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SA Chapter 67 (Part 1) – Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Baby Also Wants to Donate!

[“Lost Wings” has a total sales of 1.02 Million, but you actually want to donate all of it?!]

[Too powerful, I have previously seen singers collaborate and put on concerts and then donate all the proceeds. But, to donate the proceeds from a record……okay, silently give a like!]

[The eight day total sales of “Lost Wings” broke one million. In the end, it will definitely break 1.5 million. One CD is 28 (yuan). Even if the average cost of production is 10 yuan per disc, the profit per CD is 18… amazing! 】

With the winds of Black Cloud’s popularity, more and more fans also came to know the name Zhao Chuyun. Zhao Chuyun was Ling Xiao’s agent. She posted this Weibo, therefore it certainly wouldn’t be fake.

This meant that the proceeds of “Lost Wings” was truly going to be donated to the Rongyun Foundation.

Rong Xu’s fans did not expect that their family’s Rong Rong would make such a decision. However, no matter what he decided to do, Rong Xu definitely surpassed most other stars in regards to charity.

Many celebrities today would also establish so-called charity organizations, but most of them only act as spokespersons and encourage fans to donate. Some celebrities would be more honest and act as a role model, also donating a significant amount of money. Conversely, some celebrities would simply let fans do all the work and benefit by obtaining a good reputation.

Of course, in any case, just thinking about doing good deeds could already present them as a kind individual. What the entertainment industry had much of were those who didn’t do an ounce of philanthropy, only focusing on earning money to enjoy by themselves.There were even those who built a foundation on the surface, but privately funneled away all the funds in reality, making guilty money. 

However, among so many celebrities, there was really none who would directly donate all the proceeds of one million sales worth of singles without even leaving a penny!

[Rong Rong has such a big heart QAQ didn’t tell us anything about this, doing this kind of thing silently.]

[Aaaaahhhhhh, I really want to support Rong Rong. Yesterday our company coincidentally wanted to donate books to the Hope Project. I was originally going to just randomly donate just one thing, but now I decided to go though my bookshelf as soon as I get home. Will also look for clothes, I will also donate clothes! 】

[Wuli Rong really is a warm-hearted little angel. Actually, I can probably understand the reason for donating. The song “Lost Wings” is Ling Xiao’s and Ling Xiao has already passed away. Now that Rong Rong is singing his song, the only thing he can do for Ling Xiao is to support the charity he left behind. I began liking RongRong because of Vie for Supremacy. YaoYao was a very kind person. Now, RongRong is also this kind. I really like him! I like him more and more! ]

In these past few days, discussions about the ‘Suppression’ incident were everywhere on the Internet. Although the majority of people all viewed the situation in condemnation, this sort of negative happening also made many passer-by netizens increasingly disappointed in the entertainment industry. They felt the industry was filled with murky waters.

But now, with the “Lost Wings” donation event, many passer-bys began to appreciate it again.

It was impossible for any industry to be pure white, without any black spots. Indeed, the entertainment industry’s waters were deep, but, just as it had villains, it also had saints.

[Take a look at the current Weibo trending list. First place is the other’s “Lost Wings”, while second place is that something Deng Yiwen. Tsk,Tsk,Tsk, how does this Deng ‘Suppression’ have the nerve, being listed alongside the other’s philanthropy of donating to a foundation. Too shameful, ba.]

[I went to see Black Clouds with my girlfriend. I personally have no interest in this inspirational biographical movie, and I only watched it once. But now, I have decided to buy a copy of “Lost Wings” to support charity. I hope Rong Xu becomes even greater!]

Every little thing you do will be observed by other people.


This event made passers-by netizens cultivate a certain amount of affection for Rong Xu, and Rong Xu’s fans were extremely proud of him.

As for the fans of newcomers who have some degree of competition with Rong Xu, though they may also occasionally secretly blacken Rong Xu, even secretly messing around when Rong Xu made the trending list, this time, there was nothing they could do. Even in their own family’s  (celebrity’s) forum, they couldn’t help but sigh: [When will our family’s young master Steam Cook  [1] do charity, I would be the first to give support……]

After a while, the entire Web was discussing the “Lost Wings” donation situation.

Zhao Chuyun seized this opportunity and contacted several media sources to publicize the announcement again. As a result, the online sales of “Lost Wings” suddenly multiplied by 20% that day, while the offline sales also increased slightly.

When Rong Xu learned of the circumstances, he immediately reposted Zhao Chuyun’s Weibo and simultaneously sent the other a thank-you message.

Zhao Chuyun very quickly replied: [There’s no need to thank me. Rather, I should thank you. After Ling Xiao passed, Rongyun’s investors decreased year after year. This time, not only did RongYun obtain funding, but also attention.]

Looking at this polite text message, Rong Xu could almost picture Zhao Chuyun on the other end of the phone sporting the same expression as a public official. With the corners of his lips curved upwards, Rong Xu still replied: [Regardless, thank you, Sis Zhao.]

If Zhao Chuyun hadn’t wanted to make this matter public, Rong Xu also wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. Of course, he could have also found an opportunity to make it known to the public, but it would’ve seemed deliberately done and not as well executed as Zhao Chuyun’s method.

Zhao Chuyun helped shape him into a warm-hearted, benevolent persona, and increased his favorability amongst passer-bys. She also allocated funds to help promote this matter to the public. To Rong Xu, who was still in the development period, this was definitely a huge assistance.

Although Zhao Chuyun doing this was also to benefit the RongYun Foundation, the benefits Rong Xu gained from this was much greater than he would have obtained from the lost monetary profits.

That evening, Rong Xu’s fans wrote a post in his fan forum calling on all fans to begin donating.

Some charity events didn’t require celebrities to organize them themselves. Instead, their fans would autonomously organize such events in the name of the celebrity in order to help promote their favorite idols. 

[Rong Rong donated all of the proceeds for “Lost Wings”, I also wanna donate!]

[Liking RongRong truly is a wonderful thing. Today, when I was eating, I told my dad that my idol donated at least 10 Million to charity organizations. My dad even praised me, and for the first time, he didn’t object to me chasing a celebrity. Count me in for the charity event. I won’t buy clothing this month. I will donate to charity!]

[I will also donate!]

[Me, too!  I am a student, so I may not have much money, but I can donate books to rural mountain schools!]

In just two short hours, the number of replies to this post exceeded 10,000. Countless number of fans stated that they will join the event and learn from Rong Xu, giving to charity. Wealthy fans decided to donate money, fans who lacked money donated their own clothing and books. There were also many fans who proactively expressed: [I am an accountant/lawyer/HR…… I can help contribute to the planning of this event!]

Luo Qian got in touch with this event’s moderator as soon as she could in order to plan out the charity event with them. She reported the situation to Rong Xu, and Rong Xu wrote a post on Weibo the next morning.

[Rong Xu: Thank you everyone for spreading love, heart hands~ [Image]]

The picture showed the youth sporting a bright and gentle smile and wearing simple, beige pajamas. He was casually sitting cross-legged on the tatami on his balcony, making a heart gesture towards the camera. The golden sunlight shone on his soft hair, which reflected a soft light. Those beautiful eyes curved up with his smile, and under the sunlight, it appeared as clear and clean as a lake. 

[Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, gives Rong Rong heart hands, heart hands, heart hands, heart hands!!!]

The fans became even more excited to participate in the charity event. The name #RongXu# was raised to third place on the trending search list. Second place was #LostWings1.02MIllion# and first place was a hot political issue.

As for Deng Yiwen, his suppression issue had long been forgotten by the netizens. It had only been two days since his unreliable announcement had been published, but his name had already disappeared directly from the trending search list. 

But, did the netizens truly forget all about him? Not at all.

As soon as someone mentioned this person, netizens immediately expressed: [Deng ‘Suppression’! Disgusting!]

However, the majority of people were just too lazy to care about him anymore. Their attention was mainly on the “Lost Wings” donation matter and the charity events carried out by Rong Xu’s fans that resulted. No one expected that Rong Xu’s fans actually accomplished what they said, directly raising 100,000 in cash via an online fundraising platform. Within ten minutes! All 100,000 completely raised! 


[1]Zheng Zhu: a nickname for Dong Zheng. Zheng means “steam” and Zhu means “Cook.”

Thank you, IzoRen for Beta editing the past few chapters!

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  1. Honestly though, this situation reminds me of the BTS Army. I am also a member and the whole ‘working-together-with-our-idols-and-fellow-fans-to-raise-money-for-charity’- it’s so satisfying… Anyway, lots of love to Rong Rong and the wonderful translators who helped us meet him! Thank you for your hard work! (❁´◡`❁)

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  2. If Qin Cheng post a photo inside his house would the fans notice that the layout is similar to Rong Xu’s photos taken from that same house?

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