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SA Chapter 70 (Part 2) – Serious People Are Also Very Precious

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The script reading meeting was held for an entire day. Everyone took out their own scripts, and the screenwriters analyzed the characters one by one, highlighting the important points in the movie. Among them, the two male protagonists naturally had the most scenes. The heroine of this move didn’t have many scenes and was pretty much just a flower vase role. The focus would be on the two male protagonists. Tan Yangxuan’s role was mainly in charge of the action scenes, whereas Xue Jiazhe was in charge of the academic scenes.

After analyzing Bo Xiwen’s character, the screenwriter looked at Rong Xu with the script in his hands, saying with a serious tone: “Xue Jiazhe’s character has a semi-antisocial personality. He is not really completely antisocial, but because of his childhood experiences, he came to hate the father who ran away and abandoned himself and his mother in the earthquake, and also hated the kind of parents who abandoned their children.”

Rong Xu wore a pair of plain glasses, smiled and nodded: “En, his hatred is clear, but he freed himself from sin. He knows he is committing a crime, but he doesn’t think that he is at fault. Thus, he can kill with peace of mind, and even place the blame on another at the end.”

The screenwriter was stunned for a bit before smiling and nodding: “Yes, he’s like that. What you have to pay attention to is Xue Jiazhe’s calmness and his strong mentality. He is a professor of psychology, so he understands people’s minds well. He’s very intelligent.”

The director interrupted from the side: “Tomorrow and the day after, Rong Xu, the crew’s arranged a university psychology professor for you. He’ll come over and provide you knowledge on psychology and help you better understand the fundamentals regarding this. Learn from him and analyze how to properly act out Xue Jiazhe.”

Rong Xu grinned: “Okay, Director Yuan.”

Maze City’s director, Yuan Ke, is a well-known first-tier commercial film director in Huaxia. The films that he directs all have common characteristics: their box office values would usually not be low (the lowest being no less than 500 million), and every year he would definitely get a Best Director award.

Yes, not Best Film Award, nor the Best Male or Female Lead Awards, only Best Director!

Regardless of whether it’s a first-tier award or a second-tier award, Yuan Ke was sure to get one. In the past seven or eight years, rain or shine, even if there were no film awards ceremonies being held that year, Yuan Ke would still surely win at least one Best Director Award from out of dozens of film awards worldwide. Thus, in the circle, Yuan Ke also had a nickname: The Director Yuan Award…

But this is just a tangent, no need to mention it for now.


After the script reading meeting, all the actors got ready to try on makeup and styling. The two male protagonists stayed to exchange their views on the role with Director Yuan.

Rong Xu closed his script book gently, and calmly analyzed: “Xue Jiazhe, because of the shadow from his childhood, came to hate parents who abandoned their children. After his mother died, he began to kill one by one. The reason he goes after their right hand is because of his father who (during the earthquake) had originally extended his right hand to the mother and son when he was young, but because he was frightened by the aftershocks, his father retracted his right hand and left both mother and son under the boulder.”

Director Yuan rolled up his script and propped his chin up, looking at the boy in front of him with interest. He smiled: “Continue.”

“Xue Jiazhe is not strictly a bad person, it’s just, based on what he said to the other patients, his heart is also ill, and has been ill for many, many years.”

A serene and gentle smile slowly bloomed on the handsome face. With clear eyes, Rong Xu continued calmly: “So, I think that when I am playing him, I will……”

The youth’s endless eloquence made the light of appreciation in Yuan Director’s eyes grow brighter and brighter, and next to Rong Xu, Bo Xiwen’s eyes showed more and more surprise. Once Rong Xu finished speaking and it was Bo Xiwen’s turn to analyze, Bo Xiwen was silent for a duration before spitting out a single sentence: “I am probably mainly there for plot support, to trust my friend and solve the case.”

Rong Xu froze for a moment, but Director Yuan laughed out loud: “Don’t force yourself, Xiao Bo, learn well from Rong Xu when you have time and your acting skills may improve by leaps and bounds.”

Bo Xiwen nodded honestly. After Director Yuan left, Rong Xu was packing his things to prepare for his styling when he heard a faint voice sound out beside him: “……Rong Xu, can you lend me your script book to look at?”

Rong Xu was slightly surprised and smiled at Bo Xiwen: “Is something the matter?”

Bo Xiwen turned his gaze away awkwardly, whispering: “I…I don’t really know how to do a script analysis. I want to borrow your script to see what it should be like. If you don’t want to, it’s fine. Troubling you.”

There really were all kinds of people in the entertainment industry. This was the first time Rong Xu has seen such a shy, first-tier male actor.

He looked at Bo Xiwen in deep contemplation and saw that Bo Xiwen had his head bowed stiffly as he was preparing to leave. 

At this moment, Bo Xiwen saw Rong Xu directly squeeze the script into his hands. The script was filled with notations and strokes, with various thoughts and points of attention written on it in delicate handwriting.

Bo Xiwen was stunned into a daze, and quickly raised his head to look at Rong Xu, only to see the youth  smiling back at him: “Anyways, I have to go study psychology with the professor before filming, so I don’t have much time to read the script. You can return it to me after we start. You already said you’d be ‘troubling me’, so how can I not let you trouble me for a bit?”

Bo Xiwen nodded quickly: “Thank you! I will definitely return it to you when we start filming. It will be in perfect condition! Really, thank you so much.”

 “It’s nothing much, no need for thanks.” After a pause, the youth added with a grin: “Oh yes, by the way, I enjoy coffee very much, especially latte.”

Bo Xiwen froze briefly and then suddenly understood. Half an hour later, just as Rong Xu was putting on his makeup, Bo Xiwen’s assistant came over and brought him a cup of coffee. Although it wasn’t a latte, it was still a very similar tasting mocha.

In the entertainment circle, it’s best not to owe anyone a favor. Thus, Rong Xu deliberately used this method to allow Bo Xiwen to pay back this favor. This was already considered giving the other party face[1].

The assistant seemed to be as shy as his own artist. He lowered his head and spoke in a low voice to Rong Xu: “Really, thank you so much, Rong Rong……can you give me an autograph?”

Rong Xu received the other’s paper and pen, and said softly: “Of course.”

The little assistant was immediately starry-eyed and nodded excitedly.

The crew of Maze City has already gathered most of their main creative staff. Only the Female Lead had yet to join up with the group, and was still participating in a singing program abroad. All of the staff were wholeheartedly preparing for the starting of the filming process.

Luo Zhentao still stayed with the crew on the first day. Looking at such a busy scene, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Speaking in general, Xiao Xu, of all the film crews you have participated in, only the crew of Ambush was a bit worrisome.”

Rong Xu was noncommittal. He glanced at all the dedicated crew members: “En, everyone is very good.” 

Then came a pause as he smiled and added: “Bo Xiwen is also a very interesting person.”

Luo Zhentao was taken aback at first. Following that, he turned around to take a good look at the young actor who was currently working hard over Rong Xu’s script, and then exclaimed in agreement: “Yes, ah, such a serious and hard-working actor is a rare sight within the circle. Xiao Xu, I remember when you were filming Black Clouds, didn’t Qin Cheng rarely look at his script book? He seems to have a very good memory, and had memorized all his lines?”

Seemingly not expecting his agent to mention Qin Cheng’s name, Rong Xu, after a brief moment of surprise, recalled the scene of studying the script with that man a few days ago. He smiled and said softly: “Yes, ah, Qin Cheng is a very talented person, a born actor. But, I don’t dislike Bo Xiwen, this type of person, who works hard. People who work hard are also very precious.”

B City, Capital’s Airport.

A stern and tall man was about to board the plane but then suddenly sneezed.

Xu Jin turned around and said cheerfully: “Caught a cold? Who told you to wear so little. I already told you there’d be a cold wave in the last few days. When participating in the Golden Phoenix Award, you should’ve worn a base shirt under your dress shirt. You didn’t listen. Now, this is great. Caught a cold, huh. Want popularity, but not warmth. Your family’s person didn’t even participate in the Golden Phoenix Award ceremony. Do you think he’d watch your live broadcast?” 

Qin Cheng lifted his eyes and gave him a glance, asking with an indifferent tone: “You are glad I caught a cold?”

Xu Jin spread his hands: “I didn’t say it like that.”

Qin Cheng’s thin lips perked up: “Oh, I have a cold. The progress of the movie filming will be delayed. When you arrive in the United States, go have a talk with Director Liu. Maybe he’ll have a lot to say to you.”

Xu Jin: “……”

“You definitely must not ever catch a cold! If the progress is delayed even more, Director Liu will definitely pick a fight with me!!!”

The roar of the gold-tier agent gradually dispersed into the clouds. The plane flew steadily into the cloud layer, and soon disappeared into the clear blue sky.

Three days later, the female lead officially joined the crew, and the entire cast of Maze City was accounted for, signaling the start of the filming.


The author has something to say:

Sis Fu: Orange Qin, if you keep being so hesitant and secretive, be careful Rong Rong’s heart will be stolen away!

Orange Qin: Rong Rong will only love Baby. There is no one better than baby, humph ╭ (╯^ ╰) ╮

Rong Rong: Bo Xiwen is quite good. Hardworking and serious, and is even so shy.


[1]Giving face: being considerate or being partial to another party’s image

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