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WDBKFMGB Chapter 21 – Death God’s Wings

TL note: OOOOK So I guess I made the conclusion way too soon!!!! As of this chapter, HRG still believes himself to be a model straight man (laughs). In that case, ‘Close friends’ really means just ‘close’ ‘friends’. Nothing more. Sorry for the confusion!

Hangovers are a painful thing, especially so when the first thing He Ruge saw when he woke up was a terrifying game notification:

[Di—— The duration of the shielding monitor is up. It has been detected that the player has failed to exit the room. Automatically consumed Little Heart x1 to extend shielding monitor time.]  


[Your Little Hearts balance is insufficient. You have been sent out of room No.20]  

He Ruge: “!!!”

Is this game a demon?!

The impoverished He Ruge shakily turned off the game. For a moment, his heart was in so much pain (from loss of ‘money’) that he couldn’t breathe.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Are you sober?”

After opening Penguin, He Ruge went silent.

His muddled and chaotic brain had a faint notion of the things he’d done previously, but the details weren’t very clear.

But, it didn’t matter. Chat histories were the best recorders of dark history. As long as he wanted to, he could go anytime and review all the stupid things he’d said before.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “It’s already noon of the next day. It can’t be that you are still asleep.”

Ruge: “……”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Yo, you’re awake. Can even type ellipses. It looks to me that you can still write. Friend, 10 thousand a day? 10 thousand a day, Friend?”

Ruge: “……Yes.”[1]

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Not calling me JiJi anymore. I am not used to this, Oh~”  

Ruge: “……JiJi.”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Shut up! You are not allowed to say that name! Go write for me!”

After he finished writing, He Ruge opened up the game. He looked at his Little Hearts and remained silent for a long while. Without Little Hearts, he couldn’t block out the surveillance. If he were unable to block out the surveillance, then he couldn’t initiate intimate interactions. Being unable to initiate intimate interactions means there would be no more Little Hearts.[2]

Very nice, a perfect infinite loop.

Other than fast forwarding, He Ruge had no other options. He fast-forwarded another seven days. At the same time that Experimental Subject No.16 passed away, He Ruge obtained a new pink Gacha egg capsule.

When he used the mouse to click open the pink Gacha egg, the red streaks on his legs once again started heating up. He Ruge stared at the red streaks, and after the red streaks glowed and burned, it became dim.

He looked up and saw the new rare prop “Love Horoscope”.

The third time, this is the third time he drew a rare prop. Moreover, he was very much awake, unblinking through the entire process. He confirmed and was sure that the red streaks really emitted light.

Perhaps, probably, maybe I really…… was granted a golden finger?

From now onward, he could embark upon the path of becoming wealthy through selling high-quality equipment? No, it should be winning the lottery and striking it rich overnight?

He Ruge recalled the lottery ticket he purchased yesterday. The lottery draw date is today, if his hypothesis was true, then he ——

Will never have to do 10,000 a day anymore!!!

He would still definitely write words. Writing is a passion and he would write until the world was filled with love. 

10,000 a day is too difficult. 3,000 a day is very comfortable.

The emotionally motivated He Ruge happily opened the (Lottery) webpage, and then expressionlessly exited out.

Didn’t win.

Dreaming is a good thing. In this materialistic society, people’s hearts were cold and ruthless, and only daydreams could retain a trace of warmth.

He Ruge thought back to his previous speculation about the red lines, which was that it could increase his luck but could only be used once a day. He drew props twice in the game yesterday and may have already spent yesterday’s luck. The lottery ticket was also purchased yesterday, thus the red lines did not activate its effects.

If the red streak really had an impact on his luck, then he could buy another lottery ticket tomorrow.

After straightening out the situation with the red streaks, in his heart, the fear of the unknown began to dissipate, instead replaced with a smidgen of uncertain joy.

Luck, this sort of thing, was a vague concept. This was like a gift from the heavens, but do meat pies really fall from the sky?

If there really was a red streak golden finger in this world, then what was the purpose and origin of its existence? What allows it to work? There should definitely be a reason as to why the red streaks can only be used once a day.

Perhaps, it is because it could only absorb enough energy each day for one use. The red streaks were hidden in his body, could it be that it absorbs his own vitality?

He Ruge was frightened by this speculation.

Wealth is valuable, but the value of life is even higher. Before fully figuring out the usages of the red streaks, he should not use it indiscriminately.

He Ruge stopped guessing randomly. He pushed up his glasses and looked at the new rare prop which was a peach-pink colored card.

[Name]: Love Horoscope


【Evaluation】:This is a compatibility tester, a fortune-telling divination prop. Results may not be 100% accurate, but the heart is sincere. 

[Instructions: Disclose the type of person you like into the screen]

[Restrictions: Can only be used once]

Do the applications of the rare props in this game have such wide range? It couldn’t be another money scamming prop right? In the past, He Ruge had once casually clicked into a marriage compatibility website and seriously filled out his birthday year, month, day, and time[3], but when he clicked on the ‘measure’ button, a payment interface jumped out.

Poverty had always allowed He Ruge to deny feudal superstition.


He Ruge hesitated for a moment, and the figure of the male god in the military uniform from game’s the opening screen appeared in his mind. He whispered into the screen: “Must be handsome.”[4]  

If they weren’t as handsome as his 2D lover, then what was the point of dating them? His 2D lover is great. Sexy and seductive in a military uniform and could even turn into a little white tiger to sell meng.

“The temper doesn’t have to be great” Since his own temper was good.

“But, must be good to me.” Even a person who’d spent many years alone would occasionally be caught off guard by sudden pangs of loneliness.

Just like yesterday, when he became drunk and laid his head on the table for the whole night. He woke up disoriented and sore with back pain. When he was struggling to stand up straight, he experienced a momentary sense of helplessness.

He’d also had extravagant expectations before. A thin blanket placed over his back, a cup of hot tea brought to his side, or even a belated embrace. 

It seems…… he’d never received an embrace before.

Being hugged by another person, how would that feel? Would it be warm? It must be profoundly warm.

“Must like each other.”

The corner of his lips curved upwards, and He Ruge revealed a small smile, “And must have money.”

His mouse clicked on the peach-pink card and the card spun swiftly a few times. When it came to a stop, small pink words appeared on the screen.

[Marriage]: Peach Blossom Luck (very good luck in love)

[Fortune]: Prosperous Wife Life (Individual will bring prosperity to the person they marry)

[Divination]: Your fated person is a world-famous hero, one day you will bring forth seven-colored bubbles in search of him. From then onward, you will be together till your hair turns white.

Clearly, the connotations were very good, but why did He Ruge feel like something was off somewhere. He examined the results inside and out multiple times before he suddenly figured out what was off——

Prosperous Wife Life!

Ultimately, this game was truly prepared for young maidens. Not only was the game’s target population’s gender limited, but even the results of the compatibility test was prepared for the female audience.

He Ruge finished scolding this spicy chicken game, but still felt that something was weird. What exactly was off?

 —— Must be handsome.

In his mind, he recalled his own resolute words from before.

He Ruge: “…?!”

Why was his first response ‘must be handsome’, shouldn’t it be ‘must be beautiful’?!

Sure enough, games have a subtle influence on people’s thinking and perception. He blamed the game for leading him astray. He Ruge believed he was still a steel-straight man.

After He Ruge reassured himself, he re-entered the game. However, because he had no Little Hearts, he could only continue fast forwarding[5]. Very soon, he had collected 8 unopened pink Gacha egg capsules and had fast-forwarded up to the conclusion of the First Experiment.

[The “Ice Project” has successfully concluded

Total duration of experiment: 91 x 24 hours (91 days)

Survival rate: 10%

Surviving Experimental Subjects: No.19, No.20

Your performance during the experiment: Excellent (did not violate experimental regulations, successfully prevented Ferret Wei’s experimental subject harming behaviors)]

[Your excellent performance in the “Ice Project” was approved by Scorpion, and you received the the opportunity to participate in the second experiment “Death God’s Wings

This is an evil and insane organ transplantation experiment. The perverted experimenters in Starry Sea Orphanage believe that a Zerg’s wings are the cores of a Zerg’s strength. The low-intellect, high strength Zerg could fight against mechas because their Zerg Wings allowed them to fight against machines with their flesh and blood. If they succeed in cracking the Zerg’s genetic code and understanding their spiritual consciousness, they will be able to create the perfect fighting machine. 

Death God’s Wings. When the God of Death spreads its wings and soars into the sky, even the sun’s glory would be overpowered.]

[1]Original: Ruge says “……Day.” In this case, ‘day’ is a verb, since Emotionless Coding Machine asks “can you day 10K?”

[2]This is like…. Need money, so need a job to make money. Needs a car to get to job. Needs money to get a car…have no money…have no car… thus, cannot get job

[3]original: 生辰八字, the 8 characters of birth, referring to Traditional Chinese time and dates

[4] Eyyy priorities~

[5]He could only fast-forward since he had no hearts to use to open the doors secretly

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