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WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 3) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Again. Buggos OTL
Trigger warnings: Vermiphobia and Septophobia (I will include a warning at the beginning and end of each potential trigger.) (2 warning sections)

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He Ruge took Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit back to Room 214. When he opened the door, he saw the golden python that had shrunk itself into the corner of the large iron cage.

Golden Python’s condition today was more than twice as bad as yesterday. Its wounds had extensively rotted, and all of the scales on its body had become even duller.

He Ruge still remembered that the little rabbit was very terrified of this golden python, so he specially moved the little rabbit’s cage to the position farthest from the large iron cage.

【Daily Task: Feed the experimental subjects (0/3)]

The previous feeding bottle was replaced with a nutrient solution held in a glass bottle, similar to a test tube with a transparent liquid inside.

He Ruge was able to get the keys to the iron cages. Since the “Wings of Death” project didn’t prohibit physical contact with the experimental subjects, He Ruge opened the iron cages with the keys.

However, though the locked door of Little White Tiger’s iron cage opened, Little White Tiger didn’t make any movements. Perhaps because the Zerg wings made it difficult for the little white tiger to move, he just lay quietly in his cage.

Many option boxes popped up next to Little White Tiger’s body, and He Ruge realized that he hadn’t checked Little White Tiger’s status for a long time. Thus, he clicked on [Status].

[Like]: No. 20 likes you, Goodwill 80

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

It was unknown when the goodwill level had secretly increased. Even the balance of little hearts which had been wiped clean before had now become Little Hearts x 7

It was 10 points away from the 90-points Goodwill level required by the main mission. Yet, the six experiments weren’t over yet.


However, an increase in the game’s goodwill isn’t a bad thing. It was this [Unawakened] state that truly puzzled He Ruge. He Ruge had previously thought that once he obtained the Zerg Wings, the status would change to [Awakened].

Little monster, Little monster. Already been fitted with Zerg wings, isn’t that monstrous enough? Does this ‘little monster’ have some sort of special meaning?

Although he had many doubts, the purpose of playing this game was to happily raise cubs. Thus, He Ruge didn’t think too much about anything else

He clicked on [Feed] with his mouse.

The nutrient solution was delivered to the corner of Little White Tiger’s mouth. Little White Tiger’s old problem of eating as if he were fighting a war each time remained the same, like he was afraid that someone would snatch it away from him. .

A few drops of nutrient solution hung on the corners of his mouth.

 Seeing Little White Tiger drinking the nutrient solution with vigor, He Ruge was able to put down his heart a bit. Little White Tiger’s previous appearance of a lowered head and drooping ears almost made He Ruge think there was something wrong with Little White Tiger’s body.

However, since the problem on Little White Tiger’s side was resolved, Little Rabbit, who had curled up into a silent ball, became the most troublesome issue at present.

He Ruge opened the little rabbit’s iron cage, and the little rabbit opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing He Ruge, tears slowly emerged in his reddened eyes.


【Feels…… uncomfortable……】

He Ruge tried clicking on the little rabbit. Inside the game, he reached in and lifted the little rabbit out of the cage.


【Hurts so much……】

A teardrop slid down his face, and the little rabbit hugged He Ruge’s hand helplessly, wetting the back of He Ruge’s with tears.

Damn, what can he do?

 A deep sense of powerlessness struck his heart again as He Ruge could only watch as the little rabbit cried. Little Rabbit didn’t have much strength, and after crying for a while, he became tired, only able to pitifully say he was hungry.

But after He Ruge fed the nutrient solution to the little rabbit, the little rabbit didn’t become happy.


[Chirp “……no taste”]

[No. 19 smacks his lips sadly]

[Wants to eat candy]

He Ruge solemnly consumed one little heart, and in front of Little White Tiger’s face, stuffed a lemon-flavored fruit candy into Little Rabbit’s mouth.

Once he ate the sweet, the little rabbit’s emotion stabilized somewhat. Because he was afraid of putting pressure onto the transplanted wings, Little Rabbit laid faced down and pressed his body onto the iron cage bottom, as if he would kick the bucket at any time.

Perhaps the hard bottom of the iron cage was too uncomfortable, the little rabbit got up again and pulled the small cotton nest over from the corner of the cage, planting himself into it.

Seeing Little Rabbi’s bustling movements, He Ruge breathed a sigh of relief. He went over to the Golden Python and clicked to [feed] it. The golden python was truly too big and its size was terrifying. He Ruge didn’t dare open the iron cage at all. The ‘him’ in the game passed the nutrient solution through the gap of the iron bars, pouring it in and then quickly retracting his hand.

Hearing the movement of the nutrient solution drips, the golden python moved towards it slowly, his actions as if waking up from a long hibernation. He bit the lid off the nutrient solution box with his mouth and ate it slowly.

—- Trigger Warning: Vermiphobia and Septophobia 

Because the golden python had moved closer, He Ruge could now clearly see the rotting flesh wounds on his body that were twisting with maggots.

The impact of this scene was too great, shocking He Ru Ge as goosebumps rose on his back.

—- Trigger Warning End

After the horror passed, there was a hint of pity in his heart looking at the slow-moving Golden Python. Although the golden python looked terrifying, it was still also a victim of these experiments. In essence, it was no different from Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit.

He clicked on the [universal medical spray] in his backpack, and carrying the mentality of ‘let’s just try it’, he clicked on the golden python’s wound through the cage.

The spray enveloped the wound, but the golden python was extremely frightened by this sudden spray mist. He lifted up half of his body in an instant and suddenly opened his mouth. The corners of his jaws were stretched and slightly torn, dense fangs popped out from his pale gold mouth and saliva dripped from the fangs.

Golden Python

HISS——”Roll! I will eat you!“】

He Ruge was taken aback by the golden python’s sudden change.

Little White Tiger stood up immediately upon hearing Golden Python’s words. The heavy Zerg wings made him unsteady on his feet, and he trembled slightly. However, Little White Tiger’s roaring momentum did not lose at all. He also opened his mouth wide, revealing his young tiger teeth.


Roar–! ! ! “You Idiot, this is medicine!”】

It was the scene of a tiger and a snake confronting each other. Even though the little white tiger was not even one-tenth the size of the golden python, he didn’t lose out in terms of presence.

The little rabbit lying in the iron cage trembled and wanted to stand up, but the Zerg wings were too heavy, and he didn’t have the strength to stand and curse like Little White Tiger did.

Little Rabbit was slumped on the ground, but he raised his head with difficulty and looked at the angry golden python in fear. 

His red eyes were tearing up as he followed with a chirp.


[Chirp——”Id…, idiot, this is medicine”]

The medicine began to take effect, and the maggots on the golden python’s wound pachi pachi fell to the ground one by one, and the original horrific wound condition became slightly relieved.

Evidence spoke louder than words, and the golden python’s momentum plummeted.  The outburst just then seemed to have exhausted his last bit of energy, and the golden python collapsed to the ground.

Golden Python

[……Apologies. It was I who misunderstood you]

—- Trigger Warning: Vermiphobia and Septophobia 

The snake’s reddish-brown eyes were cloudy and dim.

Golden Python

[The effect of this medicine is quite good. I can feel all the parasites on my body have stopped. In addition to the visible parasites, there were still many small parasites moving under my skin. I haven’t been this comfortable in a long time. 】

[It’s just, this medicine was wasted on me. I’m dying. The little parasites in my body also knew I am close to death, and they worked desperately to make me bite open my skin. 】

—- Trigger Warning End

[Thank you, you are a good person. 】

[I didn’t expect to meet a good person before I died. Perhaps one always likes to nag before they die. I haven’t spoken to another for a long time, and I suddenly have a lot to say. 】

[I…… am called Xi Xing. 】


[I thought I could live on – Live to one day leave this cursed place and fly free using those transplanted Zerg Wings……]

[……Fly high and far into the sky and become a star.]

At this moment, those muddled pupils suddenly burst out with an extreme brilliance. It was a brilliance equivalent to the light of the stars. 

The brilliance was only for an instance. After the golden python finished speaking, he collapsed. Only the occasional hissing sounds proved that he was still alive.

He Ruge’s chest was so tight that he felt he was suffocating. He opened his thermos and took a sip of the Gojiberry rock sugar water. The heat that rose up blurred his glasses lenses.

Why was this game so cruel. Giving Crow an abusive background, and still arranging another for the Golden Python. Doesn’t the game developers’ conscience hurt?!

He Ruge thought back to the goblin ball in his backpack.

There was only one goblin ball. If he gave it to the golden python, then he couldn’t give it to Little Rabbit. If he had to choose one, He Ruge would still choose Little Rabbit.

Recalling that his two lucky chances for the day haven’t been used yet, He Ruge retrieved the pink Gacha egg from the backpack and clicked to open the Gacha.

The red streaks on his legs glowed and burned, and two rare items were drawn out in succession.

[Name]: Fate’s Calling Card

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: The desires of your soul is the prophet of your destiny

[“Limitations: Although it can only be used once, the predicted destiny can be changed.”]

[Name]: Invisible wings

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: I have a pair of invisible wings, which can fly me through despair

[Limitations: the weight carried by the wings cannot exceed four hundred jin”]

Both were rare props, but neither were the goblin ball that He Ruge wanted the most.

He Ruge opened his backpack sadly and clicked on [Goblin Ball].

[Note: Little goblin, This game believes that, after death, the cubs are not lonely ghosts, they are actually cute little goblins]


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


Chap 16 goblin ball

Fate’s Calling Card/Destiny Card: recall that XGC got one in chap 10

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