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SA Chapter 66 (Part 1) – Deng ‘Suppression’~

A small note! “Tea Accounts” are online accounts that fuel online gossip discussions. The name stems from the saying “spill the tea”, which refers to “Tell the gossip” (^u^)/. I will use “Tea Account” and “Publicity” account interchangeably (depending on the tone of the context). 

Also, LiuGuang Entertainment is being changed to “Flowing Lights Entertainment” for easier recall.

When this Tea Account posted the phrase “Suppression”, it instantly attracted the attention of many fans.

Carrying the spirit of gossip, Netizens each left comments in the discussion area, guessing who this d little fresh meat was.

In Huaxia’s current entertainment industry, there were countless numbers of little fresh meats. As long as a newcomer was youthful and handsome, they could all be called little fresh meats. Moreover, this Tea Account that was part of the entertainment circle did not indicate whether this d little fresh meat was first-tier or second-tier. Then, according to this statement, even the eighteenth-tier transparent actor who just debuted could barely be counted as a little fresh meat.

Thus, the comments in the discussion area boiled over.

It was needless to say that the discussions on Weibo reached 5000 comments within an hour. In many major forums and Tieba, countless netizens continuously added to the discussion posts.

There were three categories of newcomer celebrity’s fans (in the discussion forum). The first was the ones who sat to the side to spectate and listen to gossip. However, these fans’ idols were not surnamed d; thus they could naturally perch on the wall and watch the spectacle with a smile. The second was the ones who endlessly searched for evidence to prove that their male gods were definitely not the kind of person who enjoyed publishing suppression news. 

But in fact, most fans belonged to the third category. They didn’t even have to guess and came to an answer immediately.

[What ‘Surnamed d Little Fresh Meat’, isn’t this just Deng ‘Suppression’ [1]? Hahahaha, Didn’t expect that the BaPo[2] would start nosying Deng ‘Suppression’. What is going on, does BaPo really want to peel off Deng ‘Suppression’s’ skin?

“BaPo” was this Tea Account’s nickname. Towards this sort of Tea Account, the fans didn’t hold any favorability, but neither did they hold any negative feelings.

With time, the name “Deng Yiwen” was pushed into the top ten in the trending list under the comments section of Bapo’s Weibo! That’s right, among the top ten discussions, The three words “Deng Yi Wen” were seen clearly, and some netizens even directly mockingly used his nickname: [Deng ‘Suppression’]

By now, regardless if they were ordinary fans of celebrities within the circle, or ordinary netizens, they all immediately understood.

[Ah, so it turns out everyone was talking about Deng Yiwen? Does he like to suppress?]

[Wait, Can someone tell me what ‘suppression’ means, I don’t understand yet.]

[No way, Deng Yiwen likes to publish suppression news? As part of the European circle, I haven’t paid much attention to the circle within the country (Huaxia). He’s actually so low? I had watched one of his TV dramas before and had liked him quite a bit.]

As a result, many netizens began discussing Deng Yiwen. They didn’t even continue to verify whether this little fresh meat with the surname d was really Deng Yiwen. Because this Tea Account had spoken out, many who had long found Deng Yiwen unpleasant directly came out to post screenshots. On the screenshots were numerous announcement titles and their contents. Without exception, these announcements all praised Deng Yiwen and even trampled on some other newcomers.

However, this matter did not end up widespread.

In the building of Flowing Lights Entertainment, a sunny and handsome young man angrily swiped all the documents on top of the desk onto the floor and said furiously to his own agent: “What is the meaning of this? Sis Lin, that Tea Account dares to talk about me? How dare they criticize me! Now, many netizens are saying that I only post suppression news all day, berating me online!”

The female agent dressed in professional attire pushed at the glasses on the bridge of her nose.  Though her face showed calmness, her forehead was sweating from anxiety: “This sort of thing usually wouldn’t involve Publicity accounts and common accounts. Publishing suppression news is already an unspoken rule in the entertainment circle. Ah Wen[3], have you offended anyone?”


Deng Yiwen furrowed his eyebrows: “Who have I offended…… is this related to the most recent announcement? Oh, Right! That Rong Xu! It seems to be the first time we’ve published announcements related to him. Could it be he was offended by me and now wants to blacken me in return?”

The agent shook her head: “That Rong Xu’s recent momentum of development is very strong, but he is still only a second-tier actor in Huaxia Entertainment. His agent is also only a second-tier. They shouldn’t be able to buy a Publicity (Tea) Account and break the standards to place the blame on you on Weibo.”

Deng Yiwen slammed the table fiercely, shaking it. Right now, nowhere on his countenance showed his usual display of a carefree and joking attitude. With a cold look, he said word by word: “What do we do now?”

The agent said: “Like this, then. Ah Wen, you don’t need to be too worried. We’ve already started handling the public relations, and it’s fine if I have the publicity (tea) account delete the post later. Rest assured that no matter how the fans discuss, it’s impossible for this to land in the trending list. I’ve already contacted the people at Weibo. As soon as it makes the trending list, it will be taken down. There is even less need to worry about the media. This issue of purchasing announcements isn’t interesting, they won’t care about it.”

Following everything just as the agent predicted, Deng Yiwen’s team dealt with the public relations swiftly. In the forum’s discussion area, they spent money to shut down the account. On Weibo, they also continuously deleted netizen comments and accounts.

Having money allowed one to accomplish many things, including using capital to control public opinion to a certain extent.

Deng Yiwen had also received retaliation from other stars in the past. No matter how sweet his mouth was, or how well he could socialize, as the sort of person who enjoyed publishing suppression news, he would still attract some individual’s ire. But it didn’t matter since, as long as he spent money to control public opinion, he could submit announcements however he wanted. He relied on fans to eat. So, as long as he had fans, he would never fall.

Deng Yiwen quickly calmed down. Though he carried a stomach full of anger, he wore a facade of casualness on the surface. In the evening, he left Flowing Lights Co. and hummed as he went home.

After parking his car and heading upstairs, he nonchalantly opened up his Weibo. Looking at the Publicity Account which refused to delete their Weibo, he sneered coldly: “They’re sick in the head. This sort of thing wouldn’t affect me at all. Just wait and see what laozi [4]will do to you in the future.”

After returning home, Deng Yiwen changed clothes and put on a hat, planning to go out to experience the nightlife. But, just as he was about to walk out the door, he suddenly received a phone call from his agent. 

Deng Yiwen answered the phone impatiently and had only said “What is it, I’m busy right now” before hearing the other side anxiously say: “Not good, Ah Wen! Weibo refused to let us interfere with public relations this time, and there’s even several more Tea Accounts that have emerged[5].”

Deng Yiwen’s cell phone suddenly slipped and fell to the ground with a “clack”. His eyes widened as he reached to pick up his phone in a fluster, and he opened up Weibo ——

Only to see that on Weibo’s trending topics list, #DengYiwen Suppression# tag landed in ninth place!

However, it didn’t end there!

Without a doubt, they had already reached a consensus with Weibo, Teiba and other major discussion platforms to selectively delete and remove certain comments in order to prevent matters from becoming widespread. But slowly, the other parties actually stopped deleting.

There were also several Publicity Accounts with millions of fans that started to post criticisms on their Weibos. There were two publicity accounts that directly called out Deng Yiwen’s name, even posting a lengthy analysis.

[Old Gossip King: Deng Yiwen’s record of suppressing has already been long ingrained into history. Ever since his debut these past few years, he’d been suppressing his peers day in and day out. Among them, Dong Zheng from the same company had it the worst, being trampled on every single time. [image][image][image][image][image][image]]

The images in this Weibo post were all of suppression news announcements.

In the news, there were both Deng Yiwen’s and Dong Zheng’s names. Any discerning person could see at a glance that these announcements were all boasting Deng Yiwen. Although they sometimes also praised Dong Zheng, the between-the-lines implication was: Dong Zheng is indeed quite strong and impressive, but he could only be ranked second. Deng Yiwen is the first.

Looking at these Weibo posts and Tieba posts, Deng Yiwen clenched his phone in fury as it made cracking sounds.

[1]Don’t forget that in Chinese, the surname comes first. The English equivalent would be ‘Suppression’ Deng

[2] 八婆: Ba Po. A rough term referring to nosy or gossip-loving women

[3] Ah (name): term of endearment for someone close to you.

[4]Laozi: an arrogant way to refer to oneself. Here, it’s spoken in a way that asserts superiority over another. It can also be used casually, sarcastically, or comically.

[5] Emerged: The original translation is ironically “submerge”, referring to new accounts ‘dipping their feet into the waters’ and adding to the situation.

TL Corner: Hi all! Due to some situations irl that I must deal with, posts for the next 2 or so weeks will be sporadic. Thank You! Stay healthy and safe, everyone~

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  1. Omg I have MTL-ed my way through the raw Chinese chapters until around ch. 135, and let me tell you: the drama gets better! I appreciate your translation so much, and I will continue reading it even after I finish MTL-ing my way through the novel. Thank you for your hard work! Take care of yourself as well~ (*´ω`*)

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