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WDBKFMGB Chapter 24 – White Tiger Fitted Wings

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He Ruge logged into the game at 8 o’clock the next morning, 


   [The raw materials have arrived. We’ll take No. 19 and 20 to Basement Three]

Raw materials…… is it fresh Zerg wings?

He Ruge is somewhat aversive to Zerg wings. From an aesthetics point of view, if the fleshy wings on the Golden Python were attached to Little White Tiger’s body, those Zerg wings that look like feather-plucked chicken wings would truly damage Little White Tiger’s cuteness level. 

Crow opened Room ‘214’, and the sleep-muddled Little Rabbit immediately perked up his ears alertly when he heard the sound. Upon seeing Crow, his raised rabbit ears drooped back down.

After Crow lifted Little Rabbit’s iron cage, Little Rabbit pressed against the walls of the cage and shrank helplessly into a ball. The round rabbit tail was stuck in-between two bars of the iron cage.

He Ruge carried Little White Tiger’s cage about. Although Little White Tiger wasn’t as scared as Little Rabbit, he seemed to be in a terrible mood. He was lying in the iron cage with his tiger ears drooped down, his blue eyes gloomy and fierce. Only when he raised his eyes to look at He Ruge did his sharp eyes slightly soften.

Crow led the way in silence. Basement Three was heavily guarded, and just layers of doors alone, there were five of them from the inside out[1].

He Ru Ge originally thought that he could accompany Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit into the laboratory, but unexpectedly, he was stopped. Two staff members took over the iron cages before turning and leaving with Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit.

Suddenly realizing that he was leaving He Ruge’s side, the little rabbit’s paws grabbed onto the iron cage bars, and the little crybaby who had been suppressing all his energy finally broke down and cried.

   Facing the screen, He Ruge turned down the volume to mute. He found that he couldn’t listen to the little rabbit’s crying because his heart would tighten up.

   When muted, in this silent film-like scene, the first thing one would see is not the bawling rabbit, but rather the little white tiger who silently didn’t make a peep.


Those blue eyes never blinked. There was a plethora of deep and colorful emotions reflecting in those eyes, like fire flowing under the ice. That fire burned in a barren wasteland inside his soul, becoming more and more prolific, more and more widespread. But, in that soul where even grass would not grow, where it was completely dead and without vitality-

at this time, because of that fire, also transformed into something dazzling. 

When the little white tiger completely disappeared from his field of vision, He Ruge suddenly felt that a small section of his heart had become hollow, as if it’d been completely burned away by that field of fire.


   [The transplant operation won’t take long. We can wait here for a brief amount of time]

He Ruge pushed at his glasses and closed his eyes in exhaustion. Perhaps it was because this gameplay was too realistic, He Ruge felt a sense of sorrow bred from his helplessness.  

He didn’t fast forward the time, and instead stared dazedly at the closed door on the screen alone.

After an unknown amount of time, the door opened and the two staff members brought out the iron cages. The Little White Tiger in the iron cage had gained a pair of silver Zerg Wings. This pair of silver Zerg wings had no feathers, and no soft or smooth texture. At first glance, one would see that the sharp bony wings had a semi-transparent layer overlaying the bony structure.

A dark, crisscrossed, golden vein pattern gave the Zerg wings a more delicate and fragile appearance.

Beautiful Zerg wings. They were completely different from the ugly wings on the back of the golden python. When the silver Zerg wings hung down quietly, they resembled a butterfly that had settled in the center of the cage.

The length of the Zerg wings was longer than the little white tiger’s body length. Those leaden, heavy Zerg wings pressed down upon Little White Tiger to the point where he couldn’t stand up. He laid in the cage with a sickly mien. 

He Ruge could see the bandages wrapped between the root of the Zerg wings and the wound –  blood was faintly seeping through the white bandages.


[No. 19 and No. 20’s transplanted Zerg wings are of the highest quality]

The little rabbit in the cage had the same type of Zerg wings as Little White Tiger. However, his condition was very poor compared to Little White Tiger, and he couldn’t even open his eyes, curling up weakly inside the cage.

The moment He Ruge received Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit’s cages, the “Death God’s Wings” experiment officially started!

  【Daily task

You are responsible for all the test subjects in Room 214. As a staff member involved in “Death God’s Wings”, in addition to delivering Room 214’s meals on time and cleaning the experimental subjects’ room, you are also responsible for cleaning up the dead experimental subjects in other rooms]


Differing from Xi Guican’s prior experience, in addition to the golden python, Room 214 gained a little crying rabbit as an occupant.

Xi Guican knew that the No. 19 Little Rabbit had always been afraid of him. Because He Ruge previously sang and fed sweets to the little rabbit, Xi Guican always felt that his personal pampering had been divided away.  

Clearly, this was his game. He Ruge is his exclusive lover. The Little Rabbit was the shameless thief, a dove that occupied the magpie’s nest, and his cries stole away He Ruge’s attention.

Little White Tiger had a small heart and he secretly recorded his grudges. During the last bathing day, he had roared at the little rabbit and frightened the shit out of that rabbit with pea sized courage until he no longer dared to even glance at Little White Tiger. 

However, what Xi Guican didn’t expect was that when this little rabbit entered Room 214 and encountered the even more terrifying Golden Python, the little rabbit who had always been walking the long route around him started pleading to him for help.

“Chirp, the big snake is so terrifying,” Little Rabbit said with a crying tone. 

Little White Tiger turned a deaf ear.

Wuwuwu……” Little Rabbit shook and shivered. 

Little White Tiger turned his body around.

“20, say, do you think the big snake will eat us?” Little rabbit bawled loudly.

Little White Tiger became impatient with noise, and he turned his head towards the Little Rabbit and roared fiercely: “Shut it, stop crying!”

After being yelled at, the Little Rabbit who had previously always trembled, actually stopped trembling. He wiped away his tears with his long rabbit ears. Then, he faced Little White Tiger and said: “20, are we still considered neighbors?”


No. 19, No. 20. They were just experimental subjects with sequential connected numbers, how could this be considered being neighbors.

Xi Guican looked at the little rabbit with an inexplicable expression. He saw the little rabbit with reddened eyes, helpless and hesitating like the young No. 20 of the past[2]. Xi Guican stared for a long while before snorting coldly: “Yes.”

The little rabbit thus fell asleep with relief.

After observing everything, the Golden Python in the room hissed softly and slowly slithered to the corner of the cage, curling into a spiral from his original “S” shape. This posture shrank his occupied space by half and also reduced the pressure it exuded by a significant amount. 

At least, at first glance, what you’d see is not a terrifying gigantic python, but rather a flat egg pancake[3].

Many things he had previously forgotten came back to mind. Xi Guican recalled the first time he arrived in Room 214 years ago. His first meeting with Golden Python also terrified him, but he and the little rabbit have different personalities. Though he was terrified in his heart, he still had to put on a facade of calmness on the surface, just like a paper tiger[4].

He remembered that on his first night in Room 214, the golden python had also curled up and went to sleep early in the day. The No. 20 back then was even secretly relieved, feeling fortunate that he didn’t have to uphold the paper tiger temperament.

It turned out that his weakness back then could be seen through at a glance. It turned out …… he had also encountered such a kindness back then.

Even in the darkest period of his life, he had received an unnoticed trace of goodwill.

Author notes (in the process of editing. It’s a long note)


[1]They had to pass through 5 secure doors before arriving at their destination

[2] XGC saw himself in the little rabbit

[3] The python had the same golden color as scrambled eggs >n<

[4] Paper Tiger: false bravado

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