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WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 1) – You are Mine

Thank you all for waiting! I hurt my wrist and had to take a few days break until it healed, and then…. I translated the WRONG CHAPTER, which is why this took a bit longer. Oops. On the bright side, Chapter 27 is already translated and I can probably do a double release in a week. 😀

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{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Crow was able to calm down from his madness, and he stared forward blankly, his pupils out of focus.


[……I remember now, I am Wu Yunlan. 】

A trail of tears fell down and wet Crow’s black feathers.


[Thank you for awakening me. In return, I can do one thing for you that is within my ability.】

[You have awakened Wu Yunlan’s memory and received the reward “Crow’s Repayment]

[Name]: Crow’s Repayment

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: Kill a person, open a door…… There are many things that Crow can do.

Usage Instructions: Type your wish in the dialog box

Limitations: The human heart is incapable of swallowing an elephant [1], you can only mention a wish that is within the range of Crow’s ability.』

 A dialog box emerged.

He Ruge had initially looked for Crow only hoping to get his permission to open the door, but now that this great opportunity had landed in front of him, it would be too wasteful for him to make such a simple request.

Gotta learn more about the god of side missions!

Worried that the game’s intelligence was not too high and could not understand complex content, He Ruge tried to express his wish as concisely as possible. After typing the wish in the dialog box, he used the mouse to click confirm.


[I wish to take No. 19, No. 20th, and Golden Python to go see the stars.]

Crow seemed to have heard something absolutely incredible, and he rattled his head, looking at He Ruge in surprise.


【……As you wish. 】

Once He Ruge received Crow’s promise, he let out a long sigh of relief. 

Then, he took a look at the time and found that he had been immersed in gaming for more than an hour already, almost exceeding his daily allocated game time.

Good times are always short lived…


He Ruge quit the game and locked himself in the writing software’s little black room, securing two thousand words before coming out of the room. He Ruge then opened up the writer’s forum to browse casually and saw that a mysterious post was floating about in the forum homepage.


Original poster


Wuwuwuwu~ I’m so excited right now, I can’t help but want to upload a post to celebrate. Everyone should just treat my later words as a fart. 

You can call me Kraken/Octopus, taken literally. My speed is 10,000. This speed doesn’t represent that the limit of my typing is 10,000 words, but rather that my brain speed is 10,000 words. I’ve been writing for ten years now, from the beginning confusing bullshit to the now barely readable content.

Before I came into contact with online writing, I had always felt inferior because my outer appearance was not as good as that of my friends around me. Most of my friends had entered the entertainment industry, but my appearance was mediocre and my acting skills were poor. Practically forcing my way in, after the show was broadcasted, I was scolded bloody by the audience.

I can’t afford to eat this bowl of rice called the entertainment industry. The heavens don’t deliver rice[2]. I thought this might be fate, so I left the circle tragically and was abandoned for a long, long time.

One day, I accidentally came into contact with online writing. At the time, I just found it interesting and started it on a whim. But, what I didn’t expect, was that it was the turning point of my life.

I gained the love of my first ever reader.

It was a pure like, nothing to do with how sexy one was, nothing to do with gaining benefits. This is what we monsters have been pursuing our entire lives, the most pure and clean power of faith.

I was stunned silly at the time. 

I am not afraid of becoming the butt of a joke. Although I am a Kraken monster, only four of my tentacles were capable of moving at the beginning, and the other four were always treated as decorations because of my insufficient energy. However, after getting that additional tiny amount of faith, my fifth tentacle actually showed a slight reaction.

I hugged my four chubby tentacles and cried, cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I have no talent, no acting skill, no writing skill, and no one hit wonder. I had written seven million words before unlocking my skills. What I am most thankful for is my racial talent which allows me to easily break through ten thousand characters per hour.

I’d been wandering the streets for eight years and changed countless vests[3]. This year, I suddenly became popular! Now, even if I didn’t write everyday, there is still a steady flow of faith. It turns out that God really does reward hard work. That’s all, I’m really excited, I’m going to celebrate!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]“The human heart is incapable of swallowing an elephant”: There is only so much within a person’s capability, don’t be greedy

[2] If you don’t do anything, you cannot earn money to live

[3] Vests: symbolism for changing many paths in life.

A new character has appeared! Kraken/Octopus can also be translated as “tentacle monster”. I decided to stick with “kraken” to avoid potential misunderstandings (థ u థ) in the future.

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