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SA Chapter 67 (Part 2) – Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Baby Also Wants to Donate!

Many of the fans who didn’t donate quickly enough posted comments on Weibo one by one, urging the event organizers to quickly raise the upper limit to 500,000.

Half an hour later! Met the goal again!

Following this, there was 1 million, then 2 million……

Within four hours, these fans actually raised more than 4.12 million in donations, and this value was still increasing!

In addition to the monetary donations, the organizer also provided an address, asking fans who wanted to donate items to directly send it to that location. She (the organizer) will work with other fans to personally deliver the items to rural mountain regions.

[This kind of positive-energy event is so much better than that whatever ‘Suppression’. That ‘Suppression’ is such a pollutant. Look at others, doing charity. So wonderful!]

The reactions of passer-bys are the most honest reactions. The actions of Rong Xu’s fans made them feel admiration. Saying something 10 thousand times is not as good as doing something 10 thousand times. The other is honestly and truly doing charity work and must be praised!

When Rong Xu’s fans saw that their family’s male god extoling them on Weibo, they immediately became even more energized. However, they didn’t realize that both of Rong Xu’s hands were freed up, posing with heart hands in front of his chest. So, …… who was taking pictures for him?

Wearing pajamas, he seemed to be at home, perhaps it’s his agent? !

After taking pictures and sending the Weibo post, the youth leaned back on the tatami mat and continued to scroll through his phone. Sunlight passed through the floor-to-ceiling windows and gently sprayed across his body. His semi-long hair covered half of his face and cheeks, and actually made him appear a few degrees gentler.

In the huge apartment, Rong Xu sat on the balcony and basked in the sun. After hanging up his coat, Qin Cheng also walked to the side of the balcony and sat down on the tatami mat, leaning against the back of the soft chair. His gaze was on the youth across from him.. 

“You donated all of the proceeds for “Lost Wings”?”

A low and elegant sounding male voice made Rong Xu raise his head. When he saw that this man was sitting directly in front of him, he froze briefly before following up with a smile and saying: “En, all donated out. This was the condition Sis Zhao requested of me. If I wanted to sing this song, then I must donate all the proceeds.”

Qin Cheng’s sharp and handsome brows furrowed together. His gaze lowered as he said lightly: “She’s a bit too much. There has been no such precedent within the circle.”

Hearing that, Rong Xu put the phone aside and replied to his side: “There must have been a first person to eat crabs in the past[1]. This is quite good.”

Qin Cheng’s lips twitched. He watched the lightly smiling and calm youth in front of him. After a while, he let out a deep sigh and didn’t say anymore about it.

To anyone else, Rong Xu only experienced suffering in this event. However, Rong Xu himself didn’t have much concern in regards to this situation. Instead, he felt like he’d taken advantage of it.


Looking at Qin Cheng’s expression, Rong Xu subconsciously felt that Qin Cheng also thought he (Rong Xu) had suffered a loss and was feeling wronged for himself (RX). He smiled slightly and diverted the topic: “I thought you weren’t coming back till tomorrow, why did you come back so early?”

Qin Cheng said: “The award ceremony for the Golden Phoenix Awards is the day after tomorrow. Came back one day in advance to be prepared.”

Rong Xu nodded.

The Golden Phoenix Award is one of the world’s most prestigious film awards. Since Rong Xu’s debut, he had only acted in Black Clouds, this one single film, and it was a film that was newly released in April of this year. The films nominated for the Golden Phoenix Award are all films from the year prior. Thus, the cast for Black Clouds was not nominated, so Rong Xu naturally did not receive an invitation letter.

As if having seen through the youth’s thoughts, Qin Cheng’s thin lips hooked upwards and he said with a hidden smile: “Wanna go?”

Rong Xu was surprised: “How?”

The curve of his lips deepened a few degrees. The man’s eyes were deep and his appearance exuded a coldness that seemed to repel others and keep them from getting close[2]. However, the smile that played on the corner of his lips could not be concealed.

Qin Cheng looked upwards slightly and said with a very serene tone: “You can walk the red carpet with me. Every invited celebrity can bring along a companion to walk down the red carpet with. There is no requirement for the companion to also have an invitation letter.”

Speaking up to here, seemingly afraid that the youth would misunderstand, Qin Cheng deliberately added another method: “Huaxia Entertainment has several admission spots, you can also grab one.”

Clear pupils slowly dilated and Rong Xu, wearing the simplest set of home clothes, stared widely at the man in front of him. His gaze stayed on Qin Cheng for a long time. It wasn’t until after a while that he retracted his sight, hiding his smile and saying: “No need. After two days, I’ll be heading to the crew of Maze City to film. It’s better for me to stay home and study the script.”

His smile suddenly froze and Qin Cheng sounded a soft “En.” On the surface, it still seemed normal, but when he spoke again, his tone sounded a little down.

The two chatted for a while longer, and the youth’s line of sight stayed steadily on the other party. Qin Cheng kept looking out the window, but his eyes secretly remained on Rong Xu. Whenever Rong Xu looked towards him, he would quickly shift his gaze. The fingers of his left hand lightly tapped the tatami, and his expression was indifferent, as if nothing had happened.

It wasn’t until Rong Xu got up to prepare lunch that Qin Cheng turned his sight around to face him: “What do you plan on making? Do you need help……” His voice came to an abrupt halt and Qin Cheng’s eyes slowly widened ——

He watched as the youth leaned forwards and reached his hands towards the side of his face!

Qin Cheng: “!!!”

Beautiful, white fingers skimmed across his cheeks and gently stroked the man’s hair a few times. Qin Cheng watched Rong Xu without making a peep as Rong Xu actually grinned and said: “I’ve actually been bothered by this really early on. For a while now, your hair had been sticking up like…… a little horn. You also don’t need to help. You just came back from the U.S. Have a good rest.”

Qin Cheng: “……oh.”

Rong Xu smiled and got up to leave the balcony, walking towards the kitchen.

The man still sat on the tatami. Only after a few minutes, did he gradually close his eyes. Simultaneously, the speed at which his fingers were tapping the table quickened and the tips of his ears turned a bit red. However, his face was still a mask of indifference, not showing any signs of mood fluctuations.

In the kitchen, Rong Xu did not start cooking immediately. Instead, he looked at his fingers and smiled imperceptibly.

The heated lunch hour had just begun.

Inside the apartment, one person was cooking quietly in the kitchen, while the other person sat on the tatami. Only after a long time did he unhurriedly stand up.


[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Has both heart and love! Rong Rong is the best! He is the best! Baby wants to donate, too! [shy]]

After last time’s sleeping picture incident, this meng female fan[3], though gaining a few thousand more fans, was only left with around two thousand fans after the passage of time. Subtracting the 2000 water armys, there was really only less than 800 fans following her[3].

After posting this Weibo, that fan clicked open the fundraising page for the charity event organized by Rong Xu’s fans. He entered a number and confirmed payment. Afterwards, said fan immediately left the page, completely ignoring the sensation that his action had just caused, and opened another webpage——.  

Taking advantage of the heat of the charity event, Huaxia’s biggest music video website finally announced the officially published MV for “Lost Wings”!


The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: RongRong did you tease Baby again today, did you?!

RongRong [Spreads hands]: I never said it like that, Orange Baby ^_^ ~

Orange Qin: ?(? ??? w??? ?)?

[1]“There must have been a first person to eat crabs in the past”: there must be a person to set a precedent for it to become the norm.

[2] Repel others: pushed others away for a thousand miles out

[3] (~^n^)~ Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing became a female (/ ^ o^)/. All them misled netizens don’t know what’s coming to smack them in the face later.

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