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WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 2) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Trigger warnings: depictions of blood, self-harm, and surgical procedures

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When the Zerg Wings were truly unrooted from his body, Xi Guican’s face showed no significant expression. He blankly held the Zerg wings that he’d broken with his own hands, looking at the mirror in a daze. Hazily, Xi Guican seemed to see a hedgehog who’d had all of it’s spines broken off.

“Although No. 20’s mental state during the Ice Project was not as stable as No.19’s, the development rate of his spiritual consciousness is the highest……” 

The sound of discussion pulled Xi Guican out from his memories and back into reality.

The Little White Tiger who was pulled out of his daydreaming state blinked a few times before making eye contact with the tearful little rabbit inside the cage.

“I’m so scared,” Little Rabbit choked up.

Even if he didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next, the innate instincts of small animals made the little rabbit sense danger.

There was indeed incoming danger. 


Xi Guican overheard that those people were planning to transplant the highest quality Zerg wings onto him and the little rabbit. The higher the level of Zerg Wings, the greater the risk of a rejection reaction. Even if one were to survive the rejection reaction, there would also be the possibility of sudden death in the process of providing nutrients.

“Don’t cry, it won’t hurt,” Xi Guican said to Little Rabbit. The weeping little rabbit’s tears paused briefly and he looked at Xi Guican somewhat naively, “Really?”

Little White Tiger nodded.

Perhaps the only kindness offered by this experiment was that anesthetics were used before the operation. The use of anesthetics on experimental subjects was proposed by the medicine-seeking rat, Mao Zhengyong, from the medical office.

Although the medicine-seeking rat was usually cold-blooded and prioritized utilitarian ideals, for things that wouldn’t affect the outcome of an experiment, he still retained a sense of humanity.

Probably because his conscience hadn’t been completely wiped out, he’d deceived himself into thinking he’d done “good things” in order to achieve a sense of self-comforting.

Mask-wearing staff members separated the little rabbit from the little white tiger and fixed them both onto operating tables. Before the operation began, they were injected with anesthesia.

Although the pain was gone, Xi Guican could still feel the cold knife tip slicing into his back and twisting in his shoulder blades, making it seem like the cold Zerg wings that he had thrown away by his own hands had come back.

The flying organs he had despised yet also attached to.

It was a deformed and bizarre existence that took root on his body. The young No. 20 at the time didn’t know what significance the Zerg wings held. The little one had turned his head to glance at those silver wings, even thinking that those two Zerg wings looked pretty good.

If he snuck into an area that was well lit, regardless if it was from natural or artificial lighting, as long as he was underneath a source of light, those Zerg Wings would give off a faint glowing shimmer, and the thin wings would turn as clear as glass.

No. 20 had always liked shiny and crystal clear things since he was young.

Before his death, Golden Python had told the young No. 20 that if he had wings, he could fly out of this cursed place.

Therefore, No.20 always really cherished his little wings. He wished his little wings would quickly grow bigger and bigger, so big that even the entire Starry Sea Orphanage couldn’t fit it. Such that if he flapped his wings, he would be able to set off a hurricane and blow away all the bad guys.

When did he begin hating Zerg wings?

His pupils shrink slightly.

Those memories that he didn’t want to recall…… it’s best to not think about them again.

After the transplantation procedure was over, the little white tiger and the little rabbit now fitted with wings were replaced into their cages. The Little Rabbit was so uncomfortable that he didn’t even have the strength to cry.

Surviving the rejection reaction relied on oneself to conquer. Zerg wings are a very special existence, and all drugs were ineffective against it. Starry Sea Orphanage used the results of countless dead experimental subjects to come to the conclusion that Zerg wings are related to the Spiritual Consciousness Sea.

The more advanced one’s spiritual consciousness was, the stronger their ability to withstand the rejection reaction of the transplanted Zerg wings.

There’s a huge difference between the spiritual consciousness of Zergs and those of Interstellars. The Zerg had low intelligence, and the basic instinct of most Zergs was to kill. Only a few high-level Zergs could attain the level of an ordinary Interstellar.

The only Zerg with a high IQ is the Zerg Queen.

A race based on killing, their spiritual consciousness is full of violent and negative energy. Due to this fact, in addition to developing one’s spiritual consciousness sea, the Ice Project also aimed to make normal spiritual consciousnesses gain a similar negative energy.

At the beginning, Xi Guican was regarded as the most successful sample of the Ice Project, and motivated the perverted scientists of Starry Sea Orphanage to vigorously promote the Ice Project. Unexpectedly, after more than 50 consecutive Ice Projects, more than 1,000 subjects died and none survived.

Because the death rate was too high, the effort and investment were not proportional. Thus, the Ice Project was finally suspended, and No.20 became the sole successful product that couldn’t be replicated.

Little White Tiger recalled the past coldly, his gloom and disgust almost overwhelmed himself until his cage was passed over to He Ruge’s hands.

As long as he raised his head, he would crash into those gentle, black eyes.

    ——It turns out that you were waiting for me.

    ——I’m back.


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