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WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 5) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Trigger warning: Feelings of anxiety and helplessness (spread throughout passage).  

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He Ruge manipulated the game character to walk towards the stairs, but the stairs leading to the Basement Level 1 were blocked by a door. He could only leave if he earned enough authority, and He Ruge currently had insufficient authority.

Most of the doorways in Starry Sea Orphanage had specific restrictions. At the beginning, it was Crow who brought He Ruge from the second floor to Basement Level 2. It was also Crow who led He Ruge to Basement Level 3 to take Little White Tiger and the others in for the transplantation process.

Thus, Crow must have permission to get from Basement Level 3 to Basement Level 2.

He Ruge had a bold idea. He wanted to overthrow Crow. This game had specially arranged the staff dormitory in such a way that increased the time he spent with Crow, and also allowed him to discover the memories that even Crow himself had forgotten.

No game would design heavy but meaningless characters and maps, and so Crow, this NPC, must be very important and may even be the key to completing the game.

He Ruge understood this and immediately went to the staff accommodations area to find Crow.

When he opened the door of the staff dorm, upon first glance, he didn’t see Crow, but rather the work clothes spread out on Crow’s bed. When He Ruge took a closer look, he noticed that there was another indistinct bulge by the work clothes.


With the experience accumulated from dealing with the medicine-seeking rat, He Ruge became keenly aware of the abnormality, so he used his mouse to click the small bulge.


[Caw “What’s wrong?“】

A small ink colored head popped out from under the white work clothes. It was a crow’s sleek body, but the wings were not that of a bird’s.

He Ruge had seen similar wings many times today. The surface of the wings was a dark color. Zerg wings densely packed with short fur spikes. This was actually an enlarged version of the Zerg wings seen on Golden Python’s back.

[You woke Crow up, wanting to talk to him about something, your choices are:

A. Directly ask how to go upstairs

B. Tell him about Wu Yunlan’s story]

So, it was like this.

He Ruge decisively chose B. Wu Yunlan’s story was exchanged with a rare prop; it was time to realize the value of that rare item!


[There was once an experimental subject who participated in “Death God’s Wings”……]

[He was firmly dedicated to the belief that he would one day eliminate all of those people. 】

[However, it was a pity that he had now forgotten everything. Becoming a ghost who lures others in to share the same fate is sad, but what is even more tragic is if that ghost had forgotten everything, all of his torment and abuse, and instead lives like a walking dead. 】[1]

[Do you remember who this experimental subject is, Wu Yunlan? 】

When the name Wu Yunlan appeared, the originally inattentive Crow was suddenly struck by thunder, shocking him as if he’d been hit with a bucket of water. Crow froze on the spot, then he opened his mouth and screamed in pain.

A crow’s cry was already normally unpleasant, like the sound of gravel being stuck in one’s throat, tearing at the vocal cords to make a long, stern cry. He curled up in agony as his head felt like it was bursting, and he couldn’t help but slam his head into the bed to try and relieve the pain.

One knock, followed by a second knock, as the bird’s beak also rattled the bed board during the slamming and made knocking sounds. Hearing this, He Ruge’s heart pounded. He was worried that Crow would knock himself stupid, but also afraid that Crow’s beak would peck a hole into the headboard.


Wu Yunlan is a crow, a small crow from the Seventeenth Star. The Seventeenth Star is the poorest and most backward planet within the Intergalactic Federation, and the people from the Seventeenth Star were always looked down upon by the other planets.

Barbaric. Violent. Poor.

In Intergalactic year 218, the Zerg invaded the Federation, and the first planet targeted was the Seventeenth Star. The barbaric and violent Seventeenth Star sacrificed more than 70% of its young and middle-aged population in order to survive until the Federation came to the rescue.

That year, countless Seventeenth Star cubs lost their parents.

Wu Yunlan is such a little crow without parents. His father was a crow (Wu Ya), and his mother was a skylark (Yun Que). His parents had told him that they existed within Wu Yunlan’s name.

As long as someone called Little Crow’s name, the first word is “Wu”, that was Dad, the second word is “Yun”, that was Mother, and the third word is “Lan”, that was himself .

That year, Little Crow had no parents, no home, and no belongings. With nothing left, the most important thing to him was his name. The only thing that could accompany him for his entire life, except for his shadow, is his own name.

Little Crow and the other cubs without parents were taken to a large orphanage. That orphanage had a very nice sounding name called “Starry Sea Orphanage”.

But, the people in this orphanage were very strange. They would put a metal helmet on Little Crow, and his head would hurt terribly while wearing it. The little crow missed his parents so much. He wanted to go home. He didn’t want to stay in this orphanage anymore.

When Wu Yunlan was a child, his parents had him cultivate the good habit of keeping a diary and being studious. They hoped Little Crow could attend the best college in the Federation when he grew up.

So, the little crow would usually use his claws to write on the iron cage, though they were all broken sentences.

Little crow grew to hate the people in Starry Sea Orphanage more and more. This was especially so when his wings were cut off and replaced with Zerg wings. 

Little Crow had cried grievously. He viciously hated Starry Sea Orphanage. Once upon a time, Little Crow’s wish was to be admitted into the University of the Federation, but now his wish has to commit murder.

——I will definitely kill them all.

Little crow thought this firmly.

The transplant operation was highly successful, and the little crow gained the mysterious power. He became stronger and stronger, which made the little crow more confident in pursuing the fulfillment of his wishes.

That was until he overheard those people’s conversations. “Brainwashing”, “the next experiment”……

The strengthened Wu Yunlan used all of his strength to carve like crazy the most important thing in his life into the cage, his name.

His closest relatives were no longer with him, and the only thing left that could accompany him for life, except for his shadow, was his name. He didn’t know how terrible brainwashing would be, nor whether the memories in his brain could really be washed away.

But, there are certain things that are so important that he absolutely wouldn’t give up while he lived. For example, the name “Wu Yunlan” that had been carved into his soul. 

The first word was father, the second word was mother, and the third was himself.

As long as someone called his name, as long as he saw his own name, he would surely recall everything.

An ethereal and gentle voice passed through his blank memories and echoed throughout his empty mind——

“Do you remember who this experimental subject is, Wu Yunlan?”

Wu is father.

Yun is mother.

Lan, is……

A strong sense of vertigo swept through his mind, accompanied by a loud explosion. The pain he felt was was like being bombarded with the shrapnels of thousands of exploding energy bombs, blasting apart the whitewashed, false world into pieces——

He remembered. Wu is his father, Yun is his mother, and Lan is him.

He is Wu Yunlan.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]为虎作伥: Idiom: being a ghost who feeds the tiger. This idiom originates from a story that people who were eaten by tigers become ghosts who lead others in to feed the tiger. It holds the same connotation as “misery loves company” and “becoming an accomplice to the aggressor (psychology: Identification with the aggressor)”

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