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SA Chapter 71 (Part 1) – The Entertainment Circle

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The cast of Maze City could be considered quite strong.

The Male Lead, Rong Xu, had entered the movie circle via Black Clouds and instantly became one of the most popular newcomers in the last year. The other Male Lead, Bo Xiwen, though he’d been less known in the circle, he had also participated in many large-scale films. His popularity was not high, but the box office numbers for his works had never been bad. Popular works, but not popular person.

And today, the Female Lead who had just returned from the United States, Ren Shuzhi, was Huaxia’s reputed Queen of Sexiness who secured a spot in Huaxia’s music scene through her spicy hot dance moves and fast-paced rock and roll songs.

 In regards to being an actor with good singing, or a singer with good acting, Ren Shuzhi acted in a youth romance film last year, and the resulting box office numbers weren’t bad, over 600 million. Thus, she took on Maze City this year. She didn’t ask for many scenes. As long as the ending box office numbers overcame her record, it was enough for her.


Ren Shuzhi wore a pair of wide sunglasses, and when she arrived at the crew, she just so happened to make it to the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony was over, she went around greeting the crew’s creative cast. This queen very straightforwardly gave everyone a big, warm hug. When she hugged Bo Xiwen, her red lips curved upwards as she said enthusiastically: “Tan Yangxuan! Brother Xuan! Come, come, come, give me a hug first. Let’s get familiar.”

Bo Xiwen stretched out his arms in a stiff manner, and gave the full-bodied actress a shy little hug.

Ren Shuzhi’s role was the sister of the seventh deceased victim – her elder brother died in a large public area. She is very emotional and has a lot of interaction with the role of Tan Yangxuan, participating in many of the police investigations. She is the female character with the most scenes in the movie, but in total, there is still no more than 20-minutes of screen time, so she can barely be regarded as a female lead.

After the hug, Ren Shuzhi walked up to Rong Xu. She pushed up her wide sunglasses to her forehead. Her long, wavy chestnut hair, and her bright, enchanting eyes carefully examined the boy in front of her.

When she was looking at Rong Xu, Rong Xu was also looking at her with a smile, calm and collected, without a trace of unease.

The next moment, Ren Shuzhi smiled happily and before Rong Xu even had a chance to open his arms, she immediately hugged him up: “Haha, I actually got to hug Rong Rong. If the fans knew, they would envy me to death.” While talking, Ren Shuzhi hugged harder and harder, without any indication of letting go.

Rong Xu was slightly startled, and then noticed in surprise that the other party’s full bosom seemed to be rubbing against him.

After the hug was over, Ren Shuzhi removed the sunglasses from her head and put them back on. Right before the sunglasses completely covered her gaze, an interesting light flashed through her soft, beautiful eyes. Her red lips curled up gently, and Ren Shuzhi calmly stroked across Rong Xu’s palm once.

The thoughts in his heart gradually cleared, but on the surface, Rong Xu quietly took a half step backwards and smiled: “Sister Ren, stop joking around.”

Ren Shuzhi spread out her hands innocently, her voice was low and soft, quite affectionate: “I’m not joking, your fans are extremely famous. Wasn’t there a charity event recently? Truly amazing.”

Rong Xu smiled calmly: “The album by Sister Ren from three months ago has also already accumulated over one million in sales.”

Ren Shuzhi covered her lips and smiled lightly: “It can’t compare to your “Lost Wings”.”

While saying that, she suddenly leaned forward and seemingly desired to rub against Rong Xu’s body. However, Rong Xu immediately turned to the side and smiled at the crew member playing male number three: “I remember Ma Qi said yesterday that he liked Sister Ren’s song very much, right?”

Suddenly, the smile on Ren Shuzhi’s face stiffened a little, but she quickly reacted and smiled back at the male number three in a very familiar manner: “Then I am really quite flattered. Ah Qi likes my song. I would have never thought……”

Though Ren Shuzhi entered the crew late, she was highly enthusiastic, so it didn’t take long for her to get along swell with other actors in the crew.

Except for the naturally shy and difficult to get close to Bo Xiwen, Ren Shuzhi, Ma Qi, Zheng Xiaosu and the others all got along rowdily. Whenever she spoke to Rong Xu, Rong Xu would also respond to her in a friendly manner. At first glance, she was similar to a social butterfly, wandering throughout the entire crew of Maze City.

Ren Shuzhi liked to “disturb” Rong Xu the most. Because she had just arrived to the crew and didn’t participate in the script reading meeting, when everyone was preparing to start the afternoon filming, she took her script book and walked to Rong Xu’s side, saying in a soft voice: “Rong Rong, can you help me go over the script? Although my scenes are very simple, I don’t want to delay everyone’s progress. Is that…… okay?”

At this moment, Rong Xu had already finished with his makeup and was sitting at the side for a break. When he heard her words, he turned his head and unexpectedly saw a span of snow white.

Ren Shuzhi had taken off her jacket and was only wearing a tight fitting, short sleeved T-shirt. Someone able to earn the title Queen of Sexiness naturally could not have a flat figure, and this thin t-shirt outlined her curvaceous good figure. Her slender waist contrasted with her plump bosom. A string of crystal beads hung down across her collarbone, casting shadows down the neckline of the shirt and fueling the viewers’ imaginations.

When most men saw this scene, they couldn’t help but feel their heart tremble.

This woman was beautiful and attractively moving. She has a superb body, and among all the actresses Rong Xu had seen in his two lifetimes, she could rank in the top five. When she spoke, there would be a slight nasal sound at the end of her words which made it even more charming.

However, Rong Xu’s gaze only slid across the string of crystal beads before he raised his eyes to look at Ren Shuzhi’s beautiful face, his gaze not even straying a bit further down. He smiled steadily: “Okay, but I’m going to film soon, Sister Ren. So, I may not be able to help you for long.”

Seeing the youth’s clear and calm gaze, Ren Shuzhi was slightly taken aback for a moment. She immediately followed up: “That’s fine, then teach Sister Ren first.” After she said so, she directly sat herself down next to Rong Xu. The crystal beads shook lightly in the deep shadows of her neckline.

But, this teaching session only lasted five minutes before being forced to end.

Rong Xu was called over by Director Yuan to discuss the shooting details of the first scene. Thus, he politely expressed his apologies to Ren Shuzhi, and Ren Shuzhi shook her head with a nonchalant expression. But, after Rong Xu turned and left, she grasped the crystal beads by her bosom, her chest moving up and down from panting.

It wasn’t until Rong Xu disappeared from sight past the room did she narrow her eyes and turn away.


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

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