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WDBKFMGB Chapter 42 – Calling on Ruan Ruan

Title: aka: “I Choose you! Ruan Ruan!”

Sponsored chapter! Little Rabbit Ruan Ruan gets screentime!

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Yellow Ferret looked blankly into space silently, as if gazing at a person who would never return[1]. After a long while, he brought He Ruge to the staff dormitory and then said to He Ruge: “My name is Huang Ding Xu. Speak, Why are you looking for me.”

     “To save people.” He Ruge said without hesitation.

     “Save who?”

     “All the experimental subjects of the Ice Project.”

 Yellow Ferret examined He Ruge from top to bottom and sneered: “Just because you say so? Do you know what terrifying organization is controlling the Starry Sea Orphanage? A mayfly wishes to shake a tree, and a mantis wishes to block a car with its arms, but will never succeed.”

     “Because I could awaken your memories and because I have other cards left on the table.” He Ruge paused and looked straight into Yellow Ferret’s eyes. “And it’s not only me; there’s also you. I know that the organization behind Starry Sea Orphanage is terrifying, so I’m not asking you to take action. You just need to let me participate in the Ice Project like normal. Saving people will be my responsibility.”

     “What exactly is your identity?” Yellow Ferret asked.

     Of course, He Ruge could never tell Yellow Ferret that he was a player, so he pretended to be mysterious and said: “You don’t need to know who I am, just know I wish to save people.”

“If Scorpion finds out through the monitor room that I let you in, we will both die.” Yellow Ferret’s (attitude) was so calm that it was almost cold-blooded.


     “I can block the monitors.” Hearing these words, Yellow Ferret’s pursed lips moved slightly. He was silent for a while before saying slowly: “Even if the monitors were blocked, there would be many unexpected situations. Sorry, I am someone who’s selfish and afraid of death.”

     He Ruge’s heart sank. He thought that Yellow Ferret would be like Crow, full of hatred for the Starry Sea Orphanage and couldn’t wait to risk his life in order to blow up this broken orphanage.

     A rare prop item was wasted in exchange for this kind of result?

His mind was a bit messy as He Ruge turned around and walked out of this room slowly. 

Don’t be discouraged, complaining (after the fact) was the most useless thing. It was him who didn’t think things through beforehand ……

     “……Wait a minute.” Yellow Ferret’s call came from behind.

     He Ruge turned back and saw Yellow Ferret’s complicated expression: “Can you really block the monitors?”

     After He Ruge nodded, Yellow Ferret squatted down and pillowed his head in his hands. He desperately grabbed at his hair and said with a tone of great determination: “Three times. I’ll only allow you to participate in the Ice Project three times.” Bloodshot veins covered his slightly yellow eyes and Yellow Ferret gritted his teeth: “Siren, I am a small person.


Receiving Yellow Ferret’s promise, He Ruge breathed a sigh of relief. Although only being able to participate in the Ice Project three times sounded very little, it was still much better than not being able to participate at all.

     Now, (he had to figure out) a plan for those three participation opportunities, and the first thing he needed to know was how to help the Ice Project’s experimental subjects survive.

     There were a total of 20 experimental subjects in the Ice Project session that He Ruge participated in. Upon the conclusion of the experiment, only the little rabbit and the little white tiger survived.

     Why did Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger survive? The little white tiger was the main capture target character of this romance game and was also a monster who will eventually destroy everything. Thus, no matter what he experienced, the little white tiger would survive till the end, just like the protagonist’s halo of invincibility.

Therefore, he shouldn’t consider the little white tiger. Instead, he had to understand why the little rabbit could survive. Was there something special about the little rabbit?

He Ruge walked to the staff accommodations on the first floor and opened up his backpack, staring at the little Goblin Ball.

  If you don’t understand, ask. 

Though he didn’t want to wake Little Rabbit if he could help it, this was an important business matter, so it was time to bother the cute little rabbit for a bit!

     The little Goblin Ball that was barely as big as his palm was laying in He Ruge’s hand. The little rabbit was sleeping soundly with his eyes closed, and his long rabbit ears covered his eyes like a sleeping mask.

     He Ruge stretched out a finger and cautiously poked the little Goblin Ball. The Goblin Ball swayed like a Daruma, but the little rabbit inside just wouldn’t wake up.

“Ruan Ruan?” He Ruge called out softly.

     The two little rabbit ears didn’t hear anything outside the glass, only concerned with continuing his lazing nap. No matter how He Ruge called or poked, he was still dead asleep.

     A confused He Ruge clicked on the Goblin Ball’s status and examined the phrase “Go, Pikachu!” back and forth three times.

     ……Impossible, this broken game wouldn’t be this shameless, right. Was it really necessary to yell out this kind of middle-schooler line to wake up little goblin Ruan Ruan?

To call or not to call was the question.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Actually, this line wasn’t particularly shameful. At any rate, it wasn’t “I choose you, Rabbit Ruan Ruan!” A gentleman didn’t nitpick such trivial matters. Besides, there was nobody nearby; shouting slogans for the greater cause in a place unseen by others wasn’t a big deal.

     “Ahem. Go, Pikachu!” (TM)

Two rabbit ears lazily perked upright, and (Ruan Ruan) let out a long yawn. He rubbed his slightly red eyes and looked at He Ruge sleepily. 

Then, he was shocked by He Ruge who suddenly became a “giant” and very literally “jumped in shock”. 

Ruan Ruan was so startled he jumped out of the Goblin Ball and stood in He Ruge’s palm as he stammered: “wa, waaa, you, you are…… Siren?!” Even his originally fluttering wings came to a standstill as Ruan Ruan looked up at He Ruge stupidly.

The thumb-sized little goblin Ruan Ruan warmed He Ruge’s heart.

He Ruge even lightened his tone and calmed the shocked Ruan Ruan, saying warmly: “En, it’s me.”

Waaaa~ Siren!” Little wings flapped excitedly and Ruan Ruan flew in front of He Ruge’s face, glomping onto He Ruge’s ear and gave a kiss. He said happily: “Siren, Siren, Siren! I really really wanted to see you~ I’ve been staying with mommy and daddy, but I couldn’t see Siren no matter how I looked.”

He Ruge cupped his hand under his ear, for fear that Ruan Ruan would accidentally fall off of his ear if he wasn’t careful: “I also missed Ruan Ruan.”

“This time, there is something I want to ask Ruan Ruan; Ruan Ruan must answer me seriously, okay. If your answer is good, I’ll give Ruan Ruan a fruit candy that’s even bigger than half your size, okay?”

     The temptation of a super-sized fruit candy was extremely high, and Ruan Ruan desperately nodded, agreeing continuously.

     “Can Ruan Ruan tell me, when you were in the isolated room and put on the metal helmet, did your head hurt after wearing it; how uncomfortable was it? Was it always uncomfortable, or did it suddenly one day not feel uncomfortable anymore?”

 Ruan Ruan grew tired from flying and directly sat on He Ruge’s palm as he replied earnestly: “When I first put on that helmet, my head would hurt. Not only did my head hurt but my whole body also hurt. It was so painful I wanted to die. But later, ah……”

A pair of red agate eyes sparkled as it lingered on He Ruge. Ruan Ruan spoke sweetly: “After Siren sang for me, my head didn’t hurt much anymore.”


He Ruge was taken aback when he heard those words. He had sung for the little rabbit before, but it was when “Your Exclusive Lover” was not yet a holographic game, and there was no voice communication function when interacting with the NPCs. At that time, he had casually hummed a few words into the screen. Was his singing somehow captured by the game?

     “Then does Ruan Ruan remember what song I sang at that time?” He Ruge himself couldn’t explain his current emotions as he waited in anticipation for Ruan Ruan’s answer.

     Ruan nodded vigorously and proudly said: “Of course I remember! Ruan Ruan is quite smart~” He swayed his head along as he began to sing: “Good little bunny, open the door~ Quickly, quickly, open up, I want to come in~[2]

     He Ruge was stunned speechless.

So, that is to say, when he talked into the screen initially, all the NPCs in the game could hear him? This discovery was truly illogical and yet somehow within expectations. After all, even a holographic game appeared. There was nothing this broken game couldn’t do.

     “No, no, I won’t open. Mother’s not back yet, I won’t open~” Ruan Ruan, who was singing happily abruptly froze. He looked left and right and whispered: “Where’s mother? Where’s my mother?”

     “Mother had to go out for something and will be back soon. Don’t be afraid, Ruan Ruan.” He Ruge put Ruan Ruan back into the little Goblin Ball and then spent a little heart to buy a fruit candy, putting the fruit candy together (with the Little Rabbit) into the little Goblin Ball. 

He gently touched Ruan Ruan’s head with his fingertips, and said softly: “Ruan Ruan did very good this time. Thank you, Ruan Ruan. Ruan Ruan can hold the candy and have a good rest now. I wish you a sweet night’s dream.”

When Ruan Ruan returned to the Goblin Ball, sleepiness swept over him, and the little rabbit gave a mumbled Bye Bye before falling into deep sleep.

     He Ruge looked at the Goblin Ball in his palm and sighed softly. Through this dialogue with Ruan Ruan, he realized that his golden finger in this game might be “Singing”.

     And his true identity really was a Merperson.

     This game had many inexplicable blood-chilling and terrifying details. 

His bloodline pattern would burn when it encountered the little monster, and 8Legs had once said that only when a monster encountered its natural enemy, would their bloodline pattern transmit warning signals.

If he encountered a tiger monster in reality, it was normal for the bloodline pattern to glow. However, he had encountered the little monster in a game. Was this holographic game so realistic that it could even confuse the “Monster bloodline pattern”?

     Although He Ruge didn’t fully understand ‘Monsters’, he still had some knowledge of “merpeople.” From ancient to present times, regardless of Chinese and Western mythology, stereotypes of Mermaids, Sirens, and Naiads included “A beautiful face” and “A moving singing voice.”

Thus, was the golden finger given by the game just a coincidence, or was it related to his identity? If it is really related to his identity, then this game was truly too unfathomable. The more he thought about it, the more surprised he became, and He Ruge suddenly recalled the rare prop item he had pulled before: The “Fate’s Calling Card”. 

The item had said he had a “Koi’s fate”. [3]

Were there really this many coincidences?

All the NPCs in the game also had flesh and blood. With everything being so realistic, was this really just a game?

He Ruge put the Goblin Ball away and stopped thinking about these problems that were making him go bald. Since 8Legs already said that he is an explosively lucky Koi Merperson and will not personally encounter any unfortunate situations, he will just regard this game as an opportunity. After all, he had already developed an attachment to No. 20 and many of the other characters in the game. To force him to stop playing this game, he couldn’t do it either.

     As the saying went, blessings were not a curse, while misfortunes cannot be avoided. He should just cherish his time playing games. Being human, achieving happiness was the most important thing.

Thinking of the Fate’s Calling Card, He Ruge realized that he hadn’t opened up any Pink Gacha Eggs in the past few days, so he pulled out two rare items in one go.

     [Name]: Who is the Murderer [4]

     [Quality]: Rare

     [Evaluation]: Fish-lipped mortals[5], can you guess which bastard started the Starry Sea Orphanage? Can you tell the difference between the puppet and the mastermind? There is always only one truth, and the murderer is not him!

     [How to use]: Use this item on someone you think is the murderer, and “Who is the Murderer” will tell you “yes” or “no”


     [Name]: Upgraded File Save Assistant 

     [Quality]: Rare

     [Evaluation]: Don’t you think the original file save option is too restrictive? It can only be activated under certain conditions. After using this upgraded assistant, you can save anytime, anywhere

     [Limitations]: The loading time for saved files will be very long~

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Gazing at a person who would never return: a longing expression

[2] Good little bunny song Reference: Chapter 17

[3]Koi’s Fate: Reference: Chapter 26

[4]‘Murderer’ is used loosely here and is a reference to a game. You can think of it more accurately as “Who is the Perpetrator”

[5] “Fish lips” is an internet slang for “Foolish”, which is a homonym with fish lips.

Good little bunny song: Chapter 17

Koi Fate, Fate’s Calling Card: Chapter 26

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