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WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 4) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

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The Goblin Ball can only be used on deceased cubs, and the golden python was very clearly not a cub. So, from the beginning, the possibility of using the Goblin Ball was already decided by default.

The character in the game simmered in the same silence as the He Ruge in front of the screen. No one spoke. Within the silence, only Golden Python’s occasional sigh-like hisses could be heard.


[You can become a star. 】

The sound of Little White Tiger’s voice suddenly broke the silence.


[After an individual dies, their soul becomes a star in the sky. 】

Golden python

【…… is that so】

Little White Tiger affirmed this idea firmly. His attitude was so decisive that even He Ruge, who was in front of the screen, suspected that “becoming a star after death” was part of the settings programmed into the game.

Hearing those words, Little Rabbit also raised his spirits. He looked at Little White Tiger with eyes full of hope; his careful attitude made it seem as if he was afraid of puncturing through a beautiful dream.



[I miss my parents, are they also in the sky? 】

Little White Tiger turned his head and looked quietly at the little rabbit. Just like when he replied to the question “Will is really not hurt”, he slowly and unwaveringly spat out his answer. 


【Are. 】

The little rabbit was very ecstatic to get an affirmative answer, and he extended an invitation to the Golden Python.


[When we all become stars, I will take you to the sky to see my parents, okay? 】

Golden python

【……Okay. 】


[I really want to see the stars right now. 】

[No.19, No.20, and Golden Python all yearn for the starry skies. As a bystander, you are very moved, but you know it is impossible to see the starry skies in Basement floor three of the Starry Sea Orphanage. Your choices are:

A. Verbal comfort

B. Take action. Strive to help them realize their wish]

Only then did He Ruge discover that the little white tiger in the game also wanted to see the starry skies, but Little White Tiger didn’t say anything.

Little Rabbit and Little White Tiger had two completely different personalities. Little Rabbit had all of his emotions written on his face, and could straightforwardly indicate what he liked, even acting coquettishly to beg for it.

Little White Tiger was very different. What he hated, he would show it straightforwardly; if he held a grudge, he would dole out vengeance on the spot. However, what he liked would forever be muffled within his heart. If it weren’t for the game’s narration, He Ruge wouldn’t even have known that Little White Tiger yearned to see the stars.

Likewise, if it weren’t for the 80-plus goodwill rating, He Ruge couldn’t even be sure that Little White Tiger liked him.

He Ruge looked at the stiff lil’ gourd that was the Little White Tiger and his gaze suddenly softened as he used the mouse to click on B without hesitation.

His Little White Tiger rarely liked something. Thus, no matter how difficult the process, he wanted to realize the little white tiger’s wish. He could even buy one get three free[1], helping fulfill the wishes of the two other cuties, too. 

[“Watch The Starry Skies Together” side mission has been initiated. It is required to bring No.19 and No.20 to see the starry skies together with the golden python. The golden python doesn’t have much time left. If the Player does not complete the task before the golden pythons passes, this task will automatically close! 】

[Operation tips: press “↑” “↓” “←” “→←” keys to move the game characters, press the spacebar to use Secret Observation]

[This game does not provide a map, may the player please find the route by themself]

A new side mission was unlocked.

He Ruge suddenly realized a big problem. The key to this side mission was not only to find a place where they could see stars, but also bring the little white tiger, little rabbit and golden python along.

If it was just the little white tiger and the little rabbit, it would still be alright. However, the golden python was so huge, could He Ruge possibly wrap the golden python around his waist, and majestically run out to go see the starry skies?

He felt himself balding[2].

Why does he even have to lose hair while playing a game? He picked up this game because of writer’s block. But, he didn’t expect this game to continuously make him feel distressed and balding.

He Ruge touched his own lush black hair and pushed at his glasses frame sadly. His eyes fell on the fluffy Little White Tiger——

Very well, decided on you!

Touching[3] Lil’ Tiger briefly gives a brief moment of satisfaction. Touching lil’ Tigers forever gives satisfaction forever. With wings, another option was added to touching the lil’ Tiger: [Touch Wings].

He Ruge first clicked on [Touch Head] and made Little White Tiger’s fur-style all messed up. Little White Tiger stared at He Ruge blankly. Although he looked a bit upset, he still indulged and nudged He Ruge.

This silently tolerant attitude made He Ruge want to sing “Grateful Heart”[4]. Before, he who had been scratched by Little White Tiger hadn’t thought that one day Little White Tiger would willingly put away his claws for him.

The day when he could unlock the three options [Poke Butt], [Play with Tail], [Breath on Belly] would be wonderful.

After He Ruge finished touching his head, he clicked on the newly-appeared option [Touch Wings].

His fingertips fell on the transparent wing surface, tracing gently along the veins. Little White Tiger suddenly shook his wings, avoiding He Ruge’s hand like the time He Ruge touched his ears.


[Roar~ “Don’t touch, itchy”]

Little White Tiger took a few steps backwards. He wanted to see where his wings were touched, but no matter how his little head turned, he couldn’t turn it 180 degrees and could only see part of the Zerg wings.

No feathers.

Not soft nor warm.

Such Zerg wings……where was it worthy of being liked by others?

Blue eyes blinking slightly in confusion, Little White Tiger’s actions carried a sense of caution even he wasn’t aware of as his eyes flickered around, not daring to look directly at He Ruge.


[Don’t you think…… it’s deformed]

Deformed? Where was it deformed? This pair of silver wings was clearly so beautiful, as beautiful as a work of art!

He Ruge shook his head subconsciously.



[No. 20 finds it a little difficult to believe what he heard]


If this wasn’t a game, He Ruge would have even liked to hug and kiss the cute Little White Tiger, and then praise the Little White Tiger ten times: “You are so super duper cute”.



[No. 20 is slightly happy]

Little White Tiger crawled over and placed the tip of his wing onto He Ruge’s hand.


[Roar ~ “Then, touch”]

[But only touch the tip of the wings]

He Ruge was menged by Little White Tiger until his HP bar was emptied. He was so moved as he pinched the tip of the wing. In fact, what he wanted to pinch most in his heart was Little White Tiger’s small butt.


[Chirp~ “I can also let you touch my wings”]

[Not only the tip of the wings, but the entire wing can be touched at will!

The little rabbit was enthusiastic and generous. Not only did he say this, but he also tried hard to put it into action. He stuffed his wings out from between two iron bars and looked at He Ruge with shiny eyes.

He Ruge hadn’t even had time to feel moved yet before Little White Tiger retracted his own wing tip and stared at He Ruge stingily. Then he turned and roared at the little rabbit fiercely.

Little Rabbit quickly shrank into a ball and pretended nothing happened.

Only He Ruge was left at a loss.

What happened, why did he feel the same sense of embarrassment as being caught eating and running?

He Ruge slightly pushed at his glasses frame helplessly. Why hadn’t he discovered before that Little White Tiger was a small jar of vinegar that would turn over at the slightest touch.

The feeding task had been completed, but the daily task of checking up on the conditions of the subjects in the other rooms had yet to be done. He Ruge left room 214 and opened the other rooms one by one. There was a total of forty rooms on both sides of the corridor, and each room had two to three experimental subjects.

He Ruge noticed that most of the other subjects’ wings were ugly black Zerg wings, like those of golden python’s. A small number of wings on the subjects were gray or brown.

Beautiful Zerg wings like those on Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit, He Ruge had yet to see any.

There were three subjects that had died. After He Ruge brought those iron cages to the main lobby, he explored the routes on Basement Level 2. The corridor by the right-side exit of the lobby was the corridor where Room 214 was located. The exit on the left-side of the lobby was locked.

The doors leading to Basement Level 1 and Basement Level 3 were also tightly blocked.

This was equivalent to saying that He Ruge was thoroughly trapped on the second floor. In terms of his range of activity, there were only the 40 closed experimental subjects’ rooms, staff accommodations area and the lobby 

There was no window in the corridors of Basement Level 2. Even if there was a window, you wouldn’t be able to see the starry skies if you opened it since these rooms were built underground.

What should he do to complete the side mission? Not to mention how he’d take the golden python out, finding a place to look at the stars was already a big problem.

To see the starry skies, he must at least leave Basement Level 2 and head to Level A. 

He needed to go upstairs.


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Buy one get three free: raise one, earn three

[2] Balding: from stress. Well, at least then both HRG and XGC can be bald together ^u^. Don’t worry, little pigeon.

[3] “Touching”, original “sucking on” For anyone who’s head is in the gutters~ sucking on the lil’ white tiger means something like smashing your face into a pet’s fur and rubbing your face on it. Basically, it’s equivalent to “taking advantage of”

[4] Grateful heart:《感恩的心》Search it up if you want to listen to the song

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