The little white tiger tried hard to maintain a reserved appearance.

Listen, the footsteps are coming closer.

His two tiger ears couldn’t help but turn towards the source of the sound. Xi Guican was positive and confirmed that the person he always thought about was just next door, perhaps in the next second, he (HRG) would push open his door.

His little tail shook more and more cheerfully, wagging for one second, two seconds, three seconds …

Kada.” This was the sound of the iron door next door being pushed open.

The tail that was previously wagging unceasingly suddenly stopped. The Little White Tiger suspected that he had a hallucination and tilted his head.

“I like you~”
“I also like candy~”
“Do you have candy”

A pair of blue eyes began to freeze over.

“Also want to listen to you sing”

The little white tiger started to grind his teeth.

”Will you come again?”
“I, I am always thinking of you”

Pausing his teeth grinding, the little white tiger perked up his ears and listened intently for fear that he would miss the answer.

“I will.”

A male voice softly sounded with a thick and pampering tone. At the same time, along with the gentleness on the other side, Xi Guican’s anger was festering and raging. 

I! Am! Very! Angry!

The kind that can’t be coaxed!!!

Xi Guican stared at He Ruge who was opening the door, and wished very much to tear apart this overly sympathetic person. He bore a stomach full of anger but finally couldn’t bear to do it.


What do you and I have to talk about. Weren’t you having a good time talking to the little rabbit net door?!

Touch me?

Today, my head was almost patted into baldness by you, and you still want to touch?!


    Even your hair is more fragrant than this strand of grass, and you still want to use this to fool me?!

    Fruit candy?

    Do you think I am like the dumb rabbit next door, able to be tricked away by candy?!


The burning Little White Tiger suddenly shivered, and one tiger ear was immediately KO’d by this phrase, droopily unable to lift back up. He turned his head dazedly and stared blankly at the young man in front of him.

…… Who, who is your sweetheart?!


The author has something to say: Alas, home grown flowers are not as fragrant as wildflowers ~

Small Theater 1: 

He Ruge: Listen to me explain. My relationship with Little Rabbit is not what you think.

Xi Guican: I won’t listen, I won’t listen, I won’t listen, Scram!

Small Theater 2:

Xi Guican: I was so angry that I even ate my own vinegar

He Ruge: Sweetheart~

(Author Thanks)

[1]No matter how much it hurt his heart – hurt from all the little hearts he lost

[2] Chirp: the original has it as: 咕咕叽叽 Gugu Jiji

[3] Original: If you give it some dye, it’ll open a dye shop. I alluded to the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” ^w^ general meaning: if you give it something insignificant, it thinks it can aim higher

[4] 小兔子乖乖,把门开开: A Children’s song similar to the three little pigs. Teaches children not to open the door for strangers. My analysis is that the Author chooses this specific song to emphasize how naive this rabbit is, trusting too easily. It also strengthens the motif of ‘door opening’ 😀

[5] So dark and gloomy it could almost leak water: like rain clouds

[6]Attached/Close/Intimate: showing a shift from being just “friendly”

TL Corner: Just a note, in the original raws, the authors gives thanks to all the individual readers (usernames) who supported the novel, so I just left it as “Author Thanks”

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