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SA Chapter 72 (Part 2) – Live ♂ Video ♂ Call ♂

Part (2/2) of the Sponsored Chapter! Enjoy!

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As if not hearing the students’ wailing, Xue Jiazhe walked out of the classroom holding his laptop. The moment he left the classroom, he suddenly side-stepped and the man who was prepared to throw a punch at him only struck air.

Xue Jiazhe raised his eyebrows to look at the man. The camera lens obscured the expression in his eyes, but the corners of his lips were slightly raised: “This male student, trying to beat up a teacher, is going to be expelled from school.”

Tan Yangxuan asked indifferently: “Then, if I want to ask the teacher for a favor, how else do I go about it?”

Xue Jiazhe replied casually: “What kind of favor?”

The smile on Tan Yangxuan’s face immediately sank: “A serial murder case. Brother Xue, my true brother, please save me.”

The smile on Xue Jiazhe’s lips deepened a bit more, completely unlike the one he showed during class that made him feel otherworldly[1]: “Save you? Wants to kill you? Which murderer can kill you who works out 8 hours every day and has an eight pack at the age of 18, won the Sanda World Cup (SWC) at 20, shut down a drug den in Myanmar at 23, fought off 16 gangsters alone at 25, and at 27……”

“……Why do you remember my life better than me?”

Xue Jiazhe turned around and walked off: “Because smart people can remember these sorts of little things.”


Tan Yangxuan was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately chased after him: “Xue Jiazhe! Speak clearly. Are you saying that I am stupid? Okay, I haven’t seen you in a year, yet you treat your old classmate and friend like this? You, don’t leave……”

The two people’s figures gradually disappeared down the end of the corridor. When Bo Xiwen’s silhouette also vanished, Yuan Tao shouted “CUT” and ended this long-focus shoot.

Daring to use a long-focus lens to shoot the first scene showed just how bold Director Yuan was, and that he also had bold spending capabilities.[2]

In the scene playback and analysis, Xue Jiazhe’s indifference and coldness contrasted against the changes when faced with his old classmate, and Tan Yangxuan’s toughness and righteousness were all portrayed vividly. Although the acting skills of those extras were very ordinary, even if they were the ones specially selected to have lines, it was still difficult to please Director Yuan. But, as far as the two lead actors were concerned, their scenes were already fantastic.

Director Yuan thought for a while: “Let’s do another take of the extras’ scene, one more time!”

At this time, Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen just walked back from the corridor together, and hearing this, Rong Xu smiled towards Bo Xiwen. Even though it was hidden by the lens (during filming), this face that belonged to both Rong Xu and Xue Jiazhe was still outstandingly dazzling.

Bo Xiwen was stunned when he saw it. A moment later, he nodded to Rong Xu awkwardly and immediately walked away. The handsome, sunny disposition of Tan Yangxuan from just now was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing his reaction, Rong Xu raised an eyebrow. Luo Qian had just walked over, and she said strangely: “Bo Xiwen……seems a bit weird? How come as soon as the camera leaves him, he suddenly becomes so shy and soft spoken. When he was in front of the camera, he was clearly so bold.”

Rong Xu received the glass of water, took a sip, and smiled: “You think his change was big?”

Luo Qian nodded.

Rong Xu said, “That shows that he has good acting skills. For Director Yuan to choose him, it is not without reason.” That he could become a first-tier film newcomer, there is naturally a reason.

Rong Xu didn’t say the later part of that sentence out loud. He stared at Bo Xiwen’s back for a brief moment before turning his gaze away, and going to prepare for the next scene. Thus, he naturally didn’t notice that, beside the set, there was always someone staring at him, a gaze that contained curiosity and scrutiny.

The gorgeous and sexy queen rubbed her red lips and whispered to herself: “Rong Rong, Rong Rong, ah……”

On the first day of the shoot, the crew only filmed until 8 o’clock in the evening before ending for the day, letting everyone return to rest early and prepare for the long battle ahead.

Since Rong Xu received Qin Cheng’s text message that afternoon, he never replied, and Qin Cheng also didn’t send another message.

Originally, Rong Xu thought that Qin Cheng was only joking around with him. After all, the other party would be filming until four or five o’clock in the morning, without even taking a break. So, why would he (QC) want to call him (RX)? No matter how he thought about it, it would be weird. Thus, when he returned to the hotel, he only sent Qin Cheng a brief “I’m back at my room” and started taking a bath.

Unexpectedly, right after he’d finished washing his hair, his phone suddenly rang. Rong Xu was caught by surprise, and he immediately reached out to answer the phone on the sink: “Qin Cheng?”


The moment the youth pressed the answer button, the sound of water splashed into the man’s ears through the speaker. There was a few seconds of delay on the phone before an image suddenly appeared on screen, and both Qin Cheng and Rong Xu froze.

Rong Xu had answered the phone in a flurry and didn’t notice that the other party was actually making a video call. Whereas, Qin Cheng never would have expected that as soon as the call went through, he would see the youth’s naked upper body!

Water droplets dripped slowly from his wet hair, sliding across that beautiful jawline, across those fragile collarbones, and passing across that white chest like a stream, moving along that thin and slender waist to the area below that was hidden by the screen.

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

The jade white skin and pink nubs on the boy’s chest caused Qin Cheng to look away immediately, but in the next moment, he turned back silently.

Now, it was Rong Xu’s turn: “……”

He directly tossed the phone face up onto the sink onto a pile of clothes and turned on the hands-free option.

The image instantly changed. Qin Cheng opened his eyes wide as he saw something seemingly flash across his eyes, but, the image changed so fast that he didn’t have time to see anything clearly. When he finally took a closer look, all he was able to see was a fixed ceiling and a small glass sliding door.

 The bathroom was filled with silence, and only the sound of dripping water broke the quietness.

Qin Cheng carefully examined the screen, and when he realized that he could truly only see the ceiling and the sliding glass door, he retracted his line of sight with what seemed to be regret as he asked in a solemn voice: “……You are taking a bath?”

Rong Xu silently picked up the soap, and while doing the final procedure (soaping and washing), he replied calmly: “En.” 

After a while, he said again: “I didn’t expect you to make a video call. Is something the matter?”

The rustling sound of rubbing soap made Qin Cheng scrunch up his brows slightly, and his eyes darkened a few degrees. He said in a seemingly casual tone: “There is indeed something I need to tell you. There is no one else in your room, right?”

Hearing these words, Rong Xu’s mind instantly returned to the text message sent by the other party in the afternoon.

……What is it, so private, why did Qin Cheng continuously insist that no one else be present?

Caught deep in his train of thought, Rong Xu wasn’t paying attention, and the soap suddenly slipped out from his hands. His eyes widened in surprise, and hurriedly wanted to grab the soap, but he was caught off guard and stepped directly onto the slippery soap, causing his whole body to suddenly fall on the side.[3]


“Rong Rong…… Rong Xu!”

The man’s flustered voice immediately sounded. But, before Qin Cheng even had time to worry, he suddenly saw an arm propped onto the sliding glass door of the bathroom. Consequently, the young man’s naked upper body once again appeared on the phone screen. This time, he was a little embarrassed. His black hair was messy scattered across his cheeks, and his arms were resting on the sliding door as if barely keeping him from falling again.

This picture was shockingly beautiful, a chaotic beauty which was even more charming, and that delicate, beautiful face was still painted with a hint of flush caused by panic.

Coughing once, Rong Xu shook his head: “Nothing’s wrong……”

Qin Cheng staring at the phone screen intently: “En, nothing’s wrong……nothing’s wrong is good.”

Rong Xu used the sliding door as support and slowly stood up straight, finally completely avoiding the ending of another fall. He picked up the soap and put it back in the soap box with lingering fear in his heart. Then, he turned on the shower and started to rinse the foam off his body.

Therefore, at this moment, Qin Cheng’s mobile phone screen was divided into two halves. One half was the ceiling, while the other half…… was the image of the youth’s chest. From time to time, it would reveal a tiny bit of pink that could stimulate another’s imagination. Qin Cheng said nothing as he listened to the sound of water and watched the unguarded Rong Xu take a shower.

Over the phone, Rong Xu’s voice also sounded through the noise of water: “Give me a minute, I’ll finish soon.”

Qin Cheng: “……En.” He knows that you will be finished soon.

After watching for half a minute, even Qin Cheng himself felt that his behavior was too shameless and quietly turned away his gaze. But, after only turning away for a few seconds, he involuntarily turned back again and continued to stare at the phone screen. Look righteously and openly!

The video call continued, and the youth on the screen was still completely unguarded.

This was the night 2 days before Qin Cheng was set to return from the United States. It was 8:30 in the evening, and the night had just begun.

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: [Turns gaze away] Baby is an honest and good baby, cannot peep!

[Three seconds later]

Orange Qin: [Turns back] Baby…… Baby is not peeping. Baby is looking openly and righteously ?(? ???w??? ?)?

RongRong: You Rogue!!!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]“Otherworldly”- Original: a thousand miles away

[2] Idk why long-focus camera lenses make him bold, but high quality long focus lenses are indeed insanely expensive.

[3] Hmmm. Another example of why ‘picking up the soap’ is dangerous.

TL corner: //Bends down. Here you go, Qin Cheng. I picked up the face you seemed to have dropped along with Rong Rong’s soap >_>

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