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WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 3) – You are Mine

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Suddenly, Little White Tiger raised his head. His blue eyes were shining and his expression was firm as he walked resolutely towards He Ruge. A small paw hung onto He Ruge’s hand and the little white tiger turned sideways, letting his fluffy tiger tail gently land in He Ruge’s palm.


[Hou “If I let you touch my tail, will you be a little happier?”】

[Play with tail] (unlocked)

He Ruge’s eyes softened for an instant, he looked at the uncomfortable Little White Tiger, and whispered, “I will.”

Click [Play with Tail] with the mouse.

A slender hand touched the tail carefully. Unlike He Ruge’s hands and feet, the little tail was much more expressive and enthusiastic. The snow-white tail tip wagged and took the initiative to hook onto the young man’s index finger, and simultaneously hooked onto He Ruge’s heart.


[Number 20’s tail entangles with your fingers]

[Roar “You are mine”]

He Ruge’s heart trembled.

En, you are mine, too. You are my family’s little cutie.

After interacting with Little White Tiger, He Ruge was once again filled with love towards this game. The game abused him thousands of times, yet he still treated the game like a first love.

He Ruge remembered that he hadn’t had time to carefully examine the rare items he had drawn before, so he pulled out the “Fate’s Calling Card” from his backpack.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[Name]: Fate Calling Card

Limitations: Although it can only be used once, the predicted destiny can be changed.”

This card is a predictive type prop. At first glance, one could already tell that this was a very precious item, and there was no restriction on the user candidate. He could use the Fate’s Calling Card to predict the future of Little Rabbit, Little White Tiger, Golden Python or even Crow.

It was just that he didn’t know exactly how detailed the card’s prediction would be. Will it detail even the reason for the character’s fated death?

The plot line of this game was complicated and confusing. If he could know the fate of one of the game characters ahead of time, he may be able to avoid some unfortunate events. Thus, he needed to carefully consider who to use the prediction card on and the timing of the use.

Should he use it now? And on whom?

The Little White Tiger was the game’s main focus, and his fate was actually mentioned briefly at the beginning of the game. Growing from a small monster into a big monster, destroying everything in Starry Sea Orphanage.

Little White Tiger will ultimately encounter difficulties, but those difficulties will definitely not defeat him.

The golden python’s outcome was most likely perishing from illness. There was no need to waste the prop on this type of easily guessed outcome. As for the little rabbit, even if the little rabbit died, he could still keep the little rabbit in the Goblin Ball.

As for Crow……After Crow repaid his favor, there would be no lingering bonds left between them. Crow’s future fate would therefore have nothing to do with him.

At present, no one seemed to require the use of the “Fate’s Calling Card.” However, He Ruge was afraid that he may have missed someone, and he used his fingers to count off the characters that have appeared in the game so far.

Yellow Ferret, Little White Tiger, Little Rabbit, Scorpion, Medicine-seeking Rat, Crow, Golden Python…


[Siren[1], come out for a second, I have something to tell you. 】(Please read the [Footnotes]!)

Opening the door to Room 214, Crow shouted to He Ruge.

He Ruge, who suddenly recalled his own character, was startled. Yes, he’d missed one character. That character was his game self ——


There were no restrictions for the Fate Card’s target. Since anyone could use it, then naturally “siren” could also use it

There was no fate more important than “siren’s”. This game had arranged a destined fate for each of the game’s characters, so what was “siren’s” fate?

He Ruge found it difficult to contain his excitement. Like researching who the “culprit of the crime” was [2], he typed “Siren” into the name column, and used his mouse to click confirm.

The dark violet Fate Card began to spin, and a mysterious and bright light enveloped the card.

[Identity]: Siren

[Fate]: A Koi’s fate, divine luck and profound fortune

Those who have this type of luck can change misfortune to good luck, find auspiciousness in times of distress, are blessed with long fortune, are sound and virtuous, have a good temperament, are dynamic and ambitious, can become famous when they seek fame, become wealthy when they seek wealth, and bring prosperity to their family.[3]

[Plotline]: What you have lost is unimportant, only what you gain is the future[4]

He Ruge: “???”

How did it become a pile of formal literary things? It was quite different from what he imagined it would be.

He Ruge exited the Fate Card’s interface and walked out of Room 214. The game character followed behind Crow.

Crow brought He Ruge over to the staff accommodations area with a solemn expression.


[I told you before that the door at the end of the corridor cannot be opened. Tonight, I will help you open that door. However, the world behind that door is very inscrutable. If you keep climbing upwards, it takes you to a place where you can see the stars. I can only give you half an hour. You must come back within half an hour. 】

[If you don’t make it back, then you can only stay there forever. 】

Xi Guican looked at the sallow golden python and then turned to look at the little rabbit who had a bulging stomach. He closed his eyes and took in the scent of death in the air.

After tonight, the golden python and the little rabbit might pass.

The death of the golden python was expected. His body had hosted three kinds of Zerg wing energies. The wings were the core of power for the Zerg. Before the transplant was fully integrated, [the wings] would show no mercy on the new host and would madly absorb the nutrients in the host’s body. Only after the transplant was fully integrated would [the wings] begin to worry about the new host’s health and restrain themselves.

With the energy of three different Zerg wings gathered together, they would compete fiercely, eating frantically so as to not allow themselves to get the least amount of nutrients.

Thus, the death of the golden python had already been set in stone early on.

A dead experimental subject was deemed worthless. However, a subject with a successful transplant, even if it was Crow with his inferior Zerg wings, had the fighting power comparable to the Federation’s intermediate level fighters.

An intermediate level fighter who could activate mecha and fight alone.

It takes the Federation more than ten years to train up an excellent intermediate fighter, during which significant funds and faculty must be invested.

However, the mass-produced, transplanted experimental subjects were different. They had low investment costs and a high return value. The biggest cost for these experiments was actually for the transportation of the raw materials because the Intergalactic Wars already provided almost everything that was needed ——

The corpses of the Zerg on the battlefield, and homeless orphans resulting from the Wars.

Zergs had high strength but low intelligence. Their Zerg wings could easily rip through hard mecha armor, and the wings were their core of strength. Even if 99 subjects perished in the “Death God’s Wings” experiment, as long as just one survived, this experiment could be considered to have earned everything back.

Because Zerg wings could be used multiple times

Because there was a steady stream of orphans

In times of war, human lives were always the least valuable. [5]

Little White Tiger was a bit tired, so he lay down on the cotton nest in the iron cage, quietly watching He Ruge.

The young man was squatting in front of Little Rabbit, frowning slightly in helplessness and wondering whether he should feed him a third bottle of nutrient solution.

“Can’t give him another. Drinking too much nutrient solution, he will die.” Xi Guican stopped him.

Higher level Zerg wings required too much nutrients, making their appetites a bottomless pit and instigating the host to frantically take in food. It was a hunger that engraved itself into the marrow and will continue to exist and torment the host until the Zerg wings became fully integrated.

Xi Guican was also hungry at this time. He had clearly consumed a bottle of nutrient solution, but his stomach was still hollow, as if he had been starved for three days and three nights. This hunger was like a blunt knife, slowly cutting away at the string of reason.


When he saw the person in front of him and saw those gentle and compassionate black eyes, the pervasive feeling of hunger suddenly disappeared.

Don’t worry, don’t feel sad.

Little White Tiger wanted to smooth out He Ruge’s tightly furrowed eyebrows.

“I’m fine.” I’m fine, so you don’t have to worry about me.

Ah, but what you are more worried about right now seems to be No.19’s Little Rabbit.

Little White Tiger said dryly: “Don’t worry too much, sometimes death is a release.”

The person in front of him was still unhappy.

Little White Tiger was irritated and blamed himself. He knew how to hurt others, but he didn’t know how to comfort a wounded person. Life had always taught him to hurt, to use violence to control violence rather than be gentle.

He is like an ant on a hot pot, anxious to run circles around the person in front of him. 

What does He Ruge like?

Little White Tiger thought hard.

——Seems to like me.

——Like my paws.

——Like my tail.

Little White Tiger took the initiative to place his tail into the hands of the person in front of him and asked with uncertainty: “If I let you touch my tail, will you be a little happier?”

The young man in front of him laughed, the smile blooming from the corners of his eyes.

Little White Tiger stared at the young man’s smiling eyes dazedly and couldn’t help hooking onto the man with his tail. It was as if he was simultaneously hooking onto a piece of happiness.

“You are mine.”

His hollowed soul seemed to have gained a sense of fulfillment.

A feeling of finally being satiated baptized his entire body and mind.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Siren, here, is representative of the medieval (and post-medieval) era usage of the word as related to mermaids. Originally, Sirens in mythology are half-bird creatures. I’m choosing to translate the word “鲛/Jiao” into “siren” instead of “merman/mermaid” because it reads better in the context. Just note that in this novel, “siren” is referencing Merfolk. Thanks!

[2] “Culprit of the Crime”: reference to something I haven’t figured out yet. Possibly a game or TV show

[3] The direct translation is: Those who have this kind of luck will turn bad luck to good times, meet fortune in distress, have long blessings, sound and virtuosity, have a good temper, dynamic but calm, can become famous when they seek fame, can be wealthy when they seek wealth, bring prosperity to family

[4] “Plotline”: There are many ways to translate this phrase. For now, I will leave it at “plotline”, but other possible translations are “dramatical saying”, “Joke”, “Fun fact”, “Play context”…

[5] spending lives in exchange for winning the war

TL Corner: AHHHH I love the comparison between XGC’s and HRG’s perspectives. Both used the hooking tail as a simile for their emotions and growing relationship. \(>///w///<)/

Don’t forget, though, that for HRG, this is still just a game, whereas for XGC this is a reliving of his traumas. Some were frustrated that HRG wasn’t doing anything to help and was just watching as the cubs were harmed. But, for HRG, this is just a RPG game on his phone. He isn’t really able to help more than he is doing right now.

Chapter 27 part 1 will also be up soon. A double release week! Also, I left Easter Eggs for the humans and bots stealing translations lol. If you can see them, plz don’t pilfer. Thanks!

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  1. What are those chinese words in reader view 😳

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    “ Qin Cheng’s smiling voice sounded: “Maybe it’s the script tonight, but the day after tomorrow… It’s as simple as talking about the script in the future. No one will come to someone else’s room for a special drama in the middle of the night and talk about the script. But to do it, Rong Jiang Ren Shuzhi offered some of what he had done this day. In the end, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I heard Qian say that she really likes Xingyi in the group… that kind of thing. But this matter comes as a wish. I have been with Ma Qi during the day and come again later?””


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