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SA Chapter 73 (Part 2) – Rong Xu: Truly Very Handsome

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Ren Shuzhi didn’t know whether Rong Xu was calling his parents or other relatives. But, having this kind of thing overheard by a third party, and even more so by the other’s relatives……really was a huge loss of face. Ren Shuzhi awkwardly said a few more words to Rong Xu, and then tried to leave. Before leaving, she still remembered to look at Rong Xu and wave the script in her hand: “Let’s find time to talk…… about the script later.”

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow without refuting. He just smiled and nodded to the other party.

Finally, Ren Shuzhi left Rong Xu’s room reluctantly, and Rong Xu closed the door. Before he even walked back to the bed, he heard the man’s low and magnetic voice flow over: “She has a bad reputation, doesn’t really want to discuss the script.”

Rong Xu picked up the phone, lay down on the bed, and smiled: “I know.”

Qin Cheng froze for a moment, and then heard a smile in the youth’s voice: “Maybe tonight was really just to talk about the script. But, coming tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…… then, maybe it won’t be something as simple as script discussing in the future. No one would deliberately come to someone else’s room in the middle of the night to talk about a script. While discussing the script, they can also do other things.”

Following that, Rong Xu then revealed Ren Shuzhi’s behaviors during the day. At the end, he frowned and said with confusion: “I heard Sis’ Xiao Qian say that she really likes to be with male actors of the same crew and do …… those kinds of things. But those kinds of things have always been ‘You ask, I’m willing’ (mutually consensual). She was already walking with Ma Qi during the day, why would she come to my room at night?”

Qin Cheng: “……”

Why? If it were him, he wouldn’t want any Ma Qi or Niu Qi. He also wanted to carry a script book and knock on your door!


In the end, Rong Xu never came to a conclusion on this matter because Qin Cheng very quickly diverted the topic. The two chatted about each other’s filming, and later, they talked about Rong Xu’s desire to raise a cat at home. Like this, they chatted until eleven o’clock in the evening[1] and Qin Cheng had to go film. It was only then that Rong Xu suddenly remembered: “By the way, exactly what did you need to talk to me about?”

Qin Cheng looked on calmly: “I forgot.”

Rong Xu: “……”

Seeing the man’s indifferent and mild expression, Rong Xu couldn’t help but slowly curve up his lips. A thought suddenly flashed through his heart. He smiled and looked at the man on the phone and saw that Qin Cheng had already thrown on his coat and seemed to be heading out.

“The dark blue tie might suit you better.”

Qin Cheng’s hand, which was holding onto the crimson tie, suddenly froze. He swiveled his head to look at the phone and saw the delicate and genteel youth on the screen curl his lips in a smile. He suddenly felt as if the spring flowers were in full bloom, dazzling and soft. 

Rong Xu said seriously: “That tie is very nice and suits you quite well.”

Qin Cheng silently put down the crimson tie, picked up the dark blue tie, and tied it up.

When he finished this, he saw Rong Xu nod and say with a smile: “Very handsome.”

Qin Cheng: “……En.”

The smile on Rong Xu’s lips deepened a few degrees: “Then, good night?”

Qin Cheng looked down at the phone: “Good night.”

Just before hanging up, the youth smiled again and repeated: “Really, very handsome.”

Qin Cheng’s ear tips turned a bit red: “……En.”

This international video call lasted a full three hours before it finally ended. Qin Cheng put his cell phone into his suit pocket, walked silently to the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room, and inspected the dark blue tie carefully. Without blinking, he looked at it coolly for one minute, two minutes……

At this moment, Xu Jin’s voice came from outside the door: “Why haven’t you come out yet? Qin Cheng, you’ll be filming your final scenes this afternoon. Didn’t you ask for an early return to China yesterday? You’re still not coming out yet?”

The man immediately retracted his gaze and walked over to open the door. Unexpectedly, the other party suddenly opened the door first. 

Xu Jin was stunned, and his eyes were drawn to the other party’s tie: “Huh, when you all were deciding on the image for the final scene yesterday, didn’t you say that the crimson colored one is better? Why did you choose this one?”

Qin Cheng gave him a light glance: “You remembered wrong. This one is better.”

Xu Jin: “…… Do you think I’m dumb?”

Qin Cheng stopped and looked at Xu Jin, his eyes were full of the implication “oh, you found out”, and then he resumed walking.

Xu Jin: “……” It’s so hard to live well these days! ! !

At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Huaxia was in its midnight hours.

After 1:00 AM on May 23, the three major TV drama awards in Huaxia, the Peony Award, Feitian Award and Golden Bell Award, all simultaneously announced their nominees for the year. This list of nominations considered all the TV series broadcasted on TV stations at the Huaxia prefectural level (widespread showings) and also web series broadcasted on major video websites in the past year. In the end, each technical award had eight nominees, and each major award had five nominees.

Among all the award nominees, the biggest weekly drama benefactor was Ambush, which was launched in November of last year, and the biggest daily drama benefactor was, of course, the most-viewed major production film in the past year, Vie for Supremacy.

When Rong Xu woke up and turned on his phone, he received a bunch of congratulatory text messages.

[Luo Zhentao: Xiao Xu, congratulations! Huo Xi was nominated for the Best Male Supporting Actor for the Peony Award, Wan Qiyao was nominated for Best Male Supporting Actor for the Golden Bell Award, and you were also nominated for Best Newcomer for both the Peony Award and Feitian Awards! 】

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]In the Evening: where Rong Xu is (Huaxia). Remember that QC is in the USA at this time. 11PM in Huaxia would be 7 or 8 AM depending on daylight savings.

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