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WDBKFMGB Chapter 25 (Part 1) – Yearning for the Starry Skies

Beginning of VIP chapters in raws.*:・゚*:・゚ \ (> u <)ノ*:・゚*:・゚
Title can also mean “Heading towards the Starry Skies”

Trigger warnings: depictions of blood, self-harm, and surgical procedures

The experience of Zerg wings transplantation was a layer of murky gray ash in Xi Guican’s memories. He initially thought that if he experienced this pain again in the game, he might lose control of his emotions.

However, nothing happened.

When he left He Ruge’s side and was about to be sent into the laboratory, the little rabbit had cried so hard that Xi Guican’s eardrums were pierced by the sound of his crying. Yet, Xi Guican’s mood was still unexpectedly stable.

He looked forwards, through the iron cage, at He Ruge in the distance and saw the worry and pity that were about to overflow from his deep, black eyes.

That year, when he rushed into the Intergalactic Wars, he’d been all alone and out of place among the large number of recruits who were participating in the war. Those recruits all bid a final farewell to their families. Everyone had endless words to say and endless tears to shed, and with their sadness suppressed to a certain extent, the situation ended up quite lively.

Then, they boarded the starship as it began its take-off. The people on the ground waved farewell while looking up at them. Xi Guican remembered that their gazes were the same as (HRG’s) now, worried and cherishing, bright and focused like an inextinguishable lamp[1].

Those lanterns that would stay there forever, so that the lonely souls of soldiers who can’t find their way home can follow its light to return.

The standing young figure was reflected in his blue eyes.

——You will always wait for me to come home.


If you had someone waiting for you, even if you encountered an endless darkness, you wouldn’t feel lost.


When Xi Guican was taken into the laboratory, he saw hundreds of frozen Zergs, most of which were inferior-type Zergs. The surface of their black wings were covered by dense spikes, and those Zergs had no significant attack power or flying ability.

At first, the Federation thought that the Zerg wings of these lower-level Zergs were merely for display purposes. Later on, after dealing with the Zergs, they discovered that the wings were the source of the Zerg’s power. If a Zerg loses other parts of its body, even its head, it can still retain a certain amount of combat effectiveness. Even if it was thoroughly dead, it could still turn around to bite you.

But once a Zerg loses its wings, its combat power is instantly reduced. At that time, killing the Zerg would be as simple as chopping cabbage.

Ordinary quality Zerg wings are like a bird’s wings, being generally gray or light brown in color, and have the ability to fly short distances.

The higher the quality of the Zerg wings, the lighter the color and the longer the length. High-quality Zerg wings not only have the ability to fly long distances in high altitudes, but also have sharp bones covered in spikes that maintain extremely terrifying lethality.

When the wings are cut off a Zerg, they will automatically shrink and become smaller. When the Zerg wing is transplanted on flesh, it will quickly absorb the “nutrients” in the host’s body. If the nutrients are sufficient, the Zerg wings would return to its original size. If the available nutrients were in excess, it could even grow beyond its original appearance.

Though, no one really understood the exact nutrients that Zerg wings required.

So far, there was only one experimental subject who was able to feed a pair of high-quality Zerg wings and even gave it excess nutrients. There was only one.

It was Xi Guican himself.

Xi Guican’s gaze fell on the sparse and rare high-grade Zerg wings, and he stared long and hard at a pair of silver-white wings. Emotions surged through his heart and he couldn’t tell whether it was a feeling of disgust or nostalgia.

He had used this pair of Zerg wings to break through that prison, to break through all of his shackles, before he finally ripped off the Zerg wings with his own two hands. The palm of his hand laid onto the root of the Zerg wings, and his fingers gripped the cold wings, one finger at a time.

This pair of wings had stayed on him for a long time, and every vein on the thin wing surface was connected to his nerves and nociceptors. When he’d fought against the enemy, a mysterious energy would cover the wing surface and give the Zerg wings an impenetrable hardness.

But, at this very moment, when that pair of Zerg Wings faced its previous master, that mysterious energy did not appear.

The wings which had lost its energy couldn’t be said to be as thin as a cicada’s wings, but neither did it have any real tenacity.

He could easily destroy these Zerg wings, but the pain transferred from the Zerg wings would instantly drown out all of his perception.

The palm of his hands crushed the surface of the wings inch by inch, and dark golden-colored blood flowed out, containing an iciness completely different from his own body temperature.

After all, the Zerg wings came from a foreign race. Regardless of how long it stayed on his body, its blood was still cold, not hot.

Five fingers grasped the bone-hard wings. Using his hands, which were trembling from pain, he ripped out the bone wings from his flesh, and blood gushed out from the wound. However, because the Zerg wings were already fused into the host’s flesh and blood, if one wanted to pull out the wings, they’d inevitably also rip a layer of skin off their back.

Xi Guican sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror. He turned his head, and a strand of slightly longer hair slid down, covering his narrowed blue eyes.

He silently exhausted all his strength to break off the Zerg Wings, and the blue veins on his forehead popped out individually. Xi Guican’s skin had always been quite pale and lacking in blush, but even after carrying out such a laborious task, he was still pale-faced and calm-hearted [2].

His blood-stained hands broke off the other Zerg wing, but he still sported that pale complexion. However, though he was pale-faced and calm-hearted, the visible veins on his head never diminished, and the sensation of colic pain never ceased.


[1]“…worried and cherishing, bright and focused like an inextinguishable lamp”: with hope and love

[2] Pale faced and calm hearted: (original: face not red, heart not pounding) doesn’t appear to have exerted effort

Part 2 will be up within 24 hours!

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  1. Thank you for the chapter ❤️ poor guy and the part about people who care being lanterns to guide and ward off fear of the darkness was so poignant ಥ╭╮ಥ


  2. With Zerg wings transplanted onto and God knows whatever else done to him, ml’s previous fever dreams about leading the insects to destroy the empire don’t seem so ungrounded anymore.

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