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SA Chapter 73 (Part 1) – Rong Xu: Truly Very Handsome

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This visual blessing that fell from the heavens only lasted for three minutes before it came to an abrupt end.

Rong Xu reached out and retrieved the clothes from under the phone, and without the support of the clothes, the phone laid flat on the smooth sink. And so, on the other side of the ocean, remaining on the man’s phone screen, there was only a span of blurry, white…… ceiling.

Qin Cheng: “……”

Rong Xu put on his clothes quickly and also wiped down his hair. Only after he had everything in order did he pick up the phone on the sink again to see Qin Cheng looking through a script with a calm expression, not looking at his phone.

Rong Xu smiled and said: “I’m done, Qin Cheng. Is there something you’re looking for me for tonight?”

Hearing Rong Xu’s voice, the man sported a blank face and put aside the script in his hands that he’d turned over hundreds of times already and looked into the phone screen. When he looked over, he only saw that the fair-skinned, handsome young man was wiping his hair with one hand. The white towel was contrasted against his slightly flushed cheeks. His skin was slightly translucent, and his eyes were black and shiny while carrying a faint, moist glow.

Qin Cheng pursed his lips slightly and asked: “Did you get hurt from the fall just now?”

Not realizing that the other party was avoiding his question, Rong Xu smiled and said: “It’s nothing, I just wasn’t standing balanced in that moment.”

Qin Cheng nodded curtly and continued: “I remember that there is a hospital near Xiangshan. If you are hurt anywhere from the fall, you should go get it examined. Today is the launch ceremony for Maze City?”

Rong Xu walked into the bedroom with his mobile phone while simultaneously nodding his head in reply: “En, yeah, just started filming today.”

“Are there any actors I know?”

Rong Xu put his phone on the bed and leaned over to search for band-aids. He replied thoughtfully: “Actors you know? Then, I’m not sure. Do you know Bo Xiwen…… Oh yes, and Ren Shuzhi, Ma Qi.”

The entertainment industry looked harmonious on the surface, but there was a strict hierarchy of power on the inside. The so-called big celebrities could crush people, and those with higher tiers have higher status, their words also carried more weight than those of smaller celebrities. For example, Qin Cheng. He had never filmed a TV series, so the only stars he had been in contact with are those in the movie circle, and the stars who could co-star with him must be at least at Xia Muyan’s level.


At any and all awards ceremonies, these kinds of movie emperors and movie empresses would generally make appearances near the end for the important finale.

Of course, there were also some popular newcomers who, relying on their current heat and ability to throw around their name, would deliberately postpone their appearances until the end as a way to show off in the entertainment circle. But in fact, this kind of mindless celebrity won’t get far. Though Rong Xu had been hot on the trending searches twice now, he still didn’t think himself to be better than Xia Muyan, Chu Qi, and the others.

If you don’t convert popularity into works and awards, there is no true stability.

After searching for a while, Rong Xu finally found the hotel’s band-aids in the drawer. He tore the seal and gently attached it to his right index finger. There was a small piece of skin that was torn there. Although it wasn’t bleeding, whenever he touched water, he would feel a slight tingling sensation.

At this moment, the man’s low and calm voice sounded: “Ren Shuzhi, I know.”

Rong Xu was taken aback as he swiveled his head around to look at the phone screen. He asked: “You know her?”

Ren Shuzhi is the current popular Sexy Empress, but compared with the whole world, she could only be regarded as a somewhat popular female singer. Even if Huaxia didn’t have ten female singers on the same level as her, there was at least five, and this wasn’t even including empresses with a higher ranking than her. 

Qin Cheng supported his chin with one hand. His eyes were indifferent, and his tone of voice seemed calm. But, every word was emphasized as he said seriously: “Ren Shuzhi’s reputation within the inner circle is not very good, you should be careful.” After a pause, Qin Cheng added: “If Mother knew that you are in contact with her, she may be very worried.”

Rong Xu immediately understood the other party’s meaning. He smiled slightly and was just about to tell the other party what happened today when he heard a knock on the door.

Rong Xu said softly: “I’m going to go take a look, it might be Sis’ Xiao Qian.”

Qin Cheng hummed softly and continued to look down at his script while Rong Xu got up and walked to the door. The man heard the squeak of the door opening as he was boredly reading the script for the nth time, when suddenly he heard a strange voice through the phone: “Miss Ren?!”


The script was closed abruptly by the man, and Qin Cheng turned his head very swiftly to look straight into the phone screen.

It was unfortunate though that the cell phone was tossed on the bed by the youth and not carried with him. So, all Qin Cheng could see was the unchanging and unforgiving ceiling. From the other side of the phone came steady voices.

There was a hint of a smile carried in the youth’s voice, but he was a little cautious: “Miss Ren, is something the matter?”

A feminine voice rang over: “Rong Rong, I have scenes tomorrow, and I don’t quite understand them…… Can you teach me?”

Qin Cheng: “!”

Rong Rong?! Is Rong Rong a name you can casually call? ! !

Rong Xu gave a low laugh: “It’s a bit late today. I can study the script with you tomorrow morning?”

Ren Shuzhi’s voice carried a bit of grievance: “But, I’m worried that it will be too late tomorrow……”

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

Asking someone to help you, yet you have so many conditions! ! !

Silence rang out on the other side of the phone for a moment before Rong Xu’s helpless voice finally sounded: “Miss Ren, it’s a bit late now. A single man and a single woman alone in the same room studying the script, I’m afraid……”

The intention of sending off the guests (wanting her to leave) was very obvious. This was implying to the other that if the paparazzi caught onto a weakness, it wouldn’t be good.

But, unexpectedly, Ren Shuzhi gave a sweet laugh: “It’s fine, Rong Rong, we’ll just be studying the script, it’s nothing much.”

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

Although he couldn’t see the other two’s expressions, the man was actually heavily scrunching up his eyebrows. Seeing that the youth didn’t speak up for a while now, Qin Cheng pursed his thin lips and narrowed his phoenix eyes. He then threw the script directly on the table next to him and coughed calmly.

At the door, Ren Shuzhi suddenly heard a sound and was taken aback. After a bit, the smile on her face stiffened, and she smiled at Rong Xu dryly: “Are you on the phone with someone else?”

A sly glint flashed through the youth’s bright eyes, and he said lightly: “En, I’m currently on the phone with a family member.”

Ren Shuzhi: “……”

The door-to-door hookup was overheard by family members! ! !

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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