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SA Chapter 68 (Part 2) – Beautiful and Fair Local Tyrant, Are You Missing A Leg Pendant?

Memory Refresh: “Xiao” (Name): using the word “xiao” (“Little”) before a name is a form of endearment to show a degree of closeness, compared to a simple acquaintance or a stranger.

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【How can this be? Wasn’t it still four hundred and nineteen million just then? The current upper limit goal is 5.2 million, and there was still 1.01 million needed. How did it suddenly end like this? Is there a bug in the crowdfunding system? ! 】

Because of fans’ enthusiasm, the boss fan in charge of the fundraising event had readjusted the upper limit of the donations from 1 million to 2 million, followed by 3 million, and 4 million. The current upper limit was 5.2 million.

Before the launching of this event, no one could have imagined that Rong Xu, who only had only 8 million Weibo followers, could actually raise more than one million in donations.

However, the reality was just this. For instance, while raising the first million, one tyrant fan directly donated 300,000. She posted the donation figure on her Weibo which attracted countless fans to spectate and take photos.

Although there are not many of these tyrant fans, as long as there is one, they could be equivalent to 10,000 ordinary fans!

Many passers-by collectively sighed: [Rong Xu has so many local tyrant fans……]

The crowdfunding project on Weibo didn’t show the specific details of each fan’s donation, only generally stating that “xxx has contributed their love to the xx charity project”. If the amount wasn’t stated by the person themselves, no one would know exactly how much someone donated.

This crowdfunding did indeed show a ranking list, but this ranking list wasn’t ranked according to how much money one donated. It was ranked in chronological order. The netizen at the very top gave the latest donation, while further down is the second-to-last donation, third-to-last donation…… in that order.

Thus, when the fans discovered that they had already collected 5.2 million in an instant, everyone thought it was a bug in Weibo. The boss fan quickly contacted the crowdfunding service officials and asked them to resolve this bug. But unexpectedly, after a round of thorough investigation, the official staff told the fan: [The data is normal and there is no bug.】

The boss fan immediately went to provide evidence, saying: [But, we have fans who can prove that in the last second, there was still 1.01 million left before the upper limit. However, in the next second, it suddenly capped at the upper limit of 5.2 million. This must be a bug, did it forget to count an extra 1 million for us?]

The official staff replied again coldly: [There is no bug. 】

No matter how the fans asked, the official staff only had one answer: There’s no bug.

Well, okay then, since you said there is no bug, does that mean they received a donation of 1.01 million in a flash? What a joke! Are you trying to say that someone directly donated more than one million?

Just when the fans decided to collectively go ask Weibo’s crowdfunding site for an official statement, the second-to-last girl who made a donation suddenly spoke out: [Huh? What happened? I remember that after my donation, the total amount was only 4,182,421. How did it suddenly become full? 】

At this moment, Rong Xu’s fans had even more solid evidence ——

[Weibo Crowdfunding, look, see? The other person already said that after she finished donating, there was still more than 1.01 million left[1] Can you explain why there was a sudden addition of more than 1 million? This must be a bug! Quick, fix this bug!]

Perhaps some people were wondering why Rong Xu’s fans insisted on fixing the bug and refused to just increase the upper limit? The reason was, though the event was so lively it seemed that all passersby and netizens strongly supported them, Rong Xu’s fans knew that there must also be a bunch of sunspots hiding on the side, just waiting for them to make a mistake so that they could take the opportunity to smear Rong Xu.

How could this kind of bug appear! If they pretended to have found nothing wrong and didn’t ask to fix the bug, the sunspots would immediately say: [Rong fans are faking this! Clearly, there was only around four million, but with a bug, they got more than five million! They can even fake this, they must have mastered some kind of shady technology. Maybe even the more than four million was diluted with water[2]! 】

Therefore, the bug must be fixed, and they must not let the sunspots catch a flaw.


The fans hurriedly tagged (@) “Weibo Crowdfunding”, leaving messages under the official account’s Weibo to ask them to fix the bug. This incident grew bigger and bigger, such that many other projects also currently engaged in crowdfunding had paused, worried that they would also encounter a bug

At this point, the crowdfunding officials finally couldn’t sit still and directly issued an announcement indicating that all given data was normal. There was really no bug. At the same time, customer service was also secretly arranged to search for a leader fan and, instead of arrogantly relying “there is no bug”, they politely and generously answered: [There truly was no bug that appeared. Your[3] data is all normal.]

The boss fan immediately tossed out evidence: [Then you tell me, why did this fan say that after her donation, it was still more than one million short of the limit?】

The customer service representative was almost to the verge of crying without tears: [After her, wasn’t there still one more person?】

The boss fan asked in reply: [Correct, there is only one person, so how is it possible it reached the upper limit all at once? Don’t tell me that this person directly donated more than one million yuan】

The customer service representative replied aggrievedly: [……Is it not possible?]

Big fan: 【……】

And so, there was this scene.

The boss fan very tactfully posted an announcement about this matter on Rong Xu’s Fan Group Page. Previously, all the fans had been angrily asking Weibo Crowdfunding to fix the bug and not to play dead. But, after seeing this announcement, they all fell silent.

A minute later, the Weibo of this terrible tyrant was identified!

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing, one person donated 1.01 million!

One person, 1.01 million!

 [One million……in my old hometown, I could buy a house _(:3」∠)_】

[I can buy two houses in my hometown! 】

[Holds myself shivering. Unexpectedly, there’s also a wealthy fair maiden who likes Rong Rong as much as I do. Who similarly mengs the ChengRong CP]

Very quickly, someone recalled one particular thing: [Yi? If I remember correctly, is this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing the one who previously took a photo of Rong Rong’s sleeping face?]

As soon as this sentence was dropped, the fan circle once again boiled over!

Not only were they a wealthy fair maiden, but they also had a photo of Rong Rong’s sleeping face!

The number of Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s fans began increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Clearly, during the morning, the number of her fans had fallen to around 800 real fans and 2,000 Water Army fans. However, in just one hour, the number of total fans had exceeded 10,000 and was even rising rapidly!

By the time the said wealthy fair maiden on every fan’s mouth picked up their phone, it was already one in the afternoon.

Tens of thousands of messages prompted this brand new Apple cell phone to immediately crash, and it took a few minutes before it slowly returned to normal.

Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing opened their Weibo in bewilderment. When he found that countless fans were yelling in unison “DaDa, are you still lacking a leg pendant”, the said fan’s mouth twitched: “……”

Entering the bedroom with his cell phone, Qin Cheng carefully checked through Weibo again and finally understood the whole story. Meanwhile, in the room next to him, Rong Xu received a call from Luo Qian just as he returned to his bedroom and didn’t even have time to rest.

Luo Qian seldom called Rong Xu because her main task was to manage fans and take care of Rong Xu. As long as Rong Xu is on vacation, she basically wouldn’t contact Rong Xu at all. But right now, she actually made a phone call during his break.

Rong Xu quirked an eyebrow and answered the phone. He had just smiled and said, “Xiao Qian, what’s the matter?” before hearing on the other side of the phone Luo Qian gasping for breath and saying in a rush: “Xiao …… Xiao Xu! Just now, a fan directly donated one million to your charity event! Um, actually, more than 1.01 million to be precise! Now, the fan circle’s exploded, and it’s influence is huge. Presently, many passerby netizens and fans of other fan circles are discussing it. I’m worried that some will say this person was arranged by ourselves to gain hype. I’ve already contacted Brother Luo. Do you want to take a look and see if we need to pay attention to it?”

A pair of eyes widened slowly, and after a while, Rong Xu steadily asked: “Sis’ Xiao Qian, are you sure it’s one million and not one hundred dollars?”

Luo Qian froze for a second, and after a bit, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she said: “How could I be mistaken about this sort of thing. Xiao Xu, I’ve even contacted the crowdfunding official staff, and they gave me a definite reply. It’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true……your fans really donated one million to support your cause!”

Rong Xu: “……”

Shortly after, Rong Xu asked calmly: “What is she called?”

With so many things compacted together, Luo Qian’s brain was already spun dizzy, so she suddenly forgot the other party’s name for a brief period. She faltered for a duration before she said, as if waking from a dream: “She’s called Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing…… Yes! It’s Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing.”

His expression suddenly froze, his straight eyebrows furrowing slightly as the youth repeated the name. In the next moment, he opened his eyes wide and said in a low voice: “It’s her?!”

In the room next door, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: “AHCHOO……”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]QC filled in the rest of the donation amount, more than 1.01 mil. The author refers to the amount as 1.01 mil as a rounded value, not the exact value.

[2]Dilute with water: impure/faked

[3]您 nín (vs the usual 你 nǐ): 您 is a polite/honorific ‘your’

TL Corner: Ohhoho. So, it seems RX doesn’t know who Lotus seed paste and orange stuffing is yet. He has his suspicions, but he doesn’t have enough evidence.

Thanks, IzoRen for beta edits!

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