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SA Chapter 68 (Part 1) – Beautiful and Fair Local Tyrant, Are You Missing A Leg Pendant?

It’s been 10 days since the release of “Lost Wings”, and its total cumulative number of sales had reached 1.19 million.

In this world’s Huaxia, copyright presence was quite strong. So, for the full ten days, although there’d been an outflow of more than 1 million CDs, there wasn’t a single MV for “Lost Wings” on the internet. It wasn’t until the officials took the initiative to make the MV public that this MV finally appeared before everyone. 

As said before, Yang Jiyao was a director who is very good at manipulating colors. As a female, she was more considerate of delicate touches and was better able to grasp the subtle differences between different color hues and saturations compared to male directors. This was her defining characteristic and strength.

The advertisements produced by Yang Jiyao were all rich and dense in color. Under her directing, any two strong colors that usually conflicted would always spark a beautiful image, giving off a fashionable atmosphere.   

This time, after the MV for “Lost Wings” was announced on the media website, it immediately attracted the eyes of countless fans.

As soon as the MV was opened, a field of mysterious lights would appear on screen. The blurred colors and complex sense of rotations made the whole city seem as if it was separated by a thin layer of frosted glass, making it appear beautiful and illusory, as if removed from reality.

It was under this fascinating light and shadow contrasting effect that a handsome young man slowly approached from a distance. He was wearing a red jacket. His legs were thin and straight, and his posture was straight. His slightly wavy hair was fixed to one side with an invisible clip to reveal a good half of his beautiful face. As he walked towards the camera step by step, the ‘da da’ sound of his footsteps was the only melody in the moment.

When he abruptly stops, the sound of faint breathing would come from the speakers. 

The camera would then change again to reveal the youth’s delicate and perfect right side. In the corner of his highly curved eye, the brilliant cinnabar color was similar to a flame, dazzling you. The starry sky seemed to be reflected in those clear and bright eyes, shimmering as he stared at you quietly. Then he…… slowly closed his eyes.

In that instance, a spark of flame blazes out from the edge of the cinnabar pattern at the corner of his eye!


A pair of flame wings gradually appeared on the left side of the screen, the colors magnificent and gorgeous and seemed to overshadow all the flames in the real world.

Then, everything returned to darkness.

And the opening for “Lost Wings” slowly rang out.

The main part of the MV told a story. Two playmates who grew up together supported each other and came to strive hard in the big city. They succeeded together, but one of them became enticed by the materialistic world.

Disagreements, conflicts, and quarrels bred, and then a cold war ensued.

One was drunk on luxury, while the other silently guarded their original aspirations.

However, ten years later, the former friend died unexpectedly, and suddenly, the picture shattered, returning everything to its purest time.

In the first half of the story, Rong Xu wore a red jacket, occasionally appearing in the middle of the story narrative. He didn’t have many shots, but in all the scenes where he appeared, every scene was exquisite and gorgeous. Whether it was the scene composition or the young man within the composition, they are both impeccable and could only be admired by others.

But after the picture suddenly shattered, he wore a clean white shirt and no longer sported that flamboyant appearance.

Human regrets, grievances, and extravagant desires were all purely displayed within this song.

After all the lyrics had been sung, the Rong Xu in the white shirt appeared from the right side of the screen, while the Rong Xu in the red jacket appeared from the left side. They walked towards each other, and then, at the midpoint, suddenly burst into flames and vanished.

In the center of the screen was a youth wearing a long, black outfit.

His eyes were tightly closed with his head hanging down, tightly embracing himself.

Behind him, a pair of flame wings lit up.

The sound of the music stopped abruptly, and the pair of wings also burned into thousands of sparks, disappearing from sight.

Here, the MV ended.


B City, a high-end apartment.

The noise in the kitchen was extremely loud, and Rong Xu was concentrating on cooking, so he didn’t hear the faint sounds of singing coming from the balcony. Of course, the sound was also deliberately lowered by the man, and with the space of the living room between them, it was impossible for the sound to reach Rong Xu’s ears.

The brilliant sunlight shone on half of the man’s handsome and profound face as he lowered his eyes to stare fixedly at his cell phone screen.

There were only two options on the phone screen: replay and exit. 

Qin Cheng stared at the completely dark screen. Only after a long time did he move. First, he exited the video. Next, he opened up Weibo and clicked open Rong Xu’s Weibo homepage, quickly locating the purchase link for “Lost Wings”. Then, without hesitation, he clicked to buy directly, and finally chose the quantity…

[520]  [1]

He looked at this number very seriously, and only after examining it for a while did the man contentedly press the purchase button and pay for it straightforwardly. After doing all this, he once again opened the video website from before, stared at the video calmly, and then silently pressed the “replay” button.

The MV returned to the beginning and started playing again.

When Qin Cheng saw the two actors, he was expressionless. However, when he saw the young man, his face still appeared paralyzed, but his fingers squeezed the phone tightly. Once the boy disappeared, he immediately switched to his expression that reflected a heart void of fluctuations.

In this manner, Qin Cheng watched the MV calmly, watching it again…… and again!

And again, and again!

…… Why must those two actors exist!

Not long afterwards, Qin Cheng exited the video and sent a text message to his agent: [Find someone to help me edit this video. Cut out all the scenes in “Lost Wings” that he’s not in, and then send it to me tonight.]

Xu Jin: […… My several million annual salary is earned by helping you do this kind of thing? 】

Qin Cheng: [Waiting for your email. 】

Xu Jin: [……] Damn, I can’t stand this kind of life anymore! ! !

After sending the text messages, Qin Cheng looked earnestly at the MV another two to three times. Soon, he received a notification that his CDs have been shipped. Seeing this notification, he was slightly stunned. He then clicked on Ali Ma Ma, selecting the CD purchase link, direct purchase, and in the purchase quantity option, he entered —


En, buy it again~

After that, Qin Cheng watched the MV three more times before reluctantly closing the video and putting down his phone.

Rong Xu turned off the noise coming from the range hood and went to place all the dishes onto the dining table. Before he could say anything, the man entered the kitchen very conscientiously to help him place the rice bowls. Upon seeing this, Rong Xu was stunned, and then he subsequently smiled, and said: “I thought you were resting in your room. You just returned to Huaxia. Don’t you need to fix jet lag and get some sleep?”

Qin Cheng raised his line of sight to look at Rong Xu. His eyes were deep as he calmly said: “It’s okay. It’s not very serious.”

The two sat at the dining table and began to eat.

Rong Xu made a very simple 2 dishes and 1 soup, directly using only the ingredients they had on hand. It couldn’t be considered perfect in color or flavor, but when ingested, the taste seemed to have improved, maybe…… it tastes better than before?

Rong Xu scooped himself a bowl of soup, still maintaining the good habit of not talking while eating. He didn’t speak, and Qin Cheng was also silently not speaking. Like this, the two of them ate in silence. The man’s gaze flicked across the youth’s face from time to time, wanting to speak. But, looking at Rong Xu’s face which sported an expression of not wanting to speak……

Qin Cheng: “……”

At this time, neither Qin Cheng nor Rong Xu noticed that the phone, which was muted and flipped upside down on the tatami, was shining continuously. Before, Qin Cheng was watching the MV with his other cell phone, so he never noticed that this cell phone was constantly flashing message notifications.

Since an hour ago, the Weibo account for “Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing” had received thousands of comments!

[Holy crap, Tyrant! Divinely rich! Front row, take a photo with this wealthy tyrant as a souvenir!]

[Local tyrant, are you still missing a leg pendant[2]? The kind that’s graduated college with an English level 6 ~\(≧▽≦)/~]

[Terrifying! I saved a month’s rations to finally donate 600, but I didn’t expect this girly[3] to directly donate 1.01 million……Huh, the girl is also part of the ChengRong party? Wow, I feel so close to this tyrant. We are all in the ChengRong Party 233333]

Correct,  just an hour ago, when many gals were going to donate, they suddenly realized: the donation event was already over!


[1]UM QC BOI. HOLY CRACKERS. That’s a lota money… … Anyways, 520 sounds like “I Love You” and 1314 sounds like “For Eternity, A Lifetime”

[2] A lackey

[3] Remember, they still think this account belongs to an avid female fan

TL Note: This Chapter was very difficult to translate D: The raws really, really liked implied subjects, indirect objects, and commas. I thus took creative liberties with defining the subjects, changing syntax to direct (vs. indirect), and adding some paragraph breaks to make it easier for reader consumption in English.

Thank You IzoRen for Beta edits for the last few chapters!

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