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SA Chapter 66 (Part 2) – Deng ‘Suppression’~

Much profanity in this chapter

On the trending list, #DengYiwen Suppression# already reached third place.

More and more passers-by netizens found out about the situation. Initially, they were utterly surprised, not quite believing that celebrities were allowed to just randomly submit announcements to tout themselves. Later, once they understood the situation, they suddenly realized: [Right, our company also often cooperates with the media to directly publish news announcements. Then, celebrities could also do this! This Deng Yiwen is too shameless, stepping on others to hype himself. His actions are too low! ]

Throughout the night, Deng Yiwen’s public relations teams unceasingly contacted people, hoping to delete the Weibo posts and withdraw from the trending list. However, what was inconceivable to them was that only one Publicity Account accepted their money and agreed to delete their Weibo post. None of the other Publicity Account Companies even answered their phone calls. They didn’t even take a glance at the emails sent to them.

The duration of one day and night was enough time for the situation to ferment and spread. The most ironic thing was that just the day before yesterday, Deng Yiwen’s team had issued three to four articles on major portals, touting themselves. Now, those articles had turned into hard evidence against them, being used by Netizens to smack them in the face with ridicule and condemnation.

Deng Yiwen stayed in the company all night, thinking up countermeasures with his agent. Later, he even called some of his close friends within the circle in hopes that the other party would help speak up for him. However, when these friends who displayed a good relationship with him on usual days answered the phone, they all smiled and said: “Deng Yiwen, it wasn’t I who hurt you this time. Don’t look for me.” 

Deng Yiwen was suddenly thrown off.

He looked for another few close friends until, in the end, there was one friend who directly hung up on him, only replying in a text message: [You are quite an interesting person. So, when you had also previously stepped on me, I just pretended I didn’t know of it. But, now that you’re in trouble, Deng Yiwen, where did you find the face to come ask me for help? Last year, didn’t you publish four articles consecutively saying that my acting skills were not on par with yours? That my crying scenes were the same as howling, whereas yours were true flowing tears? Do you still want face!]

After this text message was sent, Deng Yiwen called them again, but the other party had already blocked him.

Deng Yiwen kicked the sofa irritably and scolded: “This idiot. He’s also previously published articles that undermined me in order to gain hype. Now, he dares draw a clear line in our relationship. Fuck, who does he think he is. He’s already washed up but still gives me attitude?!”

In reality, Deng Yiwen’s anger was through the roof, wishing he could tear apart all those small people who borrowed his wind to gain popularity. But, on the Internet, the netizens’ comments have already spread through the entire web, and they discussed crazily under Deng Yiwen’s Weibo.

[Even you have this day, Deng ‘Suppression’! People have their karmas. Two months ago, you suppressed my family’s bias, now you have received retribution. Peh][1]

[Roll out of the entertainment circle. Deng ‘Suppression’, you malicious tumor, roll roll roll roll!!!]

[Truly, whatever the celebrity is like is whatever the fans are like. Your mental fans actually can look straight at those articles and insist that you didn’t post them. They really take the media as charities that help you build hype for free?]

Very soon, there were Deng Yiwen’s fans who came out to retort——

[Fuck, are you blind? These articles/announcements are clearly published by the websites themselves, are you stupid, on what basis are you saying this was submitted by Ah Wen.]

[All of you bi*ches, daring to criticize Ah Wen, all of you ugly B—-$#$#%$#……]

[Dong Zheng just doesn’t have acting skills, Dong Zheng is just not as popular as Ah Wen. What is Ye Qiao worth, even a little, transparent second-tier dares to compete with Ah Wen. Then there’s Rong Xu. When Ah Wen became popular, he wasn’t even a fart. What did these news say wrong, they are all telling the truth! Roll out of the entertainment industry? You brainless fans are the ones who need to roll out of the entertainment industry!]


This scolding battle continued for a full day and night, and even Deng Yiwen didn’t expect his fans would act so desperately for himself.

His fans, for him, had declared war on all other netizens. They hardly slept and instead argued for 24 hours a day, making Deng Yiwen feel both moved and heartache.

“Ah Wen, your fans are all busybodies. What we need right now is to calm the circumstances down and handle things passively so that the situation can pass. But if they continue on like this, it will be very troublesome and things will never pass.”

It’s not like Deng Yiwen didn’t understand his agent’s words. He also felt that his fans had problems with their IQ’s. In this type of situation, why are you still engaging in fights with others? Shouldn’t they be playing dead and pretending that they didn’t know anything? Shouldn’t they be waiting for the spotlight to pass and then feign ignorance?

What kind of intellectually impaired fans are these? Truly is 1 fan to 10 sunspots.

Deng Yiwen was so angry and anxious. His head was so big[2] and he couldn’t find a solution.

On the Internet, his reputation was growing worse. Originally, many passer-bys were already very dissatisfied with his press releases and announcements, but now his fans were so messy that they even ended up irritating these passer-bys, such that they also came to take hits at Deng Yiwen, asking him to roll out of the entertainment industry.

It wasn’t until the third day that Deng Yiwen and his team finally succumbed to desperation and released an official announcement/press release. 

The press release stated that letters from lawyers would be sent to those Publicity Accounts who slandered Deng Yiwen, asking them to delete their blogs and apologize. At the same time, it asked netizens to leave Deng Yiwen a fair path. He always filmed diligently. An honest person has nothing to hide. Future facts will prove everything, prove that he never released statements to suppress others.

The tone of the announcement seemed hard, but when it was released, netizens all reacted in the same way——


Deng Yiwen: “……”

Mother!!! What else do you want? Exactly who is the one hurting him this time, who is it!!!

Anyone would know that this kind of ‘lacking in principles’ issue would only damage Deng Yiwen’s reputation and diminish his popularity. But, it would be impossible to really drive him out of the entertainment industry.

However, it revealed the true face of this small person and allowed more investors and advertisers to see his true self to understand the reality that “Deng Yiwen has already been boycotted by the public”. Thus, netizens were satisfied. Moreover, it is assured that Deng Yiwen will not dare to publish another suppression announcement in the future.

[Relieved! Really relieved! I have been holding back for three years and can finally breathe a sigh of relief for my Da Qiao. Ye Qiao, you are the best!]

[[Hahahahaha, let you suppress, let you step on! You are more famous than Dong Zheng? You actually have the face to say that out loud!]

[Wuli Rong Rong’s acting skills aren’t as good as your? Popularity isn’t as high as yours? Isn’t as good looking at you? Why don’t you piss off and take a photo of yourself to see what you look like!]

The Suppression incident went on for a whole three days. During this period, whenever the interest in this situation was dying down, Deng Yiwen’s brainless fans would mysteriously jump out and wreak havoc inexplicably, once again igniting the netizens’ enthusiasm towards scolding Deng Yiwen. Now, with this announcement, things could be considered to be finally coming to an end.

#DengYiWen# this tag, was once again pushed into the number spot on the trending list. When you click into it, it’d show endless criticisms. 

From one perspective, at least this would also be considered a headline that allowed Deng Yiwen to accumulate some heat. However, this ‘number one in the trending list’ only lasted around an hour before it was bumped down by another tag.

[Zhao Chuyun: #LostWings1.02MIllion# Eight-day total sales of “Lost Wings” has exceeded 1 million! All proceeds generated from this single will be donated to RongYun Foundation. Thank You Rong Xu, Thank You Zhao Kun, Thank You Black Clouds crew. Without you, Ling Xiao’s dream would not have come true.] 

At four o’clock in the afternoon, #LostWings1.02MIllion# surpassed #DengYiWen# to become number one on the trending list.

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: Rong Rong is not better looking than you? Dream on ︵ (> ^ < ) ︵! 

Sis Fu (author): Can you please care about something other than the face!

Orange Qin: Then when will you let Rong Rong and I meet again? Baby wants Rong Rong to kiss kiss, hug hug, lift high, lift high!

Rong Rong: …… I want to change gongs…

[1]peh: ‘spit’

[2] Big-headed: burdened and helpless

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9 thoughts on “SA Chapter 66 (Part 2) – Deng ‘Suppression’~”

  1. This chapter actually reminds me of the rl scandal in the earlier part of 2020. Fans really have the power to make or break a star’s path. Sometimes, with overzealous fans, no sunspots would be needed if someone wishes to wreck havoc for a celebrity… That rl celebrity still working hard to undo the damage caused by his fans until today…

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    1. True, I don’t keep up with entertainment news but even I often feel reluctant to join a fandom after seeing the number of toxic fans in it


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